40+ Best Pilates Props and Pilates Equipment

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40+ Best Pilates Props and Pilates Equipment


Table of contents:
Pilates Classes and DVDs
Practical Pilates Equipment and Accessories
Home Décor and Spiritual Ambiance Items

This Pilates themed shopping list is dedicated to all fans of this exercise system who want to make their practice more efficient, effective, and pleasant. I have gathered multiple useful items which can become essential parts of your workout routine – from Pilates classes on DVDs, all kinds of props and accessories, proper clothing, to motivational and inspirational home décor pieces. Keep in mind that this article is also a goldmine for gift ideas for Pilates lovers! If you have a dear friend or a relative close to your heart who loves this type of exercise (or if they are Pilates studio owners), take a close look at the product suggestions below and surprise them for their special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc.

Let me show you what I have gathered!

Pilates Classes and DVDs

Pilates is mainly practiced in a studio with the guidance of a certified teacher. But you can also create your own home exercise room and work out whenever you have some free time from the comfort of your own living space. That is why my very first Pilates-related items are some DVDs to help you out in this process. Some of these are suitable for complete beginners, and others are specifically designed in a very dense and compact way to save you time without making any compromises with the quality of your exercise routine! Grab some of these for yourself or a loved one and start sculpting your body at home right away!

10 Minute Pilates: The Sculpting Pilates Workout That Does It All in10 Minutes

Unfortunately, nowadays most of us are leading quite the busy and sedentary lifestyles. So, setting aside time to move our bodies and maintain our physical wellbeing may be a real challenge. That is why my first recommendation is this awesome and practical DVD by Amy Kiser Schemper which is focused on some effective and transformative 10-minute home Pilates workouts!

This guide will get you started in this program and help you install a new positive habit of exercising for just a few minutes a day. That’s the magic of Pilates! Since this method is focused on controlled body movements, our muscles get toned much more efficiently for less time invested! The DVD contains 6 different 10-minute fun workouts and a special 6-week schedule you can follow for getting maximum results. But if you are a more of an advanced practitioner and you want more, there is a nifty additional guide for longer Pilates workouts!


Denise Austin: Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates

Here’s another great Pilates tutorial you can use from the comfort of your own home. In these interesting and challenging times, we start to see how our wellbeing is in our own hands. And since more and more people are spending quite some time at home, neglecting our physical movement is very common. That is why it is so important to always have a DVD or two to get in shape no matter the circumstances.

Even if you don’t have a Pilates studio available nearby or you are not able to visit the gym, this workout guide by Denise Austin will be your best assistant! The Pilates methodology is usually focused on building a strong core, but this tutorial here will help you in sculpting and working on all the other stubborn areas as well, like the upper body, the thighs, and the glutes. Keep in mind that this DVD includes 3 a bit longer workouts (the total run time is 46 minutes), as opposed to my previous suggestion with the 10-minute ones.


Flexies Pilates Bar Workout Cards

My next suggestion is this awesome Pilates card deck which is a super useful tool for learning all the basic exercises. This item will help you create your own workout routine while maintaining a proper form and breathing pattern, and reaping all the benefits of the methodology. If you are tired of all the Pilates flows you have followed before, these cards will be a breath of fresh air to stir things up and to get your body moving! But that’s not all!

This set also contains one of the most important tools needed for these exercise routines – the Pilates bar! So, let’s take a look at some important details! The exercise cards are divided into several categories depending on the body part they are focused on (also signified with different colors) – lower body, core, the back, upper body, and total body moves. Plus, there are some specific cards you will find quite practical – 5 workout recommendation cards, 5 cards to create your very own unique flows, a guide card, a calendar, a goal card, and some nifty cards on warming up and cooling down (which are extremely important parts of any physical exercise routine and should not be skipped). So, if you are looking for a cool gift for a Pilates lover, this kit is a wonderful choice for any special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc.


Pilates for Beginners: Core Pilates Exercises and Easy Sequences to Practice at Home

One of the main focuses of Pilates is building our core strength and balance. So, if you wish to work on these basics and get your energy moving, this tutorial by Katherine and Kimberly Corp is for you! This is specifically targeted at beginners who wish to start their Pilates journey in the best way possible – guided through the exercises, their correct execution while maintaining proper form. Because this is something extremely important, especially for complete newbies – to learn how to do the moves properly and reap all the benefits of the workout.

And this book provides everything you need: the basics of the methodology and the core philosophy of Pilates – working on   “Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow”; 50 exercises with precise instructions how to do properly, assisted with useful pictures, tips, and checklists; Pilates flows divided into 2 main intensity levels which make them suitable for pretty much everyone – both beginners and more advanced practitioners to help them build and improve their strength, flexibility, their energy levels, and posture.


10 Minute Solution: Pilates

Let’s get back to the 10-minute workouts! Because I think this is one of the most beneficial and valuable parts of Pilates – if done correctly, it may take us less time to exercise compared to other types of physical activities. The more we actually focus on the proper execution of the exercise and the more conscious this process is, the more we get out of the method and the more we actually build our muscle strength and balance. So, my next DVD recommendation for practicing Pilates at home is this tutorial by Lara Hudson.

It contains 5 different workout flows with a total run time of 50 minutes. Do not be fooled by the short exercise routines – if you stick with the practice, you will be able to sculpt your whole body from head to toes with merely 10 minutes a day. So, no excuses! But I must warn you, though! If you are a complete beginner and you feel these workouts are too fast-paced for you, make sure you get additional guidelines to make sure you maintain your proper form. This is extremely important in order for you to avoid any strains and discomforts! If you are not comfortable enough with your precision, set some time aside to learn the moves properly. You can use the book tutorial mentioned previously!


Practical Pilates Equipment and Accessories

Let’s get to the meaty part of this article – the most useful and essential Pilates props you would need for your effective exercise routine! Here in this section I have gathered some of the must-haves you may consider getting to create your best fulfilling Pilates workout both at home or in a studio. You probably already know that this exercise system is quite interesting and there are some very peculiar pieces of equipment you cannot find in any other type of sport (like the reformer bed, the spine corrector or the Pilates chair). But still, there are also some universal tools and accessories you can consider getting which are quite versatile and can be useful for all kinds of physical movements – like resistance bands, free weights, massage rolls, sports bags, exercise mats, etc. And finally, let’s not forget one very important part of any exercise routine – the proper clothing. What we wear can have a significant impact on our performance, the level of comfort we have, our ability to execute the movements correctly, our overall satisfaction, and the results we achieve. So, do not skip this part! Let’s begin!

Siebzeh Army Green Camouflage Premium Thick Pilates Mat

The exercise mat is one of the most essential props we need for pretty much any home workout routine! And Pilates is no exception. Lots of the exercises are performed on the floor and we need proper cushioning to protect our joints. That is why this is my first product recommendation for any fan of this type of physical activity. Regardless if you are moving your body at home or at the studio, you would need this accessory to be always by your side. Another important aspect of this item is the non-slip texture.

One of the major downsides to exercising on a mat is sweating and the risks of slipping. That is why it is extremely important to have a proper Pilates accessory which is specifically designed to minimize this risk while being easily maintained and cleaned. And I think this beautiful mat ticks all the boxes. Plus, it has multiple magnificent multicolored options to choose from and to match your preferences!


ReformerFit Pilates Towel/Cover

This next recommendation is something super practical when visiting your favorite Pilates studio (or even when exercising at home) – a towel designed for the special types of Pilates equipment called a reformer. You know how uncomfortable and even a bit icky can be to do your regular physical activity with an exercise machine which many other people have access to.  That is why I would suggest you grab this nifty cover which would give you this peace of mind!

And even from the perspective of pure comfort and convenience, it is always better to have something soft to absorb the dripping sweat. If you feel this item would be something valuable and useful to you, do not hesitate to add it to your shopping cart. Or it could be a nifty gift for a loved one who is a Pilates fanatic. If you are sure they love visiting their local Pilates studio, this could be an awesome present for any special occasion! Make sure the dimensions are suitable (25.5″ x 33.5″ on the carriage not including headrest), and choose a beautiful color of your choice – purple, blue, pink, red, etc.


MALOOW Portable Pilates Exercise Bar Kit

You don’t actually need to visit a Pilates studio to have a fulfilling and effective workout. There are special props and gear which can help you achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home. Hence, my next Pilates accessory suggestion is this portable exercise bar. You may have noticed that there is a similar type of equipment in suggestion #3 along with some nifty exercise cards to help you learn the basic moves.

But if you are already familiar with the Pilates exercises and their proper execution (such as lunges, squats, barbell lifts, back kicks, step ons, side pulls, etc.) and you need an upgrade to your equipment, this can be a wonderful choice. The main difference between the two are the additional stackable resistance bands available which allow you to tweak the intensity of the workout – perfect for beginners, advanced fitness fanatics, men and women!


Bean Products 10 LB Pilates Sandbag Filled Two Handle Design

Pilates is great for sculpting the body which involves doing lots of lunges and squats. These are probably some of the most effective exercises for building strength in the glutes and thighs. Well, sometimes our own weight may not be enough to create the necessary resistance for our muscles do be properly activated. And here comes this nifty sandbag!

Well, using dumbbells is very common and most Pilates workout tutorials include these types of props, but for some people they can be a bit too much. The sandbag (also called beanbag) is a great variation for those who need to go slowly with their intensity progress and take a gentler approach to their exercise routine. That is why I think this cool Pilates prop should be included in this list, so you know you have many options available. As usual, this could be a wonderful gift for a loved one who is an avid Pilates fan or even a Pilates instructor!


Stretching Back Roller for Improving Mobility

These cool back rollers are tools which are beginning to gather more and more popularity for their amazing stretching properties! That is why I also mentioned these props in my list of tool recommendations for practicing yoga – a 3-piece set of yoga wheels to add to your daily stretching routine. But these rollers are also frequently used in Pilates workouts as well for their multifunctionality and positive effects. Here I chose this kit for a couple of reasons.

First, this roller set is made of cork which a natural material with very low risks of causing skin irritation (unlike other products made of plastic). Second, this bundle not only includes three wheels with different diameter sizes, but it also has a special strap for better stretching assistance. If your body is quite stiff from a sedentary job or lifestyle, do not try to stretch it all the way to its full potential – use the strap to help out extend your capacity little by little and more safely. Third, the set has a nifty bag for carrying your Pilates props to the studio – it’s super practical and convenient which also makes it a wonderful gift for a loved one!


AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

The interesting thing about Pilates is that it has these signature pieces of equipment called reformers. This doesn’t mean that you cannot practice these types of workouts without a reformer, but they do make your routine more effective and easier. Pilates uses all kinds of other types of gear and tools you can use, and most of them are listed here in this article. But the reformer is this unique equipment part which is specially designed for this practice.

I know most people are not able to get one of these for multiple of reasons – they do require some extra space and money. So, the most common solution is to choose a suitable Pilates studio near you and get the most out of the reformer device. Just make sure you grab your special reformer towel and a disinfectant of your choice! But for those of you who are extremely passionate about your practice and are able to dedicate a whole room for your exercise routines, definitely consider buying this piece of equipment and you can use it whenever you wish without having to abide any working hours. Also, this might be a wonderful surprise gift for your dear Pilates instructor or a close friend who is an absolute fan of the practice!


Gaiam Pilates Ring 15″ Fitness Circle

The Pilates ring is another great piece of equipment which is super affordable and effective to use from the comfort of your own home! At its core the tool is based on using resistance you need to overcome to build your strength and stability. This Pilates gear can be applied for several important body areas – arms, legs, and the belly. But the tool is also specifically designed for practicing complex exercises which engage multiple muscle groups while you work on your stability and the core as well.

The ring is very simple and straightforward to use – it is equipped with special durable non-slip foam padded handles for ultimate comfort. But if you have some troubles putting this accessory to use, there is a nifty downloadable workout guide to give you some super useful exercise ideas to get you started! It is a super cool Pilates tool you can give to yourself or a loved one as a present for any special occasion!


Live Infinitely 9 Inch Barre Pilates Ball

We all know these large fitness balls for exercising (which can also be used as pregnancy balls). But here in this Pilates gear shopping list I will suggest something a bit more different and interesting – a small-scale exercise ball for your home workout routines. The item is extremely versatile and multifunctional and can be used in a variety of sports and exercises – yoga, Pilates, barre workouts, stability, flexibility, core, and balancing types of movements.

This piece of equipment comes with a practical pump for easier inflation, and a special mesh carrying bag, if you wish to take it with you to the studio or when travelling (the mesh makes it easier for the item to be ventilated and prevent any bad smells). But if you are unsure how to use this workout ball, no worries! The product comes with special exercise suggestions you can download for FREE right here: Mini ball exercises eBook and Complete Exercise Ball Workout eBook. Keep in mind that the tool is made of anti-slip, non-burst, non-toxic, heavy duty PVC which is safe for the whole family, and it is available in several cool colors – mint, purple, rose, silver, and teal!


STOTT PILATES Merrithew Spine Corrector

As you may have noticed, Pilates has some very interesting and unorthodox gear items (such as the reformer I mentioned previously). And here’s one more very weird-looking piece of equipment which can actually be quite helpful not just for those who are fans of this type of exercise. The spine corrector can be a wonderful workout tool for anyone who wants to maintain their natural spine curvature and prevent stooping (especially if you have a sedentary job).

The tool is excellent for strengthening, lengthening, and stretching the spine muscles and ligaments as well as the whole torso region – perfect for maintaining the core and the whole body in top shape! But if you are a complete Pilates beginner and you have no clue as to how to use this piece of equipment, do not worry – the company Stott Pilates offers a special manual for using the spine corrector packed with 43 exercises and 73 modifications! Also, keep in mind that this Pilates accessory’s “Baltic birch panels and maple handgrips are solid and sturdy. High quality EVA foam upholstered with black vinyl makes the Spine Corrector durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.


STOTT PILATES Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles

Here’s another interesting (and a little bit unorthodox) exercise accessory specially designed for Pilates fanatics – the split-pedal stability chair. I know that it looks like the popular fitness steppers, but this tool is much more complex and versatile. Yes, you can definitely use it as a workout machine which emulates stepping or going up the stairs, but it does so much more! The stability chair is designed to offer you a full body workout, not just the legs and the glutes.

You can exercise both your upper and lower parts of the body while working on your core and practice stability! But that’s not all! The machine is also suitable for people recovering from injuries and pregnant women as well (but you do need to consult with your doctor or therapist beforehand!). If you wish to know all the possibilities of this exercise tool, take a look at the video section of this product page, and make sure you check out the complete stability chair manual, as well as the nifty wall chart packed with exercises for this type of Pilates gear! And lastly, this piece of equipment is very compact and space-efficient, so it is suitable for both your home gym a Pilates studio (it could be a wonderful gift for a dear Pilates instructor or studio owner)!


Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles

This is another variation of the Pilates chair I mentioned in the previous suggestion! I guess this looks quite stylish and modernistic, but I like both of them, so I decided to include them in this accessory equipment list. Again, this may look like a regular fitness stepper, but it is not – it is suitable for all kinds of whole-body workouts, not just the legs and glutes.

If you wish to target and sculpt every area of your body while working on your core, flexibility, and stability, this exercise tool is a wonderful choice (even if it’s a gift for a friend or a loved one)! Also, it is perfect for home workouts or as a Pilates gear for a studio. But what I really like about this piece of equipment in particular is that it does not just come as a single item – it is a whole package which contains everything you need for an effective Pilates exercise routine – on top of the workout chair you also get “standard springs, sculpting handles, (6) workout DVDs, makeover guide, instructional poster, and user manual”. Cool, right?


Resistance Bands

The resistance band is a super cool fitness tool which is extremely versatile and multifunctional. It can be used for a wide variety of sports, workouts, and pre-workout warm-up. This includes Pilates, of course! Some of the exercises in this type of movement can be amplified and upgraded with the use of a resistance band, depending on the intensity of the tool. Here you have a set of three bands with three different difficulty levels – the pink one is light, grey is medium, and black is heavy!

But if you do not like these colors, there are two more options to choose from – light grey/ dark gray/ black, and pink/ green/ purple. But what I really like about this product in particular is the high-class and quality materials it is made of – multiple latex threads covered with a thick layer of sandwich braided double layer polyester cotton fabric. This makes the bands extremely durable, long-lasting, and anti-slipping. As a comparison, most resistance bands are only made of latex which deteriorates in time. And lastly, this fitness tool is a great choice for everyone who wants to get and stay in shape wherever they go, for it is very compact and easily transportable!


Booty Kicker – Home Fitness Exercise Barre

Well, this is not a typical Pilates exercise tool, but it can definitely be of great value as well. The barre is a piece of equipment which is native to the ballet and similar types of dances. But a lot of Pilates workouts also include some ballet moves and this interesting combination is called Pilates barre. That’s because dancing also works on the body areas we need to focus on as well as cultivating balance and flexibility. That is why I included this awesome booty kicker for your awesome whole body barre workouts.

You can get started in a studio and learn how to perform the exercises correctly and then use this Pilates gear from the comfort of your own home to keep sculpting your body and strengthening your muscles and ligaments.  The cool part is that the barre can also be used as a weight stand, if you wish to save space and arrange your fitness accessories in a comfy home gym! But keep in mind that the free weights are not included in this product! The barre is also equipped with anti-slip rubber feet which provide stability for all floor types. And there is also a set of nifty wheels to move around this workout tool much more easily!


 Gaiam Essentials Blocks for Pilates and Yoga (Set Of 2)

These blocks are some of the most common and useful props for all kinds of exercises, including Pilates. As I mentioned previously, Pilates works heavily on core strength and stability, but it also incorporates a lot of stretching which helps with lengthening the muscles and ligaments. Here’s where this workout equipment comes into play!

The important thing to remember about regular stretching and warming up is that it must not be forced – the body needs to slowly get used to these specific positions to avoid any injuries and pain. That is why the blocks are wonderful tools for helping out in the most challenging stretches! If you are a fan of Pilates (or yoga), definitely add this gear to your home gym equipment! They are lightweight but stable and durable at the same time (the props are made of a special type of supportive EVA foam which is latex-free). They are easy to clean and you can choose from several cool colors – vivid blue, deep purple, grey, and black!


APzek Weighted Exercise Hoop

Pretty much every girl has tried hula hooping at least once in her life. But surprisingly enough, this is not just a fun activity for kids, hula hooping can be a wonderful exercise for adults as well! If you wish to achieve a more slender waistline, stronger core and tighter hips, while working on the arms and legs at the same time, this fun type of sport may be just for you. And if you use this kind of fitness accessory (the weighted exercise hoop), the effects can be even greater!

The producer claims that hula hooping using this nifty tool can burn more calories than jumping rope, running, or cycling! Well, as far as Pilates goes, I know that there are lots of classes and studios which do incorporate hula hooping for its ability to target our core and waistline (and Pilates is extremely focused on the core strength and stability). So, if you are a fan of this type of exercise, this special weighted hula hoop can be just for you! It is adjustable, multifunctional (also works as a massager), versatile, noiseless, and easily transportable and applicable in any situations – at home, at the office, for outdoor workouts, etc. Just make sure you read the manual carefully and follow all the safety recommendations!


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller for Exercise

This next product suggestion is something pretty much everyone can get massive benefits from, not just those practicing Pilates. Deep tissue massages are a wonderful way to release the tension in the muscles and get into a restorative and recovery mode much more easily and quickly. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford or get access to such professional type of manual therapy after each intensive workout.

Here is where these awesome foam rollers come into play! This tool is a wonderful substitute for post-workout massages and may produce pretty much the same effects – alleviate the tension and the discomforts in the muscles and ligaments, improve your flexibility and the blood circulation in the tissues (which assists with faster recovery), helps achieving better balance and gait. Plus, there is something else which has been discussed and tried recently – how regular foam rolling can actually help us deal with cellulite! Well, it is only logical – the improved circulation of blood and body fluids can improve the texture of our skin and get rid of any congestions. Moreover, the connective tissue (called fascia) is also greatly improved, and weak fascia is considered to be the number one cause of cellulite. So, it is definitely worth trying this massaging method!


TOPESCT Adjustable Wrist Weights

The wrist and ankle weights are some super cool and practical fitness accessories you can definitely consider getting for your home gym! They are extremely versatile and could be wonderful additions to pretty much any type of physical activity, not just Pilates. If you are starting to get a handle of the proper form of your Pilates exercises and you wish to get to the next level of intensity, the wrist and ankle weights are indispensable!

You just wrap them around your limbs and there you go – the movements that you got used to make you feel traction again! This Pilates gear can be the perfect opportunity to strengthen your muscles and ligaments and sculpt your body in an easy and affordable way! But that’s not all! Pretty much every kind of sport can be turned into something a bit more challenging with these tools – cycling, jogging, aerobic exercises, dancing, barre workouts, or simply walking! You can start working your body even while doing some regular activities and simple chores – while washing the dishes, vacuuming, tidying up the house, etc. You name it! That is why I encourage you to make this small investment in your body and get massive returns!


Dragon Fit High Waist Leggings

Let’s not forget about proper clothing! What we wear when we exercise can be extremely important for having a fulfilling workout! Sports clothing which is specifically designed for this purpose can give you the necessary comfort – the fabrics are gentle to the skin, with better aeration, and quickly dry that excessing sweat from the exercise routine (and Pilates can be quite challenging sometimes, so make sure you are ready to sweat out the fat tissue!).

Moreover, the stretchy material helps you maintain a proper form and perform the exercises precisely as intended to without constricting the range of your movement (which often happens with regular cotton clothing). So, if you are serious about getting in shape and you visit your Pilates studio regularly, make sure you grab a pair of these leggings to make your experience so much better and more comfortable! Note that they are not just regular pants – these are equipped with a special inner pocket for storing some essential stuff (like money and keys) and prevent any malicious intents, as well as two larger side pockets for phones or iPods (super useful when exercising at home or when jogging in the park with some music!). Pick your size according to the size table and let’s get moving!


Mippo Workout Tops for Women

When it comes to workout clothes, the top is just as important as the leggings. Well, each piece of garment should give you the necessary comfort and freedom of movement. On top of that, it is also good to have proper ventilation for better body temperature regulation. So, I decided to include this fitness tank top here as part of this practical Pilates props list.

I think it ticks all the boxes – it is comfortable, the design is a loose fit which is super nice to wear with proper ventilation and freedom of movement. Also, it is made of 95% modal fabric (a special type of cellulose which comes from beech trees) – a much more eco-friendly alternative to cotton since it does not require that much watering. And I think that’s super cool way for us to make more Earth-friendly purchasing decisions! One thing to take note though – the tank top’s material can be a bit too see-through and you definitely need to add a sports bra underneath. So, if you like this suggestion, make sure you pick the correct size and you favorite color, and you are good to go!


adidas Women’s All Me 3-Stripes Mesh Bra

Speaking of sports bras, here’s another suggestion you want to consider adding to your shopping cart – the Adidas All Me model. One of the downsides of working out for women is having to pay extra attention to our chest area. This is especially important to those with larger sized breasts – vigorous exercises can put an extra toll on the skin which may lead to faster sagging with time. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

But regardless of your chest size, you should definitely look for a piece of underwear which is specifically tailored for sports activities, including Pilates. That is why this next Pilates accessory I would recommend is the sports bra. The design is created to give you the necessary comfort while being physically active and supply the required ventilation for the skin with its quick-dry fabric! But please note what some customers say about this product in particular – the bra may not come with removable pads as it is advertised. So, make sure you are happy with this feature. And if this element is extremely important to you, you can take a look at a different more convenient model, like this one for instance.


Ozaiic Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps, Ideal for Pilates

Comfortable footwear is just as important for a good and fulfilling Pilates workout as the clothing. Our feet have to be well-accommodated for the exercises to be perfectly performed by maintaining a proper form. So, if you do not have suitable shoes for exercising, definitely take a look at these super cool non-slip socks! They are perfect for working out at home or at the studio where the floors might be a bit slippery (for instance, if they are parquet floors).

These amazingly comfortable socks are also excellent for a variety of other physical movements, like practicing ballet, barre workouts, yoga, or simply walking around the house safely and with ease. The items supply the necessary grip, so you focus on maintaining a proper form without worrying you might lose your balance and fall on the ground. They are also equipped with nifty elastic straps to prevent the socks from falling off while you do your Pilates routine. Plus, you get a super cool carrying bag for even easier transportation to the studio or while travelling! Note that you have several options to choose from depending on the colors of the socks and the number of pairs.


BLOM Original Boho 2-Pack Headbands for Women

Another great accessory for your Pilates workouts is the headband. It may seem like something quite simple and unimportant but do not skip this item! The more comfort and convenience we have during our regular Pilates class, the better we will perform and execute the exercises more precisely while maintain proper form. And this may be quite hard to do when your hair is getting into your face or when sweat is dripping all over it.

That is why I highly recommend having such convenient hair wrap. As I mentioned previously, it serves double duty – it keeps your hair neat and tidy and absorbs most of the sweat coming from the scalp. So, all your attention will be focused on the workout and the flow of the exercises. Plus, this headband may also work beautifully as an everyday fashion accessory when you don’t feel like fixing a hairdo – you get a set of two headbands and you can dedicate one to exercising and one for going out. So, make sure you choose your favorite pair of colors to match the shades of your clothes and fitness apparel! And finally, check out the video section of this product page and see how you can shape your hair accessory in 14 different ways and get a different look every time! Cool, right?


Tourna Tennis Rosin Bottle, 2 oz.

Speaking of sweating, here’s something else you might need for your next Pilates class – a special anti-slip powder. There is probably nothing more uncomfortable during any workout than sticky sweaty hands and feet! This is especially important when handling different types of Pilates gear and accessories – moist hands can make the experience quite unpleasant and the execution of the exercises – much more difficult.

So, if you are a fan of intense fitness routines with lots of sweating, this powder is a wonderful prop you should definitely consider getting! But do not worry about the contents – the product is safe, very effective, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. Plus, the item is made in the USA, so if supporting your local economy is something near and dear to your heart, this is something small you can do in that direction! Keep in mind that the powder is quite versatile and you can put it into use for all kinds of sports and life situations where dry hands and feet are needed – dancing, playing tennis, going to the gym and handling the fitness equipment, basketball, climbing, etc.


Elvira 32oz Motivational Water Bottle

One of the key elements in every fitness routine is hydration, especially when practicing something rigorous and intensive. Well, Pilates can be quite challenging sometimes and there may be lots of perspiration. So, do not forget to keep your body properly hydrated with a bottle full of this precious liquid – water. Hence, my next suggestion for a useful Pilates prop is this nifty water bottle. But this is not just a regular one!

I chose this item because of its versatility and multifunctionality. First off, it is made of quality materials which are BPS-free and safe for storing food and drinks. Secondly, the bottle is equipped with a special leak-proof seal and a convenient handle which makes it easy to transport and use while exercising. Third, the cool marks on the surface will gently remind you and motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day or while working out! And that’s not all! I am fully aware that drinking plain water can be quite hard for lots of people. So, if this applies to you as well, here’s one of the best solutions – fruit- or vegetable-infused water! The bottle has a special removable infuser for making delicious tea, vitamin-packed water or protein shakes. Nice!


Fashion Women Gym Bag

As you can see, Pilates has some peculiar props and pieces of equipment. And I know that for some people it may be impossible to afford these or they do not have the necessary free space to create their own home gym. So, your next best option is to visit the local Pilates studio and get the physical movement you need to get in shape, strengthen your muscles and ligaments, and stretch your body.

That is why my next product suggestion in this list is something quite simple, but just as essential – the gym bag. This item can help you pack all the basic stuff you need for your fulfilling workout – the sports clothes, the footwear, your water bottle, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. But this is not just a regular bag – it has a specific design with multiple compartments to keep your essentials separated. For instance, your fitness shoes will be kept apart from the towels and the clothing. Moreover, it has a built-in strap which is perfect for fastening your exercise mat! Plus, the item is made of waterproof materials and there is even the option to expand its capacity and pack as much stuff as you need. Do not pass on this opportunity to grab this multifunctional and versatile bag and make your next visit to the gym, the pool, or the beach much more convenient and comfortable!


[4 Pack] Cooling Towel (40″x12″)

Now that I mentioned towels, here’s one product suggestion you don’t want to miss out on – a special microfiber cooling towel. Yes, you read that right – this is not a regular piece of fabric to dry out the sweat! This item is a relatively new type of towel which keeps you cool for hours and hours with its special design and state of the art material.

Here’s how it is used – you simply soak it in cold water (or rinse it under the stream), wring out the excess liquid, shake it a few times, and wrap it around the body part you wish to cool down. If you are having a particularly intense Pilates class in the hot summer days, and the sweat is dripping down your face, you can definitely put the towel on the forehead. But you have plenty of wrapping styles you can choose from – around the neck, the wrist, etc. Take a look at the pictures on this product page to get more ideas. Also, note what lots of happy customers share in the reviews section – the cooling towels have been a godsend when travelling, playing different kinds of sports, hiking, for soothing migraines and even fibromyalgia! Plus, for easier transportation, the towels come in some nifty waterproof pouches you can take with you wherever you go!


Home Décor and Spiritual Ambiance Items

Let’s get to the last part of this Pilates props suggestion list! I know that some of these items may not be directly related to this exercise practice, but I still encourage you to take a look! Sometimes getting motivated to do our regular workout is the most difficult part, especially if it’s a challenging type of physical movement (and I think Pilates can definitely be a bit hard sometimes). So, having some kinds of home décor items which improve the ambiance of our fitness corner may be exactly what we need to get started and to keep going. For instance, having a pleasantly smelling room may create a positive association in our brains that working out is actually nice and fun! In time, these props will become positive stimuli for you to continue getting on your exercise mat and do some self-care in the form of physical movement. And finally, remember that these products can be the perfect gifts for Pilates lovers. If you have friends, family members or colleagues who enjoy Pilates and you have to surprise them for their special occasion (a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, graduation party, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc.), keep reading!

Vinyl Wall Art Decal

Creating your own home gym or simply dedicating some personal space for moving your body can be a wonderful and motivating thing. I believe that self-care should be prioritized, and physical movement is a huge part of this process in today’s busy lifestyle and sedentary jobs. That is why I picked this wall art to keep you motivated and inspired to set some time aside for Pilates and keep your muscles and ligaments in top shape!

This simplistic sticker which is quite stylish at the same time can be a wonderful addition to your home exercise studio where you would keep all your props, accessories and Pilates equipment neat and tidy. Keep in mind that this could also work as a cool gift for a loved one who is a rabid fan of this exercise system or even better – if they are Pilates studio owners – this could be the perfect motivational décor! But before you add this cool sticker to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the dimensions so it would fit on the wall (16″ x 30″). Also, take a peek at the installation instructions beforehand – you would need a couple of additional tools as well – a pair of scissors, a piece of lint-free cloth, some masking tape, and a squeegee.


BooDecal Pilates Pose Wall Sticker

If you liked the idea about wall art and cool Pilates stickers, here’s another great option for you to consider. This wall sticker is a bit more suitable for those who are also fans of the ancient practice of yoga. Well, Pilates and yoga do share some similarities, so you can definitely take the best of both worlds for the purpose of sculpting your body and keeping your it in top shape!

So, this Pilates pose décor can be a wonderful addition to your personal home space. As opposed to the previous suggestion, this one has a much more square-like shape with the following dimensions – 23” x 24”. Keep these specifications in mind when picking the most suitable option depending on the available space in your home gym. Also, do not forget that this item can work beautifully as a gift for any Pilates studio owner who wants to create a more uplifting and inspiring environment! And lastly, when it comes to proper installation, make sure you follow the provided instructions in the package and take a peek at the tools suggestions from the previous point you may need. For best results the manufacturer advises to use the help of a friend instead of trying to apply the sticker all by yourself.



Since we are on the topic of Pilates-related décor, here’s something practical you can definitely consider hanging on your wall – the reformer exercises chart. You may probably remember there was a similar one in the previous suggestion for the Pilates chair. And here you have the opportunity to grab one for the signature piece of equipment of this type of physical movement – the reformer bed.

This wall sticker will be a beautiful addition to your personal home fitness corner and a wonderful reminder of the most essential moves to practice regularly. Or this can also work as the perfect gift for a Pilates fanatic or a studio owner to add to their work space to make it look more professional. If you like this idea, check out the other nifty exercise wall charts that Stott Pilates offers – Advanced Matwork, Advanced Reformer, Complete Arc Barrel, Complete Ladder Barrel, Complete Spine Corrector, Essential Cadillac, Intermediate Matwork, Intermediate Reformer, and Intermediate/Advanced Cadillac. Also, you can take a look at the brand’s page and you will find lots of other fitness-related practical stuff – Pilates, yoga, and other sports manuals and wall charts, tools and props, decks of cards with exercises and tutorials, and more!


Aroma Diffuser Set

This next suggestion is something I think everyone can have around the house – an aroma diffuser. This device will add some enchanting scents to your personal space and create a pleasant and cozy environment. But when it comes to exercising at home, this item can be even more valuable – it may successfully combat the unpleasant smells of excessive sweat.

Plus, the diffuser has one more important function – it serves double duty as a humidifier. This is something vital for those who use an air-conditioner (which is notorious for dehydrating the air) or those who live in hot and dry areas. The aroma diffuser will infuse the air with intoxicating redolence, it will maintain proper humidity while you take advantage of the magnificent aromatherapeutic properties of the high-quality natural flower oils. This is also one of the best gifts for Pilates gym owners and other fitness fanatics – there is nothing more invigorating and stimulating than a nice fresh-smelling space where most people go to work out hard and perspire!


Home Cleansing & Smudging Kit

Speaking of adding aromas to your personal home gym and creating a much more pleasant environment for working out, here’s something a bit more unconventional – a smudging kit. I know it sounds like something in the realm of spirituality and shamanism, but I think everyone could use a set like this in their home.

Moreover, this could also become a wonderful gift for Pilates studio owners. You know how everyone brings their own energy wherever they go and places where many people gather can feel a bit cluttered from an energetic standpoint. That is why our ancient forefathers used smudging as a practical way to clear out any stuck energy and raise the vibration of the area. And if you feel drawn to such powerful spiritual practices, definitely grab this cleansing kit and transform your personal space and home fitness corner! The added benefit is the enchanting aroma of the herbs (White Sage and Palo Santo) along with their gentle soothing effects. If you have zero experience with smudging, do not worry – the kit contains a practical manual to help you get acquainted with this sacred ritual and get you started!


Tibetan Singing Bowls Set

Speaking of energy clearing I wanted to briefly mention another great tool to achieve this goal. Well, I know that this is something which is much more tightly related to yoga practices. But yoga and Pilates can share some similarities and I guess Pilates fans would also be interested in these ancient rituals for energy cleansing. So, here it is – the Tibetan singing bowls.

Our ancient forefathers knew that the vibration of sound can influence the environment, the physical space, and our bodies as well. Plus, some types of sounds can also have some soothing and relaxing effects on our minds and our emotional state. So, if you are interested in this area of spirituality and you wish to add something relaxing at the end of your vigorous exercise routine, this bowl set is an excellent choice. Remember that every yoga session ends with a calming set of postures and a meditation to achieve this exact purpose – to bring our system back to its natural state of wellbeing by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. I think that this bit should be incorporated by every type of sports, including Pilates.  Just note the size of the bowl (3 inches in diameter) so that you are happy with it before adding it to your shopping cart.


Dharma Store – Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals

Since I mentioned the Tibetan singing bowl, I cannot miss one other similar tool which might be quite useful as well – the Tibetan tingsha cymbals. This item is also used for energy cleansing and for calming the mind. If you are really passionate about working on your mental, emotional, and physical state simultaneously, I encourage you to always have a short relaxation or a meditation after each intensive Pilates workout.

As I mentioned in the previous point, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is extremely important for our wellbeing. And since hard physical exercising activates the sympathetic system, it is best to bring the body back to calmness with a soothing ritual afterwards. That is why I suggest these Eastern meditation tools to help you out in this process. The Tibetan cymbals are something very cute which produces gentle sounds that would sooth your nervous system, and bring your body back to tranquility. If you are interested in the power of sound and its positive effects on our bodies, minds, and energy, feel free to take a look at this manual “Sound Healing for Beginners: Sonic Medicine for the Body, Chakra Rituals and What They Didn’t Tell You About Vibrational Energy”.


Pilates Flow – Music for Flowing Movements

Speaking of sound, here’s another great option you can choose to be your loyal companion while working out. Well, maybe the Tibetan sounds were something more in the realm of spirituality and you wish simply to have some cool background music. If that’s the case, this is a great choice! This CD will make your regular Pilates (or any other type of physical movement you enjoy) much more pleasant and exciting.

If you are already a pro at the most common Pilates exercises and movements, and you do not need the guidance of classes I shared at the beginning of this article, here’s what you can do. This is your next big step – creating your own flow which targets the body areas you wish to work on. And having some suitable music will make this process much more enjoyable and invigorating! No more boring and dull home workouts – the Pilates Flow CD will keep things fresh and interesting every time! Note that you have the option to garb a physical CD or to download the MP3 on your computer or smartphone – whichever choice is more suitable to you!


Suchek Exercise Mat Holder Wall Mount

Here’s something extremely practical for every fitness fanatic who wants to have their special workout corner in their home – a mat holder. This tool is something everyone can have to keep their exercise gear neatly and tightly organized to save space. No matter if you love Pilates, practicing gentle stretches or body weight workouts, the mat is an absolute must-have piece of equipment!

It will give you the necessary cushioning and comfort to keep your joints safe even during the most intensive fitness routines! That is why I highly recommend you get one of these wall mounts to arrange your gear in an extremely space-efficient manner! This mat holder can also be used for storing foam rollers, resistance bands, straps for stretching, your Pilates wheel, tensioners, skipping ropes, etc. And the cool part is that the installation is pretty easy and straightforward, and the package contains all the necessary mounting accessories (you can find the installation instructions even in the picture section of the product page).


PPFINE Metal Tin Sign You Can’t Buy Happiness BUT You CAN Buy Pilates

If you are still looking for some cool Pilates-related home décor, definitely take a look at this wall sign – “You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Pilates And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing”. This is a wonderful addition to the personal space of every hard core fanatic of this exercise system! Hence, if you are looking for gifts for Pilates lovers and Pilates studio owners, this is a great choice!

The sign is a super cool inspirational poster to keep you motivated to set aside some time to move your body and work your muscles. In today’s day and age and predominantly sedentary lifestyles, physical movement is one of the best self-care rituals we can do for our overall wellbeing! So, you may think that workouts like Pilates are merely performed for the sake of physical beauty, but this cannot be further from the truth! Moving our bodies has a tremendous positive effect on our brains, our emotions, and biochemistry – it stimulates the secretion of “happy” hormones like dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin. This means that the message of this sign is an absolute truth! But before you add this item to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the dimensions – 16″x12″ (40 cm x 30 cm).


HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Let’s get back to relaxation! I do think that this is something which is much more important than we realize. Especially now in these stressful times we live in. Ending our workouts with a soothing practice of breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness can have profound positive effects on our overall wellbeing – on our bodies, minds, and souls. Hence my next item suggestion is this beautiful tabletop fountain.

I know that this is not exactly a Pilates-related product. But I still think that everyone who is even remotely interested in any self-care routines (like yoga and fitness) would also be excited to have a tool for soothing the accumulated daily pressure after a long work day or a vigorous workout routine! Plus, it can significantly improve the ambiance of your personal space and work as a stylish and elegant home décor or work environment item! But before you purchase this item, note a couple of things: 1. Read and follow the installation instructions carefully, so everything runs smoothly and correctly; 2. It is best to place the item on a padded surface (like a small towel or a mouse pad, as one of the happy customers suggests) to muffle the slight noise of the motor running.


Love Tapestry for Bedroom

I want to talk a little bit about one important topic, in my opinion – perfectionism. I know that lots of people start exercising because of the need to abide the social standards of beauty and generally how our bodies should look like. But to me that’s not a sustainable source of motivation and potentially could have some detrimental effects on our psyche, like perfectionism, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and getting into extremes.

I think that having a regular exercise routine should come from a place of self-love, self-care, and for the purpose of maintaining our bodies and minds in a balanced and a healthy state. That is why my next suggestion for a piece of inspiring wall décor is this tapestry decorated with this powerful message – “You are loved. You are beautiful. You are enough.”. In my opinion, this is a great reminder for all of us, too keep us grounded and to help us remember that we don’t need to follow other people’s ideas of perfection – we are already perfect. And Pilates can be just another tool for showing ourselves how much we love our bodies by giving them the necessary movement they crave! I highly recommend you grab this piece of wall décor and get into the feeling of satisfaction and pride right now! Remember that this powerful message can be with you wherever you go by using this item in a variety of ways – as a beach throw, a sofa cover, a picnic blanket, a bedspread or even as a tablecloth! You decide!


7 Inch Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Cord

My next suggestion for something useful and aesthetic for your personalized home Pilates studio is this cute Himalayan salt lamp. At a first glance, it may not seem connected to our topic, but I think this nifty item can be a wonderful addition to any living, working, and fitness space. It is believed that by heating the salt crystals, they emit negatively charged ions which maintain the healthy ionic balance of the environment.

Ionized air gives you a sense of freshness and purification and it is said to be beneficial to people of all ages. When it comes to your fitness corner, the Himalayan lamp can be your best ally in providing quality breathing space for your vigorous physical activity. But even if you don’t believe that salt lamps make huge difference to the air, they can also work as cozy sources of light, and create a positive ambiance of your workout place! If you are a fan of the boho style or anything related to spirituality and the New Age movement, this item can be a suitable home décor piece.


 PaperMore Dog Figurines

OMG, just look at these cute doggies! As far as thematic home décor goes, this is probably one of the top hits I have come across! I know these items are much more related to yoga (I should have probably included them in the shopping list for yoga products). But since this ancient Indian holistic practice shares many similarities with Pilates, I guess Pilates fans would also love having these adorable figurines.

If you wish to add something nice and sweet to cheer you while you sweat heavily during your regular workout, this set of mini statues is just for you! Remember that all the items in this list of product suggestions are suitable as gifts for a loved one for their special occasion (a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc.). If you are looking for something heart-melting for a dear friend or a relative who loves stretching and dogs, this is the perfect choice!


JHENG Set of 16 Small Scented Candles

As I mentioned before, our post-workout routines are just as important as the exercising itself. This essential part of our regular movement will determine how our bodies recover and gather energy and strength for our next workout as well as our daily to-dos. Most people focus on the nutritional side of this recovery through post workout protein drinks, snacks, and various beneficial supplements.

However, I think that every intense physical exercise routine should also include a soothing and relaxing ritual as well. That is why lots of experts even suggest having a bath soak with Epsom salts to fully unwind and regenerate the nervous system (Epsom salts contain Magnesium which is the most powerful mineral for nourishing the nervous system). And while we take care of our muscles and ligaments, I would also like to suggest lighting a scented candle to create the perfect relaxing ambience – you have earned it! The soothing aromatherapeutic properties of these fragrant candles will help you fully restore and build your strength for your next challenge! This set contains 16 different scents to choose from depending on your mood and preferences – lavender, jasmine, bergamot, peppermint, gardenia, vanilla, strawberry, English pear, Mediterranean fig, lemon, and more!


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