40+ Great Gifts for Sagittarius Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Sagittarius Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Sagittarius Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Sagittarius Female)


What to buy your Sagittarius girl?
Affordable gifts for а Sagittarius woman
Unique gifts for Sagittarius woman
Luxury gifts for Sagittarius woman

What to buy your Sagittarius girl?

Do you have a special Sagittarius lady? Does she have something to celebrate? There is probably an upcoming birthday or Christmas party and you are in dire need for a unique and thoughtful present to surprise her with? Or maybe you are celebrating your next anniversary together, or Valentine’s Day, or perhaps Mother’s Day is approaching and you have no clue what to get your loving parent? Or maybe your Archer gal is a dear friend of yours and you wish to show her how much she means to you for Friendship Day?

Either way, here are some gift ideas you might want to consider for your favorite Sagittarius woman! The items are suitable for pretty much any gal out there born under this awesome zodiac sign regardless of your relationship type – whether she is a friend, your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandmother, a colleague, your boss, mother-in-law, daughter, etc.

If you are interested in the typical characteristics of the Archer sign and how they can serve you as useful clues when choosing a suitable gift, feel free to jump to the previous article dedicated on the male representatives of the ninth astrological sign!

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Affordable gifts for а Sagittarius woman

Fullcci-15oz Creative Constellation Coffee Mug Set

Everyone needs a cup of refreshing coffee in the morning! Well, pretty much everyone. And even if someone is not a huge fan of this invigorating caffeine-packed beverage, they may love some nice warming tea. But I am almost certain that your favorite Sagittarius gal loves sipping more than one cup of coffee a day to keep her moving – because the ninth astrological sign is a mutable one and the typical representatives are quite active and mobile!

So, this is my top pick for a gift suggestion regardless of the occasion – a classy-looking mug set for hot beverages – coffee, tea, cocoa, kombucha, etc. The set is beautifully decorated with the Sagittarius star constellation in a shiny golden color to make your special lady feel like a royalty!


I Am A Sagittarius Woman I Have 3 Sides Funny Tee For Girl

Sagittarius people love wearing comfy clothes – they are usually quite physically active and they need to feel good in their own skin while they are busy tackling one task after the other! And that’s also true for the female representatives of the sign! They might be avid yoga practitioners (for their love of foreign cultures) and there’s always the need for comfortable and convenient apparel.

And here’s how you can make such a simple gift idea into something unique and special – by getting your Archer gal this awesome t-shirt with a fun quote print that would speak to her heart! Surprise your beloved Sagittarius girl with something useful she would appreciate! Keep in mind that the amount of cotton in the fabric would depend on the chosen color!


VLINRAS Zodiac Sign Necklaces

Sagittarius may be a masculine sign according to astrology, but that does not mean that the female representatives are not fond of beautiful jewelry! Every woman needs to have elegant accessories to complement her looks and style! Hence, my next simple, inexpensive, but exquisite present idea is this shiny Sagittarius necklace covered in real gold!

Show your beloved Archer lady your appreciation and affection with something she would proudly wear regardless of the type of occasion – formal or informal – this stylish accessory is equally suitable for both! Also, keep in mind that even if your gal’s skin is super sensitive, this item is nickel free, lead free and hypoallergenic!


The Little Book of Self-Care for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fiery mutable sign and the typical Archer people are very ambitious and active – they constantly move around, travel, tackle tasks to the point of exhaustion! And this could be true for both males and females equally! That is why it is always a good idea to remind them to take some time off, relax, and take care of their bodies, minds, and spirit!

Hence, my next gift idea is this simple guide into the world of cosmic relief practices specially designed for the ninth astrological sign! This book will give your Sagittarius woman some very practical ideas how to take good care of herself and recharge her batteries and sharpen her axe, so she is better prepared for the challenges of her life! And, oh, how the Archers love challenges! 😀


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Sagittarius is the sign in astrology related to foreign lands and exotic cultures. That is why most the true Archer people love having stuff around the house which reminds them of the outer world. And what a better plant for the Sagittarius gal to have in her home, than the beautiful and exotic Phalaenopsis orchid? These types of flowers are so different than what we are used to, that taking care of it might be a real challenge!

And I often hear how lots of their fans complain how difficult it might be to make it grow healthy and produce blooms year after year. So, here’s my suggestion to you – if your Archer female loves having such magnificent plants at her place, but does not have a clue how to care for them, this simple manual might be a wonderful gift idea! And even if she is already a pro at growing moth orchids, you can still assist her and grab her something related to her gardening hobby! I have created a simple and practical collection of pretty much all the necessary tools and supplies for taking care of the Phalaenopsis orchid!


Sagittarius Insulated Tumbler

As I mentioned previously, Sagittarius people are quite active and love to be constantly on the move. And more often than not, they would like to have a cup of hot coffee or other refreshing drink on the go as they tackle their daily to-do list! So, why not get your favorite Archer girl something practical she can use in her everyday life – a super cool insulated tumbler for hot or cold beverages! And to make this gift even more personal and heart-touching, this one has her astrological sign beautifully painted on top!

This high-class double-wall 12 oz capacity insulated mug will perfectly fit her active nature and maintain a stable temperature of her hot drinks for up to 3 hours, and 9 hours for the cold ones! Cool, huh?


Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Ah, travelling, that’s probably Sagittarius’ most favorite hobby! Unfortunately, packing and organizing one’s luggage could be quite the ordeal for the Archer people who often may be a bit absent-minded and forgetful – they move so fast that they often forget some essentials! Hence, my next gift suggestion is something which can be quite useful for the passionate Sagittarius adventurers – a super cool and elegant travel women’s wallet!

The item will fit all necessary essentials like passports, credit/debit cards, visas, airplane tickets, banknotes, etc. But there’s also one extremely important feature that I am sure your Sagittarius gal would love to have – this is no ordinary wallet – the product is equipped with a super cool RFID blocking device which guards your cards against data theft! I am going to grab one of these for myself as well! 😀


Betsey Johnson Shooting Star Earrings

Sagittarius may be a masculine sign according to astrology, but that doesn’t mean that the female representatives do not like wearing beautiful garments and stylish jewelry! My only piece of advice here would be to pick something practical and comfortable which can be used for different formal and informal occasions.

People born under the ninth astrological sign are quite active and movable and their attire and accessories have to be congruent with their adventurous lifestyle. That is why I picked this set of earrings which are not only quite beautiful and elegant, but they are also very easy to wear, unobtrusive, and are the perfect finishing touch to any dress code! The ideal inexpensive gift for the Sagittarius woman to feel special and appreciated!


Spirituality for Badasses

Sagittarius people are very fond of reading all kinds books and materials on various philosophical and religious topics for their natural curiosity. But their spirituality is not the same as the watery signs Scorpio and Pisces. The typical Archers are extremely open-minded and they can get acquainted with and accept all sorts of perspectives and viewpoints.

Hence, my book suggestion for a spiritual read for your beloved Sagittarius gal is this contemporary take on our inner path towards peace, love, and happiness! If your Archer lady loves reading these types of materials, I am sure she would appreciate this unorthodox and unconventional way of finding our inner strength with a great sense of humor and… “cursing, tequila drinking, loud rock-n-roll and bar fights”! 😀


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

On a more serious note, here’s something else your Sagittarius female might enjoy reading (probably during her next adventure!). If only life had a user manual… But maybe it already has! This interesting book might give your curious Archer lady the answers to all her burning questions about the nature of our existence and some useful rules we can all apply in our everyday living for more happiness and success!

The read combines the wisdom of the ancient philosophies and modern-day psychological findings to give us simple and practical guidelines to navigate through our own lives! And that’s exactly the type of reading material Sagittarius people love to consume, because they are always looking for pragmatic knowledge gathered through the ages from around the world they can put into use immediately! So, if your Archer gal is an avid reader, this bestselling book might be her next best companion!


DIMJ Makeup bag and Jewelry Bag

Alright! Let’s get back to the favorite hobby of the Sagittarius folks – travelling! Yes, they are quite the adventurers and the explorers and there is simply no stopping them! But being active and mobile is a bit more difficult for us females for our enormous bags and suitcases packed with clothes and other… absolute necessities!

And what is a lady without her most essential make-up kit? And although Sagittarius may be a masculine sign, that doesn’t mean that the true female representatives do not put a lot of effort into looking their best at all times! Even during their trips around the globe! Hence my next gift suggestion is this nifty makeup travel bag to help your favorite Archer girl be good and ready for her next adventure. This item is the perfect waterproof portable storage case where she can place all her precious jewelry and cosmetic tools well organized and protected – the ultimate travel companion for every gal!


Beurer Handheld Mini Body Massager with LED light

One of the downsides of long-distance travelling is the physical discomfort we get from sitting in one place for hours! And this could be quite stiffening for the muscles and joints. So, if your Sagittarius lady is an avid adventurer, this is how you can surprise her with something extremely practical and inexpensive at the same time – with this nifty mini body massager! The item is quite small indeed with dimensions of merely 3.86 x 3.86 inches (9.8 x 9.8 cm) which makes it perfect for packing it on the go! The device is very easy to use, lightweight with a comfortable hand grip, cordless, using gentle vibration pressure point massage for instant sore muscle relaxation and pain relief!


Unique gifts for Sagittarius woman

Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Sagittarius

What is life without coffee? Or maybe some refreshing green tea? Or hot cocoa during the cold winter evenings? Everyone has a favorite beverage, right? Well, in this case with our travel-loving Sagittarius people, their drink of choice may be something exotic from their trip in a foreign land no one knows how to pronounce. 😀 But in the end, they need a stylish-looking mug regardless of the type of liquid!

And here you can make a wonderful personalized gift out of a simple coffee cup – by getting your favorite Sagittarius lady this magnificent ceramic gift set beautifully decorated with her star sign and constellation! The kit is so exquisitely manufactured that your fiery Archer gal will exude class and royalty-like status even while sipping her favorite herbal tea! And of course, to make her feel like a real queen, the mug set is packaged in a stylish premium gift box!


Malicious Women Candle Co – Sagittarius The Zodiac B*tch

You can always count on the sincere feedback of the typical Sagittarius person. They are frank and outspoken to a fault! While this may be seen as a weakness by some, this characteristic is definitely something we can also appreciate and celebrate. That is why I picked this simple gift idea which would speak to the heart of your beloved candid Sagittarius girl!

Because she cannot be and shouldn’t be tamed! And this aromatic candle will always remind her to be herself and to accept and cherish her courage to always tell it like it is! This is not an exaggeration! Also, keep in mind that even after the redolent soy wax has melted, this wonderful glass jar can be recycled for all kinds of purposes – for DIY eco-friendly candles, as a storage jar for homemade skin care products, as an organizing container, etc.


Dancing Bear Sagittarius Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

As I mentioned before, Sagittarius is a curious and open-minded sign which is interested in gathering knowledge and wisdom from around the world and from various schools of thought! So, lots of the typical representatives can even be quite fond of trying out different pagan or wiccan rituals or experimenting with the magical powers of crystals and gemstones.

If that’s the case with your favorite Sagittarius woman, here’s how you can surprise her for her special occasion and satisfy her natural curiosity – by grabbing her this awesome shamanic birth gift set! The bundle contains some of the most suitable stones for the ninth astrological sign (Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Peach Moonstone, Dalmatian Jasper, Orange Calcite, Labradorite, and Botswana Agate), a tea candle beautifully shaped as a succulent plant, a smudge stick for clearing out negative energy, a piece of a real meteorite for wish-making (yes, that’s a “shooting star”!), and last but not least – a stylish Sagittarius necklace covered in 18K gold! WOW!


Greenline Goods Sagittarius Stemless Wine Glasses

Is your Sagittarius woman a fan of the classy drinks? If so, there is nothing more suitable as a gift than a pair of high-quality glasses for wine, cocktails, ice tea, etc. And to make this present even more unique and personalized, I suggest this set of durable glassware which is beautifully sand-etched with the ninth astrological sign and their star constellation!

The glasses have a 15 oz capacity with a heavy base for ultimate stability and comfort. Plus, they can be easily cleaned in a dishwashing machine (because Sagittarius is busy and does not have time for washing dishes, right?). And here’s the ultimate bonus – Greenline goods offer 100% money back guarantee if the items do not meet your Archer gal’s quality expectations which makes this gift idea a perfectly safe choice!


25 Pcs Organic Bath Bombs with 3 Bubble Bars and 2 Pack Dried Flowers

As you may have noticed, the typical representatives (even female ones) of the ninth astrological sign are quite active and busy for their fiery mutable nature! So, it is no wonder that sometimes they can fall victims to exhaustion and burnout. That is why we as their friends and loved ones have to gently remind them every once in a while to take time off, relax, and relieve the accumulated pressure.

Hence my next gift suggestion is this awesome set of bath fizzies for the next Archer’s home SPA ritual! If your Sagittarius woman has a bath tub, do not miss this opportunity to give her this amazing present! And you don’t even have to worry about the ingredients and their impact on her skin and the environment – the bath bombs are completely organic made of natural compounds, such as coconut butter, shea butter, and aromatic and therapeutic essential oils! These redolent fizzies will nourish and moisturize her skin while she nurtures her body, mind, and soul!


BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook

Travelling is such a fun activity for the movable Sagittarius! The true Archers love taking trips around the world getting to know different lands and cultures. Unfortunately, travelling can also be such a hassle with all the annoying packing and unpacking of all the clothes and accessories needed. Moreover, the representatives of the ninth zodiac sign can be a little absent-minded at times with their busy schedules and their constant movement from one place to another.

That is why my next gift idea for your favorite Sagittarius female is this nifty and convenient travel toiletry bag to help her better organize her valuables. The item is not only extremely stylish in this gentle pink color, but it is also very practical – the hanging hook would allow her to easily place all of her accessories at the bathroom door of the hotel suite for quick access without having to unpack and arrange everything. Simple, practical, and convenient!


Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck, Chin, Lumbar and Leg Support

Speaking of travelling, bear in mind that the ninth astrological sign governs the areas of foreign lands and long-distant trips. So, the typical representatives of the Archer sign usually love to constantly move and experience and get acquainted with different people and cultures. Sadly, travelling for long hours on a plane or a bus can be quite uncomfortable and stiffening.

And this is your opportunity to make your Sagittarius girl’s life much easier with this convenient memory foam adjustable pillow! This flexible travel accessory can be her best and most loyal companion while sitting for a long time supplying comfort and relief to the neck, the spine, chin, legs, etc. And best of all, the item is covered with soft fabric which can be easily removed and cleaned in a washing machine! This is definitely a must-have for all avid adventurers and explorers who love travelling!


MOSISO 15.6-16 inch Laptop Backpack for Women Girls

While we are still on the topic of moving around, I guess you have learned by now that staying active in any sense of word is extremely important to the Sagittarius people. Regardless if they are busy studying, working, hiking, or travelling, they would definitely prefer to have all their belongings tightly packed in a convenient bag for easy access.

So, here’s my next gift suggestion you might want to consider getting your beloved Archer lady – a stylish and comfortable backpack specially designed for active gals! The item is equipped with multiple compartments for her to keep everything neatly organized. Plus, there is a special anti-theft pocket for the most valuable stuff (like wallets and documents), as well as a convenient external USB charging port (you can add a power bank to the gift, if you wish).


Amazon.com Gift Card in a Gift Box

Still not sure what to pick your Sagittarius gal? If the Archer lady of your heart seems too picky and you don’t know what she would like and appreciate, worry not! Here’s an easy option you can choose and take the pressure off your back – a nifty Amazon gift card. All you have to do is pick a sum of minimum 25 dollars and the card will be delivered to you in a stylish box ready for gifting!

And your Sagittarius female will get to choose anything she likes from the vast variety of items in the store – the perfect win-win safe option! Read the terms and conditions before purchasing to be fully aware what to expect and how to apply this item hassle-free!


Sephora Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

While we are on the topic of gift cards, here’s something a bit more specific and tailored towards women – a gift voucher for the famous beauty retailor Sephora. If your Sagittarius gal is a fan of the brand or is keen on buying high-quality cosmetics and skin and hair care products, this item might be the perfect fit! Again, you need to choose a sum of at least $25 and your Archer gal will redeem its value for whatever she desires and needs from the store.

But keep in mind that the gift card is delivered via email – it is not a physical product like the Amazon one from the previous point. Also, I strongly suggest you read the purchase clauses before buying. For instance, the card is only redeemable “at Sephora locations in the U.S. and Canada, at Sephora.com, on their mobile app and at Sephora inside JCPenney stores”; and it is not refundable.


Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

What does the active and mutable Sagittarius want? My guess is to feel free and unrestricted. That is why they love travelling and staying active whatever they do. And what a better way of spending long hours on a bus or jogging in the park than with the stimulating companionship of music! But let’s take the act of listening to music to the next level without the restrictions of wires and cords!

The true Archers would definitely appreciate the improved freedom of movement without the annoying tangled earphone wires! That is why I offer you to get your fiery Sagittarius gal this pair of Bluetooth cordless earbuds for the ultimate comfort and convenience! The item supplies high quality Hi Fi stereo sound, it is waterproof, lightweight and easy to use with up to 48 hours of playtime – the perfect companion for sports, travelling, hiking, etc.


FINGER QUEEN 12 Colors Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

Sagittarius women may be badasses but they still want to look great! And there is no better way to show your attitude towards the world than with your impeccable manicure! Unfortunately, the Archers are not the patient ones. They are the fiery mutable sign of the zodiac and there is always something to do, somewhere to go, and something to experience!

Actually, if they would pick a gift for themselves, I bet it would be to have a couple of extra hours in the day. Well, since that’s impossible, we can give them the next best thing – something to save them time. That is why I picked this item as a present idea for their special occasion – a manicure set equipped with a UV light which would significantly speed the process of nail polish drying. And your Sagittarius gal will be free to explore the world!


Bluetooth FM Transmitter

What is travelling without music? Well, it is quite dull and boring, for sure! And there isn’t anything else in the world Sagittarius people hate the most than boredom! That is why they often like being on the road visiting different places and meeting new people. But their long-distance travel hobby can be quite monotonous without their favorite tunes to keep them company.

Hence my next gift suggestion is this awesome multifunctional Bluetooth FM transmitter for all sorts of vehicles. The gadget is easily mounted and can be paired with all kinds of smart devices (iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc.) for listening to the radio, playing one’s favorite music or taking calls safely with the hands-free technology. Plus, the item would give your adventurous Sagittarius girl the opportunity to operate her smartphone while driving using the voice activated Siri or Google assistant!


Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

After a long day of tackling one task after another, there is nothing better than coming home to one’s personal space which smells nice and inviting! And this could be even more true for the ever wandering Sagittarius folks who love travelling around the world! After such a long trip abroad you can appreciate your home even more – how cozy and comfortable it actually is.

That is why my next gift idea for your favorite Archer gal is this amazingly redolent present for her personal or office space – a diffuser with a set of aromatic essential oils for the ultimate aromatic experience! Although Sagittarius is a mutable and busy sign, the female representatives still enjoy taking time at home to relax, unwind, and recharge their batteries until they are ready for their next adventure! And here you come to make this stress relief experience even more pleasant and therapeutic with this awesome essential oil diffuser kit! Plus, remember that these nifty devices also serve double duty as air humidifiers which is extremely important for those who use air conditioners (which are notorious for causing air dryness).


Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design

Sagittarius is the astrological sign related to higher education and philosophy. So, the typical representatives of the ninth zodiac sign are usually quite open-minded and they also love consuming all kinds of reading materials, especially on the fundamental topics of psychology, self-development, and the nature of our existence. That is why I would like to suggest this amazing book which might pique your Archer gal’s interest – the so called “bible” of the Human Design system (also known as HD for short).

HD is a relatively new method for self-exploration and practical knowledge for achieving personal success and satisfaction. It is exactly what Sagittarius people would love to dive into – the perfect amalgam of various both contemporary and ancient disciplines such as the Chinese I Ching, astrology, Quantum Physics, biochemistry, genetics, kabbalah, etc. Human Design has distilled and sifted through all these areas and picked the absolute most essential and practical bits which would enable us to put them into use right away – in other words, HD is the system which teaches us how to make correct decisions which lead us to our unique path of happiness and success! If you wish to learn more about the different books on this topic, I have made a list of my top picks for both complete newbies and advanced pro’s!


Bosses Water Bottle Travel Cup for Coworkers

Sagittarius is a fiery sign and even the female representatives could be quite ambitious, active, and competitive! So, I wouldn’t be surprised if your beloved Archer gal is a boss lady of some sort! But even if she does not have a business of her own (or is not at the top managerial positions of her company), she is a true badass no matter what she does! First and foremost, Sagittarius people are the bosses of their own lives!

Hence, my next gift idea for the lady of your heart is this nifty water bottle for the ultimate busy bees! This is probably one of the best items to give your Archer female which speaks to her mutable nature – the bottle is ideal to use while going to the gym, travelling, working long hours at the office, running errands or tackling all the tasks from one’s packed schedule! Either way, this convenient high quality vacuum insulated 32 oz water bottle tumbler will keep your drinks fresh for hours!


Travel Curling Iron Dual Voltage

Sagittarius may be a masculine sign according to astrology, but that doesn’t mean that the female Archers do not make serious efforts to look good! That is why I suggest you grab your lady this awesome hair styling device specially designed for travelling to help your gal look amazing wherever she goes. Because, as I have said time and time again, Sagittarius is an extremely mobile and active sign and moving from place to place and exploring the world is in their nature!

That is why I picked this item as a gift suggestion – it not only saves space (it is a 2 in 1 device which is both a curling iron and a hair straightener), but it is also worldwide dual voltage compatible (100V-240V). Just remember that the plug works only for the USA. If you wish to make this present complete, you can add a nifty compact travel adapter like this one, for example.


Philips Beauty Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator

While we are still on the topic of beauty, let’s not forget the ultimate basics like hair removal. Every gal has her own preferred way of dealing with unwanted hair, but there is always the need for back-up plans for extreme situations. And believe it or not, the Sagittarius folks have a real talent for getting themselves in such ordeals.

Well, it’s only logical – they are naturally curious, fast-moving, hasty, and competitive – and sometimes this may lead to absent-mindedness, skipping important steps in a process. So, here’s my next gift suggestion – give your Archer gal an extra tool for effortless epilation – something she might always keep ready for her next adventure around the world! The device is quite space-efficient and compact, convenient to use with an ergonomic grip, and suitable for almost every body area! And if you wish to make this present even better equipped for travelling, you can add this nifty protection case specially designed for the brand!


Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want

As I mentioned previously, Sagittarius is quite the ambitious sign for their fiery nature and they like setting and achieving goals. After all, when you look at the sign’s symbol, it could be interpreted as an archer who strives to hit their target. If that’s the case with your beloved Sagittarius gal, you can definitely surprise her with this all-time classic – and as we also know, the ninth astrological sign likes reading and consuming interesting materials.

If your Archer woman is an entrepreneur, a business owner or a top manager, I bet she would enjoy this Brian Tracy’s bestselling book on success and goal achieving! The volume digs deep with its twenty one core strategies for building self-esteem, discovering your strengths and advantages, and what you really want to accomplish in your life.


Luxury gifts for Sagittarius woman

GELIN 14k Solid Gold Coin Constellation Zodiac Necklace

Beautiful jewelry never goes out of style! And although Sagittarius is a masculine zodiac sign, the female representatives would also like to be pampered as much as the next woman! So, if you are looking for a nice, exquisite, and thoughtful gift for your Archer lady, this is a wonderful option to choose – a luxurious 14K solid gold necklace with the sign’s zodiac symbol!

The item is a high-quality stylish delicate accessory (with dimensions of 0.39″ x 0.39″), handcrafted with real gold which does not get tarnished or discolored, it’s nickel-free, and hypoallergenic – perfect for everyday use! Moreover, the item has a special elegant bead made of the most harmonic birthstone for Sagittarius. And last but not least, remember that even if the lady of your heart is not satisfied with this gift, there is a 30-day return policy which makes this option risk-free!


Spa Gift Basket- Lavender Vanilla Spa Experience For Her

As mentioned previously, Sagittarius women love pampering themselves. And they truly deserve it – after following a tight schedule and tackling one task after another, they do need some time off to relax, unwind, and destress. That is why my next present suggestion is this massive exquisite gift basket to give her the ultimate luxurious SPA experience in the comfort of her own home!

The set contains absolutely everything your Archer female needs for her next relaxing and recharging ritual – bath salts, body butter, gentle body spray (mist), shower gel, body scrub and lotion, foot soak, bar soap, a pair of slippers, hair turban, etc. – all the essentials for her to treat herself from head to toe! And all of these are nicely scented with the soothing and therapeutic aroma of Lavender!


Anne Klein Women’s Premium Crystal Accented Watch and Bracelet Set

Going back to suggestion #34, stylish jewelry is an integral part of every self-respected woman! And what a better way of surprising your Sagittarius gal for her special occasion than with a nice classy-looking premium quality wrist watch? The watch has become an essential accessory which is an integral part of our apparel. And this is even more important for the ambitious Archers who often strive for the top managerial positions of their company or even owning their own business.

If that’s the case with your Archer lady, she definitely needs to look elegant and exude strength with her impeccable look. This is your chance to surprise her with this stylish watch complemented with a set of classy bracelets for the ultimate finishing touch of her formal (or informal) attire! The item is beautifully decorated with clear premium crystals and it is water resistant for up to 100 feet (30 meters).


Comfier Wireless Hand Massager with Heat

Nowadays pretty much everyone spend quite some time in front of a computer or on their smart devices. This could be at the office or during our leisure time. Nevertheless, working long hours in unnatural positions can have a long-lasting detrimental effect on our body, and especially on the wrists (for the constant use of computer mice). Soon discomforts and pain may start to show up. But you don’t have to wait for the problems to occur!

Prevention is extremely important and it is the best way to counteract the negative effects of the sedentary lifestyle. That is why I suggest you grab your Archer female this awesome, compact, and practical gift for her special occasion (a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.) – a hand massager for the ultimate stress and muscle tension relief! The device is extremely space-efficient (can be placed on the office desk), wireless, and easily portable (and we all know how much Sagittarius people love to travel!).


Canon EOS 3000D (Rebel T100) DSLR Camera

Speaking of travelling (well, we cannot escape this topic when we are talking about the sign which represents long-distant travels!), the camera is our best assistant when it comes to capturing our precious memories from abroad and getting acquainted with different cultures. And this can be especially important for the Sagittarius gals who love visiting foreign lands and probably also love sharing their experiences with their loved ones or on social media!

And to achieve this, she would need a high-class camera for making the best high-resolution Instagram-worthy photos! So, if your Archer woman is an avid photographer, this is perhaps the most suitable gift you can surprise her with! I personally have an older model of the Canon brand and I am absolutely in love with their products!


Garmin DriveSmart 65, Built-In Voice-Controlled GPS Navigator

Visiting foreign lands can be quite the challenge sometimes. Well, Sagittarius people love challenges and surprising adventures, but still… one must have a safety plan, right? And besides, the ninth astrological sign is definitely not the most patient one for their fiery mutable nature. So, if they can put their hands on a device which would help them escape traffic jams and give them the shortest and fastest route, I am sure they would grab it immediately!

Plus, this GPS system offers so much more – the maps are equipped with useful and interesting information of historic sites which may serve as useful travel suggestions she may want to take a look at! Plus, the device is extremely easy to use, voice activated, and can be paired with a smartphone for safer hands-free calls while driving. Cool, huh?


iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

The Sagittarius woman is not the typical gal who dreams of being a housewife. Well, some of them may want to, but the typical representatives are born to be adventurers and explorers! And while they are busy conquering the world, the Archer girls may not have the time or the energy to clean their homes. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We live in the modern technological age where we have access to all sorts of robots and devices to make our lives easier!

Hence, my next gift suggestion for your Sagittarius gal is this popular automated robot vacuum which would take this annoying chore off her back! This state-of-the-art home cleaning assistant is extremely versatile and adaptive – it learns about your lifestyle creating a personalized cleaning schedule, and it can be voice activated using Alexa or Google. The device is equipped with all kinds of sensors for the ultimate efficient and effective intuitive operation and navigation around edges, furniture, avoiding falling off the stairs, and going over different floor types (tiles, carpets, parquet, etc.).


Veronese Design Artemis Greek Goddess of The Hunt Statue

Sagittarius women are not the typical feminine girls. After all, the ninth zodiac sign is masculine according to astrology and the female representatives can be real badasses! They can be quite ambitious, driven, and goal oriented – as their sign symbol depicts them as archers or hunters.

Hence, my next gift idea for your favorite Sagittarius boss lady – a marvelous piece of artwork which can speak to her fiery nature – a statue of the Greek goddess of hunting Artemis (or her Roman counterpart Diana). This stylish decoration item can be a wonderful reminder for your Archer gal of her toughness and assertiveness! The statue is beautifully crafted using bronze and high quality resin, with hand painted details which really bring this ancient goddess to life! And you don’t even have to worry about packaging – the item comes in a box ready for gifting!


DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo – Ultralight Foldable Drone

Drones are all the rage right now, but these awesome toys are not just for boys, right? Well, Sagittarius girls are not afraid to play in the men’s league for their inborn fiery nature! So, why shouldn’t your favorite Archer lady have one of these amazing gadgets? And besides, as I mentioned time and time again in this gift idea collection, the ninth astrological sign loves travelling around the world.

And this cool flying drone can be her loyal companion in capturing all the precious memories from her adventures! Taking shots of beautiful sceneries from a bird’s eye perspective has never been easier and you don’t have to be a professional videographer to do so anymore! This amazing device has all the heavy lifting while you enjoy your vacation. The item is very easy to use, it is extremely lightweight, compact and foldable – perfect for shooting videos with high quality 4K ultra-clear picture wherever you go!


slopehill Hair Dryer with Unique Brushless Motor

I bet you are already tired of hearing about Sagittarius’ love for long-distant travelling, right? Well, that’s because it is usually true and I definitely have seen this tendency with all my Archer friends and family members. And that’s absolutely something we can use to our advantage when choosing a suitable present for their special occasion, something they can actually like and use.

Hence, my next idea for a present is this nifty pragmatic item pretty much everyone can find useful, but it is especially important for the natural-born adventurers – Sagittarius. And besides, the ninth astrological sign is a mutable fiery sign and the typical representatives are definitely not very patient! They like to constantly move around and there is no time waste. And this can even be more true during your Archer gal’s next trip abroad! There is no time to wait for her hair to dry when there is so much to see, places to visit, and memories to be made, and experiences to be had! That is why I suggest you grab your Sagittarius female this awesome device for her to save some time and get herself ready in minutes! It is specifically constructed for travel fanatics with its super lightweight design (merely 268 g/0.59 lb), compact and space-efficient dimensions (12.6 x 9 x 2.8 inch), and low noise level (<82dB) due to the brushless motor!


Travelers Club Midtown Hardside 4-Piece Luggage Travel Set

What is travelling without high-quality durable suitcases and bags? And I know – your Sagittarius gal might already have a suitcase or two, but there is always the need for upgrades! Any Archer woman has to travel in style with high-class luggage accessories in matching color! The hardside suitcases will keep all her most valuables intact in its protective shell.

The item can also be expanded for adding extra space for more clothes and accessories, and the spinner wheels will make her life so much easier! The set also contains a stylish boarding tote (with a super practical sleeve to attach to the suitcases), and a small toiletry bag for the absolute essentials! And finally, keep in mind that the items are covered by manufacturers’ warranty. The warranty period may vary from product to product by the Travelers Club®. You can get more information on their website.


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