Virgo in tenth house, 10th house Virgo

Tenth House in Virgo (10th House Virgo)

Virgo in 10th House Natal To be honest, I haven’t written anything astrology related recently and it is high time I finish this blog series due to the large interest. 🙂 Previously, I have discussed the best career choices for those who have their tenth astrological house in Leo, and the next sign after that is Read more about Tenth House in Virgo (10th House Virgo)[…]

Taurus in tenth house, 10th house Taurus

Tenth House in Taurus

Taurus in 10th House Natal Let’s say you’re looking at your birth chart and you find the Midheaven in Taurus (Medium Coeli Taurus or MC Taurus for short). What does that mean? Let’s take a look! If you don’t know how to find your Midheaven, first check out this article! Basic Traits of the Taurus sign Read more about Tenth House in Taurus[…]

Cancer in tenth house, 10th house Cancer

Tenth House in Cancer

Cancer in 10th House Natal Today’s topic is MC Cancer  (Medium Coeli Cancer) – what does it signifies and what are the most suitable job options for people with such astrological placement. If you are not so deep into Astrology, but you are still curious about it, check out this article to find out how your Natal Read more about Tenth House in Cancer[…]

Tenth House in Leo

Leo in 10th House Natal The next stop on our astrological career journey is Tenth House in Leo. Again, if you don’t know what this means, go back to the this article where everything is explained as simply as possible step by step. If you are acquainted with your astrological placements, it is time to begin Read more about Tenth House in Leo[…]

Gemini in tenth house, 10th house Gemini

Tenth House in Gemini

Gemini in 10th House Natal Tenth House in Gemini (MC Gemini) – how Gemini as a career house could mean when it comes to choosing a suitable profession? We continue the astrology series in finding your best career choice by inspecting the Tenth house in the natal chart, also called Midheaven, or Medium Coeli. The third sign in Read more about Tenth House in Gemini[…]