{Aim High!} The MYSTICAL Side of Your Midheaven in Sagittarius

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The Best Careers According to Your Midheaven in Sagittarius (10th House in Sagittarius, MC in Sagittarius)



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Table of contents:
The First Step to Uncovering the MC in Sagittarius Meaning
The Best 10th House in Sagittarius Jobs
The Midheaven in Sagittarius Woman Career
The Typical Midheaven in Sagittarius Appearance
The MC in Sagittarius Transits
10th house in Sagittarius Celebrities
Additional Must-Reads

Today we continue our journey into the best career options according to the signs sitting on the cusp of the tenth house in the personal natal chart.

Right after Scorpio, it is time to take a look at what suitable and most satisfactory jobs a person with tenth a house in Sagittarius might choose!

The First Step to Uncovering the MC in Sagittarius Meaning

As you might have seen from the previous articles in this series, the career house will be influenced by the characteristics of the zodiac sign placed on its cusp. In this case, it is the ninth astrological sign of Sagittarius.

So, first, let’s explore the most common positive and negative traits of the 9th sign in the zodiac wheel!

The typical Sagittarius is communicative, straightforward, honest, tolerant, and deeply interested in topics such as education, spirituality, philosophy, world peace, etc. The last fiery sign of the zodiac is usually an extrovert and the biggest optimist in any social gathering, spreading joy and a feeling of carefreeness and positivity.

On the flip side, the Sagittarius people may be too honest lacking tact and sensitivity. This along with being hot-headed is their main flaw when working with other people. Also, they should develop the ability to be more responsible and patient and not act in the heat of the moment.

The Best 10th House in Sagittarius Jobs

Translating these typical characteristics of the ninth astrological sign into the area of the tenth house (career, social status, one of the parents – usually the father), we can make some assumptions for the best career options for people with Medium Coeli in Sagittarius (MC Sagittarius).

For example, Sagittarius in the 10th house natal could be related to any activity connected to education (especially higher education and academics) – a college professor, a lecturer, a scientist in any area of interest, a teacher, etc.

If you are more inclined to work in the fields of philosophy, esoteric knowledge, and religion, you can become a very successful preacher, a religious leader (the fiery signs are excellent at leadership), a spiritual guru, etc. This is especially true if Aquarius or Pisces are at the Ascendant.

Also, keep in mind that the last fiery sign of the zodiac is the symbol of long-distance travel and foreign cultures. So, every type of work which involves travelling, exploring other countries, learning different languages, and stimulating diversity might be a top career choice for those with Sagittarius in the 10th house! Here are a few examples of suitable MC in Sagittarius jobs – a travel agent, an interpreter, international trade expert or a merchant, a missionary, an ambassador, foreign affairs official, etc.

Since the ninth astrological sign is symbolized by the mythical creature centaur, some other suitable Midheaven in Sagittarius careers include anything related to horses and hunting – horse racer, horse trainer, horse riding teacher, even game butcher (especially if there is a strong Taurus in the chart), etc.

Moreover, due to the mutable fast-moving nature of the 9th zodiac sign and its connection to travelling, we can also point out some additional 10th house Sagittarius jobs that include becoming a car racer, an aviator or an explorer.

Finally, this fiery sign is also connected to sports, so becoming any kind of athlete which then leads to becoming a coach or a teacher in this area is also quite possible!

However, keep in mind that there are a lot of moving pieces to interpreting the potential of any natal chart, and there are a ton of details to analyze.

For example, the placement of the 10th house ruling planet (in this case this is Jupiter) would be extremely important, and it could change everything! For instance, let’s say that you have the lord of your Midheaven in Sagittarius 10th house placement. This would mean that most likely Jupiter is located in your house of career and it is on its throne in the sign of the Archer. This could mean that you may have a great deal of luck and excellent opportunities to advance in your career. Also, you may also have the signature ambition, dedication, and discipline to climb up the ladder no matter what professional field you choose!

Another important aspect of the career choosing process according to astrology is whether there are any planets located in your Medium Coeli house. So, for example, if you have a 10th house Sagittarius Pluto placement, this could be an extremely powerful indicator for having a great deal of passion about anything related to your career and social status. It is also possible to undergo a radical transformation in all areas regarding the 10th house – the zero to hero king of change. This placement also indicates being extremely confident, decisive, ambitious, and courageous, especially in the area of chasing success, power, and making your dreams come true. As some of my most favorite astrology teachers say about this Pluto placement – you may be loved or hated, but you will never be ignored! By the way, this means that you were probably born somewhen between 1995 and 2008.

Before we move to the next chapters, I need to briefly touch on one interesting subject when it comes to the MC point in our birth charts – the archetype of the father. So, this important area of our horoscope gives us some intriguing information on our own dad, as well as all authority figures in our life, like teachers and bosses.

So, this means that the 10th house in Sagittarius father may exhibit some of the most typical traits of the ninth zodiac sign, like being quite philosophical, open-minded, religious, and well-educated person. It is also possible that your dad actually travelled frequently or was/is employed in some form of academics and teaching. This is important because in the past we would usually just continue the career path of our fathers. This is the main reason why the 10th house in astrology is both connected to our career as well as our fathers, father figures, and role models.

The Midheaven in Sagittarius Woman Career

When we analyze the potential of the natal chart we should always take into account the world around us – the societal norms, the upbringing, even the legislation in any given country. Unfortunately, even though globally we humans have made some huge changes in terms of equality, there are still some major differences in the career development and jobs we can hold depending on our gender. Even from a purely physical standpoint, we can say that there may be some professions that would be much more suitable to men rather than women. But don’t let these stereotypes stop you from pursuing your dream job, and I would suggest you always follow your intuition and natural inclinations.

However, if we have to make some job suggestions for the MC in Sagittarius woman, I would say that it may be more likely for a female to choose a more feminine type of careers related to the ninth zodiac sign. These might be becoming a yoga or a gymnastics teacher, an interpreter, a tourist agent, a flight attendant, etc. Thankfully, today we can see more and more women getting their feet into the male-dominated Sagittarius careers like becoming a pilot, a university teacher, a church minister, international trade entrepreneurs, explorers, high ranking government officials, etc. So, hopefully in the near future we will see much more gender equality in the area of professional development and social status.

The Typical Midheaven in Sagittarius Appearance

While the MC point is not directly connected to our appearance according to astrology, we can still make a few assumptions based on this placement. And the main reason for this is that our looks may be partially determined by our rising sign.  Since our Ascendant is the cusp of the first house, it also determines the positions of all the remaining eleven houses, including the 10th. What this means is that having your MC in Sagittarius leads to having a few options for a possible rising sign. Here, for the sake of simplicity, I will say just a few words on the two most common ones – Pisces and Aquarius. Keep in mind that the Ascendants are the focus of a special blog series and there I will make a much more detailed description of their typical physical appearance. So, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be notified when your sign will be covered!

Sagittarius Midheaven Pisces Ascendant

I think that the most typical trait of the Pisces sign to me is the gaze. The Pisces Ascendant people (including those with a Pisces dominant in their chart) have quite dreamy eyes where the upper eyelid is usually at the level of the pupil or the outer corners of the eyes may be pointing downwards (Lourdes Leon is a typical example). The rising Pisces people may have a slow and gentle gate as if they are floating on water. Moreover, folks with this placement may also have extremely flexible bodies – you know, water can take any shape.

Sagittarius Midheaven Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is considered to be one of the beautiful and photogenic signs and we can see a lot of celebrities with this astrological placement. What is typical for this sign is that it usually has a quite square-shaped body or face. However, what is most obvious about this Ascendant is that there is always something peculiar and unusual about their looks and especially how they dress and how they carry their hair. The eleventh sing in astrology is the sign of individuality, and people with this rising sign very often express their uniqueness through their clothes and makeup. David Bowie, Nicki Minaj, and Cyndi Lauper are excellent examples of this!

The MC in Sagittarius Transits

If you are in the process of choosing a career path based on your 10th house placement or you wish to change your current professional field, listen up closely! Let’s just first say that the transiting planets through the tenth house do not have an influence on the best job we may be employed in. This is solely based on our natal chart analysis. However, what the moving cosmic bodies through the MC can do is create the necessary environment, an opportunity or the setup for us to make certain steps or changes into the right direction.

Keep in mind that Transitology (yes, I know, this is not an astrological term but a political one. However, the famous astrologer Sergei Vronsky used it in his books on transits and I really liked it J ) is a vast and intricate branch in this ancient system and it could be quite confusing. So, the topic of transits will be covered later on the blog, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest updates!

However, I will touch on a few key aspects. I think that transits of the two main benefactors in astrology through your 10th house in Sagittarius would be extremely positive on making any steps and changes in the area of career and social status. These are Venus and Jupiter. And I would definitely put an extra weight on Jupiter since it is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and it would be on its throne by sign. So, this would certainly be a much more auspicious period of time career-wise.

Also, this may be a bit more controversial but a transiting Saturn may also be quite good for the purpose of professional advancement. Remember that Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th house, and our achievements and the potential for success will always be tied with this slow-moving planet. However, keep in mind that the transiting Saturn may cause some restrictions and challenges, but exercising self-discipline and maturity will help you out tremendously. After all, these are the vital lessons this planet is trying to teach us. I would also encourage you to take a look down in the section on recommended books, and grab the one dedicated to the Saturn return – this is without a doubt one of the most important transits we need to understand when it comes to success, achievements, social status, and career!

10th house in Sagittarius Celebrities

Let’s take a look at some interesting and popular MC in Sagittarius celebrities! It might be valuable and inspiring to see how this astrological placement played out in their lives, and probably get some ideas for ourselves. However, keep in mind that each chart is unique and our potential for fame and household name level of popularity is also part of our fate and Dharma. Also, there are just a few career fields that usually generate worldwide fame like becoming an actor, singer, a TV personality, etc. So, I would advise you to take these examples with a grain of salt.

OK, now that we got this disclaimer out of the way, let’s see some intriguing celebs with this astrological placement!

Actors – George Clooney, Audrey Hepburn, Demi Moore, Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Russell Brand, and more.

Musicians – David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Notorious B.I.G, and more.

It is important to note that many of these popular folks have a Pisces Ascendant which is excellent for channeling your powerful emotionality through music!

TV personalities – Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Naomi Campbell, and more.

Politicians – Jacques Chirac, John McCain, and more.

Other Midheaven in Sagittarius celebrities

Karl Marx

I think this is a prime example of the combination between 10th house in Sagittarius and an Aquarius Ascendant. These zodiac signs are often compared for their idealism and humanism. Marx definitely did a great job of describing some powerful ideas which perfectly reflect what Sagittarius and Aquarius are all about – equality, brotherhood, power to the people, revolutions, etc. We won’t be making any judgments on whether these ideas are good or bad, but they certainly were in a way adequate for his time, describing the major issues with the extreme manifestations of capitalism. What is valuable to also note is that both these astrological signs might have the tendency to be quite utopist and impractical.

Pope Benedict XVI

I can’t think of a better example of the MC in Sagittarius with a Pisces Ascendant combination! The ninth astrological sign is related to philosophy and religion (especially the high ranks of the church institution), while the twelfth sign is the ultimate symbol of Christianity! Moreover, Pope Benedict XVI also had his 10th house ruler (Jupiter) in his first house in Pisces making an exact conjunction with the first house cusp. So, his career in religion was definitely a major part of his personality – something that defined him all his life!

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a great example how important our rising sign is! Aquarius is the sign in astrology which is connected to the fashion industry, especially the innovative and avant-garde niche. He was also one of the extremely fortunate celebrities who had his 10th house ruler in the 10th house on its throne in Sagittarius. Success was written in the stars for him!

Deepak Chopra

This is another excellent example of the immense spiritual potential of the Pisces rising and the Sagittarius MC! It is no wonder he is considered to be one of the most influential figures in the realm of the New Thought movement and its philosophy. What is also striking about his chart is that all of his planets are located in the Western hemisphere of the horoscope. This indicates being extremely receptive, adaptive, oriented and motivated by other people, and generally speaking having an incarnation where you “harvest” what you planted in previous life times. In other words, this might be a powerful sign of a karmic incarnation where fate and destiny play a major role in your life path, rather than your free will. And it is only logical how often Deepak Chopra focuses on this exact topic of destiny, karma, and free will. This is definitely one of the best examples of the great philosophical potential of having a 10th house in Sagittarius!

Additional Must-Reads

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

If the topic of the tenth house in astrology piqued your interest, I would recommend you continue your quest for knowledge in one of the best books in this realm “Astrology of Success”! It is written by one of my most favorite astrologers Jan Spiller, and in my blog you will see quite a few book suggestions authored by her. So, as I mentioned previously in this article, your Sagittarius Midheaven is just one part of the whole equation.

There are a ton of details regarding the tenth house that need to be addressed and analyzed to get the full picture of your potential for success, professional achievements, and a better social status! Some of these include the placement of the tenth house lord, the planets located in the MC house, etc. Moreover, what Jan Spiller also does in this book is include one extremely important part of our choice of career – our karma! What this means is that the placement of your Lunar nodes will also play a part in the work that you do in this lifetime. This is especially true and important if one of your nodes is located in your 10th house! If that’s the case, then this book is definitely a must-read for you!


Astrology for the Soul

Speaking of the Lunar nodes, I would also encourage you to take a look at this book as well! This is where Jan Spiller focuses entirely on the meaning of these intriguing points in our natal charts, and more specifically – their meaning through the perspective of karmic astrology! Even if your nodes are not located in the 4th/10th house axis, they still play a major role in our professional development.

This is because our life mission and the lessons we are bound to learn in this incarnation are also deeply connected to the work that we do, as well as the skills and talents we possess (especially those we were born with). That is why in this book Jan Spiller always has some pieces of advice for potential jobs and career paths we might pursue solely based on the positions of the Head of the Dragon (the North Lunar Node) and the Tail of the Dragon (the South Lunar Node).


The Only Way to Learn Astrology series

As I always say and I will re-iterate here – the whole chart has to be taken into account when we analyze any particular area in our life. In this case this is the potential for success from the Medium Coeli house in the horoscope. However, before we get to the interpretation of the tenth house, it is best to have all the details and the fundamentals of the birth chart!

This means that our personality will also determine which types of jobs and professional fields might be more suitable for us, and where we would have a better chance of success and fulfilment. In other words, our choice of career will have to be congruent with our personality, our talents, and skills. Here’s an example, the number of planets below or above the horizon may be the difference between becoming a philosophy teacher being in front of an audience or a philosophy author working behind the scenes in solitude. That is why starting from the ABC of the natal chart analysis is so important! And here are my book suggestions in that area! Actually, I would call them textbooks because what Marion March and Joan MacEvers did is create a blueprint, an algorithm or a methodology for interpreting your own horoscope! So, for the purpose of natal chart analysis I would recommend you get at least the first 3 installments of this book series. Volume 1 is focused on the absolute indispensable fundaments and the interpretation process – the signs, the planets, the houses, the major aspects, and all the positions of the cosmic bodies in signs and houses! Do not skip this step! Volume 2 is a more in-depth analysis of the natal chart which includes: the most common chart configurations, missing elements, significant aspects (like T-squares and yods), the meaning of decans and duads, the significance of the Lunar nodes, sign and house interception, mutual reception, and so much more! And one of the most important parts that would be interesting to you is the interpretation of the signs at the cusp of each of the 12 houses, including your tenth house in Sagittarius placement! Volume 3 is an absolute goldmine because it focuses mainly on the meaning of the house rulers located in all the astrological houses in the chart. This is extremely important when analyzing your potential for professional success since you have the opportunity to check how the position of Jupiter (your 10th house lord) will influence your choice of career! What is also extremely valuable about this book is the last chapter of the work which gives you details on looking for specific markers and significators of the best profession you might pursue!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

Vocation” is another great book on the topic of finding your true calling according to astrology! It is an awesome addition to the masterpiece “Astrology of Success”. But what’s the difference? While the topic may seem the same at a first glance, actually there are a lot of details in any given natal chart to be analyzed when it comes to our best professional path in life.

Jan Spiller mainly focuses on the tenth house and the great potential it holds for finding a career that has the best chances of leading us to success, fulfilment, achievements, and a better social status. At the same time, the tenth house is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the MC is the whole chart and the other important moving pieces that need to be taken into account. For example, if we wish to make money and accumulate assets from our career, we need to take a look at the second house as well. If our job involves managing other people’s money, we definitely need to take a peek at the eighth house. If our business involves partnerships, then the seventh house is the place to analyze, etc. You get the point. Not to mention that first and foremost, we have to get a feel of our overall personality and all of our potential skills and characteristics. This is the absolute foundation for finding a career path that would lead to success! Our vocation has to employ all of the advantages and abilities of our personality that would give us a competitive edge! That is why I recommend this book since it does a great job of adding these important pieces to the mix and the process of choosing the best career according to your natal chart!


Sagittarius: Harness the Power of the Zodiac

As I have mentioned previously in this article, to fully understand the potential of your Midheaven in Sagittarius placement, first you need to get deep into the archetypal characteristics of the ninth sign in astrology! That is why it is so important to get as much knowledge as possible to fully grasp how these traits might correspond to the best jobs associated with this sign.

And this is the main reason why I would encourage you to get some additional reads on the topic of the Archer sign – it might give you some awesome ideas and aha-moments that would spark your intuition. You can choose whatever book dedicated to Sagittarius you wish which gets into great details on the ins and outs of the 9th zodia. For example, “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs” is also a great choice! This is probably the absolute best astrologer who manages to flawlessly describe the typical traits of all Sun signs. However, what “Sagittarius: Harness the Power of the Zodiac” is great about is the section on job ideas. There is a section in this book that includes some career suggestions that people with a strong Sag in their horoscope might feel drawn to pursue. So, if you are looking for more ideas in this area, this volume might be extremely illuminating. And that’s not all! Remember the chapter on transits? There I mentioned the importance of the transiting Saturn in terms of professional development and advancement. Well, here in this book you will get the gist of one of the most important periods in our lives career-wise – the Saturn return.


Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating this cosmic rite of passage

Since I mentioned the Saturn return, I think it is important to pay some extra attention to these extremely important chapters in our lives. The Saturn return (also known as a Saturn revolution) is the phenomenon which involves the transiting movement of this slow moving planet around the whole zodiac wheel. When Saturn goes back to its initial position in our natal chart, we experience a Saturn return. This happens around every 29-30 years and it is marked by important changes and challenges in our lives.

It might be a quite difficult period of our lives when we need to exercise more self-discipline, responsibility, restriction management, and maturity. However, on the other hand, the Saturn revolution gives us some amazing opportunities to pursue the career we were meant to follow and to achieve more success and professional fulfilment. This could happen if we are fully prepared for this important part of our life! That is why my next book suggestion is heavily focused on this preparation process. Because our mindset and our attitude is everything! And as the wise people say “Preparation is half the battle!”.


New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Finally, since we are on the topic of transits, let me show you the more mystical side of one of these transiting cosmic bodies! And not just any cosmic body, but one of the most influential ones here on Earth – the Moon. The lunar phases have been used by our forefathers for many years, and sadly this sacred knowledge has been moved to the background and almost forgotten. But now with the New Age movement we have the opportunity of bringing back these lost practices, mystical rituals, and manifesting rites.

And without a doubt one of the most powerful ones is the New Moon phase where planting seeds, literally and figuratively speaking, is much more fruitful! If you are intrigued by the topic of manifesting and the law of attraction, I think you are going to love this book! It will teach you how and when to set your powerful intentions using the movement of the Moon through the zodiac. For example, a New Moon phase in the sign of the ambitious and careerist Capricorn might help you find your true vocation much more easily! Moreover, the book will also show you how to calculate your personal most auspicious period each year when dreams come true more effortlessly! Combined with the New Moon during this period… you become unstoppable!


Speaking of manifesting your dream job, I wish to remind you that I have prepared a special article with all the necessary tools and accessories that might help you create the ultimate best magical ritual for goal- and intention-setting! Happy manifesting and good luck!

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