17+ SUPREME Cancer Zodiac Crystals for Luck, Love, and Prosperity

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17+ SUPREME Cancer Zodiac Crystals for Luck, Love, and Prosperity (The Best Cancer Birthstones)



One OVERLOOKED gemstone has everything a Cancer needs (no, it’s not Moonstone)! Find out which one I have in mind – down below!


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Table of contents:

The Best Lucky Stone for Cancer Zodiac Sign
Other Extremely Auspicious Cancer Stones and Crystals
Which One is the Unlucky Stone for Cancer?
Crystals for Cancer Woman
Lucky Stones for Cancer Male
Cancer Crystal Sets
Cancer Birthstone Jewelry
Recommended books and manuals

Today we will go deep into the native waters of the fourth astrological sign and the best Cancer zodiac crystals and stones! These powerful assistants will completely transform you from the inside out, adding more luck, prosperity, harmony, love, and clarity into your lives! If you were born between 21st June and 21st July (the exact dates may vary depending on the year), then keep your eyes peeled because we are about to uncover some magical gemstones that would give you the ultimate unfair advantage!

If you have a beloved Cancer who is near and dear to your heart, this can be your absolute guide to picking something nice and sweet for their next special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, graduation party, etc.). This heart-warming gesture will disperse the dark clouds of moodiness over their heads, and help them be more cheerful and optimistic! If you wish to find more interesting gift ideas suitable for each astrological sign, do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter and receive convenient reminders for the start of each astrological season along with some cute present suggestions! We don’t want to risk disappointing a loved one, do we?

The Best Lucky Stone for Cancer Zodiac Sign

If you have been wondering which the absolute best birthstone for the Cancer zodiac sign would be, your search is over! I present to you the magnificent and magnetic Moonstone – the best lucky stone for the Crab and their best ally in dealing with their powerful emotionality! Here’s why!


Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and its ruling cosmic body is none other than the Moon itself! So, it is only logical for the best gemstone that harmonizes with the energy of the Crab to be the beautiful Moonstone. This amazingly luscious and elegant birthstone strikes home with its powerful benefits at soothing the emotional system and alleviating daily stress.

And as we know, as a watery sign, Cancer people can be extremely emotional and too empathetic for their own good. Moonstone is also one of the best crystals if you wish to boost your intuitive powers and help you out in every stage of motherhood!


Other Extremely Auspicious Cancer Stones and Crystals

Moonstone for Cancer is without a doubt the absolute top choice, but this is just one of the best and most suitable Cancer stones and crystals that harmonize with the mighty energy of the fourth astrological sign! Here in this section you will find a vast array of gemstones that serve different functions, so that you can pick and choose the ones that would suit your needs, goals, and challenges at hand!

Rainbow Moonstone

Another one of the best crystals for Cancer zodiac sign representatives! Rainbow Moonstone bears a striking resemblance to Earth’s only natural satellite – the Moon, hence the name of this enchanting gemstone! This makes this magnificent crystal one of the best and most suitable birthstones for the fourth zodiac sign!

Similarly to the regular Moonstone I mentioned previously, the rainbow one also helps tremendously with balancing the emotional system, enhancing one’s sense of peace and tranquility in everyday life, boosting one’s intuition, and improving your level of compassion and empathy! However, there’s one more big upside to choosing Rainbow Moonstone as your loyal companion. This crystal is also known as “The Visionary’s Stone” – it expands your awareness, broadens your perspective, and helps you see more opportunities, solutions, and answers to your questions at hand!



What I forgot to mention in my previous stone suggestion was that Rainbow Moonstone is actually a type of Labradorite! That is why Labrodorite itself can also be extremely beneficial for the awesome Crabs of the zodiac! This luscious crystal is more geared towards soothing the mental pressure and enhancing one’s ability to think more clearly.

If you are using some form of spiritual or mental self-care practice, like meditation or yoga, Labradorite is an absolute must-have! This is the gemstone that calms the brain and tames our monkey mind!


Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate feminine stone! It is related to everything a woman cherishes and what female energy is all about – giving and receiving unconditional love, enhancing our ability to be compassionate, and healing emotional pain and suffering. This elegant rosy crystal is also deeply connected to the ultimate achievement in a woman’s life – motherhood.

This shiny gemstone can help any female get through this important part of her life with an open heart and with lots of emotional support! And let’s not forget that Cancer is the true symbol of the mother in the zodiac wheel!


Amber Calcite

Amber Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser! Whenever you need to create some sacred space to invite positive energies into your life, this is one of the best go-to crystals! However, what I really like about this gemstone in particular is that it adds a certain level of cool-headedness and a better opportunity to make a sober decision in your life that is of your upmost benefit – Amber Calcite is also known as “The Stone of the Mind”.

And here’s where Cancer people can benefit greatly from this birthstone! The fourth astrological sign is deeply emotional for their powerful watery nature. Unfortunately, making emotional decisions is not always in their best interest. And here’s where this indispensable stone shines bright!



Carnelian is often called “The Artist’s Stone” and it is an absolute must-have for everyone who does or wants to perform in front of an audience! It gives you the courage and confidence to showcase your talent into the world with less fear and more self-esteem! And as we know, all watery signs are extremely talented beings who usually have a powerful knack for music!

Alternatively, you can use this amazing gemstone for all kinds of grounding practices that would balance your lower chakras. And that’s extremely important for all deeply emotional and empathic people!


Red Jasper

Speaking of grounding and the lower chakras, here’s another great gem that can help in that area tremendously! I want to remind you that Cancer is a cardinal sign, and as such it can be extremely proactive, ambitious, action-oriented, and enthusiastic. However, the downside to that is that most cardinal signs have a problem with unfinished projects – they start off their new endeavors very quickly, and then they run out of energy to finish things off.

Here’s where Red Jasper comes to the rescue! This is the crystal that can improve your stamina and strength to endure all challenges along the way. And that’s extremely important to the Crab who may fall victim to mood swings and quit before they see the fruits of their hard labor!



I like to call Fuchsite “The Getting Unstuck Stone”! And the simple reason for this is that it does exactly that – helps you move forward when things look like you are in a dead-end. Well, I must say it – Cancer is an extremely emotional, and sometimes the true representatives can have the tendency to wallow in self-pity.

If you catch yourself doing that, I would strongly suggest you get a piece of Fuchsite to help you get through this roadblock and get back on the horse of being a total cardinal proactive bad-ass!



This is one of my most favorite gems since it is pretty much universal for almost every zodiac sign! The other reason I love this gemstone so much is that it is one of the top energy cleansers among the vast realm of precious and semi-precious crystals! Every time you need some clarity in any shape or form, Selenite will be your best ally! Need to clear up the negativity out of your home or office? Done!

Creating sacred space for your next powerful manifesting ritual? Done and done! Down below in the Cancer crystal sets you will notice the rock collection suggestion by Dancing Bear which always includes a piece of Selenite as an energy purifying agent for their magical manifesting kits!


Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is your best ally if you need some assistance with confronting your fears and soothing anxiety on a daily basis! This is also the stone of compassion and sympathy – the superpower of all watery signs! However, being an empath poses some serious challenges, like setting a healthy boundary between you and your emotional wellbeing and the person you sympathize with.

This is where Pink Tourmaline can be of great help! And that’s not all! Everything connected to the heart can be positively affected by this beautiful gem – getting over heartaches, emotional pain and suffering, winter blues, etc. – situations which are sadly very common for the Cancer zodiac sign.


Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx is a beautiful stone associated with the throat chakra of our energetic system. This beauty can help the Crabs in two main ways. First, as a crystal connected to your ability to communicate, Blue Onyx can be a wonderful assistant for the Cancers out there to better express their powerful emotions. This can be though any type of creative medium, like music or poetry, or by simply sharing their pain with someone close that they trust.

This is 90% of the emotional healing process! Second, the throat center is the point of materialization and manifestation. And as a cardinal sign, Cancers may need that extra boost to finish their projects and bring their goals and dreams to fruition. Blue Onyx can absolutely be of great help in these endeavors!


Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz (or Clear Quartz) is an absolute must-have for pretty much everyone, regardless of the zodiac sign! It is a universal energy cleanser that balances all seven chakras in our aura system, bringing a sense of balance and harmony. However, this beautiful gemstone can be a total hit for the fourth astrological sign!

Crystal Quartz has the ability to better get us in tough with our higher self, and receive divine guidance that would be in our best interest. This may be one of the best birthstones for the Cancers who may have these down times of doom and gloom. Clear Quartz can give you that feeling of serenity and peace of mind that all is well!


Green Aventurine

As I mentioned previously, and this is important – Cancer is a cardinal sign. Even though it is the symbol of human’s powerful emotionality, it is just as ambitious and goal-oriented as the other cardinal signs in this club. So, having something special to give you that extra boost in pursuing your goals is welcomed at all times! This is where Green Aventurine is your best ally!

It is not only connected to the heart chakra that helps with all kinds of emotional issues, but it also helps us with making our wishes come true more easily! This is the so called “Stone of Opportunity” and drastically improves our luck, increases our chances in life, and our ability to succeed in every area! If you wish to add something immensely auspicious to your magical arsenal, Green Aventurine is your top pick! Oh, by the way, speaking of success, I have an important announcement to make! I am seriously thinking about creating a report on the secrets of achievements according to astrology that would be completely free for my email subscribers! The pieces of advice of this ancient system I had been following helped me become an Amazon best-selling author, and I wish to give you the blueprint, so that you can achieve your goals more easily! Let me know if you are interested in this topic by leaving a comment down below! Thank you!


Green Fluorite

Green gemstones and crystals are absolute god-sends to all of us, but especially to the fourth astrological sign! They are usually associated with the heart chakra which is the middle ground between the lower and the higher energetic points in our body. This means that being heart-centered keeps us in balance and in harmony with the Universe.

For the deeply emotional Crabs, maintaining this balance is even more vital and important! That is why my next suggestion is Green Fluorite which is also known as “The Genius Stone”. If you are in need for some powerful nuggets of insight that would guide you into the right direction in life, this is the crystal for you!



Grounding practices are extremely important today for all of us! They keep us firmly connected to Mother Earth – our source of resources and comfort. This is where Obsidian is a true master! If you feel out of balance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, definitely take a piece of this magnetic gemstone and stabilize your energy in no time!

This powerful stone is also extremely valuable for balancing the male and female energies in our bodies, as well as protect our aura against all kinds of negative influences. So, if you feel that you need to build a strong energetic foundation and bring back your sense of balance and harmony, Obsidian will be your best assistant!


Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite can be a true god-send to all Cancer people! This luscious blue stone is associated with the throat chakra that improves our abilities to communicate. And this is quite important for the Crabs – they do need that positive outlet for their feelings which often involves having the ability to express their emotions in a positive manner.

Blue Apatite will also get you through these uncomfortable gloomy mood swings, by increasing your sense of confidence and self-worth. This birthstone will be your powerful motivating force that will spur you into action right away!


Tiger’s Eye

Speaking of motivation and confidence, let’s take a look at the crown jewel of Mother Nature in this realm – Tiger’s Eye! As the name suggests, this mysterious and eye-catching gem is the best crystal that would help you muster the courage to achieve anything in life! This is the stone of strength, personal power, stability, and just general badassery!

Tiger’s Eye has powerful grounding effects, and if you need some boost and balancing in the lower chakra area, and some energy protection, this is your top choice!


Lapis lazuli

This is an absolute favorite of mine! It also goes by the name of “The Wisdom stone” which I think speaks for itself! The main issue that most watery signs have to deal with on a daily basis is how to express their feelings without hurting their loved ones. This often leads to bottling their emotions to the point of implosion.

Here’s where Lapis Lazuli can be a true life-saver! It gives us the wisdom to know how and when to speak our truth without any backfires. The crystal is associated with the throat chakra and it can give you an immense capability to express yourself and your powerful emotionality in an extremely ingenious and creative way!



Maybe I should have put this one farther up this list. Opal is not just a pretty stone to add as a fashion accessory – it is one of the best gemstones for reaching emotional balance and harmony with the world! And that’s extremely important for the Cancer astrological sign! But wait!  That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Opal is a wonderful positivity stone to help you get through the doom and gloom periods, to strengthen your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, to boost your intuition, and to connect you to your higher self for indispensable guidance!



I am really sad that this beautiful gemstone does not get its deserved attention! It could be truly transformative for the Crab zodiac sign! Larimar is the stone that connects and balances all the chakras from the heart to the third eye which makes it extremely important for being in tune with our inner and outer guidance!

This stone can give you the ability to communicate your feelings more easily, to speak from your heart, and to withstand any internal turmoil. This gentle and elegant crystal will add an immense sense of peace, clarity, harmony, and love into your life, if you invite it in! To me, Larimar is often overlooked and undeservingly it is not that popular compared to the other more commonly used gemstones Mother Earth supplied us with. And as you can see, this exquisitely beautiful milky-blue stone has a lot of benefits to offer, especially to the sensitive and emotional Crabs of the zodiac! Down below you can see some super elegant and jaw-dropping accessories using Larimar as their crown jewel!


Which One is the Unlucky Stone for Cancer?

Well, it’s not just sunshine and rainbows in the magical world of crystals and stones! They are powerful pieces of Mother Earth and they can sometimes backfire, if we are not careful of how we use them in everyday life. So, if you have been asking yourself the question “Which is the worst crystal for Cancer?”, then this may be the answer you are looking for!

 However, before I give you the name of the stone, I want to make an important disclaimer and an explanation! The list of the best and worst birthstones for the Cancer sign in today’s post may or may not apply to you personally. We are much more than our Sun sign! We have about 10 main planets and luminaries which our natal chart is comprised of, and they have their input into our unique energetic signature. You may be born between 21st June and 21st July, but you may also have a different dominant sign in your chart. (By the way, the dominants in astrology will be the focus of future blog posts, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they would be up and ready!). This changes everything! That is why I always encourage people to start from the astrologic foundations and to always keep the whole horoscope at the back of their minds!

Moreover, when it comes to choosing and using crystals in everyday life, I would advise you to look at some expert advice on their proper application (down below you will find a couple of very practical guides on the topic), and to trust your own sensations! In other words, you and only you know whether you resonate with a particular gemstone, and whether it is beneficial to you or not!

Now that we got this information out of the way, let’s scratch that curiosity itch! The crystal that the typical Cancer person should avoid is: Blue Sapphire.

This might be a bit of a surprise because this exquisitely beautiful deep blue stone might make you think it is connected to the element of water. Sadly, it is not! This luscious crystal is right in the ally of the exact opposite sign of the Crab – Capricorn and its planetary ruler Saturn. Blue Sapphire is a powerful abundance amplifier, but for the representatives of the fourth zodiac sign, it might be more sensible to pick Green Aventurine instead!

Crystals for Cancer Woman

I don’t think there should be a clear distinction between lucky stones for Cancer woman and male. They will largely depend on the needs, goals, and issues they need to deal with at that moment, as well as their personal preferences. However, if I have to pick some gemstones for Cancer woman, I would choose the following ones as per their main properties and benefits: Rainbow Moonstone, Rose quartz, Carnelian, Selenite, Pink Tourmaline, Crystal Quartz, Obsidian, Blue Apatite, Opal, and Larimar.

Lucky Stones for Cancer Male

Again, you definitely don’t have to follow this gender division here. If you need to, go back to the descriptions above and check which gemstones might be useful to you at that moment. However, since I believe that the male representatives of the sign would be much more interested in topics like abundance, courage, stability, being proactive and ambitious, I picked the following stones that might be of great use to them: Labradorite, Amber Calcite, Red Jasper, Fuchsite, Blue Onyx, Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite, Tiger’s Eye, and Lapis Lazuli.

Cancer Crystal Sets

If you feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of collecting these beautiful stones one by one, do not despair! Here in this section I will offer you some practical and convenient crystal sets to transform the energy of your living or working space! Alternatively, if you are in search for some mystical and magical presents for the representative of the fourth zodiac sign, this is your go-to place!

DANCING BEAR Cancer Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

Dancing Bear is without a doubt one of the best brands for zodiac-specific gemstones that would be your best allies in your manifesting efforts! That is why this crystal set is so special! It has some of the best and most harmonic Cancer birthstones (Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Rose quartz, Amber Calcite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Fuchsite) as well as some nifty additional tools for your next magical ritual!

These include a piece of Selenite and a shooting star (a piece of meteorite), a tea candle, a Palo Santo smudging stick, an Amethyst palm stone, and an elegant star constellation necklace. This set is also an absolute top hit for a gift for any Cancer person near and dear to your heart!


Rock Paradise Horoscope Stone Box Set

Rock Paradise have done a wonderful job at picking some amazing gemstones for the representatives of the fourth astrological sign –  Carnelian, Selenite, Pink Tourmaline, Blue Onyx, Red Jasper, and Crystal Quartz. Well, the collection is a bit unorthodox, but for some Crabs this may be exactly what they are looking for! If you need more information on their properties, the set includes a nifty info card with some interesting details on the benefits of each rock.


Aovila Cancer Crystals Gift Set

I definitely have a soft spot for this collection which contains pieces of Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Green Fluorite, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz! The stones, their magnetic colors and shapes, the elegant black box… everything is perfect! No matter if this item is intended to be a gift or not, I am sure there would be no regrets.

The set also contains an elegant info sheet with the zodiac sign’s details, as well as a heart-warming greeting card for your beloved Cancer person! What I really think it’s special about this collections is that it is probably one of the few that would be suitable for the mighty male representatives of the sign!


Faivykyd Cancer Zodiac Crystals

Now let’s take a look at something that might be a bit more suitable for the ladies! This next rock collection is an absolute beauty! I think this one which contains a piece of Labradorite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Clear Quartz would be a wonderful fit for any beloved Cancer gal you wish to surprise!

The elegant and gentle pink-colored gift box is the perfect pick for the deeply emotional and sensitive special Crab lady! Or you might want to grab something nice and sweet to treat yourself and improve the ambiance of your living or working space. Either way, the set by Faivykyd is a must-have!


Consine Horoscope Stone Box Set

Oh, that’s a nice one, especially for the boys! It has some magnificent dark crystals that would definitely match the personality of any Crab gentleman – Include Obsidian, White Crystal, Labradorite, Blue Apatite, Green Fluorite, and Tiger’s Eye.

By the way, it has come to my attention that the male representatives of the watery element are very often quite interested in the mystical, spiritual, and occult knowledge, like astrology, esoteric practices, Feng Shui, modern witchcraft, using crystals in everyday life, etc. If that’s the case with your special Cancer man, this might be a wonderful present for his next big day – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.


Yunoun Healing Stones and Crystals Set

Last, but definitely not least, here’s something that might really spark your interest! If the Cancer crystal sets above were not exactly to your liking, this one might be the one you are looking for! The set contains eight exquisite gemstones specially picked to harmonize with the energy of the fourth astrological sign – Labradorite, Aventurine, Calcite, Red jasper, Pink crystal, Onyx, Lapis lazuli, and Opal. And that’s not all!

The collection also includes a moon-shaped Labradorite stone (the ruler of Cancer), a beautiful and colorful constellation necklace, a hand-made bracelet with the most auspicious Cancer crystals for absolute convenience, and a shiny medal to add some class to your environment! And here’s where this collection sets apart from the rest – the item contains an exquisite energy blanket to charge the stones and amplify their properties even further! And all of these are neatly packed in a high-class wooden gift box to show your Cancer person how much they mean to you!


Cancer Birthstone Jewelry

Collecting birthstones and using them in everyday life can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, there are some wonderful and exquisitely beautiful pieces of jewelry to make our life so much easier! These elegant fashion accessories will be your secret magical arsenal to not just look good, but to also enhance your luck, prosperity, magnetism, and charm! If you have a beloved Cancer person who is near and dear to your heart, these suggestions would be the perfect gifts to make them feel extra special for their next big occasion – a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Friendship Day, a graduation party, etc.

Bestyle Tree of Life Wrapped Moonstone Crystal Necklace

If you are in search for a piece of Cancer birthstone jewelry, this is definitely one of the top choices to pick! It has the absolute top gemstone for this astrological sign, beautifully shaped as the ruling cosmic body of the Crab – the Moon! This is a wonderful way to add more magic into your life while remaining extremely stylish and fashionable! What is extra cool about the Moonstone gem is that it has a completely neutral color and it matches all sorts of shades and dress codes!


TOUPOP Zodiac Constellation Pendant

Remember when I said that the Opal is one of the best stones for the awesome representatives of the fourth astrological sign? Well, now you have the amazing opportunity to bring this shiny gemstone in a unique necklace with the shape of the star constellation of the Crab, as well as the Moon – the one true ruler of the Cancer sign! Wait, there’s more! Did you know that the lucky metal for Cancer is silver?  And yes, you guessed it – this beautiful pendant is made of the hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free 925 Sterling silver metal!


Natural Black Onyx Stone Bead Bracelet

Black Onyx is one of the best gemstones for energy protection, as most black-colored stones are. And for the deeply emotional Cancer, it can be a wonderful guard against negative influences of any kind. That is why my next suggestion is this elegant and versatile bracelet, specifically designed for the fourth zodiac sign! There is also a special blue bead made of Lapis Lazuli (another great Cancer zodiac crystal) to add further balance and protect the watery nature of the Crab!


Natural Moonstone Silver Victorian Style Solitaire Ring

If you are looking for a stylish Cancer birthstone ring, this might be the answer to your prayers! It has everything any true Crab lady would want to have on her fingers – the absolute top crystal for the zodiac sign, wrapped in the top lucky metal for the awesome folks born between 21st June and 21st July! It’s beautiful, elegant, matches all clothing styles and colors, and it comes in a stylish gift box, as well as a nifty anti-scratch travel pouch!


TGOLM 14k Gold Plated Zodiac Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Now that’s an exquisite and elegant necklace with an unintrusive gentle design! It has everything – a piece of Moonstone, the Cancer’s astrological glyph, gold-plated chain, and a beautiful gift box! If you have a Crab lady who is near and dear to your heart, do not hesitate to surprise her with this stylish necklace for her next special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary, Friendship Day, graduation ceremony, etc.


Crab Necklace Natural Larimar Stone

Isn’t this the perfect piece of Cancer zodiac birthstone jewelry? A beautiful crab-shaped necklace made with one of the best crystals for the sign, and a silver coating – the most harmonic metal for the fourth zodiac sign! If you are looking for a special heart-warming gift for any beloved Cancer lady, this is definitely a top hit! Plus, it has an elegant gift box to make your life even easier! But wait! If you are a Cancer yourself, this can be the perfect treat to show yourself some self-love!


Larimar Dangle Earrings

Larimar is definitely an amazingly beautiful and gentle gemstone that would give you the absolute finishing touch to your elegant feminine look! If you liked my previous suggestion, then this would make a wonderful addition to your milky-blue dress code! No matter if you are in search of a touching gift or for something you would enjoy yourself, this pair of earrings is a great choice!  There is no better way to add harmony, peace, and clarity to your life than with a piece of elegant jewelry to match your powerful personality!


Preserved Real White Rose with Silver-Tone Heart Necklace

I know this is not exactly a birthstone item but I couldn’t resist adding it to this list! And here’s why! Did you know that the Cancer flower which is most harmonic to their sensitive energy is the white rose? Well, if you are looking for something romantic to pick for your beloved Cancer lady, this gift set is a top notch pick! It contains the signature flower of the fourth zodiac sign as well as a special necklace with the “I love you” inscription written in 100 languages! And all of these are neatly packaged in a stylish jewelry box to make your dear Crab gal worth a million bucks!


Recommended books and manuals

Crystals and gemstones are very beautiful, mystical, and powerful. However, they do need some special care and attention for you to reap their benefits and avoid any energetic hiccups. So, it is best to have as much information on the subject as possible to take the full advantage of these mighty pieces of Mother Earth! If you are a beginner in this area, and you wish to get off on the right foot, it is best to get acquainted with the magical world of crystals as best as you can! That is why I picked a few book suggestions to help you out in this process and make your life easier! Happy reading!

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

This is one of the top-selling books on using crystals and gemstones in everyday life! It will give you all the necessary information on how to pick, cleanse, charge, and use your stones to take advantage of their benefits! The manual contains detailed descriptions and the properties of about 50 of the most popular and beneficial birthstones to have a better understanding at the magical world of crystals! This is a must-have book for any beginner gem enthusiast!


Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

This book is an absolute gem (pun intended)! It will take you into the enchanting world of crystals and their positive benefits on our mind, body, and spirit! You will get intimately acquainted with 50 of the best precious and semi-precious gemstones with beautiful large-scale photographs and detailed instructions on their properties and everyday care tips!

The book will also give you the necessary deets on the different color variations of the stones (and that’s important because it changes the whole energetic signature!), the chakras associated with the gem, the mystical spiritual properties of the crystals, as well as special cleaning and charging guidelines (like water or sunray sensitivity, etc.).


Crystal Prescriptions: Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection

I often refer to this book because of one important reason – the connection to the ancient Eastern system of Feng Shui! Feng Shui is the knowledge that would open the doors for balancing, harmonizing, and boosting the energetic signature of your living or working space to increase your vitality, luck, prosperity, love, and general wellbeing. And one of the special methods for doing so is by implementing crystals and gemstones as powerful energetic “remedies” to cleanse the area, and bring harmony to the home!

If this topic interests you, do not hesitate to grab this manual by the amazing crystal guru Judy Hall!


Alrighty! That’s all I have for you today on this subject! I hope it was helpful. If so, feel free to share this article or send it to someone who might also benefit from this information. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive other juicy updates and reminders for important cosmic events!

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