{Destined for Fame?} The SECRETS of Your Midheaven in Leo

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The SECRETS of Your Midheaven in Leo (10th House in Leo)



What do you and Hitler have in common? Find out down below!


Table of contents:

The First Step for Finding Your Top MC in Leo Careers
The Best Midheaven in Leo Careers
The Typical Leo Midheaven Appearance
Midheaven in Leo Celebrities
More Knowledge = More Success

The next stop on our astrological career journey is Tenth House in Leo. Again, if you don’t know what this means, go back to the this article where everything is explained as simply as possible step by step. If you are acquainted with your astrological placements, it is time to begin with the typical Leo traits – strengths and weaknesses.

The First Step for Finding Your Top MC in Leo Careers

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, ruled by the source of our existence in the Solar system – the Mighty Sun. Yes, the word “mighty” would really please Leos. 😀

If you ask a person with such placement “What is your zodiac sign?”, even if they don’t fancy astrology, they would swiftly throw back something like “I am a lion – the king of the jungle, which means all other signs (I don’t know their names) should bow before me!” So, “pride” is a word, which would first come to mind when talking about Leos.

WOW, now I know why a group of lions is called “a pride”! Mindblown! 😀

Logically, they like being the center of attention, just like the Sun is the center of our system. And it’s good to be around them – the Sun generously gives us energy, and Leos tend to be giving, loyal, energetic, bighearted, confident, and optimistic.

But when stimulated to an excess, these good traits might turn into vices. Vanity, superciliousness, haughtiness, and arrogance can become their Achilles’ heel. Being too generous may turn into prodigality; and the tendency to always be at the center of attention may push them to become too dramatic and egoistic.

The Best Midheaven in Leo Careers

What does Medium coeli in Leo (also called Midheaven in Leo) mean regarding career?

Logically, people with such astrological placement want to shine whatever they do. They need to be praised, to be liked, to be acknowledged. They are ambitious, they want to be proud of their accomplishments, and to be publicly recognized.

If you have your Midheaven in the lion sign (MC in Leo), you have natural leadership qualities, and you want to be the Big Boss, or at least an authority in your field. But remember the Leo’s inclinations towards arrogance; it may become your biggest pitfall.

Leo as a career house is potential good for pursuing professions such as: actors, artists, dancers, speakers (being the center of attention under the spotlight); leaders, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs (basically, being their own boss).

Also, anything connected to children, animals, sports, romance, and even gambling are among the best 10th house Leo careers fields. NB! This is not a piece of advice to make a career as a gambler! But you may be a talented card dealer, for example, especially if Mercury is involved.

Finally, on the topic of career and accomplishments according to astrology, there is one important thing to look at – our dad and authority figures in general in our life. Apart from being the house of our highest professional pursuits, Medium Coeli is also connected to our papas and their characteristics. This means that in astrology our dads (and the relationship we have with them) play a huge role in our ability to succeed in our career! So, what can we say about the Leo in 10th house father? I think that it is quite possible with this placement for you to have a quite the aristocratic papa. Figuratively speaking, of course. However, in many cases this may be quite literally having a dad with some royal blue blood in their veins. Also, it is quite possible for your dad to be an extremely loving person who played with you when you were a small kid on a regular basis. Leo is the sign that is the symbol of the one who gives love to the others, especially to their kids. On the negative side, though, your dominant parent may be extremely dramatic, always seeking to be the center of attention, bossy, and even despotic. In that case, it is possible for you to choose a career of their liking, instead of what your heart desires. In such situation, a Saturn return may give you a chance to chance course into the direction of your true life’s mission. This book on the Saturn Revolution period will give you more valuable information on this topic!

These are the main characteristics of Midheaven in Leo. Remember to trust your gut, and look at your overall disposition when choosing your career field.

Also, one more immensely important reminder! Your MC in Leo placement is only the start of your journey of finding your best career option encoded in your natal chart! There are a ton more essential things to look at and take into account. Things like the placement of the tenth house ruler and its aspects, the placement of Saturn and its aspects (the main significator of our career), the aspects to the Medium Coeli cusp, the planets in our Midheaven, etc. For example, an empty 10th house in Leo will be vastly different from having a few planets in the MC! But don’t you fret about it, these topics will all be covered on the blog, and if you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you will have a FREE access to them as soon as they are published!

The Typical Leo Midheaven Appearance

The sign at the cusp of the Medium Coeli does not have a direct influence on the appearance of the individual. The main thing we need to look at is the rising sign. However, since the position of the tenth house is a consequence of the cusp of the first house, we can say that we can make a couple of assumptions based on the Midheaven in Leo placement. What I mean is that having your 10th house in Leo suggests that it is quite common for you to have Scorpio or Libra as rising signs. Keep in mind that these are not the only two options! However, for the sale of simplicity and clarity, I will say a few words only on the appearance of the rising Libra and rising Scorpio.

And before we start I need to make a huge disclaimer here! The Ascendant is just one of the factors that may determine our appearance. There are many other significations and planetary placements to look at. But don’t you worry – they will be covered in future blog posts, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified for all fresh FREE new content on the site!

Now, let’s begin!

Leo Midheaven Scorpio Ascendant

To me, the absolute signature trait of the Scorpion sign is their look. And by “look” I mean their “stare”. The typical representative of the eighth astrological sign has an impressively intense look as if their eyes are trying to pierce through your skin. This is the sign of deep underground search and research, and they often look as if they are constantly deciphering the people around them. They may also have that signature naughty gaze that is trying to seduce you. When it comes to clothing styles, the true Scorpions will definitely try to look very attractive, and appealing, and they may often be seen as femme fatales or womanizers, regardless of their dress code. Finally, it may also be common among Scorpio rising people to dress and behave like they have a bunch of well-kept secrets that give them that mysterious and enigmatic vibe. Remember that people with a tenth house in Leo will most definitely love to attract attention in one way or another. Their looks is definitely one of their main “weapons” in these pursuits!

Leo Midheaven Libra Rising

Here we have some very beautiful individuals who possess enormous amounts of charm and charisma. Regardless of their gender, the rising Libra people are often considered to be elegant and gentle. They also often have excellent manners, and have a refined taste of aesthetics. They usually have harmonic face and body features, and are often slender and gracious in their youth. However, since Libra and their ruling planet Venus are deeply connected to sugar, it is not uncommon for these individuals to gain a few extra pounds as they age. This will largely depend on the position and the aspects of Venus. People with a Libra Ascendant will often try to maintain an impeccable and fashionable dress code with harmonic and matching colors. They are definitely an eye candy!

Midheaven in Leo Celebrities

I think it could be quite useful to take a look at some MC in Leo celebrities as examples of how this astrological placement played out in their lives. They might give you some good ideas on what’s possible. However, I do want to remind you two main things: 1. Our best career choice will depend on the whole chart, and that applies to the popular people in this list as well; 2. Most celebrities are employed in the typical professions which have a better potential at receiving popularity – singers, actors, politicians, athletes, etc. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful and popular in your own best career field. So, I remind you to take these examples with a grain of salt!

OK, let’s go!

Here in this article I will make a small change – I decided to divide the celebrities depending on their rising sign to show you how important it is, and how it can change the whole picture! Furthermore, I will be focusing more on the Scorpion Ascendant since I think it is a little more interesting and juicier to discus. So, here they are:

Leo Midheaven Scorpio Ascendant Celebrities

Why did I pick this Ascendant in particular? Well, I wanted to show you how the Leo Midheaven and the Scorpio rising work together like clockwork! Leo is the creative sign which loves being under the spotlight and to be the absolute center of attention which gives you an enormous advantage in pursuing any kind of career where performing in front of people is a must.

On the other hand, the Scorpion is the sign of cults, the support we receive from others (even the applause and the moral support we get from other people), as well as everything connected to our intimacy and other adult-related stuff (you know what I mean).

So, what you can see here are immensely popular people who not only thrive under the spotlight, but they also use their physical attractiveness to get the people fanatically adore and support them in a cult-like fashion.

Also, in the cases of Jim Carrey and Robin Williams we can see the connection between the Lion and children – being a talented comedian who can be extremely entertaining to children is right in the ally of the 10th house in Leo!

Furthermore, Leo as the natural ruler of the fifth house (the house of sports), shows us how you can become an enormously dedicated and successful athlete with this astrological placement!

Singers – Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Prince, Courtney Love, and more.

Actors – Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, James Franco, and more.

Athletes – Rafael Nadal, Caitlyn Jenner, Diego Maradona, Julio Iglesias (yes, I intentionally put him here because most people do not know that his career started as a football player for Real Madrid), Amélie Mauresmo, and more.

Other popular Midheaven in Leo Scorpio Rising people:

Sigmund Freud – I will just remind you that I intentionally made a special section for the Scorpio Rising. I hope I don’t have to explain why I think Sigmund Freud and his specific area of psychoanalysis is a prime example of becoming famous (tenth house in Leo) in a Scorpion-related field!

Marquis de Sade – I really like this example as well! As I mentioned previously, tenth house in astrology is where we can take a peek at our father archetype and his characteristics. In this case here we have a real-life noble person with an actual father with a royalty-status – Leo all the way! And that’s not all! The Scorpio rising here also plays a huge role in his professional development! Marquis de Sade became most famous for his erotic works and everything connected to the human intimacy – the exact domain of the Scorpion!

George Sand – George Sand is the pen name for the talented author Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin de Francueil. Hm, we have another popular person here in our list who has something quite peculiar when it comes to their gender (along with Caitlyn Jenner). She was one of the first women in her era to wear pants and dress like a man in public places. However, this is not why I picked her as an example. I wanted to showcase again that a 10th house in Leo may actually signify a father of a royal or aristocratic background. But also, the Scorpio Ascendant here, in my opinion, played a huge role in her motivation to keep her real identity a secret. Secrets are again in the domain of the Scorpion.

Emily Dickinson – I love this example right here and I will tell you why! When I say that the whole chart should always be kept in mind when we try to analyze a certain area, I meant it! Here we have another extremely popular and talented author who is basically almost the opposite of what we saw in George Sand. Emily Dickinson was modest and introverted. And when we take a look at her natal chart we can understand why – most of her planets are placed below the horizon which signifies a tendency for being an extremely private person who values their personal space, and keeps their intimate life out of people’s eyes and mouths. (Oh, by the way, the significance of the planets below and above the horizon will be the focus of future blog posts. So, make sure you sign up for our newsletter to become amongst the first to have FREE access to this content!) Moreover, the Scorpio rising here even further helped Dickinson maintain her private life in secrecy. But she is extremely popular, right? And here’s how the magic of birth chart interpretation happens! After all, she does have that Midheaven in Leo and she reached that highest potential for fame and popularity, but… after her physical existence was over. Remember that the 10th house is ruled by Saturn, the god of time, and here we can see what we will be remembered for by the following generations. So, even if you are not very keen at being a celebrity, your name might still become quite popular even after you are long gone.

Leo Midheaven Libra Ascendant Celebrities

I will not go into great details on this astrological placement. I think these few names speak for themselves. But I just want to mention two main things here. First, keep in mind that there is a fine line between fame and notoriety. And second, although Libra is that ultimate symbol of beauty and harmony, it is still a cardinal sign. And all cardinal signs have the potential for being excellent, powerful, and charismatic leaders. Sadly, these abilities are not always used for the greater good. So, remember that each sign has a bright and a dark side (a shadow as Carl Jung might call it), and your free will has the upper hand in this process of tipping the scales (pun intended!) towards one direction or the other!

Adolf Hitler, Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paul II, and more

More Knowledge = More Success

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

This is by far one of my most favorite books on the topic of finding your best career field according to your natal chart. The author Jan Spiller goes deep into this area by dissecting the 10th house in astrology – the house of our greatest achievements, and the potential for acquiring a higher social status!

So, today’s article on the topic of your Midheaven in Leo placement is only the beginning of your process of unlocking the treasure chest of your professional growth! What you will learn in this work is the ins and outs of the 10th house – the signs at the cusp of the house, the placement of the house ruler, the meaning of the celestial bodies inside the Medium Coeli, the North or South Lunar nodes in the MC, etc. All of these details will paint the full picture of your career potential which is encoded in your birth chart! Oh, and speaking of the Lunar Nodes, take a look at the following book suggestion that would be a great addition to this read!


This book is also authored by the amazingly talented astrologer Jan Spiller. I am not gonna lie – I do love her approach to astrology and the practical knowledge that she shares with us! As I mentioned in the previous book recommendation, this work is also related to the topic of our professional potential according to this ancient self-discovery system – the Lunar Nodes. As opposed to the “The Astrology of Success”, you don’t need to have any of the nodes placed in your 10th house to take advantage of this book! But I am getting a little ahead of myself!

Let’s see what these important points in our charts are associated with and why they are so important. There are basically two schools of thought on this topic. One describes the Lunar Nodes as sensitive points for learning new life lessons (the North Node), and releasing old obsolete patterns that are no longer congruent with our life’s path (the South Node). That is why authors like March and McEvers consider these as the point where we take and it is given to us (the Head of the Dragon), and the point where we give and let go of (the Tail of the Dragon). On the other hand, authors like Jan Spiller and Martin Schulman look at this subject from a much more deep and esoteric perspective – as part of the mystical Karmic Astrology. What does have to do with our career? Well, our professional development is tightly connected and intertwined with our life’s mission, our Dharma, and the karmic lessons we are meant to learn. That is why analyzing our Lunar Nodes gives us some indispensable knowledge of our hidden talents and skills, our natural inclinations, and the past life traps along the way! This is definitely a must-read for any passionate astrology geek out there who is intrigued by this mystical part of astrology!


I briefly mentioned two of the other most favorite astrology teachers I have come across – Marion March and Joan McEvers. I can’t praise them enough for their colossal effort in teaching us the intricate and sacred art of birth chart interpretation! They have created a massive series of textbooks to give us the algorithm and the logic behind the planetary placements in our horoscope.

However, for the sake of our main topic today (your 10th house in Leo), I will go through just the first three installments of the series. These are the most essential ones in terms of using your natal chart as a blueprint for unlocking your career potential! Let’s begin! Book 1 will give you the absolute foundations of astrology so that you can learn the secrets of your birth chart as the palm of your hand – the astrological signs, the houses, the planets and luminaries, as well as all the 144 main aspects that may show up in your horoscope. Do not skip this part because this is the absolute first vital step in the search of your best career! The more you understand who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are, the easier it would be to find out what you were born to do! In book 2 you will go deeper into the art of chart interpretation, and learn some vital details that would make all the difference. The most important parts are on the topics of the signs at the cusps of each house, as well as the aspects your planets have with your MC in Leo point. Book 3 is the absolute cherry on top of the cake! In this volume you will learn the meaning of the position of your tenth house ruler (in this case this is none other than the Sun itself). As you can see there are lots of details to consider when deciding on your best job according to astrology. That is why I titled this chapter “More Knowledge = More Success”. The more self-aware you are, the more potential you can uncover! That is why I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and get all the future blog entries for FREE! You don’t even have to spend a dime on books and courses!


There is one huge disadvantage to the art of astrology – it may be an evidence-based empirical knowledge, but it could also be a bit opinion-based. In other words, there may be slight variations to the interpretations of each astrological aspect. Or as in most cases – there is a ton of details to be said about each planetary position, and one book or one author is simply not enough to get the full picture.

So, in my opinion, it is best to just keep reading and keep learning from different authors and getting access to various opinions and perspectives. That is why I would also recommend this nifty book by Brian Clark on that very same topic – our best career opportunities as per our unique natal chart! What I really like about this work is that it goes way beyond the 10th house, as it should be! If there is one thing that I keep reminding people is to always try to keep the whole chart at the back of their minds! Any given astrological house should not be analyzed in isolation!  So, here in this book you will learn how other important houses are directly linked to our professional development, such as the second (the house of our acquired assets), the fifth (the house of our creativity), the sixth (the house of our habits, and day-to-day job), etc. That is why I think this volume is extremely important and it could be a wonderful and indispensable addition to the “Astrology of Success” masterpiece by Jan Spiller!


I know, I know, this book is dedicated to the Sun sign of Leo. However, I still think it would be immensely beneficial. And the main reason for this is that the typical characteristics of the fifth zodiac sign will deeply influence the 10th house and they will determine to a great extent the best potential career paths for those with Midheaven in Leo. So, in other words, the more you understand the ins and out of the Lion sign, the better idea you would have about the professional achievements you can amount to.

Well, to be fully honest, you don’t even have to pick this exact book on this topic. There are plenty of reads that would give you a ton of valuable information on the Leo sign that may serve as idea-generators for suitable jobs. One of these amazing works is Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. However, I intentionally chose “Leo: Harness the Power of the Zodiac” for one main reason – the special chapter on jobs. I think this section of the book might be extremely valuable in giving you some good ideas how you might unlock the potential of your 10th house placement! Moreover, there is also some advice on one of the most important periods of any person’s life when it comes to career and maturation – the Saturn return. But more about this topic – in the next book suggestion!


As I mentioned previously, the Saturn return (also called a Saturn revolution) is an extremely vital cosmic phenomenon that should always be kept into account in our process of choosing a suitable (or a better) career. If you are not familiar with the term, here’s a very short and simple explanation. The Saturn return is the period of time when the transiting Saturn makes a full revolution around the zodiac and it goes back to its original position during our birth.

This usually happens around every 30 years. So, the most common scenario is that we usually experience about two Saturn revolutions in our lifetime. That is why you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Here’s why this cosmic event is so important! This is the period of time when we basically become more mature and have to start actively learn the lessons of this slow-moving planet – discipline, responsibility, building a strong work ethic, accepting the limitations in life, etc. That is why for most people this is quite the challenging process. However, the Saturn return also gives us a powerful opportunity to make radical changes in our professional life, and if we are occupied in a field that is not congruent with our personality and life path, to make shifts more easily. So, I encourage you to grab this book and follow the practical pieces of advice, guidelines, and mystical rituals to go through this challenging period with flying colors!


Speaking of mystical rituals for finding your best career according to your true life’s mission, here’s my final book suggestion on this topic – New Moon Astrology. If you are wondering what this intriguing topic has to do with your top professional field, listen up closely! If you believe in the power of the law of attraction, then this read would be extremely valuable to you!

It goes deep into the magical world of Moon rituals and how we can harness their beneficial influence to make our wishes come true faster and more easily! Yes, that includes your dream job or the vocation you were born to do! The author Jan Spiller (I told you I am a huge fan of hers!) will teach you how to pick the correct Moon phase according to the goal you have set to achieve. Let me give you a hint! If you wish to change your day-to-day job, a New Moon in Virgo will be your top choice. On the other hand, if you wish to receive divine guidance on something more large-scale, like your life-long career and mission that would help you unlock your ultimate potential and give you a push to a better social status, a New Moon in Capricorn is the best time to prepare your manifesting props, and start wish-making! I hope you can see why I included this nifty astrological-slash-manifesting book in this list! Happy manifesting!


Wish you luck and success!

You can also check the other signs in this series right HERE!

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