{Revealed} The TRUE Meaning of the 10th House Lord in 8th House in Astrology

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The TRUE Meaning of the 10th House Lord in 8th House in Astrology (Tenth House Ruler in the Eighth House)



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Table of contents:
The meaning of the tenth house in astrology
The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 8th house
Recommended books and additional reads

Let’s continue our journey of the tenth house ruler through the natal houses! Today’s focus is the ruler of Midheaven in the eighth house in astrology.

And in case you have no clue what I am talking about, in this introduction I will do my best to help you out in finding these important aspects of your birth chart. If you are already familiar with your Medium Coeli point and the placement of its ruler, feel free to skip all the way to the analysis part down below!

Now, for those of you who are just starting out, and have no idea how to find their tenth house lord, follow the steps-by-step process described next:

  1. Grab your birth chart, if you have it. If you don’t have one calculated yet, you can use a variety of tools online. You are going to need your accurate date, time, and place of birth.
  2. Take a look at the Medium Coeli cusp and the sign it is placed in.
  3. Determine the lord of your Midheaven sign. In this simplified chart down below you will find the rulers of each zodiac sign as well as their astrological glyphs, so that you can read your chart more easily:
  • The first sign in astrology Aries (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by Mars (signified with the glyph ♂);
  • The second and the seventh signs in astrology Taurus (signified with the glyph) and Libra (signified with the glyph ) are ruled by Venus (signified with the glyph ♀);
  • The third and the sixth signs in astrology Gemini (signified with the glyph ) and Virgo (signified with the glyph ) are ruled by Mercury (signified with the glyph );
  • The fourth sign in astrology Cancer (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by the Moon (signified with the glyph );
  • The fifth sign in astrology Leo (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by the Sun (signified with the glyph );
  • The eighth sign in astrology Scorpio (signified with the glyph) is ruled by Pluto (signified with the glyph );
  • The ninth sign in astrology Sagittarius (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by Jupiter (signified with the glyph );
  • The tenth sign in astrology Capricorn (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by Saturn (signified with the glyph );
  • The eleventh sign in astrology Aquarius (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by Uranus (signified with the glyph );
  • The twelfth sign in astrology Pisces (signified with the glyph ) is ruled by Neptune (signified with the glyph ).

Here’s an example! If your Medium Coeli point (the tenth house cusp) is in Leo, you need to check the position of the Sun in your natal chart. You can mark down this position by sign and the house it is placed in. If your Sun is placed in the eighth astrological house, this means that your 10th house lord is in the eighth house – which is the main focus of today’s blog entry!

The meaning of the tenth house in astrology

To fully understand this astrological placement (having your 10th house ruler in your 8th house) first we need to take a look at the significance of the tenth house in astrology (also called Midheaven or MH for short, as well as Medium Coeli or MC for short). Then we have to analyze the eighth house along with the area it governs, and right after that we can understand our career opportunities this placement may bring. In other words, basically we have to connect these both houses through the position of the Midheaven lord.

Let’s begin!

The tenth house in astrology is a very intricate point in the natal chart and it is one of the most significant parts of the horoscope analysis. It is part of the ASC/DSC/IC/MC axis (Asendant/Descendant/Imum Coeli/Medium Coeli). And while the Ascendant and the Descendant deal with our personality and how we connect with our potential partners, the Imum Coeli and the Medium Coeli are more related to our inner and outer world. In other words, the Midheaven point signifies how we go out into the world and achieve our highest potential. Let’s make it a bit more structured!

The MC point shows us:

  • Our highest achievements – the Mideheaven point is where we can see our potential for our biggest accomplishments in life. That is why it is considered to be the highest point in our natal chart. In other words, this is the area of our life where we can find what we are going to be known for even after our physical existence is over – what we are going to be remembered for.
  • Our career – this is in direct relation to the previous point. It is no coincidence that most of us become known for our professional achievements, our career, and in more general terms – our overall contributions to the world.
  • Our social status – to put it in very simple terms, the Ascendant is the persona we show to the world, while the Medium Coeli could signify our best potential position in the social hierarchy.
  • Our father – if we take the IC point (the cusp of the fourth astrological house) as the mother archetype in our life (the caregiver in the family you were born in; usually the mother), the MC point signifies our paternal archetype. In other words, the tenth house in astrology gives us important information about our own fathers (or the dominant parent or the breadwinner in your family); father and authority figures, teachers, mentors, etc.
  • The government – speaking of authority figures, here in the Medium Coeli we can also see how we relate to all kinds of authorities. And the most prominent one is, of course, the government. Here’s an example! If you have your tenth house cusp in Aquarius, you may exhibit strong rebellious characteristics towards your own father, as well as the government. On the other hand, if your Midheaven cusp is in Virgo, you may be extremely strict and pedantic in following the rules and complying with the law.

Something useful to remember when analyzing your 10th house – this is the realm of Capricorn and the natural ruler of the Medium Coeli house is Saturn. This means that all these areas in our lives (professional development, success, higher social status, etc.) will still be influenced by this slow-moving planet. It is basically part of our natural maturation process as human beings. What I mean to say is that it is also important to pay attention to the transiting cycle of this celestial body, and its full revolution around our birth chart. This is the so called Saturn return or a Saturn revolution. If a Saturn return is approaching, you can definitely take this opportunity to see whether you need to make changes in your professional life (and in many cases this process happens quite naturally around these important transits). Also, make sure you get more information on the significance and the meaning of the zodiac sign which is at the cusp of your tenth house!

The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 8th house in astrology

Alright! Here’s the juicy part you came here for!

So, to be able to analyze this placement, we need to also look at the eighth house and the area of our lives it governs. Let’s do that now!

The 8th house in astrology is a very interesting part of our natal charts and it can be associated with the following:

  • Other people’s assets

The eighth astrological house is related to our access and the handling of other people’s assets – these can be money and other financial instruments, as well as tangible and intangible possessions. That is why this house is often associated with the banking system, the insurance companies, stock market trading, taxes, charities, and other types of financial institutions that deal with someone else’s money. Remember that the 8th house’s true lord is Scorpion which is a watery sign, and money is considered to be a water element (that is why it is called “currency”).

  • Inheritance

This is again related to the realm of other people’s assets. Because an inheritance is basically having access to and operating with valuables that other people accumulated and earned in their lifetime (the area of the second astrological house which is in direct opposition to the 8th). Psst! The second house and its potential for gaining assets will be covered later in the blog, so stay tuned!

  • Allowances

This is just another form of dealing with money we didn’t accumulate ourselves. By looking at the eighth house in our natal chart we can make some assumptions whether we might receive allowances and financial support from other people. We can look at this topic from the broader perspective of receiving all kinds of tangible and intangible assets from other people. However, since the 8th house is also connected to our intimate lives, very often these allowances are the result of a divorce. Please note that this does not mean that you are going to get divorced! Astrology often deals with potentials and possible outcomes. Later on in this section of the article, you will see that living off of a divorce allowance is just one of many possible outcomes of having your 10th house ruler in the 8th house!

  • Support from others

Let’s move to some more general terms. The eighth house in astrology is not just about money and financial assets. It is also deeply connected to every type of support we receive from others. Yes, this can be moral, spiritual, emotional, and physical support. The encouragement and positive feedback we receive from others; the applause and approval of our work that motivates us to continue forward, etc. Think of this house as anything which has to do with what we receive from the outer world.

  • Intimacy

It is getting hot in here! 😀 Yes, we cannot think of the sign of Scorpio (the true lord of the 8th house) without picturing something related to our intimate lives and intimate partners.

  • Anything which is hidden

The eighth house is also the realm of anything which remains hidden and obscured from the public – secrets, esoteric and occult knowledge, etc. That is why here we can find the deep transformations and the potential for immense spiritual growth which happens deep within our souls. And speaking of metamorphosis, these is this popular analogy of the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly – a process of re-birth and radical transformation which happens in secrecy inside of the cocoon.

  • Surgeries and death

I will not get too deep into this realm of the eighth house since it might be a bit too sensitive, as well as for our abilities to autosuggest. Please don’t make any assumptions about possible ailments or surgeries on your own! It is worth mentioning here that the ethics of the professional astrologers states that these topics should be handled with extra care. Our tendencies to self-suggest might be much more influential and detrimental than the actual astrological configurations we have in our charts! Should you have any issues or questions on these topics, do consult with certified professionals – both astrologers and doctors!  However, for the sake of our topic of finding your best possible career options, this area which is in the domain of the 8th astrological house deserves to be mentioned.

Now that we know what the tenth and the eighth houses in astrology are all about, let’s see how these two can be linked and intertwined for a possible career option!

So, generally speaking, as you might have got the gist of the 8th house, this placement may very well require the support from other people in any shape or form. Of course the possibilities are endless and only you and your higher self know what you came here on Earth to accomplish. That is why I always say that we should follow our guts and see what really inspires us; what makes us tick; what makes us wake up in the morning, etc. Well, this does not mean that our true vocation my not have challenges. However, I do think that we are simply not able to escape the professional field that we are destined to work in!

Now, these are some of my ideas and suggestions!

Having your Midheaven lord in your eighth house might drive you to become a successful banker or any other type of profession that has to do with dealing with other people’s assets – a stock broker, an insurer, a tax official, etc. If you have a water sign on the cusp of your Medium Coeli (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), this may very well be an excellent option since money is generally in the realm of the water element. In case you have your Midheaven in Virgo (and Mercury in the 8th house), I think this may be an excellent position for an accountant. Virgo is an extremely pedantic sign and the eighth house is dealing with other people’s money.

Remember that here we have any kind of support from others, such as having sponsors, as well as receiving moral support from our clients and audience. So, if you have a more artistic placement of your tenth house cusp, you would need the applause and the approval from your followers to drive you forward. For example, let’s say that you have your Medium Coeli in Leo, and your Sun is in the 8th house. This is an excellent placement for working in any type of profession which calls for performing in front of people (artists, athletes, etc.). However, very often these types of careers do require the support from others – having mentors, sponsors, rabid fans, and so on. Even being a successful YouTuber nowadays entails receiving donations from your followers.

Or let’s say that your 10th house is in Aquarius which is a good placement for having a career in politics. With Uranus in the 8th house you will need financial support from others for organizing your political campaigns.

Another great option for this astrological placement is becoming an attorney or a notary (especially if the tenth house is in Libra). Well, the more appropriate options would be a divorce attorney or a notary specialized in dealing with inheritances. I think you can understand why I chose these two – Libra is often connected to our judicial system (hence the symbol of Lady Justice), while the 8th house is related to handling other people’s assets, such as allowances and inheritance.

As I mentioned previously, surgeries and the topic of death is also in the domain of the 8th house. So, it is also possible for you to be drawn towards becoming a talented surgeon or even a funeral agent. With Virgo on the cusp of the Medium Coeli, the surgeon suggestion is very possible. The sixth sign in the zodiac is often related to our physical wellbeing. At the same time Virgo is ruled by Mercury (so, Mercury will be placed in the 8th house). And as you might know, this fast-moving planet is connected to our natural dexterity and working with our hands – a quality any good surgeon needs to have!

Finally, remember that there is always the option to be fully supported by others – with an inheritance, a divorce allowance, etc. So, your “career”, so to speak, would be your personal spiritual growth and deep inner transformation (which is also in the realm of the eighth astrological house). Well, to be fully honest, this placement might also be a wonderful option to become a cult leader or a spiritual guru who has their followers support them completely. I am joking of course, but that’s not entirely out of the question. 😀

Before we conclude I wish to make an important note! Analyzing the natal chart should be done in its entirety. So, this means that your career potential and the best professional field you can develop in can be determined by the overall interpretation of the horoscope. And there are a lot of fundamental elements that need to be looked at. These can be the placements of the personal planets and luminaries, the Ascendant, the sign at the cusp of the Midheaven and its ruling planet, etc.

Here are a few examples. Let’s say that you have your MC in Libra and you are interested in the judicial system. Your 10th lord in 8th house Venus placement (because Venus is the ruling planet of Libra) could push you to become a notary that deals with wills or an attorney who deals with alimonies and allowances.

Alternatively, if Taurus is at the cusp of the career house, that same Venus placement may help you become a talented real estate broker who manages other people’s investments.

As I mentioned previously, the rising sign also plays a huge role in the career that we choose. This is basically half of our personality, and it has to be congruent with the requirements of the job!

For instance, 10th lord in 8th house Scorpio Ascendant will even further put a focus on the characteristics of the eighth astrological sign and the areas it governs. This placement means that you have a powerful ability to dig deep into any kind of knowledge and any professional field which requires thorough research can be a piece of cake to you!

If you have your 10th lord in 8th house Aquarius Ascendant this shows us a completely different personality that is much less intense and much more open-minded. The rising Aquarius can be of great help if you are intrigued by the areas of science and technology. The tenth house ruler in the eighth house in your natal chart will help you receive the necessary funding (other people’s money) for you to work in these fields as a scientist or a tech developer. Psst! The Ascendants will be the sole focus of future blog posts, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when yours would be up!

As you can see there are a lot of moving pieces to consider when analyzing the career potential of your birth chart. That is why I encourage you to start from the fundaments to get a full understanding of your horoscope and what’s possible for you! In the next chapter you can find some interesting reads to help you out in your quest!

Recommended books and additional reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

Here in this section I will make a couple of book suggestions on this topic you might find interesting and valuable. Analyzing our birth charts may be a difficult task and we need as much information from experienced astrologers as possible. So, I hope these works would give you more insights and aha-moments in your quest of finding your vocation in life!

This amazing book is written by one of my most favorite authors and astrologers Jan Spiller. She dives deep into the realm of the tenth astrological house and how it can give us some vital information on finding our true purpose in life. In this awesome and comprehensive volume you will find everything you need to know about your Midheaven – the sign on the cusp of your Medium Coeli and its meaning, the placement of the 10th house ruler, the meaning of the planets and the lunar nodes located in your tenth house (if any), the lords of other houses located in your Midheaven, as well a special focus on Saturn and its significance in our professional development! This is definitely a must-read for anyone interested in this topic!


For the sake of analyzing your birth chart for the purpose of finding your best career opportunities and professions you can grab the first 3 volumes of the series. These will give you the necessary foundations to better understand what your birth chart is trying to tell you. The first book is dedicated to the meaning and the significance of each zodiac sign, the houses in astrology, the planets, as well as the most common aspects. The second installment contains a ton of information and details on the natal chart analysis process.

However, for the sake of our topic here, this book will give you some valuable deets on each astrological house cusp (including the tenth house, of course). The third book is also exceptionally good since it covers the topic of the house rulers and their placements in the natal chart (including today’s topic – the 10th house ruler in the 8th house). Moreover, at the end of the volume you will find some specific recommendations and invaluable pieces of advice for uncovering your vocation and professional potential!


This is another great book on this topic I think you are going to find useful. Yes, it does cover pretty much the same stuff – everything which has to do with our Medium Coeli in relation to our best professional and career development. However, I do think this volume is especially valuable since it goes deeper and wider into the subject! What do I mean about that?

Well, here in this work you will find a ton more information about your 10th house, but also – how the other astrological houses are connected to this realm of vocation and life calling. For instance, in this book you will learn a lot about the second house in astrology which is associated with the assets (both tangible and intangible) we may acquire in our lifetime. I think you are going to agree that the topic of our profession and our highest achievements and social status is directly related to the wealth we might accumulate. The same goes with the sixth house – the area of our job, work environment and habits; the first house (the Ascendant) – our persona; etc. That is why every natal chart and every topic in our lives has to be looked at in its entirety as opposed to just taking some fragments of our horoscope.


If you wish to learn more about your immense potential for career advancement according to astrology, feel free to take a look at your Midheaven sign! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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