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Master The 2nd House Cusp in Astrology (2nd House Astrology Meaning, 2nd House Sign, Kutumb Bhava)



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Table of contents:
What is the 2nd house cusp in Astrology?
The meaning of the 2nd house sign
Additional information        

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What is the 2nd house cusp in Astrology?

Before we get to the interpretations of the sign on the cusp of the second house (such as having a Virgo 2nd house), first we need to take a deep dive and unravel what exactly this house is, and what it represents. To give you a hint – it is so much more than our ability to win cash! Let’s see which life areas this astrological house governs, shall we?

  • Our assets

Yes, I guess that you landed on this page because of this main aspect of the 2nd house in Astrology. I have zero judgment about this – every one of us cannot survive on this planet without resources, and these can be any tangible or intangible assets that we acquire! That is why this is considered to be the house of money, finances, and real estate. However, there is one important detail you should know – all of these must be acquired through personal efforts, work, and mastery. The potential of the second house shows us what we can achieve in the material world through our own hard labor, skills, knowledge, and expertise. Do not worry, the possessions we may acquire from other people (including inheritance) are the domain of a different house. But here in this case, you need to remember that this is the realm of Taurus, and just like every earth sign, the work ethic is pivotal for reaching the highest potential of the house!

  • Our values

This is the astrological house of values, and that applies to every sense of the word. Here you will find your value system – what you cherish and you deem valuable. Do you value friendships, romantic partnerships, loyalty, creativity, freedom, etc.? All of this can be found by analyzing the 2nd house cusp (and some other aspects related to this house). And here I will give you a powerful tip for making money and acquiring wealth through your own efforts – become valuable! Becoming affluent is the result of one main process – providing value to others. It can be through the work that you do, the skills that you have, and the expertise that you possess. If you become valuable to others (and ultimately to become invaluable), money will be no problem! And here’s one more vital aspect of this house and our ability to amass assets – our self-worth. When it comes to values, this includes the value that we think we have to others. Working on your self-esteem and confidence by constantly improving yourself, acquitting new skills, and mastering your craft will help you become much more affluent through your own efforts!

  • Our personal freedom

Are you surprised? Well, don’t be! How many people say that they want to succeed in the financial arena so that they can become more independent and have more free time?  I think the number is quite high. For better or worse, life on planet Earth still involves having material resources, and usually the more you have of them, the more opportunities and personal freedom you may have! So, we can safely say that the 2nd house in horoscope can show some of the potentials in this regard!

  • Our material debt

Say what?! “I thought this was the house of money, real estate, and personal finances!” you might say. And you are right. However, everything in the natal chart has two sides, like the two sides of a coin or more accurately – as the symbol of the duality of yin and yang. The 2nd house cusp can show us some powerful potentials for applying our effort in the right direction so that we can improve our financial status. But there are always challenges we need to face as well. For some people these challenges may be larger and more difficult (for instance, if the ruling planet is afflicted), while others may have it much more easily in this area (and have other difficulties in different life areas, like relationships, for instance). By working through these tough things in this part of our life, we can start moving towards more financial independence and affluence. But if we don’t, the results may be debt and losses. Keep this in mind when reading through the placements detailed below! And I want to reiterate, because I think this is important when we are dealing with this house – the main key things I think we should all focus on are providing value to others, working on our own self-worth though improvements,  and constantly working on our personal value system. I personally don’t believe in fast and easy money, scheming, and being involved in monkey business. How about you?

And lastly, I would advise you to always combine the interpretation of your second house with the potential of your BEST career options and professional vocation. The ideal situation is when we can have a fulfilling career that can give us the necessary material resources to live comfortably on planet Earth. So, here you can find my FREE astrological report on the topic of choosing a professional field according to your natal chart!

The meaning of the 2nd house sign

OK, let’s see what the sign on the cusp of the house can tell us about some potential avenues for acquiring wealth and providing value to other people!

The 2nd house cusp in Aries

I want to start off the meaty part of this article by reminding you that every aspect and every element in the natal chart can manifest and be utilized in a positive and constructive or negative and destructive way! So, how does that principle apply to the second house in Aries placement? Aries is a cardinal sign and as such it is extremely passionate about initiation, adventures, leadership, and entrepreneurship. This means that the individual may have success amassing material possessions through some business endeavors or managerial positions (you can find all the professional areas related to the Ram in this FREE PDF!). If Pisces is rising, you may even have some talents regarding money management and investing. However, a huge issue with this 2nd house natal chart placement may arise. The Ram is not very patient and consistent. The typical Ram may often quickly start new projects on a whim and lose interest just as quickly. Every cardinal sign has the potential problem of not having the persistence to finish stuff and bring their endeavors to fruition. In this case here, this tendency may apply in full force to your money making efforts. If you recognize this behavior in yourself, do your best to cultivate more patience, reason, cool-headedness, or learn how to delegate this part of your life to someone more adept in the financial matters. Remember that the placement of the lord will also have a say in this – if it is well-placed in a fixed sign (or house), you may have an easier time managing this placement!

Taurus 2nd house

Now we are talking! This is the native house of Taurus and we can safely say that you may have the right kind of skills to be materially successful and stable. Yes, the word “stable” is exactly what describes the typical Bull. You will be looking for material gains and you may have the knowledge and character traits to help you retain what you have amassed through hard work. Yes, I want to make this clear – having your 2nd house cusp in Taurus does not necessarily mean that money will fall from the sky out of pure luck! It means that you likely have the correct approach to gaining tangible and intangible assets, such as a strong work ethic, persistence, patience, sensibility, practicality, etc. If you are an Aries rising, you may have the perfect combination of having a natural fiery impulse to start new projects, and the necessary drive to make the most of them materially. However, I do wish to point out that the placement of Venus will be crucial to this situation – it may make or break the whole deal! If Venus is not well placed, you may have some challenges in the area of values, assets, real estate, and money.

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Moreover, one of the biggest potential pitfalls for the Taurus 2nd house placement is that it may give you a strong inclination to becoming too materialistic, self-indulgent, and obsessed with making money and acquiring luxurious items. Lastly, this astrological position may signify having a beautiful voice or even a talent for singing that can also be a source for your income!

Second house in Gemini

Since the Twins is a mutable sign, the Gemini 2nd house placement might bring forth some fluctuations in your material and financial status. However, the 3rd astrological sign is the master in the areas of communication, sales, marketing, writing, travelling (especially to short-distances), transportation, and everything which has anything to do with our hands (find all the areas connected to the 3rd sign in Astrology right HERE!). So, this placement alone (if it’s backed by other aspects in the birth chart) may signify making good money in these areas related to the Twins! This is also one of the duo signs which is famously known for their ability to multitask. This often manifests as having more than one project as sources of monetary success at the same time. However, on the dark side of this aspect, you may also have a strong tendency to start too many endeavors and try to juggle them simultaneously, which often leads you to having no real progress. The expression that best describes this placement may be “Jack of all trades is a master of none.” So, do your best to become aware of your habitual behavior in the realm of making money and acquiring tangible and intangible assets, and be brutally honest whether you tend to bite more than you can chew. If that’s the case, make conscious efforts to channel this powerful Mercurial energy, and stick to about two projects tops at the same time. You may find that this decision alone might move you much faster and closer to your financial goals!

But I remind you that the whole chart has to be analyzed in its entirety. There are a few elements that may help you or make this an even bigger challenge. One of the helpers in this situation might be having a Taurus rising sign. This often gives people the necessary character traits to help them be more consistent, patient, persistent, and practical – which is awesome for the area of amassing all kinds of assets. Moreover, as usual, the placement of Mercury will have a powerful impact on how you deal with the stuff related to the second house. If Hermes is well-placed, you may possess more of the positive traits of the Twins and be a great and masterful salesman. Contrary, if Mercury “suffers”, you have to be extremely mindful whether you tend to spread yourself too thin!

The 2nd house cusp in Cancer

Even though the Crab is a cardinal sign, the Cancer 2nd house placement might actually be quite beneficial. But, as usual, there are no true good or bad aspects in the natal chart – everything has a positive and negative side, and we can make some conscious decisions which one to bring forth. If we become aware of the unconscious behavioral patterns! So, since Cancer is a watery sign, and money is under the element of water, we can see why the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are considered to be excellent money managers and investors. (That is why we have the word “currency” which derives from the word “current”. Money flows like liquid.) Well, this is the ideal situation, and not every one of them will have this skill, but the potential will always be there! So, as you can see, having Cancer on the cusp of the second house might be excellent for acquiring all kinds of assets, and actually succeeding in retaining your wealth. A person with this astrological placement might always have a savings account for rainy days and be quite reasonable and sensible when it comes to earning money and spending it. Since this is a sign related to our emotionality, it might be common for you to have different spending habits when you deal with people who you feel emotionally attached to or not. For example, you may be extremely generous and lavish on your loved ones, and be quite frugal with strangers. Having a Taurus Ascendant may reinforce your ability to be practical and reasonable with money, and you may have an unmatched talent for acquiring tangible and intangible assets. This may be applied in full force to real estate. Taurus and Cancer have one main thing in common – they are both related to land, properties, and real estate! (Check what the other avenues for making money related to the Crab sign can be by getting my FREE guide on choosing a fulfilling career path based on your natal chart!) On the other hand, having a Gemini rising may turn you into an excellent salesperson and communicator.

However, there is always one important element to take into account – the position of the Moon! If the Moon is not well placed, you may experience quite a few fluctuations in your financial status. Try not to make emotional decisions when it comes to material gains and making deals. You may also have to battle with the constant fear of losing money, regardless of how well you are doing in the material arena!

Leo 2nd house

If you have read the previous descriptions, you may have gotten a good idea how every placement has potential positive and negative manifestations. And having your 2nd house in Leo is no exception! Let’s see how it may play out in real life! On one hand, this position of the 2nd house cusp may make you a powerhouse for making money through creative endeavors, and generally everything related to the area ruled by the Lion – show business, theatre, children and adolescents, sports, hobbies, romance, etc. (All the professional areas related to the zodiac signs are described in my FREE ebook on career and achievements!) On the bright side, Leo is a fixed sign which is excellent when it comes to being materially stable, persistent, and having the ability to follow through with your money making projects, and bringing them to fruition! Moreover, the Leo 2nd house placement may make you extremely generous and caring towards your loved ones (children, romantic partners, etc.). However, on the darker side, you may also be quite dramatic, flashy, and extravagant – literally wasting your money on excessively luxurious items just for the sake of attracting attention! You may also become a serious gambler and speculator which may lead you to lose your assets rather quickly. If you recognize these tendencies, be mindful and do your best to heal your inner emotional turmoil that drives you towards such unhealthy behaviors. The family constellations method might be extremely helpful in such situations.

But how do we know what’s more likely to manifest with this placement? As I mentioned in the previous sections, there are a few key elements we need to look at. First of all, the rising sign – it is basically half of our personality, how we view the world, and how we want to be perceived as. So, it dictates to a great extent how we show up into the world. If you have a Cancer Ascendant, you may be extremely skillful and adept at everything related to money and asset management. As I stated in the previous section (the Cancer 2nd house placement), money is ruled by the element of water, and everyone with a strong watery influence in their chart has the potential for making, managing, and retaining their finances.

However, with a Gemini Ascendant, it may be much more difficult to be serious and responsible with your assets, and this may lead to volatility and instability in every area of your life, including material possessions. The Gemini rising person might be quite the nomad in every sense of the word, and you can see how this may create some challenges in bringing more stability to your financial status.

Another important element in the birth chart to look at is the position of the Sun. If the Sun is well-placed, you may be more inclined to exhibit the positive side of this placement. Contrary, if the Sun is afflicted in any way, this may bring forth the negative and destructive side of this position. I do wish to remind you that our free will plays a pivotal role in these processes, and this is actually the main reason why analyzing your natal chart can be immensely beneficial – to start consciously working through the challenges we face.

Second house in Virgo

Even though Virgo is a mutable sign, this may actually be a great placement for the 2nd house cusp! Virgo is the sensible, practical, detail-oriented perfectionist of the zodiac, and having the second house in Virgo placement might make you extremely good, skillful, and talented in the areas of finances, book-keeping, tax law, banking, etc. Money and assets may come to you through projects where these typical Virgin qualities are required. The 6th sign in Astrology is also adept in the world of service of any kind, medicine (especially dietetics and veterinary medicine), and everything related to the flora and fauna! (Psst! The rest of the professional fields related to the Virgin signs can be found in my freebie on choosing a career with the help of Astrology!) However, there are some things you need to be mindful about. Virgo is the sign of service, but it can be prone to having a bit of a lower self-esteem, and this is the house of values. How much we value ourselves and the skills and expertise that we bring to the table, is crucial when it comes to making good money!  Also, the Virgin sign can be quite prone to being too anxious and neurotic, and your financial status might a big source of this excessive stress. However, the 6th sign tends to overcome this trait by working even harder which actually makes them extremely successful in the long run.

Another important thing I want you to remember with this Virgo 2nd house placement is to try to stay away from any monkey business. The Virgin is about purity, and high ethical and moral standards. A strong influence of this sign in the natal chart will have to subtilize the person. So, it is best to refrain from using your powerful intellect to create some immoral financial schemes!

Now let’s see the other important factors in this equation! If you are a Cancer rising, you might be a true extremely talented money maker and money manager! If Leo is the Ascendant, the second house cusp in Virgo may greatly soften the inclination to be too flashy, extravagant, and to waste money on excessive luxury items! You may be super sensible when it comes to your material assets, and the need for attention may show up in a different way!

As usual, the placement of Mercury will also play a huge role in this process. If Hermes is well-placed, you may possess the intellect and the communication skills to gains quite a few tangible and intangible assets! However, if Mercury is afflicted, you may face much more challenges in the areas of the second house, including being financially manipulated and scammed. So, be extremely cautious and reasonable when making any decisions when it comes to finances, investments, real estate, etc.

The 2nd house cusp in Libra

The Scales is the sign associated with marriage and partnerships (personal and business ones), so it is only logical that we can assume that having this Libra 2nd house placement may signify having more opportunities to make more money through partnerships. These can be by forging lucrative alliances with other people or being in some form of business relationship with your spouse. As I often like to say about those who have a strong Libra (or 7th house) influence in their horoscope – WHO you know might be more important than WHAT you do. That is why if you wish to improve your earning abilities, you need to ramp up the natural positive traits of the Scales – diplomacy, excellent manners, respectfulness, politeness, and fairness. The second house in Libra placement may also signify that you may prefer to earn your money and assets with endeavors which do not involved hard labor and getting your hands dirty – you may be inclined to be quite sophisticated, well-dressed, neat, and tidy when amassing your fortune. Everything in the realm of the Scales can be potential good sources of income – beauty, aesthetics, fashion, law, trade, mathematics, diplomacy, etc. (Keep in mind that these have to be supported by other elements of the natal chart. That is why I would encourage you to check my FREE career report) Yes, this tendency may lean towards the negative side of Libra – being too snobbish and superficial. The potential pitfall of this 2nd house cusp is that you may give more weight to the flashy packaging, rather than the substance – literally and figuratively speaking. Be careful if you tend to compare yourself to other people (especially to those from the higher tiers of the social hierarchy) – this may be a constant source of low self-esteem and self-worth. This may be exacerbated if you have a Virgo Ascendant which is naturally inclined to be too self-critical. Moreover, on the darker side of this placement, you may be too indecisive in your path towards better financial stability. Since Libra is one of the self-indulgent signs, you may have a tendency to spend more than you can earn, especially if Leo is rising.

However, all of these potentials can play out in vastly different ways. And one of the main factors in the equation is the position of Venus. If Venus is well-placed, you may be inclined to utilize and take advantage of the positive characteristics of the Scales (like diplomacy and conflict mediation) and form some really powerful and beneficial partnerships that greatly improve your financial status. Contrary, if Venus is afflicted, you need to watch out for the negative tendencies of this placement, and apply conscious effort in mitigating the damages. Remember that everything can be changed, and just because you have a challenging aspect in the chart, does not mean that everything is etched in stone and you are doomed. This is why we use Astrology – to see what we need to work on, grow, and expand our potential. Psst! Let me tell you a secret! There is a specific astrological chart that we can calculate at the time of someone’s death, and it shows how much the person has developed over the course of their lifetime, and the potential future incarnations and life lessons. We will talk about this topic when we get to the area of Karmic Astrology. So, stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter, and you will get regular updates on all future posts!

Scorpio 2nd house

Since this is the house associated with the opposite sign of the Scorpio (Taurus), this is considered to be a bit of a challenging placement, but do not despair – this is why you are here – to learn how to take advantage of the potential in your chart! Remember (I keep repeating this over and over in my blog) – nothing is etched in stone! So, having your 2nd house cusp in Scorpio might create quite the financial strain, and this often comes from the intense volcanic deeply emotional nature of the 8th zodiac sign. Since the Scorpion is the sign associated with transformations (which are often not quite pleasant), this sign possess some amazing recovery skills and unmatched resourcefulness! As usual, this position might play out in a more positive and constructive way or towards the more negative scenarios. On the bright side, the Scorpio 2nd house placement might make you extremely resourceful and resilient when it comes to making money and acquiring assets. You may have a strong tendency to be thorough and to amass deep encompassing knowledge on the area that earns you your living, and this may help you stand out and turn you into an undeniable expert in your field. All Scorpion related areas might be lucrative sources of income (if they are supported by the other parts of the natal chart related to work mastery and career, so make sure you grab my FREE astrological vocation guide) – banking, tax law, insurance, cosmetology and hairdressing, medicine (especially surgery), spirituality, and anything related to death. This placement might be extremely lucrative to gain assets and real estate from other people or their support. However, there is one thing standing on the way – the potential negative traits of Scorpio – arrogance, haughtiness, vengefulness, jealousy, etc. If Pluto is not well-placed, these characteristics might manifest in full force, and this may be a life-long goal of yours – to learn how to process your emotions, heal your traumas, and transcend. If you notice any self-sabotaging behaviors in the area of money, financial stability, tangible and intangible assets, you may need to take a deeper look at yourself why these patterns keep repeating. The family constellations method might be helpful in this regard!

At the end of the day, remember that the Scorpion is the sign of transformation, and this can play out in very different ways. You may completely turn your financial situation upside down based on your actions, and conscious and unconscious behaviors – from rags to riches and vice versa. I believe that it is totally up to you, your level of self-awareness, and your free will to choose the desired direction!

Second house in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius 2nd house placement might be a real blessing or a real disaster. Yes, I know, I may sound like broken record, but I truly believe that there are no black and white astrological aspects. Even the most beneficial placement can be abused and exploited to some unhealthy extremes. So, let’s dive into the realm of the 9th astrological sign which also has some admirable traits, and some undesirable vices. So, since the ruling planet here is Jupiter, and it is known as “The Great Benefactor” we can assume that having your 2nd house cusp in Sagittarius can be a powerful significator for having quite some LUCK in the area of money, finances, and real estate. This is the largest planet in the Solar system and it tends to give the quality of expansion wherever it is placed in. And we can safely attribute the same effect to its zodiac sing – the Archer. Moreover, the areas related to Sagittarius can be wonderful sources of income, and some of the most prominent ones are foreign trade, transportation (especially foreign freight), anything related to hunting, education (especially university level of academics), philosophy, and religion. You can find the full list of professions and work-related areas in my FREE book on finding your most probable and most suitable vocation according to astrology. Do not miss it out!

So far so good! If you have gotten a feeling that it is all sunshine and rainbows in the magic land of the Archer, do not be so quick to make this judgement! There is one important thing to note here – the exact placement of the Great Benefactor. If Jupiter is not well-placed, all the good luck and fortune may not come that easily, and that can actually be a blessing in disguise – it can be a wonderful character and self-worth building experience. Actually, if you ask me, I would personally stay away from any sources of quick cash and make money fast schemes. I have found that if it sounds too good to be true, it is usually not true. And when we say that the 2nd house in Sagittarius placement can be lucky, we mean that you have to actually do something to place yourself in situations where luck can find you. As Thomas Jefferson once said “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

And you might think that having too many beneficial Jupiter aspects can make things easier? Oh, no, my friend! In this case I would actually advise you to be even more vigilant and careful how you deal with your finances and assets! The Archer is one of the hard-core self-indulgent signs, and if you have it too easy in the monetary arena, this can really drive you towards overspending, being extremely careless with your assets, and even having some serious issues with gambling! 

The 2nd house cusp in Capricorn

Oh, my! I don’t even know why you are here reading this – do you even have any financial problems? OK, I am just kidding! As I like to say – every aspect has its challenges. So, the most common manifestation of the Capricorn 2nd house placement is that you do have what it takes to be financially stable and well off – you may apply a great deal of effort, hard work, persistence, and responsibility in your money-making projects! Remember that the second house is one of the houses of substance which means that it is tightly connected to the element of earth, and the Goat is the highest manifestation of the earth quality. Earth signs are doing well in the professional and finance arena not because the stars have blessed them with luck and good fortune, but because they are some of the most industrious and productive people of the zodiac! So, what these projects and professional fields can be? Capricorn is related to the areas of business, management, politics, mountain climbing, preserving, geriatrics, etc. (The full list is in my FREE career guide!) But no matter what vocation you choose, you definitely have the character and the qualities to make you quite affluent! The birth chart 2nd house in Capricorn position may even signify your personal assets to be positively influenced by your father – by inheritance or other form of direct support (especially if the eighth house is involved.

Remember that the planet associated with this placement is the slow-moving Saturn (or Chronos – the god of time). So, do not be surprised if you have a slow start in the area of assets and finances, but you experience growth spurts after the first Saturn revolution (at about 34-35 years of age). Very often this is the time when you may feel much more secure and stable in the area related to the 2nd house cusp – real estate, money, tangible and intangible assets, self-worth. But I remind you that just sitting and waiting won’t do the trick! The (not so) secret power of the Goat is its ambition, strong work ethic, and drive for climbing up the ladder! If you are a Sagittarius rising, you may seem like jolly and carefree on the outside, but when it comes to your assets, you may quickly turn into a serious, responsible, and savvy custodian of your resources!

Moreover, do not forget to check the position of Saturn! If it is well-placed, you may actually have a bit of an easier time working on your financial stability (especially by receiving help from your father or father figures, mentors or even the government!). However, if Chronos is afflicted and it is not well-placed (for instance, if it is in its weakest position in Aries), you may need to work even more passionately for acquiring your wealth with your natural-born tenacity, resilience, ambition, persistence, patience, masterful work ethic, and responsibility! The afflicted Krosnos situation might also bring forth some of the negative characteristics of the Goat – for example, you may tend to be more egotistical when spending your money.

Aquarius 2nd house

This is a very peculiar position of the 2nd house cusp, and here’s why! Since the Water Bearer is a fixed sign, we can say that your financial status can be quite stable and secure. However, Aquarius is not an ordinary sign – it is the sign of contradictions and surprises (good or bad). So, since Uranus is at play here, we can actually cross off the “stability” part and say that having your 2nd house in Aquarius can bring forth quite some fluctuations and unexpected changes (even shocks) of your assets. Not to sound too fearful, but Uranus is considered to be associated with earthquakes (please, don’t panic, and avoid making any attempts to predict such disasters – this is the realm of Mundane Astrology, and it is an extremely intricate and complex matter! I hope we can someday get to this topic, so I would encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to get updates on all fresh new articles!) OK, back to our main topic today – the 2nd house cusp! So, we can say that this Water Bearer placement can bring forth some radical changes in your financial status with the magnitude of an earthquake! But do not despair! Here is what might help you get on your feet rather quickly. The good thing about Aquarius is that it is not that materialistic, and you might not necessarily be invested in making a ton of money. Well, if you are a Capricorn rising, you may start off being extremely driven and motivated by climbing up the professional ladder, but in time (especially after the first Saturn return), you may find yourself pondering whether that’s the real  meaning of life. And when it comes to the 11th astrological sign there are many more fulfilling areas than money-making, such as friendships, being part of a club of interest, and being of service to the greater good of humanity! If you look at your cash-making work, career and projects through the lenses of being of service and helping humanity, you may find yourself in a very fortunate position to recover much faster from any unexpected financial crisis. Because I remind you what the second house is all about – values. If you are valuable to people, money will find you no matter what! So, let’s see which areas can be more lucrative for this Aquarius 2nd house position! The Water Bearer is associated with (as you have just learned) anything which helps humanity – having an easier and more comfortable life – technology, electricity, TV and audio, politics (especially related to liberal branch), space exploration, New Age spirituality, astrology, avant-garde fashion, being part of organizations and clubs, humanitarian work, etc. (The complete list is in my FREE ebook on finding your best profession and career.)

So, what happens if Uranus is well-placed? You may take advantage of the most positive traits of Aquarius and use them to propel your financial success – being inventive, individualistic, liberal, intellectual, open-minded, and unconventional. But not at any cost! The thing that you find most valuable, and what might actually drive you to make some extra cash, is freedom. You may seek financial stability to be and feel more independent. If your source of money and assets makes you feel chained down, you will likely break free and find a different avenue ASAP. Contrary, if Uranus is afflicted, you may be too rebellious, unruly, and disrespectful to authorities which may lead you to serious financial troubles. Be mindful how you deal with the government and the law – the Water Bearer is a tradition and rule breaker, but be careful so that this tendency not to turn into law-breaking!

Second house in Pisces

OK, although the Fish is considered to be rather impractical, it can actually have a few great talents for making and managing money. And the main reason for this is that cash is under the influence of the water element, and all watery signs can have this potential for being good with money and liquid assets. However, as you might have seen in this article, everything in our natal chart can manifest in a wide variety of ways – both positive and negative (or something in-between). So, let’s see what the Pisces 2nd house placement can be good for when it comes to gathering all kinds of assets! This location of the second house cusp can be excellent for earning a good living in the following fields: medicine, acting and show business, music, freight shipping by sea, dealing with all kinds of liquids (like oil and petrol, for example), hospitals, prisons, etc. Keep in mind that it is best to combine the analysis of the 2nd house with the interpretations of the other areas of the natal chart related to work and career. You can use my FREE career choosing guide as a starting point. There you will find the detailed professional areas related to all zodiac signs, including the Fish.

So, back to the 2nd house cusp in Pisces placement! In addition to the areas from which you may have success earning more money, there are a couple of additional elements to look at – the Ascendant and the location of Neptune. If you are a Capricorn rising, you may start off your life in a very serious and materialistic way, and you may have a powerful drive for achieving career and monetary success. But later on, you may find that there are much more important things in life than making a lot of cash. Then you may find the spiritual side of the Pisces sign. Books like “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” may help you in this pivotal period of your life!

If you are an Aquarius rising, you may actually have very little interest in acquiring a lot of wealth. If this tendency is manifested into the extreme, you may completely neglect your material needs, and you may find yourself in some financial troubles.

When it comes to the position of Neptune, it is important to note that if this planet is afflicted, you may have issues with shady and scammy businesses and financial deals. Pisces and Neptune are related to illusions, delusions, treachery, and secret enemies. In this case, be extremely cautious in the areas of the 2nd house, and double and triple check every work document you sign, every deal, and every business partnership you enter into, especially during the Mercury retrograde periods! If Neptune is well-placed, you may have much more luck and you may exhibit the positive traits of the Fish which help you amass more assets in your life – powerful intuition, money management and investing skills, artistry, etc.

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The Only Way to Learn Astrology, vol. 2

Did today’s topic pique your interest? Keep in mind that this is just a fraction of the natal chart interpretation process! Even if we focus solely on the area of finances, real estate, and cash, we have a ton more details to take into account! That is why I often recommend to my readers to learn how to go through these processes on their own.

And this is my main reasoning – every single astrological element has a wide variety of ways it may manifest in your life. Analyzing your birth chart is a very intricate and complex endeavor, and it often feels like doing a jigsaw puzzle. There are a lot of moving pieces and you have to decide which one is more likely to have manifested, but we can never be 100% sure. The only person who knows what feels right and true for them is… YOU! You and your powerful intuition can sift through all the different variations and arrange this large puzzle much more easily and quickly. As one of my Astrology teachers once said – “Analyzing your chart has to be an intimate practice – something to meditate upon.” And I firmly stand by his words!

That is why I would encourage you to grab this volume and dive deep into the more advanced algorithms of the horoscope interpretation process! This book will teach you a great deal of important details that may completely change how you see yourself! I bet that you will quickly find out that we are so much more than our Sun signs or our Ascendants! Here are some of the nitty gritty parts of this volume!


The first chapter is dedicated to the enormous and intricate part of calculating the natal chart. Yes, I know, we have all kinds of Astrology software and applications to do this challenging step for us. But it is always valuable to peek behind the curtains and see how the magic happens. In some rare cases, when people are born far away from any city or village, this may be the only way to calculate their horoscope. So, it is always a good idea to have this algorithm at hand when needed!


The second chapter is much more intriguing! It deals with some of the peculiarities and in-depth interpretations of the birth chart for real Astrology MASTERS. Some of these are missing elements and qualities (for example, when someone does not have a single planet in a watery sign or no planets in cardinal signs), planets without any aspects, lack of precise aspects (for example, when you don’t have any sextiles in your chart), configurations (like T-squares or yods), the meaning of retrograde planets in the horoscope, intercepted signs and houses (for example, when one astrological house encompasses more than one sign), mutual receptions, the different models of the natal charts (for example, locomotive or bucket), decans and duads, Lunar Nodes, the aspects to the MC and ASC, and the big topic which is tightly related to today’s article on the 2nd house cusp – the meaning of the 12 house cusps in the 12 signs of the zodiac! This means that in this section you will get some more information on your unique second house placement as well!


The third chapter deals with some very interesting stuff that is rarely talked about in the chart interpretation business. Some of these curious elements are planets with oriental appearance, prenatal eclipses, zeniths, Arabic parts (such as the famous Part of Fortune), fixed stars, critical degrees, the placement of planet Earth in the chart (yes, this may actually be used as a ruling planet for Taurus!), and some practical analysis steps to help you out in your personal chart interpretation process! How cool!


However, all of these terms might actually sound like Greek to you, and that’s totally fine! Do not despair and feel daunted by this massive amount of data points for analysis! If you feel discouraged and overwhelmed, and you wish to start things the right way – from the very foundational stuff, I would encourage you to pick Volume 1 of the series. It deals with the very basics of Astrology – the signs, the houses, the planets, and the aspects – so that you can have SUCCESS in the interpretation process. Although many astro fans are acquainted with these terms, it is always practical to have this as a reference guide when you do all sorts of interpretations. I personally always keep it by my side whenever I dive into any new article!


RELATED: As you have seen in this post dedicated to the 2nd house cusp in signs, the Ascendant plays a huge role in the interpretation process. That’s because it is one of the most important parts of our horoscope! It governs how we show up into the world, how we view the world, the doorway to our potential, and a big chunk of the choices we make in the BEST areas of work, career, and reputation! So, I encourage you to take a peek at the secrets your rising sign holds for you! You can find the articles dedicated to the ASC down below! ↓↓↓

The 12 Ascendant Signs

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