40+ Amazingly Cute Cat Lovers Gifts (Cat Themed Gifts)

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40+ Amazingly Cute Cat Lovers Gifts (Cat Themed Gifts)


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Unique Amazing Cat Themed Gifts
Best Luxury Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

You probably have a dear cat person who has a special occasion and you need to find a suitable present to surprise them with. This could be a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day), Friendship Day, International Cat Day, etc. – if they love felines in every shape or form, this cat themed gift guide is for you! Your beloved cat lover does not even have to be a cat owner – everyone who adores kitties in general will be delighted to receive something cat related! And here you will find a ton of present ideas suitable for women (our beloved crazy cat ladies), men, and children – from cute ceramic coffee mugs to stylish lamps and statues! If your special someone is obsessed with these sweet furry purring machines, definitely take a look at these gift suggestions they might deeply appreciate to receive and have!

Let’s get to kitty business!

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Cute Affordable Cat Fan Gifts

Cat Mug Cute Ceramic Coffee Cup with Lovely Kitty Lid

Every cat fanatic would love to have a cute coffee mug with some form of feline design! That is why my first suggestion in this cat themed gift guide is this awesome heart-warming cup set. Pretty much everyone regularly enjoys some kind of hot beverage like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cappuccino, etc. So, why not grab your favorite cat loving person something which they would gladly use day in day out!

And I think this one in particular would make a great gift – it is made of durable high-quality ceramic, and it is conveniently paired with a stainless steel spoon, and a nifty lid for steeping herbs and tea. Plus, you can choose between several beautiful pastel colors to perfectly match your beloved cat person’s preferences – blue, pink, purple, and yellow. Moreover, keep in mind that the item is dishwasher and microwave oven safe which would definitely make their life easier! And finally, if your special feline fanatic is extremely demanding and protective of their furniture, you can definitely grab the set which includes a practical wooden coaster!


DOBIKULU Womens Grils Cute Animal Socks

Since we are on the topic of practical gifts, here’s something else which might pique your interest – these cute cat-shaped socks! Everyone needs multiple pairs of this footwear, so why not pick something feline-related for our favorite cat people’s special day – it might be a birthday gift or a surprise for Friendship Day, Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary!

When you are a cat fanatic, everything on this topic is deeply appreciated! But before you add this item to your shopping cart, note that there is only one size which is approximately 23-25 cm long (size 5 to 8.5 in the USA which corresponds to shoe sizes 6-11) and there are 5 pairs of animal socks in this set. Plus, the items contain 80% cotton and are very comfortable to wear. And something very important – the producer offers a risk-free guarantee: “If you are not satisfied with funky socks women, contact us any time, we will get you back within 24 hours try our best to make things right!


Hiss Funny Cats Kittens Rock Rockin Short Sleeve T-shirt Gift Tee

OK, I love this one! It is absolutely hilarious! And if your favorite cat person has a strong sense of humor, I bet they would love to receive a gift like this one! It is a fun humoristic t-shirt which mimics the popular rock band from the 80’s – Kiss. So, if your special person is also a huge rock music fanatic, this could be the perfect combo for a present for any type of occasion!

But still, this item remains a super cool practical gift which can be put into use for all kinds of situations – for going out with friends, practicing yoga or Pilates, working out at the gym, running errands, tackling household chores, etc. The tee contains large amounts of cotton which makes it super comfortable and the classic design would appeal to both men and women! Just remember to check the size chart to pick the correct one, and choose a suitable color (black, navy, asphalt, dark heather or royal blue) before you add this to your shopping cart!


Cat Mom Jewelry Keychain

Our pets are like members of the family, and we take care for them like we would do with our own children. So, it is not a surprise that many cat owners consider themselves cat moms or cat dads. And if that’s the case with your special feline fanatic, this cute cat mom keychain can be a really touching gift! Although it may seem like a small and inexpensive item, this could be the ultimate heart-warming symbolic present for the lady of the hour.

Every time she looks at it, it would remind her of you and her special purring baby! And besides, everyone needs a keychain – it is an extremely practical item which would be ideal for organizing one’s keys. Your favorite cat lady might need to have separate sets of keys for easier management – one for the home, one for the car, one for the villa, etc. So, a spare one of this item is always appreciated!


Show Me Your Kitties Wine Tumbler for Cat Lovers

This is another great practical cat themed gift for a loved one! These insulated tumblers are absolutely amazing tools for storing all kinds of tasty beverages and maintaining their temperature stable for hours and hours – about 3 hours for hot drinks and 9 for cold ones. Keep that in mind because even if your beloved feline fanatic is not a huge fan of wine, they would still find great value in this item.

The insulated stainless steel tumbler is ideal for keeping your coffee nicely warm while you are busy working or doing household chores; or keeping your refreshing ice tea cold during the hot summer days! Plus, the item has a special splash-proof lid and it is paired with a nifty stainless steel eco-friendly straw along with a special brush for easier maintenance. And if your special cat person is not fond of the rose gold color, you can pick something else which is much more suitable – mint, peacock violet or white glitter pearl. Finally, the tumbler is beautifully packaged in a stylish box ready for gifting!


CHMETE Fun Cat Refrigerator Magnets

OMG, aren’t they super cute?! This is probably one of the most heart-melting small and inexpensive gifts for every cat fanatic out there! Many of us use our refrigerators to attach various items which would become much more visible – sort of like a board where we can put our souvenir magnets from our trips around the world, our kids’ drawings, touching photographs, to-do lists, shopping lists, etc.

And if you are a fan of the New Age movement, your fridge can be a powerful manifesting tool for placing pictures of your desires (like a vision board). No matter how one likes to use their refrigerator door, they would always need a set of magnets to keep everything in place while being able to move it around and tweak things easily. So, if you are looking for something small, cute, and inexpensive, these awesome kitties are a great choice! Oh, I almost forgot! The magnets are also wonderful assisting tools for whiteboards as well! 


Women’s & Men’s Comfort Memory Foam Slippers

My next suggestion for a cat themed gift is this amazing pair of slippers, because everyone needs at least a couple of these items for all occasions – either for themselves or for guests. And for all the crazy cat ladies out there (or crazy cat gentlemen), receiving a set of such cute and comfy footwear can be extremely heart-touching.


Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent

If your beloved cat lover does not have such cute cat-shaped coasters, do not hesitate to grab them this set ASAP! Protecting the surfaces from liquid stains does not have to be boring with some plain coasters! Why not surprise your dear feline fanatic with these awesome and cute ones? They are not just sweet and heart-melting – these items are made with quality materials to ensure the best protection of the wooden furniture and give you the best user experience!

The coasters are crafted with premium ceramic stone with a non-slip and no-scratch cork base for ultimate convenience! Plus, the spilled liquid will be quickly absorbed for several seconds while keeping the table (or the desk) clean and dry! The set includes 4 cat-shaped coasters with the following dimensions: 4.25×4.25×0.275 inches (10.8×10.8×0.7 cm).


Cute Cat Water Bottle Stainless Steel

That’s another great aww-worthy item you can definitely consider getting your favorite kitty lover – a stainless steel insulated water bottle with a super cute cat ears cap! This is an indispensable product for keeping all kinds liquids with a stable temperature for a long period of time – plain water, juice, ice tea, coffee, etc.

The bottle can be a wonderful assistant to all joggers who love to have some fresh cool aqua during their long runs. Or maybe your beloved cat person is travelling a lot and likes to drink something nice and yummy while being on the road. Also, here’s another idea – I personally have a couple of these insulated bottles and regularly use them while being on the beach to keep my water and mocktails fresh and cool for hours and hours (the capacity of the container is 14 ounces/414 ml). And unlike most other types of bottles, this one is equipped with a special silicone strap for easier carrying. You also have two color options to choose from – rose gold and pink – perfect for any crazy cat lady! 😀


Whimsical Smiling Black Cat Figurine Funny Collectible

My next suggestion in this cat lovers gift guide is this awesome cutie pie – a sweet and heart-melting decoration cat figurine! The item is super cute and can be placed pretty much anywhere – in the living room, at the night stand, at the office desk, etc. – wherever your favorite feline fan would love to add some sweetness and be reminded of the beauty of all cats.

And don’t think that this is just a simple deco piece! It holds more power than you think! It is scientifically proven that looking at cute animals has a strong beneficial effect on our bodies and minds – it stimulates the production of “happy” hormones and helps us battle some serious discomforts which come from daily stress accumulation. So, this amazing figurine will be a great addition to your beloved cat person’s environment, especially where they would experience mental or emotional strain. But before you add this cool item to your shopping cart, note that you can choose between three cute color variations – black, gray, and orange. Moreover, keep in mind that this deco piece is a collectable and there are multiple of these which your crazy cat lady can get a hold of and make a cute set –  the store offers a cat angel, Buddha cat, happy playful cat, feline vampire, stretching cat, even a Christmas tree ornament!


Stationary Cat Lover Gifts

Sometimes small details have a great impact on our lives. In this case, if any cat fanatic has an office job, goes to school or has anything to do with all kinds of stationary, they would definitely love to have something feline related in this area – something to remind them of their own kitten babies or their cute obsession with the representatives of the felidae mammal family.

That is why my next suggestion for an aww-worthy gift is this set of amazingly cute cat-shaped stationary items – sticky notes (180 pieces), paper clips (60 pieces), and gel ink pens (6 pieces). I think this is a wonderful way to add some sweetness to one’s office space (including the home office) or studying desk. And the cool part is that this cat themed set is a wonderful present for both kids and adults – as long as they are true feline fanatics, I am sure they would be thrilled to have one of these!


PUDDING CABIN Long Tail Cat Ring Holder Dish

This next cutie pie is probably one of the best gifts for any true crazy cat lady out there for her special occasion – a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Friendship Day, Christmas, even International Cat Day! If your favorite cat person loves wearing all kinds of beautiful rings, this jewelry holder can be a wonderful present to surprise them with – it would definitely make her go “Aww!”.

The cool thing about this item is that it is extremely space-efficient unlike most jewelry boxes, as well as being super cute and heart-melting! So, I bet any feline lover would be delighted to place their rings on a precious deco piece like this one – yes, it is so elegant and exquisite, that it would perfectly work as a stylish ornament for any room in the house or the office! Also, keep in mind the following specifications to make sure you are happy with the size and dimensions before buying – the product is made of a quality ceramic material, it weighs about 7.8 ounces, and it is approximately 10 cm high and 10 cm wide.


Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser

Let’s get back to the topic of office supplies and cool stationary items! If you liked the gift idea at number 12, this suggestion may also pique your interest! It is a cute and unique cat-shaped post-it note dispenser any feline fan would love to have! This is a wonderful way to show your favorite cat person how much you appreciate them by surprising them with something awesome related to their feline obsession!

Plus, it is a super practical item which would keep their sticky notes at hand and would add lots of sweetness to their working or personal space. I am sure this product would draw the attention of their co-workers and it would become a great conversation starter! Keep in mind that the item comes with one batch of post-it notes, and if you wish to add some more as re-fills, their size is 3 inch x 3 inch – just like these right here where each one is attached to the opposite side of the next note (the accordion-style notes)! This would make a wonderful gift set!


HUYAW It’s Not Cat Hair It’s Kitty Glitter Throw Pillow

Every self-respected cat fanatic would love to have all kinds of feline-related stuff around the house, including some fun decoration pieces like this cool throw pillow! If your special cat person has a strong sense of humor and would appreciate something like this, do not hesitate to grab it and surprise them on their next big day.

Well, let’s face it – having a pet is truly a challenge, especially when it comes to dealing with hairs and keeping the house clean and tidy. Unfortunately, there is no getting around this topic of shedding, and the best way to manage the situation is changing our attitude towards it. So, this fun pillow design would be a great reminder that owning a cat has its downsides, but in the end of the day – what matters the most is the warm feeling these precious animals give us. All these hairs stuck on the furniture and our clothes are definitely worth it! So, if you like this idea, grab this item ASAP!


Ukey Cat Wall Clock with Swing Tail Pendulum

OMG, I can’t decide which one of these cat themed items are the cutest! And this one is definitely one of the top ones! Since we are on the topic of practical decoration pieces, I think this cat-shaped wall clock would be a great addition to your beloved cat lover’s living space (or the office). And I say “decoration piece” because we all know that in today’s day and age we have loads of digital devices which are equipped with extremely accurate timepieces – computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Nevertheless, wrist watches and wall clocks haven’t gone out of style yet! And the simple reason for this is that they hold great value for their beautiful aesthetics! That is why my next recommendation for a cool present to anyone who loves kitties is this amazing and practical clock! Do you know which the best part is? Well, at least in my opinion. The swinging tail which works as a cool pendulum. I bet that every house guest will be in awe of this cat-shaped timepiece! Remember that you can choose between two main colors – black and white (with some colorful patches).


Hashtag Collectibles Purritos

As I said previously, all of these product suggestions are some really cool aww-worthy items! To me as a crazy cat lady myself, this is the most enjoyable gift guide I have ever done! Just take a look at this sweet heart-melting plush kitten! And if you are wondering what exactly this stuffed cat is, worry not – it is a cat burrito – it is so cute that you want to eat it!

The funny part is that this amazingly sweet toy is actually wrapped in foil, just like a regular burrito, so that your favorite cat person would have a wonderful unwrapping experience. Well, you can’t argue with the fact that the human imagination has no limits! And just like with the cutie pie in suggestion #10, these soft purritos are collectibles – the store offers a tuna purrito, matcha, pork bun, mocha (Japanese rice cake), tamago (a type of Japanese omelet), and more! Now I don’t know whether I am hungry for food or for cuddling with some cute kittens!


How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

If your special feline fan has a strong sense of humor, this awesome and hilarious book would make a great gift! It is an all-time classic in popular culture and you might have seen it on meme sites or on some fun social media pages. If you put the title into any search engine, you will see tons of hilarious pictures that would brighten your day!

But this is not just another gag gift – it is an actual feline-related book filled with interesting facts and valuable information which explains cat behavior in a very funny easily digestible way! Sort of like what Jackson Galaxy does, but with a ton more humor! So, if you are looking for both a fun and practical gift for your favorite cat owner or a feline fan, this would be a top hit! And if you wish to take the gag level even higher, then definitely take a look at this hysterically funny masterpiece! Feel free to combine both books for even better belly-aching laughing results! Oh, I almost forgot, note that the volume has a special pull-out poster at the back of the paperback! Cool, right?


Amazing Unique Cat Themed Gifts

Leaf Cat Pearl Earrings

If you have a special cat-loving lady and you wish to surprise her with something exquisite and feline-related, look no further! This set of elegant pearl earrings is probably the best choice for this purpose! At this point you may have sensed how strong any cat obsession can be, and everything cat themed can be a gold mine for cool presents which would be deeply appreciated!

And if your special lady is a cat owner herself, this could be an even more cherished gift! The cool part of these items is that they are not obtrusive at all, they are super elegant, they can perfectly match pretty much every clothing color scheme, and are ideal for every type of occasion – formal or informal. Keep in mind that you can choose between a couple of variations – neutral pearl, gold, purple, rose gold, and yellow – depending on your lady’s preferences. And if you wish to make a cute feline-related gift set, the producer S.Leaf offers a matching sterling silver cultured pearl cat necklace with the same shape! Both items come in a beautiful gift box and a special polishing cloth!


6 Pack Cat Planter Pots

Here’s another great suggestion for a gift for your favorite cat lover – a beautiful set of ceramic planter pots decorated with some cute kitty snouts! These amazing sweet cat themed items can be used as cute decoration pieces or they can also be extremely practical for every cat owner. For instance, the pots can be used as planters for all kinds of small botanicals like succulents, cacti, fresh herbs for cooking (parsley, mint, rosemary, lemongrass, basil, etc.), and small bulbous flowers (hyacinth, snowdrop, daffodil, muscari, etc.).

On the other hand, the containers can be ideal for planting small batches of cat grass, which is extremely important for the feline digestive system. If your dear feline fanatic is a cat owner, these pots can be put into good use – planted with wheat, barley or rye seeds, and scattered around the house, so that the kitten can always have some greenery to munch on! However, just a reminder – the items are ceramic and they need to be well fixated so that the cat won’t push them over and break them!


Sviuse Cat Blanket

Speaking of cat themed gifts which are both super cute and practical, let me make another suggestion for a surprise for your beloved feline fan for their special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, an anniversary, International Cat Day, Mother’s Day, etc.) – an extremely cool throw blanket!

Well, these items are always needed in every household and can be put into use for all kinds of situations – for covering the furniture, keeping one’s self cozy in the winter while reading books or watching TV, as a bedspread, and of course – for adding an extra layer of warmth while you sleep. No matter the purpose it would be used for, this cute blanket beautifully decorated with cute kitties is a wonderful present for every proud cat owner or cat lover! But before you add it to your shopping cart, keep in mind that you can choose between two sweet designs (all white or black kittens on a white background), and two different sizes – 50”x60” and 60”x80”.


Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

OMG, these are so cute! Well, I would say this for all the feline themed items in this cat lovers gift guide, but still, these are some aww-worthy sweet measuring spoons! So, if your favorite cat person is also fond of cooking all kinds of delicious meals (especially desserts), this set of kitchen accessories can be an absolute hit for a present!

And as I mentioned before, using our closest people’s cat obsession to our advantage when choosing them a suitable gift is always a good idea! Because pretty much every feline fanatic would be thrilled to have all kinds of items around the house to remind them of the heart-melting cuteness of some fluffy kitties! So, as I said, if your feline fan loves making some tasty stuff in the kitchen, help them out with the preparation of the ingredients – the spoons are designed for measuring ¼ tsp., ½ tsp., 1 tsp., and 1 Tbsp. And if you wish to make a super cute set, definitely consider adding the Joie Meow Cat Stackable Kitchen Measuring Cups kit!


Solar Paw Print Lights

Does your favorite cat person have a beautiful house with a lawn, a garden or a yard? If so, definitely consider surprising them with these cute paw-shaped lights! Decorating the yard with some solar powered lighting can be extremely satisfying – it adds a certain positive feeling of coziness and warmth! And for any cat owner these can truly be a heart-touching gift for any occasion.

Oh, I should also mention that the lights could also be extremely valuable to dog fans as well! The set contains everything you need for a cute and fun lawn decoration – a solar panel which needs about 6-8 hours of charging to provide 8-10 hours of illumination, 4 ultra cute animal paws, detachable stakes for better fixation on flower beds, and a remote control which could change the lighting into 16 different colors! Cool, right?


Tooarts Cat Shaped Wine Holder

Now let’s say that your beloved feline fanatic is also a true wine connoisseur, and you wish to pick something special for their big day – a present which is as personalized as possible which would spark joy in their heart! Well, I think that this cat-shaped wine bottle holder may tick all the boxes. It is a super cute and practical gift any cat lover would appreciate to have.

And even if they are not that into drinking this red elixir of the gods, this nifty metal stand could be perfect as a beautiful decoration piece for the living room – it would definitely make their guests’ hearts melt and keep them in awe! Keep in mind that the item is made by skillful craftsmen with quality paint which would not peel and it would prevent the metal from gathering rust. Also, if you wish to make a cute cat themed gift set, consider combining this bottle holder with the insulated wine tumbler from suggestion #5 or this adorable “Show Me Your Kitties” wine glass with a similar design.


Leaf S925 Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

Do you remember the cute cat-shaped pearl earrings from suggestion #18? Well, as it turns out, the guys and gals from S.Leaf offer some amazing feline themed jewelry! You can definitely take advantage of their products and choose something suitable for your special crazy cat lady! These beautiful, elegant, and cute accessories can be perfect presents for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

I mean, just look at this aww-worthy kitty-shaped pendant which looks like the feline is hanging on the chain! It’s so adorable! But the cute design is not the only quality aspect of this necklace – the item is made of solid 925 sterling silver; with a mirror polish finish; and it does not contain any nickel which makes it perfect for all skin types! Also, before buying this awesome cutie pie, make sure you are happy with the dimensions – 0.78”x0.23” (2 cm x 0.6 cm), and the chain is 40 + 5 cm long. Moreover, the item is elegantly wrapped in a sturdy gift box along with a small polishing cloth, and an instruction manual how to maintain the pendant in top condition!


Funny Candles – Crazy Cat Lady

I know it is obvious that these kinds of gifts are suitable only for people with a strong sense of humor. Otherwise, it would be an extremely awkward situation! And calling a certain woman a “crazy cat lady” is definitely not something offensive – it is a humoristic slang for someone who is quite obsessed with cats and everything which has to do with the feline animal family.

So, if you have a special lady you wish to surprise and she is super fun and has a naughty sense of humor, this awesome candle can be a perfect gift! But don’t think that this is just an item for laughs and giggles – it is actually a pretty good and nifty candle made of quality ingredients. It is a 100% natural product made of soy wax; premium fragrance oils with the enchanting aromas of sandalwood, citruses, and spices; and zero paraffin (which is a petroleum by-product). And finally, I am pretty sure that the container can be repurposed for storing all sorts of trinkets or homemade skin care products!


Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Mug

We are reaching cuteness levels that shouldn’t be possible! We started this cat themed gift guide with a super sweet and heart-melting coffee cup, but this set right here is also absolutely worthy of all of our attention! This could be an extremely suitable present for couples who are both dedicated feline fanatics! In other words, if you are looking for a wedding or an anniversary gift for cat owners or cat fans, this might be your top pick!

The pair consists of two super cute ceramic mugs for coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. (the cups are microwave and dishwasher safe), and two cat-decorated spoons for easier blending. The dimensions are as follows: the cups are 3.5” high and 2.9” wide, and the spoons are 5.6” in height. Plus, you can choose two variations of the set – one regular one, and one which contains even cuter baby kitten inside the cup! Absolutely adorable! For more aww-worthy cat-shaped and feline themed items, definitely visit the Koolkatkoo store and take a look at the wide variety of products there (such as coasters, succulent planters, canisters, and even ashtrays! Oh, they have an amazing coffee mug with a special lid which also works as a smartphone stand! Cool, huh?)! Oh, and one more thing, keep in mind that the seller offers a risk-free purchase, and should you have any issues with the items, you can contact the merchant ASAP!


WoneNice Portable Cute Cat Silicone LED Night Lamp

Here’s another great gift that any feline lover would definitely love to have and receive for their big day – a super cool cat-shaped night lamp! This could be an even better and more suitable present for kids, and as we know – pretty much every child loves pets and pet-related items (the product is generally safe for kids, but the recommended age is 12 and above)!

So, this cute silicone LED lamp can beautifully work as a gentle source of light for any room or a sweet heart-melting decoration piece which would add a soft, warm, and cozy atmosphere! The item can work in two different modes – exuding one static color among 7 options or all seven of them can gradually change over a certain period of time. The lamp is equipped with a rechargeable battery which allows the device to operate for up to 17 hours. And finally, if you (or the recipient of the gift) are not happy with the product, the item is eligible for returns in its original condition within 30 days of the receipt.


Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug set

If you are looking for a suitable cat-related gift for couples (just like suggestion #26), then take a look at this adorable mug set! This is probably the best present option for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day! If he and she are both hard core feline fanatics, this could be a wonderful surprise for their special occasion!

Keep in mind that the items are hand painted, so in a way they are all unique. Also, before picking this product, make sure you are happy with the size – each cup has a capacity of 350 ml (11.8 oz.). On the other hand, the mugs do not need to be washed by hand – they are perfectly dishwasher and microwave oven safe! Moreover, the products are beautifully packaged in an aww-worthy box ready for gifting! An important note by the producer – since these cute romantic items are ceramic, it is possible that there might be some damages during transportation. If that’s the case, or if you have any other complaints, do not hesitate to contact the seller!


Cat Mom Gift Set for Women

So far we have covered a lot of cat themed products – cat-shaped earrings, coffee mugs, lamps, candles, etc. But if you wish to grab a suitable gift set for your dear feline lover, this might be the answer to your prayers – an aww-worthy cat-related kit for any special occasion – a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, International Cat Day, and so on.

The set consists of one nifty insulated stainless steel tumbler which comes with an eco-friendly straw and a cleaning brush, a pair of ultra cute cat lovers socks, one all-natural soy candle with a sweet feline design equipped with a super adorable moon cat carousel. If you are unfamiliar with these candle toppers – they help with the distribution of the scent and beautifully work as elegant decoration pieces. However, if this gift is meant for a cat owner, it is best to be extremely careful so that the kitty won’t start playing with the rotating toy and topple the candle! On the bright side, this fun and cure carousel can be repurposed for other candles as long as the outer diameter matches the one of the topper! Cool, right?


Sterling Silver Cat Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Birthstone Crystal

If you have a special crazy cat lady and you wish to surprise her for her next big day with something heart-touching and cat related, definitely consider getting her this adorable kitty necklace! But this is not just a sweet cat-shaped pendant – this is a classy high-quality accessory crafted with sterling silver and an exquisite shiny Swarovski crystal!

You have three options to choose from, depending on your beloved cat mom’s preferences – rose, aquamarine blue, and universal clear crystal. This way she can match her next addition to her jewelry collection of cat-inspired items with her preferred color of the attire! But before you add this aww-worthy product to your shopping cart, let’s take a look at the dimensions, so you can make sure you are happy with the size of the necklace – the kitten itself is 0.76” x 0.4” (19.3 mm x 10.2 mm), and the chain length is 18 inches (45.72 cm). And finally, the item comes wrapped in an elegant branded box ready for gifting!


VP Home Fancy Feline Cat Outdoor Garden Decor Wind Chime

Wind chimes are a wonderful outdoor decoration accessory for the porch, the garden or even the balcony. But don’t think that these items are merely used for their undeniable aesthetics! These could be super practical as well, and they can serve a couple of purposes. First, the most obvious one is the sound effect they produce – it can be extremely soothing and pleasant to the ears.

Second, they can be a super cool and elegant weather accessory which would easily and quickly tell us if there is wind outside and how strong it actually is. And third, this is a bit more woo-woo, but you may have already heard about this one – the sound effect they produce is believed to have a positive energetic influence on the environment. This is something very similar to the benefits of the Tibetan singing bowls or the special bells for creating sacred space called ting sha! Either way, having a beautiful cat themed wind chime would be a wonderful gift for any feline lover or owner! It would definitely add more charm to their living environment!


Whimsical Grey Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder

This next cute feline related gift idea is from the same decoration piece series from suggestion #10, but I think this exact one deserves some special attention. This product is not just a sweet and heart-melting decorative figurine. It could actually be put into good use and serve as a nifty and cute salt and pepper holder!

This could be a top hit for your special cat person. And the best part is that it would not just be something they would enjoy by themselves – the item can be a stylish accessory for every friend or family gathering and would make the guests’ jaws drop! Keep in mind that you can pick among three sweet and beautiful colors – gray, black, and orange. And if one of these matches the color of your cat owner’s kitty, this might be the best present ever! Finally, let’s take a look at the dimensions! This adorable kitty cat salt and pepper holder is 7.25″ high, 5″ wide, and 3.5″ long which is pretty nice!


Yoruii Plush Toy Black Cat

The general consensus is that black cats bring bad luck, but I think that this statement cannot be further from the truth! Every cat is precious and has this unique ability to give us a feeling of wellbeing, love, and coziness, regardless of the color of their fur! Actually, whenever I see a black cat crossing the street, I always say a positive affirmation that something good is awaiting around the corner!

So, do not be afraid to surprise your beloved cat person with this cute soft plush toy! The item is suitable for men, women, and kids (the recommended minimum age is 7 years and up) – as long as they are true feline fanatics and would gladly surround themselves with all sorts of adorable cat themed items! But do not think that this is just a cute soft decorative sofa pillow! The cat-shaped toy can perfectly work as a real head pillow, a neck support, backrest accessory or a soothing cuddling buddy for restless people of all ages! This could even be the next favorite toy for the cat itself – they do love soft and squeezable plushies to keep them warm and cozy throughout the winter as much as we humans do! Keep in mind that the pillow is filled with cotton and it is best to be washed by hand for just a couple of minutes – it is not suitable for machine washing. Also, you can choose between two different sizes – medium (40cm/15.7″) and large (55cm/21.7″).


Cat Angel Memorial Statue

Unfortunately, no matter how much we love our pets, their lifespans are much shorter than ours and more often than not, we have to face their demise. It is a really sad and heart-breaking experience. And as far as the true feline fanatics go, this could be even more traumatic. So, a lot of passionate cat owners grieve for their beloved kitties just like they would do with a dear family member.

That is why my next gift suggestion is something really touching which would be deeply appreciated by any cat person who experienced the loss of their animal companion – a cat-shaped memorial statue. Remembering our sweet and loving pets does not have to be suffering, and with this precious gift you can help your beloved feline lover go through this painful process more easily. The cool part about this product is that it actually contains a bouquet of flower seeds that you can plant and create a marvelous colorful garden in memory of that dear furry friend – Petunia, Poppy, Snapdragon, Beardtongue, Chamomile, Daisy, Maiden Pinks, Thyme, Catchfly, and Foxglove. Plus, you can choose among two elegant and marvelous variations of the statue – angel cat sitting or angel cat sleeping on pillow.


Coffee Warmer with Mug

OK, let’s brighten up the mood a little bit, shall we? Just reminding myself of the loss of my own dear tom cat Johnny made me extremely sad. Good thing that we have loads of cute and fun feline related items to cheer us up! Like this adorable coffee warmer with a mug. Well, this cat themed gift guide has some amazing aww-worthy coffee and tea cups, but this nifty warming gadget really does make a difference! No one likes their tasty hot beverage getting cold.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s inevitable when we are at work, or when we are swamped with household chores, or when studying. That’s when this practical device can come quite handy! And besides, the ceramic cup itself is absolutely heart-melting! But keep in mind that this gift set is suitable for both men and women, and if your special cat person is not a huge fan of pink, you can choose a different more suitable color – black, green, and white!


Best Luxury Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

RealSteel 9 Lives Together Cats

The cool part of this decoration piece is that it could beautifully work as a present for a cat owner or for couples in case of a wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It could be the perfect representation of our love and affection towards our beloved romantic partners, friends, family members, and furry companions – and as one of the Amazon reviewers perfectly described it as “Love in Caternity!” I just adore this phrase – sounds amazing!

Keep in mind that there are several size options you can choose from – 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36” (I guess these are diameter sizes), as well as a couple of cool colors – black, gold, red, rust, silver, and penny vein. Also, here’s an interesting info bit – if you are based in the USA and you like supporting your local economy, this amazingly adorable wall art is crafted by talented artisans from Texas with American steel.


YOWU RGB Cat Ear Headphone

Let’s take the feline related gift ideas to the next level! I present to you this cute cat ear-shaped headset! If your favorite cat person is a tech geek and frequently uses headphones when working on their computer, for gaming, listening to music, making online calls, etc., this item can be a top choice for a present!

If you are in dire need of a practical gift for your special someone’s cat obsession, this might be it – it could be a wonderful surprise for a birthday, Christmas, Friendship Day, International Cat Day, etc. The cool part is that the headset is actually equipped with special jaw-dropping lighting with different settings – it would definitely make quite the impression and quickly become the center of attention – especially if they are a passionate video streamer – it would definitely help them stand out. Also, you can choose between a few cute colors – black, pink, white, and blue!


Chongker Stuffed Animals Handmade Realistic Ragdoll Cat

Plush toys are nice and cute, but these handmade realistic ragdoll cat plushies are something else indeed! You get an inanimate object which is easy to care for (unlike a real cat) which looks exactly like the real thing! So, this item is ideal for a gift for a small child (the recommended age is 12 and above) or as a pet animal for the elderly who need a companion but do not have the capacity to care for them.

And last but not least – every feline fanatic out there would love to have such a cute and realistic ragdoll cat, especially if it looks like a clone of their own pet! It would be a wonderful source of hilarious photos and videos of their cat’s reaction to the… clone! In this sense, beside the ragdoll breed the manufacturer offers British shorthair and a Siamese. If your beloved cat person has some of these breeds at home, definitely consider surprising them for their next big day!


Wall Cat Bed Cat Shelves

This next gift idea is perfect for cat owners! So, if you are looking for a cool and practical present for your beloved feline fan, definitely consider getting them this awesome cat shelf. If you have no clue what this item is for, I will try to explain briefly. Well, cats are not fully domesticated and they do love to feel safe and secure in their personal space.

You simply think you own your home, but it actually belongs to your cat – it is their territory! 😀 That is why these furry felines love climbing on lofty spots where they can observe what’s happening down there and keep an eye on the situation from a safe distance. Hence, it is always a good idea for every cat owner to provide such secure and cat-proofed observation tower. And if your beloved crazy cat lady or a feline fan still does not have one of these, definitely consider surprising them with one for their special occasion! Their pet would be extremely happy as well! Plus, if you are familiar with the color shades of the room, you can pick a cat shelf which would perfectly match the surroundings – white, dark walnut, light, black, oak, or grey.


VERDUGO GIFT Curious Cat Lamp

Let’s get back to the cat-shaped items every self-respected feline lover would love to receive for any special occasion! My next gift suggestion is this cute and practical curious cat lamp – definitely a useful product for everyone who adores these loving furry pets! This is a wonderful addition to any room or personal space – as a night stand lamp, an additional source of light for the living room, or simply as an elegant decoration piece.

The main thing is the recipient of this surprise to love felines in every shape or form. If that’s the case, I am sure they would be delighted to add this to their cat themed items! But before you add this lamp to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the dimensions: Shade: 13 3/4″ diameter x 8″ high. Base: 6 1/2″ diameter x 14 1/4″ high. Power Cord: 54″ long. Weight 3.6 pounds Dimensions 13.8″ x 13.8″ x 21.9″.


Hop Skip Cat Moon Shelf

Here’s another great and cute feline shelf you can pick as a suitable gift for your dear cat loving person. But unlike the previous suggestion, this one is much more suitable for people rather than the cat itself. So, this could be a wonderful present for anyone who is a true feline fanatic no matter if they actually have some of these amazing furry pets or not.

This can be a super nifty decoration piece for placing all kinds of cute trinkets, keepsakes, treasures, or healing crystals and gemstones for creating a more hippy-like or Wiccan vibe! Keep in mind the following dimensions before purchasing this item – the diameter of the bookshelf is 15.75 inches (40 cm), each level is 2.76 inches (7 cm) wide, and the space between them is 3.5 inches (9 cm). Also, as I mentioned before in the previous cat shelf option, felines love climbing on high places where they feel secure and in charge of the situation. So, it is a good rule of thumb if one decides to use this item to display small keepsakes, to keep it off the cat’s reach – it would definitely try to push the trinkets down the floor!


Design Toscano WU74309 Royal Bastet Cat Goddess Egyptian Jewelry Box

If you are searching for a more exquisite and classy-looking gift for your dear cat person, this might be your top choice! This is probably the most suitable feline themed present for any self-respected crazy cat lady or any purring fanatic out there! The two main factors you need to consider are – a strong cat obsession and a need for a stylish and practical jewelry box.

Well, to be honest, this item is so elegant and exquisite that it could beautifully work as a decoration piece for anyone who in intrigued by the topic of felines, ancient Egypt and its mystical mythology or Bastet in particular – the goddess of “the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth” (as described in Wikipedia). In other words, this could be a wonderful gift which could be intended as a powerful charm for home protection – you know how magical our intentions are! But, as usual, before you add this to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the measurements!


Taiyoko Black Cat Statue Décor

Speaking of beautiful and stylish decoration pieces, just take a look at this cutie pie! I am sure you know that every hard core cat lover thinks felines are the royalties of the animal kingdom, and cats also know this fact! So, if you are looking for a kitty-related present for your special someone, this amazingly beautiful statue might be the answer to your prayers.

Just look at this sweet heart-melting smile – isn’t it aww-worthy? The item is ideal for adding more cute furry vibes into every room or space, even the office – there is nothing better for brightening the mood of any feline fanatic during the daily grind, than by looking at a sweet kitty! And this is not just a figure of speech – it is scientifically proven that merely observing cute animals works as a powerful stress-relief method (even if it’s just an inanimate object!). As long as the item sparks joy and warms the heart, it is perfect for soothing the pressure and stabilizing the whole cardio-vascular and nervous systems! Oh, and here’s the cool part – the manufacturer offers a top notch after-sale service: “If the product is damaged during transportation, please contact us in time, and we will give you a reply and solution within 24 hours.


Wall Pictures for Living Room Egyptian Goddess Bastet

While we are on the topic of decoration pieces, here’s another gift suggestion for everyone who loves kitties in all shapes, sizes, and forms – a magnificent Bastet wall art! As you may have already guessed, this could be a wonderful addition to the jewelry box I mentioned in point #42 – these two can make a perfect gift set, if you wish to make one.

Just like with the jewelry box, this item can work beautifully for any kind of Egypt-related environment to create the ideal mystical and mythical atmosphere! Keep in mind that there are three different sizes to choose from – 50” x 24”, 60” x 32”, and 60” x 40”. And one really cool feature of this canvas is that it is waterproof – so even some accidental splashes of liquid won’t be a problem with this deco piece (well, everyone has had some hilarious situations with a bottle of champagne! 😀 )!


Rain House Cat Mugs with Infuser and Lid

Oh my goodness! Isn’t this the cutest? Well, I say this about pretty much every cat related item in this gift guide, but that’s simply because I just keep getting more and more astonished by the human genius! How can people create so much beauty and so much heart-melting sweetness that you just want to stare at these items and go “Aww!” all day long!

So, I bet your special feline obsessed person would also deeply appreciate a ceramic tea set like this one – it is absolutely adorable and practical at the same time. Infusing aromatic botanicals has never been so enjoyable, even if you are at the office. And speaking of working hard on the daily grind, this tea kit would be a wonderful item to bring to the office and make all your colleagues’ jaw drop in awe!


PajamaGram Soft Flannel Pajamas Women Pet Lover

Everyone needs comfy and soft pajamas, right? And what this means is that this is a golden opportunity to get your beloved crazy cat lady one decorated with her favorite felines! Because we all deserve some good quality sleep wearing comfortable clothing made of aggregable fabrics – in this case 100% cotton.

The design is inspired by male PJs (the so called boyfriend style) for their roomy fit which gives you the ultimate feeling of coziness and warmth while being spacious enough to allow lots of freedom of movement! Plus, the garment is easily maintained by being machine wash safe. Moreover, since the design is gender neutral, this could be a wonderful present for couples by choosing the appropriate sizes or if someone is a dog lover, they can order the blue variation which would be more suitable. I really like this gift idea – it is versatile, practical, and cutely decorated with lots of kitties!


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