Orchid Planting Tools (Phalaenopsis Care Tools)

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Orchid Planting Tools (Phalaenopsis Care Tools)

orchid planting tools, Phalaenopsis care tools

This article may be a bit different than most topics here. But since I was asked over and over again to share my orchid care secrets, I decided to write them down and synthesize them into a book format.

I personally had been struggling with my first orchid flower for more than 6 years before figuring out all the necessary steps and best practices to keep my plant alive, well, and to help it bloom continuously!orchid planting tools, Phalaenopsis care tools

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Now back to our main focus for today – my top Phalaenopsis care necessities you need for your orchid to grow healthy, and to keep blooming year after year!

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Placement of your flower

Flower lighting – in case the environment is too dark.

Textile blinds – in case there is too much direct light on the flower.

Room thermometer – to check if the room temperature is appropriate for your orchid

Best orchid necessities for proper watering

A bucket or wash basin (preferably made of eco-friendly material) – choose a size according to the dimensions of the flower pot.

Spray bottles (preferably made of eco-friendly material) – it is best to get two bottles – one for watering the airy roots with clean water, and one for disinfecting the roots and the leaves. Remember to label them correctly and to store them away from children and pets!

Labels – label your spray bottles and your plants. Another option is to buy self-adhesive label paper and print your own labels. I also have prepared some printables you can use to tag your flowers and distinguish them when they are not in bloom.

Water – it is best to use clean distilled water free from any impurities. Another great option I personally use is clean water purified with a charcoal pitcher.

Paper tissues – it is always a good idea to remove any excess water from the base of the flower to avoid rotting.


Fertilizer for growth – liquid growth fertilizer for the main root system and spray one for the airy roots during the growth period.

Fertilizer for blooming – liquid blooming fertilizer for the main root system and spray one for the airy roots during the blooming period.

Best orchid growing tools for large and long-lasting blooms

Apart from the blooming fertilizer, you will need:

Support stakes – you can use simple eco-friendly bamboo stakes and clips or metal ones with cage rings (can be used without clips).

Plant wire is also acceptable instead of the fixating clips.

Orchid must haves for successful re-potting

Gloves – always protect your skin against contamination, fungi, bacteria, and pests.

Hydrogen peroxide 6% – for disinfecting the roots and the leaves. Hydrogen peroxide 3% is also an excellent option.

Soil – you can use every type of regular orchid soil or potting mix.

Orchid pots – you can use regular plain orchid pots with plenty of holes, or more beautiful ceramic ones but with less visibility to the root system and less light photosynthesized.

Moisture meter – it is best to get this tool if you use the ceramic pots which conceal the root system inside the container.

Utility knife – for adding extra ventilation to the plastic pots, if needed.

Gardening scissors – for cutting off flower spikes and dried/rotting roots and leaves.

T-shaped flower tags – you can use these to write down all the necessary details of your plant – for example- the next re-potting date. You can also use my FREE printable tag you can print on a piece of adhesive paper and stick it to the plastic flower tag!



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