Tenth House in Cancer

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Today’s topic is Tenth House in Cancer – what does it signifies and what are the most suitable job options for people with such astrological placement. If you are not so deep into Astrology, but you are still curious about it, check out this article to find out how your Natal chart looks like. OK, moving on! Again, you know the drill – we take a look at the zodiac sign and translate its main traits into career opportunities. Keep in mind that Astrology implies, but it does not oblige. That’s why in the first article of the series we explored all of our interests, hobbies, character strengths, and weaknesses.

Basic Traits of Cancer

This is the first water sign in the zodiac; it is ruled by the Moon and represents our emotions, the mother, and our close family circle. Cancers are usually very sensitive, emotional, intuitive, and sentimental. Family and home environment are very important to them. Extremely loyal and attached to their closest people, they have the ability to sympathize with your emotional state – happiness or pain.

Moon cycle

The Moon cycle deeply affects Cancers.

Cancers are the symbol of moodiness – because the Moon affects them deeply, its monthly cycles will be the main cause of their unstable emotions. Another important weakness of Cancers to consider is their innate pessimism and/or introversion. They may be too suspicious towards strangers or the unknown in general. Most people from this zodiac sign have low esteem and are deeply insecure, thus they may be inclined to manipulate others (and that could be a valuable skill in some cases, right?).

Tenth House in Cancer

                This is one of the best astrological placements for people in the medical profession. The inmate ability for Cancer to be empathic and nurturing will allow them to be excellent specialists in this area. Anything related to comforting, healing, and caring for others will suit them. Or maybe a career related to the water element (Cancer is the first water sign in the zodiac) –

Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer symbolizes our nurturing nature.

a swimmer, a marine captain, or an activist protecting the ocean and its species, etc. You get the point. Cancer rules the forth house of astrology, which represents the family. If we relate this fact to the job and career field, we may conclude that people with Tenth house in Cancer can be involved in a family business, or their work might

be connected to their family members. Maybe they feel inclined to work from home, or to become a housewife/househusband. Why not? Because of their natural caring personality, they may become somewhat of a rescuer, something like a firefighter or a paramedic, or anything, which involves them taking care of others. People with Medium Coeli in Cancer should be careful not to strain themselves too much helping others to the point of completely draining their energy. Caring for others does not mean doing their job all the time!

 I hope you liked this brief astrological career consultation! If your Tenth house zodiac sign is not covered yet, stay tuned! The series continues! Stay up-to-date with the newest information and sign up for the newsletter in the box below!

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