40+ Great Gifts for Aries Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Aries Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Aries Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Aries Female)


What to buy your Aries girl?
Affordable gifts for а Aries woman
Unique gifts for Aries woman
Luxury gifts for Aries woman

What to buy your Aries girl?

Well, since you are here I assume you have an Aries lady of your heart who has a special day coming up (a birthday, anniversary, graduation party, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Christmas, etc.) and you are in dire need of an exquisite and heart-touching gift. Worry not! Help is here! In this practical Aries woman gift guide I will do my best to give you suggestions for suitable presents you can consider getting your beloved Ram girl to surprise her with. I took the typical characteristics of the first zodiac sign as a starting point in order to guess as much as possible what the lady of your heart would need, love, and appreciate! But if you wish to take a peek at the most common traits of the Aries sign and how you can use this important piece of information when choosing a personalized gift, feel free to check the previous article I have made which is dedicated to the male counterparts of the sign!

But as far as the female representatives of the Ram sign go, this collection of nifty prezzie suggestions would definitely give you some excellent ideas how to melt your Aries gal’s heart, regardless of the type of your relationship! She might be your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, a colleague, your boss (yes, yes, Aries folks are quite ambitious!), a friend or a real BFF, etc. Either way, let’s get to business!


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Affordable gifts for а Aries woman

VLINRAS Zodiac Sign Necklaces

You can never go wrong with beautiful jewelry! That is why my first gift suggestion is this elegant and beautiful necklace decorated with the first astrological sign of the zodiac – Aries. And if you do not know what to get your Ram girl for her special occasion, this stylish accessory is pretty much a safe bet! Keep in mind that the item is suitable for almost all skin types – it is made of copper and plated with real 18K gold – it is lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic!

Also, bear in mind the dimensions before purchasing – the necklace has a chain length of 15.8 inches with an option for a 2-inch extension. The pendant itself has a dimeter of 0.8 inches (20 mm) which makes it an elegant, gentle, and an unobtrusive complement to your Aries gal’s appearance, and a perfect addition to formal or informal attire!


Aries Shirt for Women

Aries is a very active sign and the typical representatives love any kind of movement. Even female Rams can be quite the sports addicts! And regardless whether your favorite Ram gal is a yoga fanatic or likes something more orthodox like going to the gym or jogging, this comfortable t-shirt will be her best assistant.

Even if she is not that big of a fan of sports, the freedom of movement which this cotton tee supplies would be deeply appreciated when performing even the simplest activities, such as running errands, doing household chores, watching TV or reading a book. And what a better choice for a gift for the awesome Aries woman than a special personalized top decorated with her zodiac sign? Pssst! Keep in mind that you can choose between various colors depending on her preferences – black, navy, asphalt, cranberry, and purple.


Fullcci-15oz Birthday Gift Creative Constellation Aries Coffee Mug Set

Speaking of being active, we cannot miss one of the most preferred ways of getting that extra boost of energy and motivation – drinking our daily dose of coffee! And I am sure that your Aries gal is also a huge caffeine fanatic! But even if she is not and prefers something more sophisticated or unorthodox, like tea or hot cocoa, for instance, she still needs a personalized and unique mug for her favorite beverages!

Hence, my next suggestion for a present in this Aries woman gift guide is this elegant coffee mug set beautifully decorated with the first zodiac sign and its star constellation! Regardless of the type of drinks she prefers or whether she wants to sip them at home or at the office, this tumbler set will be her best assistant to have her daily dose of hot liquids in style!


SARA NELL Tapestry Aries Tapestries

Is your Aries gal a true fan of astrology? Or at least of her own amazing zodiac sign? If so, here’s how you can surprise her for her next special occasion (a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.) – by getting your beautiful Ram lady this awesome tapestry magnificently decorated with the twelve zodiac signs and the first one at the center, of course! It looks absolutely marvelous and I am sure you can definitely win her heart with this item!

Well, Aries is a fiery sign and they definitely love being at the center of attention or at least showing to their guests who is the boss around the house! 😀 But keep in mind that this is not a simple wall tapestry – it is a multifunctional item which serves a wide variety of purposes depending on your Aries girl’s preferences – a beach throw, a picnic blanket, a table cloth, bed spread, a sofa cover, etc. Aaaand you can also choose between different sizes! Cool, right?


The Little Book of Self-Care for Aries

As I have already mentioned, the first astrological sign is extremely active. The typical Aries representatives might be super ambitious, constantly challenging themselves in every area of their lives. Unfortunately, their busy lifestyle may lead to some unpleasant long-term effects such as burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue. That’s because everyone needs to have a healthy balance between work and leisure.

And now more than ever we have to learn how to take better care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hence, my next gift suggestion for your awesome Aries boss lady is this nifty guide into the world of self-care. Yes, she is a tough cookie, but she needs to learn how to take time off, relax, unwind, and relieve the accumulated daily pressure. And here you come to the rescue with this cool and practical book she can use as reference in times of stress and emotional challenges!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

OK, let’s get into the feminine side of Aries! Well, according to astrology, the first zodiac sign is actually masculine and active in nature, but that doesn’t mean that the female representatives do not have gentle and graceful characteristics. Many Ram women I know are amazingly beautiful, elegant, and feminine. But here’s the thing, no matter how gentle and soft the Aries girl may seem, deep inside she is ambitious, strong, and may constantly challenge herself even in the most feminine areas!

And here’s a challenge for her! The Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the most beloved and preferred house plants among all the people around the world for their magnificent and beautiful blossoms. But, unfortunately, these are exotic flowers which are usually not accustomed to our natural habitat, and that is why growing these elegant plants and helping them produce their moth-shaped blossoms is quite the challenge. And a lot of people fail at this task. But your beloved and ambitious Ram female won’t, right? I am sure that if she has even one piece of these magnificent house plants, she would do whatever it takes to make it grow strong and bloom year after year! That is why I highly recommend this simple step-by-step guide into the world of Phalaenopsis orchids in case your Aries gal is a beginner in this field. And if she is already adept at taking care of these flowers, you can still grab something related to her gardening hobby – take a look at this list of tools and supplies for all moth orchid fanatics!


Goals: How to Get the Most Out of Your Life

Speaking of ambition and competitiveness, here’s something your Ram lady might appreciate to have – a book specially dedicated to achieving one’s goals and aspirations by the famous bestselling author Zig Ziglar. Although the writer is not a modern-day motivational speaker, his wisdom and pieces of advice are evergreen and can be applied even by future generations. So, if your Aries girl is a natural born boss lady with a strong inner drive for success, this all-time classic might be just for her!

Because achievements and accomplishments start with something very simple (but often overlooked) – setting your goals the right way. And this book will teach your ambitious Aries woman how to do so in 9 easy steps. Then it’s time for action! But hold your horses! Ziglar has a specific strategy for this part of the equation as well – he has a unique set of 13 formulas and variables on how to take the right action in order to succeed!  This is definitely a read for anyone who is serious about personal growth, self-development, and reaching their highest potential! And I bet that your Aries female is one of them!


VUP Running Armband for Smartphone

As a fiery sign, Aries people are usually quite active – they have busy lifestyles and they like doing different kinds of sports – fitness, jogging, or even simply regular walks in the park. And more often than not, most of us while being physically active we would like to have our communication devices with us.

Nowadays smartphones are not just tools for making calls – they have become an integral part of our workouts as well. For instance, different applications on our smartphones can track how many steps we take on a daily basis, how much time we have been jogging, at what speed we are moving, they can even check our vitals like heart rate, or simply listening to uplifting music while running, etc. And if your Aries girl is an avid sports kind of gal, this armband can be a wonderful and practical tool for her regular physical activities.


Zodiac Sign Moon and Star The Ram

Here’s something really cool, small, and symbolic for your beautiful Aries gal – an elegant keychain decorated with the first zodiac sign! Sometimes, as far as gifts go, the gesture is what counts the most! The simple fact that someone remembered your special occasion and got out of their way to grab a present is a touching statement of its own.

And let’s face it – first world people are blesses with pretty much everything they need and picking a special gift for them can be a real challenge sometimes. That is why for your beloved Ram woman who has everything, this symbolic heart-felt gift might be an item she would cherish and appreciate. And besides, keychains are quite the practical items, and nowadays we tend to have more than one set of keys – for the house, for the office, for the car, for the villa, etc. – and having multiple keychains is a great way to keep them tidy and organized!


Unique gifts for Aries woman

Greenline Goods Aries Stemless Wine Glasses

I really like this set of glasses. I include them in pretty much every gift guide because I find them to be absolutely gorgeous and multifunctional! If your Aries female is a real wine connoisseur, she would definitely appreciate a pair of high-quality sturdy glass tumblers beautifully sand-etched with all the twelve zodiac signs, their star constellations, and the first astrological sign at the center of them all, of course!

And she even doesn’t have to be a fan of the red drink of the gods to put these elegant glasses to use! They can accommodate all of her needs when it comes to classy beverages – homemade cocktails, mocktails, hard liquor, ice tea, water, infused water, kombucha, soft drinks, etc. After a long exhausting day at work, your Aries gal can set the mood with gentle music, and have a relaxing and stress relieving evening with her favorite drink and a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one!


Malicious Women Candle Co – Aries

Speaking of setting the mood for relaxation, we cannot miss one of the most essential items for this purpose – an aromatic candle. This is an absolute must when it comes to having the perfect ambience for your daily dose of stress relief, unwinding, or home SPA rituals. And for the active and busy Aries, having such regular self-care routines is extremely important. The Ram is a fiery active sign which often has a tightly packed schedule.

Well, they may get done a lot during the day, but the long-term effects can be detrimental to their overall wellbeing. So, reminding our beloved Aries girls that stress management and soul nourishment are essential, and this redolent candle will be their best assistant in having this me-time for re-charging their batteries and “sharpening the axe”!


 Alex and Ani Zodiac II Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet

Although Aries is an active and masculine sign, according to astrology, that doesn’t mean that the female representatives are not interested in stylish jewelry. Actually, some of the most beautiful and elegant women I know are born under the sign of the Ram and they take good care of their appearance. For them, it is a sign of self-respect.

And let’s not forget that this is the first sign of the zodiac and Aries people can be quite ambitious and competitive – this can manifest in even the simplest things, like being the most stylish gal at the office with impeccable attire and matching accessories! So, here’s how you can surprise your favorite Aries boss lady – by getting her this unique and beautiful expandable bracelet decorated with her astrological sign! Plus, all the items crafted under the Alex and Ani brand are handmade in the USA using recycled materials.


Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace with Birthstone Crystals

Speaking of beautiful jewelry, here’s another option you can definitely consider buying your beloved Aries girl for her next special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc. – an elegant heart-shaped necklace with a special birthstone ornament! Having stylish accessories is important to pretty much every self-respected woman who strives to look good at formal and informal events, and I believe this exquisitely gentle item would be a great addition to your favorite Ram gal’s dress code!

And to make it even more special, you can choose between different colors and stones to match her preferences! I have picked the blue one which is related to the birth month of March, but feel free to choose a different one, if needed! And lastly, do not forget that the necklace comes in a magnificent jewelry box ready for gifting!


DANCING BEAR Aries Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

OK, your Aries gal might be a really down to Earth kind of person, but the typical Rams are also extremely driven and goal-oriented! Why not help her achieve her wildest dreams with the help of spirituality and the law of attraction? It won’t hurt if she tries, right? And if she is already a huge fan of this modern-day New Age trend, then this might be the perfect gift for her next big day – a special Aries set for setting powerful intentions and manifesting the life that you desire!

The bundle contains all the necessary tools for the ultimate shamanic ritual for making one’s dream come true – a set of crystals and gemstones specifically picked for the first zodiac sign (Botswana agate, Dalmatian Jasper, Apatite, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Amazonite, and Red Jasper), Selenite and a piece of meteorite (a shooting star actually), a tea candle and a Palo Santo stick for smudging and clearing the energetic space for the sacred ritual, an Amethyst palm stone, a beautiful Ram necklace, and a cool and practical guide for complete newbies in the area of manifesting ceremonies and practices! Cool, huh?


Boss Gift Set for Women

The typical Aries woman is definitely a boss lady regardless of the type of work that she does or her career status! After all, this is a cardinal, fiery, and active sign which exudes ambition, competitiveness, power, and everlasting drive for success! And the female representatives are no exception to the rule! Hence, my next idea for a present for your beloved Ram girl is this awesome boss lady gift set!

The bundle is comprised of fun and comfy cotton socks with the hilarious “I’m not bossy. I am the boss” engraving; an insulated tumbler for her beverages of choice (from invigorating coffee to homemade yummy cocktails); and an aromatic candle to set the mood for relaxation and stress relief after a long and exhausting day at the office (tightly packaged in an elegant box). This is definitely a wonderful fun and practical gift set for any Aries woman out there!


Boss Lady Desk and Wall Art with Aluminum Frame

Speaking of boss ladies, here’s something else you may consider as a suitable gift for your awesome and driven Aries gal – a decoration piece of art. Well, the representatives of the first astrological sign may be truly naturally ambitious and competitive, but that doesn’t mean that they do not need some inspiration and motivation from time to time. Everyone has their moments on the low side of the emotional spectrum, and in times like these a piece of wall art like this one can be quite uplifting.

Aries women can be amazingly talented leaders and they must serve as motivation and examples to their co-workers, employees, friends, and family members. That is why I suggest you get your beloved Ram boss lady this elegant decoration piece to remind her of her true inner strength and power regardless of the type of work she does. This can also beautifully serve as a wall art for her office or her home (or home office). And you can even add your own motivational quotes or heart-felt wishes to make the gift even more touching and personalized!


Cilrofelr DIY Lip Gloss Making Kit

Making your own cosmetics can be a wonderful hobby which is not only fun, but also extremely beneficial to the planet! And if you think your awesome Aries gal might be interested in such activity, this lip gloss making kit might be a wonderful gift for her next special occasion. This is especially valuable if she is a complete newbie and is just in the beginning of her DIY natural skin-care crafting journey and she needs to tip her toes in the water!

I know that handmade cosmetics can be a bit tricky at first, but as you start with something simple, the whole process becomes super fun, exciting, and addictive (in the most positive meaning of the word, of course). And here’s one more reason to consider this amazing homemade cosmetics making set as a suitable present for your Ram lady – Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac and the typical representatives strive to be the first at almost everything – and your beloved Ram gal would probably be the first to have such a fun environmental-friendly hobby among all her friends and family members.


Scriveiner Black Lacquer Rollerball Pen

As we have already established, Aries is an extremely ambitious and competitive sign for their passionate fiery nature. This usually manifests as the typical representatives being quite invested in their career or entrepreneurship in general. So, if your amazing Ram gal is a true boss lady, regardless of her profession, this is how you can show her how awesome she is – by getting her this exquisite stylish high-class rollerball pen!

The pen may seem like a small and unimportant item, but it makes a huge difference! Having a high-quality writing tool like this one changes your perspective entirely, and helps you exude even more strength, ambition, and drive for success. And if you are even a little bit interested in the New Age movement (or maybe your Aries girl might be), you may probably know that every detail counts when it comes to creating your reality. The mere process of getting into the feeling of success pulls it even closer to you and your reality. So, a simple tool like this awesome elegant pen might have an enormous ripple effect on your Ram woman and instantly elevate her level of self-esteem and self-respect!


Backpack for Women LIGHT FLIGHT Laptop Backpacks

The first astrological sign in the zodiac is an extremely active fiery sign and most of its typical representatives are quite busy and mobile. And Aries females are no exception! They might be real busy bees always on the go to their next adventure or the next fun and exciting activity in their daily to-do list. Hence, my next present suggestion for your awesome Ram girl’s special occasion is this super cool and practical laptop travel backpack.

This item is probably the most convenient product every active gal would love to have at her disposal at any time! It is the perfect multipurpose item with various compartments for all the essentials she would need for her packed schedule or when travelling – a laptop compartment, pockets for documents, wallets, a water bottle, all sorts of devices, and more. The backpack is equipped with a special outlet for USB charging (you can even add a cool power bank to the gift, if you wish), and a convenient anti-theft back pocket for the most valuable stuff (like money or passports). This is probably the most ideal practical item the modern-day Aries gal could have!


HSI Professional Glide

Aries might be a masculine sign according to astrology, but that doesn’t mean that the female representatives are not feminine or do not take good care of their appearance. Actually, my personal observations are quite the opposite, and I believe that this is because of the highly ambitious and competitive nature of the first zodiac sign. So, if your Aries gal is quite invested in her looks and always strives to be her best regardless of the circumstances, this hair straightening iron might be a great choice for a gift!

It can make even the most unruly and thick hair become shiny and silky smooth! The item is equipped with a high-class ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates which evenly distribute the heat and special micro-sensors which may regulate the temperature and prevent burning her beautiful mane! Regardless of her hair type, this styling device will make it look amazing while protecting it from overheating. Plus, the set contains a practical travel bag for easier and safer transportation, a glove against skin burns, and a nifty small-size argan oil conditioner for even better silky smooth results! I believe this would make a wonderful gift for any special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.


Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

Speaking of gifts in the realm of beauty and self-care, here’s another great option you may want to consider for your beloved Aries lady – a gel nail polish kit for the perfect homemade manicure! As we have established, Ram gals might be super ambitious and this characteristic may express itself as being extremely diligent in their looks, striving for the impeccable appearance! I have seen this tendency firsthand!

So, this may lead your awesome Aries woman to always maintaining her nails perfectly shaped and polished – one’s manicure is the ultimate telltale sign of self-respect and our overall attitude towards life. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not always possible to regularly visit the nail salon, and we need to learn how to do a great deal of our self-care routines ourselves at home. That is why I suggest you grab your beautiful Aries gal this awesome and practical manicure set for her to have the opportunity and the freedom of having impeccable nails at all times!


Bath Bombs Gift Set

While we are still on the topic of beauty and self-care, here’s another idea for a suitable present for any Aries female – a super cool bath melt set! As I have mentioned in this Aries woman gift guide, the representatives of the first astrological sign are usually quite active and busy. They might have tightly packed daily schedules always on the go running from one task to another. Although high productivity is greatly appreciated and admired in our society, this tendency comes with a price – exhaustion, burnout, and stress.

And we don’t want our beloved Ram gals to get to this extreme point, right? That is why I highly suggest you remind your Aries boss lady to take time off regularly, and unwind, chillax, and recharge. Even the most productive, hardworking, and driven people need their sacred time of “sharpening the axe”. Hence, my next gift idea is this amazingly aromatic and soothing bath fizzies for the ultimate stress relief home SPA experience! Plus, the items are made with high-quality natural ingredients, and your favorite Ram girl will get out of the bath tub rejuvenated, recharged, and with silky smooth moisturized skin! Cool right?


Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women

Speaking of home SPAs, listen up! This next present idea might be exactly what your hardworking and ambitious Aries female might need – an amazingly aromatic and soothing bath and body skin care set! Creating our regular soul nurturing and body rejuvenating experiences at home is slowly becoming the norm, and this is actually not a bad trend! Over the last few years many people realized how important our overall wellbeing is, and how crucial self-care rituals actually are.

Taking time off our busy lifestyle to recharge, unwind, and relax is no longer a matter of just pampering ourselves. It is a form of prevention and protection of our mental, emotional, and physical state! That is why I recommend you grab this awesome gift set for your beloved Ram lady, and remind her to slow down and take care of herself! And this skin-care bundle will be her best assistant in doing so – it has everything she would need for her ultimate home SPA ritual – shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body oil, 2 bath fizzies, bath salts, a towel, and all of these are tightly packed in a super cool practical and reusable wooden basket! All you need to do is grab a greeting card and write down your heart-felt wishes for the lady of the hour!


LATME Electric Scalp Massager

OK, we will remain on the topic of self-care, because it is extremely important, and especially to the ambitious and ultra active Aries women! So, according to astrology, each zodiac sign has a sort of a weak spot. But be aware that this information is not to be taken as something to become paranoid or stressed about – it is simply a cool tip bit we can use to pay extra attention to this area as prevention tool. And for the first zodiac sign this is their head.

Protecting it from harsh weather, overthinking, and mental pressure is extremely important to the representatives of the first astrological sign. Hence, my gift idea in this respect is this amazing scalp massager! This might be exactly what your awesome Aries gal needs to relax and recharge her batteries after a long and exhausting day at the office! As far as massages go, we tend to forget how soothing and pleasant scalp rubbing can be, and especially to the Ram people! Take your girl’s self-care routine to the next level and surprise her with this super cool and practical tool she can put into use right away and achieve the ultimate relaxation! And if you wish to take things even further, definitely consider adding an ASMR CD to your shopping cart – this is what would really make her melt in bliss!


Preserved Red Real Rose with I Love You Necklace in 100 Languages

Now that’s one of my most favorite gift options for any woman out there! And the Aries lady of your heart might also think so! This is an awesomely beautiful and elegant gift set which would show your gal your deep appreciation and love for her! The kit is comprised of a magnificent everlasting rose blossom (using a special preservation technique which allows it to maintain its appearance for up to 5 years!), a stylish silver necklace with a secret “I love you” message hidden inside of it, and these are elegantly packaged in a beautiful jewelry box for protection against dust and scratches!

So, how do you unlock the secret message? It’s simple! Take a flashlight (it could be on your smartphone, a standalone light or your phone’s camera), press it against the decoration stone of the necklace, and the words will be projected on the wall (in this case the room has to be dark) or your phone’s screen (in case of using the camera option). Cool, huh? Oh, and one last thing – do not forget that the rose doesn’t have to be red. You can choose between red, purple, and blue. Well, red is usually one of Aries people’s most favorite colors, but you never know! :- )


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

In case it is still very hard for you to choose a special gift for your beloved Aries woman, here’s probably the safest option you can pick – an Amazon gift card! This present idea allows you to take the pressure off your back and the opportunity for your amazing Ram gal to grab something from the wide variety of items in the online store! This is the perfect win-win situation!

Because sometimes it is very hard to guess what a person would really like to receive, appreciate, and put into use, and we don’t want to disappoint our Aries boss ladies, right? That is why I always suggest getting one of these nifty present options. All you have to do is pick a sum of money of at least $25 and you will receive the gift voucher nicely packaged in a suitable gift box of your choice! You can even add a stylish and beautiful greeting card to write down all your heart-felt wishes for your favorite Aries female, and you are all set!


Ulta Beauty Gift Card

Speaking of gift cards, here’s another option you can consider – a gift voucher for one of the most popular beauty retailers in the United States. If your Aries gal is a fan of the brand and likes shopping for make-up and skin-care products in their stores, you can definitely pick this as a present for her next special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc.

Because as we all know, shopping for personal care products as presents is not easy since we may not be 100% sure what the other person likes, needs, or prefers. In this case, your badass Aries lady may be quite demanding of the beauty products she uses and a nifty gift card like this one might be the safest option! Just keep in mind that the product is redeemable both instore and online only on the territory of the United States, but there are no refunds. It is best to read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing this item!


DEZZIE Women’s Jewelry Box

Is your Aries gal passionate about beautiful jewelry? I know many of the female representatives of the first zodiac sign are extremely demanding of their appearance and they always strive to have impeccable look with elegant clothing and matching accessories. If that’s the case with your beloved Ram lady, she may have plenty of elegant items like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, wrist watches, women’s cufflinks, etc.

So, if this rings true, you can use this as an opportunity to make her life so much easier, and surprise her for her next big day with this amazingly stylish and practical jewelry box! The product is an awesome way to keep her precious bling neatly organized and protected from dust and scratches! The box has multiple compartments which would allow her to arrange her jewelry and easily transport them wherever she goes – on her vacation, on a business trip (you know how ambitious Aries people can be and their impeccable appearance is definitely part of their drive for success!), etc. And also, keep in mind that you can choose between two beautiful colors – if your Ram boss lady is not a pink kind of gal, you can pick the dark green option!


mysuntown Hat Scarf and Glove Set

As you may have probably remembered, the first astrological sign in the zodiac is related to the very top of our bodies – the head. This usually means that people born between 20th March and 19th April (or those with their sixth house cusp in Aries) should pay extra attention and care to their upper part of the body. This may very well be a sensitive area and a weak spot for them.

That is why my next present suggestion in this practical Aries woman gift guide is something extremely simple and pragmatic (because more often than not, there is nothing better than a gift we can actually put into use right away and use very often)  – a warm winter set of women’s beanie hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. And if your Ram gal already has some of these, there is always room for a spare kit – the cool part of this present idea is that all the items in this bundle have matching colors, and you can choose between three distinct ones – pink, gray, and black!


TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

Let’s not forget that Aries is the first astrological sign, and it is also a masculine fiery sign as well. This usually means that the typical representatives might be extremely physically active, ambitious, and competitive. And these traits can also be attributed to female Rams as well! They can be real boss ladies regardless of their occupation or job description! So, is your Aries gal a passionate jogger? Or maybe she likes going to the gym regularly.

Or maybe she is quite the busy bee with a tightly packed daily schedule? Either way, all of these activities can be done in a much more pleasant way by adding music to the equation! And all you have to do is grab a pair of these wireless earbuds and surprise your badass Aries girl for her next special occasion! Because there is nothing more annoying and irritating than having to constantly detangle the cords of one’s earphones! And here with the Bluetooth connectivity option, your Ram gal has the ultimate freedom of movement and convenience!


EFYTAL Mom Gifts, 925 Sterling Silver Infinity with Heart Necklace for Mother & Daughter

I really like this gift idea – it is elegant, gentle, and heart-touching! If your mom is born under the awesome sign of Aries, this infinity-shaped heart necklace is absolutely a wonderful option for a gift, especially for Mother’s Day! The materials used are extremely high quality without any nickel or other low-grade compounds which may cause allergic reactions or skin coloring. 

Also, keep in mind that this is not just a silver necklace – it is a whole gift package specially designed for surprising a loved one! It contains a jewelry box, a thank you note, a greeting card for writing down your wishes, a special cleaning cloth for silver, simple and clear maintenance instructions, and all of this is beautifully packaged in a gift bag! Oh, and one last thing! If you really like this product design, make sure you check the other gift options by this manufacturer – they have elegant necklaces for friends, girlfriends and wives, graduates, etc.


Headache and Migraine Relief Cap

As I have already mentioned, the head can be a real Achilles’ heel for the Aries people. They may often get muscle tension and headaches from all the accumulated daily stress. That is why self-care is so important to these active, ambitious, and hardworking folks! So, if your amazing Ram boss lady often has discomforts in this area, you can definitely pick this super cool (pun intended!) relief cap! (Of course, she should visit her doctor first!).

The item is made of non-toxic materials, medical grade liquid gel, and premium-class tearing-resistant and leak-proof PVC cover which allows the item to be applied for up to 600 25-minute soothing cycles. The ice can be moved around the inside of the cap and placed on the exact spot where tension-relief is needed. And best of all – the product is neurologist approved and recommended!


Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

Speaking of stress-relief and self-care, here’s another great gift option for your amazing Aries female – a natural oil diffuser set! These nifty multifunctional gadgets are awesome for creating an enchanting and soothing aromatic environment for unwinding and recharging after a long day of hustling at the office! The amazing aromatherapeutic properties of these natural herbal extracts can be real blessings for the hardworking and ambitious Ram gal!

But this device is not merely for adding soothing redolence to the home (or office)! It is also a great option for an air humidifier. This is especially important to improving the atmosphere of living spaces with air conditioning, and those placed in a very hot and dry environment. This diffuser will add some cool mist which would decrease the air dryness and improve one’s breathing. Also, this item can easily be used as a gentle source of light – as a night stand lamp with 15 different colors or an elegant decoration piece in the living room. 


Luxury gifts for Aries woman

Anne Klein Women’s Premium Crystal Accented Watch and Bracelet Set

The wrist watch is a wonderful accessory for the modern-day woman, and especially for the ambitious Aries boss lady! The typical representatives of the sign are usually quite active and have tightly packed schedules. That is why a practical and elegant watch is always needed for the busy Ram to tackle her tasks on time and with ease!

But the girls born between 20th March and 19th April and no ordinary gals – they have class and high standards, and if we wish to make them happy for their special occasion, we need to pick something which exudes high-quality and luxury! Hence, my next present suggestion for your favorite Aries female is this amazingly beautiful and stylish wrist watch and bracelet set! The item uses the popular Japanese quartz movement mechanism, it is water resistant for up to 30 meters (100 feet), it is exquisitely decorated with multiple premium crystals, and all the items in the set are elegantly arranged in a high-class jewelry box – it is the ideal gift bundle!


SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults

Aries is a fiery masculine sign according to astrology, and it is quite possible for the female representatives to enjoy having and playing with toys for boys. That is why my next suggestion for a suitable gift is this nifty device for both kids and adults! Well, drones are definitely not just for children. These can be amazingly practical tools for capturing beautiful sceneries from above, which is otherwise almost impossible for amateur videographers!

And for the competitive and driven Ram, this may be a wonderful opportunity to test her navigation skills and make her inner child happy! Moreover, if your Aries gal has children of her own, using this gadget might be a really nice bonding experience for the whole family! The drone is very easy to operate, supplies high-quality stable video, and has multiple options and modes, such as 3D flips and rolls, gesture control, gravity control, voice control, creating a custom flying route, speed adjustment, smart alerts, headless mode, emergency landing, etc.


Yachyee Painless Laser Hair Removal Device for Women

Now, let’s get back to something much more feminine – the evergreen topic for women – hair removal! Well, it is not just a female problem anymore, but women are still much more concerned about having silky smooth skin 24/7. So, we look for various ways and technical innovations to achieve this goal more efficiently, with long lasting results, and with less pain. That is why I recommend you get your amazing Aries gal this awesome state of the art epilation device – the IPL (intense pulse light) tool.

This hair removal method works directly on the follicles which allows you to slow down the re-growth process and have smooth skin for months ahead. Plus, the newly formed hairs will be much less thicker and more spaced out. The device can be applied on pretty much every body area – the legs, the arms, armpits, upper lip, the bikini area, etc. There are several operation modes and gears depending on the needs and the hair re-growth speed in that particular skin area. Plus, this hair removal kit also includes a pair of special goggles to protect the eyes from the laser light, and a razor to apply before the treatment. Important note by the manufacturer: “The device can’t be charged. It need to be plugged into power all the time during working. And this laser hair removal NOT applicable to black skin and white/grey hair.”


Tress Wellness Waxing Kit Wax warmer

Speaking of hair removal, here’s another great option to achieve the same goal with a more traditional method – waxing. The waxing epilation method is a hair removal technique which is very commonly used in the beauty salons. It is fast, effective, and offers lasting results – way better than the traditional shaving method. Unfortunately, some people are not able to visit their favorite beautician these days, and we need to learn how to do a lot of the stuff at home.

Plus, having your own DIY waxing kit allows you to save lots of money and time, and to have your epilation procedure whenever you need! No need for a special appointment, no need to travel to the salon, no need to wait in line! This hair removal bundle has all the essentials for the ultimate DIY waxing procedure for any body area which has to be silky smooth – the legs and arms, the bikinis, even eyebrows! Also, you get a pair of special body sprays for prepping the skin before the epilation process, and afterwards to sooth the derma. Moreover, the set is equipped with special face and body spatulas to spread the melted wax more easily, 5 protective paper rings, and a nifty user manual for complete beginners!


CHI Volumizer 4-in-1 Blowout Brush

As we have established, Aries is an extremely active sign and its representatives are quite the busy bees. This means that they would definitely love to have tools and gadgets to save them time and which allow them to achieve a certain result more quickly, effectively, and efficiently. That is why my next suggestion in this Aries woman gift guide is this multifunctional beauty hair device – a blowout brush.

The tool offers 4 main functions using the different attachments – oval brush for creating volume and styling, a paddle brush for much smoother and tamed look, nozzle concentration for creating a direct air flow to the hair, and a compact diffuser for adding more volume to the roots. But that’s not all! The item is designed with a one of a kind ion generator so it produces a large amount of negatively charged ions which are absolutely amazing to “reduce frizz and increase shine, helping to seal the cuticle, minimize fly-a-ways, and avoid heat damage by locking in the hairs natural moisture”. Also, the design is extremely lightweight for the ultimate comfort while in operation!


Thumper Sport Percussive Massager

Aries people usually love spending their excessive amount of energy in doing some kind of sports or physical activity. Unfortunately, this also means that the muscles and the connective tissues need more tender love and care for their proper regeneration after hard and extensive workouts. If that’s the case with your beloved Ram gal, this is what you can do to make her life easier and much more enjoyable – a super cool percussive massager.

Having a massage after (or before) any form of physical activity is an absolute bliss for the whole body – it increases the blood and lymph circulation and releases the muscle tension in minutes! But that’s not all! This amazing DIY procedure is an excellent self-care routine for anyone, and especially for people who lead a much more sedentary lifestyle (and unfortunately, this has become a norm for the major part of humanity)! All the tissues in our bodies thrive when being properly nourished and rejuvenated with a nice soothing and stress-relieving massage! That is why I highly recommend you surprise your beloved Aries girl with this amazingly practical, lightweight, easy to use, and quiet tool for everyday relaxation and tension relief!


Kendra Scott Ari Heart Huggie Earrings

Beautiful jewelry never goes out of style, and it is always an excellent option for a gift! Even though Aries is considered to be a masculine sign according the ancient knowledge of astrology, this doesn’t mean that the female representatives are not interested in their feminine look! Actually, some of the most graceful and beautiful women I have seen are indeed born under the sign of the Ram. And their natural ambition and competitiveness can inspire them to always strive for an impeccable appearance!

Hence, my next gift idea is this elegant pair of earrings beautifully decorated with colorful gemstones! This is hands down one of the safest and most suitable present options for any Aries gal out there for any type of special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Christmas, etc. Stylish jewelry is definitely an extremely versatile gift! And even if your amazing Ram boss lady is not much of a pink kind of gal, you can pick a different color depending on her preferences – white, gray, rainbow, turquoise, magenta, etc. Having beautiful and stylish attire and accessories in matching colors is definitely quite important to the demanding Aries girl!


GoPro HERO7 Black + Extra Battery

Let’s get back to one of the most typical characteristic of the first zodiac sign – their enormous strength and excessive amounts of energy! Pretty much every Aries likes being physically active in one way or another, but they usually love doings sports which allow them to challenge themselves in many ways.

And now they have the opportunity to capture their proudest moments and achievements with this amazing durable GoPro camera specially designed for such extreme experiences! If your Aries boss lady loves swimming, diving, surfing, canoeing, etc. this awesome waterproof device will be her best assistant in providing stable and high-quality video – so she can have a documented proof of her strength and agility! Well, Aries is a fiery sign, and a little bit of bragging and boasting is in their nature! 😉


Garmin Venu, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display

And speaking of cool gadgets, here’s my last suggestion for an awesome present in this practical Aries woman gift guide – a smartwatch. Well, I usually recommend giving your loved one a traditional type of elegant wrist watch because I believe that these are amazingly beautiful and indispensable accessories (see suggestion #36). But here, in this case, I would suggest you grab your favorite Ram gal something much more versatile and modernistic – I think that every item should appeal to her active and ambitious nature.

So, even a simple tool like the wrist watch should have the ability to save time and achieve multiple purposes. And this option here does it all – this is not merely a cool device with a modern-day display which tells the time – it can beautifully work as a wellness monitor for checking one’s “energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate and more”. It can also be applied as a cool music player by downloading your favorite tunes from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer. But that’s not all! The smartwatch can also be used as a practical GPS navigation tool, and a super awesome sports assistant with its applications for your daily dose of physical activity (very important to the Aries people!) – jogging, yoga, Pilates, swimming, interval training, etc.   An amazing gadget, isn’t it?


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