Tenth House in Leo

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The next stop on our astrological career journey is Tenth House in Leo. Again, if you don’t know what this means, go back to the this article where everything is explained as simply as possible step by step. If you are acquainted with you astrological placements, it is time to begin with the typical Leo traits – strengths and weaknesses.

Basic Traits of Leo

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, ruled by the source of our existence in the Solar system – the Mighty Sun. Yes, the word “mighty” would really please Leos. 😀 If you ask a person with such placement “What is your zodiac sign?”, even if they don’t fancy astrology, they would swiftly throw back something like “I am a lion – the king of the jungle, which means all other signs (I don’t know their names) should bow before me!” So, “pride” is a word, which would first come to mind when talking about Leos. WOW, now I know why a group of lions is called “a pride”! Mindblown! 😀

lion Leo

The King of the Jungle – the proud ruler of the Zodiac

Logically, they like being the center of attention, just like the Sun is the center of our system. And it’s good to be round them – the Sun generously gives us energy, and Leos tend to be giving, loyal, energetic, bighearted, confident, and optimistic. But when stimulated to an excess, these good traits might turn into vices. Vanity, superciliousness, haughtiness, and arrogance can become their Achilles’ heel. Being too generous may turn into prodigality; and the tendency to always be at the center of attention may push them to become too dramatic and egoistic.

Tenth House in Leo

What does Tenth House in Leo mean regarding career? Logically, people with such astrological placement want to shine whatever they do. They need to be praised, to be liked, to be acknowledged. They are ambitious, they want to be proud of their accomplishments, and to be publicly recognized. If you have your Midheaven in the lion sign, you have natural leadership qualities, and you want to be the Big Boss, or at least an authority in your field. But remember the Leo’s inclinations towards arrogance; it may become your biggest pitfall. Potential good professions for these people are: actors, artists, dancers, speakers (being the center of attention under the spotlight); leaders, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs (basically, being their own boss); anything connected to children, animals, sports, and even gambling.
These are the main characteristics of Midheaven in Leo. Remember to trust your gut, and look at your overall disposition when choosing your career field. I hope this article shed some light and helped you make an easier decision. If you have already chosen your job, but you feel it’s not for you, there are safe options you can try and steer your career in the desired direction. You can always start something as a hobby and build it in your spare time to test it out!
‘Till next time! Wish you luck!

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