40+ Best Yoga Props and Yoga Equipment

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40+ Best Yoga Props and Yoga Equipment


Table of contents:
Yoga Classes and DVDs
Practical Yoga Equipment and Accessories
Yoga Themed Home Décor and Spiritual Ambiance Items

This article is dedicated to everyone who is interested in the topic of yoga and wants to practice with ease and comfort. It could also work as a wonderful yoga themed gift guide in case you have a loved one who is an avid yoga fanatic or a yoga teacher. Here you will find lots of ideas for essential and practical yoga props and accessories to add to your personal home gym or to pick as presents for someone close to your heart for their special occasion – for their birthday celebration party, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, a wedding anniversary, etc. The list contains three main sections on some of the most important yoga related topics – yoga classes, guides, and DVDs; useful equipment and special clothing items; and decoration pieces to add more beauty and harmony to your home, office, or yoga studio!

Let’s get started!

Yoga Classes and DVDs

I wanted this collection of ideas for useful accessories and gear related to this ancient Eastern practice to be suitable and valuable to a wide variety of people. Some may be complete beginners while others may have a lot of experience with this stretching methodology. So, if you are someone who is just starting out your yoga journey, you may need some guidance to get your body moving in a correct and safe manner. Unfortunately, there are lots of places around the world where there are no yoga studios nearby, and during these challenging times we are living in, many people prefer or have to practice from the comfort of their own homes. That is why this section of this article is dedicated to some yoga DVDs which may be extremely valuable to those who are just starting out. Moreover, here you will find some special instruction manuals for some specific types of yoga you are not yet familiar with, such as prenatal and aerial yoga.

Yoga for Beginners Deluxe 6 DVD Set

Yoga can be a bit challenging, especially to complete beginners. That is why my first gift suggestion is this amazing DVD set of yoga classes by Barbara Benagh which is suitable for pretty much everyone. Even if you are an experienced yogi, there is always the need for new and different stretching practices and routines to activate and engage various muscle groups.

And I think that this is the perfect opportunity to stir things up with these 6 different DVDs – one is aimed at complete newbies which focuses on the basics, one is focused on building strength and flexibility, there is one for gentle everyday yoga, one for very inflexible people, one targeted at weight management, and one for soothing the daily pressure and stress relief. I think this would make a great gift for yoga lovers of all ages, for yoga teachers or for those who are simply interested in this ancient Eastern wellness practice.


Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts

The important thing to remember about yoga is that although it may seem like a simple and easy stretching practice, it is so much more than that. This means that the poses (called asanas) are extremely powerful and – they not only make our joints, muscles, and ligaments more flexible, but they also get the energy (the chi) moving in our bodies in certain ways.

Hence, there are many benefits to practicing yoga, but there are also some strong counter indications for particular conditions. And of course, it is only logical to deduct that being pregnant is one of those magical periods of a woman’s life when there are countless restrictions and limitations. This also includes her regular yoga practice. Yoga can be a powerful assistant in this mystical period for any female for bearing and delivering a healthy child into this world, but there are also some asanas which may not be very suitable as well. That is why I recommend getting a special tutorial for this exact situation so you would avoid any unpleasant implications. Also, if you have a dear pregnant lady you know, this may be a great gift for her next special occasion – a birthday, Christmas Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, or just because she is expecting!


Flexi Flow – Yoga Trapeze Tutorial

Aerial yoga is a relatively new type of hybrid practice which involves using a special yoga prop called yoga swing or yoga trapeze. This equipment allows you to swing from the ceiling and perform different kinds of asanas and stretches which engage our bodies in a different way than the traditional floor yoga. For instance, practicing some types of inversions and getting the benefits of flipping our bodies upside down can be much easier and safer when using such cool and modern-day yoga accessory (you will find some product recommendations later in this gift guide for yoga lovers).

But, since this is brand new kind of exercise practice, it is best to start by following an expert so that you can get the full benefit of the stretching and minimizing the risks of having an improper form or even worse – getting an injury. That is why I would recommend this tutorial on using a yoga sling by Lucas Rockwood and Brett Larkin.


Denise Austin: Hot Body Yoga

This is another awesome DVD with specific yoga flows which are designed for those who wish to use this ancient Eastern practice to sculpt their bodies and improve their appearance. I know that the traditional view of yoga is much more holistic than that – it encompasses the physical movement itself, improving the flexibility and strength of our joints, muscles and ligaments; but also our spiritual development through balancing the chakras and meditation.

But this does not mean that each one of us should not start practicing yoga purely for the physical benefits, including weight management. Everyone has a different path in life and there is nothing wrong with having a particular choice, in my opinion. That is why I would recommend this DVD to those who are interested in this aspect of yoga, which is undeniable. And besides, there are lots of people out there who do not have the opportunity (or it is not recommended to them) to exercise in a more traditional way – such as weight training, jogging, cardio, HIIT, etc. For many people the gentler approach of yoga is one of the few available options. Finally, this could make a wonderful gift for any yoga lover or yoga teacher who is looking for new flows and ways to change their daily routine.


Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40’s – 70’s)

Speaking of the gentleness of yoga, we can safely say that this practice is believed to be suitable for people of all ages and genders. However, that does not mean that every single asana would be beneficial. That is why it is so important to get specific guides and tutorials for your needs and preferences. For instance, the elderly should take the easier path and practice only the yoga poses they are comfortable with.

Also, there are lots of variations to each asana as well as many yoga props which can be used to make the process easier and more beneficial. Hence, my next DVD recommendation is this gentle yoga flow by Jane Adams, specifically targeted at people at their 40s and above. I believe that it would be the answer to your or your loved one’s needs and preferences when it comes to exercising and maintaining your body in top shape while minimizing the risks of injuries. 


Practical Yoga Equipment and Accessories

Here in this section you will find the juicy and “meaty” part of this article – all the essential as well as optional equipment you may need to have a fulfilling, pleasant, and safe yoga session! Some of these props will help you hold some asanas which are challenging to you while you can still reap some benefits of the postures (like the yoga blocks, the strap, and the inversion bench). Other item suggestions are pretty much must-haves – like the yoga mat and the convenient and comfortable pieces of clothing. Feel free to fill in your yoga gear collection and see what else you can add to make your practice more satisfying and fulfilling (like the eye pillow or the meditation bench, for instance).

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is one of the essential yoga props we cannot go without. That is why it is very important to pick an item which does the job well, providing convenience and stability. Hence, my recommendation is this awesome one which is 0.5 inch thick made of 100% NBR foam – this is one of the most common yoga mat materials used. It allows you to have a safe and comfortable practice by protecting the joints and our muscles from the hard floor.

At the same time, it provides enough traction and stability for its constructional specifications and textured design. This also makes the mat extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of activities and exercises – Pilates, HIIT, cardio, strength and weight workouts, etc. Slipping while exercising due to palm and feet sweat is a huge problem, and I think this item will be suitable for avoiding these uncomfortable situations. And finally, the mat is equipped with nifty elastic straps which make it easy to roll up and carry without the need for a special large-size carrying bag. Oh, and one more thing – let’s not forget to check the dimensions – the yoga mat is 74 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick.


Black Diamond Stoneworks Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner

Every yoga mat needs to be maintained properly since it can be the perfect hub for bacteria and fungi to grow. We step on the mat, we sweat on it (especially during these hot yoga classes), we lie on it, and so on, and it requires some tender love and care to serve us well. That is why my next yoga accessory I would like to suggest to you is this nifty cleansing spray for your most important piece of equipment – the mat.

Unfortunately, we cannot use just any type of cleaning product. The one dedicated to our precious yoga mat has to answer a couple of needs and requirements, such as to be hypoallergenic and not cause any irritations or discomforts, to not be harmful to the material of the mat, to be natural and made of organic ingredients and safe for pets and kids. Fortunately, this product ticks all the boxes and leaves your mat smelling fresh with the added aromatherapeutic benefit of essential oils. Keep in mind that some yoga mat cleansers can leave some oily residue and make it a bit slippery. Most customers however are happy with this one in particular in this regard. Make sure you take a look at the question and answers section of the product page and you will find the exact instructions on how to clean your mat without it losing its traction.


SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

We can’t use a cleansing spray without a cloth, right? If you don’t have one at your disposal or if you wish to dedicate a specific one for your yoga mat, now it’s your prefect opportunity to grab one of these! I like the microfiber cleaning cloths since they are extremely versatile. You can use them for all kinds of purposes, surfaces, and situations.

This pack contains 12 pieces and you can have one for whatever needs to be cleaned and polished (not just the mat) – you can have one for the car, one for the windows, one for wiping off dust without having any annoying scratches, one for drying kitchenware, etc. Keep in mind that these cool and nifty cleaning rags are super absorbent but also very easy to maintain – they can withstand countless machine washes and would still remain as good as new!


Tourna Tennis Rosin Bottle

Slipping on your yoga mat while practicing is indeed quite uncomfortable and even hazardous. That is why I would like to make a quick suggestion – definitely consider getting a special anti-slip powder in order to improve the traction of your mat while doing your regular yoga class. You know how even just a little palm or feet sweat can significantly harm your practice making it almost impossible to hold certain asanas.

Later in this yoga gear guide you will find some other interesting and useful accessories to improve your performance and lower the risks of slipping, like suggestions #16 and #17 (special types of gloves and footwear). But if you feel you need something simpler, this exercise powder is a great choice. This is top quality rosin which is non-toxic and safe to use. And if supporting your local economy is something important to you, it is good to know that the product is manufactured in the USA. This item can be super valuable when practicing hot yoga (Bikram yoga) or during the hot summer days. Plus, it can be applied for a wide variety of sports and workouts as well – weight lifting, tennis, gymnastics, dancing, climbing, etc.


MJIYA Yoga Stretch Exercise Strap with 10 Flexible Loops

The yoga strap is another great and useful tool which is pretty much a must for almost every practice. This is a great accessory for stretching which minimizes the risks of discomforts and strains. You probably know that yoga is mostly about working with our ligaments and muscles by slowly increasing their flexibility and strength.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle involves a lot of sitting and when it’s time to do our regular practice, it may be a real challenge to warm up our body. So, here’s when the strap comes really handy. It allows us to perform some challenging stretches correctly while maintain the proper form and avoiding any strains. So, I would highly recommend having at least one of these yoga props even if you are an experienced yogi. Plus, these items are great for stretching the arms and expanding our chests as well, and for that purpose we need a firm and stable strap like this one! It can also be a cool and practical exercise accessory for the office to keep the body in shape and do some shoulder stretches from time to time. And for those who like a bit more feminine and girlish yoga gear, you can choose the pink color variation.


Florensi Yoga Wheel (3-Pack)

The yoga wheel is another great type of equipment which can be valuable to any practitioner or a fitness enthusiast. Well, it may not be an absolute must, but it sure is something extremely practical and useful in some occasions. For example, some of the most challenging parts of doing yoga are the backbends. Again, it all comes from that sedentary lifestyle that most of us lead – we are pretty much constantly bent forward working on our computers, looking at our smartphones and tablets, etc.

And when it is time to stretch these back muscles and ligaments, it may be wise and even necessary to use some nifty props and accessories, like the wheel. But it does much more than that! These tools can be perfect for performing all kinds of stretches on all body parts – the three different sizes allow you to work on the calves, thighs, and the back. Moreover, the item can be a wonderful assistant for a soothing and a good muscle relaxing post workout massage.


Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set Of 2)

The blocks are another awesome and essential part of the yoga gear. Just like the wheel and the strap, they are extremely valuable accessory for some of the more challenging asanas, like runner’s lunge (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana), triangle pose (Trikonasana), splits (Hanumanasana), camel pose (Ustrasana), puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana), and many more – almost every posture can have an easier variation using the yoga blocks.

These tools are also super practical and convenient for practicing restorative yoga (also called Yin yoga) by placing the props under certain parts of the body, especially the spine – under the sacrum, the shoulders, the necks, etc. What makes this type of equipment so indispensable is the special material it is made of. The blocks consist of a specific type of foam which is stable and flexible at the same time – it gives the necessary support and comfort while practicing some of these challenging asanas. Substituting the blocks with something else may be extremely difficult since most objects around the house (like a stack of books, for instance) lack the needed cushioning for our ultimate comfort and convenience! And if black seems like something too dark and grim for you or your dear yoga lover or yoga teacher, you can pick from several other fresh colors – purple, grey, and blue.


BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

If you don’t want to purchase all the yoga essentials separately, here’s a nifty set which may be extremely practical! It is perfect for complete yoga beginners who are just starting out with this practice and don’t have a single prop to help them out in this journey. This could also be a wonderful gift for a loved one for their special occasion – a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc.

If you know that your special person is a fan of yoga or is considering giving it a try, this set can be an awesome present as a token of your appreciation for them! The kit contains all the basic necessary items every yogi needs for a fulfilling stretching practice – a yoga mat, blocks, a strap, knee pad, and a pair of towels. And the cool part is that all this yoga gear has matching colors and you can choose among several beautiful ones – purple, black, pink, blue, gray, green, and red.


Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Size Towel

Bikram is a type of yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury which is often called “hot yoga”. The simple reason for this is that there are specific conditions in which yoga is practiced – usually in a room with a temperature of 105 °F (41 °C) and 40% humidity. As you can see this may be a bit challenging for some people (and more importantly – it may not even be suitable for those with some particular health conditions).

But if your body is up to par for this hot yoga practice, it is best to have a special Bikram yoga towel – it will absorb the sweat and prevent any slipping. That is why my next recommendation is this one in a beautiful blue and pink color design. There are a couple of others you can choose from as well – black, green and blue, teal, etc. – pick the one according to your preferences or the favorite color of your loved one (if it’s a gift for a special person of yours). And remember that this item does not necessarily need to be dedicated to a hot yoga practice. Anyone who perspires a lot or has a regular cardio exercise routine may take advantage of such yoga mat-sized towel (72″ x 26″) – “bring it everywhere! It’s super lightweight, easy to pack, and dries fast – perfect for pilates, exercise classes, the gym, showering, camping, travel, beach, and more!


BAGAIL Basics Microfiber Camping Towels

As I mentioned previously, towels are very important for any type of physical activity, and this includes yoga as well. And if you or your loved one likes hot yoga, this may be an indispensable item to have at your disposal! But this is not just another simple microfiber towel – it does much more than absorb sweat!

This multifunctional product can be used for all kinds of workout routines and types of physical activities – yoga, Pilates, HIIT, weight lifting, etc. – it will keep your hands, face, and body perfectly dry and improve the friction to avoid slipping. But it can also be used for a wide variety of other activities – for travelling, having a romantic picnic, hiking, going to the beach, camping, etc. The best part of this towel is that it comes with a nifty carrying case to keep it neat, tidy, and compact. Plus, there is a special zipper pocket for phones or keys – perfect for exercising or jogging outside! And finally, keep in mind that there is a wide variety of colors you can choose from depending on your preferences – blue, gray, pink, green, orange, purple, etc.


Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips

Since we are on the topic of slipping while exercising, here’s another great yoga accessory which I think would be an absolute must for pretty much every yoga lover or yoga teacher – special non-slip yoga socks. As I mentioned before, slipping on the yoga mat can be a common phenomenon – during the practice, especially if it’s an intense one or if it’s a Bikram yoga class, our feet can become quite sweaty.

In these cases, it is best to have a pair of this footwear to increase the traction and to have a safer and to have more confidence on the mat. But the best part is that these socks are super versatile and multifunctional – they are not just suitable for all kinds of sports, but they are also perfect for pregnant women and for wearing them around the house tackling our household chores (especially on parquet floors – parquet and socks is a recipe for slipping and falling). The items are made of high-class cotton which absorbs the sweat while protecting the skin against bacteria growth. Also, keep in mind that the socks are highly elastic and could fit a wide range of women’s shoe sizes – from 5.5 to 11. And finally, the product comes in a very beautiful and practical carrying bag which also makes it perfect for a gift for a loved one!


YogaPaws SkinThin Non Slip Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks

OK, our feet are not the only body part which may get sweaty during a yoga practice – our palms are just as important and they can be a source of discomfort and insecurity. That is why my next yoga prop recommendation is this cool set which consists of special anti-slip gloves and socks. This could be the perfect gift you can make to yourself or to any other yoga fan for their special occasion.

Safety and comfort are extremely important when exercising or practicing any kind of sport or a stretching routine. The cool part of these yoga accessories is that they are generally suitable for both men and women – there are a few sizes available as well as some fresh colors to choose from – purple, black, green, and blue. Another great benefit from getting one of these gloves and socks set is that it gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite physical activity pretty much everywhere and in some cases the yoga mat may not even be needed – in other words – the pair is perfect for travelling.


Core 10 Women’s Soft Pima Cotton Knot Front Cropped Yoga T-Shirt

The clothes that we wear when practicing yoga are just as important as the other accessories and props. This is simply because this ancient stretching routine involves various inversion asanas and positions which involve placing our torsos upside down. This requires having pieces of clothing which are not only comfortable to wear, but also stretchy and nicely wrapping the body.

This would prevent any uncomfortable situations where the top is slipping onto the face revealing the torso.  Such awkward accidents may even disrupt the yoga routine and cause some awful mistakes and even injuries. So, here’s what I propose – a super cool and fashionable cropped top, specially designed for doing yoga or other similar sports and physical activities. It looks extra cute while being very comfortable to wear even outside the yoga studio! There are various sizes available as well as different beautiful colors to choose from – blue, pink, gray, white, red, etc. Also, keep in mind that the garment is 56% pima cotton (a high-class type of cotton which is very gentle to the skin while being  quite resistant to tearing, fraying, and fading), and it can be machine washed for easier maintenance.


Boao 4 Pieces Basic Crop Tank Tops

Here’s another option for a cool and practical piece of clothing which can be extremely comfortable and suitable for any yoga practice. As I mentioned previously, when attending your regular yoga class it is best to wear garments which are stretchy and tightly wrapping the torso at the same time. This will give you the necessary freedom of movement and convenience even when performing some of the most challenging asanas (such as the yoga inversions).

That is why my next suggestion for a cool yoga accessory is this crop tank top set – it is perfect for your regular stretching routine as well as all sorts of other sports, outdoor and indoor activities (like going to the gym, jogging, HIIT, etc.). But that’s not all! These pieces of clothing can be your best assistants in whatever you have planned for the day – running errands, doing household chores, walking the dog, meeting with friends, etc. But before you add this beautiful top set to your shopping cart, make sure you pick the correct size (there is a nifty size chart available), and choose your favorite color combinations from the available options! Also, make sure you follow all the washing and maintenance recommendations to enjoy these clothes for longer!


CAMBIVO Yoga Pants for Women

When it comes to yoga apparel, we cannot miss one of the most important pieces of clothing – the yoga pants. This is an essential yoga accessory for it has to be super comfortable for even the most challenging postures. Regular sport track suits won’t do the job for their design and stitching which does not supplies the necessary freedom of movement, especially for all the hip openers.

That is why if someone is serious about getting their yoga practice right, having correct postures, and making the most out of the class, having special yoga leggings is a must! They are specifically designed for all kinds of body movements and exercises. The materials are high-class, flexible, durable, non see-through, machine washable, quick dry, and easy to maintain. Plus, the pants are equipped with special pockets for even better usability – the item has a secret waistband pocket for your most valuables (money, credit/debit cards, keys, etc.), and 2 larger side pockets for smartphone or other equipment which would allow you to listen to your favorite tunes or guided meditations hands-free while working out. These yoga leggings are perfect for all kinds of occasions and situations – not just for exercising, but also for all sorts of daily activities which require wearing comfortable clothes! Plus, you can choose between various colors to match your preferences – black, camo, blue, grey, and red.


DIBAOLONG Womens Yoga Pants Capri Loose

Well, not everyone is comfortable wearing tight clothing and leggings. If that’s the case, here’s another great option for cool and comfortable yoga pants for every yoga lover! These loose capri pants are perfect for your daily stretching routine with the added benefit of better air flow, better comfort, and less anxiety even for the most self-conscious ladies!

The sweatpants are perfect for wearing around the house tackling household chores as well. Plus, these loose harem pants usually do not have any pockets but these ones are equipped with two of those which make the item even better for jogging in the neighborhood, walking the dog, going to the supermarket, etc. I really like how convenient and versatile these trousers are. Moreover, they are super easy to maintain using a washing machine. Just makes sure you pick the right size according to the size chart and a color of your preference – grey, green, black, blue, and red.


Gafeng Mens Yoga Capri Pants

Let’s not forget that many men love practicing yoga and they also need some comfortable clothes for their exercise routines. Unfortunately, many types of the sportswear for males are not designed for the needs of this ancient practice which involves lots of stretching and inversions. That is why my next yoga accessory suggestion is this pair of men’s capri pants which are excellent for yoga and all sorts of other physical activities.

And as many of the satisfied customers also point out – the trousers are perfect for wearing around the house and doing all kinds of stuff. Let’s not forget that the air flow around the thighs is even more important for men as it is for women. And when it comes to working out with ease, comfort, and confidence, the garments need to be convenient, made of suitable breathable fabrics, and without any risks of revealing anything inappropriate, if you know what I mean. 😀 So, if you or your loved one loves having some loose harem pants for yoga or everyday use, this pair is an awesome choice! There are a couple of cool colors to choose from as well – green, black, blue, gray, white, yellow, and beige.


12 Pack Women’s Headbands Elastic Hair Bands

Let’s make the yoga practice even more pleasant and comfortable, shall we? Every woman with long hair knows how annoying it can be to perform any kinds of exercises and the hairs to be constantly flying around and getting into the face, the eyes, and the mouth. Am I right? Well, nowadays with the current trend of growing longer hair and having a male bun, even men are acquainted with this pain!

So, let’s make a slight improvement which would have a great impact on your confidence and better performance on the yoga mat – by adding a simple headband! This simple accessory will keep your hair away and tightly placed where it belongs! But that’s not all! The elastic hair band will also absorb any sweat from the forehead which would prevent any annoying dripping on your face and on the mat (which makes it super slippery, by the way!). And here’s one more added benefit to acquiring this simple stylish accessory – it can be used for a wide variety of purposes and situations! The bands are excellent not just for the yoga classes or when visiting the gym, they are also super cute for everyday use as well. Your roots are growing out? No worries – cover them with the band. You need a cool and easy to fix hair accessory when running errands, walking the dog, doing household chores? You got it!


THUNDESK Yoga Inversion Bench Headstand Prop

The yoga inversions have a lot of positive benefits for the human body – they energize us, improve our emotional and mental wellbeing, they help us stay heart-centered and connected to Mother Earth, they boost our brain functions and cognitive abilities, etc. Unfortunately, some of these asanas are quite hard to perform, especially for the inexperienced yogis.  For example, the headstand (Sirsasana) and the forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana) – we need time and practice to build the strength, flexibility, and body coordination to perform these asanas safely and correctly.

That is why my next piece of yoga gear I would like to recommend is this awesome inversion bench – it would definitely help you in your efforts for working on these yoga foundations while taking advantage of the benefits of the inversion. This is the perfect gift idea for any yoga practitioner and yoga lover who wants to improve their posture, realign the spine, and start working towards the more advanced and difficult inversion postures. And finally, this yoga accessory is also quite versatile and multifunctional – it can be a wonderful yoga prop for a wide variety of other interesting asana variations – “upward plank, forward and backward bends, shoulderstand, extended triangle pose, plank boat pose, pigeon pose, etc.


Aerial Yoga Hammock

As I mentioned in suggestion #3, there is a special type of yoga called aerial yoga which is a relatively new variation of this practice. But if you wish to try this modern-day physical activity, you would need some special equipment like this hammock, for instance (often called a yoga swing). This yoga gear will allow you to practice all these interesting asanas which otherwise would be much more difficult to perform on the floor, especially the inversions.

In other words, this special hammock will let you reap all the benefits of flipping your body upside down without all the risks and difficulties of doing so in the traditional stretching session. The swing comes with a pair of screw lock carabiners and a pair of nylon reinforced daisy chains which are all certified to climbing standards. There is also a cute and practical carrying bag for easier transportation. However, keep in mind that you would need some extra anchoring supplies. One happy customer suggested getting these Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Set Hangers, and I think they would be a great fit!


Nicheko Lavender Eye Pillow

The yoga practice usually ends with a relaxing posture called Savasana. It is often combined with a relaxing meditation or visualization. This is an extremely important part of every yoga class for calming the body, relaxing the nervous system and balancing the energy flow. Unfortunately, sometimes when practicing during the day, it can be a bit challenging to get into that relaxed meditative state when the sun is shining bright through the windows or when you are practicing out into the open. In this case it is a very good idea to bring with you such cool and practical eye pillow.

But this is not just a useful item for yoga practitioners – it is a multifunctional and versatile product for a variety of situations and purposes. For instance, it can be used as a sleeping mask, an acupressure eye massaging pillow (perfect for those working on their computer all day long), as a hot or a cold compress (the item is microwave safe, but make sure you follow the safety guidelines), and for aromatherapy (you can put some aromatic herbs inside the pillow for a better self-care experience)! As you may have guessed, the outer layer of the item is removable and can be easily washed and maintained.


6 Deep Tissue Massage Ball Set

These massaging balls are not an essential yoga gear but I think everyone could have a great benefit from them and should have a couple of them around the house and the office. Sometimes when practicing yoga or other type of physical activity, our bodies may need some additional massaging to sooth the muscles and ligaments.

Also, we may experience strains and discomforts in some body areas which need some more tender love and care. In such cases having such massage balls is super useful and valuable. I know many people use tennis balls but I would definitely advise you to grab these special myofascial tools instead. The tennis balls have a completely different texture – they are much harder and may not produce the same effect compared to this product which is specifically designed for tissue relaxation. Plus, this set of therapeutic balls has 3 different pairs with custom-made firmness depending on the body part and the type of strain we are dealing with. For instance, the firm green pair is suitable for the lower back, the calves and arms, and can be used even by professional athletes. The soft blue pair is appropriate for a bit more sensitive areas like the upper back. And lastly, the super soft light blue pair is for sensitive and delicate body parts, as well as when dealing with injuries and trouble spots. As you can see, regular tennis balls won’t do the trick!


LUCKAYA Yoga Mat Tote Bag/Backpack

Most people like to attend yoga classes in special yoga studios. And that’s a really good idea since most of us need to be guided and supervised by trained and certified yoga teachers. To receive the full benefit of the asanas, we need to perform the postures properly. Not to mention the risks of injuries if we try to start our yoga journey by ourselves.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is having to carry our yoga props and equipment to the studio. That is why we need a large and practical tote bag to accommodate all the essentials for a satisfactory and fulfilling stretching practice. Hence, my next recommendation to you or as a gift for a loved one is this awesome backpack specially designed for the modern yogis! The item is equipped with multiple sections to keep all the yoga gear neatly organized – perfect for carrying your clothes, shoes, towels, as well as special straps for placing your yoga mat. But also, as you can see, this bag can be perfect not just for yoga classes – it is a wonderful backpack for going to the gym, when travelling, having a picnic, for hiking, etc. I love multifunctional and versatile items!


AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow

The bolster is another great piece of yoga equipment which is super useful to have at your disposal at all times. This prop is mainly used for the gentler and relaxing routines called restorative yoga or Yin yoga. This large and comfy pillow allows you to practice some of the most soothing variations of the asanas and hold them for much longer to reap all the benefits of the restorative posture.

For example, restorative child’s pose, psoas release, legs up the wall, reclined hero pose, reclined twist, and of course – Savasana. But that’s not all! The bolster can also serve double duty for your regular meditation practice. Sitting on it makes mindfulness much more comfortable and easier to maintain stillness in the body. But let’s take a look at some interesting and cool details about this product! The item is made of high-quality recycled foam and 100% vegan eco-friendly materials. It is durable and maintains its shape and firmness. Plus, the outer cover can be easily removed and washed. And last but not least, the company pledges to plant a tree with every purchase made! Cool, huh?


DEMMEX Cotton Peshtemal Blanket

Having a blanket nearby when practicing yoga is also super important and useful. It can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, it could work as a nice cushioning to protect the knees and elbows, and also a couple of these can be a nice substitute for the bolster or as a head pillow. But I think the most important application for the blanket is during the relaxation part of the yoga class. 

For instance, when having a restorative yoga session and you need to hold your body in a relaxed position, it is best to cover up in case you start to feel a bit chilly. Also, the most common yoga practices include some intensive and challenging asanas and an easier more Yin type of postures in the end. In such cases, it is even more important to protect the warmed body against the cold, especially during the regular Savasana posture. That is why I highly recommend getting at least one of these awesome and practical cotton blankets! Plus, you can choose between a wide variety of magnificent colors to match your preferences (or the color preferences of your loved one, if this is a gift for your special yoga lover or yoga teacher) – beige, black, bordeaux, coffee, grey, khaki, lemon, lilac, mint, mustard, blue, pink, and white.


Sukhamat Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

Speaking of cushioning, here’s another suggestion for a nifty yoga accessory I would like to make – a knee pad. Let’s say that your yoga mat does not supply enough comfort and softness to your joints and you need some extra support. Or maybe your knees and elbows are super sensitive. In these cases, having such extra cushion would be a great idea.

Plus, lots of the asanas may be much more comfortable and easy to perform and maintain with such a cool and nifty pad.  So, if your knees or elbows hurt after doing runner’s lunge (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana), puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana), camel pose (Ustrasana), splits (Hanumanasana), plank (Phalakasana), bird dog pose (Dandayamana Bharmanasana), etc., this cushion pad is exactly what you need! And it is excellent as a gift for any yoga fanatic out there. Feel free to choose a suitable color and you are good to go – black, blue, grey, or purple!



The yoga ball is another great and versatile piece of equipment which is a must have for every home gym or a yoga studio! It can be used for a wide variety of sports and for various purposes. For instance, this tough and firm rubber ball is perfect for general strengthening of your muscles (especially the abdominal and the lower back ones) as well as building your balance.

Also, it can be a wonderful prop when practicing yoga, Pilates or any kind of body weight exercises. But that’s not all! This item is also extremely valuable for pregnant women. It allows women to work on their bodies and muscles while carrying their babies, to prepare for labor more easily, and have a more effortless delivery as well – this ball is also known as a birthing ball which provides more comfort during this challenging endeavor! Keep in mind that you can choose between several size options – 55 cm (21.6 inches), 65 cm (25.5 inches), and 75 cm (29.5 inches). There are also a couple of adorable colors available to match your preferences – blue, purple, red, teal, gray, and black.


Eight 1.25 Inch Yoga Dice in Engraved Wooden Gift Box

Now this is something really cool and fun! It is not a type of yoga equipment but it definitely can be incorporated in your regular practice or it may be a wonderful gift for a loved one for their special occasion (a  birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.) – as long as they love yoga! You know how having a set yoga routine can be a bit boring.

If this is something that you experience on a regular basis, you can definitely grab one of these nifty asana dice and turn your stretching practice into something much more fun! You simply roll the dice and the cubes will show you which posture to do next! And just think about the possibilities of organizing a girls’ gathering filled with such fun games to make it more interesting and unorthodox! The dice are nicely packaged in a classy-looking wooden box so you can take them with you wherever you go – on a vacation, travelling abroad, to a friend’s house, etc. Create your unique yoga routines and get your body moving!


Florensi Meditation Bench

As I mentioned previously, meditation is an integral part of every yoga practice. Usually every yoga flow ends with a soothing Savasana and a relaxing mindfulness practice or a visualization. This is a very important part of every yoga session in order for our energy to be brought back to balance and harmony. Unfortunately, meditation can be a bit challenging not just for our mind’s constant chatter, but also for our physical bodies as well.

Holding a static position for an extended period of time can be very difficult for the spine and even a bit stiffening. That is why I would highly recommend having a specific prop for this purpose to make the process easier, more pleasant, and much more fulfilling! So, here’s what I suggest – you can grab a special meditation bench like this one here and bring your mindfulness practice to the next level. This tool will ensure you have a proper posture and give you the necessary ease to focus on what it is truly important – calming your mind, focusing on your breath, and expanding your awareness! Keep in mind that the item is effortlessly foldable and can be packed in its special carrying bag for easier transportation – to the yoga studio, while being on vacation, etc. Plus, as usual, with most product suggestions in this yoga equipment guide, this item can be a wonderful gift for a loved one as well!


Yoga Themed Home Décor and Spiritual Ambiance Items

Pretty much every yoga fanatic is also interesting in their spiritual growth, and more often than not their personal and working space is filled with all kinds of boho and yoga related decorations. These items add a certain magical ambiance of peace, harmony, and remind us how important it is to stay focused on our spiritual path. That is why I dedicated a special section on a wide variety of deco pieces which can improve the atmosphere of our homes, offices, and yoga studios, as well as boost the energy flow (chi) of the space. These suggestions can also be a real gold mine for gift ideas for your special yoga fanatic or yoga teacher!

Maccyafst Seven Chakra Tapestry Yoga Meditation Wall Tapestry

Beautiful chakra themed tapestries are perfect for decorating your special yoga room or yoga studio. There is nothing better than creating the ideal ambiance for practicing this ancient Eastern self-improvement method. So, if you love surrounding yourself with stylish deco pieces to keep you inspired and motivated, this is a wonderful choice! But that’s not all!

This wall art can have a multiple different applications depending on your preferences and needs – it could be a bed cover, a picnic blanket, a beach throw, sofa cover, porch hanging, etc. Plus, it could be the perfect present for your special yoga teacher or dear yoga lover – anyone who is fascinated with this ancient practice would love to receive a yoga related gift for their special occasion! Keep in mind that there are a few size options to choose from – 51.2″ x 59.1″ (130cm x 150cm), 59.1″ x 78.7″ (150cm x 200cm), and 70.8″ x 92.5″ (180cm x 235 cm). Also, make sure you follow the recommended washing and maintenance guidelines to preserve your magnificent chakra tapestry for longer – “please gentle hand or machine wash in cold water; hang dry or tumble dry low; don’t bleach or iron”.


Aroma Humidifier for Essential Oil Large Room Diffuser Set

As I mentioned previously, the ambiance of your yoga room or a studio can be extremely important for a complete and fulfilling practice. That’s because yoga is a holistic methodology and it engages different aspects of our selves – not just our physical bodies, but our energetic and spiritual bodies as well. This means that maintaining a high vibration is extremely important to take full advantage of all the benefits of yoga – not just for building strength and flexibility, but also for improving our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

That is why I highly recommend you grab this awesome natural oil diffuser set. This could be the best addition to your yoga gear and get you into the mood for stretching, meditating, and visualizing! But that’s not all! The device also works as a nifty humidifier which is extremely important for air-conditioned rooms or yoga spaces located in dry and hot climate locations! And besides, from a purely mundane perspective, practicing yoga can be an excellent way to get some sweat out, and it is always a good idea to keep the bad smells away with some enchanting fragrances!


Home Cleansing & Smudging Kit

Speaking of creating the perfect atmosphere for your regular yoga practice, we cannot miss one very important aspect – energy cleansing. Smudging is an ancient ritual for clearing up the energy of the room and creating sacred space. This is extremely valuable and important to anyone who wants to take their yoga practice to the next level – not just working on their physical bodies, but also reaping all the energetic and spiritual parts of the stretching routine.

This could be something even more vital for yoga studio owners! You know how every person brings with them their unique energetic frequency and the ambiance of the place can become a bit murky and heavy with time. So, it is always a good idea to cleanse the location from time to time and to elevate the vibrational signature of the place. This is where this awesome smudging kit with White Sage (the most commonly used energy cleansing herb) and Palo Santo comes into play. This could be the best gift you give to yourself, to your home, to your yoga studio or as a present for a loved one or a yoga teacher who is close to your heart – perfect for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, an anniversary, etc.!


Tibetan Singing Bowls Set

Speaking of energy cleansing, here’s another great option which may be suitable for everyone – a Tibetan singing bowl. I know that smudging is not for everybody for sure. The ritual may be a bit difficult to perform. Sometimes the herbs are not dry enough to keep them lit, and in other cases – there are smoke alarms in the room which makes this cleansing practice almost impossible. So, if you prefer something much more elegant and versatile, the singing bowl is for you!

This is another ancient Eastern tool for raising the vibration of the space which can be a wonderful way to keep your energetic frequency high! But there’s more! Sound is also frequently used for all kinds of meditation and relaxation exercises as well. The gentle and soothing ringing gets our minds into a meditative state much more easily (also called alpha state, if you are familiar with the works of Jose Silva). In other words, this could be a wonderful yoga prop for personal use as well as a gift for your favorite yoga teacher (or anyone who is an avid yoga lover). Keep in mind that there are two distinct diameter sizes to match your preferences – 3 inches and 3.5 inches.


Dharma Store – Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals

My next recommendation for a cool and practical yoga accessory is this awesome and cute pair of tingsha cymbals. This is a special sound producing tool which is considered to have a similar effect as the Tibetan singing bowl. It is used for meditation and yoga practices as well as energy cleansing. You can get both items and make a beautiful set or a practical gift for a loved one.

The tingsha cymbals can be the perfect present for any yoga teacher who wants to take their classes to the next level. As I mentioned before, most yoga sessions end with a soothing meditation or visualization and this sound prop can be the ideal accessory to create the necessary relaxing ambiance and help the students get into a meditative state much more easily! And of course, the item can also work merely as a decoration piece which would bring the spirit of Nepal and the mountains of Tibet into your home or yoga studio!


Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind

Since we are on the topic of sound and how it can be a crucial and important part of our yoga practice, let’s take a look at some relaxing music. Sound is another form of vibration and it influences our emotions, our mental, and physical wellbeing. That is why it a very good idea to have some form of music to get us into that special state of focus and stress relief.

That is why my next recommendation is this CD filled with music which had been specifically designed to calm your mind and create that relaxing atmosphere for spiritual development and growth. But keep in mind that this track set can be perfect for all kinds of activities and situations – for studying, while reading some inspirational materials, while meditating or practicing mindfulness, during your regular home SPA day or other self-care rituals, etc. Every time you need some soothing sound therapy, this will be your best assistant for achieving a new level of relaxation and tension release! Plus, it can be wonderful inexpensive but thoughtful gift for your dear yoga teacher as well!


Suchek Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

As you can see there are lots of yoga props, accessories, and pieces of equipment we can use in our regular practices. Unfortunately, these items have to be stored somewhere, neatly organized and arranged so that they are easily accessible at all times. But more often than not, the available space in our homes is limited and we need to think of smart ways to achieve this goal without sacrificing some pieces of essential equipment.

That is why my next suggestion is this awesome and practical wall mount. This could be the best addition to your personal yoga room or a yoga studio to save some space and have all your props tightly arranged all in one place. The holder is perfect for hanging your yoga mat, a blanket, the straps, the yoga blocks, and other types of exercise tools and accessories, like a post workout foam roller, chest expanders and resistant bands, skipping ropes, etc. – whatever gear you have in your home gym, this wall mount will be extremely useful! If you have a significant other who also likes working out at home, feel free to grab one for them as well and have a cute couple’s exercise corner! And of course, the item is perfect as a gift for any avid yoga fan or a yoga teacher for their special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Father’s Day, etc.


QuickFit Yoga Poses and Stretching Exercise Poster Set

The decoration pieces for your yoga room or yoga studio can be super practical and useful. They do not necessarily have to be something artsy. That is why my next suggestion is this asana poster set. It is always nice to keep all the essentials and the core stuff in front of our eyes – to keep us focused and to get ideas for a new yoga pose flow.

I think this could be an excellent addition to your home exercising space or a yoga studio. The kit contains two separate high-quality laminated charts filled with some of the best and most commonly used postures. One of the charts contains some of the basic yoga asanas along with their names in Sanskrit (perfect for any yoga teacher or an avid yoga fanatic). The other one includes some cool stretches and warm up exercises which are inspired by yoga to prepare your body for a more intense workout or a yoga session (like power yoga, for example). But before you add these cool props to your shopping cart, let’s take a look at the sizes to make sure you are happy with the dimensions (and to make sure you have the necessary wall space) – the posters are 18 inches wide and 24 inches long each.


Homebody Accents The Zen Den Lotus

“Zen Den” is a very cute name for your personal sacred space for all kinds of self-development and spiritual practices – yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reading inspirational books, creating art, etc. Actually, the first time I heard about this term is when I was watching one of my most favorite yoga teachers on the internet Allie Van Fosses a.k.a. The Journey Junkie. She used to call her mini home yoga studio the Zen Den and I thought it was super cool and adorable.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are some beautiful yoga themed decoration pieces with the same name and I really think they would make a great addition to any personal scared space or a yoga studio! If you are looking for a cute wall art for your home meditation room, this lotus metal sign is a wonderful choice. Plus, it can be a super cool and suitable gift for any yoga teacher or a dear yoga fan who is close to your heart! Keep in mind that there are a few interesting variations. There are two options for indoor use (one is framed and the other one is not), and two more which are more suitable for outdoor spaces under direct sunlight (again, one is framed and the other one is not). All of the deco plates have the same size – 6 inches high and 16 inches long.


HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Water fountains are some of the most relaxing decoration items which are extremely suitable for any yoga or meditation room. They add a certain relaxing and spiritual ambiance which would easily get you into a meditative state! But there is one really awesome aspect of having such item which includes moving water. According to the ancient Eastern methodology of Feng Shui, water fountains are considered to be extremely valuable “cures” for improving the flow of energy (chi) in the space, especially when it comes to improving the cash flow in your household or yoga studio.

Cool, right? The simple reason for this is that Feng Shui practitioners believe that money is under the influence of the water element and this symbolic decoration piece can get this energy moving in your own personal experience. But you have to place the fountain in a specific spot according to the Bagua of your home, the office or your studio. That is why I would also recommend you grab a Feng Shui guide to learn more, if this topic piqued your interest. But for the sake of merely adding more elegance and a particular Zen vibe to your yoga space, this decoration item would work beautifully, regardless of the spot it is placed in. And it could be a wonderful gift to anyone, especially to all who are interested in topics like spirituality, meditation, yoga, the New Age movement, etc.!


Uspring Chakra Tapestry

We cannot talk about yoga without mentioning the chakra system. That’s because they are tightly connected. I know that most people consider yoga as a purely physical activity which aims to strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This ancient Eastern self-improvement method does so much more than that. It works on so many levels – on our emotions, our mental wellbeing, as well as our spiritual and energetic bodies.

This is where the chakra system comes into play. A chakra literally means “wheel” in Sanskrit and it represents an energetic point in our body. Mainly we have seven chakras and each one of them has a specific vibrational frequency and they represent different parts of our physical experience. For instance, the root chakra (called Muladhara in Sanskrit) is located at the base of our spine and it is related to our stability, feeling grounded, our foundations in life, our financial status and access to resources, etc.  So, what I mean to say is that every yoga room or a yoga studio should have such inspiring and motivating chakra wall art – to keep us focused on what’s important, to remind us that we have different aspects (spiritual and physical), and we need to maintain a proper balance between them! And of course, just like every other beautiful decoration piece in this yoga themed gift guide, this tapestry could be a magnificent present for a loved one!


7 Inch Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Cord

Salt lamps have become really popular during the New Age movement. Pretty much every spiritual seeker has at least one of them in their home, the office or the yoga studio. It is believed that when heated salt produces negative ions (anions) in the space which have a positive effect on the quality of the air. There are even some specially designed salt rooms which can be used for treating and preventing lots of respiratory conditions.

Well, as far as the domestic types of salt lamps go, it is not exactly proven that they actually work. But I still think they can be wonderful decoration pieces. Even if we look at them merely from an aesthetic point of view, they are quite cute and they have the ability to create a romantic, soothing, and sacred atmosphere! That is why I would still recommend getting one for yourself or a loved one. They exude a gentle and relaxing light which is perfect for your meditation room or a yoga studio! They are also perfect as nightstand lamps if you wish to have something a bit more unconventional and New Agey in the bedroom!


OwMell Set of 3 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue

Let’s take a look at another cute yoga related decoration piece which can be a wonderful addition to your home, the office or your special meditation room – a 3-piece set of cute yoga poses figurines. This is also a wonderful gift to any yoga lover or a yoga teacher you wish to surprise for their special occasion (a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.).

The statues are made of high quality resin in small and delicate sizes (2.2 inches long and 3.3 inches tall) – this makes them a gentle and unobtrusive deco piece for any room or space – the hallway, your sacred altar or a shrine, the window sill, etc. Also, keep in mind that there are a couple of other variations of these statues – there are sets of 4 in a few different colors – black, white, and patina. Moreover, another extremely important piece of information – these variations are crafted with high quality ceramic instead of resin, like these silver-colored ones. And one more thing – the items are shipped in a well-insulated carton box, so if you intend on getting these as a gift, make sure you grab some wrapping paper as well!


JHENG Set of 16 Small Scented Candles Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatic candles are probably one of the best and most suitable yoga related decoration pieces for your personal or working space which are also quite practical. Just like I pointed out in suggestion #36, adding an enchanting aroma to your living, working, meditation or exercise room can be a real blessing!

The redolence these candles bring us has a profound soothing and uplifting effect on pretty much every level of our being – they improve our emotional state, help us become more focused, and they also have a deep spiritual benefit as well. As I already mentioned, everything in our Universe has a specific energetic frequency, and our spiritual development has only one aim – to raise our own predominant vibrational signature to that of love, light, gratitude, joy, happiness, etc. Thankfully, we can achieve this through so many methods and techniques, and aromatherapy surely brings a lot to the table – pleasant smells coming from perfumes and flower extracts can lift our energy and add more positivity, relaxation, and tension relief. The candles are a perfect gift to any yoga practitioner, a spiritual seeker, a massaging therapist, yoga studio owner, etc. Remember that the products are made of natural soy wax instead of the usual paraffin (which is a petroleum derivative and it is not very good to our wellbeing).


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