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{Your Potential} Quadrants in Astrology (Hemispheres in Astrology)

The Significance of Quadrants in Astrology (Hemispheres in Astrology) ___________ Are you destined for FAME? Let’s find out! ___________ Table of contents:The Hemispheres in AstrologyThe Northern Hemisphere in AstrologyThe Southern Hemisphere of the natal chartThe Eastern Hemisphere in the birth chartThe Western Hemisphere in the horoscopeThe Quadrants in AstrologyThe Northeastern Quadrant of the natal chartThe Read more about {Your Potential} Quadrants in Astrology (Hemispheres in Astrology)[…]

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{Your Personality} Planets in 1st House (Planets in Ascendant)

Planets in 1st House (Planets in Ascendant, 1st House Planets) ___________ These planets will shape your body! ___________ Table of contents:Empty First HouseThe Meaning of the 1st House PlanetsThe SunThe MoonMercuryVenusMarsJupiterSaturnUranusNeptunePlutoThe EarthAdditional information No Planets in 1st House What happens if your first house is empty? A lot of people feel anxious about their empty Read more about {Your Personality} Planets in 1st House (Planets in Ascendant)[…]

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{Career SUCCESS} Midheaven Aspects (10th House Aspects)

Midheaven Aspects (10th House Aspects, MC Aspects) ___________ These aspects can make or break your SUCCESS! ___________ Table of contents:The Main MC AspectsWith the SunWith the MoonWith MercuryWith VenusWith MarsWith JupiterWith SaturnWith UranusWith NeptuneWith PlutoAdditional Information Before we get to the meanings of these aspects I just want to make a really short recap of Read more about {Career SUCCESS} Midheaven Aspects (10th House Aspects)[…]

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{Career SUCCESS} Planets in the 10th House (Planets in Midheaven)

Planets in the 10th house (Planets in Midheaven, 10th house Planets) ___________ These planets will influence your ability to SUCCEED! Learn more HERE! ___________ In this guide you will learn: the meaning of an empty 10th house (the house of career and success); the meaning of the planets and luminaries located in your 10th house; suitable professions related to Read more about {Career SUCCESS} Planets in the 10th House (Planets in Midheaven)[…]