The Best Manifesting Tools (Law of Attraction Tools)

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The Best Manifesting Tools (Law of Attraction Tools)


Table of contents:
Law of attraction books
Law of attraction movies – one of the best manifesting tools
Visualization – the most powerful law of attraction tool!
More law of attraction tools and supplies

Here you will find some of my most favorite manifesting tools for creating your preferred reality as effortlessly and quickly as possible. But be aware that this is a process, especially at first when we need to really get used to the idea that we actually create our reality. So, it takes some time and work, but the more we do it, the easier it gets and the more we integrate these practices and make them part of our life instead of just temporary fixes. And before you begin your law of attraction journey, let me just make an important note (you will read it over and over again in this article because it is absolutely essential) – no matter what tool you use or what exercise you pick, remember that it is all about the vibration you emit on a daily basis. In other words, the basic LOA principle we need to focus on is tending to our emotions and our dominant energetic frequency – that’s what all these practices aim to do – to get us the feeling that we already have what we desire! And since this is quite the paradox, it takes time and effort to wrap our minds around this idea. So, be patient with yourself and try different approaches. In this article you will find various options and some of the most common and powerful LOA tools you can start using right away – from visualization, vision boards, positive affirmations, brain priming, family constellations, and everything which has to do with reminding ourselves of the creative abilities that we hold!

Let’s begin!

Law of attraction books

You may be familiar with the basic concepts of the law of attraction and the art of manifesting your dreams, but I still think it is extremely valuable to keep reading books on this topic. The main reason behind this is that the idea of us creating our own reality is so earth-shattering that getting used to it and putting it into practice is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. We tend to fall off the wagon and forget that our beliefs, our emotions, and our vibration shape our experiences. So, we need to remind ourselves every now and then of what we are trying to achieve and the most effective manifesting tools at our disposal. That is why my very first suggestion for getting into the habit of deliberately creating your life is going back to the main principles by reading and re-reading them until they become second nature.

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Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

This is one of my top picks for a law of attraction books – if you haven’t read it yet, make sure you grab your copy ASAP! What I like about this read in particular is that it focuses on the most important part of the manifesting process (in my opinion, of course) – our vibration expressed through our emotions. Most law of attraction teachings describe our deliberate creating as “positive thinking” and most people get the idea that our thoughts are what shape our life experiences.


Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

I know that this is not considered to be a 100% law of attraction book, but I think it still uses some of the main principles of the manifesting process, like setting powerful intentions, visualizations, taking inspired action, etc. Actually, according to Esther and Jerry Hicks (mentioned in my first law of attraction book recommendation), the word “vibration” has been edited out of Napoleon Hill’s works since it would spark controversy during the era they had been written.

But now, with the New Thought movement, the world is finally ready to get acquainted with this all-time classic in its original variation which is very similar to the modern-day law of attraction teachings. But do not be fooled by the name of the book! I know that manifesting money and wealth is definitely one of the most common goals, but this framework can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Oh, and as far as one of the most bizarre chapters go (the tenth step of the process – the mystery of transmuting our intimate energy), I highly recommend you get a special class on this topic which deals with this powerful law of attraction tool – the energy of our intimate relationships – by my favorite spiritual teacher Inelia Benz.


The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out

Joe Vitale is mostly known for his collaboration with Ihaleakala Hew Len in the book Zero Limits on the topic of the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of ho’oponopono (another great law of attraction tool which is a bit more different than the others). But for the sake of this article I have chosen one of his works which I believe is also extremely good and valuable – the Attractor Factor.

What I like about this volume is that it is super practical and it summarizes some of the best exercises you can include in your daily manifesting rituals for creating the life that you want. One of the best parts of this work is the visualization technique he calls “nevilizing” – something that he picked up from the famous author Neville Goddard – a very vivid type of daydreaming practice which includes all of our physical senses (if possible). I think this book is a great way to remind yourself of the main manifesting principles written in a different way with a special focus on the practical side of the process!


New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True

This is one of my most favorite books related to manifesting and setting powerful intentions! Well, it is not directly connected to the law of attraction, but I still think it is super relevant and can be an extremely valuable assistant as a wonderful manifesting tool! This work deals with the influence of the Moon on our lives so we can use it to our advantage when setting our goals.

If you like performing sacred Wiccan rituals for manifesting using the movement of the celestial bodies in the Solar system, this amazing book is definitely for you! It will get you through the specifics of each zodiac sign and how to use the New Moon phase in each of them to focus on a particular area of your life. For example, New Moon in Libra is a great time to start working on manifesting your dream partner or a suitable relationship – intimate or business partnerships. New Moon in Taurus is a wonderful period for setting goals for achieving material wealth and acquiring real estate, etc. Later on in this article you will find some suggestions for other tools and supplies you may need to create the best sacred manifesting ritual using the power of the Moon!


Family Constellations: A Practical Guide to Uncovering the Origins of Family Conflict

Now this may come to you as a total surprise but hear me out! The family constellations method is a magnificent manifesting tool although it is not designed to be such. But in my own experience this has been the most powerful instrument for achieving my dreams and more importantly – having success, happiness, and harmony in every area of my life! If you are not familiar with this tool, I have made a brief description of it in my previous article dedicated to my manifesting practices. 

But for the sake of this list here I will mention this – every person on Earth is deeply connected to their ancestors both genetically and energetically. And these invisible bonds may cause us to have certain behavioral models which we repeat over and over again in our lifetime. These models are usually passed down to us directly by our parents and grandparents. And if we wish to achieve something different in our lives and break through these patterns, we need a tool like the family constellations to do so. And it has been a marvelous experience for me using this method (and I still use it to this day since it has proven extremely effective for me!). Here’s an example, let’s say that you have problems in your personal life and you want to attract your perfect partner and have a harmonic relationship and a happy family. But you notice that most of your ancestors haven’t had this experience and most likely you will repeat these behavioral patterns that sabotage your relationships. For instance, you may keep choosing the wrong partners, or your partners do not share the same feelings for you, or you do not get the respect and attention that you seek, and so on. Fortunately, using the family constellations method can set you free from these unconscious sabotaging patterns and your manifesting practices will be much more effective and quick! I highly encourage you to take a peek at this book and get acquainted with this system and decide for yourself!


Law of attraction movies – one of the best manifesting tools

Watching law of attraction movies is another great way to get acquainted with this mysterious and empowering topic. People usually need different communication methods to absorb and integrate new information, especially if it’s so groundbreaking as this one! So, reading is a wonderful medium which allows us to focus on the message but using inspiring visuals can be even more influential to our conscious and subconscious minds. Plus, most motion pictures dedicated to the manifesting method are designed as documentaries where you can hear all kinds of experts and practitioners share their inspiring stories how they turned their lives around!

The Secret

This is probably the most popular law of attraction movie which made a great impact on the whole New Age movement across the globe! It is based on the all-time classic “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles but it takes things to a whole new level by including multiple interviews with popular authors and teachers who had been practicing these methods for years!

The Secret is a great manifesting tool to watch over and over again to remind ourselves of all the basic principles of the law of attraction when we feel like we are falling off the wagon. As I mentioned before, this notion of us creating our own reality is so profound and so vastly different from what we had been taught as children, that we need time and practice to integrate this knowledge into our subconscious minds! I think that this is the main reason why many people fail at using all sorts of manifesting tools – we tend to fall back to old habits, forgetting that we are powerful creators and lowering our vibration into fear, anger, resentment, and so on! And I think that initially, re-reading all of our favorite LOA books (or discovering new ones) and re-watching these types of movies will help us get back on the horse much more quickly!


What the Bleep Do We Know!?

This is one of my most favorite movies of all time! And the reason for this is because it is not just another woo-woo type of film which encourages you to just believe certain principles are true. This is a documentary which is focused on the science behind the law of attraction – mainly quantum physics and biochemistry. Unfortunately, quantum mechanics is quite an intricate and difficult topic for those of us who are not familiar with these scientific concepts.

So, this movie does a great job at explaining these basics in layman’s terms so that pretty much everyone could understand how the law of attraction works and why our biochemistry (our emotions) is so important in this process. What I really like about this movie is that it not only includes interesting interviews with various scientists and LOA specialists, but it is also quite a funny story starring the amazing Marlee Matlin!


What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole

This is the natural continuation of the series if you wish to go deeper into this topic. So, if you liked the first movie, you would probably enjoy this one as well. It is a great way to be reminded of these important concepts and listen to them over and over again until they stick and we start practicing them in our daily lives.

So, this second movie in this series goes over some of the previously mentioned quantum physics principles and it goes deeper into the topic so that we can more easily grasp it and understand why our emotions, our beliefs, and our overall attitude towards life matter so much! By watching these two films you will realize everything which our ancient ancestors knew all along – like the idea of Oneness and how the karmic laws work. This could be extremely valuable for those who have any doubts about the whole manifesting thing – whether it is just a bunch of woo-woo or it is a genuine concept which can be put into practice!


You Can Heal Your Life

This is another great movie based on the best-selling self-help book with the same title by the amazing Louise L. Hay – the queen of affirmations. As you may easily guess, the film is focused on the wellness side of the New Thought movement and how we can use our own inner creative power to achieve wellbeing and balance in our life.

But these principles are the same as most manifesting teachings and all the tools described here can be put into use for all kinds goals and dreams we want to achieve – relationships, abundance, career success, etc. Because again, it all comes down to working with our beliefs, our emotions, and our overall attitude towards everything in our life and the Universe. All that Louse Hay does is offer a law of attraction tool which can be easily applied in our daily manifesting rituals – positive affirmations. This technique is a well-forgotten ancient method for inner change – Napoleon Hill and psychologists call it auto-suggestion while in the far East these are known as mantras. And now with the New Age trend these old-time ideas start to emerge in a modern-day form. So, I highly suggest you watch this movie as a wonderful reminder of the immense power we possess to return our bodies into balance and change our whole lives for the better!


Visualization – the most powerful law of attraction tool!

Pretty much everyone who is even remotely interested in the manifesting process is familiar with the visualization method for achieving what they desire. Unfortunately, not everyone has success with it for the misunderstanding of how it actually works. And here I will do my best to help you out with the basics. As you may have probably noticed, the law of attraction is not “positive thinking” – it is more like positive feeling combined with the necessary belief system that would allow things to manifest (we have to believe they are possible and attainable). And here comes the visualization technique which has one main goal – to help you get into the feeling of what you desire – the feeling that you already have it. Hence, this tool is not just envisioning our goal with our minds or looking at pretty pictures – in order for the technique to work it has to be fueled by powerful positive emotions of gratitude, joy, love, positive expectation, etc. So, here you will find some props that will help you out in this process to make it easier, faster, and more vivid!

Vision Board Kit for Women

The vision board has proven itself as one of the best tools for better visualizations! It is basically a large board filled with visual representations of our desires. For some people it may be quite difficult to think of how their dreams might look like in real life. In this case, creating your own vision board with appropriate pictures will be of great help during your daily visualization ritual.

It also serves as a powerful reminder of our goals so that we do not fall off the wagon and to keep us focused and motivated for what we are trying to manifest. So, I would definitely encourage you make one for yourself. But keep in mind something very important – remember the most important part of any law of attraction practice – the feeling or the vibration we need to achieve. So, when choosing the visuals for your board make sure they are perfectly tailored to your needs – they have to evoke in you that positive warm feeling of already having this item or experience – this is crucial for the whole process! And also, if you need to, regularly tweak your vision board with different pictures which “spark joy” (as Marie Kondo would say :- ) ) or change your goals entirely (sometimes during the manifesting process we may realize that we no longer desire these things with our hearts and they were merely whims, and that’s OK).  


A Guide for Writing and Recording Guided Imagery Meditations

Your daily visualization can be what you want it to be as long as it gives you the feeling of already having what you strive for. Some people need their daydreaming practices to be unscripted and to go with the flow. But others need to have the exact same visualization day in day out. And for this purpose, having a pre-recorded guided meditation can be a true blessing! But again, the important thing is the emotional charge it evokes in you.

So, not every recorded visualization might work for you, and it is best to create one for yourself. This way you will put your personal energy into the process and you will tailor it exactly how you need it to be. Plus, you can always make changes and tweak it if things start to shift and transform – throughout the process your wish or how you envision it might change. In this case, it is a good idea to go where your intuition guides you to and make the necessary alterations! That is why I recommend you grab this book that will teach you how to create your very own personalized meditations and visualizations according to your needs and requirements!


Sage Variety Smudging Kit

I will not get tired of repeating that the most important part of any manifesting tool is how it makes you feel. In other words, the vibrational shift it causes in your energetic system. This means that every detail in our daily law of attraction practices may be important, and the more of our senses we positively engage in this process, the better!

Hence, my next item suggestion to add to your shopping cart is this amazing smudging kit. Burning sacred botanicals is an ancient ritual which is known to clear up the energy field and create the ultimate sacred space for all kinds of rites and mystical ceremonies. And we can definitely use it to our advantage in our regular manifesting exercises like visualizing and meditating. Smudging will create the perfect soothing atmosphere which will get you into the mood for creating a better life for yourself! It is known to clear out any negative and stuck energy and increase the vibrational level of our home instantly. And as we have learned, the whole manifesting process is all about shifting and raising our vibes! Just remember to garb a special fire-resistant bowl for snuffing the sage stick, if you do not have one already!


Aroma Humidifier for Essential Oil Large Room Diffuser Set

OK, I get that smudging is definitely not for everyone. The process can be a bit tricky and difficult to perform. Plus, if you have a smoke detection alarm, this energy clearing ritual may not be possible at all! So, here’s the next best thing which may turn out to be way better and much more convenient – an essential oil diffusing device!

This is the perfect tool for improving the quality of the air in the living space and increasing its vibrational level with the help of these natural herbal extracts! Moreover, you get a really cool bonus – your meditation or visualization room will smell amazingly with the enchanting aroma of your favorite fragrance, like cinnamon, peppermint, orange flower, cedar, frankincense, etc. As I have already mentioned, engaging all of our five physical senses in this manifesting process increases your chances of success incrementally! And that’s not all! This cool and practical device also works as an air humidifier. This can be an indispensable gadget for your home (or office) if it’s air-conditioned or if it’s placed in an extremely hot and dry area. The better your body feels during the visualization process, the faster your manifestations will be, because our physicality plays a huge role in this materialization method!


Tim Janis Relaxation

Since we are on the topic of the physical senses, here’s something else you may want to add to your visualization practice – relaxing music. Sitting in a quiet room trying to envision your perfect life may be a bit difficult, especially for the unexperienced law of attraction practitioners. That is why I suggest you grab a simple CD like this one packed with soothing melodies to get you into the perfect mood for your manifesting exercise!

The cool thing about adding such element to your LOA tool set is that it creates special bonds in your brain and in your subconscious mind. This means that the more you listen to this relaxing music while meditating or visualizing, the more you will make a connection between these two things. So, the next time you put on this CD, your mind will instantly start seeing these pictures of the experiences you wish to materialize. This is the same process which happens when you listen to an old song from your childhood which evokes certain memories linked to this tune. This is exactly what may happen here when using music as a manifesting tool – with every single visualization it will be much easier to get into that receiving mode and to practice the vibration of already having your desire fulfilled! Cool, huh?


Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

While we are on the topic of sound, here’s another item which may be extremely useful to you in your manifesting practices – a singing bowl. Because as we have already established, everything about the law of attraction is actually rooted in the law of vibration. Our energetic state is what actually brings into materialization what we desire, and this is a direct result of our beliefs and the emotions we express on a daily basis.

Fortunately, we can use a variety of mediums to shift our dominant energetic signature with the help of manifesting tools like sound. And the simple reason for this is that sound is also a vibration which can change the atmosphere of the space, clear out any negativity, and elevate our mood. That’s what we can achieve with the use of these magnificent singing bowls which have been proven extremely effective from ancient times to this day! Plus, the use of this item in your regular law of attraction exercises can be truly a blessing since it easily calms the mind and gets our brain into alpha state more effortlessly and quickly! If you are not familiar with the positive effects of getting into alpha state for the sake of achieving your goals and dreams, definitely grab the amazing book “The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva! You will be amazed!


Journey into Manifestation

Image source:

My next suggestion is this amazing manifesting course by one of my most favorite spiritual teachers Inelia Benz. This recording dives deep into her take on this materialization process every one of us is capable of. What is interesting and extremely valuable about her course is that it addresses one very important part of the manifesting methods – co-creation. Most law of attraction teachings focus on our personal desires and represent this reality creation idea as being a completely individual process. Hence, we miss one extremely vital part which may be sabotaging our efforts – we co-create our reality with every being on Earth. This means that our goals and dreams and the way they materialize is in sync with the whole Universe. And the reason for this is very simple – we are all One. According to quantum physics and the entanglement of all particles, the whole universe is one living being from the Bing Bang to this day. This means that everything that we do and we strive for has to be in harmony with the whole system. This co-creation info bit might be the missing piece to your successful manifestations and if this topic intrigued you, I highly recommend you listen to this recording!


Motivational Canvas Wall Art Cat Tiger Mindset Is Everything

Well, this item is not directly related to the visualization tool but I think it could be extremely valuable and with a positive impact. When we begin our journey into creating our preferred reality, it is best to start with changing our current physical environment. Decluttering (I will mention Marie Kondo’s book once again because I think it could be extremely beneficial in this process), rearranging the furniture, renovating and upgrading our living and working space can have an enormous positive effect on our energetic and emotional state – and that’s what the law of attraction is all about!

That is why I would suggest you make some tweaks in your wall art as well. In other words, the pictures or posters you hand on your walls can be beautiful representations of your desires or motivational messages to keep you going – to serve as powerful reminders of the LOA basic principles so you don’t fall off the wagon. So, this amazingly stylish canvass can be your best ally in this process to keep you focused on the important stuff – your attitude!


Ocean Waves Coconut Trees on Sands Beach Seascape Scenery Painting

Speaking of using your wall art as a nifty manifesting tool, here’s something which might interest you and which would serve as an excellent example – an exotic beach painting. This is not just a beautiful decoration piece – this canvass can serve as a powerful reminder of what you are trying to achieve – sort of like a one-piece vision board. Let’s say you wish to manifest a fun and relaxing trip to an exotic place with golden sands and yummy cocktails.

A wall art like this one can be your best prompt to start visualizing your goal on a regular basis. And in the meantime, it will still be visible to your subconscious mind and it will continue to work in the background – something called “brain priming”. On the other hand, such beautiful painting can be the perfect representation of abundance and wealth. If you are focused on this topic, visualizing this exotic vacation can be a wonderful law of attraction tool for increasing your social status! I think you get the point. If this exact picture does not evoke positive emotions to you, find something else which would get your energy moving upward every time you look at it!


More law of attraction tools and supplies

In this section you will find a couple more interesting and nifty tools and supplies which may be extremely valuable and helpful in your process of creating your preferred reality. Do not miss them and definitely consider getting yourself some of these because I think that every little detail matters. And here’s one more thing about the law of attraction – the more energy we invest in this method, the more we show to the Universe that we are really serious about this and we are ready to make real changes in our lives. And as you have learned, the Universe – that’s us. We basically show ourselves and our subconscious minds that we are absolutely determined to make our dreams come true – and this, my dear friends, can be 90% of the work – setting a powerful intention!

Clever Fox Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most powerful and effective manifesting tools ever! And here’s why! As you may have probably noticed – there is a Catch 22 when it comes to the law of attraction. We need to feel as if we already have what we desire – this is exactly how we practice the vibration of our wishes. And gratitude is just another form of acknowledging that we have already achieved what we strive for. Tricky isn’t it?

So, I highly recommend you have a regular gratitude practice as part of your LOA arsenal of effective exercises. You can be and feel grateful for what you already have (what you have already manifested in your life) and for what you are about to materialize. For example, you can write down powerful statements like “I am deeply grateful that I always have food on the table.” or “Thank you for my new house on the beach!”. Remember to not just write down your gratitude affirmations mechanically, but to feel them as best as you can – after all, it is all about the vibration we emit! And here’s one more cool trick – if you wish to manifest an upgrade (like a new house, a new car, a new job, etc.), remember to express your gratitude for the thing that you currently have (your current home, the current car you are driving, your current job, etc.). This is again based on the paradox that we have to vibrate on the frequencies of love, happiness, gratitude, joy, etc. Or as Bashar would say: “You need to have the feeling that your reality is already perfect, and you are trying to make it perfect in a different way.” (this is not an exact quote) Absolutely brilliant!


Law of Attraction Life & Goal Planner

If you are an organizing junkie like me, you might really like this next item – a special manifesting planner! This will keep all of your LOA supplies and exercises in one place – your intentions, goals and dreams, foldable vision board, positive affirmations, gratitude statements, etc. What I really like about this item is that it truly focuses on our emotional and vibrational state which is the most important part of the materialization process.

There are nifty daily prompts for getting in touch with our emotions and consciously focusing on boosting our mood and elevating our frequency. Plus, the journal includes one very important and practical side of the manifesting journey – how it integrates with our mundane day-to-day lifestyle. Every day you have the opportunity to put down your to-dos alongside your law of attraction practices and turn them into habits – an extremely vital part of the whole LOA thing which is often overlooked. But keep in mind that there is one main downside to this planner – it is designed for six months and if you wish to use it throughout the whole year, you would need two of these!


Crystals and Healing Stones for Positive Energy

Everything in the Universe has a specific vibrational signature, including things that we call inanimate objects. Fortunately, we can use some of these items to our advantage as powerful manifesting tools because of their natural high frequency. And some of the best choices for this purpose are the beautiful gemstones and crystals. Since they are part of Gaia they have their own positive vibrational signature which affects everything around them, including us humans.

In other words, organic stones can be our powerful assistants in our law of attraction practices because that’s what we are trying to achieve – to elevate our frequency and get into receiving mode (as Abraham would call it). That is why my next suggestion is this awesome magical set for your next manifesting ritual or goal setting ceremony! The bundle contains various organic crystals which have specific vibrations in harmony with the chakras of the human body. Plus, there are a couple of crystal grids so that you can use sacred geometry to even further amplify the power of the gemstones! And if you are a complete newbie in this area, there is a nifty booklet guide to get you acquainted with the benefits and the proper use of these magical stones! If you are even a little bit interested in Wiccan rituals, this kit might be perfect for you and your LOA practices!


Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

This item may look like something completely unrelated to the law of attraction field, but hear me out! As we have already established, the main idea behind creating your own reality is practicing the vibration of your desire as much as possible. This can be achieved through various exercises and practices, but the most powerful one is visualizing it to the best of our abilities. This means experiencing it as vividly and realistically as possible.

Hence, my next suggestion for an extremely practical and useful tool in your daily manifesting rituals is this virtual reality headset! This device can be put into good use by delivering you the experience you want to achieve. Let’s say that you wish to materialize a high-class car – these VA goggles can help you get into the feeling of it long before it comes true in the real world. Or maybe you wish to have an exotic vacation somewhere in the hot golden beaches – nothing easier than this – you put on your headset and you will be instantly transported to your destination so you can practice the vibration of this experience! I know that this gadget is created for entertainment purposes, but I think it would make a great manifesting tool as well!


Super Attractor: A 52-Card Deck

As I said previously, practicing positive affirmations is a great law of attraction tool which beautifully works as a powerful reminder of our manifesting abilities and transforming our limiting beliefs. But this method can become a bit boring at times and the risks of falling off the wagon are high. That is why I would recommend you grab a cool deck of LOA cards like these to help you out in this process! There are lots of varieties on the market and you can pick whichever you prefer and you feel drawn to.

The main thing of course is how you feel about this tool since we should always be focused on our vibration and the emotions are the ultimate telltale sign what we are emitting at any given moment. I picked this deck here because I think the cards are extremely beautifully made and the messages are very uplifting and well crafted! Plus, there is one huge upside to having such law of attraction tool at your disposal – the item can be used as powerful oracle cards – every day you can calm your mind as you hold the deck in your palms and set an intention to find out what you should focus on throughout the day, and poof – the cards will show you the perfect affirmation for the day! Cool, right?


Manifesting tools, law of attraction tools