Phalaenopsis Orchids Plant Care Guide (Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners)

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Phalaenopsis Orchids Plant Care Guide (Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners)


phalaenopsis orchids plant care guide, phalaenopsis care for beginners

I know this is a little bit unorthodox for me and a bit out of this blog’s topic, but I have been asked multiple times to share my experience in growing orchids.

As it turns out, even though there is plenty of info going around, there is still a lot of confusion and myths around how to successfully maintain a Phalanopsis orchid and how to make it bloom continuously.

So, I decided to document my own findings in a very short, concise, and step-by-step manual to guide you through the whole process and to answer all of your burning questions!

And I want to emphasize – this is not a theoretical book – this is an absolutely practical guide for beginners to start with the right foot and to help you avoid (or correct) all the mistakes I have made in the past with my first orchid plant.

How it all started?

My orchid journey started about 8 years ago when I was given an old barely surviving Phalaenopsis orchid which had been mistreated for quite some time. I hadn’t produced any flowers in a long long time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I was doing either.

I made pretty much all the mistakes in the book – watered it too often  or too rarely, re-potted it with the wrong type of soil (Psst! All the recommended tools you need for growing your house plant the right way are right here. These can also be wonderful gift ideas for your friends and family who love orchids as well!), fertilized it with the wrong type of food, etc. This plant should be given a medal of honor for surviving my incompetence! 😀

Throughout all these years I had been reading all sorts of information and followed various pieces of advice, but to no avail – my orchid was just not growing well at all! It was barely producing new leaves every few months and that was that! (sigh)phalaenopsis orchids plant care guide, phalaenopsis care for beginners

So, in all my frustration and confusion, I started experimenting and checking how my plant reacts. That’s how I actually sifted through the myths and misinformation and developed my own strategies and guidelines for the correct Phalaenopsis care and maintenance .

By the way, I have distilled these in a very nifty way with my printables you can use as convenient reminders! Grab them for FREE right here!

And the results showed up!

And I am going to teach you everything I have found I a very structured step-by-step manner so I can remove any confusion out of the way!

Here’s what you will learn in my simple Phalaenopsis care tips:

  • Where to place your orchid in order to supply it with the best conditions? This is of paramount importance to the health of your plant! The correct placement will ensure the basic necessities like light exposure and air drafts. This can make or break your orchid very quickly!
  • How and when to water your orchid? One of the most controversial topics! I kept hearing how you should not over-water the Phalaenopsis, but what does that mean exactly? If you have been asking this question over and over again, do not worry – I will give you detail and exact instructions so you do not dehydrate or spoil the root system of the plant!
  • How and when to fertilize your orchid to ensure its proper growth and long-lasting blooming? This is key! Just like watering, over-fertilizing can be detrimental for the root system, while not feeding your orchid enough nutrients may lead to slow growth and lack of blooms.
  • How and when to re-pot your orchid? Orchids are not like the other house pants! They need special treatment when it comes to soil and extra care when changing pots!
  • How to help your orchid bloom continuously year after year? Should you place ice cubes in the pot to stimulate blooming? Or is this procedure actually killing your plant? Find out in the manual!
  • How and when to propagate your orchid? It’s not that scary as you think! If you take care of your Phalaenopsis well, it will start producing more and more orchids you can chop off the main plant and re-pot. This is a very cool and cheap gift idea for every occasion and I will teach you the correct Phalaenopsis orchid keiki care and main plant care after blooming!
  • How to properly treat and prevent the most common issues? Is your orchid not growing well? Do the leaves quickly get yellow and limpy? Are the airy roots black-ish? Is the root system rotting? Are there any pests which are slowly killing the plant? All of the solutions are there for you to start implementing right away!
  • What should you do when you go on a vacation? How to keep your Phalaenopsis alive while you are away?
  • and so much more!

phalaenopsis orchids plant care guide, phalaenopsis care for beginners

EASY STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR GROWING PHALAENOPSIS ORCHIDS!phalaenopsis orchids plant care guide, phalaenopsis care for beginners

Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners” is your simple hassle-free guide for growing, blooming, and propagating your magnificent Phalaenopsis orchids!

Are you constantly struggling to make your orchid grow and bloom properly? Or maybe you have a brand new Phalaenopsis plant and you have no clue what to do with it?

Worry not! This is exactly what you need!

No more confusion! Everything you need to know to grow your orchids in one place!


      phalaenopsis orchids plant care guide, phalaenopsis care for beginners

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