{The Perfectionist!} The 1st House in Virgo Personality

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The 1st House in Virgo Personality (All About the Virgo Ascendant, Virgo Rising, and Kanya Lagna)



Why did Kurt Cobain hurt himself? Find out – down below!


Table of contents:
The Meaning of the Ascendant
The Virgo Rising Meaning
The Virgo Ascendant Woman
The Virgo Rising Man
The Typical Virgo Ascendant Physical Appearance
1st House in Virgo Compatibility
The Virgo Ascendant in Karmic Astrology
Prominent Virgo Ascendant Celebrities
Recommended Books and Must-Reads

The Meaning of the Ascendant

If you had come across the previous articles in this series you may had already learned the meaning of the 1st house cusp. However, for all first comers I will do a short recap of the areas this house governs!

The cusp of the first house (also called the Ascendant or the rising sign) can give us some valuable information on:

  • The part of our personality that we show to the world;
  • How we want to be perceived by others;
  • How we like to dress;
  • Some features of our physical appearance;
  • Our early childhood years;
  • Our general physical wellbeing;
  • How we start new projects and endeavors;
  • How we view the world and how we express ourselves.

Down below you will find what it means to have a Virgo Ascendant, but before you do that, let’s see whether that’s your rising sign!

Some people ask me about the Virgo rising dates, and these types of questions show me that there might be a bit of confusion around the Ascendants. So, the zodiac sign on the horizon changes approximately every 2 hours and it is impossible to calculate the Ascendant solely based on the birth date. To do so you need the accurate birth time as well as the birth place to find the rising sign. So, your Virgo rising sign calculator is actually any reliable astrology software or an app that will calculate your natal chart. Once you have it, you can look at the very left hand side of the chart and see the zodiac sign at the cusp of the 1st house – it is usually marked as ASC.

If Kanya Lagna is not your Ascendant (Kanya Lagna is the term used in Vedic astrology which signifies the Virgo rising sign. I am using it here simply as a synonym), and your rising sign is not covered yet, feel free to sign up for our newsletter and you will receive all fresh new updates.

The Virgo Rising Meaning

As usual, we will take a closer look at the typical characteristics of the sign and apply them to the area the house governs. This means that the personality that we show to the world will have the traits of the sixth astrological sign of Virgo (also known as the Virgin or the Maiden). Let’s see what these characteristics are!

Virgo is the second mutable sign (after Gemini) and the second earth sign (after Taurus). This is the natural ruling sign of the sixth house – the house of our health and wellbeing, habits, work, service, pets, etc. Virgo’s ruling planet is also Mercury – the lord of the fellow mutable Gemini. This means that the position and the aspects of this fast-paced celestial body will also influence how the Virgo Ascendant may manifest.

The main keyword we can attribute to this highly analytical sign is “practicality”.

Let’s see what other characteristics we can use to describe this rising sign!

The positive Virgo rising traits usually are: industrious, methodical, perceptive, smart, pure, humanistic, diligent, factual, punctual, skilled, responsible, law-abiding, etc.

On the more negative side of the spectrum the Virgo Ascendant people might be: too skeptical, painfully perfectionist and pedantic, too critical, petty, hypochondriac and germaphobic, fussy, melancholic, egocentric, too corny and sappy.

As you can see, since Mercury is ruling both signs, Virgo rising people will also have certain similarities with the also highly intellectual Geminis. However, let’s see how both signs greatly differ from each other.

The Virgo Ascendant folks are among the most organized and punctual people on the planet. Of course, I do remind you again that the position and the aspects of Mercury may change all of this. So, take these descriptions with a grain of salt. We are talking about the general consensus on the typical traits of the Virgin sign.

If you see someone diligently preparing themselves for even the smallest task, they definitely may have a strong Virgo in their chart. For example, when a Virgo rising person plans their next vacation, they might thoroughly check the location, the hotel, the administrative requirements in terms of documents and insurance, etc. They may even take a virtual tour on Google Maps and plan the travel route beforehand. Does that sound familiar? It sure does to me, because let me tell you – your dear author of this blog has her 1st house in Virgo, and she will write this article with great pleauree from fist-hand experience! 😀

Now, everything has a dark side once it gets to the extremes. Yes, the Virgo rising person loves preparations but this often may get out of hand and it may lead to severe anxiety, complete risk-aversion, focusing too much on insignificant details, and inability to relax and actually enjoy life. This is where the notorious perfectionism of this sign comes into play. And do not be fooled, perfectionism is not admirable, nor healthy. It leads to stress overload, constant criticism and self-criticism, and chronic low self-esteem. These inclinations very often plague any Virgin Ascendant person. If you are one of those folks, I would strongly advise you to work on these traits any chance you have. Perfection exists only in our minds. What we should be focusing on is progress. Perfectionism can cause you to constantly doubt yourself and your abilities, as well as stop you from actually pursuing and ultimately reaching your goals!

Here are some of my most practical and useful tools and exercises that may be extremely beneficial to you, dear Virgo rising person! Yes, this is how this Ascendant works – we are practical. We love actionable day-to-day applicable knowledge!

  1. Train your focus.

Try to take some time off every now and them and notice what you focus on on a daily basis. Are these actual important tasks or are these insignificant details? Virgo is an extremely detail-oriented sign, and this can be a real blessing if you work as an editor, for example. However, sometimes this gets out of hand and you may lose the bigger picture.

  1. List your achievements

This is the so called “Cookie Jar method”, created by the ultramarathon runner David Goggins. Make a list of all your achievements, big or small. Remember to include instances where you overcame hardships and challenges. The Virgo Ascendant people often suffer from low self-esteem due to their sharp eye on imperfections. Yes, these also include the imperfections we see in ourselves. Sadly, this often leads to the erroneous conclusion that we constantly need to improve ourselves and that we are never good enough. The Cookie Jar method will help you remind yourself that you actually have enormous potential and you have come very far, and made huge progress in life.

  1. List your qualities, skills, and expertise

The logic here is very similar to the previous one. Keep these lists open and add more information every time something else comes to mind. Read them as often as you need to or every time you need some positive self-esteem boost!

  1. Manage your anxiety and stress

The typical person with their 1st house in Virgo is usually quite the anxious individual. They may fuss over all kinds of important or unimportant topics, especially their health, work, and finances. If these tendencies get out hand, the Virgin rising folks might suffer from all sorts of stress and anxiety related ailments, like hypochondria, germaphobia, orthorexia, OCDs, intrusive thoughts, etc. If that’s the case with you, do not hesitate to work with a certified and trained medical professional to help you out in this regard. I would also encourage you to incorporate any type of routine that helps you out in this area – meditation, yoga, gardening, having a pet, massages, etc.

  1. Take inventory of your habits

This may apply to everyone since we are all creatures of habit, but for the Virgo Ascendant this may be crucial. As I mentioned previously, the Virgin is the natural ruler of the sixth house which governs our habitual behavior. This means that to the typical Virgo rising person might be extremely important to have certain daily routines that they like to stick to. So, it may be wise to take time every now and then and revise these routines, and check whether some changes may be necessary.

Finally, I would like to close this chapter with something I have picked from one of my most favorite Astrology teachers Ivan Stanchev. He often said that a strong Virgo in the natal chart (yes, that includes having your first house cusp in the sign of the Virgin) subtilizes the individual. This means that even the most “dark” and challenging aspects and placements will be significantly refined and softened by the pure influence of the Virgin. The simple reason for this is that the sixth sign in astrology is the actual symbol of purity and innocence. This does not necessarily mean that any Virgo Sun or Virgo Ascendant person is all white and goody two shoes, but the mere striving for perfection and betterment makes a huge difference in how the potential of the horoscope is manifested in our reality. This is even  more applicable for the Virgin Ascendant, since according to Martin Schulman, the rising sign is the doorway to the massive potential encoded in our birth chart. But more about that – in the section on Karmic Astrology!

The Virgo Ascendant Woman

The Virgo rising woman may be the perfect example of the saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” The interesting part of this Ascendant sign is that it is the ultimate symbol of being of service. Virgos generally love being helpful in any way possible. So, this is the type of woman who will not only be your loyal companion, but she may be your ultimate assistant – organizing your documents, decluttering your home, managing your appointments, reminding you of significant dates and events (so you don’t forget to get your mother a present for her birthday), improving your diet, etc. For those who can appreciate such a powerful helper, the Virgo rising female might be a real godsend. However, there is a huge pitfall in this type of behavior. This sensible, practical, and helpful gal might often fall into the trap of being taken for granted and even being treated like a doormat. If we add the natural inclination of the Virgin to have lower self-esteem and self-criticism, we get the full picture of how she may need to constantly work on her own priorities, setting boundaries, and reinforcing her own self-worth. These types of behaviors often stem from early childhood when the Virgo Ascendant kid may be extremely helpful to their parents. If the parents did not respond with praise and appreciation, mom and dad’s little assistant may continue to act like a doormat their entire life. After all, that’s what they learned is normal in their world. I will talk more about this topic when I get to the area of the second house – this is not just the house of material gains, it is also the house of our self-worth. So, stay tuned!

But, don’t think that it’s all sunshine and roses with this gal! Always keep in mind that these are usually some of the most self-critical creatures in the zodiac. And that criticism spills over to others as well. If you are a Virgin rising woman and you recognize this behavior in yourself, you can take steps to heal this in every way possible. First of all, you can try to stop treating others like projects, and recognize that we need to first and foremost take care of ourselves. Invest your skills and knowledge in your own growth and try not to give unsolicited advice and help. This will significantly improve all of your relationships and will have an extremely positive boost on your confidence. Another way to achieve this is by using the tools of the Transactional analysis. To put it simply, you can learn to talk to yourself in a more positive and nurturing manner. On the other side of the coin, if you are in a relationship with such a gal, keep in mind that her constant remarks are her unique way to show her love and care for you! She sees your enormous potential for growth and progress, and she wants you to be healthy and successful!

The Virgo Rising Man

If you are looking for a romantic guy who writes you poems and buys you flowers on a regular basis, I would advise you to look somewhere else! The typical Virgo Ascendant guy is not exactly the macho type we see in movies and novels. However, if you wish to have any type of relationship with someone you can rely on, someone practical and helpful, this may be your top choice!

Here’s the thing about Virgo – they are not the typical mutable sign like Gemini and Sagittarius. There is a certain contradiction in this sign that I think is important to note here. The Virgin may be a mutable sign, but it is also quite reliable. It is without a doubt the most loyal among the three in this pack. It probably stems from its earthy nature that gives Virgo rising men the ability to stick to routines, habits, and partners (business and intimate ones).

However, this does come with price (as usual). Virgo rising men may be a bit too picky in every area of their lives. Yes, we cannot escape their notorious in-born criticism. If you have a close male representative of this rising sign, you may have already seen this in action. Sometimes it may feel like nothing and no one is good enough for them.

Nevertheless, should they choose to stick to someone, whether that being a friend or a partner, be sure that you can always count on the Virgo Ascendant guy to lend you a hand in times of need.

They are true workaholics who like to get the job done first before any kind of fun. These are the type of men who can truly “eat the frog”, and this natural skill they possess and their self-discipline is what usually brings them lots of success in the workplace.  I have seen many males with the Virgin rising sign (and generally a strong Virgo in the chart) who are extremely good in some form of business and entrepreneurship. Their analytical, data-driven, fact-based, and logical way of thinking (especially if Mercury is well-placed), as well as their natural industriousness are their golden tickets to success and wealth! Sadly, on the negative side, these sharp-minded men are not the most relaxed and easy-going folks who can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The main challenge for all people with their 1st house in Virgo is learning to calm their anxious minds, chill out, and have fun!

The Typical Virgo Ascendant Physical Appearance

I have some really good news for you! The typical Virgo rising appearance can be one of the most photogenic of all Ascendants in the zodiac! So, it is not a coincidence that some of the most beautiful, symmetrical faces that sit extremely well in front of a camera belong to people with their 1st house in the Virgin sign.

But wait, there’s more! Virgo is also considered to be one of the most youthful looking signs as well! They may possess a certain innocent and child-like look. If we add the fact that the Virgo rising people are quite interested in all sorts of healthy routines, they may very well slow down the aging process even more! These are the types of folks who can religiously apply their sunscreen, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, and eat a balanced diet to the best of their abilities. It is no wonder they may look years younger than their biological age!

However, don’t you think it’s all sunshine and rainbows in the realm of the Virgin rising people. The typical Virgo ascendant woman physical appearance may often look a bit boyish. Also, a dominant sixth sign in the natal chart is also considered to give women flat chests. When we talk about how people with their first house in Virgo look, Emma Watson is probably the best poster child for this Ascendant.

Another interesting part of their anatomy are the Virgo rising eyes. These people usually have a very sharp gaze – a pair of eyes that are able to detect all sorts of tiny details, and can see through the BS. In many cases the typical Virgo eyes are small with a laser focus, like those of Bella Hadid, Emma Watson, and Blake Lively. Note that Blake is a Leo rising, but she has a stellium in Virgo in the first house which is a powerful influence on her personality and appearance. I will focus on the topics regarding the typical looks according to the natal chart in other blog posts. So, make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they will be up!

People with their first house in Virgo also tend to dress in practical and comfortable clothes. However, if their job demands a specific dress code, they will follow the recommendations for the specific work culture to a tee. Nevertheless, you can count on their appearance to be always neat, tidy, spotless, and with perfectly matching clothes and color schemes. These are the type of people who often have capsule wardrobes (also called bullet wardrobes).

Finally, I want to point out something about their gait. Like any typical Mercurial person, the Virgo Ascendant folks might usually walk in a fast-paced manner, and they might also be prone to fidgeting – a result of their anxious nature.

1st House in Virgo Compatibility

Compatibility according to astrology is a huge topic which involves taking into account a lot of details in the so called composite chart of both partners. That is why there is a whole branch in this ancient system called Synastry.

However, for the sake of making this article more complete I will do my best to give you some pointers solely based on the Ascendant sign. The rising sign is a major part of the compatibility analysis since it not only gives us a lot of information about our personality, but it also shows us the traits of our possible partners (both intimate and business ones). The simple reason for this is that the cusp of the first house also gives us the cusp of the seventh house – the house of partnerships.

So, let’s dive into it!

Having a Virgo Ascendant means that your seventh house cusp is in Pisces. This may manifest as a tendency to look for partners who exhibit the typical traits of the Fish sign – sensitivity, intuitiveness, artistry, but also impracticality. This perfectly matches the Virgin rising person’s inclination to organize the lives of their closest people. And what a better chance to do so than with a partner with a strong Pisces in their chart. This may be even more applicable to females. For instance, the typical Virgo Ascendant woman marriage may look like having a sensitive, gentle, impractical, artistic, or melancholic husband, while she acts like the down-to-earth type of partner who takes care of all the day-to-day mundane chores and responsibilities.

So, in terms of compatibility, the beneficial partnerships may look like people with a lot of planets (especially the personal ones – the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury) in Pisces as well as their 12th house. Keep in mind that in some cases if the other person has planets in Aries, they may still be placed in your 7th house. Moreover, it may also be beneficial to have a partner with activations in your 6th house which make a conjunction with your seventh house cusp (planets and luminaries within 7 degrees of the cusp).

Another aspect we can look for in terms of compatibility is similarities in the natal charts. This approach may be even better when it comes to determining whether a potential partner may be suitable for the Virgo rising person. What do I mean about that? People with a lot of planets in their 6th house as well as the sign of Virgo itself may be extremely suitable for the Virgin Ascendant. They may exhibit similar traits and they may be an extreme sense of mutual understanding and respect. This is a wonderful base for a long-lasting and successful relationship!

However, be mindful if the partner’s planets are located in your 12th house. These placements may be like double edge swords. The twelfth house is the house of our unconsciousness and deep buried fears and traumas, but also the source of our inner strength we don’t even know we possess. So, a partner who “illuminates” your 12th house might cause quite a bit of discomfort, but also – help you overcome some serious unconscious limitations and pain. It would greatly depend on the level of awareness, self-awareness, and spiritual strength to turn this situation into a stepping stone for personal growth. But we will talk a lot about the last house in astrology later on on the blog. So, stay tuned by becoming a member of our newsletter to receive all the fresh new updates!

Lastly, speaking of the 12th house, I would also like to make one last recommendation. In case one of the partners have their Medium Coeli in the other person’s twelfth house, be extremely mindful how that affects your ego. Does the person feel overshadowed by their partner? Do they feel like they are kept a secret from the partner’s friends and family? This placement might be extremely challenging and it may take a lot of inner work to overcome.

The Virgo Ascendant in Karmic Astrology

The Ascendant can also be analyzed through the lenses of Karmic Astrology – the branch of this ancient knowledge system which deals with our past lives and karmic lessons. According to Martin Schulman, the rising sign is the gateway to our whole natal chart, and it would determine how we unlock the potential encoded in the horoscope. So, it would be extremely valuable to take a really close look at this important aspect of the birth chart at as many angles as possible.

What does it means to have a Virgo Ascendant in Karmic Astrology? According to one of the most esteemed authors in this realm  Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont people with the Virgin rising sign may actually exhibit some of the typical traits of Leo – proud, haughty, dramatic, warm and loving, and seeking attention. This may be especially true if the 12th house cusp is indeed in the sign of the Lion. That’s because the last astrological house is considered to be one of the most important places to look for past life baggage and unconscious behavioral patterns. But rest assured – the twelfth house as well as the other pillars of Karmic Astrology (the Lunar Nodes, the Part of Fortune, retrograde planets, etc.) will be covered in great details later on the blog. So, I invite you to sign up for our email list where you can receive all the fresh new updates and latest articles!

In her book “L’astrologie karmique” de Bizemont speculates that people born with this rising sign may had even been in high places in their previous lives which often leads to the abuse of power and resources. So, to balance the scales of karma, in this incarnation their Virgo Ascendant will help them learn how to serve others, be humble, and obey the rules (remember that the 6th sign in Astrology is the most law-abiding and strict zodiac signs which likes to follow the rules to a tee). If you feel like you express yourself in a more of a Leo type of way or you feel you possess more Leo traits, this may be a clear sign that you must learn to cultivate more Virgo characteristics in your personality. However, as usual, I remind you to always take the whole chart into account! A person with planets in Leo and/or the 5th house may actually have natural Lion traits which may have nothing to do with past life karma.

Prominent Virgo Ascendant Celebrities

Actors – Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Uma Thurman, Marion Cotillard, Bruce Willis, and more.

Musicians – Paul McCartney, Johnny Hallyday, Mylène Farmer, and more.

Politicians – Nicolas Sarkozy, José Bové, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Winston Churchill, and more.

Kris Jenner

WOW, what a chart! Do you agree with me that the success of the Kardashians is majorly because of the input of the matriarch of the family – Kris Jenner? Here’s why I think so! We can rarely see a chart that has ALL of the planets in one single hemisphere. And here we have everything located in the Eastern half of the birth chart which signifies a highly proactive, ambitious, and self-motivated person! Also she does have a thing or two about acquiring wealth and assets. Her Sun may be in Scorpio (the sign associated with other people’s money) but it is also located in the 2nd house – the native house of Taurus. On top of that, the ruler of the 1st house Mercury is in the 1st house which indicates even more ambition and intrinsic motivation. Moreover, it also makes an accurate conjunction with the 2nd house cusp which amplifies the desire for stability, material comfort, and a stable self-esteem.

And that’s not all! Her 5th house co-ruler – the ambitious Saturn – is in the 2nd house which indicates that your children may also be the source of your material gains and assets. Of course, since we are talking about the slow-moving planet of restrictions, this usually happens after the first Saturn revolution (after the age of 34). Curious about your 2nd house potential for financial success? Make sure you sign up for our newsletter where you can get first-hand information on when the interpretations will be up!

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a great example of the hard-working nature of the Virgo Ascendant. He is without a doubt one of the most dedicated tennis players who practiced day in day out to reach that level of success. And here are a few astrological stepping stones for his achievements! It is interesting to note that most of his planets are also located in the Eastern hemisphere which is a powerful indicator of a person who is more likely to be extremely proactive, dynamic, and goal-oriented. Moreover, his Medium Coeli is in Gemini – another Mercurial sign which can give the potential of working with and achieving success through your arms and hands. In addition to that, Mercury itself is in a conjunction with his Sun in Leo – the sign of being under the spotlight, creativity, and sports. It is also intriguing to note that his Sun is in the 12th house and Mercury is in conjunction with the 12th house cusp which can give him a great deal of intuitive skills as well. Here’s what a sports expert says about Federer: “The Swiss Maestro has always possessed an innate understanding and intuition of how the game should be played given his adversary.”

Kurt Cobain

To tell you the truth I am a huge fan of Nirvana and I am deeply intrigued by the persona of Kurt Cobain in terms of astrology. If you are also interested in my brief take of his natal chart, read on! One might think that artists such as Cobain are just naturally talented and they just express their in-born skills easily right on the spot. Well, Kurt was definitely immensely talented, but what we might be surprised by is his strong work ethic as well. His Virgo Ascendant is even more powerfully reinforced by his Sun and Mercury in the 6th house – the native house of the Virgin. So, even though he might have not showed this side of himself that often, he was indeed very hard-working, and many of his closest people confirm this. Here’s what Billy Corgan (from the band Smashing Pumpkins) says about Kurt Cobain’s Virgo traits like industriousness and perfectionism: “How many nights do you think, that long before Nirvana he sat in a f*cking basement, trying to figure out, ‘Why does this chord go with this chord?’”.

However, we cannot go without addressing the elephant in the room. Sadly, many people with a strong Pisces energy in their chart can be quite susceptible to addictions. Having 4 plants in Pisces as well as 2 retrograde ones in the 12th house can give you the immense potential to be extremely artistic and musically gifted, but also quite emotionally sensitive and prone to using all kinds of unhealthy substances to soothe the pain. Unfortunately, in this case the natural anxious nature of Virgo and the 6th house might have also contributed to this issue. We know that Cobain was quite introverted, he had severe stage fright, as well as undiagnosed stomach problems. The stomach and the intestines can be huge soft spots for people with the Virgin rising sign since the 1st house cusp also deals with our physical wellbeing. However, don’t get the impression that the stars and planets are what make someone an addict. These placements are mere potentials and can show certain susceptibilities. I think we should talk a lot more about this important subject in a special article dedicated to these vital topics. So, stay tuned!

Dolly Parton

Speaking of work ethic, here’s another music dynamo that truly represents what hard work and professional longevity looks like! And Dolly does have the astrological basis to back this statement! The Virgo rising sign along with her Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the highly ambitious Capricorn is the perfect combination of a person who may achieve so much more by being a real busy bee. Of course one of her best songs is “9 to 5”! There are no coincidences! But where does “Jolene” come from? Having her 12th house ruler in the 5th house may cause some real troubles in the romantic department. The 12th house is the house of our traumas and pain, and with this placement her romantic relationships may be the source of great deal of suffering. However, the last house is also the source of our greatest inner strength! And since Dolly has her Sun (also the ruler of the twelfth house) in Capricorn, she perfectly managed to turn her pain into real world-wide success. OK, but where does her love for the stage come from? It’s simple – the exact same 5th house – the house of performing and being under the spotlight. The ruler of her Midheaven – Mercury is in the sign of career Capricorn and makes an exact conjunction with the 5th house cusp. And lastly, Dolly also has large number of retrograde planets which is considered a sign of a powerful karmic incarnation. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get updates when we cover the retrogrades!

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the best examples why the natal chart has to be interpreted as a whole, not just bits and pieces here an dthere. What do I mean? I guess many people may have asked this question: “What does the emotional, sensitive, artistic and impractical Pisces has to do with groundbreaking technology?” And here’s my answer! First off, let me direct your focus to an important detail – many people with their 1st house in Virgo have their 10th house cusp in Gemini, and Steve Jobs is no exception. These signs are both ruled by same planet of communication, technology, marketing, trade, etc. – Mercury. So, in that sense Jobs had a really strong Mercurial influence – he was indeed highly intelligent and smart! But not only that! Let’s look at the placement of the ruler – Mercury is located in Aquarius in the 5th house. Aquarius is the sign of state-of-the-art technology, avant-garde products, and anything that serves humanity and makes our life easier. And now let’s get back to what Mercury was in his chart – the ruler of his personality as well as the ruler of his house of careers and achievements. Plus, his Sun is located in the 6th house – the native house of the hard-working and detail-oriented perfectionist Virgo!  However, his Sun in Pisces also played a huge role in his life. He did use his in-born Pisces intuition in his work. Here’s what he said on this matter: “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.” Lastly, the ruler of his third house of communication – Pluto – is in the 12th house of the Fish.

Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 2

If you wish to learn more about your Virgo Ascendant, volume 2 of this series is the go to place! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can actually find the meaning of all the 12 house cusps in the 12 zodiac signs.

These include the 2nd house of accumulated assets, the 6th house of our job and physical wellbeing, the 7th house of relationships, the 8th house of our soul mates, the 10th house of our greatest achievements, etc. Moreover, in this installment you can also learn the detailed algorithm for interpreting your whole chart. For this purpose I also encourage you to grab volume 1 as well!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 3

Volume 3 of this series is the last installment which deals with the natal chart analysis. Do not skip this one because it is important! Remember previously in this article how I mentioned that the placement of Mercury is extremely important and it may completely change how the rising sign is expressed?

Well, that’s because the ruling planet of each house plays a huge role in the interpretation process. This is the main topic of this volume. It contains detailed descriptions of the house rulers placed in the other houses of the horoscope. Keep in mind that the natural rulers of each house have to be taken into account as well. For example, the placement of Mars will have to be added to your analysis of the 1st house in Virgo!


Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

If the section on Synastry was interesting to you, you can learn more about this intriguing branch of Astrology right from one of the most popular astrologers of all time – Linda Goodman! Here in this book you can start making some valuable interpretations of the aspects between two charts of people who are in some kind of relationship – personal or business one.

However, I do wish to warn you that it is best to use astrology software or an app that will give you the precise composite chart. The calculations in this book are not quite accurate and they might mislead you. Once you have the Synastry chart, you can come back to this volume and read the meaning of the mutual aspects!


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