{The Shapeshifter!} The 1st House in Gemini Personality

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The 1st House in Gemini Personality (All About the Gemini Ascendant, a.k.a. Gemini Rising)



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Table of contents:
The Meaning of the Rising Sign
The Gemini Rising Sign Personality
The Typical Gemini Rising Woman Personality
The 1st House in Gemini Man
The Typical Gemini in First House Physical Appearance
The Best Gemini Rising Compatibility
The 1st House in Gemini in Karmic Astrology
Popular Gemini Rising Celebrities
Recommended Books and Must-Reads

The Meaning of the Rising Sign

I am pretty sure that almost everyone who has even the slightest idea of what astrology is, is well aware of the meaning of the Ascendant. However, just for the sake of clarity here I will briefly mention my take on the significance of this astrological house.

So, our rising sign is often called the Ascendant and this is the cusp of the first house in our natal charts. This is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon at the time of our birth.

How that affects our personality? Well, the Ascendant can show us that part of our personality that is visible to other people, especially to those that may not know us very well. This is because this is the face that we show to the world. In other words, the rising sign is how other people perceive us and how we want to be seen as. This is the main reason why it may be much more difficult to guess someone’s Sun sign, if it is different than the Ascendant. What we usually see at a first glance is the sign that is at the cusp of the 1st house. In this case this is Gemini. So, for example, you may be born under the sign of Libra, but most people would perceive you as the highly intellectual and adaptable Gemini!

How to find your Ascendant? Some people may be a bit confused by this difference between the Sun sign and the rising sign, and I get some interesting questions like “Which are the Gemini rising dates?”. So, let me explain this here. The Sun sign changes roughly every 30 days (the Sun moves approximately 1 degree per day). However, the Ascendant changes much more quickly (about 1 zodiac sign every 2 hours which means 1 degree every 4 minutes). Hence, we cannot determine the rising sign solely based on the birth date – we need the exact birth time, as accurate as possible. This would be crucial to not only determine the sign at the cusp of the 1st house, but also the exact placement of all the 12 house cusps. Now, if you have your accurate birth data, you can use any reliable astrology software or an application as a rising sign calculator and check if Gemini is your Ascendant! If not, do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter to receive a notification when your rising sign would be covered!

OK, let’s get to the analysis part!

The Gemini Rising Sign Personality

To fully understand the Gemini rising meaning, first we need to take a closer look at the typical traits of the third sign in astrology!

The Twins are the first mutable and the first airy sign in the zodiac wheel, and it is the natural ruler of the third house in the horoscope which is related to short-distance travels, primary education, and our siblings. The ruling planet of the Gemini sign is the fast-moving Mercury – the cosmic body in the Solar system which represents our intellect, trade, transportation, and trickery.

The main keyword we can associate with the Twins sign is “versatility”.

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the archetypal traits of the third sign in astrology, so that we can get a deeper understanding of this Ascendant!

The typical Gemini people are usually quite intelligent, dexterous, adaptable, curious, smart, attractive, charismatic, expressive, inventive, communicative, and friendly.

Conversely, some of the Gemini rising negative traits might be: extremely absent-minded, anxious, rushed, too changeable to the point of being unreliable, deceiving, two-faced, gossipy, and lacking scale and a wider perspective.

OK, now that we got the foundations out of the way, let’s see how these characteristics would apply to the area of the first house, which is basically half of our personality – the face that we show to the world.

So, having your 1st house in Gemini placement would mean that other people see you (and you want to be seen) as extremely intelligent and smart. Someone with this Ascendant sign would usually be extremely well-educated with a sharp and curious mind. Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to receive formal education, you would still possess a powerful natural in-born intelligence and a strong inclination to read loads of books and self-educate, usually until your very last day on Earth!

People with their first house in Gemini may seem quite changeable, but this gives them the ability to quickly adapt to any circumstances using their sharp and cunning minds. And as the father of the evolution theory is believed to have said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”.

Moreover, the Twins are the sign of all forms of communication, and people with this rising sign come off as excellent orators! Actually, they may possess a natural talent to express their ideas and thoughts through a variety of media – they may be very good at writing, scripting, story-telling, and selling.

Speaking of selling, there is also an extremely important side of the third astrological sign and its ruling planet Mercury. Hermes (the Greek name for Mercury) is the god of all merchants, but also the patron of all thieves and tricksters. So, one side of the Twin sign is their ability to deceive – intentionally or unintentionally. And when you think about it – to create an elaborate scheme, you do need to possess a great deal of intelligence and sharp wits! I think this is one of the reasons why we are so fascinated with tricksters, illusionists, and schemers (just think about the fan reception of the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”!). Also, Mercury is associated with our hands and fingers. This gives people with a Gemini Ascendant a great deal of dexterity and agility. Well, they may use this talent to be excellent craftsmen or to become unmatched pickpockets. 😀

And since we are on the topic of deceit, we need to address another interesting trait of Gemini – the two-facedness. Please, do not take this with the negative connotation. The Twins is indeed a quite ambivalent sign, but this is merely part of their adaptability skill. There is not any malevolence in their actions – they are the true symbol of the exuberant child who just wants to play games, tricks, and enjoy life to the fullest. You can’t really be mad at them for long. Actually, if there is anyone who can show us how to cherish and preserve our inner child, how to experience joy and wonder, how to remain playful, it’s the Gemini Ascendant person!

So, back to the ambivalence of this rising sign! An extremely intriguing part of their personality is that very often they may seem like a completely different person! Just when you think you got to know them – bam! – they show a completely different side of themselves you never thought existed. They are truly the chameleons and the shapeshifters of the zodiac, and they usually have a knack for imitations, making impressions, and impersonations. Some extremely talented comedians have this rising sign in their natal chart!

However, keep in mind that these are merely potentials for how the 1st house Gemini Ascendant may manifest. We always need to take into account the whole chart, the Gemini ascendant lord placement (in this case it is Mercury), and of course – the free will of the native. For example, if Mercury is placed in a fixed sign, all of these traits may be softened down to a great extent!

The Typical Gemini Rising Woman Personality

If you expect the woman of you heart to be tied to the kitchen stove, you are in for an unpleasant surprise! This wild creature is probably one of the most cheerful, positive, charismatic, and playful people you may cross paths with! The Gemini rising woman may always look like a small child who simply refuses to grow up and behave like a mature woman! If that’s something that appeals to you, then you are definitely going to love spending time with her! The Gemini Ascendant woman is a gal who loves travelling, meeting with friends, and talking on the phone for hours! This is the type of girl who would change her looks on a whim and you may never know what’s going to pop into her fast-paced mind next! Bright pink hair dye? A 70’s style dress code? Why not?! If there’s anything that scares her most is boredom and predictability! To the Twins Ascendant female, life is about fun activities, experiencing joy and wonder, gathering memories, and diversity in its every aspect! This doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t be a good partner, a wife or a mom, but there always have to be some form of escape from the boring everyday routines every now and then!

The 1st House in Gemini Man

Keep in mind that all of the typical characteristics of the Twins may be exhibited by both men and women. I think that the main reason why we can see some differences in the genders is because of the societal norms and the way we were brought up when we were children. So, in that sense, the typical Gemini rising man has the potential to manifest the traits of the third astrological sign very similarly as the female representatives of this Ascendant.

However, since in most cultures it is still a bit more acceptable for men to be more comfortable having more relationships then women, we can safely say that the first house in Gemini man would definitely be much more flirtatious. If the saying “Women fall in love with their ears” is true, then it is only logical for males with this Ascendant to be quite popular among the opposite sex! Gemini is definitely a very charismatic sign, but it is also an excellent communicator and a story-teller! So, these guys can talk themselves into or out of any situation! And again, if you wish to find a man who can add a ton of excitement, fun experiences, and joy into your life, you are in the right place! Remember that the third sign in astrology is the symbol of the ever-youthful playful kid that simply refuses to become like all the other boring adults who stopped enjoying life! On the negative side, though, these boys, more than any other rising sign, may be the epitome of the Peter Pan Syndrome – making their life about pleasure and fun, rather than taking responsibilities and commitments.

On the bright side, I need to mention that the Gemini Ascendant man is without a doubt one of the most talented salesmen in the zodiac! He possesses an unparalleled ability to communicate and adapt to the interlocutor, so that he gets his ideas across! 

The Typical Gemini in First House Physical Appearance

Before we begin, let’s get an important disclaimer out of the way! Our Ascendant truly plays a huge role in determining some key physical features in our bodies. However, this is merely just one of the significators for our looks according to astrology! There are a ton of other important details to look at as well. So, keep this in mind and note that some of the characteristics described here may not necessarily apply to you personally!

OK, let’s get to it!

I think that one of the signature features of the third sign in the zodiac is their hands! After all, Gemini and Mercury are associated with these parts of our bodies. That is why most representatives of this Sun sign and this Ascendant are extremely dexterous and agile! So, the typical Mercurial hands are quite delicate and slim. Even males with this rising sign may have unusually delicate palms. Here’s something funny about this part of the Gemini Ascendant appearance! As you may remember, the third sign in astrology and its ruling planet Mercury are associated with thieves and tricksters. Well, you can’t be a talented pickpocket if you have large paw-like clumsy hands, right? 😀

One common telltale sign of the Gemini in the first house physical appearance is that they are not only quite talkative, but they often make hand gestures when they speak.

Another very peculiar feature of the Gemini rising appearance is that it has something interesting about it you can’t quite put your finger on it. Sometimes it looks as if their looks change, and you might get an eerie feeling that you are looking at a completely different person altogether. This may manifest as the Twin Ascendant guy or gal actually frequently changing their appearance – their hair style and dress code. But sometimes it looks as if nothing major had changed but you are still looking at a different person. It is something quite bizarre that you just have to experience yourself first-hand.

Since the third sign in the zodiac is mutable and their ruling planet is one of the fastest ones in the Solar system, you can often find the representatives of this rising sign to look quite anxious, restless, fidgeting, not being able to sit still, and more often than not – they are usually glued to their favorite communication device (oh, and they may very well have more than one at all times!). You will also find them to do more than one thing at the same time! And the even more intriguing side of their mutable nature – their bodies may be extremely flexible!

This mutable nature of the 3rd sign allows people with this Ascendant to easily burn the energy they consume. If such a person starts to gain a lot of weight, it may be a sign of stagnation and not enough movement and excitement in their life. But again, the whole chart has to be analyzed to get the full picture!

Another interesting and funny feature of the Twin Ascendant is described by two of my most favorite astrologers Marion March and Joan McEvers. According to them and their long-lasting careers in astrology, one of the signature physical traits of the Gemini rising sign is their pointy nose (a little similar to the Arian one). It goes without saying why they think Pinocchio was probably born under the sign of the Twins. 😀

And lastly, the good news! Actually, the best news! Since Gemini is the true symbol of the ever-youthful kid, the typical representatives of this rising sign usually look way younger than their peers. I guess our bodies have the ability to reflect the youthfulness of our spirit! And the Twins are definitely an excellent example how to enjoy life to the fullest no matter the age you are at. And that’s something we can all learn from them!

The Best Gemini Rising Compatibility

Before we get to this juicy section of the article I would like to make an important note. Compatibility according to astrology is an extremely intricate process and there is a whole branch of this ancient system that deals with this area of our lives called Synastry. What I mean to say is that determining the best and most harmonic relationships is not as simple as mainstream media portrays it to be. “Oh, I am a Capricorn and he is a Pisces, so we are not a good match!”. Even if we take into account the rising signs (which may be considered a much more important part of the compatibility analysis than the Sun signs), we would still be far away from making a conclusive statement whether that relationship would be harmonic and long-lasting or not.

Now that we got this disclaimer out of the way, let’s see what assumptions we can make about the ideal Gemini Ascendant life partner based solely on the rising sign!

As I mentioned previously, the rising sign has a bit more weight when it comes to analyzing the potential for relationships in astrology. And the simple reason for this is that at exactly 180 degrees from the Ascendant lies the cusp of the house of relationships (the 7th). In this case it would be in Sagittarius. This information alone can give us a rather good understanding what the Gemini Ascendant person might be looking for in a marriage or a business partnership! However, keep in mind that the seventh house will be the sole focus of future blog posts, so keep your eyes and ears peeled by signing up to our newsletter to get all the updates!

So, what can we say about this astrological placement? When the sign of the Archer is at the cusp of the house of relationships, the native would most likely be looking for a partner who shares their philosophical views and values. That person must be very open-minded, well-educated, and sophisticated. I think that the Twins Ascendant person more than any other rising sign has the natural inclination towards an open marriage or out of the box kind of relationships. That person definitely needs a lot of space and personal freedom, so a potential partner who is rather clingy, possessive, jealous or too conservative might not be the best fit. Another huge challenge for this placement is the tendency of Sagittarius to search for the ideal person. That ideal may not actually exist because the vision of perfection we have in our minds often does not match reality. This usually manifests as the Gemini rising person idealizing their potential partners from a distance but as soon as things become real, they quickly lose interest because that partner is no longer ideal. In everyday life we quickly realize that everyone has their flaws, shortcomings, and peculiarities. Another potential for this rising sign is finding their life partner (or more often than not, multiple partners) in a different country or from a different ethnicity or a different religious background. Of course, I remind you that the whole chart has to be analyzed! The placements of Jupiter and Venus would play an important role in this process!

So, now let’s see what astrological placements of the potential partners might have for a harmonic and stable relationship! Obviously, a person having a lot of planets and luminaries (especially the personal ones – the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars) in this seventh house in Sagittarius would be a great foundation! However, keep in mind that the signs and the houses in the natal chart usually have different sizes. So, even if these planets are in Capricorn, they might still be in the 7th house of the Gemini Ascendant person! Moreover, if these planets are in the sixth house but they make a conjunction with the 7th house cusp, this might also be extremely beneficial for the relationship!

That is why I said that the Synastry analysis is quite intricate and you do need an accurate composite chart calculated!

Now, based on the Twins rising placement we can also make a few more suggestions! Compatibility based on similarities is also an excellent approach to finding harmonic relationships. This would mean that people with a lot of planets and luminaries in their third house might be a good match. That is because the Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house and that person will have a similar personality. So, both people will share similar world views and values! Logically, someone with a strong Gemini dominance in their chart might also be extremely compatible! However, I do wish to point out that the dynamics of the relationship would be different if these planets are located in the first house (including a conjunction with the 1st house cusp in Gemini) or the twelfth house. In the first case, the potential partner will further boost and strengthen the personality traits of the Twins rising person. Alternatively, in the second scenario, the partner may play a huge role in bringing up some uncomfortable unconscious fears and tendencies to the conscious awareness of the Gemini Ascendant person. Keep that in mind when interacting with such people. Your level of awareness will help you turn these situations to your greatest advantage and benefit. Because here’s the thing – the 12th house in astrology is the house of our fears, deep unconscious tendencies, suffering, and everything that we wish to sweep under the rug. But it is also the house of our greatest inner strength and the personal power and resilience we don’t even know we possess. The defining factor between these two is usually our free will and our awareness. So, such a partner may bring to light some uncomfortable stuff, but this might also become a huge opportunity for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Alrighty! I hope that was interesting! I remind you, though, that the twelfth house and the topic of Synastry will be covered in more details later in the blog. So, make sure you don’t miss them out!

The 1st House in Gemini in Karmic Astrology

Did you know that our Ascendant may also be interpreted as the doorway to our past lives? At least that is why many Karmic astrologers say. I personally have found that there might be a lot of truth in their statements. So, that is why I wanted to share with your some very juicy information on this topic, and you can decide for yourself!

Here in this chapter I will share what I have learned from one of the most renowned authors in the area of Karmic Astrology – Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont. In her work “L’astrologie karmique” she states that just by looking at the sign at the cusp of the first house we can make some assumptions about some possible past lives of that individual. Of course, keep in mind that the Ascendant is just one small part of the whole Karmic astrology chart analysis.

However, if you are curious about this topic, keep reading! Here’s what de Bizemont says about the Gemini rising person. So, having your first house cusp in the sign of the Twins might mean that you have spent many lifetimes under the influence of the Taurus. This might be especially true if the cusp of your last astrological house is in the sign of the Bull. So, these people might be extremely hard-working, possessive, and absorbed by the idea of accumulating wealth and assets. If that’s the case, these might be remnants of their past lives dedicated to cultivating the characteristic of Taurus (both positive and negative). Hence, in this incarnation they are born with a Gemini Ascendant to start moving away from the materialistic nature of the Bull, and learn the lessons of adaptability, the significance of our intellect, diversity, and the joy of having all kinds of fun experiences in life. Hey, keep in mind that the mystical world of Karmic Astrology will be covered in great details later on in the blog! So, I remind you to keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

Popular Gemini Rising Celebrities

It is always fun and interesting to check some prominent public figures with the same astrological placements and to see how they played out in their lives. This might be extremely valuable and beneficial to us to understand what’s possible. Let’s take a look at what I found!

Musicians – Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, Ricky Martin, Machine Gun Kelly, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Dre, Mandy Moore, Billy Idol, and more.

Actors – Kristen Stewart, Will Smith, Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Sheen, and more.

Politicians – François Hollande, Kamala Harris, Mitt Romney, Tony Blair, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and more.

It is interesting to point out that many of these political figures have their Medium Coeli in the sign of the Water Bearer which is tightly associated with politics and democracy. The adaptability of the Gemini sign is also extremely handy when dealing with such an important career path. However, I wish to point out that in the case of Volodymyr Zelenskyy we can see the ultimate Gemini archetype! This is a person who definitely shows two extremely different faces to the world! The face of the talented comedian (comedy is also right in the ally of the third sign in astrology), and the face of the serious political leader who expresses the potential for being of service to your country of his MC in Aquarius. He is definitely one of my top examples of the combination between the Gemini Ascendant and Aquarius Midheaven!

Athletes – LeBron James, Ronda Rousey, Steffi Graf, Sergio Ramos, and more.

The agile, fast-moving, and dexterous nature of the Twins sign is definitely quite useful in professional sports!

Authors – Virginia Woolf, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Neil Gaiman, and more.

The unparalleled talent of Gemini for using all kinds of communication media (including writing) is perfectly portrayed by these ultra successful authors! Their in-born knack for hypnotizing story-telling is the main reason why we can see a great deal of writers with this rising sign! And I wish to point out again how this Gemini Ascendant and Aquarius Medium Coeli combination might manifest!  The sign of the Water Bearer is associated with technology and futurism, and I think that Jules Verne is the perfect example how the writing talent of the Twins can be employed to portray these Aquarian topics!

Computer science specialists – Edward Snowden, Alan Turing, and more.

This is another area where the unmatched intelligence of the Gemini Ascendant and the love for technology of the Aquarius MC shine the brightest!

Other interesting 1st house in Gemini Celebrities


I think RuPaul is probably one of the best examples of the Gemini Ascendant! Previously, I mentioned how the third rising sign in astrology has a natural tendency to change their appearance and to possess certain chameleonic and shapeshifting characteristics. So, here’s a quote by RuPaul on how other people see them: “Drag says ‘I’m a shapeshifter, I do whatever the hell I want at any given time’.”

And here’s another quote describing their perspective on marriage and relationships: “I wouldn’t want to put restraints on the person I love the most on this planet.”. Well, that perfectly sums up what we have talked about in the chapter on compatibility, doesn’t it?

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one of my most favorite TV personalities who perfectly portrays the archetype of the third sign in astrology! She is extremely intelligent and smart, she is an amazingly talented writer and a screenwriter in particular, and she is an awesome comedian, and all of this comes to show how having several careers simultaneously looks so easy and effortless for the sharp-minded and quick Gemini Ascendant! Kudos, Mindy!

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey is one of the best examples of the god-like level of dexterity that the Gemini rising sign possesses! It is also interesting to note the signature two-facedness of this Ascendant. I think many people have noticed that Gordon has this unique ability to be extremely demanding and even harsh to the contestants in Hell’s Kitchen while being super kind, nurturing, and supportive of the cute kids in the MasterChef Junior cooking show. And I don’t think this is an act. Gordon Ramsey has a stellium in Scorpio in the sixth house (associated with Virgo) which comes to show his intense nature and a strong desire for getting really deep into his craft. Moreover, he also has 4 planets in Virgo itself in the fifth house of creativity. So, we can safely say that this person takes his work quite seriously! He is the absolute example of perfectionism, attention to details, spotless hygiene, unmatched work ethic, and logical and algorithmic type of creativity. This is why no-one can match his expectations in the kitchen! However, since he has so many planets in the fifth house (associated with children), he has that in-born sensitivity to have a completely different approach to kids and their young impressionable minds. People with dominance in the 5th house are extremely caring, nurturing, and protective of their loved ones, especially children. There you have it! The two sides of Gordon Ramsey! 🙂

Here are some more intriguing famous people with this rising sign worth mentioning: Bar Refaeli, Bhagwan Shree Osho Rajneesh, Neil Armstrong, and Jose Silva.

Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 2

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I often recommend this book series. Well, I usually include volume 1 since it contains the absolute fundaments of the natal chart analysis. And if you need to get a handle of the ABC of astrology, do not hesitate to grab the first book of the series as well. However, for the purpose of understanding more about your Gemini Ascendant, I think volume 2 would be much more suitable.

It contains detailed descriptions of the meaning of all the signs at the cusps of all the 12 astrological houses. This means that you can learn more about having the Twins sign at the cusp of your fist house, as well as having Sagittarius at the cusp of the house of relationships and how that affects your potential for creating partnerships! And that’s just one part of the book! This volume contains a great deal of details on the art of birth chart interpretation, and you will be delighted to find so much more about the immense potential your horoscope holds! If you have heard the statement that we are so much more than our Sun sign, this book will definitely show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology volume 3

You probably noticed that in this article I have stated multiple times that the placement of the ruling planet Jupiter is just as important when analyzing the personality of this rising sign. This planet or luminary is called “the chart ruler” and as the name suggests, it is an extremely essential part of the birth chart interpretation process. That is why my next book suggestion is volume 3 of this astrology series which deals with this topic with great details.

But keep in mind that the book will not only show you the meaning of your first house lord’s placement, it will reveal the description of all house rulers for that matter! That is why this volume is soooo important! And that’s not all either! At the end of the book you will find some super intriguing parts of the analysis process – your potential for finding your best career path and professional field, forging harmonic and beneficial relationships, and how to look for physical traits according to astrology! Happy reading!


Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

As you could see the Ascendant plays a huge role in our ability to create and maintain relationships, both intimate and business ones. So, if this branch of astrology interests you (called Synastry), I would definitely recommend getting this volume by one of the most popular astrologers of all time Linda Goodman. This book will give you a ton of information about all the 12 rising signs divided by genders.

So, you will not only have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, but you can also take a peek at any person near and dear to your heart or any potential partner. However, the meaty part of this book is the large section on aspects – it contains detailed descriptions of all the major mutual planetary aspects in Synastry! This info may be the key to finding whether any partnership may be harmonic and long-lasting or not. I do need to warn you, though – the explanation on how to calculate the composite chart is way off. So, I would encourage you to use reliable astrology software or an app that would give you the accurate data.


Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

Finally, I simply cannot miss this masterpiece by the same renowned author – Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. What I really like about this author in particular is her ability to flawlessly describe the archetypal traits of each zodiac sign to a tee! This is where her unmatched talent as an astrologer shines bright, in my opinion, of course!

But what does that have to do with your Gemini Ascendant? Well, as you may have gathered from the previous chapters in this article – to fully analyze the characteristics of this rising sign all we need to do is take the typical traits of the third sign and apply them to the area of the first house. In other words, the more you learn about the Twins sign in astrology, the more you will understand how other people see you and how you want to be perceived as (the domain of the 1st house). And as I said previously, I haven’t found a better astrologer who managed to pinpoint the essence of the zodiac signs in such great details and with such jaw-dropping accuracy! So, if you are even a little bit interested in astrology, I think that this book is a definite must-read as probably the best foundation piece we have to this day!


Alrighty! That’s all I have for you today on this topic! I hope it was helpful and illuminating. And if you wish to learn more about yourself and your immense potential for professional and career success, definitely take a look at the article down below! Most people with the Twins at the cusp of their first house have their Medium Coeli in Pisces. If that’s the case with you too, then feel free to check this out!

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Happy reading and I wish you lots of success and fulfilment!

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