40+ Great Gifts for Aquarius Man (Best Gift Ideas for Aquarius Male)

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40+ Great Gifts for Aquarius Man (Best Gift Ideas for Aquarius Male)


Aquarius characteristics and what they like
Affordable gifts for а Aquarius man
Unique gifts for Aquarius man
Perfect luxury gifts for Aquarius man

Aquarius characteristics and what they like

Aquarius (also known as the Water Bearer) is the eleventh astrological sign – the third airy (after Gemini and Libra), and the forth fixed sign (after Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio). The Water Bearer is ruled by one of the slow-moving planets called Uranus – the celestial body in the Solar system which is related to revolutions and rebellions, the technological innovations, science, magic, the occult and the mystical knowledge (like astrology, numerology, Tarot, etc.). Unfortunately, the first transcendental planet (Uranus) is also connected to everything which is unexpected which brings enormous changes, such as natural disasters and earthquakes.

So, here’s how these characteristics of the sign’s ruling planet can be translated into the typical traits of the eleventh astrological sign:

On the positive side, Aquarius people can be quite innovative, futuristic, independent, tolerant and open-minded, progressive, humanistic, artistic, highly intellectual, and altruistic.

But on the other hand, some representatives may exhibit much more less desirable traits like unpredictability, they can be rather emotionally unavailable and cold, too eccentric, radical and rebellious against everything old, circumstantial, and too fixed in their behavior (yes, that’s quite paradoxical, but it is in their nature to make people scratch their heads in wonder).

And in this Aquarius gift guide you will learn how we can use this valuable information to sooth these negative characteristics when choosing a suitable gift for their next big day (a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, an anniversary, etc.) by making them feel loved and appreciated!

But be aware that this collection of present ideas is not just for people with their Sun in the eleventh zodiac sign – it can be used for everyone with a strong Aquarian influence in their natal chart – for instance, an Aquarius Ascendant, stellium in Aquarius, stellium in the eleventh house, etc.

Let’s begin!

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Affordable gifts for а Aquarius man

Fullcci-15oz Creative Constellation Coffee Mug Set

The Aquarius people have to stand out in some way or another. And this tendency can be about something as simple as sipping their daily dose of coffee in a unique cup with some interesting design.

And I think this option here is a wonderful choice for an inexpensive gift with the zodiac sign and the star constellation for your favorite Water Bearer man to feel loved and appreciated! No matter if he is a fan of this exotic invigorating caffeine beverage or he prefers tea like a true English type of gentleman or he is more of a quirky New Age guy who loves kombucha (see suggestion #45), Ayurvedic golden milk, or Maca root coffee, this stylish and beautifully decorated mug will be his best assistant! Please note and remind your Aquarius male that this cup set is not suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens (if he wants to preserve the decorative ornaments)!


Stainless Steel Personality Vintage Punk Black Leather Bracelets for Men

The typical Aquarius people are usually the out-of-the-box kind of guys (or at least they want to be seen that way) and they are often interested in all sorts of extraordinary and unorthodox stuff like New Age, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Spirituality, state-of-the-art technologies, etc.

And more often than not their appearance might also reflect their quirky interests. So, this is my next suggestion for a very symbolic and inexpensive present your Water Bearer he might appreciate – a cool leather punk-style bracelet. Aquarius people are true rebels at heart and even fully grown men can still choose and prefer more youthful clothes and accessories. And if that’s the case with your Water Bearer male, this stainless steel bracelet might be the perfect fit for him! Plus, note that the producer offers a spare constellation button in case the original one falls off! Cool, huh?


Aquarius Facts Zodiac T-Shirt

I think that we can all agree that pretty much every male loves wearing comfy clothes, especially at home. And Aquarius men are no exception to the rule. Well, they love being different and unconventional, but in a lot of ways they like to stick to what works – after all, they are a fixed sign and that’s probably their biggest paradox. 😀

So, if you wish to surprise your favorite Water Bearer with something simple and practical, this might be the perfect fit! Even if he is the type of guy who lives up to the quirky Aquarian nature and has some interesting hipster-type of hobbies, a fun and comfy t-shirt is always needed, for example when he attends his favorite yoga classes! Note: keep in mind that the amount of cotton in this garment will depend on the chosen color, and you can pick among a variety of them – black, navy, royal blue, olive, and purple!


Aquarius Gifts Tumbler

Here’s another option for a cool, practical, and inexpensive gift for the Aquarius guy of your heart – an insulated tumbler for hot or cold beverages, beautifully designed and decorated with the star constellation of the eleventh zodiac sign (because as we have already established, they love to stand out in the crowd!).

Plus, let’s not forget that one of the most typical characteristics of Aquarius is his inborn humanism and more often than not, they tend to be interested in all kinds of eco-friendly and nature-preserving causes. That is why he may be deeply intrigued by such a cool re-usable item which would substitute the plastic coffee cups and the straws, because the Water Bearer knows that true change happens one step at a time when each and every person starts to make different and better decisions for themselves!


The Little Book of Self-Care for Aquarius

As I have already mentioned, the eleventh astrological sign may be a true humanist and helping others may be deeply ingrained in his behavior. Unfortunately, more often than not, Aquarius people tend to forget that in order for someone to be truly helpful and to fully be of service to others (and to all humanity), they need to learn to take care of themselves first!

And this could be a difficult lesson for the male Water Bearer! So, to help him in this challenge, I suggest you give him this amazing and practical guide for him to start paying more attention to his health and wellbeing and to learn to put himself first every once in a while! The book contains multiple options specifically tailored for the Aquarius sign to help him achieve better harmony in his body, mind, and soul! Because let’s not forget in these troubling times what’s truly important and essential – wellbeing and self-care!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Aquarius folks are the hipsters of the zodiac, so to speak, and they love thinking out the box and doing all kinds of unconventional activities. So, even though taking care of house plants is usually a more interesting hobby for women, there are no limits for the curious and quirky Aquarius male who loves rebelling against traditions!

In other words, the male representatives of the eleventh astrological sign may be surprisingly interested in growing exotic plants in their homes or at the office! If that’s the case with your beloved Water Bearer guy, this is how you can make his life easier – by getting him this cool step-by-step guide how to take better care of his moth orchids and stimulate them to bloom over and over again! I know first hand how pretentious and demanding these beautiful flowers can be and even experienced home gardeners may need a little help to keep them healthy and growing stronger with each year! Moreover, if you are sure that your Aquarius gentleman is already a pro at taking good care of his precious exotic plants, you can still be helpful and grab him a suitable tool or some practical supplies for his Phalaenopsis hobby – I have created a list of the most essential stuff every moth orchid fan would need!


ZUOPIPI Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain

If you are looking for a small, symbolic, and inexpensive (but touching at the same time) gift, this might be exactly what you need – a cool zodiac sign keychain, because everyone needs at least one, right?

But this is not just an ordinary keychain – this one right here is equipped not only with the symbol of the eleventh astrological sign, but it also has one of the most suitable crystal stones which is suitable for harmonizing the energy of the Water Bearer. And as we already know, the typical Aquarius people are quite the fans of all kinds of woo-woo stuff and they might be really into the power of the natural gemstones and crystals (in this case, the item is equipped with the Indian agate stone).


Aquarius Boombox Large Tin Fun Storage Box

Again, we come back to the main paradox about the Aquarius sign – their inner desire to be different and ahead of the trends – if our society moves towards modern-day technologies, the Aquarius man will go back to the old school traditions, and vice versa.

That is why the typical Water Bearer can often be seen as a true hipster or in this case – a 90’s fanatic or a collector of all sorts of retro items. Hence, my next cool and fun gift idea is this tin storage box which is beautifully and uniquely designed as a 90’s boombox for playing cassette tapes (ah, those were the days! 😀 ). And let’s not forget that the Aquarius is quite the open-minded guy with a strong sense of humor, so I am almost 100% sure he would deeply appreciate this gesture (and probably bring back touching moments of his childhood from the 90’s).


iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Universal Car Mount

The Aquarius sign is also related to the technological realm. Its symbol is depicted as water, but some experts argue that these are two electrical or radio waves, and I feel that they might be right! The representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign (especially male ones) are usually quite interested in all kinds of state-of-the-art devices and modern gadgets.

But you don’t have to search for something that is way out of this world to surprise your Water Bearer – any kind of practical device would be suitable for him. That is why my next gift suggestion is this indispensable car smartphone mount. If your Aquarius man is glued to his communication gadget, make sure you help him be safer on the road and grab him this universal dashboard (or desk) stand which would make his life so much easier.


Toilet Timer by Katamco (Classic)

Aquarius is a sign which usually has a distinct sense of humor and a lot of the representatives would appreciate a gag gift for their special occasion. Hence, my next idea for a suitable present is this super cool and fun item which was presented in ABC’s Shark Tank entrepreneurial show.

It is a hilarious toilet timer so that your favorite Water Bearer male would keep track of the time spent in that special place! 😀 But this is not just a fun gadget to make the man of your heart laugh, this is also a really practical item which holds a secret health benefit.  You know how these days we tend to spend a lot of time in the loo browsing our phones until our legs become numb. And this could be even truer for the technological geek that is the Aquarius man. So, gently remind him to limit his time in the toilet and give others the opportunity to visit the WC with this fun timer by Katamco! I am almost 100% sure it would make him laugh!


Morning Wood – Cedarwood Vanilla Scent

Speaking of gag gifts, here’s another great option you might want to consider buying for your favorite humor-loving Aquarius man – a wonderful aromatic vanilla-scented candle… with a twist.  😀 But this is not just a simple redolent candle! No, no, no, the Water Bearer has to be different.

He has to stand out in some shape or form! That is why I recommend you grab him this cool and fun item with this hilarious word play label! After all, the eleventh zodiac sign is a masculine one according to astrology, and the male representatives would definitely prefer to add more coziness to their living space in a unique and humoristic manner which would express their inner manhood! And also, let’s not forget that Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and your beloved Water Bearer definitely would not want to be mocked by his buddies on poker night! 😀


Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

Ah, here we go again with the paradoxical nature of Aquarius – he does love to go against the grain, doesn’t he? So, while most people buy their modern-day espresso machines, he most likely wouldn’t want to follow the crowd.

Because the Water Bearer is not like most people, and the typical representatives wish to be innovative trend-setters instead of mere followers. That is why you may see lots of them getting back to old traditions and retro stuff in their efforts to be different – as I like to call them “the hipsters of the zodiac”. 😀 So, if your Aquarius man loves showing his quirky nature by having old school items, this is your chance to surprise him with this retro stovetop espresso maker (and as we like to call theme here “Cuban espresso makers”). Plus, remember that this is also a wonderful camping coffee maker which would deliver high quality espresso just like the one from the modern-day machines, and it would work as the perfect back-up plan!


Unique gifts for Aquarius man

Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

Not every Aquarius man is a fan of the unorthodox and quirky stuff. Actually, most of them can be real traditionalists because let’s not forget that the eleventh astrological sign is a fixed one and they do not like change that much.

Yes, that’s another one of the paradoxes of the Water Bearer – he may be a true revolutionist when it comes to the humanity as a whole, but he can also be quite rigid and traditional in his personal affairs. So, a simple and elegant coffee mug with his zodiac sign can be a wonderful gift to make him feel loved and appreciated. Aquarius people often realize that the gesture is what counts and it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary and unconventional (especially if he has an earth Ascendant or a strong earth influence in his chart)!


Greenline Goods Aquarius Stemless Wine Glasses

If your beloved Aquarius male is not a huge fan of the invigorating and energizing caffeine-packed beverage, and he is more of a wine connoisseur, here’s how you can use this important piece of information when you choose him a suitable gift for his next special occasion.

You may consider getting him this elegant set of wine glasses beautifully decorated with the twelve zodiac signs, their star constellations, and with a special focus of the Water Bearer, of course! Actually, he doesn’t even have to be a fan of this red elixir of the gods – these stylish and sturdy tumblers can be used for all kinds of drinks – cocktails, mocktails (alcohol-free beverages), hard liquor (like whiskey or vodka), ice tea, and more exotic kind of stuff like kombucha or kefir, etc. The set is dishwasher safe (because the absent-minded Aquarius doesn’t have time to wash the dishes by hand 😀 ) and backed by a money-back guarantee by the manufacturer!


Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light

Even though Aquarius people may sometimes seem like completely normal folks, deep down inside their hearts there is always something a little bit unconventional about them. This may be expressed as a strong interest in some type of New Age topics, alternative forms of wellness, state-of-the-art modern technologies, etc.

So, if you wish to give your Water Bearer man something unique and a little bit out of the box, I would recommend this cool and a bit eccentric Moon lamp! It is definitely something quite unconventional which would add a certain type of cozy ambience to his living space! And more often than not, the Aquarius people are deeply interested in the mysteries of our existence and topics such as astrology and astronomy may be near and dear to them! If that’s the case with your beloved Water Bearer gentleman, this might be a perfectly suitable and extraordinary gift for his special occasion –  a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Father’s Day, Friendship Day (let’s not forget that the eleventh astrological sign is the sign of friendship!), etc.


Craft a Brew White House Honey Ale Brew

As we have already established, Aquarius can be named “the hipster of the zodiac” – the typical representatives like to be perceived as innovative, different, and to stand out in some way or another. So, very often the Water Bearer can be seen doing interesting and unconventional stuff and to have extraordinary hobbies.

This is the astrological sign which is very often ahead of his time and their interests quickly become worldwide trends. And this can definitely be told about the recent craft movement in pretty much every area of our lives, including making your own unique type of liquor. That is why I think your favorite Aquarius guy would be interested in having one of these craft beer sets for him to start experimenting in his spare time – this is a wonderful creative outlet for the innovative and quirky representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign!


Soundance Laptop Stand

OK, maybe your Aquarius lad is not such a hipster. Maybe he has a strong earth influence in his chart and he may seem like quite the traditionalist. But still, even the most conventional representatives of this airy sign love all sorts of technologies!

After all, let’s not forget that their symbol is often considered to be electrical or radio waves! And I have seen this tendency first hand – pretty much every Aquarius man I know is a real gizmo fan! If that’s the case with your favorite Water Bearer and he is inseparable with his laptop, here’s how you can make his life easier – by surprising him with this practical ergonomical computer stand. And besides, nowadays more and more people are working from home and such devices have become a must-have! Working on his digital project or watching the next episode of the Witcher, this laptop stand will add more comfort and convenience in his everyday living!


Beard Straightener Grooming Kit for Men

As I have said over and over throughout this gift guide, I like to call Aquarius people “the hipsters of the zodiac”, and I am pretty sure that the current beard trend among men was started by a Water Bearer. Because the representatives of the eleventh astrological sign deep in their hearts strive to be different and to stand out!

So, if the majority of males are neatly shaved, the Aquarius gentleman would prefer to go back in time and bring back the well-maintained beards in style! If that’s the case with your beloved Water Bearer male, you can help him keep his facial hair neat, tidy, well-trimmed and stylized with this awesome beard grooming kit! The set contains not only all the necessary hair care products (a brush, beard oil, balm, razor, special shampoo, conditioner, double side comb and mustache scissors), but also a secret tool which would make all the difference – a beard straightening device! The item would make even the thickest and the most unruly facial hair feel smooth and well-groomed!


Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design

Aquarius is the most unorthodox sign of the zodiac and the typical representatives love devouring all kind of unconventional and New Age reading materials. They can be interested in topics like Astrology, Numerology, esotericism, paganism, the law of attraction, etc.

If this rings true for your beloved Water Bearer guy, I bet he would love this book right here! It is the so called “Human Design bible” and contains everything every fan of the system would need to start their self-exploratory journey! But what is Human Design (HD for short)? I often like to call it “astrology on steroids” because it is the ultimate upgrade to this ancient knowledge base and it incorporates a variety of other practical disciplines (the Chinese I Ching, astronomy, biochemistry, kabbalah, etc.) in the perfect self-development amalgam! And the best part is that HD is an extremely practical system which allows us to make better and more correct decisions in our everyday life regardless of the area or the topic – from what to eat for dinner to which life partner to choose! Because when you think about it, what is life than a series of decisions and choices we make – each one brings with it certain results and consequences which may be positive or negative. And Human Design teaches us how to get out of the homogenized world and start making better choices which give us satisfaction, success, and peace! If you are interested in this topic, you can also check my list of the best Human Design books I have collected for both complete newbies or more intermediate and advanced practitioners.


The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

Speaking of esoterical knowledge, here’s the most popular and preferred topic which can be extremely interesting to all Aquarius folks – astrology. Actually, according to this exact ancient system, the representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign are more prone to becoming talented astrologers – the Water Bearer is the ultimate humanist and they love helping others through various disciplines which they consider useful – and astrology is definitely one of them!

So, no matter if your Aquarius gentleman strives to be a professional star reader or this is more of a hobby to him, this book would definitely pique his interest! Note that this volume is more suitable for complete beginners in the vast realm of astrology – it describes the placement of the planets in the Solar system in the twelve zodiac signs and the astrological houses, the meaning of different Ascendants, 144 compatibility combinations, valuable pieces of advice about wellness, money, love and relationships, etc.


LENUMB White Noise Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Aquarius people love unorthodox gifts, and if the present is useful and practical – even better! So, here’s my next gift idea for the Water Bearer male of your heart – a Himalayan salt lamp. The item is truly an unconventional type of lamp which serves multiple uses.

It is not just a gentle source of light which adds coziness and relaxing ambience to the living (and working) space – it is also a wonderful and natural air purifier, a white noise machine for ultimate relaxation and sleep improvement, and an essential oil diffuser for him to take advantage of the aromatherapeutic properties of these amazing herbal extracts! This is probably one of the best choices for a modern-day gift for the quirky Aquarius who is often a fan of everything natural and eco-friendly! And such an item is even more valuable in times like these when we start to realize how important the quality of the air we breathe on a daily basis is.


Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

According to astrology, the eleventh zodiac sign is tightly related to the area of the technological advancement of humanity. That is why the typical Aquarius people are usually deeply interested in all kinds of devices and gadgets, especially the male representatives.

And I am sure most of them have at least one laptop to be at their disposal at all times. Hence, my next gift suggestion is this nifty laptop backpack to serve him well. Let’s not forget that the Water Bearer is an airy sign and although they may be a bit fixed in their overall behavior (it is a fixed sign along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), they are extremely curious and they really enjoy moving around experiencing life in all of its aspects! So, this nifty backpack will be their best assistant – keeping all their most valuable belongings neatly packed and organized – not just their precious laptop, but also documents, other communication devices, cords, power banks (the item is equipped with a special USB port for easier phone charging), wallets and keys (the backpack has a nifty back pocket to protect them against malicious thieves)!


Nostalgia RF6RRAQ Retro 6-Can Personal Cooling and Heating Mini Refrigerator

Aquarius is the sign which is related to true friendship! That is why having friends and close mates are extremely important to the typical representatives of the eleventh astrological sign! So, your Water Bearer may be a grown man who is completely happy with his family, but his buddies would still be an important part of his life.

This may manifest as regular male gatherings watching football, basketball, playing poker, board games, or simply having some snacks, drinks, and chatting about life. If that’s the case with your beloved Aquarius guy, here’s how you can melt his heart – by getting him this nifty mini fridge for keeping all the beverages for these gatherings nicely chilled and within an arm’s reach! And since the Water Bearer is not like everybody else, his belongings have to be even a little bit unconventional and different. That is why I picked this retro-style mini fridge for the man of your heart to always stand out and make his buddies raise their eyebrows in wonder and surprise! And even if poker night is not a thing for him, this awesome portable and compact cooling (and heating) machine can be a wonderful addition to his working space!


Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

As I mentioned previously, Aquarius is the sign related to technology and they could be real gizmo fanatics (just like their other airy “colleagues” Gemini)! So, here’s my next suggestion in this gift guide – a cool extra lens attachment specially designed for all kinds of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

And taking high quality photos of your best buddies and family members could be extremely valuable for the sign which symbolizes true friendship! If your Aquarius guy is a real fan of capturing precious moments with his loved ones or beautiful sceneries wherever he goes, this nifty attachment might be just for him! And if he is already ahead of his time (the Water Bearers are often quite the innovative trend-setters) and has any kind of digital business, a blog, or a vlog, this device might be a real must-have and a life-saver for him!


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

Well, the Aquarius people can be real mysteries and living and breathing paradoxes, and it might be very difficult to predict what they would really like, need, and appreciate to have. So, here’s the next best thing – an Amazon gift card.

That’s how he can pick whatever he prefers and you take all this pressure off your back and the risk of disappointments! The Water Bearer may be a true open-minded humanist and he may understand that the gesture is what counts, but still… if you wish to make him feel special and loved, you would want him to be happy with his present, regardless of the occasion – a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’ Day, Friendship Day, etc. And besides, the typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign take their freedom very seriously, and they love having the opportunity to choose!


Apple Gift Card

Speaking of gift cards, here’s another option which might be even better for the technological geek that is the Aquarius sign – a gift voucher for the famous brand Apple. You know how passionate these fanatics can be, and if your Water Bearer guy has it least one Apple product, he might be quite intrigued by this item!

All you need to do is pick a sum of money of at least 25 bucks and he gets to choose whatever he prefers from certain locations. But before you add this present to your shopping card, keep in mind that this is not a physical product and it is delivered via email, it is valid only for Apple properties in the United States, and it is not refundable – make sure you read all the terms and conditions carefully!


TRAVANDO Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip

A stylish and elegant wallet is the all-time classic gift for any man! It is one of the most essential items everyone needs, and even if he already has one, there is always room for improvements and upgrades.

But when it comes to the Aquarius sign which is a bit quirky and strange, his belongings have to be somewhat different and unconventional, and if the item is related to the modern-day technologies, even better! That is why my next gift suggestion is this state-of-the-art wallet and a money clip your Water Bearer man would definitely want to have! The product not only would keep his most valuables (banknotes, credit/debit cards, business cards, etc.) neatly packed and organized, but they would also be secured and protected by the RFID blocking system which would keep his cards shielded against data theft! And one more thing – if black is not his favorite color, you can pick between various other hues to match his most preferred shade of clothes, such as orange, chocolate, grey, red, etc.


SAMSUNG 10,000 mAh Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger

As you may have already learned, Aquarius can be a real technological geek, especially when it comes to the male representatives. So, you would most likely make the best choice if you pick any type of useful electronics or devices as a gift for his special occasion – a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Hence, my next suggestion in this gift guide is this nifty portable charger which would add convenience and freedom in his life! The power bank is suitable for charging up to three gadgets at the same time (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) extremely fast – and as you may have noticed, Aquarius is an airy sign and patience is definitely not his strongest suit! Plus, the design is super slim and elegant and could fit almost everywhere when travelling or commuting!


TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case

While we are still on the topic of modern technologies, here’s my next gift idea for your beloved Aquarius – a pair of wireless earbuds. Here’s the thing about the eleventh astrological sign – it is part of the airy sign group (along with Gemini and Libra) and it is definitely one of the most freedom-loving signs in the zodiac.

This includes freedom of movement, and there is nothing more annoying when you have to deal with wires and cords when listening to your favorite music while you are on the go! And once you place them in your pockets, they seem to magically become tangled beyond any reason! Ughh! So, here’s the solution you can use to your advantage to surprise your favorite Water Bearer and win his heart – grab him this set of cordless earbuds and give him the gift of ultimate freedom! They produce high-quality sound, they are waterproof for up to 1 meter, and they can last for up to 6 hours of playtime when fully charged! Cool, right?


TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

Due to their airy nature, Aquarius folks can be quite absent-minded with their heads being constantly in the clouds! This tendency could lead to misfortunate situations of forgetting important items for their daily life causing chaos and stress.

So, this is how you can make your Water Bearer’s life much easier and more organized – by getting him this awesome docking station for his next special occasion. All of his most essential belongings (wallet, keys, wrist watch, phone, glasses, etc.) will be neatly arranged on this organizer ready for the day head! Plus, the product is equipped with a special opening for easier phone charging! Neat, right? The item is multifunctional, eco-friendly, with a strong, sturdy, smart, and minimalistic design – the perfect birthday gift idea (or a present for any other occasion)!


Hot Ones Truth or Dab The Game

Aquarius is a quirky and unorthodox creature and deep inside his heart he wants to be different and to stand out! But also, the typical representatives of the eleventh astrological sign can exhibit a strong sense of humor and be the soul of any gathering or a party – remember that they are the symbol of friendship!

So, most Water Bearers would gladly do their best to bring more fun and entertainment to any party, using all kinds of games and pranks! That is why I recommend you grab your Aquarius male this awesome and hilarious adult game (for folks who are at least 17 years of age) – a hot and spicy variation of the popular game Truth or Dare. And now that we spend more and more time at home, having such cool and unconventional types of entertainment has become much more valuable. The game is suitable for 3 to 6 people with a variety of personal questions, roast cards, pop quizzes, BFF trivia questions, and one-up cards! Let’s add more fun and amusement at the next home gathering!


Cards Against Humanity

We are not done with the humoristic gag gifts yet! 😀 If you think your Aquarius gentleman has a strong sense of dark humor (that’s usually true, just like their zodiac “neighbors” Capricorns), this is something you can definitely consider getting him for his next big day – the Cards against Humanity deck.

This is a fun party game for adults which would bring lots and lots of entertainment and belly laughs to your next gathering with friends and family members! But be warned – the spicy humor in this deck is not for everyone – people without even the slightest sense of dark humor and open-mindedness may not enjoy this game that much! Make sure you pick the right companions of gagsters, jokers, and kidders! 😀


Perfect luxury gifts for Aquarius man

DJI Mini 2 – Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter

When it comes to the technology-loving Aquarius, we cannot skip this essential modern-day item pretty much everyone wants to own – a drone! If you think this is just another toy for kids, I suggest you re-consider – this cool gadget is an extremely desirable item even for grown-up women!

But this could be especially valuable for your favorite Water Bearer man – we can definitely say that he is one of those zodiac signs which nourish their inner child and preserve their youthfulness even to their last day on Earth! So, I would strongly recommend you grab one of these bad boys for your beloved Aquarius and make him feel special and appreciated for his next big day! The device is ideal for capturing precious moments with your loved ones (and for the eleventh zodiac sign these can be his close friends) and magnificent sceneries from his last trip around the globe! The item offers high-quality video and it is extremely convenient to use and transport with its light and foldable design!


YUEWO Moonshine Still 5.8 Gal 22 Litres Stainless Steel Wine Making Kit

Yes, Aquarius is unique and unconventional, but with this natural inclination to stand out, the representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign usually go against the grain and go back to old traditions. Because when the whole world is developing faster and more advanced technologies, the Water Bearer has to be different from the masses – he is a true rebel at his heart!

So, as you may have noticed, many Aquarius folks are engaged in all kinds of old school hipster-type of hobbies such as the traditional crafts from the past. And this includes craft beers and homemade liquor distillation. If your favorite Water Bearer gentleman is indeed interested in such unorthodox activities, this item might be the perfect fit for a gift – a DIY moonshine machine for all kinds of unique spirits – wine, rum, vodka, whiskey, etc. And what a better way to surprise his buddies for their next male gathering, than with his one-of-a-kind beverage he made himself! Because let’s not forget that there is no better gift for anyone than the feeling of accomplishment and crafting something unique with your own hands!


DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

If the previous suggestion seems like too much of a hassle for your fun and quirky Aquarius guy, this might be a better fit for a gift – a DIY gin making kit. Again, this is a wonderful way for him to unleash his creativity and imagination and create something unique to surprise his friends for poker night (or the next football game day)!

Even the most traditional-looking Water Bearer wants to stand out in some way or another, and this is a fun and unconventional present which would give an outlet to his inner creativity and quirkiness! Remember that the item contains all the essential tools for his gin-making hobby, such as the necessary glass bottles, stainless steel funnels and filters, recipe suggestions, nifty signs for labeling the bathes, and the aromatic botanicals (juniper, green cardamom, hibiscus, lavender, laurel, pink berries, rose petals, rosemary, thyme, orange peel, oolong tea, and lemongrass), but he would still need to get the base alcohol which is recommended to be 40% vodka with a neutral taste for best results!


A Bar Above 14-Piece Copper Bar Set

While we are still on the topic of homemade drinks, here’s another option you can consider when picking a suitable gift for your Aquarius guy – a cocktail kit for home bartenders! As you may have already guessed, my reasoning for this choice is the innate drive of Water Bearer people to be different from the rest of the population.

And the other thing is that they are the true symbol of friendship, so they are quite interested in maintaining long-lasting amicable relationships and they do their best to make their buddies feel good when coming over for drinks. If your Aquarius male is a welcoming host, this is how you can help him enchant his guests with his unique beverages made with this nifty high-class bar set! The kit contains everything the home bartender needs to prepare his signature or classic cocktails and mocktails – a Boston shaker, hawthorn strainer, Japanese jigger, a julep strainer, fine mesh strainer, hardwood muddler, a long bar spoon, and a full set of 6 Martini picks! Plus, you can choose between 3 suitable colors – copper, golden, and the classic stainless steel gray!


Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

Aquarius is the sign in the zodiac which is tightly connected to the technological realm. Its symbol is widely considered to be water, but more contemporary authors would argue that it is actually electricity or audio waves, and this could very well be true since there is one important thing about the eleventh astrological sign – they are well before their time.

So, a lot of the Water Bearers (especially men) enjoy having all sorts of modern-day technology and cool devices. Hence, my next gift suggestion is this awesome and trendy gadget which may definitely pique your Aquarius man’s interest – a 3D printing machine. And one of the most awesome things about these types of devices is that they can be used for pretty much all sorts of items – from unique toys you cannot find in the stores, to practical day-to-day appliances (like smartphone stands, for example) – this amazing printer can do it all! The machine is easy to assemble and very simple to use. Help your beloved Aquarius male unleash his inner genius, creativity, and imagination with this state-of-the-art 3D printing device!


GoPro HERO7 Black

Aquarius may be a fixed sign but its representatives may be quite the explorers and travelers. Many authors frequently compare the eleventh zodiac sign to the sign of Sagittarius having similar traits in this regard. And that’s mainly because the Water Bearer is a naturally curious open-minded creature who likes meeting new people and getting to know the human nature through visiting different cultures.

But here we have another characteristic we need to take into account – their inborn love for technological advancements – Aquarius people may be true gizmo fanatics! So, this is my next suggestion for this gift guide you can consider getting your Water Bearer guy for his next special occasion (a birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Christmas, etc.) – a GoPro camera for his next adventure! This device is waterproof, sturdy, and durable and it will provide a high-quality hyper-smooth stabilized video for all kinds of activities, scenarios, and situations – when diving, hiking, biking, skiing, etc. you name it!


Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player

As you may have already learned, the Aquarius sign is woven in paradoxes – they love modern technologies and technological advancements, but once they feel like the majority of people become into this cool new stuff, the Water Bearers need to shift gears and move into another direction.

They have a strong inner urge be different and to stay ahead of the game at all times! So, it is no wonder that while everyone is interested in brand new surround sound home theatre systems, the true quirky Aquarius folks would prefer to go back in time and pick all sorts of retro-styled items! If you feel this applies to your unconventional Water Bearer guy, then this might a good fit for a gift – a vintage vinyl record (and CD) player for his inner hipster! 😀 This item would definitely help him stand out in any home gathering with his friends and family – and we all know how important friends are for the eleventh zodiac sign! The device is the ideal amalgam of modern technologies and nostalgic designs – just like our beloved paradoxical Aquarians!


DJI OM 4 – Handheld 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

We are getting back to the idea that the Aquarius people are the technological geeks of the zodiac. And just like the other airy sign of Gemini, the Water Bearer man may be glued to his communication device. Or maybe his smartphone is part of his line of work – it is very common for the Aquarius people to choose a profession which is related to IT and all sorts of technologies.

If that’s the case with the man of the hour, here’s how you can help him in his daily living with a thoughtful and practical gift – by getting him this awesome phone gimbal stabilizer. This gadget will be his best assistant for handling his smartphone hands-free while he works and is busy doing something else with his hands. But that’s not all – this item will help him create high-quality stabilized videos on the go – for example, while walking in the park, or capturing his kid’s school play. And if he is even more progressive and is a modern type of guy and has a promising vlogging career, this device is a true must-have!


Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

While we are still on the topic of modern technologies, we cannot miss one of the coolest trends these days – the virtual reality devices. If your Aquarius male is a fan of such state-of-the-art type of gadgets, I am sure he would love to own a pair of these modern-day goggles.

And they truly offer a lot of opportunities for entertainment – the headset can be used for a variety of fun activities – gaming, virtual travelling around the world, attending concerts and exclusive events, and more! Such gadgets are becoming more and more valuable and indispensable with our current trend of home entertainment – it would save you time, energy, and money while you can experience the real thing from the comfort of your own home! So, if you are looking for the ultimate 21st Century type of present for a young or adult Aquarius male, this is probably one of the best choices! And in case he is an avid gamer, do not hesitate to grab this item ASAP!


Garmin 010-02173-11 Venu, GPS Smartwatch

Getting a beautiful and stylish watch is a great gift option for anyone. It is one of those items which everyone would like to have – it has become an essential accessory which is an integral part of our attire. And choosing a classic-type of wrist watch is a pretty much a safe choice.

But, when it comes to the Aquarius man, things have to be different, because deep down they have that inner desire to stand out! That is why my next suggestion for a suitable present for your beloved Water Bearer man is this modern-day smartwatch! The typical representatives of the eleventh astrological sign are true technological geeks and having an ordinary old school device to merely tell the time may be too boring for them! So, here’s what this cool gadget can do to surprise and enchant your Water Bearer – it is a GPS navigation tool, music player, a health vitals monitor (it can be used for interval training workouts or cardio), you can also use it to download various sports apps for yoga, Pilates, strength training, etc. Moreover, it is a nifty and convenient electronic payment tool, and a smartphone compatible communication device to receive notifications and even answering texts! Cool, right?


Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Soothing Heat

OK, let’s pay some attention to his health and wellbeing, because that’s one of the most important areas of our lives! The thing about the Aquarius sign is that it is related to our blood circulation, and more often than not, the typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign could have some troubles in this realm. And usually this manifests as having cold limbs even in the summer.

I myself as an Aquarius have always had this problem. Plus, we need to pay extra attention to the ankles which is the weak spot for the Water Bearers. So, here’s my suggestion how you can make your man’s life easier and healthier with this cool and beneficial device – a special Shiatsu feet massager which also works as a gentle limb heater. That’s something I would definitely buy for myself and all of my beloved Aquarius friends and family members! It is a nifty multifunctional device with various intensity levels, 3 different working modes depending on the situation and the needs of the guy – heating, massaging, and air pressure! The perfect compact and portable foot massager for home or the office!


Bucha Brewers Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit

Last but not least, here’s something cool and practical for our favorite quirky Aquarius men – a kombucha making kit! The Water Bearers (even the male ones) can be real fanatics of old school foods and crafts using quality natural ingredients which are eco-friendly and beneficial for our wellbeing!

And if that’s the case with your favorite Aquarius gentleman, this might be a wonderful present for his next special occasion – it covers all these characteristics which are important to the modern responsible Earth-friendly human being! And let’s not forget that the eleventh astrological sign is the true symbol of humanism and the typical representatives may be deeply interested in everything which good and beneficial to the human kind! So, if you feel the man of your heart is such a type of homemade healthy food and nutritional probiotic beverages lover, this kombucha starting set might be just for him! It has all necessary compounds he needs to start making his daily dose of quality gut-friendly liquid – 6.5” Scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), a special kombucha tea blend, organic cane sugar, 5 pH strips, 2 cloth covers, 2 rubber bands, 2 reusable muslin bags, 1 pair of gloves, 4 botanical packs and the Kombucha Brewer’s Handbook! Nice!


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