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Planets in 1st House (Planets in Ascendant, 1st House Planets)



These planets will shape your body!


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Empty First House
The Meaning of the 1st House Planets
The Sun
The Moon
The Earth
Additional information

No Planets in 1st House

What happens if your first house is empty? A lot of people feel anxious about their empty astrological houses, and take this as if there is something wrong with this area of their life. And I am here to tell you that no such thing is true! You don’t need to have any 1st house planets to reach your potential in that area! And just to give you a small reminder – the Ascendant house is related to the part of our personality we show to the outer world (how we want to be perceived as), our childhood, our physical appearance, dress code, how we begin new projects, our worldviews, and also – some potentials for a SUCCESSFUL career.

Why do I say “career”? The rising sign is not typically associated with our profession, but there is a direct relation between our personality and our job. First, because the most suitable vocation we can choose has to be congruent with our character traits. For example, if there are a lot of elements in the horoscope which point to possessing a great deal of perfectionism, orientation to details, being organized and logical, a career in the arts may not be the best option. Instead, you may EXCEL in the areas of accounting, mathematics, finance, medicine, etc. You get the point. :- )

Second, because this is the house that shows how we want to be perceived as by other people – how we “market” ourselves, so to speak. And in the majority of cases, we want to be perceived by the work that we do. If someone is to ask us something in the line of “Tell me more about yourself!”, we usually start describing our job title.

However, the first house and the 1st house planets are just a few of the important elements we need to analyze to uncover the BEST professional vocation in the birth chart. If this topic interests you, you can grab my FREE ebook on career and accomplishments!

The Meaning of the 1st House Planets

Now, let’s get back to the main topic of today – the significance of the planets in the Ascendant house! Down below you will learn about their meaning, some intriguing information on some possible careers that you might feel drawn towards, as well as the physical features associated with these placements. Let’s begin!

The Sun in 1st house

This is a WONDERFUL placement for the Sun since this is the house associated with the fiery sign of Aries. So, here the central star in our Solar system is in domal exaltation. But what does that mean in practical terms? To put it simply, the Sun in the first house placement usually manifests as possessing some of the typical Ram qualities – willful, confident, active, initiating, courageous, etc. Since this is the house related to the first years of our life and general wellbeing, this Helios placement often signifies having a happy childhood and a healthy and strong body. However, keep in mind that the whole chart has to be analyzed.

Moreover, in terms of physical appearance Helios in 1st house may add some extra height and weight to the individual (if it is supported by other elements of the horoscope related to appearance).

And that’s not all! The first house is about how we want to be perceived as, and this often happens through our career. So, a lot of people choose their line of work depending on their Ascendant and the 1st house planets. In this case with the Sun in first house, you may possess a strong leadership potential which may help you strive for the managerial positions or owning your own business. For some other tips on how to find your vocation with Astrology, you can grab my FREE ebook on career and achievements!

Lastly, beware if the Sun is afflicted by too many challenging aspects – this may lead to egotism, egocentrism, arrogance, and even despotism.

The Moon in first house

The Moon in 1st house placement might be a bit challenging to deal with, but here we will discuss how to manage this position more easily. First off, this location of Luna may give you a strong inclination to be quite emotional, sensitive, and changeable. And when I say “changeable” I mean that your actions and behavior are driven by how you feel at that moment. If you don’t see immediate results by your actions and the effort you apply, you may very quickly turn to depression, gloom, and despair. Keep this in mind, and remind yourself that these states of being are temporary. As I often like to say about anything related to the emotionality in Astrology – an EXCELLENT motto here would be “This too shall pass!”. With the Moon in the Ascendant house there may also be a tendency for being shy and timid. If you work hard on overcoming this, you may actually achieve a great deal of success in society. However, there is one person that may have the most powerful influence over your personality development and in your life in general – your mother. And whether this influence would be positive or negative (or anywhere in between) will largely depend on the exact placement of Luna and its aspects.

In terms of physical appearance, the Moon in 1st house may signify having oval shapes in the body (like an oval face, for example). Moreover, this placement may also add some extra weight and there may be some challenges with water retention.

The planets in first house may also have an impact on the career we choose since they affect our personalities (and our work has to be congruent with our traits and skills). So, the Moon in the Ascendant house may point to choosing a line of work in a Cancer or Luna related fields, like music, trade (especially maritime freight), communications (especially with large groups of people, like public relations), medicine, etc. If this topic interests you, you can grab my FREE guide on professions and accomplishments!

Mercury in Ascendant house

Mercury in 1st house can manifest in many different ways, and here I will do my best to show you both sides of the spectrum. First off, the GOOD part! Hermes in first house may be a true blessing for truly having unparalleled intellectual and communication skills! You may be quite eloquent, quick-witted, adaptive, humoristic, curious, and with a tendency to act in a logical and reasonable way when it comes to your personal affairs. This position of Mercury may be a POWERFUL sign of possessing great potential to have a successful career in the Gemini-related fields, like writing, teaching, advertising, sales, logistics, comedy, etc. You can check all the zodiac-related careers in my FREE pdf on vocation.

However, on the dark side of this placement, there may be quite some challenges as well. You may be too impatient (even anxious), and you may speak quickly before you think what you have to say. Moreover, you may be too self-absorbed in thoughts about your own self, and this may often come across as insensitivity towards others, and being inconsiderate of other people’s feelings and needs.

If the Mercury in first house has negative aspects, these tendencies may be exacerbated, and there may even be a speech impediment of some kind (like stuttering).

When it comes to physical appearance, Hermes in 1st house may add more height and/or you may have a sharp chin.

Venus in 1st house

Ah, the goddess of love and beauty! Since this is the planet known as “The Little Benefactor”, you might get a sense of what’s coming! Venus in first house may be a WONDERFUL placement for the Goddess of harmony, and it may add a lot of positive qualities to the individual, like diplomacy, courtesy, impeccable manners, luck, and EXCELLENT communication skills. This placement may also give you a strong tendency to enjoy the fine things in life – art, music, good food, beauty, and your love life may play an important part of your life and your persona.

Since this is the house of our beginnings, this Venus in 1st house placement may signify having a happy childhood with lots of friends, and pleasant surroundings.

In terms of physical appearance, this location of Aphrodite may give you a lot of charm and charisma (even beautiful features) that attract people to you, especially the opposite gender. You may have a refined fashion taste by dressing in elegant clothes, and you may also have dimples or a cleft chin. Be careful with sugar since there may be a strong inclination to consume too much of it!

Moreover, as I mentioned previously, the 1st house planets may have a strong influence on the job we choose. Here in this case, you may be inclined to try acting, anything related to arts and fashion, communication, or business. However, it is best to analyze the whole chart for that purpose, and you can start with my FREEBIE on career and social status!

Lastly, Venus may be a beneficial planet, but there is always a dark side we need to take into account! Aphrodite is also one of the cosmic bodies related to self-indulgence. So, here in this case (especially if Venus is afflicted), there may be a strong tendency to be too inert, lazy, and not able to deal with any kind of restrictions and challenges (for example, following a reasonable diet plan). You may prefer to always take the path of least resistance, and rely solely on luck and connections – this can create a lot of problems in the long run.

Mars in first house

I have some GOOD news and some bad news! Let’s start with the positives, shall we? OK, first off, this Mars in 1st house is an EXCELLENT position of the God of war – it is in domal dignity. And this means that it is placed in the house associated with the sign it rules – Aries. So, this often manifests as possessing a great deal of the Ram traits, like being extremely active, motivated, energetic, initiative, confident, strong, and willful. A true POWERHOUSE and a perpetuum mobile!

However, there are always two sides of the coin, and since Ares is considered to be a malefic planet (often called “The Little Malefactor”), there may be quite some challenges as well. So, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that there may be a strong tendency to be too headstrong, too impatient, pushy, and unable to make compromises with other people. Do your best to employ your natural-born energetic and enthusiastic nature in constructive and productive endeavors.

When it comes to the physical body, there is a lot to be said here. Mars in 1st house may give you lots of sharp edges and shapes in the body (like a thin and pointy nose) and freckles. Quite often people with Ares in first house may have some kind of birth marks on the face or head. In many cases these are actually scars due to the hasty, impatient nature of this placement, and the tendency to take unreasonable risks! Be extremely careful if Mars is afflicted since this may potentially lead to experiencing a lot of violence. Do your best to be cautious, protected, and reasonable. 

Lastly, what professions might be suitable for this position of Mars? There may be a powerful inclination to pick a career in all Mars and Aries-related fields, like sports, the military, metallurgy, adventurism, surgery, management, business and entrepreneurship, etc. But I would encourage you to also check your houses of career – the step-by-step instructions are in my FREE guide on vocation!

Jupiter in Ascendant house

This may be a WONDERFUL placement since Jupiter is considered to be an extremely beneficial planet. That is why in ancient Astrology it is called “The Great Benefactor”. It adds load of positivity, optimism, expansion, and good fortune. So, as you may have guessed, the Jupiter in 1st house placement may give you some EXCELLENT personality traits that may serve you very well in your entire life. This position of Zeus will help you exhibit a lot of positive vibes and have a cheerful and agreeable nature that will attract people to you like a magnet. This in and of itself may be the single most beneficial thing that will make your life way easier!

In terms of the physical body, you may have the enormous luck of being born with a strong and healthy body with a lot of energy and vital force! This potential may be further reinforced by the natural inclination to spend time outdoors, play sports, and travel (especially to foreign lands). However, since this is the planet of expansion and self-indulgence, Jupiter in first house may also add some extra weight and the tendency to avoid any kind of restrictions. Moreover, this position of Zeus may also enlarge the body parts which are associated with the rising sign. For example, if you are a Sagittarius rising, you may have a bit larger hips.

When it comes to career, Jupiter in the Ascendant house may help you have a successful professional development in the Sagittarius and Zeus-related jobs, like sports, the judicial system, hunting, travel and tourism, international affairs, academics, philosophy, etc. However, these potentials have to be backed by other elements of the chart related to profession. So, I encourage you to take a look at my FREE guide on career and vocation!

Lastly, something important to remember! This position of Jupiter also has a dark side to it. It may give you a strong tendency to be lazy and too inert, to avoid any kind of challenges, to rely solely on luck and good fortune, to self-indulge in any area of your life, and to always try to take the easy road. These can be exacerbated if Zeus is not well-placed (for instance, if it is in Gemini or Capricorn) or if it is afflicted.

Saturn in 1st house

I know that Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet, but fear not – we will take a look at both the positive aspects of this placement, as well as the challenges. Let’s begin!

First off, let’s see what difficulties this Saturn in first house placement may impose! Since this is the planet associated with restrictions, limitations, and even suffering, we can say that the individual with this 1st house planet may experience these in their lifetime, especially in childhood. Saturn in the Ascendant house may give you some negative tendencies, like pessimism, feeling insecure, isolated, unloved, unwanted, not accepted, inadequacy, etc. You may feel like you were born an adult who has no illusions about how hard and cold the world might be. These dark thoughts and feelings may be caused or exacerbated by having a lot of difficulties and challenges in your early years. It is highly likely that you may have had a difficult birth or you may have been forced to start working to support your family very early in life.

Now, on the bright side, having difficulties, challenges, and restrictions can actually be turned around and used as driving force for self-development and growth. And that’s what Chronos often does! Saturn in the first house gives you the IMMENSE potential to outgrow these limitations and become way more successful than your peers who had it easier than you! And this inner strength and ability to turn things around come from the Saturn-related qualities you may possess – self-discipline, seriousness, responsibility, maturity (even from a very early age), and ambition for self-improvement. Another important thing to remember here is that the Saturn revolutions will play a significant role in your life, and they may be powerful indicators how well you are managing this placement. After the first Saturn return (in your early 30s) you may start to feel much better, more cheerful, more secure, and more optimistic.

However, the exact placement of Chronos and its aspects may radically change the picture. If Saturn is not well placed (for instance, if it is in Cancer or Aries) or if it is afflicted, the negative tendencies of this placement might prevail (depression, pessimism, loneliness, etc.). This may often be the result of oppressive and extremely strict parents. You may consider trying the family constellations method.

In terms of career, this may be a WONDERFUL placement to have because it will give you the necessary toolkit to succeed in pretty much every professional area, especially those where discipline, hard work, and responsibility are required. Some suitable jobs might be all managerial positions and positions of power, politics (especially conservative types), archeology, alpinism, masonry, geriatrics, etc. All the zodiac-related careers are described in my FREE pdf on professional development and success!

Lastly, let’s say a few words on the physical appearance. So, since this 1st house planet is about limitations and restrictions, Saturn in first house may give you a bit smaller and slimmer body. However, you may have EXCELLENT bone structure that may even make you exceptionally photogenic. This position of Saturn may also cause you to remain looking quite youthful as you age. I call it the Benjamin Button effect. Lastly, contrary to Jupiter (the 1st house planet of expansion), Saturn in the Ascendant house may shrink the part of the body governed by the rising sign. For example, if you are an Aquarius rising, you may have quite thinner and more delicate ankles than usual.

Uranus in first house

If we need to pick just one word to describe this 1st house planet, it would be “eccentric”. Uranus in the 1st house may give you a strong potential to stand out in the crowd – for better or worse. As usual, we can analyze this placement in a more positive or more negative way. And which one you manifest will depend on many factors. But first, let’s see what the possibilities are. On the bright side, Uranus in the Ascendant house might make you a true leader in your social circle who is often so unconventional that it may seem like you are coming from the future (or another planet!). You may be extremely inventive, resourceful, independent, intelligent, original, and open-minded. You follow your own convictions with zeal, regardless if people resonate with your worldviews or not. To be true to yourself is more important than anything else!

However, on the dark side of this Uranus in first house placement, you may be extremely eccentric which will make it quite difficult for you to fit in anywhere. You may be too blunt, provocative, harsh, tactless, rebellious, hurtful, and even despotic. You may really enjoy stirring the pot and poke at other people’s soft spots, just to cause some chaos and anarchy. These tendencies may be exacerbated if Ouranus is not well-placed (for instance, if it is in Leo or Taurus) or if it is afflicted.

In terms of some career potentials, Uranus is 1st house might give you a competitive edge in the areas related to Aquarius, like electricity, science, Astrology, audio and video technologies, astronomy and space exploration, and generally anything which helps the advancement and betterment of humanity! For some more information on how to find your best career field with Astrology, check out my FREE guide on the subject!

Lastly, how might the body look like with this 1st house planet in the natal chart? Well, this is the planet of surprises, so it might make the individual completely different than expected. For example, if there are a lot of elements in the horoscope that signify having a slim and elegant body, Uranus in the Ascendant house might add a lot of weight, and vice versa. If you are more likely to be tall, Uranus in the 1st house might give you a shorter stature. What a prankster! 😀

Neptune in Ascendant house

If you read through the previous 1st house planets, you may have gotten a really good sense how things work – there are no true beneficial or malevolent placements. Every placement and every aspect in Astrology can be both good and bad depending on how we apply and manifest these potentials. Here in the case of the Neptune in 1st house placement we can apply the same principle. This position of Poseidon can be quite positive or not. So, let’s take a look at it!

The good news is that Neptune in first house might make you extremely charismatic, charming, mysterious, and attractive. This is the “je ne sais quoi” type of vibe that you exude which draws people like a magnet! This position of Poseidon can also make you extremely artistic, sophisticated, delicate, compassionate, intuitive, and possessing unparalleled imagination!

However, on the negative side, this first house planet might also create some challenges and difficulties. For example, you may not have a realistic view on the world as well as yourself. Other people might not be able to see who you really are, and this is quite an obstacle in personal relationships. There may be a strong inclination to be too caught up in your imagination, and being rather impractical in everyday life. If Neptune is not well-placed (for instance, if it is in Virgo) or if it is afflicted, these negative tendencies might be exacerbated to the point of being completely deluded and living in a fantasy world that does not exist. There may even be a tendency for addictions. If you notice such inclinations, seek help ASAP!

Let’s get back to the bright side! What jobs might be suitable for this Neptune in the Ascendant house placement? Well, everything Pisces-related, like all professions that deal with liquids, medicine, music, poetry, acting, photography, humanitarian work, art, etc. But first, I would advise you to take a look at my FREEBIE on choosing a line of career based on some important elements in the natal chart!

In terms of physical appearance, Neptune in 1st house might give you a tendency to be extremely charismatic and attractive, even if you do not meet the conventional standards of beauty. There might be something chameleonic about you that might make people see you in very different light in different occasions (that is why Poseidon and Pisces are considered good for acting and television). There may also be a tendency to retain water (like in the case of the Moon in 1st house) and have a few extra pounds as a result.

Pluto in 1st house

Now that’s a really POWERFUL 1st house planet! Pluto is considered to be the higher octave of Ares, so here we can have some similarities with the Mars in first house placement, but… on steroids. And since Hades is a bit of a controversial planet and has a bit of a bad rap, you may have already guessed it – things will not be entirely rosy. Let’s get to it!

First off, let’s take a look at some of the undisputable positives of the Pluto in first house placement! This 1st house planet may give you an IMMENSE potential for being extremely driven, willful, energetic, motivated, skillful, resourceful, passionate, and even creative. Hades gives us the impulse to dive deep beneath the surface and seek in-depth understanding. This placement of Pluto is a sign of a person who definitely does not like to half-ass things, if, of course, the planet is not afflicted.

On the darker side, this placement of Pluto can cause some issues, especially if it is not well-placed (for instance, if it is in Taurus) or if it is afflicted. In this case, Hades in 1st house may bring out its negative tendencies, like being extremely power-hungry, haughtiness, arrogance, vengefulness, doom and gloom, and having a very sensitive ego. In some extremes, there may be an inclination to have real troubles bonding with people by being too harsh, provocative, and rude. Keep in mind that all of these can be processed and worked on, if you wish to make a true transformation in your life. After all, this is the planet of rebirth and radical metamorphosis. Anything is possible with the POERFUL Pluto energy! Also, the family constellations method might also do wonders in this process!

When it comes to professional development, all Scorpion-related fields might deeply intrigue you, like surgery; anything related to secrets, death and rebirth; banking, taxes, and insurance; cosmetology and hairdressings, etc. All the careers associated with the 12 astrological signs are described in my FREE pdf on vocation and achievements!

Lastly, let’s talk a little bit about the Pluto in 1st house body! This placement of Hades can manifest as being extremely strong, resilient, and with unmatched recovery skills! However, if Pluto is afflicted or if it is not well-placed, there may be a proclivity to infections (keep in mind that Medical Astrology is a very vast and intricate subject, and these placements are merely potentials – they may or may not manifest in such manner. Consult your doctor regarding anything related to your health and wellbeing!). When it comes to the physical appearance, this 1st house planet often signifies that the typical characteristics of the rising sign will be further reinforced. For example, if you are a Libra rising, you may have even more pronounces dimples or a cleft chin.

Earth in first house

Before we get to the meaning of the Earth in 1st house placement, I need to make a quick disclaimer! The position of Earth is not usually included in the natal chart analysis, and not every astrologer accepts it as an important element to be interpreted. So, here I will make some assumptions since this planet is not well observed how it really influences the personality of the individual. This means that I would advise you to take the following description with a grain of salt.

The Earth is considered by many astrologers as the co-ruler of Taurus and you can find its location at exactly 180° from the Sun. It is believed to be the planet associated with our mission in life, where we feel most productive, and how we meet the outer world!

Now, what are the possible manifestations of the Earth in first house placement? In my opinion, this position of our planet may signify a tendency to put others first and not really having a good understanding of your own personality. Since the Sun here is in the house of relationships, you may be extremely consumed by the idea of connecting with others that you may forget your own needs and priorities. Your mission in life may be to establish your own identity, to learn how to set healthy boundaries, and to bond with other people in a constructive way (with a healthy level of mutual compromises). I also think that this 1st house planet may give you an IMMENSE potential to exhibit some of the typical Taurean characteristics, such as practicality, industriousness, patience, and persistence – a down-to-Earth kind of person.

In terms of career, it is possible to feel drawn towards some of the Bull-related jobs, like farming, agriculture, anything related to real estate and business, investing, etc. However, since Earth is still not well-researched, if you wish to learn more about some possible suitable careers, feel free to grab my special ZERO COST guide on professional development and accomplishments!

Additional information

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The Only Way to Learn Astrology vol. 1

Did the topic of the planets in the 1st house pique your interest? If so, there is one informational source you can use to add more knowledge on the subject of Astrology and the birth chart interpretation process – volume 1 of this AMAZING book series. I actually call them textbooks because they can be one of the BEST ways to start learning the mysterious and intricate art of horoscope analysis!

I really like what Marion March and Joan McEvers have done with this ancient system and how they managed to structure this information as an algorithm for easier usage and application. If you are even slightly intrigued by Astrology, this book is definitely a must-have, at least in my opinion.


So, what can you find in this volume? This is where you can get the absolute foundation of Astrology and the first steps in the interpretation process. You can learn about the necessary basics, like the characteristics of the signs, the planets, and the houses. And a large portion of the book is dedicated to all the major aspects between these celestial bodies. And when I say “major aspects”, I mean the conjunctions, the sextiles, trines, squares, oppositions, and quincunxes.


However, there is something you should know beforehand! The information regarding the signs is packed in a very concise and distilled manner. Do not expect to find large descriptions of the typical characteristics of the zodias. Think of it as a reference guide that will help you get the gist of each sign, so that you can make your own interpretations far quicker and easier. The book works heavily with keywords that are easy to find and use. The same applies to the planets and houses. Here’s a quick example! Let’s take Mars, and if you look through its description, you will find the keyword “energy”. Now, let’s say that Mars is in the first house (as we analyzed earlier in the article). The keyword for the 1st house is “identity”, and so Mars in 1st house is “energetic” – having the identity trait of being energetic and active. That is why I LOVE this series – it makes the interpretation process so much easier and faster!


RELATED: To fully understand the potential of the first house, we need to also look at the planets or planets that rule this house. This may be extremely important for those whose 1st house is empty – the sign on the cusp and its lord will be some of the most defining factors! So, take a look at the meaning of these cosmic bodies in the natal chart down below! ↓↓↓

The ruling planets of the Ascendant house

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