{MONEY Mastery} The 2nd House Ruler in Houses

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The 2nd House Ruler in Houses (The Second House Lord, The Owner of 2nd House in Astrology)



This LUCKY planet has the most influence over your money mastery!


Table of contents:
What is the second house?
Which one is your 2nd house ruler?
The 2nd house lord in houses
In the 1st 
In the 2nd 
In the 3rd 
In the 4th
In the 5th 
In the 6th
In the 7th
In the 8th 
In the 9th 
In the 10th 
In the 11th 
In the 12th
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What is the second house?

I have covered this in the previous article dedicated to the first house of substance, but I think it worth getting over these details again. Understanding the areas related to this house is extremely important to get the full picture of what the placement of the 2nd house lord actually means! Yes, every astrological house deals with more than one area in our life, and has so much information to offer us. Let’s start digging!

  • The house of values

If you have come across this phrase, keep in mind that in the world of Astrology this is regarded as a synonym for the 2nd house. Basically, this house and the 2nd house ruler can show us what we value in life – literally and figuratively speaking. I know that many people take this section of the natal chart as the house of money and assets, but this is just one fraction of its meaning. This astrological house is about everything that we deem VALUABLE – this is our value system, whether we copy it from our parents or whether we tend to develop our own one throughout our lifetime. This is where we can learn a lot about the individual and what is important to them – yes, it may be money and resources, but it can also be friendships, LOVE, romantic relationships, family, their homeland, etc.

Moreover, when we talk about values, we need to take it in the broadest term possible. In other words, this is also the house of valuables. Literarily speaking, we can say that this is our potential for gaining all kinds of assets – tangible, intangible, real estate, cash, currency, bonds, investments, jewelry, precious metals, etc. However, there is one important detail to note about all of these – your effort. This house points to the assets and valuables we have the potential to gain through our own work, effort, skills, talents, and expertise! Managing and dealing with what others in our life have amassed is related to a completely different house! Want to know more about this topic? I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you can get regular updates on all fresh new articles on the blog! In the meantime you can enjoy my GIFT for you – my special guide on unlocking your career potential and choosing a profession that may lead you to lots of SUCCESS and accomplishments!

  • The house of self-esteem

Well, what is our self-esteem or our self-worth? This is how we assess ourselves in terms of the value we hold, right? And since this is the house of values, we can safely say that this is also the house of our own value. And I want you to keep this in mind because it is extremely important if you want to improve your financial status! Our self-esteem is not a constant quality – this is something we can work on and improve! And this is one of the goals we can set for ourselves when analyzing the placement of the 2nd house ruler – how to improve your self-worth – in which areas or in which professional fields. So, the question I would suggest you ask yourself frequently is “How do I provide more VALUE to others?” instead of “How do I make more money?”. Money is just the equivalent of the perceived value received. It’s just a medium of exchange. That’s all! So, working on your confidence, MASTERING your craft, improving your skills and expertise, and ultimately becoming more valuable to others may be your GOLDEN ticket to amassing your wealth. What Astrology can help you with is to give you some pointers as to which areas might be more lucrative to you, what setbacks you may have, or what qualities you may need to cultivate to become better at the money game! Here’s a quick example to illustrate my point! Let’s say that you have your 2nd house lord in the 7th house. This is an EXCELLENT placement to take advantage of some powerful and beneficial partnerships that may propel you to your financial success and stability. However, what does it take to have long-lasting and harmonic relationships? Diplomacy, manners, listening skills, compassion, the ability to take your ego side and make compromises when needed, etc. Not so easy, huh? Having this placement does not mean that you will possess the necessary qualities needed to be a good partner. You simply have the potential to do so, and it takes conscious work (remember that this is the house that requires applying our own effort).

  • The house of our personal freedom

Are you surprised? Well, think about it – why do most people want to have more money and assets? I bet that in the majority of cases the usual answer is “So that I have more free time, more independence, and more freedom to have a wider variety of experiences.” And yes, as of today, most of these goals require more financial stability and independence. Just think about certain situations where people feel trapped in a particular job or a marriage just because their survival would be at stake if they leave. What would happen if they have the means to pay their bills, buy food, and rent their own place? They will surely have more personal freedom. That is why, depending on the situation in the world today, we can attribute “freedom and liberty” as one of the aspects of this house of substance! Don’t you agree?

  • The house of debt

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not just sunshine and rainbows in the world of the 2nd house ruler! The efforts that we put in (or don’t put it) on a regular basis can lead to material GAINS and success or failure and loses. Sadly, that’s just the reality of things, and as I always like to remind my readers – every astrological aspect or element of the natal chart can be used for GOOD and personal growth or it can be abused. It is up to us and our conscious or unconscious choices. So, from a purely astrological standpoint, the exact placement of the 2nd house ruler and its aspects we can make some suggestions as to what results the individual may come to from the effort they apply.

For example, if the lord is well-placed and has beneficial aspects, the person may have an easier time dealing with the matters of this house. What does it mean to be well-placed? Well, the planet or luminary has to be located in its own sign (called dignity) or in a “friendly” sign (called exaltation). Contrary, a weakly placed planet will be located in the opposite or in an “unfriendly” signs. Moreover, the beneficial aspects are considered to be sextiles, trines, and some conjunctions. Detrimental aspects are oppositions, squares, the quincunx, and conjunctions with the “malevolent” planets like Saturn and Mars. If these terms are not familiar to you, no worries, we will get to them in a different post. This is a whole different subject which has to be discussed in detail, so I will leave it for another time! So, make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new posts are published!

OK, back to our main topic today! How does the house of values turn into the house of debt? Well, to put it simply, by not working on the challenges these aspects and placements present into our lives. Every placement has a bright and a dark side, and even the most beneficial one can become a true disaster if it’s abused! Let me give you an example to make things clearer! Let’s say that Jupiter is the 2nd house ruler (keep in mind that this is the planet called “The Great Benefactor”!) and it is placed in the 5th house. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, but it is also related to self-indulgence, if we take it to the extreme. The fifth house is the place related to creativity, sports, hobbies, children, etc. But it is also the house of gambling and speculations. So you may sense where I am heading towards? Having this placement may give you the potential to get a GOOD sense of self-esteem from your children, but it can also lead down the slippery slope of overspending, overindulgence with gambling and unreasonable speculations and unwise investments – these tendencies can quickly wipe away your fortune and get you into real financial trouble! Because qualities like being responsible with your assets and the ability to deal with restrictions are not in the toolkit of Jupiter and Sagittarius. These are in the domain of Saturn and Capricorn.

Alrighty! Let’s see which one (or which ones) is your actual 2nd house ruler!

Which one is your 2nd house ruler?

If you have no clue how to fund your 2nd house ruler and its placement, here’s a short and SWEET explanation! Well, to be fully honest, the most probable situation is that you may have more than one lords, but I will get to that in a second!

So, the first thing you need to know is the sign that rules your house of values. This zodiac sign will determine the main lord (or lords) of your second house. If you are not familiar with the ruling planets and luminaries, here is a nifty list down below!

  • Mars (♂) is the lord of Aries () and Scorpio ();
  • Venus (♀) is the lord of Taurus () and Libra ();
  • Mercury () is the lord of Gemini () and Virgo ();
  • The Moon () is the lord of Cancer ();
  • The Sun () is the lord of Leo ();
  • Pluto () is also the lord of Scorpio ();
  • Jupiter () is the lord of Sagittarius () and Pisces (),
  • Saturn () is the lord of Capricorn () and Aquarius ();
  • Uranus () is also the lord of Aquarius ();
  • Neptune () is also the lord of Pisces ().

It is extremely important to note that some signs have more than one rulers! These are Scorpio (Mars and Pluto), Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune), and Aquarius (Saturn and Uranus).

Moreover, vital detail #2 – Venus is always the lord of the second house and must be taken into account at all times! The simple reason for this is that the 2nd house is the domain of Taurus, and as you have learned in the list above – the Bull is ruled by Venus. So, we can safely say that the Goddess of LOVE is also a significator of the matters related to the area of money, assets, self-worth, and personal satisfaction!

Feel confused? Let’s clarify the situation with a few examples!

Let’s say that you have your second house in the Scorpion. In this case you need to look at the positions of Mars, Pluto, and Venus.

If you have your second house in the Lion, you need to check the placements of the Sun and Venus.

Lastly, if your second house is in the Scales, the only planet you need to analyze is Venus!

I hope this makes things easier for you. Now go and note down all these details and let’s see what the exact meanings of these placements are!

The 2nd house lord in houses

Now, let’s see how we can unlock our potential for becoming more financially stable and work on our self-worth by checking the position of the 2nd house ruler in the 12 houses of the natal chart! This information in addition to the sign on the cusp of the this first house of substance will give us a better and much more holistic understanding  of the abilities we possess for amassing WEALTH and all kinds of assets through personal effort and skills. Let’s get to it!

2nd house ruler in the 1st house

The first astrological house is the house associated with our personality (especially the traits that we want to show to the outer world), our childhood, our physical appearance, how we dress, how we start new projects, etc.  So, having your second house ruler in the first house placement can be a POWERFUL indicator of having the unique opportunity to develop your own identity and your own value system by the strength of your character. We usually just copy the behavioral patterns of our parents, and that is why in Astrology we take the house related to our birth family as the basis for our character development (stay tuned to find out which house this is).

However, with this placement here you can have the personal power to forge your own set of values and build your self-worth based on your own efforts and hard work. This can happen even from early childhood or a bit later (depending on the specific house lord). The emphasis here is on your personality, character traits, your own skills and expertise that you develop throughout your lifetime. The more energy you put into developing these – personal growth, becoming BETTER and more skillful, the better chances you may have for making money and acquiring wealth. It all depends on you and the effort you put in.

Now, depending on the exact planet which rules your 2nd house and its aspects, there may be a wide variety of options how this placement may manifest. For example, if a malefic planet is involved (like Saturn or Mars) or the 2nd house ruler has challenging aspects, you may need to apply a lot more effort into building your wealth and a sense of self-worth. It is possible that the outer world may impose its perception of you and your worth giving you a feeling of lack of personal freedom to choose for yourself. Remember that all of this can be changed by conscious work and self-awareness.

Contrary, if a beneficial planet is involved (like Venus or Jupiter), or the ruler has beneficial aspects, you may have an easier time gathering assets with your personal efforts, and much more FREEDOM of self-expression. Nevertheless, this astrological placement may be excellent for earning your resources in the areas related to Aries – leadership, entrepreneurship, management, the military, etc. (all the areas are described in this FREE ebook on career).

Lastly, I want to mention that any planet located in the first house will also have an impact on the possible physical characteristics of the individual. But physical appearance will be the topic of future posts, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates. In the meantime, you can grab the FREE astrological career report which is excellent to be combined with the potential of the second house!

Second house ruler in the 2nd house

This can be an extremely LUCRATIVE placement of the 2nd house ruler! However, this position has something in common with the previous one – always remember that your greatest potential for making money, building your wealth, and developing your self-worth will come from your own efforts and hard work! Well, here would be a good place to remind you that the whole chart has to be taken into account, and there may be other elements of the chart that signify being financially supported by other people. For example, that is why we need to also check the other houses of substance related to work and career to see the potentials there as well. Do not worry, I have made a FREE guide on how to find your most probable professional path, so make sure you take a look at the recommendations there as well.

OK, back to our 2nd house ruler in the second house placement! This is a very good position of this planet, and it often signifies that you may have an EXCELLENT approach to the area of finances, money, assets, and real estate. Even if you tend to be quite idealistic, impractical, or absent-minded in other areas of your life, you may be quite pragmatic and masterful when it comes to managing your assets and amassing cash!

On the negative side of this aspect (every astrological element has a positive and negative potential), you may also tend to be a bit too materialistic. If you think that making or having more money and wealth will solve all of your problems, think again! Either way, it is highly likely that life will show you what’s truly important. This is the house of values and you may work on and constantly develop your value system, and continuously redefine what’s truly valuable to you. However, this will also depend on the rising sign and the exact 2nd house lord.

Lastly, this placement may signify having more opportunities to build your WEALTH in the Taurus related professional areas – real estate, agriculture, farming, cooking, etc. (all the areas are in my FREE guide on career).

2nd house lord in the 3rd house

The third house is related to communication of all kind, marketing, sales, short-distance travel, education (especially primary education), and our siblings. So, the second house ruler in the third house placement may signify that these two areas of your life may be quite intertwined, and as you might have guessed – the possibilities are endless. Let’s see some of these!

The first and most obvious aspect of this placement is that you really LOVE communicating your values. You may feel powerfully drawn towards sharing and even teaching other people what’s important in life, and what’s not worth our effort. Your own self-worth may be enhanced or it may suffer based on your ability (or inability) to communicate your ideas!

The second aspect here is the ability and the potential for making money and gathering assets through your personal efforts in the areas related to the sign of Gemini – writing, speaking, sales, marketing, communication technologies, transport (especially to short distances), and education. I have described all professional areas related to each zodiac sign in my FREE guide on vocation, so make sure you check it out!

Thirdly, this second house ruler in the 3rd house placement may be a POWERFUL indicator that your siblings (if you have any) may contribute to your earning potential in some fashion – through partnerships, financial support, influential connections, etc.

However, I do wish to remind you that there are a lot of factors to take into account. For example, the exact planet which rules the second house, the sign it is placed in, and its aspects will influence your ability to amass assets and build your self-esteem!

Second house lord in the 4th house

The fourth astrological house (also called the Imum Coeli) is an extremely important section of the natal chart. It governs the areas of our home (the one that we were born in), our parents (especially the mother), our personal space, and our homeland. So, having your 2nd house ruler in the fourth house may point to a couple of scenarios.

First off, since this is the house related to the sign of Cancer, all Crab-related professional fields may be LUCRATIVE sources of your income – home décor, real estate, anything related to liquids, the sea, music or motherhood. (All professional areas related to the astrological signs are described in my FREE ebook on vocation!)

Second of all, regarding your value system and character development, as well as your earning potential – all of this can be deeply influenced by your parents, especially the mother. You may have an exact carbon copy of your parents’ (or your mother’s) value system and sources of income.

The 4th house is also the place from which our character and self-worth development begins, but for the individual with their second house ruler in the fourth house, the influence may be even more powerful and significant. However, I do wish to point out that in some cases, the fourth house may represent the father. In this case, the value system and the income sources of the dad will have a deeper impact in this regard. This is when the mother is the head of the family, the more successful parent, and the main breadwinner of the house.

Thirdly, this position of the house lord may signify that you may put a really strong emphasis on housing and/or your homeland. You may even feel like your SELF-WORTH is built upon your ability to have your own property and this may turn into a life-long goal of yours. Another option is that your origins and your homeland may be a great source of pride and self-esteem through patriotism and loyalty to your land. A lot of political figures (like Indira Gandhi and Charles de Gaulle) have this placement, and their earning potential and their whole careers is built on serving their countries!

2nd house ruler in the 5th house

Now that’s a fun and EXCITING placement! Well, they all are, but you will find out why I am saying this in a minute!

So, the fifth house in Astrology is related to the following areas – children, romance, hobbies, creativity, sports, and speculations. What does that say about the fields related to the second house?

To put it simply, having your second house ruler in the fifth house placement may signify that you may be a MASTER at making money from all these areas, such as turning your hobbies into side hustles or money-making machines! Well, the options are many, and let’s take a look at some of them! So, all Leo-related jobs and fields may be your GOLDEN ticket to making some good cash – these are theatre and acting, show business, sports, working with kids and adolescents, cardiology, owning a business, anything which requires some form of creativity and being under the spotlight, etc. Remember that these are just some of the areas associated with the Lion. I did my best to sum them all up in my FREE guide on professional development and achievements!

Needless to say, your sense of self-worth and self-esteem may also derive from having success in these 5th house related fields. For example, having EXCITING romantic relationships, and being desirable to the opposite gender may give a powerful ego boost. Since this is the house associated with the LOVE that we give to other people, you may have this inclination to show your affection to your loved ones with gifts and material possessions. Yes, it is also possible that the more wealth and assets you have, the more valuable you may feel. Or the achievements of your children may give you this sense of success and higher self-esteem. Keep in mind that all of these potentials may be quite hazardous if you manifest them to the extremes.

Another important aspect of this 2nd house ruler in the 5th house placement is to be careful with speculations, investments, and gambling. You may feel strongly pulled towards these areas (especially investing in gold), but I do remind you that there are lots of other elements in the chart that need to be analyzed. Moreover, every positive potential in the horoscope may turn sour if you do not use it wisely and reasonably. This placement may actually give you some earning POWER in these fields, but I remind you to proceed with caution, proper preparation, education, and personal responsibility. This can be a real quicksand no matter how positive the placement or the aspects are!

Second house ruler in the 6th house

If I have to choose a motto for this placement it would be “Work, work, work!”.  The sixth house in Astrology is the second house of substance, and it governs the areas of our day-to-day jobs, habits, physical wellbeing, service to others, and pets. So, logically, some of your sources of income, assets, and self-worth may actually come from these fields. Moreover, all professional fields related to the sign of Virgo might also give you some EXCELLENT ideas how to build your personal wealth. These are medicine, assistance and service of any kind, anything related to plants and animals (such as veterinary medicine or botany), and all professions where precision, analytical thinking, and focus on details is a must (like book-keeping or editing). All Virgo-related professions are described in detail in my FREEBIE on choosing a career according to your natal chart!

OK, what’s also possible for this EXCELLENT 2nd house ruler in the sixth house placement? And I say “excellent” for one main reason – as I mentioned previously, the 6th house is part of the 3 houses of substance pack, and it can actually give you some really good potentials for earning some good money and amassing quite some assets in your lifetime! And the simple reason for this is that the 2nd house is hugely focused on the valuables that we may gain through our personal efforts, while the 6th house is the house of work and habits. In other words, just building a strong work ethic, and developing some pivotal success habits may turn you into a POWERFUL money-making machine in the long run.

However, what’s the downside to this? The easy answer is becoming a workaholic. This placement may signify putting all your eggs in one basket called “job” or “career”. Your sense of worth may come solely from the amount of work that you do or the professional ACHIEVEMNTS that you reach. As you can see, this is always a double-edged sword, and the main risk here is that your personal life may suffer greatly. Pay some attention to how this situation plays out in your life, and keep in mind that we always need to take into account the whole chart.

Moreover, if you need to look at this placement from its highest potential (this is also something associated with Virgo – high moral and ethical standards), try to see yourself and the work that you do as being of service to some greater good. Remember that the key thing about the second house and your potential for having financial stability and a strong sense of worth is being VALUABLE!

2nd house lord in the 7th house

The seventh house in Astrology is deeply related to the areas of marriage, partnerships (both personal and business ones), and visible enemies and competitors. So, what does that mean? The simplest answer is that having your second house ruler in the seventh house may be an extremely LUCRATIVE placement for making money through all kinds of partnerships. This could be your own spouse or different people or both. However, the exact placement of the 2nd house ruler and its aspects may show you whether these partnerships will come easily to you or whether you may need to do some extra work on your diplomacy and the ability to make reasonable compromises.

Either way, the other side of this 2nd house ruler in the 7th house placement is having the immense potential to become more AFFLUENT by working in the Libra-related professional areas, such as the judicial system, mathematics and trade, currency exchange, beauty and aesthetics, art, fashion, etc. By the way, keep in mind that I have made detailed descriptions of all these areas related to each of the zodiac signs in my FREE ebook dedicated to finding your career path according to Astrology!

OK, but what happens with your self-esteem and a sense of worth? This placement is very interesting since the seventh house revolves around working in partnerships with other people. So, it may be quite common for people with this location of the second house lord to find their worth through others. How valuable you are to others, how well you cultivate the positive characteristics of the Scales may determine how well you may build your confidence and self-worth. Just to give you a nifty reminder – some of the BEST strengths of Libra are diplomacy, conflict mediation, courtesy, respectfulness and impeccable manners, communicativeness and friendliness, sophistication, etc. Try to focus a little more on other people – what they want and what their needs are. If you are able to help others and meet their deepest needs, money may not be a problem to you anymore. As the wise men like Les Brown say: “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Second house lord in the 8th house

Now that’s an interesting placement! Why? Because here we have the ruler of the house placed in the opposite astrological house. In other words, the second house rules the money and assets you can gather throughout your lifetime through your own personal efforts, while the eighth house is related to the money we can receive from other people. To make things even clearer, the 8th house in Astrology is associated with all kinds of money and assets that belong to others (like banking, insurance, taxes, inheritance, etc.). This is also the house of transformations, and some of the most profound forms of metamorphosis are surgeries, spiritual growth, death, and rebirth.

Now, how to combine these seemingly opposing areas? Well, the obvious possible explanation is that having your 2nd house ruler in the 8th house may be a POWERFUL signifiator for earning your living by receiving money and assets from other people. Some of the possible scenarios are actually receiving an inheritance, being materially supported by your spouse (or intimate partners), generally being helped by other people through emotional, moral, and even fanatic support (lots of politicians and venture capitalists have this placement).

On the other hand, this second house ruler in the eighth house placement may actually give you a unique opportunity to have some EXCELLENT sources of income by being employed in the areas of banking, managing and investing other people’s assets, insurance, tax law, surgery, becoming a funeral agent, etc. However, this aspect has to be supported by other elements of the chart related to your job and career. That is why I would encourage you to grab my FREEBIE on choosing a suitable line of career based on some of the potentials in your natal chart!

Lastly, as everything in Astrology, the exact placement of the house ruler and its aspects may make or break this situation. If the planet is afflicted or it is not well-placed, you may have a much more difficult time getting access to these resources from other people. More internal work and growth will be needed until you get to the point where the challenging aspects become stepping stones! Fingers crossed!

2nd house ruler in the 9th house

I really LIKE this position of the house ruler. Well, every aspect in Astrology can be extremely GOOD and beneficial or not. It all depends on how conscious we are of our behavior and how much we work on our personal growth. This is the key to make the most of your birth chart potential! But let’s get back to the second house ruler in the ninth house placement and why I like it so much! The ninth house is associated with some quite interesting areas of our life, like other countries, long-distance travels, academic education, philosophy, religion, and higher standards and ideals!

So, the most obvious result of this placement is for you to have a LUCRATIVE source of income, resources, and a sense of self-worth by investing your personal effort in the professional areas like international trade, international transport, tourism, adventurism, college education, religion, philosophy, etc. Do not forget to get my FREE guide on finding your BEST vocation to analyze some key aspects in your horoscope related to work and career! In this book you will also find all the professions related to Sagittarius (the sign associated with the 9th house).

However, what I also want you to remember is that the ninth house is the place of higher ideals and higher goals. What does that mean? To put it simply, having your 2nd house ruler in the 9th house may drive you to IMPROVE your financial status through trying to get to the better version of your income source – the higher octave so to speak. So, if you make your money by being a seamstress, this placement might motivate you to become a fashion designer. If you are a primary teacher, you may strive to become a college professor or a renounced lecturer. Since this is the house of the Archer – this may be a POWERFUL placement to always try to aim higher. You get the point!

And that’s not all! Here’s something intriguing about this house. The 9th house can be seen as a derivative house which means that this is the 3rd one from the 7th, and it may signify the siblings of your spouse (if there are any). Having your second house lord in the ninth house may actually help you build some really GOOD income streams with the help of your sister-in-law or brother-in-law. Keep this potential in mind

And as usual, the actual placement of the 2nd house ruler and its aspects can completely change the whole picture! If the planet is afflicted, all of these potentials may be a bit hindered or it might take much more conscious work and effort to amass your wealth in these areas!

Second house ruler in the 10th house

Oh, this is a really GOOD one! Well, they all are, but here’s why I say this here! Both the second and the tenth houses are part of the houses of substance trinity, and this placement seals their connection even more tightly! But what does that mean? Let’s find out!

So, the tenth house in Astrology (also called the Medium Coeli or the Midheavan) is a pivotal house which is associated with our highest potential for success, achievements, career, social status, reputation, our ego, and one of our parents (usually the father). Now you can see why this 2nd house ruler in the 10th house placement is so important! To put it simply, you may have EXCELLENT chances of earning good money through your career and professional accomplishments!

Moreover, this position of the lord may also give you some POWERFUL potentials for becoming really wealthy in some of the typical Capricorn areas, like management and leadership, politics (especially the conservative types), preservation and conservations of any kind, alpinism, etc. (All the professional areas related to the zodiac signs are detailed in my FREE pdf on choosing a line of career based on your birth chart.)

Here is something important to remember with this second house lord in the tenth house placement! The 2nd house is about our self-worth, while the 10th house is about our ego. So, you may tend to find your sense of self-esteem through your professional achievements and career advancement. If that does not happen (or if does not happen the way you expected it), your ego and your sense of worth may suffer significantly. Keep this in mind when you feel really down and out. How to get through these periods of emotional slump? If we only take into account the domains of these two astrological houses, we can say that you need to work on and cultivate some of the positive traits of the Goat as well as the Bull – discipline, maturity, responsibility, persistence, resilience, patience, and a strong work ethic.

Well, things are not so black and white in this ancient self-awareness system! The thing that may change how this situation plays out in real life is the house ruler itself. If it is well-placed, you may have an easier time being SUCCESSFUL in these areas, and you might also get some support from your father as well. (In some rare cases, the tenth house may represent the mother when she is the more successful parent and if she is the main breadwinner of the household!). If the lord is afflicted, more efforts and hard work will be needed to cultivate the aforementioned qualities, and this may be a life-long pursuit.

Moreover, you may actually notice some significant growth spurts after your Saturn return, provided that you really do the work required (the work on personal growth and actually putting up the effort in providing VALUE to other people).

2nd house lord in the 11th house

This is a SUPER cool placement, but you may have already learned it by now – every aspect of the natal chart can be used for good or evil! Let’s see how this second house ruler in the eleventh house might play out!

First off, the eleventh house in Astrology is related to our friends, social circles, clubs and organizations of all kind (especially based on interests), our goals and dreams, as well as the LOVE we receive from others. What does this information tell us? Well, logically, having your 2nd house ruler in the 11th house might be really helpful in establishing some income sources through your friends, acquaintances or clubs you are part of. This can manifest in a wide variety of ways – creating business partnerships with your buddies or being supported in your money-making pursuits by them. You may also choose your job that makes you some cash under the influence of your friendship circles and clubs.

Second of all, since this is the house related to the Water Bearer, this placement might also give you some AWESOME opportunities to become more financially stable through providing value in the Aquarius-related fields, like  technology (especially audio, video, television, radiology, etc.), electricity, New Age type of spirituality, science,  politics (especially the liberal branches), etc. Basically, everything that might help the advancement and betterment of humanity! Psst! All career fields related to the signs are described in my FREE pdf on choosing a profession and achievements!

Moreover, in terms of your self-worth, again – your friends might play a pivotal role in building (or ruining) your self-esteem. Smart people say that we become like the people we hang out with the most. As the saying goes: “Birds of feather flock together.” However, for the people with this position of the second house it may be even more important to pay close attention to their friendships and social circles. If your best buddies or your besties undermine your feeling of worth and confidence, it might be wise to think about changing your environment.

Remember that the exact placement of the lord plays a huge role in how all of this can manifest in reality! If the ruler is well-placed, you might have an easier time getting the most of this situation. You may also exhibit some of the positive traits if the Water Bearer in your money-making endeavors – inventiveness, ingenuity, friendliness, helpfulness, sociability, imagination, humanism, logical thinking, etc. Contrary, if the lord is afflicted, there may be significant challenges in the areas of the second house. You may be too anarchic and rebellious to stick to applying persistent effort into building your wealth and reaching financial stability. Fortunately, all these tendencies can be worked on and overcome!

Lastly, since the 11th house is the house of goals and dreams, this placement of the 2nd house ruler might be extremely GOOD for reaching your financial goals. However, there is one caveat – remember to apply the main principles of the second house – provide value to others, become valuable, work on your confidence, improve your skills and expertise, and apply your personal effort!

Second house lord in the 12th house

Yeah, I know – the last astrological house has a bit of a bad rap, and for a good reason! But here I will do my BEST to show that everything can be turned into your favor, if you choose to do the inner work, and grow! Let’s get to it! Now, let’s take a look at the last house in the natal chart and what it signifies! The twelfth house in Astrology is associated with our unconscious mind and unconscious behavioral patterns, pain and emotional suffering, limitations and closed spaces, hospitals, prisons, secret enemies, but also – our deep inner strength we are not aware of! Interesting, huh? So, let’s see how that applies to the 2nd house ruler in the 12th house placement!

First of all, the most obvious thing is that your money-making potential may come from working in these areas related to the last house. For instance, having some form of income stream from hospitals, prisons, or similar institutions. Furthermore, since this is the house related to the Fish, your earning potential might be beneficially influenced by all Pisces-related professional fields, like medicine (especially anesthesiology, psychology, and psychiatry),  anything related to the sea, the oceans, and all liquids (like having a refreshing drinks store or owning a sushi restaurant), etc. I have described all careers related to the 12 signs in my FREEBIE on choosing a professional path. Make sure you check it out!

Second of all, the twelfth house is also about secrets, working behind the curtains (literally or figuratively speaking), and illusions. So, this second house ruler in the 12th house placement might be really LUCRATIVE for earning money and gathering assets by being involved in such areas, like acting (acting is often connected to Pisces and the twelfth house because we “delude” the audience by playing a different character – we hide our own personality behind the mask of the hero or heroine we play), directing, puppetry, and illusionism.

Third of all, it is important to note that this placement may be quite beneficial for taking the full ADVANTAGE of doing any kind of psychological, spiritual, and personal growth work. Your self-worth and your ability to become financially stable might be in direct correlation to the process of becoming aware of and changing your unconscious beliefs, self-sabotaging behavioral patterns, childhood trauma symptoms, etc. Doing this inner work (like going to therapy, doing psychoanalysis, trying the family constellations method, doing shadow integration (based on Jungian psychology), healing your inner child wounds, etc.) might be the single most profound process of reaching your potential when it comes to improving your self-esteem and earning more. Of course, I do wish to point out that these methods are very serious and should be applied with responsibility. So, it is best to work with certified and experienced professionals!

Furthermore, I want to remind you that this is not just the house of our deepest fears and suffering. It is also the place of our inner strength that we are not fully aware of. By doing the inner work and inner healing, you may move away from the traumas and towards personal POWER and capability! The more you unravel what’s in your unconscious self, the better idea you will have on your hidden talents, shortcomings or behaviors, and the more agency you will possess to make some changes (if needed).  As the famous quote from Sheryl Sandberg goes: “We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”

Lastly, this position of the second house lord may be your golden ticket to using your natural STRONG intuition to find the best sources of income, confidence, and financial stability. However, the exact placement of the planet (or luminary) might help in this process or create quite a few challenges. It will greatly depend on whether it is well-placed with beneficial aspects or whether it is afflicted. And that’s a topic for another time, so I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you can get regular updates on all fresh new articles! Thank you! <3

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The Only Way to Learn Astrology vol. 3

OK, we have covered a lot today regarding the placements of the 2nd house ruler in houses. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of the natal chart analysis! Even if we take just one section and one area of the horoscope (like in this case this is money and assets), there are still a lot more details to cover and interpret.

So, if the topic of the second house intrigues you and you want to learn more about your potential for improving your self-esteem, providing value, and amassing more assets with your own efforts, I offer you to grab volume 3 of this AWESOME Astrology series! This is the final installment regarding the natal chart interpretation process, but it covers so many important elements that should not be skipped!


The main topic of the book is indeed the placements of the house rulers, and I mean all house lords, not just the 2nd house ruler! Well, you can actually learn a lot more about the specific location of the ruling planet of your house of values, but this is just one interesting aspect. In Astrology nothing is analyzed in isolation! Taking into account the whole horoscope and all the other 11 houses is crucial for getting the full picture. For example, you can combine the meaning of the second house with the other houses of substance, and add the descriptions of the placements of their lords as well. This will give you some vital information about the whole area of having a job, a line of career, and a stable source of income that are congruent with your personality and your IMMENSE potential locked in the horoscope! If you feel a bit overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start this process, I remind you to grab my FREE ebook guide on finding your most probable vocation. There you will learn the first few steps you need to take to see what professional path might be most suitable to you! Then, you can grab volume 2 of this series and analyze the other houses related to work and finances. And if this entire specific Astrology lingo sounds too hard to understand, do not worry – volume 1 is just for you! The first installment of the series deals with all the foundations every Astrology fanatic needs to know by heart!

OK, I digressed! Let’s get back to the main topic of today – the 2nd house lord! I chose volume 3 of this book series because it is the PINNACLE of the chart interpretation process and perfectly shows how intricate, detailed, and intriguing this algorithm can be! But there is one chapter in the volume (chapter 3) which can show you some helpful pointers in some particular areas of analysis. For example, you can learn some vital aspects of the horoscope interpretation when it comes to building meaningful relationships! Yes, we do have a specific branch of Astrology which deals with this topic in great details called Synastry (this is the main focus of volume 5). But here in this work you can get the gist of it as a nifty introduction to the vast world of Synastry! You can also learn about the specifics of physical appearance according to some key birth chart elements (like the Ascendant, for instance).


Another interesting part of this book is the exact birth chart interpretations of some famous people like Barbra Streisand and Princess Diana! It’s all well and good to read about the meanings of various elements of the chart, but the tricky part is and the real MASTERY happens when we need to tie them all together in a coherent and logical way! This is where having some examples at hand can be super helpful, so that we can go over these steps ourselves in the analysis of our own charts! In chapter 2 of the book you can actually see how the MAGIC happens!


RELATED: As I mentioned previously, the placements of the second house lords is just the tip of the iceberg when you interpret the immense potential of your ability to provide value and gain assets and resources! The actual zodiac sign that rules this house is just as important (if not more important). So, I encourage you to start there and learn more about your house of values and your earning potential! You can find the article down below! ↓↓↓

The 2nd house signs

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