{Revealed} The UNSUSPECTED Career Path of Your 10th House Lord in the 11th House Placement

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Which is the BEST Career of Your 10th House Lord in the 11th House Placement (Tenth House Ruler in the Eleventh House)?



Be extremely careful who you become friends with! Find out why down below!


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Table of contents:
What does the 10th house have to do with my success?
The SURPRISES of our 10th house ruler in the 11th house
Knowledge leads to success – recommended must-reads

We are almost at the end of our journey through the twelve houses of the zodiac as far as the 10th house lord is concerned. These astrological placements have a direct impact on the career and the professional development we can have in this incarnation.

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OK! Let’s get back to our main focus today – the tenth house ruler in the eleventh house in astrology, and how it affects our best career options according to this ancient system! Now, if you are a complete beginner and you don’t even know what having this astrological placement means, these next paragraphs are just for you! Otherwise, if you wish to get straight to the analysis, simply jump to the section of your interest!

Alrightly! Here is the step-by-step easy-to-follow guide how to find your 10th house and its ruler for compete newbies!

  1. The first thing you need to do is create your birth chart. Remember that you will need your accurate birth data – date, time, and place. These have to be as precise as possible since the timing of your birth will determine the position of the cusps of the houses!
  2. Now you can determine your Medium Coeli point (also known as Midheaven, MC or MH). Note down the sign in which the cusp is located. It will determine the lord of the house.
  3. Identify the ruler of the Midheaven point. If you don’t know how to do this, check the table down below. You simply have to see the sign at the cusp of the MC and check which planet or luminary is ruling this sign.
  • If your MH cusp is in Aries (), the ruler is Mars (♂);
  • If your MH cusp is in Taurus (), the ruler is Venus (♀);
  • If your MH cusp is in Gemini (), the ruler is Mercury ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Cancer (), the ruler is the Moon ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Leo (), the ruler is the the Sun ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Virgo (), the ruler is Mercury ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Libra (), the ruler is Venus (♀);
  • If your MH cusp is in Scorpio (), the ruler is Pluto ();
  • If your MHcusp is in Sagittarius (), the ruler is Jupiter ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Capricorn (), the ruler is Saturn ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Aquarius (), the ruler is Uranus ();
  • If your MH cusp is in Pisces (), the ruler is Neptune ().

Here’s an example: Virgo is at the cusp of your tenth house, the 10th house ruler is Neptune.

  1. Identify the position of your Midheaven lord. You simply need to search in which astrological house the ruling planet or luminary is placed. In our aforementioned example, you will need to look at the position of Neptune. If your MC ruler is located in the eleventh house, then this is the right place to be.

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What does the 10th house have to do with my success?

To fully understand the potential of the 10th house ruler in the 11th house placement we need to first take a deep look at the tenth house itself – what it represents and which areas of our lives it governs. The tenth house in astrology is also called Midheaven (MH for short) or Medium Coeli (MC for short) which is the highest point in every natal chart. And that’s for a good reason! Down below you will see the logic behind it:

  • Your highest achievements

The tenth house in astrology is where you can see your potential for achievements – the very top and the very best you are capable of. This is the main reason why the MC cusp is considered to be the highest point in your birth chart! If you wish to see what you can amount to in this incarnation, the Midheaven is where you would need to start!

  • Your potential for fame

When it comes to fame, we can say that the sign of Leo and the house it naturally rules (the 5th) is the epitome of attracting attention. However, the fifth house in astrology pales in comparison to the potential for achieving a celebrity status to the Medium Coeli. And the simply reason for this is that the 5th house is located below the horizon (the ASC/DSC axis) while the 10th is right at the top of our chart where we can shine bright in front of people!

  • Your best career

I am almost positive you came to this article for this exact reason – to uncover the great potential of your Midheaven house in terms of professional development and the ability to successfully climb up the ladder in the area you were born to excel in! Your tenth house lord in the eleventh house placemen will be one of the indicators you need to analyze to find out what your best career path may be!

  • Your father

It may not seem that obvious but our father has a direct influence to our ability to succeed professionally. And the main reason for this is that in the past most people would just follow in the footsteps of their dads in terms of career and choosing a profession. In very rare cases, the MC may signify the mother if she is the dominant parent in the family. To find out if that’s the case with you, you need to look at which one of your parents earns more money or has more significant achievements. On the other hand, to find the parent represented by the opposite house (the 4th), you need to determine which parent offered more emotional support and care.

  • Your relationship with the authorities

As a direct consequence of the previous point, we can safely say that the tenth house also represents all kinds of authorities in your life and how you deal with them. These can be other father figures, teachers, mentors, and ultimately the government.  

  • Your mother-in-law and the job of your kids

There is one extremely interesting part of the natal chart analysis – the so called derivative houses. Almost every astrological house can be seen as a derivative house on its own. To explain this term, it is best to just give you an example. To see the characteristics of and your relationship with your mother-in-law, you need to look at the 4th house from the 7th. The seventh house represents your spouse, while the fourth one is the mother. So, the fourth from the seventh will be the mother of your spouse. Similarly, (and that’s a really cool one!) the tenth house will also be the seventh from the fourth – the spouse of your mother – your dad. Moreover, your Midheaven will also show you the job (6th house) of your children (5th house). And that’s again following the same logic I mentioned previously – in the past we would often just choose the same professional field as our dads, and our kids would continue this career path as well. This is how we ended up with so many surnames that signify the jobs of our ancestors!

The SURPRISES of our 10th house ruler in the 11th house

To fully understand and uncover the secrets of the tenth house lord in the eleventh house placement we need to take a deep dive into the 11th house in astrology as well – what it is related to and which areas of our lives it governs. Let’s begin!

  • Your friends and acquaintances

The eleventh house is the domain of Aquarius and it’s is the symbol of friendship and being part of a group of individuals who have similar ideas and perspectives on life.

  • Your hopes and wishes

Eleventh house is also connected to the hopes and wishes we hold, as well as the goals we set in our lifetime. This is the house of what you truly desire in this incarnation.

  • The money you gain from your profession

As a derivative house, the 11th is the second house from the 10th. What this means is that here you can see the assets that you can gain (the 2nd house) as a result of your career (the 10th house).

  • Your step children and children-in-law

Again, looking at this area in your birth chart as a derivative house, it is the seventh from the fifth house. This means that here in this section you can see your relationship with the spouses (the 7th house) of your children (the 5th house) or alternatively the children of your spouse, if there are any.

  • The hobbies of your spouse

The 11th house is also the 5th (hobbies) from the 7th (the spouse).

  • Your involvement in clubs and organizations

This comes again from the association of the eleventh house with its natural ruler – Aquarius. This is quite the social zodiac sign that typically loves being around people, and being of service to their community through various organizations and setups.

Now that we have a better understanding of this astrological house, let’s link the two – the 10th and the 11th!

Having your Midheaven lord in the eleventh house may signify having a career that is in some way connected to your friends, acquaintances, and generally your social circle.  Working with a friend is definitely quite possible with this placement. However, as usual in astrology, there have to be other signs in your natal chart to support that. For instance, there may be some indicators related to the seventh house where we can see our professional partnerships. Psst! The 7th house will the focus of future blog posts. So, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when these will be available!

Alternatively, your friends and friendship circle may have an impact on the professional path that you choose. The old saying “Birds of feather flock together.” perfectly sums up this astrological placement.

Moreover, let’s think about some typical Aquarian jobs and aspirations since the eleventh house is native to the Water Bearer. Having your tenth house ruler in the 11th house could mean having  quite a successful career in being of service to your community, your nation or humanity in general. Some options are politics, being part of a non-profit organization, a club, a humanitarian cause, etc.

Also, other Aquarius-related professional fields are in the realms of technologies and electricity. If you have other signs in your chart to support this, it may be quite plausible to find success and a higher social status through these career options.

Let’s look at this placement from a little bit of an unusual angle. As I mentioned previously, the 11th house is where you can see the hobbies of your spouse, their creative pursuits or generally how they like spending their leisure time. So, this could mean that from an astrological point of view, this could be a good marker for being employed in a similar area. Alternatively, these hobbies and creative endeavors may influence your career path in some way.

Finally, I would like to sum this up by reminding you that the eleventh house is the area of your hopes and dreams. I believe that whatever career you choose it would be congruent with your ultimate goals in life – a reflection of what you truly desire in this incarnation!

Moreover, having your MC ruler in the eleventh house in astrology can be an absolute blessing and a powerful indicator that you have a great potential for accumulating all sorts of tangible and intangible assets as a direct result of your career and professional pursuits. Nice, huh?

Knowledge leads to success – recommended must-reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

If there’s just one astrology book on this topic I would have to recommend, it would be this one! Jan Spiller is an amazing author, and I simply adore all of her books! They are packed with valuable information and practical wisdom you can apply from the get go! That is why I won’t get tired of mentioning this amazing work in my blog.

The Astrology of Success is without a doubt one of the best volumes that deal with one of the most essential topics in our natal charts – the tenth house and its immense potential for getting career achievements, fame, and recognition. It is no coincidence that the MC is the highest point in our horoscope, and it can show us what we came here to fulfil, and what we would leave to future generations even after our physical existence is over. So, if this topic is near and dear to your heart, this is definitely a must-read! You will learn pretty much everything there is to know about your true vocation in life, and your potential for great achievements. You will get detailed analysis of the signs at the cusp of the Medium Coeli, the placements of the 10th house lord, the planets residing in this house (if there are any in the first place), the meaning of the lunar nodes as far as our career field is concerned, and so much more! The more that we know ourselves, our strengths and talents, the more successful we can be. This vital information gives us the ultimate competitive edge that may be the one main difference between success and failure! So, do not hesitate to grab this masterpiece and transform your social status right NOW!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology book series

As I mentioned previously, knowledge is power! The more knowledge we have, the more we can achieve. However, it’s not just about any information. It has to be the right information! It has to be practical and relevant to serve its purpose. And there is no better knowledge than self-knowledge, in my humble opinion. The more we know ourselves, the better we will perform in every area of our lives!

For example, if you truly understand how your 10th house ruler in the 11th house work, you would have an immense advantage over your competitors in the work field. You will feel right at home in this area. This makes all the hard work and hustling that Saturn requires of us (the true ruler of Midheaven) much more effective and fulfilling! That is why I would strongly suggest you get acquainted with your whole chart as much as you can! It will show you the path to financial stability (the 2nd house), the potential for having the right business partners (the 7th house), the necessary habits you need to establish to achieve success (the 6th house), etc. This is where the book series by Marion March and Joan McEvers shines bright! I recommend you grab at least the very first three volumes to get a handle of the chart analysis process. Book 1 deals with the basics of astrology which are absolutely vital for having an excellent understanding of your horoscope; book 2 goes deeper in to the process by introducing the cusps of the houses; and book 3 is the cherry on top that will show you the meaning of all the placements of the 12 houses’ rulers! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a well-structured guide on the art of natal chart interpretation!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

I want to make one thing really clear to serve as a type of a disclaimer: being employed in the best possible career field for you may or may not lead to better material gains! Yes, it has the potential of getting more fame, a better reputation, a better social status, and more achievements in general, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be rich! And I am sure you can think of a lot of examples. Why is that?

Well, according to astrology having achievements and accumulating wealth are two separate areas which can be analyzed through two different houses. The first is governed by the MC, while the other one – by the 2nd house. That is why I always like to remind people to avoid interpreting their charts separately! The whole horoscope should be always at the back of your mind! So, what does have to do with this book? Well, what the author Brian Clark managed to do quite well is to include the other important houses in his Midheaven analysis, such as the 5th (as I already mentioned this is also one of the fame houses in astrology), the 6th (your job and habits), the first (your personality), as well as the 2nd (your material gains in this lifetime), and more! As you can see, there is a lot to think about when choosing a job with the astrological tool called natal chart! And that is why I would strongly suggest you get acquainted with the potential of your birth chart in its every aspect as best as you can! So, in addition to the aforementioned Astrology of Success by Jan Spiller, this book is also a must-have and a must-read! Well, in case you wish to go deep into the subject of choosing you’re a career that would give success and that pays well!


NB! If you’re Midheaven ruler is located somewhere else, feel free to jump to the article dedicated to the other houses in the zodiac: => First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House | Seventh House | Eighth House | Ninth House, and the Tenth House.

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