40+ Great Gifts for Taurus Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Taurus Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Taurus Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Taurus Female)


What to buy your Taurus girl?
Affordable gifts for а Taurus woman
Unique gifts for Taurus woman
Luxury gifts for Taurus woman

What to buy your Taurus girl?

Well, since you are here, I guess you have a dear Taurus lady who has a special occasion (a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, wedding anniversary, Christmas, etc.) coming up and you wish to surprise her with a suitable personalized gift she would love! And I also guess that you may be out of ideas and you wish to find something to show your Bull gal how much you love and appreciate her in your life! So, my intention here was to help you out in this adventure by selecting a multitude of present options for you to pick from. I also did my best to take into account the most common characteristics of the second zodiac sign when creating this Taurus woman gift guide, so that your Bull lady would be touched by the surprise you have chosen for her! If you wish to learn more about these traits and characteristics, feel free to hop into the previous article dedicated to the male counterparts of the sign. This piece of information might also give you some excellent prezzie ideas for the lady of your heart!

So, who is this gift guide suitable for? Well, I guess that here you would find lots of practical and unique suggestions for presents regardless of the type of bond you have with your Taurus female – whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, a friend (even a BFF), a colleague, or even your boss! This gift idea collection is an excellent starting point when you have absolutely no clue what your special lady would love to receive! So, let’s get started!

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Affordable gifts for а Taurus woman

VLINRAS Zodiac Sign Necklaces

The second astrological sign is ruled by the magnificent planet of Venus – the celestial body which represents love, harmony, and beauty. So, the typical representatives of the Taurus sign, and especially females, can be true admirers of everything in this field! That is why my first suggestion in this Taurus woman gift guide is this elegant necklace beautifully decorated with the symbol of the Bull!

Stylish jewelry is always a good idea for a present! And this one right here is a wonderful choice for a small and inexpensive item to give to your beloved Taurus gal for her special occasion – the necklace is ethically made of tarnish free materials, it is nickel-free, lead-free, hypoallergenic, and it is plated with real 18K gold!


ZUOPIPI Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain

Taurus is an earth sign and the typical representatives can truly be considered to be down-to-Earth kind of people! They are usually quite pragmatic and this could be a valuable piece of information for us to pick practical gifts for their special occasion! Hence, my next suggestion for a cute, small, and inexpensive present for your beloved Bull girl is this nifty zodiac keychain!

This may seem like an insignificant item at first, but think about how many keys we actually have these days! So, having a spare keychain might be a wonderful way to keep them organized – one set for the home, one for the office, another one for the car, a different one for the villa, etc. And since Taurus is a very pragmatic creature, the lady of your heart might really want to keep her stuff neatly arranged and organized! Also, this symbolic item will be a wonderful reminder of you and your appreciation of her every time she uses her keys. Cool, right?


I’m a Taurus Girl Shirt Funny Birthday T-Shirt for Women

Speaking of practical gifts, here’s another option you might want to consider getting your favorite Taurus gal – a cool cotton t-shirt decorated with her zodiac sign! The representatives of the second astrological sign usually love comfortable clothing. They are the kind of people who like engaging all of their senses in what they consider pleasant and enjoyable – tasty food, good music, beautiful sceneries, and soft and agreeable fabrics!

And what a better way to give your body the ultimate freedom of movement in everyday life than with a nice and comfy cotton tee? The pragmatic Bull woman would definitely appreciate a simple and useful present like this one she can put into use right away – when doing yoga, running errands, watching TV, doing her household chores, etc. – everything feels better when you do it in a snug t-shirt! Plus, you can choose between several cool colors (depending on her preferences) – black, navy, brown, dark heather, and purple.


Fullcci-15oz Creative Constellation Coffee Mug Set

As I have mentioned previously, Taurus is a very down-to-Earth sign and the typical representatives love stimulating all of their five physical senses in enjoyable stuff. And of course this includes yummy food and tasty beverages which would indulge their taste buds! So, here’s my next suggestion for a gift for your beloved Bull female – a beautiful and elegant coffee mug set for her to sip her drinks of choice in style!

She may be a real caffeine addict, or an English type of lady who prefers some afternoon tea (the item has a nifty lid for steeping herbs and botanicals), or a hot cocoa connoisseur (the product also has a practical long spoon for stirring such hot beverages like a pro), or she may enjoy something more exotic like the Ayurvedic golden milk, kombucha, kefir, etc. Either way, this stylish porcelain cup set will accommodate all of her needs! Just remind your favorite Taurus gal that this cup set should not be used in a microwave oven or a dishwasher in order to preserve the beautiful Bull sign and start constellation decoration!


The Little Book of Self-Care for Taurus

Nowadays it is extremely important to realize that this hectic lifestyle that most of us lead is definitely not something we can keep up with forever. The human being is designed to have a proper balance between hard work and leisure time. And as far as our beloved Taurus females go, they can be real hardworking busy bees! Actually, all the earth signs are known for being quite industrious.

This could be a wonderful thing, but it is time to gently remind our favorite Bull girls that self-care is as important as hustling at the office! So, here’s what I suggest you grab your Taurus lady for her next big day (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.) – a book dedicated specifically to the most suitable self-care practices and rituals for the representatives of the second zodiac sign! And although Taurus people are quite the workaholics, they do love spending time indulging their senses in pleasant activities and this is a wonderful gesture and a reminder that “sharpening the axe” is an integral part of being productive and successful in life!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

As we have already established, Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and the typical representatives, especially women, might be real fanatics when it comes to nature and beauty! And this usually manifests as being passionate gardeners. Most Bull women I know love taking care of their house plants and they are very proud of the beautiful blossoms they can enjoy around the house.

That is why I guess that if that’s the case with your beloved Taurus female, she definitely has at least one Phalaenopsis orchid in her home or is extremely interested in getting one in the near future. Unfortunately, these are some exotic plants coming for the rainforests of Asia and taking proper care of them might be a real challenge for the Western climate. So, I highly suggest you get your beloved Bull girl this practical, simple, and straightforward moth orchid care guide to help her out in this process – it has everything she needs to know – from proper watering, fertilizing to stimulating the blooming process and propagating! And if she is already doing well with her own Phalaenopsis plants, you can still pick a suitable present from the list of tools and supplies for all orchid connoisseurs I have created!


Wine Gifts for Women Wine Insulated Tumbler Birthday Gift

We remain on the topic of self-care because it can definitely be extremely helpful and suitable for our favorite Taurus gals! They love pampering themselves and we will give them all the necessary tools to make this process easier and much more enjoyable. Hence, my next gift suggestion is this awesome and practical (anything practical is deeply appreciated by the second astrological sign!) – a special gift set specifically targeted at her daily dose of relaxation, stress-relief, and unwinding after a long and exhausting day at work (and as we have already learned, the Bulls can be true workaholics and they have earned their time off!).

This is probably one of the best present options for any Taurus person for them to indulge their physical senses and get their daily dose of blissful rest! The bundle contains everything your beloved Bull gal needs to have the self-care routine she deserves – an insulated tumbler for all sorts of hot or cold beverage of her choice, a pair of warm cotton socks for the cold winter evenings, a scented candle to set the mood, a bottle opener and a wine stopper to prevent her delicious red elixir from evaporating, a loofah, if she intends on spending this time of relaxation in the bath tub, a greeting card you can use to write down your heart-felt wishes, and all of this is neatly arranged in an elegant box ready for gifting! And remember that you can choose between three color variations – rose gold, glitter black, and glitter white.


The Pioneer Woman Cooks―Super Easy!

As I have already mentioned, Taurus is an earth sign which loves the simple things in life which engage all of their senses. This means that good tasty food usually plays a huge role in their lives. The Bulls can be extremely good homemakers, especially the female representatives – their ruling planet Venus helps them to always strive to have a pleasant and inviting environment and some delicious home cooked meals!

Hence, my next gift suggestion for your amazing Taurus girl is this bestselling cookbook for all talented home chefs! If your favorite Bull gal loves spending quality time in the kitchen preparing her unique gourmet dishes, this might be a great gift choice for her next special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, Christmas, etc. The book provides 120 amazingly delicious zero-fuss recipes which save time and effort and do not require too much prepping which “makes cooking less of a chore and more of a pleasure — exactly what cooking should be!”


Zuo Bao Simple Zodiac Sign Cuff Bracelet with Birthstone

As you may have probably remembered, the second astrological sign is ruled by the planet of Venus – the celestial body in our Solar system which represents beauty, love, and romance. Hence, people born under the sign of the Taurus (and Libra) tend to be extremely romantic with a strong attraction to anything which appeals to their senses. In other words, Taurus women love beauty in every shape or form, including elegant jewelry. 

And what a better and safer choice for a gift for any woman actually, than a stylish piece of accessory she would use in formal or informal occasions. Hence, my next present suggestion for your favorite Bull female is this amazingly elegant and beautiful bracelet exquisitely decorated with the astrological symbol of the second zodiac sign and a shiny birthstone! The item is super cute, gentle, and unobtrusive and I bet your Taurus gal would love to wear it! And remember that the bracelet comes in a wonderful velvety pouch which makes it perfect as a present ready for gifting!


Unique gifts for Taurus woman

Malicious Women Candle Co – Taurus The Zodiac

The environment of the second astrological sign has to be beautiful and inviting in every aspect! This specifically applies to the typical female Bulls who love having their personal space to be neat, tidy, elegantly decorated, and enchantingly redolent! So, here’s my next suggestion in this practical Taurus woman gift guide – a nice aromatic candle specially designed for the female representatives of this amazing earth sign!

Being born under the influence of one of the most romantic planets (Venus), the Bulls love anything which tingles their physical senses and adds a feeling of coziness, warmth, and peace to their personal living space (or even better – creating such positive and relaxing ambience to their professional place and making their work experience much more enjoyable!). So, do not hesitate to add this amazing aromatic candle to your shopping cart and surprise your awesome Taurus gal with something practical (yes, the typical representatives of the second astrological sign are among the most pragmatic creatures in the zodiac, and combining it with elegance and aesthetics is their superpower!) she can put into use right away and improve her life immediately!


Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace with Birthstone Crystals

Oh, we will be talking a lot about beauty and elegance in this Taurus woman gift guide! And that’s because being born under the influence of the planet Venus makes Bull females extremely interested and sensitive to the aesthetic part of our lives. They can certainly appreciate anything which adds beauty and style to our existence!

That is why my next idea for a gift is indeed in the realm of elegant accessories which Taurus women really enjoy having. But this is not just an ordinary necklace! The item is exquisitely decorated with a piece of birthstone which is perfectly picked for the birth month of your lady! In this case, we have the amazingly beautiful emerald green which is absolutely in harmony with the earthy nature of the Taurus sign (which is also related to nature’s natural greenery). But if your Bull lady was born in April, you can choose the one with the rainbow white Opal or any other gemstone which perfectly matches her color preferences (because having clothes and accessories in matching colors is extremely important to the stylish Taurus gal! She could be a true fashion trend setter!).


DANCING BEAR Taurus Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

OK, let’s get to the woo-woo realm! Even though Taurus is an earth sign and its typical representatives can truly be described as pragmatic and down to Earth kind of people, that doesn’t mean they are not interested in spirituality or any type of religious practices. This can be said for any Bull gal, but especially for those who have a strong Aquarius or Pisces influence in their chart.

So, if you feel your Taurus female is interested in anything which has to do with the New Age movement, the law of attraction, pagan and Wiccan rituals, this cool goal achieving birthday set can be a wonderful gift for her next big day! This is a special bundle of items which would serve as props for her next magical wish-making ceremony – a set of gemstones specifically picked to harmonize with the energy of the representatives of the second zodiac sign (Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Pyrite, Apatite, Aventurine, Amazonite), a piece of Selenite and an actual shooting star (a meteorite), a candle and a Palo Santo smudging stick to clear out any negativity from the sacred ceremonial space, a piece of the Amethyst gemstone, a beautiful Taurus necklace, and a practical instruction manual for complete newbies in the area of manifesting! Help your beloved Taurus woman make her dreams come true with the powerful help of the Universe!


BodyRestore Shower Steamers (Pack of 12)

The typical Taurus women love their regular self-care rituals. And if your Bull lady is one of those representatives of the second zodiac sign which are notorious for their workaholism and extremely industriousness, then it is very important to remind her to often take some time off and relax. Because having your sacred rituals of self-care, relaxation, and stress relief are absolutely vital for our overall wellness and wellbeing!

Having a proper balance between work and leisure is one of our biggest issues we are dealing with these days from leading hectic and busy lifestyles! So, what I would suggest you grab your beloved Taurus female is this bundle of shower melts to give her the ultimate aromatherapeutic experience from the comfort of her own home (if she does not have a bath tub). The tablets are made of all natural ingredients without any parabens, and haven’t been tested on animals (they are cruelty-free)! And that’s extremely important to the Bull for its inborn Earth-loving nature and their enormous compassion towards anything which has to do with Gaia and the animal kingdom!


Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

Of all the astrological signs in the zodiac, Taurus is probably the biggest delicious food and beverages connoisseur! The typical representatives of the second zodiac sign usually love anything which positively engages their physical senses – beautiful sceneries, soft and delicate fabrics, good music, and yummy stuff which indulges their taste buds.

And of course, this means that your favorite Bull lady might be a real fanatic when it comes to delicious drinks, like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, lattes, etc. If that’s the case, you can definitely surprise her with this amazingly elegant mug set! It is a wonderful personalized gift beautifully decorated with her zodiac sign and star constellation! But also, the kit is equipped with a nifty tea infuser (if she is more of an English kind of lady), and a long gold-colored spoon for stirring her hot beverages in style! And do not forget that this beautiful coffee cup set is elegantly wrapped in an exquisite royal-like box ready for gifting! Maybe you would need to grab a greeting card along with this awesome present to show your Taurus lady how much she means to you!


Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women

Let’s get back to the topic of self-care and relaxation because I really think that this area is a real gold mine when it comes to choosing a suitable gift for any Taurus lady! Why do I think that? Well, it is simply because the second astrological sign is under the magnificent and enchanting influence of Venus and the typical Bulls are very sensitive to anything which engages their physical senses.

So, having items which make them feel cozy, warm, and safe is extremely important to them! Now think about how such gift basket filled with self-care products would make your beloved Taurus gal feel? I bet she would blissfully soak in the bath tub enjoying the amazing redolence of the vanilla and coconut, and feel the gentle nourishment of the natural oils on her skin! Ah, this is truly a magical home SPA experience I would definitely recommend to anyone! And do not think that relaxation and stress-relief is just a matter of pampering! Most of us lead quite the busy and hectic lifestyles, and getting our sacred time off for “sharpening the axe” is extremely important and vital to our long-term wellbeing! This could be especially applicable to the Taurus sign which often may exhibit signs of exhaustion and burnout coming from overworking themselves! Do not miss this opportunity to add more peace and loving care to your Bull girl’s life with this amazing SPA gift set!


Greenline Goods Taurus Stemless Wine Glasses

Here’s another option I would like to suggest in this nifty Taurus woman gift guide – a beautiful set of wine glasses! Well, as I have already mentioned, the typical Bulls are quite fanatic when it comes to gourmet food and tasty beverages. And your beloved Taurus gal might be a true wine connoisseur – after all, the representatives of the second zodiac sign usually have an extremely sensitive palate and positively engaging their taste buds is very important to them!

But do not think that the Bull is limited only to the old school traditional types of this red elixir of life! They might be quite enchanted by the much more modernistic yummy sorts enriched with herbs and delicious fruits, such as wormwood wine (here we call it pelin), raspberry wine, aronia wine, etc. But that’s not all! Your Taurus lady might not even like any type of liquor and this elegant glassware set would still accommodate her needs – the glasses (which had been beautifully sand-etched with all the astrological signs in the zodiac) can serve as practical elegant tumblers for drinking a wide variety of beverages – homemade cocktails, mocktails, frappe, ice tea, fruit- or vegetable-infused water, kombucha, and many more! The main thing is that the tumblers are high-quality, stable, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and personalized with the star constellation of the awesome Bull sign! A great practical and versatile gift, isn’t it?


Cooking Gift Set Co. Mulled Wine Gift Set

Speaking of tasty beverages, here’s something which might pique your Taurus woman’s interest – a mulled wine making set! Mulled wine is usually a European traditional winter drink which consists of heated red wine infused with various spices and fruits, such as cloves, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and oranges. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

And I am sure your beloved Bull gal would love it since the typical representatives of the second zodiac sign are extremely passionate about tasty food and beverages from around the world! This homemade cocktail kit will be her best assistant in preparing her brand new favorite beverage for the cozy winter days she can spend wrapped in a warm blanket watching movies or listening to music!  And if you wish to make this gift idea even better and more complete, feel free to combine it with the exquisite and durable wine glass set from the previous suggestion!


Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

According to astrology, each zodiac sign is related to one (or several) body part, and this area might be a bit more sensitive than the others. As far as the Taurus sign goes, their Achilles’ heel, so to speak, is their throat and neck. This simply means that the representatives of this earth sign should pay extra attention to this area, and apply more tender love and care.

So, here’s what I suggest in terms of using this piece of information for choosing a suitable present – I highly recommend you grab your beloved Bull lady a neck massager, like this one here. This could be a wonderful device for her to start improving her life and overall wellbeing immediately! The item will sooth the accumulated pressure from the day and would make her feel extremely better in no time! This product is especially valuable if the lady of your heart works in an office or leads a more sedentary lifestyle. The massager will help her improve the blood in lymph circulation in this important body area and make her feel like a million bucks! Oh, and did I mention that the item is easily portable with its nifty travel bag? Plus, the massager can also be used in the car while driving – driving every day for many hours could be a really stiffening and a muscle tension creating experience.


QUEENFUR Winter Women Thick Cable Knit Ribbed Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

Since we are still on the topic of self-care, here’s another great option for a very simple, practical, and inexpensive gift for your wonderful Taurus female – a thick and warm winter knitted scarf! As I have mentioned in the previous suggestion, the typical representatives of the second zodiac sign usually have extremely sensitive necks and throats. This means that they should definitely keep these areas protected from various harsh weather conditions, like low temperatures and wind.

So, here’s my proposal for a present you can use to surprise your beloved Bull girl and make her life easier and cozier – do not hesitate to add this amazing warm scarf to your shopping cart! This may seem like a too simple present, but Taurus people really like practical stuff, and if your Bull female lives in an area where the temperatures may drop significantly, this may be a wonderful choice for a gift for here next special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. But remember that this item is not just a mere scarf – it can be transformed into a scoody as well to accommodate your Taurus girl’s needs. And also, feel free to pick a suitable color which would match the lady of the hour’s preferences. Psst! If you wish to add a knitted hat to make a matching set, here are the options available by the manufacturer.


Modelones Gel Nail Kit Gel Nail Polish Kit with 48W LED Light

Let’s not forget that the second astrological sign is ruled by Venus – the planet representing beauty, love, and romance. So, the typical Taurus ladies can be really passionate about these areas, and they can be true beauties who take good care of their looks. If that’s the case with your Bull girl, here’s how you can surprise her for her next big day with something she might really like – a gel nail polish set!

Our manicure is an important part of our appearance and it is usually one of the telltale signs of how much we love and appreciate ourselves. The elegant Taurus gals know this, and they often take good care of their nails, and keep them neat and beautifully painted at all times. If this rings true for your Bull gal, this gift set might be a true blessing for her! She wouldn’t have to spend lots of time and money on visiting the nail salon (the representatives of the second zodiac sign can be a little bit materialistic, and having stuff which save them cash is deeply appreciated!). And besides, times are different now, and we need to start learning how to do lots of things on our own from the comfort of our homes. But this can be a wonderful and exciting start for a brand new hobby for your amazingly talented Taurus female!


HSI Professional Glider

We will remain on the topic of beauty because it could be a real goldmine when it comes to choosing a suitable gift for the elegant Taurus lady, ruled by the amazing planet of Venus! And here we cannot miss one of the most common and desired devices almost every modern woman needs to have – the hair straightener! This amazing tool has become an integral part of our lives for making hair styling at home much easier, faster, and more affordable!

This professional-grade hair glider can make even the thickest and most unruly mane feel silky smooth and tamed! And that’s because it is not just an ordinary hair styling tool – this is a modern-day device with state of the art technology for achieving great results while protecting the hair against burning and frizzing. The secret is the high-class ceramic and tourmaline heating plates which also produce large amounts of ions which would make your hair become shiny and silky smooth. At the same time, the micro sensors make sure the temperature is evenly distributed along the plates to avoid overheating and damaging the hairs! And that’s not all! The kit also includes a cool glove for painless and safer handling, a travel bag so the item can be easily transported when travelling, and a nifty packet of argan oil leave-in conditioner for even better results!


INNO STAGE 10 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

One of the interesting characteristics of the second zodiac sign is its earthy nature! The typical Taurus people are extremely connected to nature in many ways – they may love spending time in the wild, hiking, camping, they may be passionate environmentalists or they may simply love gardening in in every form – from taking care of house plants (check out suggestion #6) or growing their own food.

If that’s the case with your beloved Taurus gal, here’s how you can take advantage of her interests in picking a suitable present for her special occasion – you can definitely consider getting her this amazingly practical gardening kit! It is an absolutely practical tool set of the most commonly used items in this area which would serve her well – “trowel, weeder, transplanter, rake, cultivator, pruning shears, plastic garden sprayer, rubber gloves with polyester, removable tote bag, 98ft bind line, and a foldable seat” with solid polished rust-proof heads and natural wooden handles! WOW! I personally haven’t seen such a thorough bundle of tools! Seriously, if your Bull lady is even a little bit interested in growing her own plants and veggies, do not hesitate to surprise her with this awesome tool kit!


LLB 2 Pack Flower Pots for Plants

Let’s continue the topic of gardening and house plants care! As I have mentioned previously, Taurus women may be extremely passionate about having all kinds of greenery around them for their sign’s earthy nature. If that’s the case with your favorite Bull female, this is your chance to surprise her with something practical related to her hobby.

Hence, my next recommendation in this Taurus woman gift guide is this amazing self-watering planter! As the name implies, this is not just an ordinary flower pot – this is a modern-day container for growing all kinds of plants without all the hassle and worry about their proper watering schedule! This item makes caring for botanicals so much easier even for complete newbies! And this is also an extremely valuable product to have when travelling to long-distances or during your summer vacation – no more dried plants which are barely alive after your annual visit to the exotic beaches! Keep in mind that the planter is excellent for growing various kinds of greenery – house or outdoor plants, flowers, succulents, and even herbs and small fruits (like cherry tomatoes, for example) which are deeply appreciated by the Taurus gal who usually loves cooking with fresh and quality ingredients!


Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter

Taurus girls can really be passionate home cooks, but they can also be quite the environmentalists! This is simply because the Bull is an earth sign and its typical representatives usually have a very strong connection to Gaia! So, your beloved Taurus female might be really interested in the process of composting and incorporating it into our daily lives – by recycling food scraps and dried leaves and turning them into nutritious plant soil!

Unfortunately, composting is not a very easy and pleasant experience when done in an apartment or any closed space for the possible dreadful smells. This could be the number one reason why your Earth-loving gal procrastinates about reducing her food waste. Well, if that’s the case, then this might be the perfect solution which may also work as a wonderful gift – a special kitchen counter compost bin! The kit contains a set of nifty charcoal filters which remove the unpleasant aromas and the process becomes much easier to do and maintain! The set is also equipped with eco-friendly biodegradable bags, and a super practical chart with all the stuff which is suitable and not suitable for recycling! Cool, right?


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

OK, let’s say you are completely out of ideas what to choose as a suitable gift for your favorite Taurus female. In this case, this might be your safest option – an Amazon gift card! This present suggestion allows you to take the pressure off your back and avoid any disappointments!

You simply choose a sum of money of at least 25 dollars and your Bull lady gets to pick whatever she prefers from the wide variety of products in the store – from gardening tools to beautiful jewelry – Amazon has pretty much everything! This is probably the perfect win-win option! And do not forget that the voucher comes in a stylish physical gift box of your choice, unlike many other cards which are delivered only via email. This makes it a wonderful option for a present for any kind of special occasion. All you need to add is an elegant greeting card to write down all your best wishes to your awesome Taurus lady!


Starbucks Gift Card

Speaking of gift cards, here’s another great option you may consider getting your favorite Taurus gal – a gift voucher for the one of the most popular coffee house chains – Starbucks. As I have mentioned previously, the representatives of the second astrological sign are passionate about everything which positively engages their physical senses, and quality, tasty, and gourmet food and beverages is definitely in their preferences!

So, if your beloved Bull lady is an enthusiastic exquisite coffee connoisseur, this present idea might be a perfect fit! And besides, Taurus is an earth sign which is also known to be quite hardworking, and the typical representatives would love to have a yummy cup of their favorite invigorating caffeine-packed drink in their lunch break to keep them going throughout the day! Oh, and Starbucks also has delicious snacks and meals – now that’s definitely in the Bull’s lane! But before you add this cool gift item to your shopping cart, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully!


Burt’s Bees Gift Set, 6 Classic Products

Proper skin care is important to the hardworking Taurus people, and this can be a wonderful opportunity to surprise them with something practical they would put into use right away! Hence, my next present suggestion in this Taurus woman gift guide is this super cool universal skin care kit! Well, your beloved Bull female might be a talented cook, or a gardening enthusiast – either way, her derma may need some extra tender love and care to keep it moisturized, nourished and protected against damages.

That’s is why I recommend getting the lady of the hour this amazing set which would bring her skin care routine to the next level. The bundle has all the essentials in this area – lemon butter cuticle cream for easier manicure management, hand salve for treating extremely dry or damaged skin, original beeswax lip balm for proper care for the tender lip area especially during the cold months, Res-Q ointment for all kinds of unfortunate situations like skin burns or small cuts, shea butter hand repair cream for irresistibly soft palms, and coconut foot cream because preparing our feet for the sunny summer days starts in the winter!


RHF Sherpa Blanket w/Words of Warm Hug

Since Taurus is an earth sign, its typical representatives usually like everything which makes them feel good, cozy, and warm. They are quite the down-to-Earth type of people and they love everything which helps them feel nice in their own skin! So, here’s how you can use this to your advantage to choose the perfect gift for your amazing Taurus girl’s special occasion (a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc.) – definitely consider adding this fuzzy and ultra soft blanket to your shopping cart!

Imagine your beloved Bull gal wrapped in one of these fluffy blankets, sipping a cup of some yummy hot beverage, and watching her favorite TV show or reading a book in peace and quiet – this is probably the best self-care and relaxing routine for the cold winter evenings for the Taurus woman! This is what I really love about the second zodiac sign – the people born between 19th April and 20th May definitely know how to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life – anything which evokes a positive sensation is deeply appreciated by these positive creatures, who are very often called “the salt of the Earth”, and for a good reason! Oh, and one last thing – do not forget that this amazing fuzzy blanket has two sizes you can pick from – a throw (50” x 60”) and a twin (60” x 80”)!


Travelambo Womens RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wallet

You may often hear that Taurus people are very materialistic, and this can be true, if they fall to the more negative side of their typical characteristics. But I think that the most common case is that Bull folks are very hardworking, and they definitely know their worth and appreciate the fruits of their labor! That is why being frugal is a form of being sensible about their spending habits and investments!

So, if you think that your beloved Taurus female is intrigued by the realm of personal finances, and treats her money with proper respect, this next gift idea might be a perfect fit as a present for her next big day – an elegant modern-day women’s wallet! But this is not just an ordinary item which would keep her most valuables neatly arranged and organized (such as banknotes, coins, business cards, identity cards, driving’s license, etc.)! The item is equipped with a state of the art RFID blocking system which would protect her debit and credit cards against data theft and malicious intents! So, even if your favorite Bull gal already has an old school wallet, definitely make sure she gets this amazing upgrade! Taurus folks are very pragmatic, and they love sensible products which add safety and comfort to their daily lives! Plus, you can pick from multiple beautiful colors to match the preferences of your awesome Bull lady!


Beauty and The Beast Rose Music Box

Let’s not forget that the second astrological sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty and romance! Although the typical Taurus representatives are known to be rather pragmatic and down-to-Earth, they can also be extremely romantic and lovey-dovey! So, if you think that your beloved Bull gal has a soft heart, do not hesitate to grab her this amazingly elegant decoration piece – a Beauty and The Beast inspired everlasting rose with shiny LED lights and enchanting music!

And as I have been saying over and over in this Taurus woman gift guide, Bulls love items which positively indulge their physical senses. That is why I believe this amazingly beautiful deco rose would make a wonderful present – it can serve as a gentle source of light and sound which would make the ambiance of your Taurus female’s personal space extremely relaxing, warm, and cozy! And remember – the item does not require any batteries – it can last for up to 8 hours when fully charged, and the various light modes as well as the switch timer can be easily managed with the nifty remote control!


Luxury gifts for Taurus woman

Charcuterie Boards, Vestaware Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Taurus people are known to be real tasty gourmet food connoisseurs! They truly love and appreciate the simple things life has to offer – yummy food, exquisite beverages, spending quality time in nature, hugging your loved ones, etc. This is something we can all learn from them because this is what life ultimately is – a series of small events which may seem insignificant to most of us.

So, knowing this typical characteristic of Taurus, here’s what I propose as a suitable gift for your beloved Bull lady – a really cool and practical charcuterie board! This amazing high-quality bamboo cheese board can be the perfect addition to her daily relaxing and self-care routines or the centerpiece of any house party with dear friends and family members! Taurus women are usually extremely talented cooks and they love having people over for sharing tasty food and heart-to-heart conversations! Do not miss this opportunity to surprise the lady of the hour with such an amazing and pragmatic gift for her next big day! I am almost 100% sure she would love it and deeply appreciate the gesture! If you wish, you can add a beautiful greeting card to write down your wishes, and make the present complete!


The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket

Speaking of good and tasty food, here’s another great option for a present you can definitely consider – a super cool gourmet gift basket! Well, I think that as far as gifts for Taurus women go, it doesn’t become better than this! The Bulls love anything which “sparks joy” (as Marie Kondo would say) to their sensitive taste buds! So, why not use this valuable piece of information and choose a suitable present which would send their palate into the stratosphere! 😀

I am sure your Taurus lady would appreciate the gesture! The bundle contains all kinds of gourmet foods for even the most pretentious connoisseurs – Ahmad English Tea (20bags), Brown & Haley Cashew Roca (2pc), Elsa’s Story Brown Sugar Butter Cookie (0.88oz), Godiva Pecan Caramel Sundae Truffle (2pc), Hummus (3oz), Lille Chocolate Cookie Thins (3oz), Stonefire Naan Crisps (2.5oz), Truffettes Cocoa Dusted Truffles (3pc), Walkers Shortbread Cookies (2pc), Yves Thuries Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles (6pc), Bella Campagna Olives (3.5oz), Dolcezze & Sapori Scrocchi Italian Crackers with Olives (3.52oz), Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate w/White Mint Square (1pc), Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate w/Caramel Square (1pc), and Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges (4oz). And all of this yummy stuff is elegantly arranged and packaged in a beautiful practical basket which can be easily re-purposed! Do not hesitate to grab this tasty bundle – her tummy will be happy, and her heart will be filled with joy!


Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women

The Taurus females might be extremely interested in the area of beauty and style. This is simply because their ruling planet is Venus, which makes them very sensitive to aesthetics in all of its expressions. So, how do we use this typical characteristic of the female representatives of the second astrological sign when choosing a gift for their special occasion?

Well, you can never go wrong with the all-time classic – beauty items and devices which would make your Bull lady’s life easier! Hence, my next suggestion for a cool and practical present is this modern-day epilation gadget which would make her skin silky smooth with less effort, less pain, and with long-lasting results (for up to 2 months during the maintenance phase)! This state of the art IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal device will save your sensible Taurus girl lots of time, energy, and cash, of course (from all those visits to the beauty salon)! And besides, you have probably noticed the current trend of spending more and more time at home and doing a lot of the stuff on our own instead of using third-party services. So, use this opportunity to give your awesome Bull female the ultimate back-up plan for hair management which would be at her disposal (almost) anytime and anywhere! Oh, I almost forgot! Do not forget to add a pair of special goggles for eye protection against the powerful UV light!


Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates

As we have already established, Taurus is an earth sign and indulging their physical senses with high-quality and delicious yummy gourmet food has become their religious affiliation! This is one of the beautiful aspects of being the ultimate down-to-Earth kind of person! And this typical characteristic should definitely be celebrated and appreciated – after all, every zodiac sign has their unique superpower, and as far as the Bull goes, it’s their sensitive palate!

So, here’s how this could help you in choosing a suitable present for your awesome Taurus lady for her next big day – by getting her this amazingly practical air fryer hot oven! Well, tasty meals should really be beneficial to our bodies, don’t you think? And I think that indulging our taste buds should be a sacred ritual of consuming high-quality nutrients which nourish our body temples on a cellular level! Unfortunately, this means that deep fried food is definitely out of the menu, and this is where this cool hot oven cooker comes into play! The product can be used for preparing all of your favorite crispy snacks with less oil and zero trans fats!  Sounds cool, huh? Well, I hope this also sounds great to your amazing Taurus girl who might definitely be a talented and passionate home cook who is also deeply concerned about her own wellbeing and the wellbeing of her loved ones! If that’s the case, then do not miss this opportunity to surprise her with this practical item which is also beneficial to the whole family!


Victrola Vintage Record Player with Built-in Speakers

As I have mentioned throughout this Taurus woman gift guide, the typical representatives of the second astrological sign are very sensitive when it comes to physical touch, tastes, smells, visual stimuli, and sounds. They are the sign ruled by the planet of Venus, and they love to be surrounded by beauty and harmony in its every aspect, including gentle music to caress their ears.

Hence, my next suggestion for a cool and practical present for your awesome Bull gal is this amazing old school record player with a modern twist.  This device will allow the lady of your heart to enjoy the enchanting experience of listening to the vintage vinyl records which have this amazingly soothing effect on our ears with their adorable crackling sounds (which are definitely very relaxing and ASMR-inducing). This player is also the perfect combination of nostalgia and modern-day technology with its Bluetooth wireless connectivity option and built-in speakers. And let’s not forget the visual aesthetics of the product which are also extremely important for the Taurus sign. By the way, you can choose between multiple color options to perfectly match your Bull female’s preferences!


AeroGarden Bounty Basic – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

So, let’s get back to one of the main characteristics of the second zodiac sign, and namely that this is an earth sign. Actually, a lot of astrological experts claim that the true ruler of Taurus is Earth itself, and the typical representatives of the sign are deeply connected to Gaia in all of its aspects. This also includes being deeply interested in everything which has to do with gardening, tending to house plants, or being involved in environmental causes.

If this is the case with your beloved Bull lady, then I think this item here would make a great gift for her special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. – a special planter equipped with LED light designed for growing indoor greenery! Your Taurus gal might be a true lover of tending to all kinds of plants and flowers, but she might also be a passionate cook! This cool and practical device will help her in this endeavor as well – she would always have a bouquet of fresh homegrown herbs and botanicals for her amazingly tasty meals – parsley, basil, peppermint, dill, rosemary, sage, lemongrass, cilantro, etc.


Anne Klein Women’s Premium Watch and Bracelet Set

Although we live in a fast-moving technological age, the old school wrist watch is still part of our everyday lives. Well, its role and significance has definitely changed over the past few decades – from a must-have item to keep us punctual to an essential part of our dress code and attire. Now we have multiple items which would instantly tell the time with amazing accuracy, but the wrist watch is still an integral part of our lifestyle!

So, I would definitely suggest you grab your amazing Taurus lady such elegant and stylish accessory for her next big day – as a wonderful and exquisite complement to her looks and overall appearance! Hence, my next gift suggestion is this beautiful set of this brand’s premium watch and a pair of designer bracelets. After all, the second astrological sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty and harmony – and the typical Bulls are quite fond of aesthetics in every form! The device is not only elegantly decorated in golden color tones, shiny crystals, and a mother-of-pearl dial, but it is also water resistant for up to 100 meters (30 feet). And finally, do not forget that the set comes in a beautiful royal-like jewelry box ready for gifting!


SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults

Yes, I know what you are thinking – drones are the ultimate toys for boys, right? Well, this is absolutely true – these cool nifty devices are usually preferred by grown men and kids, but here’s why I think this would make a great gift for a Taurus girl as well. The Bull is an earth sign which is related to Mother Earth in many ways, and it is also a sign ruled by the planet of beauty and harmony.

So, this usually manifests as the typical representatives being extremely passionate about capturing beautiful sceneries. I personally know many Taurus women who are very talented nature photographers! And keeping this in mind, we can come to the conclusion that a practical drone like this one would be perfect for your Bull gal’s videography hobby. And besides, this is the only device which gives the opportunity to create beautiful videos from a bird’s eye perspective which is suitable for photography hobbyists and enthusiasts! So, if your favorite Taurus female is interested in capturing nature’s beauty or even touching moments with her loved ones (birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, etc.) – this might be a great gift for her!


Canon EOS 2000D (Rebel T7) DSLR Camera

Speaking of photography, we cannot miss one of the most important items in this area – the DSLR camera! In the past, these items were mostly used by professional photographers, but now times have changed – pretty much everyone who is passionate about capturing beautiful images wants to have one of these bad boys! And as I have mentioned in the previous point, Taurus people are deeply intrigued and moved by beauty in its every shape or form!

So, if your Bull gal wants to start making better pictures or wants to upgrade her photography tools, this is definitely one of the single best kits you can surprise her with! It is  equipped with pretty much everything a beginner or a more advanced cameraman would need – the camera itself, a set of lenses, light reflectors, a charger and extra batteries, memory card, a tripod, a travel bag, and so much more! I personally have one of these cameras by the Canon brand and the EOS series and I am extremely pleased with its friendly usability and the quality it provides! If your Taurus lady is even a little bit interested in photography or videography, then this definitely is a great gift choice for her!


Women Fashion Handbags Set

The handbag is an essential accessory for almost every woman around the world. But as far as the Taurus gal goes, this item must have exceptional aesthetic qualities – well, as we have learned, the sign is ruled by Venus! Hence, my next suggestion for a suitable present in this Taurus woman gift guide is this amazingly elegant fashion handbag set, so your beloved Bull female would have a suitable purse and a wallet for every occasion in matching colors!

The kit contains one large handbag with multiple convenient compartments, one smaller messenger bag for more informal occasions, one wallet clutch for the most valuable items, and a nifty card holder for keeping all these credit, debit, and business cards neatly organized (well, it is an earth sign after all, and all of them really like order in every area of their lives!). But before you add this beautiful and practical (yes, “practical” is a magical word for the Bulls) handbag set, make sure you pick the right color! If the lady of the hour is not much of a pink kind of gal, there is a variety of other options you can choose from – like beige, purple, gray, brown, black, etc.


Bucha Brewers Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit

Let’s get back to one of the most common characteristics of the Taurus sign – their love for anything which positively engages their physical senses. And very often this manifests as the Bull people being true and talented connoisseurs of anything which is pleasant to their taste buds.

So, here’s what I would suggest as a wonderful and thoughtful present for your awesome Taurus woman which would add more deliciousness in her daily life, but it would also be extremely beneficial for her wellbeing – a kombucha starting kit! If you haven’t heard of this amazing beverage, listen up! This is one of the best and yummiest drinks which positively affect the gut flora adding more probiotics and beneficial colon bacteria to our menu! So, if your Bull gal loves tea, this kombucha set would make a great gift for her next special occasion! The kit has everything even a complete newbie can use to start making their own yummy probiotic tea – live kombucha SCOBY with a full cup of starter tea, organic sugar, our black tea blend, a tea bag, a gallon glass jar & lid, pH strips, a thermometer strips, coffee filters for optimal fermentation coverage, a rubber band, instructions, & a 6-pack of 16 ounce flip top bottles for second fermentation.”


Tealyra – Matcha Kit – Connoisseur Ceremony Start Up Set

Speaking of delicious and beneficial tea, here’s my last suggestion in this practical Taurus woman gift guide – an exquisite Matcha ceremony tea set! Matcha is a special type of tea popular in the East for its amazing nourishing and invigorating properties. This is probably one of the very few types of herbal infusions which add a large amount of chlorophyll to our menu – this tea is consumed along with its leaves which had been thoroughly dried and finely ground beforehand!

That is why the Matcha preparation ceremony is so special – the art of mixing and blending the botanical powder with water is a ritual unlike any other!  But I guess that the typical Bull gal would be more interested in the taste quality of the herb (and all of the organoleptic properties of the product, actually), and I am sure she would love this amazing type of green tea which is super versatile – Matcha can be used in a variety of ways to boost the nutritional value of any meal or beverage – green smoothies, soups, milk shakes, ice cream, muffins and other baked goods, homemade chocolate bars, lattes, and many more! So, if your Taurus woman is a true health nut, this tea set would be a top hit as a gift for any occasion!


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