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Turn Up Your Success Biochemistry In 2 min!

As we know, our emotions and behavior is tightly connected with our biochemistry. When we are stressed, the body produces Cortisol, Adrenaline and other chemicals which help us react to the situations. It prepares our muscles, our cardio-vascular system and respiratory system to “fight or flight”. And vice versa – when we feel excited, happy, Read more about Turn Up Your Success Biochemistry In 2 min![…]

From Boredom to Success (Part 2)

In Part 1 we have explored a couple of options to keep us busy when feeling bored. And activities that help us grow or just make us feel better. Here are a few more ideas. Enjoy! – Play the Prosperity game – browsing the web for cool stuff could be productive, too. Often when we Read more about From Boredom to Success (Part 2)[…]

From Boredom to Success (Part 1)

There are a lot of times in everybody’s life that we feel really bored. Especially during cold winter days when going outside for a walk seems unpleasant. So, often we stay at home and try to “kill” time with meaningless activities. Or maybe we get bored at work until our brain starts to melt. This Read more about From Boredom to Success (Part 1)[…]

Priming the Brain

Are you looking for an extremely easy (and lazy) way to focus your brain and make it work for you? I know you are! Me, too! (Maybe I should have named the article “Manifesting for couch potatoes”, but I chose to be more sophisticated!). As the Bible says: “Look and you shall find!”. Well, to Read more about Priming the Brain[…]

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Baby Steps to Success

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single (baby) step.” Laozi Sometimes we have so much to do that we just… want to take a nap. Some goals seem so intimidating that we feel absolutely paralyzed to take any action on them. And we all know that no matter how much you plan, Read more about Baby Steps to Success[…]