40+ Great Gifts for Aquarius Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Aquarius Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Aquarius Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Aquarius Female)


What to buy your Aquarius girl?
Affordable gifts for а Aquarius woman
Unique gifts for Aquarius woman
Luxury gifts for Aquarius woman

What to buy your Aquarius girl?

If you are reading this article, this means you probably have a special lady of your heart born under the eccentric, unconventional, open-minded, and innovative sign of Aquarius (somewhen between 21st January and 20th February). And now you are looking for a suitable gift for her to surprise her for her special day and to make her feel special, loved, and appreciated. But it is not always easy to pick the right present for our loved ones, so I decided to help you out in this process and give you ideas you may want to consider when picking a prezzie.

The following Aquarius gift guide for women is suitable for all kinds of occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, graduation party, Christmas, etc. – and regardless of the type of relationship with your Water Bearer gal – whether she is your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, a friend, a BFF, a colleague, a boss, etc. Either way, you may still find something which would be valuable and appreciated by the lady of the hour! And if you wish to learn a bit more about the typical characteristics of the eleventh zodiac sign and use those to choose a suitable gift, feel free to check the previous article on the male representatives of the sign!

Let’s get down to business!

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Affordable gifts for а Aquarius woman

Zuo Bao Simple Rose Gold Zodiac Sign Cuff Bracelet

Aquarius may be a masculine sign according to astrology, but that doesn’t mean that the female representatives do not wish to look good! And beautiful and elegant jewelry is always in style, especially as a gift for a loved one! That is why my very first suggestion in this Aquarius gift guide for women is this gentle and stylish cuff bracelet elegantly decorated with the symbol of the eleventh zodiac sign and a magnificent shiny stone!

And the best part is that it is easily adjustable to match the wrist size of your beloved Water Bearer female! The accessory is made of high-quality stainless steel – it is lead free, nickel free, and hypoallergenic, it does not tarnish, and doesn’t change its beautiful rose gold color – a wonderful present for a friend, wife, mother, girlfriend, etc.


Fullcci-15oz Creative Constellation Coffee Mug Set

Speaking of elegant gifts, here’s another option for a small and inexpensive present with a beautiful decoration of the eleventh zodiac sign – a stylish coffee cup set! Aquarius loves to stand out and even the most traditional representatives of the sign would love to have unique items which differentiate them from the rest of the world!

So, this is how you can help your beloved Water Bearer woman make an impression in the office with this elegant and practical mug for her daily dose of caffeine. Or she may be a tea fanatic or a hot cocoa kind of girl! Either way, this item will be her best and loyal companion to have a drink of her choice in style! But still, make sure you warn your Aquarius gal (well, they can be a bit absent-minded sometimes) that in order to maintain this magnificent decoration, the mug should not be used in a microwave oven or a dishwasher!


Moon Lamp Balkwan

As I mentioned previously, one of the most typical characteristics of the eleventh zodiac sign is their inner drive to be different and to stand out of the crowd! So, in one way or another, the Aquarian gal would love to have unique items which correspond to her quirky nature! Hence, my next gift suggestion is this cool and unorthodox night stand lamp beautifully shaped like the Moon!

And let’s not forget that the true representatives of the Water Bearer sign may be quite obsessed with science, astronomy or astrology, and this item would definitely speak to their curious hearts! Plus, the lamp is completely cordless and can work for up 8 hours when fully charged, and it can produce two types of light – soft and cozy yellow and bright white, and the item also includes a greeting card you can use to write your heart-felt wishes for your Aquarius woman’s special day!


Aquarius Queens Are Born in January 20 – February 18 T-shirt

Wearing comfy clothes is not just for boys! And given that Aquarius is a masculine sign according to astrology, it is no wonder why many Water Bearer girls exhibit some masculine traits and can often be seen as “one of the boys”. If that’s the case with your favorite gal, you can definitely consider surprising her with this simple and practical t-shirt to make her feel comfortable and free! But even the most gentle and feminine representatives would enjoy such a useful gift. Comfy tees are always welcome when doing household chores, running errands, going to yoga or Pilates, etc. And I think this amazing piece of garment specially decorated for female Aquarians is one of the top picks for a suitable gift for any occasion!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Aquarius folks usually have extraordinary hobbies for their inner drive to be different and innovative! But sometimes they can be quite the traditionalists and for a female Water Bearer gardening or tending to houseplants can be a real pleasure. But even in this scenario she may pick something unusual and exotic to stand out. And more often than not, the most popular choice is the magnificent Phalaenopsis orchid. Unfortunately, just like the typical Aquarius, this plant is quite unorthodox and difficult to grow and maintain – it requires special treatment and care for it to get stronger and produce its beautiful blossoms year after year!

So, if your Water Bearer gal wants to start her Phalaenopsis growing hobby, this step-by-step guide would be a great starting point in her brand new endeavor. And if she is already a pro at this, you can still pick something practical and orchid-related to help her out and surprise her for her special occasion – I have created a special moth orchid tools and supplies list you can check out and pick something from there!


The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

The typical Aquarius is extremely open-minded, tolerant, and a curious creature. That is why it is often linked to the New Age movement and anything which has to do with the woo-woo stuff! The eleventh zodiac sign is tightly connected to the esotercial knowledge, astrology, numerology, Tarot, etc. 😀 And this could be even more applicable to the female representatives of the sign. Hence, my next gift idea is related to this unconventional side of Aquarius – the beliefs of the power of our minds and the law of attraction. If your Water Bearer gal is a New Age fanatic, this all-time classic on this topic is a great option for a suitable gift.

And if she hasn’t read anything in this non-fiction realm, this book is a wonderful starting point if she would want to understand the basic principles of manifesting your desires and dreams! You can choose between several options of this work – a paperback, an audiobook, a CD or a hardcover – whatever medium you feel is most appropriate and suitable for your beloved Aquarius female!


Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

One of the coolest things about Aquarius is their loyal companionship you can always count on! The eleventh zodiac sign is the true symbol of friendship and they are usually the best kind of friends you can have – loyal, helpful, and understanding. That is why I highly recommend getting this gift for your Water Bearer best friend. This is a wonderful inexpensive gift (if you are short on cash) which would have an enormous value to your Aquarius girl friend. Because there is nothing more precious to the true Aquarius than the gift of real unadulterated friendship!

So, this fill-in-the-blank journal is a great way to show your BFF how much she means to you and the essential role she plays in your life! This would definitely be an extremely touching and a heart-felt gift she will re-read over and over for years to come – probably the best inexpensive present for your bestie of all!


Zodiac Sign Moon and Star The Water Bearer

If you are looking for a small and inexpensive gift for your Aquarius lady, this might be it! The Water Bearer is the sign related to friendship and the typical representatives understand that the gesture is more important than the present itself. So, if you wish to give her something really symbolic and you are short on cash, this cool keychain might be the perfect fit! And besides, there is always a need for such practical items to serve her well. The Water Bearers can be a bit absent-minded and having their most valuable stuff neatly arranged is extremely important. So, having several sets of keys separated with different keychains is a great way to stay organized! And I am sure your Aquarius gal would love this elegant and unique zodiac design!


InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

Aquarius is the sign of technological advancement and everything unorthodox in our world. So, more often than not, the typical representatives of the sign are usually interested in all sorts of unconventional stuff like astrology, the power of natural gemstones and crystals, the benefits of essential oils, etc. And what a better way to combine them both than with a practical device for diffusing these natural oils in the air! I am sure the quirky and innovative Water Bearer would love to have one of these gadgets in her home! But the item does much more than that! It also works as a gentle source of light adding coziness to the living space, and it is a nifty air humidifier – excellent for those who frequently use air conditioners which are notorious for causing dry and irritating atmosphere!


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Gift Set

Speaking of essential oil diffusers, here’s another great option to surprise your favorite Aquarius girl with something she might like and appreciate – aromatherapeutic bracelet! This cool item will help her take advantage of the wonderful benefits of these natural extracts wherever she goes. Plus, the set includes four of the most common redolent and beneficial oils she can start using today – lavender (for the ultimate relaxation and stress management), eucalyptus (for instant airways relief), rosemary (boosts the mental activity and alleviates mental pressure), bergamot (a wonderful mood stabilizer and energy stimulator). The device is beautifully designed as a stylish accessory and it comes in a wonderful box ready for gifting!


Unique gifts for Aquarius woman

Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

Everyone needs a classy-looking coffee cup decorated with their zodiac sign! And for the sign which is considered to be the symbol of astrology itself, this might be even truer! Also, the Aquarians are odd birds and they love to stand out of the crowd with some sort of unique clothing, accessories, and even the most mundane items like their coffee mugs! That is why my next gift suggestion is this elegant ceramic tumbler for your beloved Water Bearer female’s daily dose of invigorating caffeine-packed beverage or other more eccentric drinks like some exotic tea blend, golden milk, kombucha, chicory coffee, etc. – she has to be different than the masses! And the best part is that the set is beautifully arranged in a stylish high-class box to make your favorite Aquarius woman feel like a true royalty!


DANCING BEAR Aquarius Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

Yes, Aquarius is truly the most eccentric sign in the zodiac! The typical representatives (especially the female ones) may be deeply interested in all sorts of woo-woo stuff like the law of attraction, sacred wicca rituals, esoterism, etc. If that’s the case with your favorite Water Bearer female, this is how you can surprise her for her next special occasion and indulge her unorthodox nature – by getting her this amazing crystal set specially assembled and designed for Aquarius people! The bundle contains various interesting items she may use for her daily meditation or manifesting practices.

A collection of natural gemstones and crystals which harmonize the energy of the eleventh astrological sign (Black Tourmaline, Blue Calcite, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Tiger Eye), selenite and a piece of a meteorite (yes, that’s a shooting star for making wishes!), a palo santo stick and a succulent-shaped candle for clearing the energy of the room and creating sacred ceremonial space, a beautiful Aquarius necklace, an Amethyst palm stone, and an instruction manual for complete beginners!


Malicious Women Candle Co – Aquarius The Zodiac

Speaking of sacred rituals and ceremonies, here’s another great option for a cool gift for your quirky Aquarius gal – a redolent candle with an awesome humoristic label! The typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign are famous for their strong sense of humor and self-irony, and this includes females as well! So, if you feel your beloved Water Bearer woman would appreciate a gag gift which is also quite practical, this might be the perfect fit! The item is saturated with the amazing woody scent of green mandarin, coriander, allspice, pepperberries, cassia root, black ashwood, and patchouli leaves. And best of all, it is an all-natural soy candle made of eco-friendly ingredients with a 100% recyclable container which can be re-purposed in a variety of ways – for example, it can be used as a DIY organic cosmetics plastic-free container


Greenline Goods Aquarius Stemless Wine Glasses

Is your Aquarius lady a fan of the drink of the gods? This may be an airy sign but as the name implies, the Water Bearers can be real high quality wine connoisseurs. And it doesn’t have to be expensive store-bought liquor. On the contrary, the unconventional Aquarius who often loves being different and to go against the grain would definitely prefer a glass of homemade wine prepared by skilled craftsmen with love and care! But this requires her to have a set of at least two elegant and sturdy glasses to enjoy her drinks in style! That is why I recommend you get her this pair of magnificent durable high-class tumblers which are beautifully sand-etched with all the zodiac constellations with a special focus on Aquarius, of course!

And to consider getting her this set of glassware, remember that she doesn’t even has to be a hardcore wine fan! The eccentric and unpredictable Water Bearer can enjoy all sorts of unconventional beverages – homemade (one-of-a-kind of course) cocktails and mocktails, ice tea, kombucha, or kefir – the eleventh astrological sign is truly a mystery!


EFYTAL Best Friend Gifts Necklace

The main thing we need to remember about the eleventh zodiac sign is that it is the true symbol of long-lasting friendships! And for better or worse, friends can be extremely important to the typical Aquarius people, sometimes even more important than family. Hence, my next suggestion in this gift guide is this amazingly stylish heart-touching friendship necklace. If your bestie is a Water Bearer and you wish to make her feel special and appreciated, this item is one of the best choices for a present. And just like strong friendships, this jewelry piece is made with high-class skin-friendly 925 Sterling Silver and it comes in a stylish packaging ready for gifting – the perfect present to celebrate Friendship Day! But here’s something else which is extremely important – the manufacturer offers to fix or replace the necklace within 5 days of the purchase in case there are any issues! Cool, huh?


Starry Sky Diary with Lock and Key for Girls

Aquarius people can be quite dreamy and absent-minded sometimes. They are the true humanists of the zodiac and they often tend to have their heads in the clouds imagining a brighter future for us all! Unfortunately, this may have a somewhat negative impact on their personal and professional lives, making them more chaotic and disorganized. If that’s the case with your eccentric Aquarius girl, this cool and magnificently decorated journal may help her out tremendously! It would be the perfect daily log for writing down her to-dos and important engagements to keep her organized and punctual. Also, this may be her creative outlet for her inner genius by jotting down brilliant and innovative ideas.

Or this could serve her as a manifesting journal for her to re-write her limiting beliefs, set intentions, and keep track of her spiritual progress. And just take a look at the jaw-dropping packaging! Isn’t it marvelous? I am sure the natural stargazer that is your Water Bearer lady would be touched!


JOBOSI Star Moon Dream Catcher

As I mentioned before, the eleventh astrological sign is a bit eccentric and the typical representatives may be interested in all kinds of unorthodox stuff, including pagan and wicca rituals for luck and fortune. But even if your Aquarius gal is not that into such kinds of spiritual practices, you can still use her inborn desire to be different and to stand out to your advantage when choosing a present for her special occasion. Hence, my next idea in this gift guide is this beautiful and elegant dream catcher – a stylish boho decoration with LED lights to add more coziness to her living, working or sleeping space!  And as the legend goes, the dreamcatcher would let the nightmares and negative energy pass through while capturing the beautiful and positives ones in its woven spider web!


Urban Kangaroo Shea Butter Lip Balm DIY Kit

Aquarius people could be deeply interested in all kinds of quirky and unusual hobbies, especially if they are eco- and Earth-friendly as well! Let’s not forget that the eleventh zodiac sign is the symbol of humanism and the typical representatives are among the strongest proponents of everything which is good for the planet and humanity as a whole. So, it is very common for the Water Bearer girl to do her best to recycle, compost natural waste, and avoid using plastic. And if you wish to help her out in getting her ecological lifestyle to the next level, definitely consider grabbing her this natural DIY lip balm making kit! It is a great start for creating her own cosmetics using quality organic ingredients and reducing the use of plastic containers!


Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal with Hard Wax Beans

Speaking of beauty and cosmetics, we cannot miss one of the evergreen topics, especially for women – hair removal. There are lots of ways for us to manage our unwanted body hair and everyone has their own preferences. But here’s one method I think deserves our attention because it is easy, quick, safe, reduces the amount of re-growth, and it is way cheaper than visiting your beautician. So, if your Aquarius is a DIY kind of gal and prefers to save time and cash on epilation, this might be the best choice for a practical gift for her! And besides, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity and the necessary time to get our regular waxing procedure made by professionals and we are left to our own devices to keep our skin silky smooth. And with the recent trend of spending more and more time at home and doing more and more stuff ourselves, this is a wonderful backup plan when we are not able to go outside!


Law of Attraction Life & Goal Planner

As we have already established, the eleventh astrological sign is related to the esoterical knowledge and the mysteries of our existence! The typical representatives, especially females, are often quite interested in everything connected to the New Age movement and its practices – the law of attraction, ancient Eastern wisdom, yoga, reiki, astrology, numerology, Tarot, etc. If that’s the case with your beloved quirky Aquarius woman, this is how you can help her in her daily manifesting rituals to bring her goals and dreams into reality! Because all the theory in the world would not be enough to help us fulfill our desires if we do not take action and we do not do the exercises needed to change our vibrational signature, like meditating, visualizing, practicing gratitude, etc. And this law of attraction journal will keep her organized and motivated to stick to her manifesting routines and move her closer to her dreams!


Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design

While we are still on the topic of esoterical knowledge, let me introduce you to one of the very best methods in this realm – Human Design. If you haven’t heard of it yet, worry not, it is a relatively new self-development and self-awareness system which may have a profound positive effect on our lives. And that’s actually a good thing, because deep down Aquarius people strive to be different than the masses and stay ahead of the trends. So, this is your chance to surprise your eccentric (in the good way) Water Bearer female with a cool, unorthodox, and practical book which would speak to her humanistic heart!

Because this system is a magnificent amalgam of astrology, astronomy, I Ching, kabbalah, biochemistry, genetics, quantum physics, etc. in the perfect symbiosis of a methodology to help people be more successful, happier, more satisfied with their lives, and at peace with who they are! And what Human Design will teach us is not only to find out who we are as individuals, but also how to make correct decisions according to our own unique self (not what it is considered to be the best choice for everybody!). If this topic piqued your interest, feel free to check my extensive list of HD books for both beginners and more advanced human designers which might give you more ideas for a cool gift for your favorite Aquarius lady!


Witchcraft Supplies Box for Wiccan Spells

If your beloved Aquarius female is indeed a bit eccentric and an out-of-the-box kind of gal, then she might definitely like this next gift suggestion – a cool wiccan kit for performing sacred rituals and ceremonies. Because what had been considered normal ages ago, now it’s more in the realm of the woo-woo stuff. But this is exactly what attracts the quirky Water Bearers – they love being different and to stand out of the crowd. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if your Aquarius gal is interested in paganism and has regular mystical or manifesting rituals according to the movement of the celestial bodies in the Solar system (just like our forefathers and foremothers did).

If that’s the case, here’s how you can make her life easier and bring her esotercial practices to the next level with this amazing witchcraft kit! It has pretty much everything an avid modern-day wiccan would need – a set of 12 magical botanicals, 12 colored candles, 12 crystals and gemstones, 12 pieces of parchment paper, and a flower of life crystal grid at the back of the box. Just a reminder that if you wish, you can throw in a couple of candle holders and a cool herb burning bowl to make the bundle complete (if your Water Bearer gal does not have them already).


HSI Professional Glider

OK, let’s dial down the crazy a little bit! 😀 Not every Aquarius person is a complete weirdo according to the societal norms. Many Water Bearers are completely normal folks, especially if they have a strong earth influence in their chart. If that’s the case with your beloved Aquarius gal, here’s how you can bring forward her beautiful feminine side – by getting her this awesome high-class hair straightener! This is the perfect device for making even the most unruly and thick mane become silky smooth, tidy, and well-groomed!

And this item will achieve this while protecting the hair from the powerful thermal treatment with its micro sensors for potential damages, the high-quality ceramic plates, and the option to adjust the heat! Plus, this hair styling kit contains a nifty glove to protect her hands against burns, and a cool travel-size argan oil leave-in conditioner for even better results!


Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Aquarius is a masculine sign according to astrology, but that doesn’t mean that all Water Bearer females wouldn’t be interested in beauty and style! Actually, if your beloved Aquarius female has a strong Venus influence in her chart (for example, if her Ascendant is Taurus or Libra), she may be quite interested in her appearance and would strive to always look good. If that’s the case with your favorite Water Bearer lady, this is what you can give her for her next big day – a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. – a cool professional manicure and pedicure set!

Because there is nothing more telling about one’s attitude towards life than their manicure! If the impeccable look is important to the woman of your heart, this device would make a wonderful present! It would save her time and money to do her nails professionally from the comfort of her own home (or wherever she goes)!


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

The eleventh astrological sign may remain a real mystery to others, no matter how close you think you are to your Aquarius person. Deep down, in their hearts, they are true rebels and eccentric geniuses. So, more often than not, we may be baffled by their interests and getting them a suitable gift they would really enjoy and appreciate, might be a real challenge! Hence, my next suggestion aims to take the guesswork out of the equation!

An Amazon gift card may be a true blessing when it comes to taking the pressure off your back while your Water Bearer girl chooses something for herself according to her needs and preferences.   And the vast variety of items in the store would offer her pretty much everything – from gardening tools and kitchen appliances, to fun humoristic gag gifts to add more laughter to her life! This is the prefect win-win situation! Just remember to carefully read all the terms and conditions before purchasing, just like you would do with every other product, of course!


Birthday Gifts for Women Best Friends

This awesome gift set may very well be one of the best choices for a present for your beloved Aquarius girls friend and here’s why – the typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign are known to have that quirky sense of humor and they are also probably the best and most loyal friends you could hope for! That is why my next suggestion for this gift guide is this humoristic (but practical at the same time) set of items I am pretty sure she would love!

The bundle contains a nifty insulated tumbler decorated with a super fun sign to let her know how much she means to you (with an added Earth-friendly reusable straw with a cleaning brush), an aromatic and eco-friendly Lavender-scented soy candle – again, with a super cool and hilarious massage, a beautiful foldable rose-colored mirror, a special greeting card, and all of this is tightly (and safely) packaged in a box secured by a foam pad and silk lining!


INTEYE 24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs

The Aquarius sign is the ultimate humanist of the zodiac. The typical representatives love anything beneficial to all of us human beings and to Mother Earth, because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we cannot exist without having a healthy balance and harmony with our planet’s eco system! That is why lots of Water Bearer folks, especially women, are deeply interested and engaged in some forms of ecological activities and causes.

This could be something as simple as recycling their waste or making more sustainable and eco-friendly choices. Hence, my next present suggestion is this beautiful set of colorful and natural bath fizzies for your nature-loving Aquarius gal! This item is not just good for her wellbeing and a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a long day of hustling in the office, but it is also good for the environment with its eco-friendly organic ingredients – carrier and essential oils.


Constellation Blanket Glow in The Dark

Aquarius is known to be the zodiac sign which is tightly related to astrology itself and other similar disciplines like astronomy, for example. The representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign can truly be called the star gazers of the zodiac with their curious nature and open mind towards the unknown and the mysteries of our existence! Hence, my next gift idea is this very cool and comfy blanket amazingly decorated with all the twelve star constellations of the zodiac made of special glow in the dark material!

The item is perfect for adding a certain kind of coziness in the cold winter evenings while she reads her next favorite book (most likely on some esoterical topic) sipping a cup of hot cocoa or the Ayurvedic golden milk! And although this blanket seems like a bit extraordinary and unorthodox (characteristics which Water Bearers love), it is perfectly safe to be cleaned in a washing machine! This might be the prefect both unconventional and practical gift for your favorite Aquarius female!


Spa Gift Basket – Bath and Body Set with Vanilla Fragrance by Lovestee

Well, maybe your Aquarius woman is not that quirky and eccentric after all. Not every Water Bearer representative is, especially if they have a strong earth influence in their chart. For example, with a Capricorn Ascendant the Aquarius lady may be a real traditionalist who would love to receive mainly practical gifts she can put into good use right away! Hence, my next suggestion for a cool present for the lady of the hour is this classic SPA bath set!

The bundle consists of all the essentials every self-respected woman needs and deserves for her daily skin and hair-care routines both at her home or during her vacation – an enchanting vanilla scented shower gel, hand lotion, body lotion, bath salts, bath puff, and an Eva sponge, and all of this is beautifully arranged in a hand crafted gift basket which can be re-purposed and recycled (because let’s not forget that the Aquarius people are avid environmentalists deep in their hearts!).


Lyty Chinese Tea Pot Cup Set with Tray Infuser

Oh my God, just look at this cute Chinese tea set! It is super cute, elegant, and high-class! If your Aquarius gal is a fan of foreign cultures (just like her “colleague” Sagittarius), this might be a real hit for a present for any occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Why have I picked this item? Well, the typical Water Bearer is quite curious, open-minded, and tolerant towards diversity. They are deeply interested in the human nature through the different cultures and traditions.

And besides, most Aquarius people would gladly stand out of the crowd and try to differentiate themselves from the masses. And if that’s the case with the woman of your heart, this beautiful and elegant porcelain tea set might be just for her!  The kit contains a high-class tea pot, four cute tea cups, tea can and a tray, an herbal infuser, a pair of clips for the botanicals, and everything is tightly packaged in a portable safe anti-breaking bag so she can enjoy her cup of exotic tea and impress her friends by performing the sacred tea ceremony wherever she goes!


SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set

After the tea ceremony let’s get to something just as tasty – I bring to you the ultimate charcuterie board! You know how Aquarius is the symbol of friendship of all the zodiac signs according to astrology! Well, that’s usually true and the typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign deeply appreciate their BFFs and try to show them their love and affection in various ways, like regular home gatherings for example. But what does any house party need? Tasty food and beverages of course!

Hence, my next cool gift suggestion is this amazing and practical platter for your Water Bearer gal’s next girl friend meeting for chats and emotional support! The item is a wonderful tool for serving all kinds of yummy snacks like a variety of cheese (as a wonderful addition to the wine tasting of course 😀 ), nuts, fruits, veggies, crackers, dips, etc. Plus, the product is equipped with a special hidden drawer packed with the necessary cheese knives and serving tools for the ultimate convenience! If your Aquarius girl is the soul of her female posse, do not hesitate to surprise her with this awesome appetizer platter!


Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter

As I mentioned before, Aquarius people are often engaged in all sorts of environmental causes because they understand that the survival of our species goes hand-in-hand with preserving our planet and its resources. But they do not have to be huge ecological activists to do their part in this process. Every action counts and even the smallest steps can make a huge difference. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if your Water Bearer female does her best to recycle, re-purpose, conserve, and compost. Hence my next gift suggestion is this nifty item for transforming food waste into plant soil.

I am almost 100% sure the lady of the hour would be quite intrigued by this compost bin! It offers a super practical way of reducing your waste by composting all fruit and vegetable scraps instead of throwing them away and increasing the methane gas emissions which are detrimental to our environment adding to the greenhouse effect! But do not worry about unpleasant smells around the house (which is probably the number 1 concern when composting in closed spaces) – the kit includes special charcoal filters which keep the unwanted aromas inside the container! The bundle also has suitable biodegradable liner bags and a nifty magnet list of all the ingredients which can be composted! Cool, huh?


Luxury gifts for Aquarius woman

CDE Forever Love Heart Pendant Necklaces for Women

Beautiful jewelry is the classic gift for pretty much any woman. And although Aquarius is a masculine sign according to astrology, that doesn’t mean that the female representatives are not fond of everything the typical woman would love to have – stylish apparel, accessories, etc. That is why I recommend you get your special Water Bearer lady this elegant high-class necklace made of quality 925 Sterling Silver! The item is beautifully decorated with a gentle rose color, a shiny zirconia stone, and a heart-touching “I love you for always and forever” engraving. Awww!

If you are indeed wondering what to get your beloved Aquarius woman for her special day (a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), this is pretty much a safe bet! This could even be gifted as a present for a dear friend since the eleventh zodiac sign is the true symbol of long-lasting friendships and the Aquarius folks deeply love their closest people!


DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo – Ultralight Foldable Drone

Aquarius is the sign in astrology tightly related to technology and the technological advancement of humanity. After all, the zodiac symbol may look like water, but it is widely considered to be two electrical or radio waves. So, the most typical representatives are quite fond of all kinds of devices and gadgets, and this also applies to females as well. Hence my next gift suggestion is this cool modern tool pretty much everyone would love to own – a drone.

And let’s not forget that the Water Bearer is a masculine sign and female Aquarians may also be interested in all sorts of toys for boys! And this device might be a perfect fit for the eccentric Water Bearer – it is quite the unorthodox gift for a girl but it is super practical and useful! She could use it to capture beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye perspective (which is otherwise impossible) or touching moments with friends and family – and we know how important friends are for the eleventh zodiac sign! Plus, the item is extremely light, foldable, and easy to transport in a nifty shoulder bag wherever she goes!


Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women

As I have mentioned before, Aquarius is usually a real fan of state-of-the-art technologies in every area of our lives, including the most mundane ones such as hair removal. After all, every girl has to have her preferred method for achieving silky smooth skin. And for the modern-day Water Bearer female this may very well be the relatively new IPL (intense impulse light) technology. It is extremely effective, efficient, and prevents hair re-growth for longer periods of time.

So, we can safely say that IPL hair removal saves time, energy, and money and your Aquarius gal would enjoy her smooth skin for months ahead! Sounds like a good bargain to me! Just remind your Water Bearer woman to read and follow the instructions for proper use of the device beforehand (you know how absent-minded Aquarians can be! 😀 ). And finally, keep in mind that the manufacturer offers a 100-day money back guarantee if not satisfied with the result! Cool, huh?


Michael Kors Parker Stainless Steel Watch With Glitz Accents

If you are still wondering what to get your Aquarius lady for her special occasion, this might be exactly what you have been looking for – a stylish high-class wrist watch. The watch has become something much more than a simple device to tell the time – it is an important accessory which shows our style and attitude towards life! So, do not hesitate to grab the woman of your heart one of these elegant items she can add to her attire to perfect her look, regardless of the occasion – a formal or informal event.

And if your beloved Water Bearer gal is not a rose pink kind of girl, feel free to pick another color she might prefer – black, light blue, brown, red, white or silver gray. Plus, remember that the device is also waterproof for up to 100 m and can be used even when “bathing, swimming or snorkeling and shallow diving”.


Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s another item you may consider getting your technology-loving Aquarius girl – a robot vacuum cleaner. These gadgets are becoming more and more popular and more people start to see the real benefit of having an automated cleaning device. And this could be a real blessing for the modern-day Water Bearer gal who is very curious in nature and would rather spend her precious spare time reading books or exploring than doing home chores.

And this is how you can win her heart and make her feel loved, appreciated, and understood – by getting this boring chore off her back! Let modern technology do the heavy lifting while she is free to pursue other more interesting activities and hobbies, and she would love you for that! Because there is something quite important when it comes to the typical representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign – they deeply cherish their personal freedom and they are not very willing to sacrifice it! That is why I am suggesting this item as a cool present – it would give her what she appreciates the most – liberty!


Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Let’s touch on the topic of wellness, shall we? Because this is one of the most important areas of our lives! Unfortunately, everyone has their Achilles’ heel, so to speak – a sensitive area where we are more prone to having issues and discomforts. According to astrology, Aquarius’ weak point is the ankles and the blood circulation. So, more often than not, the representatives of the eleventh zodiac sign could have cold limbs or their feet might hurt depending on their line of work (for example, having a sedentary job or standing up all day long, etc.).

So, here’s what I would suggest – if this rings true for your beloved Water Bearer gal, you can make her life much easier and healthier with this amazing Shiatsu foot massager! It will greatly improve the blood flow in her limbs and nicely warm up the area! The item is quite compact, portable, and can be used at home or at the office to add comfort and relief. Plus, it can be applied to ankles, calves, and feet. Also, the device has 3 different levels of intensity and 5 modes of operation.


Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

Aquarius is the zodiac sign related to technology and even the female representatives could be quite interested in all sorts of cool and modern gadgets and devices. If that’s the case with your beloved Water Bearer lady, this might be the perfect fit for an unconventional gift for a female – a 3D printing machine. And, oh, how Aquarius people love to be different and to stand out! But although this contraption may seem like something a boy would like, do not be fooled – this state-of-the-art printer can be extremely practical for women as well!

The device can be used for making your very own unique items of any kind. For example, your innovative Aquarius female may craft her one-of-a-kind smartphone stand, home decoration pieces, merchandise, cooking molds, and even women’s shoes! The sky is the limit when it comes to the imagination of the eleventh astrological sign!


Bose Portable Smart Speaker

While we are still on the topic of technology and gadgets, here’s another great option for a suitable present for the woman of the hour – a portable smart speaker! How would the typical Aquarius imagine their perfect home? Well, it might very well be jam-packed with state-of-the-art technology and all sorts of smart voice-activated gadgets. And if your modern and futuristic Water Bearer woman also shares this idea, this device here might be the first step towards her ideal technological living space!

The item is extremely useful for playing music and taking calls, and all of this happens hands-free through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant – excellent for performing all kinds of cool tasks, such as setting alarms and reminders, controlling other home appliances, searching the internet, answering questions, and providing valuable information, and all of this without even lifting a finger… literally!


Tealyra – Matcha Kit – Connoisseur Ceremony Start Up Set

OK, maybe your beloved Aquarian gal is not such a technological geek, and that’s perfectly fine! The interesting thing about the eleventh astrological sign is that they are living paradoxes – the representatives may be true innovators and trend-setters and real traditionalists at the same time. Mind boggling, right? So, while the masses are living their modern-day lives with futuristic technologies, the Water Bearer has that inner urge to stay different and get back to our roots and traditions.

If this is the case with your favorite Aquarius female, this amazing matcha tea set might be a wonderful gift for her! This humanistic zodiac sign is deeply interested in different cultures and anything which is good for humanity as a whole, and this includes exotic foods and beverages with proven beneficial effects. And matcha is definitely one of them! This tea set is probably the perfect present for this hipster that is Aquarius! 😀


Bucha Brewers Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit

Speaking of cool, exotic, and beneficial beverages, we cannot miss this popular drink among everyone who loves unconventional nutrients! And Aquarius is the true leader and a trend-setter when it comes to unconventional and beneficial stuff from around the world! So, if your Water Bearer gal is a real health nut and wants to stand out, this kombucha starter kit might be the perfect choice for a present, regardless of the occasion – birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.

The bundle contains everything the probiotic fanatics would need to prepare their own batches of this healthy drink in the comfort of their own home or at the office – the Scoby starter (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), a special tea blend for kombucha, organic cane sugar, potential hydrogen (pH) strips, cloth covers, rubber bands, reusable muslin bags, a pair of gloves, botanical packs, and the Kombucha Brewer’s Handbook! Nice!


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