19+ UNMATCHED Lucky Scorpio Crystals for Love, Strength, and Inner Peace

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19+ UNMATCHED Lucky Scorpio Crystals for Love, Strength, and Inner Peace (Best Scorpio Birthstones)



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Which is The Best Stone for Scorpio?
Other Lucky Scorpio Gemstones and Crystals
The Best Stones for Scorpio Woman
The Best Crystals for Scorpio Man
Which is the Worst Crystal for Scorpio?
Scorpio Crystal Jewelry
The Best Scorpio Crystal Sets
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It is time to pay some special attention to the awesome representatives of the eighth sign in the zodiac wheel – Scorpio! As you will find out later in this article, these powerful beings might look cool and unbothered on the outside, but, oh boy, how they can be true boiling volcanoes on the inside! So, they definitely need a lot of tender love and care, and I hope that with the help of these magical shiny crystals they can achieve their so desired inner peace and harmony!

OK! If you were born between 23rd October and 21st November, keep your eyes peeled because here we will take a deep look at some of the most auspicious and luckiest Scorpio birthstones for love, happiness, joy, balance, success, and abundance! Alternatively, if you have a special Scorpion near and dear to your heart, you can use this post as a source of gift ideas to surprise them for their next big day – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, graduation celebration, Father’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, you name it!

And for that purpose, you will also find some awesome suggestions for Scorpio crystal jewelry pieces and crystals sets that might be ideal as presents too! Oh, and before I forget! If you don’t want to forget grabbing a gift for any special loved one, feel free to sign up for our newsletter where you can receive nifty reminders for the start of each zodiac season and some practical gift suggestions for every astrological sign!

Alrighty! Let’s get to the meaty part of this article! I know you came here for this! 🙂

Which is The Best Stone for Scorpio?

There are certainly lots of auspicious Scorpio stones and crystals that harmonize with and balance the intense energy of the Scorpion! Mother Nature never lets us down! However, if I have to pick just one, it would be this one:


What a better gemstone for the badasses of the zodiac than the kickass Bloodstone crystal? I think this is the best stone that would harmonize with the powerful energy of the Scorpio and would have tremendous benefits for both the male and female representatives of the sign. Bloodstone is a type of crystal which is associated with the lower chakras where the Scorpion is king!

The stone is able to add a massive boost to our confidence, courage, personal strength, resilience, and stamina. Moreover, since the crystal is also connected to the Sacral chakra (the actual domain of the Scorpio sign), women can use Bloodstone for the purpose of having easer childbirth, and to possess the strength and courage to go through this challenging process with flying colors!


Other Lucky Scorpio Gemstones and Crystals

Now, let’s dive deep into the mystical waters of the 8th sign in astrology and see what else can be beneficial to these powerful beings! Here you will find answers to your burning questions like “Which is a better Scorpio birthstone Topaz or Citrine?”,Which is the best November Scorpio birthstone?”, “Hey! Not all Scorpions are born in November! What about the best October Scorpio crystal?”, etc. Let’s not wait a second longer and get to it!

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is considered to be an extremely powerful gem that not everyone can handle. But what may be difficult to a more delicate and sensitive person might be a piece of cake for the Scorpio. And they also do love challenges! So, the enormous energy of this gemstone could be extremely beneficial to the mystical eighth astrological sign.

And just like Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye can be their best ally when dealing with inner insecurities and lack of confidence. Well, let’s be honest, no matter how strong they look on the outside, Scorpios do have their soft spots. So, every now and then they also need some confidence and self-esteem boost, emotional support, courage, etc. This is where Tiger’s Eye shines bright!


Red Jasper

Red Jasper is probably one of the best crystals for the eighth astrological sign! And we can make this simple conclusion just by taking into account the signature Scorpio birthstone color – red. If you are wondering what the connection between this fiery tint and the watery sign of the Scorpion is, here’s the secret! The co-ruling planet of the 8th Sun sign is Mars, and this used to be the sole lord of Scorpio until 1930 when Pluto was discovered.

Now, back to Red Jasper! This deep-red crystal follows the trajectory we have established with the Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye – Scorpio stones connected to the lower chakras of our energetic bodies. What that means is that Red Jasper is another great choice for a gem if you need to enhance your personal power and energy, add more vitality, and zest for life. This beautiful birthstone is also excellent for grounding practices as well as manifesting rituals for materializing your soul’s wishes more easily! That is why you can find this stone included in the Dancing Bear crystal set for Scorpio, specially designed for wish-making rites!



Speaking of manifesting rituals, let me introduce you to one of the best stones for this purpose which also harmonies with the powerful energy of Scorpio – Amazonite! Although the Scorpion is usually associated with intimacy and reproduction (the area of the Sacral chakra), it is also an extremely spiritual sign! Well, after all, every watery sign has this immense potential for spirituality, and the 8th sign in the zodiac is no exception!

So, on a deep sub-conscious level Scorpios understand that life is about balance, and being heart-centered is one of the best forms of spiritual equilibrium we can achieve. That is why I would definitely suggest adding a piece of Amazonite to your spiritual practices. The gem is often called “The Hope Stone” and it is associated with the Heart and the Throat chakras and it helps us achieve and manifest our goals more easily. But here’s the catch! Amazonite propels the process of materialization only to those wishes that come from the heart and are in harmony with our life’s mission!


Amber Calcite

No matter how invincible Scorpios look on the outside with their god-like level of pokerfacedness (is that a word?), they may very well be true boiling volcanoes on the inside. If you have been wondering why the planetary lord of Scorpio, Pluto, is the natural ruler of all volcanoes, this is the reason why! Well, after all, the 8th sign in astrology is a watery sign, and having deep and all-consuming emotions is native to the Scorpion.

So, how do we balance this? There are many ways and tools we can use to manage and process such intense emotions, but as far as crystals go, Amber Calcite is one of the top choices! It is often called “The Stone of the Mind” because it is believed to help us with making better decisions by calming the nervous system and getting us to the state of cool-headedness and emotional sobriety! The great piece of advice to not make any emotional decisions should be the motto of all watery signs!



Scorpio is definitely a true badass possessing a lot of personal power and natural resilience. It is the sign of renovation and regeneration, and the typical representatives usually have the unmatched ability to recover and bounce back from any hardship. But why do you think they were given this ability? It is because Scorpio is also a quite challenging sign – it is also associated with the process of transformation on every level you can think of.

And although this word is considered quite positive, the process of change is often very hard and even painful. That is why even the strongest and most resilient representatives of this sign need a little moral and emotional support every now and then when you-know-what starts to hit the fan! This is where Fuchsite is indispensable! This is the crystal that I like to call “The Getting Unstuck Stone”. So, if you are in a dire situation when you feel you need some energetic and mystical pick-me-up, this birthstone might help!



Okey dokey! Let’s get back to the domain of the eighth sign in the zodiac wheel – the Sacral! As you could see in my precious crystal suggestion, it is not always all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns being a Scorpio! This mighty Sun sign does need help and support from time to time and Carnelian is another great choice for this purpose. Just like the other fiery-red gems, this one is also connected to the lower two energetic points and it helps with confidence, courage, and grounding.

However, this crystal in particular has an added bonus! It is often called “The Singer’s Stone” or “The Artist’s Stone” and it is believed to help us when dealing with stage fright and with all kinds of fears and insecurities when performing or speaking in front of a crowd. And let me tell you how immensely talented Scorpions are, especially when it comes to music (because music is associated with the element of water)!  Moreover, the 8th is the sign of secrets and very often they prefer to heavily guard their personal life no matter what! Sometimes this creates challenges when they need to express their powerful emotionality through music (or other types of art) in front of other people. This is where Carnelian might be of great help!


Clear Quartz

As I have said in pretty much every article dedicated to crystals, Clear Quartz is the absolute safest bet when choosing a suitable stone! Its neutral color suggests that we cannot associate this gem with a particular sign or a chakra – it may harmonize and be beneficial to everyone! However, Scorpios might be particularly interested in this gem for one main reason – the tight connection between Scorpio and the realm of esoteric knowledge and spirituality.

The typical representatives of the Scorpion are usually interested in some form of mystical or even magical practices, such as manifesting rituals, for instance. And a lot of these rites usually include a form of energy purification of the area, the so called “act of creating sacred space”. This is where Crystal Quartz is unmatched! Its white translucent tint is a powerful hint of the beneficial properties of this crystal – its ability to cleanse and purify the area it is placed in. That is why this powerful Scorpio birthstone is also part of the aforementioned manifesting crystal set by Dancing Bear!



Speaking of spirituality we cannot skip one of the top crystals in this realm – the Amethyst. It is also another gemstone staple in the area of mystical sacred rituals for materializing your wishes more easily using our in-born intuitive skills (Amethyst is associated with the third-eye chakra).  Oh, as a side note, I want to share something cool! The Amethyst stone is actually the birthstone of Aquarius – the natural ruler of the 11th house in astrology.

This house is also the area of our natal charts that is associated with our goals and dreams come true. That is why this gem is often included in all kinds of wish-making rituals! But this is not the only reason why I included this gem here in this list! The superpower of this purple stone is calming our bodies and minds which allows us to tap into our intuition. And there are no better signs that possess more powerful intuitive abilities than the watery signs. Moreover, Amethyst is also called “The Natural Tranquilizer” and it can be Scorpios’ best ally when dealing with their intense emotionality!



Since most representatives of the 8th zodiac sign are born in the eleventh month of the calendar year, we need to pay some special attention to those mighty creatures! So, if you are searching for a November  Scorpio birthstone, this is what you are looking for! Citrine is associated with the Solar plexus chakra (as its bright citrusy color suggests) and it gives Scorpios the ability to be much more creative, imaginative, confident, joyous, and assertive.

I think this is a wonderful gem for the 8th sign since it gives them that potential to bring their unmatched powerful energy from the lower two chakras of the energetic system to a higher level! After all, this is one of the main purposes of this awesome zodiac sign – transformation and spiritual growth. If Scorpios succeed in this quest they become the high-frequency version of this sign – the Eagle. I think that Citrine might be this positive energetic push for the Scorpions to become the best versions of themselves. And as an added bonus, this lemony colored gem might also add some fresh cash to their accounts! Citrine is known as “The Merchant stone” and it is believed to have a positive impact on our financial status. And let’s not forget that the 8th sign is also associated with other people’s money. They are amongst the best most talented bankers, investors, and insurance specialists!


Black Obsidian

I know that red is probably the most auspicious color for the Scorpio sign, but I definitely think that they prefer the other tint associated with the sign – black. After all, the Scorpion is one of the signs related to secrets, and what a better way to hide something from other people’s curious eyes – you “keep them in the dark”!

That is why Black Obsidian is my next recommendation for a Scorpio birthstone that would not only be super beneficial to them, but I am sure they would love the intense dark color of the stone as well! This black gemstone is a powerful grounding crystal that also has the potential to cleanse the area or your energetic body and to guard it against any malicious influence – both intentional and unintentional. This is without a doubt one of the best protection stones for Scorpios!


Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite (as the color suggests) is a wonderful gemstone associated with the Heart chakra.  Hence, it is a powerful crystal to use for the purpose of maintaining a healthy balance between the lower and the higher chakras in the energetic body. And the intense emotional nature of the Scorpio causes them to often get out of whack. Let’s not forget that the dark side of this powerful zodiac sign is their in-born inclination towards vengeance and hurtful sarcasm.

Green Fluorite can help them heal their broken hearts and get them that sense of inner peace which would allow them to get to the point of forgiveness more easily. As I mentioned previously, the 8th sign is the symbol of rebirth and spiritual transformation. And there is no better way to achieve this then by following you heart and acting out of love, compassion, and understanding (and ultimately turning into the mighty Eagle I mentioned previously!). And that’s not all! Green Fluorite is also known as “The Genius Stone” and it might be a powerful helper for the Scorpions to get in touch with their intuition and to make better decisions in life – based on divine guidance rather than vengeful emotions out of hurt and pain!



Labradorite is another great Scorpio crystal to soothe the mental and emotional systems of these bubbling volcanoes! This gemstone is very useful for the purpose of calming the mind and relieving the mental pressure accumulated during the day. And for the intense and demanding nature of the Scorpion this is extremely important and even vital for their wellbeing.

They are not the kind of people who would simply dabble in any area of life. Oh, they go all in! This is the sign that is related to the processes of deep and thorough search and research, and trust me on this – this takes a lot of energy and effort on their part. So, using a piece of Labradorite might be of great help!


Smokey Quartz

While we are on the topic of mental pressure and the immense amounts of mental energy any Scorpio needs to spend on a daily basis, I wish to point out one spiritual practice that is extremely beneficial in such cases – grounding. The process of grounding activates the Root chakra and it keeps us firmly balanced and connected to the unlimited sources and support from Mother Nature.

This is extremely vital and useful for those who spend a lot of time doing mental work or anything related to the higher chakra points, such as the Third eye and the Crown. These activities may be as simple as regular visualizing or meditating. Afterwards, it is best to maintain a healthy balance of the whole energetic system by grounding our bodies through various exercises. So, in addition to these activities feel free to also include a piece of Smokey Quart to help you out in this process. This Scorpio birthstone is believed to be excellent for the purposes of energy protection against all kinds of negativity, increasing our vibrational signature, cleansing the environment, as well as creating sacred space!



Sodalite is a great crystal for the representatives of the mystical eighth sign in astrology, and here’s why! First of all, this gem is said to help us improve and boost our intuition, something that this watery sign is usually deeply interested in. Second of all, Sodalite is awesome for the purpose of calming the mind and getting to this relaxed and peaceful state of mind when we can make wiser and better decisions.

This is quite useful for the deeply emotional Scorpios who may sometimes fall victims of their intense sensations and pain. And lastly, this gem is also useful for improving our communication skills. And this is where Scorpios can really use a hand. One of the weak spots and the shadowy side of this zodiac sign is its inclination to be sarcastic and spiteful. And it is not because they are malevolent or want to hurt people with their words, but because of the emotional pain they may feel at that moment. And when you try your best to look cool and undisturbed on the outside, it is quite difficult to express your suffering in a constructive way by showing your vulnerability. I think this is where Sodalite can truly help them cultivate the wisdom to communicate better – what to say, how to say it, and when it’s probably best to remain silent.


Rose Quartz

I think we can all agree that Scorpio is one of the most badass zodiac signs in astrology. They possess so much inner strength, resilience, and ability to recover that it is almost frightening! Even the female representatives of the Scorpion may look as if they have bigger b***s then most men. All jokes aside, being perceived as a strong and capable person has its downsides sometimes. People may forget that you are a living, breathing, sensitive person who needs some tender love and care from time to time, especially women.

So, this is why I think Rose Quartz can be an excellent Scorpio gem for the female representatives of the sign. Dear Scorpio gentlemen, don’t feel excluded and feel free to also take advantage of this crystal. However, I am pretty sure that even making the slightest hint of you not looking masculine enough (you know, by wearing a pink crystal 😀 ) may be a huge transgression on my part. So, I am not taking any chances! Now, back to the awesome benefits of Rose Quartz! This luscious gentle pinkish crystal is the ultimate symbol of femininity and it is associated with everything connected to the female energy! It is also a wonderful gem for balancing the heart chakra and managing all kinds of issues in this area. These might be heartaches because of a bad break-up or infidelity, not being able to express your affection, not receiving love and not feeling loved, not loving yourself, etc. And let me tell you that these problems might be felt so deep by the intense emotionality of the Scorpio, no matter how cool they may seem on the outside.



Oh yeah, let’s get back to the fiery side of the Scorpion! I know, I know, it is a watery sign! But remember that the co-ruler of the sign (and the sole ruling planet up until 1930) is the fiery Mars! Moreover, the eighth astrological sign is the symbol or transformation and rebirth, and we all know the myth of the Phoenix, right? Previously I briefly mentioned that the highest vibrational version of the Scorpion is called the Eagle, but let me add that some astrologers actually use the symbol of the fiery Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

OK, enough mythology! The reason why I make this clarification is because Pyrite literally comes from the Greek word “fire” (pyr), and I needed to explain how the element of fire is connected to the watery nature of the Scorpion. So, previous I mentioned that the representatives of the 8th sign in the zodiac are not exactly the type of people who would go and share their problems and emotional suffering with others. They always need to look strong, reliable, and capable to other people. Unfortunately, they are also not immune to pain and bottling their feelings is definitely not a good idea. This is where Pyrite may be of great help. This crystal is associated with the Solar plexus and the Sacral chakras and it can give us a tremendous boost in our personal power, inner strength, confidence, and resilience. This might be extremely helpful for Scorpio to withstand the turmoil and challenges of the transformation process (which is often quite difficult and even painful).



Phew! Let’s get back to calm and peace, shall we? No matter how resilient and strong Scorpios are, they do need time and energy to recover emotionally, mentally, and physically to any challenge life throws at them. And they definitely need to have some form of self-care routine to keep them balanced and in a top shape. That is why I think Howlite (or White Howlite) can be a great addition to their daily practices. The stone is excellent for soothing the mental pressure and getting to a new level of inner peace and serenity. This is a perfect Scorpio birthstone to include in your regular meditation, visualization, yoga, etc. routines!


Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx is a wonderful stone for the true representatives of the 8th sign! Its blue color hints that it is connected to the Throat chakra and our ability to communicate better. And as I said previously, the sarcastic side of the Scorpio definitely does not work to their advantage to get their ideas across. But this is not the main reason why I included this gem! What I personally like about Blue Onyx is that it is considered a manifesting gemstone (the throat chakra is the manifesting center of our energetic bodies).

This crystal is a wonderful assistant for all kinds of law of attraction, goal-setting, and wish-making practices! And, oh, how Scorpios love all kinds of esoterical and mystical rituals! After all, this is the sign related to all kinds of hidden knowledge, magic, and spirituality! So, it is not a surprise to me that many Scorpions are indeed interested in all kinds of modern-day witchcrafts!


  1. Topaz

Oh Em Gee! I totally forgot about the October Scorpios! Let’s quickly correct this omission before I unleash their wrath! So, if you are looking for an October Scorpio birthstone, Topaz is your top choice! And since there are several types of this gem with different colors, here we mainly focus on the yellow variety. It is believed to have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing, prosperity, abundance, confidence, and personal power! However, many Scorpions born in October may also harmonize with the Blue Topaz for its connection to their water element. So, you do you, and try to pick the Scorpio crystals and stones that resonate with you, no matter if they are considered lucky or unlucky for the 8th sign. I will talk a lot more on this topic down below in the chapter on the worst crystals for Scorpio. Check it out! Also, I do have some bad news. Real natural topaz is a bit hard to find, at least in large retail stores. Most items you will find there are labeled as “topaz yellow” which means that the gem is different (like Citrine or cut glass, for instance) while the color resembles that of Topaz. This also applies to the jewelry items. So, it might be best to look for a jewelry dealer in your area to be sure it’s genuine.

The Best Stones for Scorpio Woman

Keep in mind that the following division is just an example and a suggestion based on what women usually struggle with as compared to men. If you need to, go back and read the benefits of the crystals and pick the ones that resonate with you or those which might be helpful for the issues or needs you have at the moment. With that being said, these are my suggestions for the best crystals for Scorpio woman: Amazonite, Amber Calcite, Fuchsite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Green Fluorite, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Howlite, and finally one birthstone for Scorpio woman that can make all the difference – Rose Quartz.

The Best Crystals for Scorpio Man

Again, I remind you that I picked those gems that I think might be beneficial for the male representatives of the 8th sign based on what men usually are interested in or struggle with. However, don’t feel pressured to choose only these ones mentioned here. Follow your guts and don’t be embarrassed to pick something like Rose Quartz, for example, if you don’t feel loved and appreciated by women. Or a piece of Amethyst, if you wish to improve your intuitive skills! OK, so, here are my preferences for auspicious Scorpio man stones: Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Black Obsidian, Labradorite, Pyrite, Blue Onyx, Topaz, and probably the best stone for Scorpio man – Citrine (as I mentioned previously in the article, the representatives of the 8th sign in the zodiac are quite the talented and skilled bankers and stock brokers, so… KA-CHING! 😀 )

Which is the Worst Crystal for Scorpio?

OK, we have talked a lot about the best, luckiest, and most auspicious stones for the 8th zodiac sign. However, if you have been asking yourself the question “What crystals should Scorpio avoid?”, listen up closely!

According to Vedic Astrology the planets and luminaries in the Solar system that make our natal chart have certain relationships. In other words, some planets are considered as friendly while others – as enemies. So, here’s the thing! As I mentioned previously, the first ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars (today it is the co-ruler along with Pluto). And according to Vedic Astrology, Mars and Mercury are enemies and don’t work well together. That is why most gemstones connected to this fast-moving planet are considered as bad stones for Scorpio. And one of the most prominent ones is Emerald.

However, I wish to make a disclaimer here! We are so much more than our Sun signs, and there are a lot of moving pieces of our birth charts that make our whole personality. For instance, we need to look at the placements of the personal planets and luminaries (the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury) as well as the Ascendant. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say that you have your Sun in Scorpio (your zodiac sign is Scorpio) but your Ascendant is Gemini or Virgo. This means that your chart ruler (the ruling planet of the rising sign) is Mercury. (Psst! The topic of the Ascendants will be covered in great details on the blog, so make sure you sign for all the juicy updates!) Does that mean that the Emerald stone would be bad for you? Well, it depends. The thing is that you and only you know how any particular crystal affects your energetic system. So, take these suggestions here with a grain of salt, and trust your intuition and personal experiences and sensations! I hope that helps!

Scorpio Crystal Jewelry

One of the best ways to incorporate the awesome beneficial energy of gemstones is through wearing crystal jewelry. Plus, these items can work beautifully as heart-warming gifts for the mighty representatives of the 8th astrological sign for their next big day – a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. We don’t want to disappoint them, right? Here’s what I managed to find in the large commercial jungle of Amazon!

Zodiac Bracelets for Women and Men

If you are looking for a gentle, stylish, and unintrusive Scorpio crystal bracelet, this is definitely a great choice! The accessory consists of three of the most beneficial stones for the Scorpions that can completely transform their mighty energetic system. Sodalite can boost their powerful intuition, Rose Quartz can improve their love life, while Hematite can bring them lots of peace and serenity. The true representatives of the 8th zodiac sign can undergo quite the intensive emotional and spiritual transformation, so they do deserve the extra support!


African Bloodstone Scorpio Crystal Necklace

I think this is a great gift idea for any special Scorpio lady in your life! And this necklace is absolutely exquisite! If you wish to make a heart-warming gesture to the Scorpion queen of your heart, this is definitely a top choice, at least in my book! It not only contains one of the best Scorpio crystals, but you can also choose the material of the wiring yourself, depending on your preferences and needs – Antique Copper, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Black Iron, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Black Niobuim, 14K Gold, and 14K Rose Gold.


FANCIME Birthstone Moon and Star Pendant

Looking for something special for a November Scorpio? Look no further! This is a beautiful and elegant star- and moon-shaped necklace with one of the best gems for the representatives of the eighth astrological sign – Citrine. Well, keep in mind that it might be more suitable to the Scorpions born in November, but it can be an absolute god-send for the October ones as well, as long as they love wearing Sun-colored jewelry! And you don’t have to worry about any adverse side effects! The chain is made of 925 sterling silver, and the manufacturer assures us that all the materials are lead free, nickel free and hypoallergenic!


Softones Constellations Lava Rock Aromatherapy Bracelet for Men and Women

And finally, here is another great and cute Scorpio birthstone bracelet that is also extremely practical! The neutral colors make it perfect for both men and women, and also suitable for all styles and color shades of clothing! The lava rock and White Howlite combination is ideal for jeweler that we wear outside around other people since they work as powerful energy guards and cleansers! And that’s not all! The absorbent structure of the lava rock allows it to serve double duty as an essential oil diffuser. So, this is your chance to add that signature Scorpio flower into the mix, and include a bottle of Geranium essential oil in the gift set!


The Best Scorpio Crystal Sets

DANCING BEAR Scorpio Zodiac Crystals Gift Set

Scorpio is the sign in astrology which is deeply connected to all forms of esoteric and mystical knowledge and schools of thought. That is why most representatives of the sign are usually quite intrigued by ideas like the law of attraction and the ability to manifest your desires through sacred rituals and energetic practices. That is why I think that the sign that may be most interested in Dancing Bear’s crystal collections for manifesting is indeed the 8th astrological sign!

The set contains some of the most auspicious and lucky gems for the Scorpions to help them direct their powerful energetic system into making their dreams come true more easilyTiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Amazonite, Amber Calcite, Fuchsite, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz! Keep in mind that there are a ton more nifty items in this set that would make all the difference for their next wish-making ritual!


Scorpio Crystals Gift Set by Aovila

If there is a sign that would appreciate the dark colored gift box, it would be Scorpio! After all, they are some of the most badass people of the whole zodiac! So, if you are looking for something unique and mystical to surprise a dear Scorpion in your life, this is great choice! Or if you are one of these powerful creatures yourself, you can just as well get it as a treat. Scorpios know how to take care of themselves and their emotional needs!

So, here’s what’s inside this set – Amethyst, Citrine, Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Green Fluorite, and Labradorite. If that combination suits you, do not hesitate to grab it ASAP! Oh, and keep in mind that the item comes with a free e-book guide with some cool information about the benefits and care instructions for the crystals!


KARMABOX Scorpio Crystal Stone Gift Set

Oh, I love the purple coloring of this box! Doesn’t it remind you of royalties? Well, we all know that Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac, but, oh, boy how Scorpios love being bosses! And they are good at it! So, if you are looking for a special gift for the true ruler of your heart – that special passionate Scorpion in your life – this is definitely a great choice! The collection contains a different set of gemstones that might be suitable for their powerful nature – Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine.

If these luscious rocks tick all the boxes, grab this set right away! Oh, and what’s intriguing by this item in particular is that you also get a nifty chakra bracelet with crystal beads specifically picked for each of the 7 energetic points in the body! Plus, this jewelry piece can be used as a practical essential oil diffuser to add even more harmony and peace in their daily life (Scorpios hate losing their cool!). And one last thing! Since I mentioned essential oils, keep in mind that the flower associated with the 8th sign is Geranium. Adding a bottle of Geranium essential oil to the set might be an excellent idea. The combination of a Scorpio birthstone and flower could be an awesome surprise!


Rock Paradise Scorpio Zodiac Sign Crystals

The reason why I like including the crystal sets by Rock Paradise is because they always manage to choose such beautiful, bright, and attractive gems that… I don’t know… spark joy in my heart! Just by looking at them I already feel a rush of positivity and optimism! And I secretly hope that Scorpios would have the same reaction. Nevertheless, the collection contains some of the most harmonic gems that may have a positive impact on their energetic system – Pyrite, Sodalite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, White Howlite, and Blue Onyx. Keep in mind that you can find some brief descriptions of the most common benefits of each stone at the bottom of the lid, while the care and charging instructions are at the bottom of the box.


Faivykyd Scorpio Crystal Birthday Gifts Idea

Faivykyd also created an awesome Scorpio crystal set that might be exactly what you are looking for! In my personal opinion, this one in particular can work beautifully as a gift for any male Scorpion who is deeply interested in this esoteric topic. And as we know, the 8th Sun sign is tightly related to the realm of the occult, and any hidden spiritual knowledge (or a system that has been hidden from the majority of the people for many years, and was only accessible to a small circle of elite practitioners, sages, and wise men).

So, we can conclude that we can find men born in the water element involved in such esoteric studies more than any other astrological element. If that’s the case with you, and you wish to surprise a beloved Scorpio, this might be a great choice! The set contains pieces of Amethyst, Citrine, Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Green Fluorite, and Labradorite – some of the most auspicious and lucky stones for the eighth sign in the zodiac!


Recommended Books and Must-Reads

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

If you wish to learn more about the mystical world of crystals and gemstones, this book is a great start! You will get some practical detailed information about 50 of the most common and beneficial crystals you can use in everyday life! There are also some nifty instructions for the best curation practices you can apply to take full advantage of the positive influence of the gems – how to clean them, how to charge them, and to use them as energetic “remedies”. There are also some example crystal “cures” that the author included in the book to give you some ideas what’s possible!


Encyclopedia of Crystals, Revised and Expanded

I like to call Judy Hall “the crystal guru” and I often recommend her books on this topic because I think her knowledge of astrology helped her be more valuable and useful for us all! So, this volume contains 37 of the most intriguing and influential crystals we can get acquainted with and use to our greatest benefit. However, as you can see Mother Nature provided us with such a great variety of gems and stones, that I am pretty sure one lifetime may not be enough to learn them all.

That is why such manuals and textbooks are so precious! Judy Hall supplied with some general guidelines how to associate the crystals with the chakra points and their benefits based on the color of the particular crystal. This alone can be so profoundly useful and practical, that choosing and using precious and semi-precious stones can become so much easier from this point forward!


Crystal Prescriptions: Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection

And finally, I wish to show you something really cool by the same author! This is the connection between crystals and the ancient Chinese system Feng Shui! Feng Shui teaches us how our interaction with the outer space affects our inner world, and how we can change our life by improving the energy flow of our living and working space! This is where gemstones shine bright (pun intended!). According to this ancient system, the beneficial influence of these natural rocks works as “cures” or amplifiers that can drastically ameliorate or upgrade the ambiance of the space! Consequently, this can bring us more harmony, love, luck, success, affection, and more! Happy reading!


Alrighty! I hope you liked this entry dedicated to our beloved powerful Scorpios! If your zodiac sign is not covered yet, do not forget to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when yours will be up! In the meantime, you can check more gift ideas for the Scorpions near and dear to our hearts!

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