{Career SUCCESS} Midheaven Aspects (10th House Aspects)

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Midheaven Aspects (10th House Aspects, MC Aspects)



These aspects can make or break your SUCCESS!


Table of contents:
The Main MC Aspects
With the Sun
With the Moon
With Mercury
With Venus
With Mars
With Jupiter
With Saturn
With Uranus
With Neptune
With Pluto
Additional Information

Before we get to the meanings of these aspects I just want to make a really short recap of how to find and calculate these!

First of all, you need to mark down the exact location of the MC cusp in sign and its coordinates – degrees and minutes.

Next, you can check whether there are some planets or luminaries that are located within the following degrees from the cusp:

  • Conjunction – at 0 degrees from the cusp +/- 7°;
  • Sextile – at 60 degrees from the cusp +/- 5°;
  • Square – at 90 degrees from the cusp +/- 7°;
  • Trine – at 120 degrees from the cusp +/- 7°;
  • Opposition – at 180 degrees from the cusp +/- 7°;
  • Quincunx – at 150 degrees from the cusp +/- 5°.

Most Astrology software apps will calculate those automatically, but keep in mind that quincunxes are often left out, and it may be best to check those yourself!

The Main Midheaven Aspects

Now let’s get to the interpretations!

Sun conjunct Midheaven

This placement is EXCELLENT for choosing a line of career which involves leadership and management! Since the Sun is the lord of Leo (and that’s a very proud sign), while the MC rules our egos – this Sun conjunct 10th house cusp will likely make your ego extremely sensitive to the achievements you reach and the admiration you get from other people. You will want to “shine” in the workplace or in your vocational field, and you will strive for respect and accomplishments. If there are no other aspects in the chart which point to strong materialism, this Medium Coeli aspect may show that you will even be willing to work for your reputation and the approval of others rather than working for money. This 10th house cusp aspect may also point to having important male figures involved in your professional SUCCESS!

You may excel in Leo-related professional fields (especially if the Sun is located in the house of career). All these career areas are described in my FREE ebook on vocation and achievements!

Sun trine Midheaven

Sun sextile MC

These Midheaven aspects are also very GOOD for having a successful career in all sorts of managerial positions where leadership and authority skills are required. Since the Sun trine 10th house cusp and the Sun sextile Midheaven are considered extremely positive aspects, we can say that professional success, accomplishments, and social status improvements may come a bit easier. Of course, we need to always look at the whole chart to make such assumptions. But if there are no other elements to contradict this, you may have quite some LUCK and good fortune in the career department. However, everything has a dark side, even the most beneficial aspects! Having no challenges in the workplace may cause you to lean towards laziness, becoming too slack and sloppy, and always taking the path of least resistance. Since the 10th house is about hard work, responsibility, and self-improvement, these MC aspects may become problematic in the long run! Keep that in mind.

Sun square 10th house

Sun opposite MC

Sun quincunx Medium Coeli

All of these are considered to be challenging Medium Coeli aspects, but fear not – we will discuss how to soften them more easily. So, the gist of these is that success and accomplishments may be much more difficult to achieve, and you may need to apply much more effort and hard work. Try to cultivate all the necessary traits which are relevant to the 10th house – a strong work ethic, self-discipline, responsibility, maturity, and dealing with limitations. This is one of the main ways to overcome the negative influence of the Sun square Midheaven (as well as Sun opposite 10th house and Sun quincunx MC)! Another traits that you may possess is to be too proud and arrogant – inability to take any pieces of advice or help from others (especially your parents). The family constellations method might be really beneficial in this case. The “I always know better!” type of mentality may hinder your attempts to advance and succeed in your career. Try to cultivate more respect towards authority figures and more humility – these will help you in the long run.

Moon conjunct MC

In the case of the Moon conjunct the 10th house cusp aspect, we can safely say that your emotions and your ego are tightly related. If you achieve success, accomplishments, and better social status, you may feel extremely good and happy. However, the opposite situation is also true. So, I would advise you to keep this in mind and to try to take things with more wisdom and emotional maturity. As I like to say with regards to anything Moon-related – adopt the mantra of “This too shall pass!”. Another possible manifestation of this Midheaven aspect is that women may play a pivotal role in your career and vocation (especially the mother). Your mother may have actually had a strong influence on the professional path that you chose.

In terms of actual career choices, you may EXCELL in anything which deals with communication and influence of the masses, like public relations. Actually, all Cancer-related jobs might be suitable with this Moon conjunct MC aspect (especially if the Moon is placed in the house of achievements). You can find these zodiac-related professional fields in my FREE pdf on career and accomplishments!

Moon trine 10th house cusp

Moon sextile Medium Coeli

The Moon trine Medium Coeli and the Moon sextile 10th house cusp aspects may also give you some excellent social and communication talents, especially when dealing with large groups of people. But what’s special about these MC aspects is that they are likely to give you the competitive edge of sensing the needs of other people. And that may be your GOLDEN ticket to success and fortune. As the wise men say – in the process of helping others achieve their goals, you will achieve yours! These aspects may signify having a really powerful intuition in the work place, and you may often trust your gut instinct. Some professional areas that might be suitable to you are dealing with real estate, farming, sales, even mining. It is also possible for you to have quite some changes in your career choices until you find what suits you best!

Moon square 10th house

Moon opposite Midheaven

Moon quincunx MC

All these three 10th house aspect may manifest in a very similar fashion, so we will discuss them as a package. So these aspects to the MC can be really challenging since our emotions are often very difficult to control. In that sense people who have their Moon square Midheaven (or Moon opposite 10th house cusp or Moon quincunx MC) may be extremely emotional in the workplace which may create difficulties to establish their reputation and authority in their career field. People may regard you as “too sensitive” or “too emotional”, and they may prefer to avoid working with you altogether. It may be very hard for you to differentiate between your own needs and the needs of others, and to maintain a healthy balance between them.  With these difficult aspects you may also feel deeply connected to your family of origin, but you may also distance yourself from them at some point of your life to establish your sense of security and stability.

So, what can be done about this situation? In my opinion, it may be beneficial to try the family constellations method. It is EXCELLENT for changing old unhealthy patterns of behavior (even from previous generations) and healing emotional traumas. And having frequent and strong emotional fluctuations are usually a sign of inner turmoil.

Mercury conjunct 10th house

This may be a BEAUTIFUL Midheaven aspect because we have the planet of communication and the house of career. There are so many professional fields where success requires you to have the ability to express your ideas and to make others listen. And that’s what we have here with this Mercury conjunct MC aspect! Your ego will be defined by your ability (or inability) to communicate your ideas and your thoughts to the world! Logically, all Gemini-related career options might be extremely suitable to you and they might bring you lots of achievements and better social status. For instance, you may have the talent for being an ECXELLENT speaker, writer, comedian, and even politician. By the way, you can find all the zodiac-related jobs in my FREEBIE on career and profession.

However, there is one main potential caveat to this MC aspect – the unstable and fickle nature of Hermes. If Mercury is not placed in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you may have the tendency to try to juggle too many projects at once or to be too unreliable, changeable, and even come across as superficial!

Mercury trine 10th house cusp

Mercury sextile Medium Coeli

Yes, you may have guessed it – these are the positive Mercury Medium Coeli aspects, and here we will talk mainly about what’s good in your professional path. The Mercury trine Midheaven and the Mercury sextile MC aspects may be real blessings for your career development and potential for professional success. These are two of the MC aspects that may actually signify early achievements in the workplace and social status improvements. Why is this atypical? Because the 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and the slow-moving planet of Saturn. So, it is more common for people to make significant accomplishments at least after their first Saturn revolution. But here since Hermes is one of the fastest planets in the Solar system, we can have the potential for earlier and quicker success than usual. However, what needs to happen is to choose your most suitable line of education required for your most suitable career path. This is what this aspects points to. Moreover, your parents may have also contributed positively to these pivotal choices, which is also extremely important! These 10th house aspects also point to being a quick learner, and that your professional opinion and pieces of advice may be sought after in your field! Kudos!

Mercury square tenth house cusp

Mercury opposite 10th house

Mercury quincunx MC

These Midheaven aspects can be difficult but not impossible to overcome. Remember that Hermes is not considered to be a malicious planet and these may not be significant trouble makers. However, they have the potential to sabotage your career advancement and chances of success. So, how may the Mercury square Midheaven, Mercury opposite 10th house cusp, and the Mercury quincunx MC aspects manifest in real life? The first obvious option is to have difficulties expressing your thoughts and ideas. You may find it hard to pick the right words or to speak the language of your interlocutor. These MC aspects may also manifest as extreme shyness and intense anxiety of public speaking which may sabotage your opportunities for career success and accomplishments. Do not take this as a fixed personality trait of yours, and try to work hard to overcome this tendency. With time and practice, you will become way better!

However, there is also the flip side of these challenging aspects – talking too much. It is possible that you may have the inclination to be too caught up in your own thoughts and ideas you want to express that you may forget that other people also need to share theirs. This may be extremely repulsive and it may drive people away in the long run.

Venus conjunct tenth house

This may be a WONDERFUL MC aspect and here’s why! Well, first of all Venus is considered to be a beneficial planet and it is often called “The Little Benefactor”. Venus conjunct MC has the potential to bring you lots of luck and success in your career and social status! You may have unparalleled diplomatic and communication skills, excellent manners, and a “dress for success” type of mentality. You may possess the necessary charisma and charm which may propel you to greater social status and professional accomplishments. This Midheaven aspect may also help you excel in all Libra-related jobs associated with forging mutually beneficial partnerships, beauty, aesthetics, mathematics, and art! All career fields related to the 12 astrological signs are described in my FREE guide on profession and success!

However, there is one huge problem with this Venus placement – it may turn sour if not used correctly. This 10th house cusp aspect may give you the inclination to rely too much on luck, and to always take the easiest road to success. Similarly to the Sun trine Midheaven and the Sun sextile 10th house aspects, here you may be tempted to avoid any kind of challenges and personal development. And lack of growth leads to stagnation, and stagnation leads to regression. Remember that the MC house is about strong work ethic, ambition, drive to improve your skills, and cultivating responsibility and maturity.

Venus trine MC

Venus sextile Midheaven

Since Venus is considered to be an extremely beneficial planet and here we have only positive 10th house cusp aspects, we can safely say that these will definitely have similar influence as the previous MC aspect. So, just to recap – Venus trine 10th house cusp and Venus sextile Midheaven may be your GOLDEN tickets to success and good fortune in the work place! And what is most likely to drive you there is your mutually beneficial relationships with all sorts of people related to your professional field – business partners, associates, clients, authority figures in the niche, etc. Actually, even science confirms that people who often get promoted or who achieve success are those who have EXCELLENT people skills and charisma. And that’s what these tenth house aspects point towards (If, of course, there are no significant elements in the chart that say otherwise. That is why we always look at the whole birth chart!). So, possessing the positive traits and the strengths of Libra may help you advance in your career like no one else – diplomacy, conflict avoidance and mediation, impeccable manners, courtesy, communicativeness, and friendliness. It is also highly likely that all of your blood relatives may help you in your professional pursuits – your father, mother, brothers, and sisters! If there are other powerful vocation significators of career related to Venus and/or Libra, you may excel in the fields of art, aesthetics, fashion, and beauty. To learn more about these, you can grab my FREE guide on choosing a profession with Astrology!

Venus square 10th house cusp

Venus opposite Medium Coeli

Venus quincunx tenth house cusp

These Medium Coeli aspects can be challenging, but since Aphrodite is not a malefic planet, they are not that scary as they may sound! However, there are a few important things to remember about the Venus square MC, Venus opposite Midheaven, and Venus quincunx 10th house cusp! So, the good news is that these MC aspects also may give you a strong inclination towards the areas related to Venus and Libra – artistic talent, and acute taste for beauty, aesthetics, and décor. However, there may be an unhealthy tendency to go to extremes to receive love and admiration from other people. You may harm your ego and good reputation for the sake of fame, popularity, and vanity. This may be the result of a low self-esteem and a constant fear of rejection and not-good-enoughness that may propel you to do anything in your power to get approval from others. Sometimes this can be at the expense of being too servile.  If Venus is well-placed (for example, if it is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces), you may actually have success in reaching your career goals and getting that much desired admiration and fame.

Mars conjunct MC

OK, the conjunction is sort of a neutral aspect in Astrology, and how it may manifest will greatly depend on the individual planet, its placement, and its other planetary aspects. So, since Mars is considered to be a bit malefic, this Mars conjunct Midheaven placement may be extremely GOOD or bad, and here’s how to navigate through it better! First off, this 10th house aspect may be a POWERFUL driving force towards success regardless of the field you are in. Ares is the planet which is associated with energy, motivation for action, and ambition. So it is safe to say that this aspect may be perfect for having the strong impulse to actually do the work required to achieve your goals and improve your social status! Remember that MC is under the government of Capricorn, and hard work and discipline are required!

On the other hand, however, the dark side of this aspect is the intense and even brutal nature of Ares. After all, Mars is the god of war, and here we are dealing with the tendencies of impulsivity, short temper, aggression, extreme independence in the area of career, and bossiness. So, the challenge here is to learn to work in cooperation with others (which is inevitable in the process of climbing up the ladder), and be more patient and understanding with your colleagues or employees. You may have impossible standards you expect people in the workplace to meet. To use this potential in a more constructive way – you may cultivate real leadership qualities and you may EXCEL in owning your own business. Yeah, having a boss over your head may be intolerable!

Mars trine 10th house

Mars sextile Medium Coeli

These aspects are natural successions from the previous one. And these may be much more positive and constructive than the conjunction. As I mentioned previously, the conjunction is more neutral, while the Mars trine 10th house cusp, and the Mars sextile Midheaven aspects are full-fledged beneficial ones!

So, how may they manifest in real life? Well, here we may have all the positive traits of Mars, like POWERFUL leadership potential, intense enthusiasm for progress, strong intrinsic motivation for career advancement and achievements, iron will, and of course – unparalleled work ethic! These are the keys to your success, and on top of them you may also possess the ability to communicate your ideas effectively. This may be a WONDERFUL aspect to get to the top of the food chain, while gaining the respect and admiration of the people in your field, and in the workplace!

Mars square MC

Mars opposite Medium Coeli

Mars quincunx 10th house cusp

Now these can be brutal Midehaven aspects, and there is a lot of inner work to be done here to get a handle of them! The negative MC aspects like Mars square Midheaven, Mars opposite 10th house cusp or Mars quincunx Midheaven may actually be quite destructive, if you allow them to run your life, and especially the area of career and achievements. So, if I have to pick some relevant mottos for these, these would be something like “Success at all cost!” or “The goal justifies the means.” Well, there is a lot of energy and drive for accomplishments, but here we have the immense potential for the extremes to be manifested. You may gain some notoriety for being ruthless and power-hungry. However, there is something GOOD about these aspects after all. You may actually possess a powerful drive and strong courage to overcome any kind of obstacles that may come your way towards your achievements. If you put a lot of effort into steering this motivation into cultivating more diplomacy and tactfulness, you may be propelled towards greater levels of success, better social status, and much better reputation. One worthy goal of yours might be to get to a better sense of personal security – it may be exactly what might soften the destructive side of these tenth house aspects. Moreover, it may be possible that you have felt oppressed by your parents (usually the father), and that feeling of powerlessness to be at the core of your insatiable hunger for power and dominance. In this case, I think the family constellations method might work like a soothing balm to your anguished soul!

Jupiter conjunct Medium Coeli

Let’s take a deep sigh of relief from the intense nature of Ares, and take a much more pleasant tour into the realm of Jupiter (or Zeus)! The Jupiter conjunct MC aspect might be a real BLESSING since this large planet is often called “The Great Benefactor”. And for a good reason! Zeus is the planet of expansion, luck, and good fortune, and we all want to have some of that positive energy in our career pursuits! So, here this placement of Jupiter might signify having high moral standards and you may work hard to establish a positive and noble reputation in society and in your professional field. You may be driven, but you may not consider succeeding at all cost as a valid viewpoint on professional development and achievements. Religion, philosophy, and education may play a huge role in your life in general, or they might be the exact vocational areas you wish to succeed in. However, there are some other important factors to take into account, so I would encourage you to grab my FREE pdf on choosing a suitable career with Astrology! This placement may also mean that you may have the luck of receiving support from family members, especially the father.

Jupiter trine tenth house

Jupiter sextile 10th house cusp

If I have to describe the Jupiter trine MC and the Jupiter sextile Midheaven aspects with one word, it would be LUCK! You may have a lot of good fortune in your professional pursuits, and a big portion of it may come from your easy-going nature. You may exhibit a lot of positive energy in the workplace, and you may get along with colleagues and bosses just fine. And if you noticed the section on the Venus MC aspects – having beneficial relationships with people in your career field may be crucial for achieving success and improving your social status. This placement may also have the potential for receiving POWERFUL support from your family and friends which may be half the battle! However, too much of the beneficial Zeus aspects may have a dark side as well. This is the planet of indulgence and taking the path of least resistance may be one of the undesirable outcomes. This is the realm of Capricorn, and hard work and challenges for the purpose of growth are necessary for achieving success and getting more accomplishments. Too much inertia and relying too much on luck and the support from other people may not work in your favor in the long run. Lastly, you may feel drawn towards the professional fields related to Jupiter and Sagittarius, like teaching, religion, sports, law, etc. All of these are described in my FREE pdf on vocation and career!

Jupiter square Midheaven

Jupiter opposite Medium Coeli

Jupiter quincunx MC

Since Jupiter is considered to be an extremely beneficial planet, the challenging 10th house aspects may not be that bad as expected. So, how can we describe the potential manifestations of the Jupiter square MC, Jupiter opposite 10th house cusp, and Jupiter quincunx Midheaven? I would choose the following keywords – ambitious, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and popular. However, there are a few challenges here we need to discuss. First of all, there may be a tendency towards materialism – being motivated solely by the promise of a better pay. Zeus is about morality and ethics, and here you may have an inclination to make some compromises in these areas. Moreover, one important trait related to Jupiter and Sagittarius is extreme bluntness and tactlessness. So, be careful not to drive people away in your professional field by exhibiting insensitivity towards other people’s feelings. There may also be quite some troubles in the domain of personal relationships – there may be an inability to forge long-lasting partnerships or the tendency to be emotionally avoidant.

Saturn conjunct MC

I know, I know, Chronos is considered to be a malefic planet and you may be on your toes to find more about this Saturn conjunct 10th house cusp aspect. It is actually called “The Great Malefic” for its association with restrictions and limitations. However, here we can make an exception, because this is the domain of Capricorn and its ruling planet Chronos! So, this conjunction may actually be quite GOOD if you are in the pursuit of better social status and impeccable reputation! This placement may actually mean that you might really possess the necessary Goat qualities that success requires – ambition, hard work, responsibility, maturity, and dealing with limitations. You may even exhibit these traits from a very young age, and on the outside it may seem like you were born with the roadmap and the toolkit for achievements! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, during the first part of your life until the first Saturn revolution (about 30 years of age) you need to learn how to deal with failure. How we do that is actually the basis for our confidence – not how we react to success and accomplishments! Second of all, this Saturn position also gives you GREAT leadership potential. But there is one life lesson to be learned – to be a good leader, first you need to know how to follow and respect authorities. This may be your path to be a well-respected professional whose wisdom and pieces of advice are sought after!

Saturn trine 10th house

Saturn sextile tenth house

These are some more WONDERFUL Midheaven aspects to have in your natal chart in terms of reputation and social status. Here in the cases of Saturn trine 10th house cusp and Saturn sextile Midheaven, we can safely say that we can also observe the positive inclinations of Chronos and Capricorn – being extremely responsible and hard-working. You have a serious and methodical approach to success and you are willing to put in a lot of effort in doing your job properly and diligently. You may also exhibit a lot of maturity from an early age, especially in the realm of career and professional development. Moreover, you have the potential for being quite respectful of outer authorities and authority figures, and this might gain you a lot of good reputation in your field (and in society in general). Showing respect to others actually places you in a position of being respected by others, and sooner or later you may become a role model and an important figure in your area of expertise. Achieving a power status us also quite possible with these 10th house aspects!

Saturn square Medium Coeli

Saturn opposite Midheaven

Saturn quincunx MC

Now these can be some challenging Medium Coeli aspects and here’s why! The Saturn square Midheaven, Saturn opposite Medium Coeli or Saturn quincunx MC can bring out the more negative side of Chronos and Capricorn – loneliness, isolation, depression, pessimism, feeling restricted and limited in some fashion. It may feel to you that these conditions come from an outside source, but it will be far more beneficial to recognize that these are purely internal. This realization may help you cultivate the correct mindset to actually gain agency over them and change. You may be extremely withdrawn from other people and cooperation may be quite difficult. And success and achievements inevitably come from some form of working with others – we humans are not islands, and we are designed to work together. However, the main reason why you may experience these symptoms is usually rooted in the false idea that people don’t like you or they do not care about you – so you think that it might be better stay away. As a result, your unconscious behavior and body language reflects this core belief, and people can respond with even more distance. And, you guessed it – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy! All of this can be changed with conscious inner work, especially on any childhood traumas you may have. They may often stem from having quite oppressive, critical, or demanding parents (usually the father). In this case, the family constellations method may be quite beneficial. It may also be helpful to cultivate more of the strengths of the 10th sign – emotional maturity, wisdom, responsibility, discipline, etc. These challenging MC aspects may also point to some wise elders helping you out in this quest!

Uranus conjunct 10th house cusp

The keywords we can use here in this tenth house aspect are “unusual” and “unconventional”. This is the main characteristic of Ouranus – it represents individuality and the tendency to break down old patterns and substitute them with fresh new ones that may be better for humanity. So, how can this Uranus conjunct MC aspect manifest for you? In most cases this shows up as gaining quite reputation for yourself for being different – you may have a strong inclination to do your best to stand out in the crowd in any way you can. In most cases this happens through choosing a career that is unusual or even futuristic – some of these brand new job titles that are just emerging, like becoming a Youtuber, for instance. Actually, all the professional areas related to Uranus and Aquarius might be suitable to you – science, electricity, sound and video technology, radiation of any kind, astronomy and astrology, etc. All the jobs related to the 12 zodiac signs are described in my FREE guide on vocation. Keep in mind that the 10th house cusp aspects are just an addition to the main career analysis that we do in Astrology. So, I would encourage you to get the basics first.

Uranus trine tenth house cusp

Uranus sextile Medium Coeli

These positive MC aspects can be interpreted as natural successions to the previous one (the conjunction). We can safely say that the Uranus trine MC and the Uranus sextile 10th house cusp can manifest in very similar fashions to the conjunction. So, here are a few key things to take into account when doing your natal chart career analysis. First off, there may be a strong tendency to choose a line of work which is unconventional. As I stated in the previous section – you may feel drawn towards the typical Aquarian fields like science, technology, electricity, television, astrology, philosophy, etc. Your career might require you to employ your natural-born inventiveness and ingenuity. These Midheaven aspects may also signify that you may not be so susceptible to peer pressure, and you may enjoy doing things and living your life your way, following your own rules. Nevertheless, you may be quite friendly and communicative, but being in your own company is just as enjoyable! You may be a strong proponent of anything new, futuristic, and state-of-the-art technologies, while not being particularly attached to material possessions.

Uranus square MC

Uranus opposite Midheaven

Uranus quincunx 10th house

These challenging 10th house cusp aspects may bring out the worst in Ouranus! But there is always a way out, and I will do my best to share that with you. So, first off, let’s take a look at how these Uranus square MC, Uranus opposite Medium Coeli, and Uranus quincunx Midheaven might manifest in real life! These placements of the God of the Skies can give you a strong tendency to be too eccentric in the work place. Some inclinations that may arise are being too rebellious against everything and everyone – just for the sake of turning everything into chaos and anarchy. Your communication style may be quite unusual in the negative side of the spectrum – blunt, abrupt, and offensive. “Some people just want to see the world burn.” may be a good description of these aspects. However, these tendencies do not happen because you are a bad person. The most common reason is a difficult relationship with your parents, and especially the father. The archetype of the father has to teach us how to behave in society and how to respect outer authorities. Otherwise, children grow up to be too rebellious and disrespectful, and as a result – having a really hard time bonding with other people. In this case here, this tendency may seriously hinder the chances of professional success and career advancement. You may go from job to job, from one workplace to another your whole life, if you do not learn how to channel this erratic Uranian energy. One way to do so is to make efforts to be more respectful of outer authorities and improve your relationship with your dad (the family constellations are a wonderful tool to achieve that). Moreover, working hard and mastering your skills in the fields of science, technologies, astrology, etc. may further help you out in this quest. The main thing you need to remember with regards to Ouranus and Aquarius is that it is best to view you vocation as benefitting humanity (even if you are just an electrician)!

Neptune conjunct MC

What’s your competitive edge with this Neptune conjunct Midheaven aspect? I would say it’s charm and charisma. No wonder why Poseidon and Pisces are considered to be associated with film-making, television, photography, etc. – this is the planet of illusions and being perceived by others in your best light is right in the ally of this placement. Feel free to check all the jobs related to the zodiac signs in my FREEBIE on career and achievements! No matter what line of work you choose, you may have a POWERFUL intuition that guides you in the right direction – generally in life or in the realm of professional development. However, there is one downside to this aspect – you may also be susceptible to mood swings due to the natural fluctuations in the area of career, social status, and accomplishments. If things don’t go as you expected (and inevitably that happens sometimes), you may spiral into depressive thoughts and even addictions. Keep this in mind, and if you recognize such patterns, seek help ASAP!

Neptune trine MC

Neptune sextile Medium Coeli

These positive MC aspects can bring forth the best of Poseidon and Pisces! If you have the Neptune trine 10th house cusp or Neptune sextile Midheaven, you may be extremely compassionate towards other people as well as animals. Choosing a career in the area of humanitarian support may become your life’s calling. Moreover, other professional avenues you may feel drawn towards are religion and medicine. Nevertheless, you may possess really high moral and ethical standards that are the driving forces for your choices of vocation and how you behave in life in general. However, there is one important thing to remember here – you may be extremely emotionally sensitive to the vibrations of your surroundings, and you may absorb other people’s feelings like a sponge. So, here it may be beneficial to make inventory of the people you spend most time with, and make some changes, if necessary.

Neptune square tenth house

Neptune opposite 10th house cusp

Neptune quincunx MC

If you have one of these Midheaven aspects, and you wish to achieve more success in life, you really need to do some inner work! Let’s see what can be done here! First of all, let’s take a look at how the Neptune square Midheaven, Neptune opposite Medium Coeli, and Neptune quincunx tenth house can manifest! The first possible situation is that you may be extremely indecisive what line of career to choose, and not really putting in the effort in one direction may lead you nowhere. So, feel free to check my FREE guide on vocation – it may help out in that regard. Moreover, keep in mind that the Pisces-related fields might be suitable to you, like religion, philosophy, medicine, humanitarian work, etc. – you will find all of them described in the ebook. Second of all, you may be plagued by a constant feeling of low self-esteem and insecurity. This is usually the result of an unhealthy relationship with one of (or both) your parents. You may have had an absent, sick, or an addicted parent, and this may have undermined your sense of worth. In this case, the family constellations might do wonders. Nevertheless, the inner work of establishing your confidence is your job and your job only, and this may be a life-long quest.

Pluto conjunct Medium Coeli

Since Pluto is considered to be the higher octave of Mars, the Pluto conjunct MC aspect may manifest in a similar fashion as the Mars conjunction. So, let’s take a look at it! If I have to pick one word to describe this placement, it would be “leadership”. This 10th house cusp aspect may give you an IMMENSE potential to always strive for being at the top of the food chain. You definitely do not like having a boss over your head. Moreover, you may not necessarily strive for leading others – even if no one resonates with your professional vision, you would still go and do things your own way no matter what. This aspect may also make you unwilling to make any compromises with other people, especially in the workplace. You may also have a deep relationship with one of your parents, and they might have a strong influence over your career and vocation. However, if this conjunction is afflicted by negative aspects, this parental bond might be obsessive and despotic, and it might turn out to be quite unhealthy for you. Again, as anything related to your family of origin, the family constellations might be helpful.

Pluto trine tenth house cusp

Pluto sextile 10th house

Here we have quite a bit similar influence like the conjunction, but it is much more softer – and that’s perfect! You still exhibit a deep desire to be a leader in your field, but you may also be much more able to communicate with others in a much more constructive manner. You may be extremely ambitious, and you may also gain the reputation for being a role model or a skillful MASTER in your realm so that your pieces of advice are greatly sought after! These Pluto trine 10th house and Pluto sextile Medium Coeli aspects may turn you into a masterful money and investment manager, and to be great at all the other Scorpio-related professional fields. You can check them out in my FREE ebook on achievements and reputation! Surprisingly enough, these aspects may also show up as possessing a talent for music! Well, Pluto governs the watery sign of the Scorpion, and all watery signs have the potential for being musically gifted.

Pluto square Medium Coeli

Pluto opposite Midheaven

Pluto quincunx MC

Phew! These are the last three Midheaven aspects, and oh my, what do we have here?! So, first off – the bright side – you may actually possess the IMMENSE energy and drive that Hades often gives wherever it is placed in. And you may definitely have all-consuming ambition, motivation, and desire for success. You have the focus and dedication to go really deep into your line of work, and become a true MASTER of your craft. And that’s one necessary part of the achievements equitation. However, in these cases of the Pluto square MC, Pluto opposite 10th house cusp, or Pluto quincunx Midheaven, you may actually lean towards the negative side of Hades and Scorpio. Namely, these are the traits of being too harsh (even brutal) with others, being too arrogant and haughty – gladly expressing your sense of superiority, and a total unwillingness to make any compromises and concessions in your relationships (especially professional ones). As you can see, all of these tendencies can create a lot of challenges and difficulties in your career development. Success inevitably requires cooperation of some kind in some stages of the process. Moreover, you may be prone to using unethical tactics and trickery to make things go your way (which I would advise you against). “The goal justifies the means.” may be your motto. But in the end, when you actually reach your goals, you may feel quite disappointed and empty, especially if you had burnt a lot of bridges and stepped on a lot of toes along the way. The way to deal with these tendencies is to undergo a radical inner transformation – to become aware of these inclinations and to make conscious changes in your behavior. This is the trademark of Pluto and Scorpio – to rise from the ashes and become reborn again like no one else can!

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