Manifest your desires, You have to check out this magical meditation (visualization) to change your self image for a quicker and easier manifestation. This wonderful relaxation technique uses NLP (neurolinguistic programming), relaxation and other law of attraction tools to help you with your self improvement and manifesting your dreams and wishes. #meditation #visualization #manifestation

Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now

Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now   I haven’t posted anything related to spirituality, the esoteric knowledge or the law of attraction recently. And I think the beginning of the new year is the perfect moment for me to share with you what I have been up to these last months in terms of spiritual Read more about Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now[…]

Want to Learn to Get Up Early (Earlier)? But Why?

Let’s face it – getting up early is not always that easy. We have all heard about that owls, larks, and hummingbird theories. But does that mean our sleep cycles are predetermined? I don’t like the idea of anything being predetermined for me! Where is my free will? Can’t I change myself if I wanted Read more about Want to Learn to Get Up Early (Earlier)? But Why?[…]

From Boredom to Success (Part 2)

In Part 1 we have explored a couple of options to keep us busy when feeling bored. And activities that help us grow or just make us feel better. Here are a few more ideas. Enjoy! – Play the Prosperity game – browsing the web for cool stuff could be productive, too. Often when we Read more about From Boredom to Success (Part 2)[…]

From Boredom to Success (Part 1)

There are a lot of times in everybody’s life that we feel really bored. Especially during cold winter days when going outside for a walk seems unpleasant. So, often we stay at home and try to “kill” time with meaningless activities. Or maybe we get bored at work until our brain starts to melt. This Read more about From Boredom to Success (Part 1)[…]