{The Resilient!} The 1st House in Taurus Personality

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The 1st House in Taurus Personality (All About the Taurus Ascendant, a.k.a. Taurus Rising)



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Table of contents:
The Meaning of the Rising Sign
The Taurus Rising Sign Personality
The Typical Taurus Rising Woman Personality
The 1st House in Taurus Man
The Typical Taurus in First House Physical Appearance
The Best Taurus Rising Compatibility
The 1st House in Taurus in Karmic Astrology
Popular Taurus Rising Celebrities
Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Let’s begin!

The Meaning of the Rising Sign

Before we get to the exact interpretation of this 1st house in Taurus placement, we need to say a few words on the first house itself.

The cusp of the 1st house in astrology is mostly known as the Ascendant or our rising sign. And the simple reason for this is that this is the zodiac sign which was rising (was at the horizon) at the time of your birth. Keep in mind that Ascendants change very quickly and you need to know your exact birth timing to accurately determine this cusp. If you are unsure which your rising sign is, you can use any type of natal chart app as a rising sign calculator. As I mentioned previously, all you do need to have your precise birth details! Note! If Taurus is not your Ascendant, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the other rising signs in the zodiac will be covered!

Now, back to the meaning of the first house. To put it in a very simple way – this is the face we show to the world. This is this part of our personality we want people to perceive. In other words, this is how we want to “market” ourselves as (not to be taken in the negative connotation). This is the main reason very often it could be quite difficult to guess some else’s Sun sign, if it is different from their Ascendant. What we usually see and perceive is the rising sign. So, for example, if you are a Leo with a Taurus Ascendant, the people who do not know you that well may be quite surprised by your calm and down to Earth nature. However, your closest folks near and dear to your heart will be well aware that you are truly the King or Queen of the jungle!

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s see how the sign of the Bull will influence your personality!

The Taurus Rising Sign Personality

To fully understand the typical Taurus Ascendant personality first we need to take a deeper look at the archetypal traits of the second sign in astrology.

The Bull is the first fixed Sun sign in the zodiac wheel, and it is under the earth element. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house in astrology which is related to our assets (especially tangible), real estate, valuables, our value system, and the feeling of self-worth. Moreover, the ruling planet for the 2nd sign is Venus, and the most relevant keyword we can assign to the Bull is “stability”.

OK, now let’s see what this ancient self-discovery system says about the most common positive traits of Taurus. The typical representatives of the second sign are known to be extremely patient, hard-working, reliable, artistic, loyal, sensual, humble beings who love spending a lot of time in their homes (which are usually quite comfortable and well-decorated).

And since every zodiac sign has their shadow side as well, we can also say that the Bulls may have the potential for exhibiting the following negative characteristics and tendencies: being too self-indulgent, materialistic and greedy, moving and acting too slowly, too stubborn for their own good, possessive, and power-hungry.

Now, what does that mean in terms of having your first house in Taurus? As we have mentioned previously, the sign at the cusp of the Ascendant basically shows how other people see us and how we want to be seen by others. This is a huge part of our personality, but we need to keep in mind that this is the face we show to the world.

So, the typical Taurus rising meaning could be that other people may perceive you as someone who exhibits these typical Bull traits. In other words, you may be extremely calm and patient, especially if the extremely energetic Mars and the erratic Uranus are not located in your first house. Also, you may need a lot of time to slowly and patiently absorb all kinds of information and experiences which help you form your worldview or how you perceive any person or a situation. However, once you get to a conclusion it becomes quite fixed and you rarely change it. This is another aspect of the Bull’s strive for stability in any area of our lives – Taurus it is all about building strong foundations. And think about it – the construction process takes a lot of time for planning and moving ahead one step at a time without the need to rush things or the building might collapse. Taurus needs to feel secure and to have a solid ground beneath their hooves, I mean feet. So, on the outside, you may come off as a steady grower who needs to progress slowly, patiently, and steadily.

All earth signs are known to be extremely hard-working, and the Bull is definitely no exception! This is especially true if you find a line of work that perfectly corresponds to your needs and values (remember that Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house – the house of our value system). If they find their true vocation, they become simply unstoppable! Working tirelessly towards their goals and wishes. And since this sign is also known to be a bit self-indulgent, the desire to add a lot of comfort, convenience and luxury to their life may be an extremely powerful driving force to keep them moving forward when others had already collapsed! However, let’s just not tilt towards the negative connotations of self-indulgence here! After all, Taurus is ruled by the magnificent planet Venus – the goddess of beauty and harmony, which is also called “The Little Benefactor” in astrology. This gives the Bull some exceptional capabilities within their physical senses. So, this means that you may come off as quite the connoisseur, and a true role model for appreciating and enjoying the fine things in life – good food, exquisite beverages, fine jewelry, comfortable stylish clothing which is gentle to the skin, surrounding yourself with beautiful art in any shape or form, etc.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may also exhibit some of the not so favorable traits of the second sign, such as being too stubborn and headstrong or too materialistic, greedy, inert, and possessive. This may be especially true if Venus is not placed well and if it has some challenging aspects. Psst! The planetary placements will be the focus of future blog posts, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to not miss a single update!

The Typical Taurus Rising Woman Personality

Any of the aforementioned traits and inclinations might be attributed to both the male and female representatives of this rising sign. However, we may also say that there could be certain differences between the manifestation of the first house in Taurus placement between men and women. Well, after all, we live in a society, and it is still propelled by particular roles assigned to both genders. With that being said, let’s see which might be the most typical female Taurus rising traits! I really like Linda Goodman’s expression for these powerful creatures. She calls them “The Steel Magnolias of the zodiac”. And that alone can say a lot about women born with this Ascendant! They are beautiful and feminine (after all Venus is their ruling planet!), but also extremely resilient and tough! I imagine the woman with a 1st house in Taurus to be the perfect epitome of the expression “Behind every great man there’s a great woman”. Since the Bull is not a cardinal sign, they are often quite OK letting other people lead while they remain the powerful support needed in any structure. So, the strong female with this rising sign would be the perfect partner (intimate or business) who is extremely hard-working, adept at money management, and very loyal! And on top of that, I imagine such marvelous creature to be an extremely good homemaker, cooking tasty gourmet food and creating a cozy comfortable environment. What the Taurus Ascendant female requires is the sense of stability in any area of our lives!

In the extremely negative manifestation of this placement, these females might seem like gold-diggers.

The 1st House in Taurus Man

They say that “Men fall in love with their eyes, women fall in love with their ears.” I personally don’t thing this is 100% correct, but when it comes to the Taurus rising man… this can be quite accurate! Let’s not forget that the second sign in astrology is ruled by the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, and the typical representatives are true connoisseurs of aesthetics in its every aspect. Yes, this includes human appearance. Well, this does not mean that these gentlemen are superficial, but beauty and style definitely plays a huge role in their life. They would most likely expect the woman of their heart to be exceptionally pretty and well-dressed.

Since the Bull is the natural lord of the 2nd house of assets and money coming from our own efforts, many males with this Ascendant may be extremely driven, working tirelessly to achieve their goals and upgrade their status. Sometimes they may seem shy and humble on the outside, but make no mistake – they might be quite ambitious and resilient when it comes to acquiring wealth and amassing large amounts of assets.

The extreme negative manifestation of this Ascendant for males might be workaholism powered by greed, as well as being too possessive and seeing beautiful women as trophies.

But remember, we have free will and the level of our awareness helps uncover our shadow side which allows us to make a conscious choice to steer into a more desirable manifestation of any astrological placement. Nothing is written in stone! 

The Typical Taurus in First House Physical Appearance

OK, first we need to make an important disclaimer – the first house cusp does play a huge role in determining the physical appearance of the individual. However, it is merely one of the factors we can look at in astrology. So, here I will do my best to point out some of the most typical characteristics of the Bull, but keep in mind that these may not apply entirely. Each case is different and all of the significators for physical looks have to be taken into account. (These will be covered in future articles, so stay tuned!)

So, what can we expect from the Taurus in first house appearance?

According to astrology all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio) are considered as “rectangular”. This means that having strong fixed sign dominance in the chart could give you a distinctive rectangular look, such as the shape of the face, the shoulders or the entire body.

Are Taurus rising people attractive?

I would definitely say “Yes!”. And the simple reason for this is that the ruling planet of this rising sign is Venus – the goddess of beauty and harmony. People with a strong Venus in their chart are definitely some of the most charming and attractive people. Well, this does not necessarily mean covering the ultimate contemporary standards of beauty, but definitely possessing a powerful charisma or a je ne sais quoi type of appeal. Other typical Venus-related physical traits are the dimples – both on the cheeks or the chin. Another important and actionable thing to consider is that this astrological placement might lead to weight problems in time. This is especially true for the rising Taurus since it is one of the self-indulgent signs who definitely loves and appreciates good food. Venus gives people unparalleled charm, but also a tendency to snack on carbs. So, be mindful if you feel you possess such inclinations. However, do keep in mind that the position of this planet will have a say on how this would manifest as well!

Some people with a strong Taurus in their chart, including having the Bull at the cusp of the 1st house have extremely strong muscular and very stable build with powerful legs (especially the hands and the calves) and an earth-shaking gate – just like with a real-life Bull that gives you the ultimate feeling of strength, resilience, and stamina! Someone who cannot be shaken or moved no matter what – literally or figuratively speaking.

Most people with this placement have beautiful and luscious hair and they rarely have issues with hair-loss. Some good news for the gentlemen!

Another typical trait of the Taurus rising sign appearance is having a small gap between the front teeth.  According to Marion March and Joan McEvers the tennis player Pancho Gonzales has the absolute typical Taurean look!

The Best Taurus Rising Compatibility

Compatibility according to this ancient stargazing system is the vast realm of Synastry – a special branch of astrology which deals only with relations of any kind – business, intimate, family, etc. So, it is extremely important to remember that there are loads of details to be analyzed in the composite chart of two people. In other words, based solely on the Sun sign or the rising sign, we can just point out just a few key points to consider, while keeping in mind that all of this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Now, what does our Ascendant have to do with our relationship compatibility with other people? Well, a lot! As I mentioned previously, this is basically half of our personality, to put it in an over-simplified way. And that’s not all! On the opposite side of the first house cusp, at exactly 180 degrees we can find the pinnacle of the house of relationships and partnerships (including marriage)! This alone can say a lot about what you look for in a person of the opposite gender or in a potential business partner.

Now, let’s dive into it!

In terms of compatibility, I could say that there are basically two schools of thought – the opposites attract or relationships based on similarities. Both can have their pros and cons, and here I will do my best to give you some of the best options.

So, having your 1st house in Taurus means that the cusp of the seventh house will be in the opposite sign of Scorpio. This usually means that you might be looking for a person who exhibits the typical traits of the eighth sign in astrology – passionate, motivated, smart, and even a bit inclined towards the mystical and esoterical world. However, keep in mind that the placements of the ruling planets Pluto and Mars should be analyzed as well. If they are not well-placed and they have challenging aspects, this could lead to possessiveness and jealousy.

But let’s get back to compatibility! What your Taurus Ascendant points to is that people with planets and luminaries (especially the personal ones – the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury) in Scorpio could possess these desired traits that balance the nature of the Bull. Also, keep in mind that the houses and the signs rarely coincide perfectly, and a section of Sagittarius might also be part of your seventh house. The general rule is that it is advisable your potential partner’s planets to be located in your house of relationships. And that’s not all either! Any conjunction with the 7th house cusp might also be extremely beneficial. So, look for any planets and luminaries in your partner’s chart that are located in your sixth house but are within 7 degrees of the 7th house cusp!

Now, let’s take a look at the other approach to the Taurus rising compatibility! This one is highly regarded by some of my most favorite astrology teachers (Marion March and Joan McEvers) as the best foundation for long-lasting relationships – compatibility based on similarities. This basically means having a partner who has similar characteristics, viewpoints, and values! What should you be looking for? Here are some ideas! People with lots of cosmic bodies in their second house might be extremely suitable to you and might share the same passion for stability and comfort. Also, people with planets and luminaries in Taurus might also be great fits. However, keep in mind that the meaning would be different if these cosmic bodies are located in your first house or in your twelfth! The more desirable option is the first house or in conjunction with your fist house cusp in Taurus. This means that they will further reinforce and boost your personality for you to shine even brighter (especially if the Sun is involved). If the planets are located in your last astrological house, this might manifest as bringing up some deep unconscious fears and tendencies. This might be a bit uncomfortable but if your level of awareness is high, this might be an extremely beneficial and transformational partnership in terms of spiritual growth. Furthermore, the last house in astrology is the source of our inner unconscious strength, so this person might also be an extremely powerful support to you as well.

However, keep in mind that the topics of synastry and the 12th house will be the focus of future posts where we will get into great details on this mystical realm! So, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the immense potential of this astrological house!

The 1st House in Taurus in Karmic Astrology

Our Ascendant sign is considered to be an extremely important point in the natal chart as far as the mystical Karmic astrology is concerned. And the simple reason for this is that its position will also determine the cusp of the last astrological house as well. And this is where some esoteric astrologers believe is the secret to understanding our past lives and the lessons we have to learn in our current incarnation.

So, what does the Taurus Ascendant mean in terms of our karmic debt? According to one such renowned astrologer Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont this placement might be a powerful indicator for being employed in the military in previous incarnations. In her book “L’astrologie karmique” she describes that people with this rising sign might still be under the aggressive influence of Aries and its ruling planet Mars. If that’s the case, this could mean that your current Bull Ascendant is not coincidental – it is part of the toolkit that would help you move away from the martial energy and learn the lessons of stability, calm, and harmony. According to the author, this could be recognized by simply observing whether the person with a rising Taurus (or a strong Taurus in their chart) exhibits the typical traits of the Bull or the Ram.  A Ram-like behavior might be a sign of remnants of these past lives where these people had to cultivate such aggression for one purpose or another.

Popular Taurus Rising Celebrities

It is always curious and inspiring to see some famous stars with similar astrological placements like ours. So, let’s take a look at some prominent figures who have their first house cusp in Taurus! It would be quite interesting to see how it played out in their life and how the world perceives them!

Politicians – Martin Luther King, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Christine Lagarde, Robert F. Kennedy, and more.

It is interesting to note that most of these people have their house of career in the immensely ambitious and conservative Capricorn. So, the natural hard-working nature of the Bull combined with the drive of the Goat is definitely a sure-fire recipe for a great potential for success and climbing up the ranks in politics (especially in the rightist and conservative side of the spectrum).

Musicians – Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Camila Cabello, Dave Gahan, Azealia Banks, Queen Latifah, Ashley Tisdale, and more.

This is where the artistic talents of the Bull shine bright! As I mentioned previously, the second sign in astrology is connected to art as well as the throat. So, it is no coincidence that lots of successful and popular singers have a strong Taurus in their charts!

Models – Gigi Hadid, Denise Richards, and more.

As we have discussed in the previous chapter on physical appearance, the ruling planet Venus gives these people enormous amounts of beauty and charm!

Actors – Jared Leto, Halle Berry, Dakota Fanning, Ezra Miller, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Brendan Fraser, and more.

Athletes – Zinedine Zidane, Conor McGregor, Serena Williams, Joe Rogan, and more.

Being a professional athlete is extremely difficult and challenging. It takes a ton of effort, dedication, patience, and hard work. Thankfully, the Taurus sign has them all! So, to me it is not a surprise to see successful athletes having this astrological placement. Joe Rogan is an especially interesting case since he is also the perfect example of the artistic talents of the Bull as well. He managed to transfer his strong work ethic into the entertainment business becoming one of the most successful podcasters of our time! Yes, if Taurus sets a goal – there is no stopping that Bull! They will work tirelessly and patiently, step-by-step towards success!

Other intriguing popular people with a Taurus Ascendant

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is probably one of the best examples of the perfect symbiosis of the rising Taurus and the MC in Capricorn. Two earthy signs that are the true symbols of the hustle culture. So, to me it is definitely not a surprise that Peterson heavily promotes having a strong work ethic to achieve success in life. One of his popular inspirational quotes goes like this: “Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens.” If there is a quote perfectly describing this rising sign, I would definitely choose this one!

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is another great example of how the tenacity, hard work, and drive of the Bull (yes, again, keep in mind she has her Medium Coeli in the Goat as well!) can be the exact qualities to make you immensely successful and popular! And let’s face it – a lot of companies lose their vision as soon as their creator is no longer the leader of the business. And very few of these firms can bounce back from such loses. But in the case of Versace, this is definitely not the case. And I think that the main reason for this is the powerful work ethic and artistrical talents of the rising Bull of Donatella (she also has her Sun and Mercury in Taurus as well!)! The refined taste and appreciation for beauty combined with the strong ambition of Capricorn is a wonderful ingredient list for becoming a fashion mogul!

Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

A natal chart can show us so much about our potential – much more than you thought! While the Ascendant is a huge part of that equation, there are tons of more details and aspects to look at to learn more about your personality, skills, and talents! That is why doing deep into the horoscope analysis can be a truly rewarding process that paves our way to success, happiness, and fulfilment! The more we know ourselves, the better we will be – because we would know what to focus on, what our strengths are, and what to delegate to other people. This is the power of astrology and self-discovery! That is why here I would like to share some of my most favorite books on the topic of natal chart interpretation, so that you can learn how to make sense of your own horoscope!

The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 2

I am not going to lie – I am a HUGE fan of Marion March and Joan McEvers! These talented astrologers were pivotal to my own process of getting into astrology in the first place. I am really digging their sensible, structured, and empowering approach to this ancient knowledge! What you are not going to find in their books is fatalism and fear mongering.

Instead, they analyze each natal chart with a deep wisdom and an understanding that our free will will always play a huge role in the choices we make, and how we manifest each aspect of our charts. With that said, let’s see what’s inside this textbook! Actually, I skipped the first volume of the series but if you need to have a reference book on the absolute fundaments of astrology, I highly recommend you start with tome 1! However, for the purpose of getting more intriguing and valuable info on your first house in Taurus placement, volume 2 is the place to go to! The book contains detailed descriptions of all the zodiac signs at the cusps of the 12 astrological houses, including the Taurus Ascendant! And that’s far from everything! The work is jam-packed with information on the intricate process of natal chart analysis! Part 1 deals with the calculation of the birth chart, in case you wish to double check your astrology software or in some extreme peculiar cases where the place of birth is far away from any inhabited city. Part 2 focuses on the more in-depth chart analysis, like missing elements, horoscope configurations, significant aspects (like T-squares, yods, etc.), retrograde planets, sign and house interceptions, mutual receptions, decans and duads, the meaning of the Lunar Nodes, and the aspects to the Ascendant and Medium Coeli cusps. Part 3 goes even deeper into the mystical world of Arabic points (like the famous part of fortune), prenatal eclipses, the Zenith, fixed stars, the position of the Earth itself, and more!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 3

As you have probably learned, there are a lot of factors to consider when analyzing any natal chart. And in terms of getting a grasp at the most likely personality traits of the individual, there are so many details to look at. Even in terms of interpreting the rising sign alone, there are many details to look at. It is not just about the meaning of having the Bull at the cusp of your 1st house.

In the previous book suggestion we mentioned that any planetary aspect to that 1st house cusp will also play an important role in determining the personality of the person. And that’s not even the whole picture. The placement of the first house ruler (in this case, this is Venus) is just as essential, and it can change everything! So, the location of Venus in terms of zodiac sign and house will have a say on how you might manifest these traits of the second astrological sign. That is why I think volume 3 of this book series is indispensable! It goes deep into this intricate process of tracing the position of each house ruler, including your Taurus Ascendant ruling planet Venus! Do not skip this part of the analysis because it may be the missing part of the puzzle of self-discovery! In part 2 of this volume you can look at the exact natal chart interpretation process of the authors for some popular and influential public figures like Lady Diana and Barbra Streisand! In part 3 of the book you will find an exquisitely pleasant surprise! The chapter deals with analyzing some important areas of our lives, such as our potential for physical wellbeing, all kinds of relationships (the introduction to Synastry), how to find your best job and/or career, and… the significators for our physical appearance according to this ancient knowledge!


Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

I know, I know, relationships are not the main focus of today’s article. Well, I have dedicated a special chapter on the possible compatibilities solely based on the rising sign. So, if you landed on this page looking for this piece of info, then I am pretty sure you are going to love this book! Here you can find almost every possible mutual aspect in Synastry (the astrology branch that deals with relationships).

And what I personally find really valuable in Linda Goodman’s approach is her never-ending positivity leaving you with a feeling of empowerment. Analyzing a composite chart through the perspective of “love defies all odds” is truly remarkable, and actually it is not that common in the astrology world. However, I do have a major piece of criticism I need to point out. The calculation process of the Synastry charts is a bit off. So, I would encourage you to use quality astrology software to better calculate your composite chart with maximum precision! Then you can hop onto this book and see Linda Goodman’s interpretations! And that’s not all either! The main reason why I chose to mention this volume here in this entry is the section specially dedicated to the Ascendants! And the best part is that they have been divided by genders. So, you can look up your own rising Taurus, as well as the Ascendant of any beloved person you care about. The author will give you some practical recommendations how to harmonize your relationship though getting a better understanding of their personality! That is why I love this book and Linda Goodman in general!


Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

As we have discussed in this article, there is a huge difference between our Ascendant and our Sun sign (what we usually call “our zodiac sign”). However, if we wish to fully understand this difference and how we show up into the world, we need to dive deep into the characteristics of the zodiac sign that “sits” at the cusp of the first house (in this case, this is Taurus).

And although I have done my best to summarize some of the most typical qualities of the Bull, it is still just a tiny speck from the vast amount of information that can be said about the second sign in astrology. Thankfully, Linda Goodman has done all this heavy lifting for us! This masterpiece is by far one of the best books which perfectly describes the archetypal qualities of each of the twelve zodiac signs, in my humble opinion, of course! So, this volume will be extremely valuable to you in three main ways. 1. You can learn more about your Sun sign in great detail! Keep in mind that the descriptions are tailored based on genders and age, so you can see the differences between male, female representatives of the sign, as well as the children! 2. You can learn so much more about your Taurus Ascendant. All you need to do is read through the section on the second astrological sign, and transfer this knowledge to the area of the first house – the persona you show to the world and how other people see you. 3. You can learn more about your closest people and better understand how they tick! Acceptance of our and other people’s individuality is a great foundation for any happy and fulfilling relationship! Happy reading!


Hey! Did you know that having a Taurus Ascendant means that you most likely have your tenth house cusp in the sign of the Water Bearer! And this can give you some extremely valuable and empowering information on the best career field that may give you the best chances for success, achievements, better social status, and fame!

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If that’s not the sign of your MC point, you can search for yours right HERE!

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