The Twelve Grapes Ritual

So, New Year’s Eve is coming and we all like to make resolutions and to make wishes we hope to come true in the following twelve months. And I remembered a ritual that I found to be very interesting. I saw it in an episode of the Modern Family TV show. One of the main Read more about The Twelve Grapes Ritual[…]

The Magic of Ho’oponopono

What does Ho’opo… uhm… the strange word means? Ho’oponopono comes from the Hawaiian spirituality and literally means “to set right”. We all carry the programming from our parents and relatives. But if you think about it, these behavioral and mental patterns are passed from one generation to another. This way we somewhat have the mentality Read more about The Magic of Ho’oponopono[…]

Priming the Brain

Are you looking for an extremely easy (and lazy) way to focus your brain and make it work for you? I know you are! Me, too! (Maybe I should have named the article “Manifesting for couch potatoes”, but I chose to be more sophisticated!). As the Bible says: “Look and you shall find!”. Well, to Read more about Priming the Brain[…]

What is EFT and Can It Change Your Life? The Short Basic Recipe.

Have you heard of EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique? If you haven’t, you might want to keep reading. Because if you have a problem and you have tried everything with little success, EFT might be the answer to your prayers. Short history of EFT  EFT or “tapping” is based on the ancient Chinese Read more about What is EFT and Can It Change Your Life? The Short Basic Recipe.[…]