Stop Manifesting During a Lunar Eclipse!

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Stop Manifesting During a Lunar Eclipse!
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Your complete Lunar Eclipse demanifesting ritual tutorial to get you fully geared up for this powerful cosmic event!

Now, before you get all the important deets, here’s what I have in store for you today to help you get prepared! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Table of contents:
What is a Lunar Eclipse?
How many lunar eclipses occur in one calendar year?
Should you even manifest during a lunar eclipse?
The Lunar Eclipse through the zodiac and the natal houses
Moon eclipse ritual supplies
The Moon eclipse manifestation ritual
Lunar Eclipse survival guide

As you may know, I am a fan of some types of spiritual practices which can be applied in our everyday life. Even before the movie (and the book) The Secret came to light, I have found some ancient yoga rituals for manifesting through the power of visualization, affirmation, autosuggestion, etc.

Combining these with the movement of the celestial bodies can be a wonderful symbiosis using some astrological principles and our divine ability to co-create reality!

You may have heard of the new Moon rituals, even the Solar eclipse intention setting practices, and so on. But today I would like to suggest something a bit different and unorthodox – manifesting during a lunar eclipse, or to say it more accurately – a demanifestation ritual using the power of the natural Earth satellite – the Moon.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly is a lunar eclipse!

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

This astrological phenomenon is a type of full Moon, but a bit more special. Not every full Moon is an eclipse because we need to have the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun aligned in a straight line. This way, the Earth overshadows the Moon blocking the light coming from the Sun.

This celestial event can cause quite some troubles with our emotions – during the Lunar eclipse itself and the following two weeks people may become hyper sensitive and anxious without any visible reasons; emotional outbursts may occur; hurtful words may be said; old emotional wounds may come back to light to be processed; and actions may be taken which we may regret soon after! In other words, this may be a wonderful opportunity to really become conscious and aware of our behavioral patterns, so that we gain more control over our actions and our lives in general. Also, be aware that some old emotional issues or repeating patterns may be illuminated during this period, so that we can become conscious of them and to really work on resolving these problems. If that’s the case, I highly recommend you check out the family constellations system. I think (and in my experience) this is may be one of the best tools we have at our disposal for personal transformation in these areas.

So, take a close look at your emotional state and your relationships at this period and be really careful what you say and what you do. Make sure you are in tune with your inner guidance and maintain a state of peace and harmony with the outer world as best as you can! I am fully aware that this may be a challenging task, but that’s what we are here to do – to learn to be conscious creators by mastering our beliefs, unconscious behavioral patterns, our words, our emotions, our vibrational output, and our actions.

How many lunar eclipses occur in one calendar year?

Just like with the solar eclipses, typically we have two lunar eclipses in one year. They happen about two weeks after the solar event. And the simple reason behind it is that the solar eclipse coincides with the New Moon phase, while the lunar eclipse always occurs during a Full Moon. That is why these cosmic events are so different from each other, and we can roughly say that they might be considered as opposites from an energetic standpoint.

Again, if you are unsure when the next lunar eclipse will be, check the ephemeris (like these ones, for instance), and mark them down in your calendar. I usually do this at the end of the year. I set up reminders on my phone about important cosmic events beforehand, so that I am always prepared for what’s coming. If you wish to receive such reminders and updates on future articles on the topics of astrology, spirituality, and self-development, feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

Should you even manifest during a lunar eclipse?

Well, technically we don’t manifest during a lunar eclipse – we de-manifest. That is why I called this a demanifesting ritual. As opposed to the solar eclipse which coincides with the New Moon phase, the lunar eclipse occurs during the Full Moon, and as such this is definitely not the time to start new endeavors. On the contrary, the lunar eclipse celestial event would be a great time to set intentions to let go, and purge from what no longer serves you in your life.

Again, I would like to refer to the opinion of some of the most renowned and experienced astrologers in our modern day – Marion D. March and Joan McEvers. In volume 4 of their book series on astrology called The Only Way to Learn Astrology, you will find their take on the effect of these cosmic events on our physical existence on Earth and how we might experience them. To summarize, based on the experience and the observations they gathered along their long-lasting careers, they found that these astrological configurations affect our lives by putting an extra focus on the natal house they would happen. That is why down below you will find the placements by zodiac sign as well as the natal houses to check some possible interpretations.

Again, March and McEvers didn’t find anything extremely alarming and disturbing happening during a lunar eclipse. However, the area of our lives which will be at focus might undergo some changes.

So, it is best to use this time to make conscious decisions and to set intentions. This engages our free will into the process and that changes everything. That is why I love the approach of these authors – they do not subscribe to the idea of full determinism. Quite the opposite – acknowledging that we have free will lays the foundation of conscious manifesting. And that’s what we are here for. Right?

However, if you feel uneasy about using this time for setting intentions to let go of something in your life, simply skip this lunar eclipse ritual. Honor your gut feeling because you and only you know what’s best for you and what is congruent with your unique life path. And if you still wish to take advantage of this cosmic event, feel free to follow the steps I outlined in the article dedicated to the solar eclipse.


  1. Get curious, observe and write down how these events affect you and the specific area of your life which is at focus;
  2. Wait for at least 8 hours for the eclipse itself to pass;
  3. Work on your fears Gand explore the topic of free will versus full determinism (the idea that external forces have full control over our lives and there is nothing we can do about it).

The Lunar Eclipse through the zodiac and the natal houses

If you wish to make your lunar eclipse ritual much more laser focused and in harmony with the cosmic forces, you can definitely check the zodiac sign and the natal house in which this celestial event will occur.

For example, on 8th November 2022 at 08:02 UTC we have a lunar eclipse in Taurus (at 14 degrees and 24 minutes). This means that you can use the energy of the second astrological sign (the Bull) to direct your efforts in that direction.

However, the natal house in which the lunar eclipse would happen may be even more important than the sign. This gives you a much more personalized view on the area of your life that would be affected. What this means is that everyone on Earth will experience the eclipse in Taurus, but the area in which they would feel that shift would be different.

So, what you need to do is check your natal chart and see where the point of the lunar eclipse will be (in our case mentioned above – 14° 24” Taurus). Here’s an example. Let’s say that the lunar eclipse will be in a person’s 10th astrological house (also called the Medium Coeli or Midheaven).

What can we conclude for the significance of this celestial event? Well, that person might experience some changes in their professional life and how they handle their material possessions and money. If that person wants to use this time for intention-setting or manifesting, it is best to focus on letting go of some assets and career opportunities which are not congruent with their value system anymore. Moreover, this may be a great time to really become aware of what that person finds valuable in their professional life, their social status, as well as their relationship with their father and other authority figures.

Remember that the sign will bring certain energy into play, while the natal house will be the area of our lives which will be influence by this energy. So, to make things even clearer, let’s check another example!

On 5th May 2023 at 15: 14 UTC we have a lunar eclipse in Scorpio (at 13 degrees 4 minutes), and this will bring the powerful transformative energy of Scorpio into the scene. However, the area of our lives which be transformed will depend on the natal house. Let’s say that 13° 04” Scorpio is located in your third natal house. What this could mean is that there might be some changes in the way you communicate with others. So, if you wish to use this astrological configuration for conscious manifesting (or demanifesting to be more precise), you can set the intention to let go of some old patterns of communicating with others which no longer serve you (criticizing, verbal aggression, profanities, etc.). This may be a great time for journaling for the purpose of personal transformation, emotional therapy, and becoming self-aware of some unconscious negative behavioral patterns you wish to let go of.

I hope these examples were helpful, and now let’s get to the other positions so that you can use this as a reference guide for years to come!

Lunar Eclipse in Aries and the first natal house (the Ascendant)

The Lunar eclipse in the first natal house (also called the Ascendant) is a good time to think about what negative traits you wish to let go of. The first house is related to our persona, our physical appearance, and generally how we present ourselves in front of others. So, this would definitely be a good time for doing any kind of inner work that would lead to getting rid of some personal characteristics and inclinations that no longer serve you. Moreover, the weak side of the Aries energy includes impulsiveness, impatience, being too competitive for your own good and trying to prove oneself at any cost. So, if you feel you possess these traits and you wish to set the intention to let them go, this may be a good opportunity to do so.

Moon Eclipse in Taurus and the second natal house

The second house in astrology is connected to our possessions and assets. So, this may be an excellent time to let go of what is no longer serving you, so that later on (let’s say during a New Moon) you can invite the new to come into your life experience. Taurus and the second house are also particularly connected to real estate. This means that if you have a desire to sell a piece of land, a house, an apartment, etc., this may be a good time to ask the Universe for help. Also, this period may be beneficial for doing any kind of de-cluttering and donating – we basically purge of the belongings that we no longer value and give them to someone else who might benefit from them. And speaking of values, this is also right in the ally of the second astrological house. The Lunar eclipse in Taurus or the 2nd house may be a wonderful opportunity to go inward and really think about what personal values you no longer wish to hold on to.

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and the third natal house

The energy of Gemini and the third astrological house has to do with everything related to communication. If there is anything in your way of communicating you wish to let go of, this is the time set this intention and start changing. Also, this is the perfect time to use journaling as a medium for getting a clearer vision of what you wish to dispose of (both tangible and intangible things), so that you can open the door for the new experiences that are more congruent with your values and life vision. Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury is also the sign related to trade and entrepreneurship. So, if there is anything you wish to sell (something that no longer serves you and you wish to let go of), this may be a good opportunity to get help from the universal forces.

Moon Eclipse in Cancer and the fourth natal house (Imum Coeli)

The Crab sign and the fourth astrological house (also called Imum Coeli) are related to anything which has to do with our personal space, our home, our mother, and the process of nurturing others. So, a Lunar eclipse in the fourth house or in Cancer will help you out in setting powerful intentions to clear out anything you wish to let go of in this area. On a more mundane level, maybe you wish to get rid of old items in your home that no longer “spark joy” (as Marie Kondo would say) and don’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of coziness. Maybe you wish to sell your house altogether so that you can later open the doors for a new more pleasant living space. Or maybe you wish to improve your connection with your mother and let go of any judgment or resentment towards her you may have been harboring for years! I think this is an excellent opportunity to do so because by working on our relationships with our parents we radically improve our abilities to connect to other people – our spouses, partners, children, friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. This is the realm of the family constellations method and I think this may be a wonderful time to get acquainted with this system!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo and the fifth natal house

A Lunar eclipse in the fifth house in astrology or in the Leo sign might be a very interesting configuration. The 5th house is where we want to shine, to be under the spotlight, and get recognition and approval from others. That is why it also known as the house of performing in front of people. So, I think this celestial event will be a good opportunity to work on and let go of some of the negative traits of Leo (if you feel you have them) – egotism and egocentrism, possessiveness, arrogance, attention-seeking, snobbery, etc. Moreover, the fifth astrological house is also connected to our children and romance. In other words, this might be a wonderful opportunity to think about what you wish to purge from in this area so that you can clear the way to improving your relationships with your kids and love interests. Lastly, during this astrological configuration I would be very mindful and careful when playing sports or anything which has to do with the heart.

Moon Eclipse in Virgo and the sixth natal house

A Lunar eclipse in the sixth house or in Virgo would be an excellent placement to think about letting go of anything that no longer serves you in the areas of your job, work environment, your wellbeing, and your habitual behavior. If you feel you need a change in your work, this could be a wonderful opportunity to ask the Universe for help. No, please don’t quit your job on a whim! You can simply set an intention to leave the job that no longer inspires you in the best possible manner when the timing is correct, so that you can find something else which is more congruent with your desires and personal values. Moreover, this lunar eclipse may be perfect for setting the intention to get rid of old habits that are no longer serving you, especially in the area of your wellness and wellbeing!

Lunar Eclipse in Libra and the seventh natal house (the Descendant)

The lunar eclipse in the seventh house (also known as the Descendant) would be a good time to think about your relationships – both personal and business ones. Remember that this astrological configuration is about removing what’s no longer serving us from our lives. However, I would not go and quickly just cut people off from my life because of it. The better thing to do is to set the intention to let go of these people in the best possible and amicable way by resolving our emotional issues beforehand. If we just cut people off from our lives because of our negative feelings towards them, this only strengthens that bond and we tend to fall into similar relationships just to learn this life lesson. So, if you have someone who evokes strong negative sensations in you, this may be a good time to ask the Universe for help. You can set the intention to let go of the issue which causes you this pain. I would personally try the family constellations method for this purpose.

Moon Eclipse in Scorpio and the eighth natal house

A lunar eclipse in the eighth house or in Scorpio would probably be a great time for change. This is the sign of deep and radical transformation, so it is quite possible for some layers beneath to start shifting. Unfortunately, change can be stressful if we are not prepared for it. So, I would suggest you use this celestial event to set the intention to move through this challenging time with ease and poise. And if there is anything in your life you wish to let go of, now would be a good time to set the universal forces in that direction. Moreover, remember that Scorpio and the 8th astrological house are related to the banking system and the management of other people’s finances. Be mindful in this area and use this configuration to make changes by letting go what is no longer congruent with your values. Also, let’s not forget that the energy of Scorpio is also connected to our intimate lives. Definitely think about what you wish to let go of in this realm as well. Again, I don’t mean straight up cutting people off. What I mean is letting go of our behavioral patterns, beliefs, emotional wounds, attachments, tendencies to cling to those who do not appreciate us, etc.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and the ninth natal house

The lunar eclipse in the ninth house or in Sagittarius would be an interesting configuration to dig deep into your philosophical views and let go of some beliefs about life that no longer serve you. Also, here we have the realm of our higher education. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if your gut instinct suggests you take a turn in this area – to let go of the education which is not congruent with your values, so that you can open the doors to get a different degree in your area of passion. The ninth astrological house is also related to long distant travels, and I would personally be extra cautious in case of an upcoming trip abroad. Moreover, if you have anything related to foreign lands, countries, other cultures, etc. you wish to let go of, this may be a good time to do so. This cosmic event may also work as a catalyst for you to change your perspective on everything that is different from your personal belief system, religious views, customs, culture, etc.

Moon Eclipse in Capricorn and the tenth natal house (Medium Coeli)

The lunar eclipse in the tenth house or in Capricorn will challenge you to drop anything related to your career that no longer serves you or no longer inspires you. Again, I don’t mean quitting your job right on the spot. However, I do think this may be a good time to ask the Universe to help you make the necessary changes in a very smooth and respectful way. To find a new fulfilling and inspiring vocation, first we need to let go of the old – our attachments to our old profession, our old self-image of being such and such, our old beliefs that stop us from pursuing something more, etc. And while we are on the subject, you can definitely check the blog series on finding your best career options according to astrology, as well as the changes that are afoot during one’s Saturn revolution. These articles may be of great use when dealing with these challenging times of transformation. Also, during this interesting cosmic event you may find that your relationships with your father, other authorizes or father figures and mentors are illuminated.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and the eleventh natal house

The energy of the lunar eclipse in the eleventh house or in Aquarius can be harnessed for making some exciting changes in your close circle. The 11th house is connected to our friends and close acquaintances. So, you probably guessed it – letting go of our attachment to some of these people may be exactly what would happen here. However, if you wish to make conscious and intentional changes to your circle of friends and allies, be mindful to do it the right way. And to me the right way is to do it with respect, love, compassion, and acceptance. What I mean is to work on your negative feelings towards that person first! Then we can set them free. Because that’s the only reason why we bond with others (relatives, spouses, partners, friends, etc.) in the first place – to work on certain issues and to grow. If we try to just cut off anyone who irritates us, we are bound to repeat these lessons again and again. And I would like to make a quick side note which regards every astrological house which has to do with relationships – the 4th house (the relationship with our mother), the 7th house (the relationship with our partners), the 10th house (the relationship with our father), and the 11th house (the relationships with our friends). I do believe that we choose our parents and intimate relationships even before we were born on Earth with the sole purpose of working on certain character traits and beliefs. This means that we simply cannot escape these people on an archetypal level in order for us to learn these life lessons. So, these astrological events may be an excellent opportunity to really dig deep and think about what life lessons we chose to learn by meeting these people. And should you have any difficulties with this task, I remind you to check out the family constellations system, and I think you are going to have plenty of aha-moments!

Moon Eclipse in Pisces and the twelfth natal house

Finally, we have the lunar eclipse in the twelfth house or in the sign of Pisces. I think that the most prominent theme here for anyone who is even a little bit interested in the art of manifesting and the law of attraction, is working with your unconscious beliefs. The twelfth house in astrology is connected to our sub-conscious mind and our intuition. So, I think this would be a great time to really dig deep and work on the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. In other words, this astrological configuration may be a wonderful time to set the intention of letting go of everything in your sub-consciousness that no longer serves you. And if you have no clue what these beliefs and unconscious behavioral patterns are, you can simply ask the Universe to help you out to uncover them. Because as Carl Jung says – you do not have control over what you don’t know. So, the process of change starts with illuminating what’s inside our unconscious mind. However, I would like you warn you – this may be quite difficult, so it is best to work with a specialist in this filed. I would personally prefer to work with a certified Jungian analyst.

Recommended manifesting ritual supplies

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

Here are some cool tools and supplies which may be useful to you when performing this special manifesting (demanifesting actually) ritual. The more effort we put into these rites and make them more ceremonial, the more we show to the Universe we are serious about what we wish to materialize and how we want our reality to look like!

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want (Moon Magic)

This awesome book is a great way to upgrade your knowledge base and learn how this amazing celestial body affects our everyday life and how we can use it to our advantage for creating the life that we want! The read is packed with ancient wisdom about the sacred rituals and ceremonies we can perform and get ahead of the crowd.

It is no coincidence that our ancestors had a special connection with the Moon and synchronized a lot of their work and activities with its phases and movement along the zodiac wheel (for example, using the moon calendar for the agriculture and celebrating all kinds of dates of interest with sacred rituals and ceremonies). As described by the author, you can use this moon magic spell book for achieving all kinds of goals and dreams – getting a raise or career advancement, finding your soulmate, starting new projects on the right foot, improving your intuition and receiving divine guidance, etc.


New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Here’s another great read on the topic of manifesting and demanifesting according to the movement of the moon! This book is focused on the manifesting process during the new moon phase and which topics you can concentrate on depending on the zodiac sign in which the ritual would happen. But you can definitely use this piece of information in all your efforts for materializing your dreams, including this lunar eclipse demanifesting process. For example, during a Moon eclipse in Libra you can set a goal for putting an end to an unhappy relationship and use the New Moon phase in the seventh zodiac sign to make an intention for a new more suitable partnership! 


You can also read my other articles dedicated to my manifesting processes:

The Easiest Manifestation Technique Ever
Solar Eclipse Manifestation
Manifesting with the Zodiac Signs
The Huna Philosophy – Fast Track to Manifestation


Smudging is an ancient technique for clearing out the negative energy in a particular space or objects using the powers of sacred herbs and plants. And this ritual is even more important today in our age of technologies and their impact on our energetic fields and polluted air which also lowers our vibrations.

So, in order for us to have clearer space energy-wise and to set powerful intentions to the universe, smudging is an excellent option even for complete beginners. That is why I suggest you grab one of these handmade kits which contain the most common and powerful herbs and plants for this purpose – White Sage, Cedar, Flower Sage, Palo Santo, and Yerba Santa. If you need instructions on how to use this kit, feel free to visit Mama Wunderbar’s website. And one more thing, keep in mind that the herbs are ethically harvested in an environmental-friendly way!


Witchcraft Supplies Herbs for Witchcraft

Here’s another option for clearing out negative energy for your sacred manifesting (and demanifesting) ritual – a set of special herbs and spices which have been used by our ancestors in their wicca ceremonies. Compared to the smudge sticks from the previous suggestion, burning herbs is way easier and can be specifically targeted towards a certain goal depending on the chosen botanical.

Just remember that you will need a fire-resistant bowl (even for resting or snuffing a smudge stick, such as this one here. But that’s not all! We can use these powerful plants for making a variety of other aura cleansing and boosting items and practices, such as pagan altars, ritual baths, spell casting, charm bags, etc. And if you are not a pro at using such magical botanicals, worry not – at the back of each bag there is a brief description of what each plant does and how it can help us in our manifesting practices (including this Lunar Eclipse demanifesting ritual)!


Witchcraft Supplies Box for Wiccan Spells

If you wish to take your wish-making process to the next level, you can definitely grab one of these cool wiccan kits which contain all the necessary tools neatly packaged in one place – different color candles (depending on the energy you need to bring and the topic you are focused on), dried herbs and flowers for energetic clearing of the space and bringing in positivity, various crystals and gemstones to take advantage of their harmonizing effects, exquisite parchment paper for writing down your intentions, and the flower of life grid template at the back of the box you can use to amplify the power of the crystals using sacred geometry! Just note that the bundle does not contain candle holders, so you might want to add them to your order! 


Leather Writing Journal Notebook

I am a huge fan of high-class journals! I use them for all sorts of manifesting activities like writing down my intentions, positive affirmations, identifying limiting beliefs, and basically just journaling and taking notes of my journey. I think that the simple act of putting pen to paper sends powerful signals to our subconscious mind that we are really serious about changing our reality for the better!

And I think that’s especially true if we choose a high-quality exquisite journal like this one to make the overall feeling even more positive and uplifting – and as we know, the feeling and emotion (energy in motion) we put into this process is exactly what brings the manifestation into materialization! So, if you wish to get serious about your law of attraction practices, I highly recommend you pick a magnificent diary journal to document your progress. And I really like this one in particular because of its nautical symbols which to me are powerful reminders that the manifesting process is a journey and the best part of it is not the destination, but the path itself!


ChakraBae Chakra Candles (Set of 7)

Here’s another option for a set of aromatic candles which can be used for each chakra of our spiritual body. The scents are specifically picked to resonate with each energetic center and amplify it in the most harmonic way. So, if you desire to increase the power of your intention according to the area related to the specific chakra, you can definitely grab this set of candles and create the perfect relaxing and meditative ambience for your sacred ritual!

Plus, the kit contains genuine gemstones and crystals which also add their positive energy to your auric field and help you remove any blocks and improve the flow of chi! Moreover, a special mala beads necklace is included which would be the perfect addition to your daily meditative practice and it can also be used in this manifesting ritual to get you into alpha state much more easily!


Sheoolor Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

If you wish to take your vibration to the next level with something more redolent and potent, you can use the wonderful and magnificent natural oils and take advantage of their ability to alter our emotional state and elevate our mood with their aromatherapeutic properties! That is why my next suggestion for a very nifty and multifunctional tool every household must have is this essential oil diffuser!

Simply add a couple of drops of lavender oil or ylang-ylang and you will instantly feel a flood of relaxation and positive energy – something we need to cultivate in our day-to-day living to maintain the high vibrational state needed to make our wish come true (something which many law of attraction authors like Esther Hicks re-iterate in their works). Moreover, this awesome device serves double (and triple) duty as a gentle source of light and as a humidifier which is extremely important to anyone who frequently uses air conditioners!


Tim Janis Relaxation

Music is another important part of every sacred ritual which improves its effectiveness. Sound is the bridge between our emotional state and our consciousness because it works beyond words and mental reasoning. It is a powerful medium for getting into a more relaxed and receptive state and getting in touch with our intuition and our sub-conscious mind.

Or as Jose Silva (the author of the Silva Method) would call it – the process of getting into alpha state or setting our mind to work at the alpha brain waves frequency – it is a method for imprinting positive images and positive beliefs into the deepest layers of our consciousness more quickly and easily. So, what you can definitely do is grab this relaxing collection of music and sounds, combine it with the wonderful belly breathing method, and get into the perfect mode where reality becomes more pliable and malleable!


The manifesting ritual itself!

Now back to our main topic – how to use this phenomenon as a powerful astrological push for more successful manifestations!

Actually, a Lunar eclipse is an excellent time to finish some projects and to get rid of unwanted stuff! In other words, this is perfect for demanifesting things you don’t want in your life, such as unhealthy habits and vices!

The ritual is very similar to the one I have described in the Solar eclipse article, but this time we are going to write down what we wish to quit or finish.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Make sure you have all the lunar eclipses marked down in your calendar beforehand, so that you are not caught off-guard and you have time to prepare.
  2. Before this astrological event you can also think about or make a list of all the tasks that you intend to finish after the eclipse.
  3. Start preparing for the ritual by acquiring all the necessary tools and supplies you feel like using. I have made an example list of some items you may consider getting for your rite. These are definitely not absolutely necessary, but I think it is always a good idea to go the extra mile and make the process more special and sacred. This shows our sub-conscious mind, the Universe, the Infinite, or God that you are actually serious about these wishes. Or to put it more precisely – they are intentions, not just daydreaming.

Remember, if you feel strong negative sensations about this ritual, listen to your gut and honor your inner guidance! You and only you know what’s best for you, and what is in congruence with your unique life path on Earth! You are the captain of your ship and you are here to navigate through physical existence by making decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes the calls we need to make are not so easy.

  1. Check the position of the lunar eclipse and see the zodiac sign and your natal house in which it would occur. This will give you some valuable information on how to laser-focus your intentions and the area of your life which you can consciously work on. Go back to the list of positions in the previous chapter to get the details.
  2. During the actual event make sure you will have time and safe space where you won’t be disturbed while you will be performing your lunar eclipse ritual.
  3. Set up the mood and do your best to calm your mind and your body. Deep belly breathing is an excellent way to achieve this.
  4. Take a piece of paper and write down your intentions for this cosmic event. Remember that this is a demanifesting ritual – we are focusing on letting go of what we no longer value or what is no longer serving us. Here are some examples:

I intend to quit smoking/drinking/gambling, etc.

I intend to let go of my attachments to this abusive relationship which makes me feel unhappy and unsafe.

I intend to quit eating junk food when I am feeling bored or sad, etc.

I intend to get rid of the extra X pounds which take a toll on my heart.

And, of course, do not forget to include the karma-free clause:  “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned”. I believe that all of our manifesting efforts should be applied with a grain of salt, so to speak, because we usually set our intentions with our minds. But sometimes our minds do not have a clue what it is actually best for us and our life path on Earth in this incarnation. So, by adding these words, we let the Universe do its magic in the best possible way in the best possible timing re-arranging itself for the wellbeing of all of us!

In my personal experience over the years, I have discovered that our somatic intelligence (I also call it my intuition, or gut feeling) is way more accurate than decisions (and intentions and goals) made by my mind!

By the way, I have found great similarities between this intention setting process and the basis of one of my favorite self-development and self-discovery programs – Human Design.

To me, this has been one of the missing pieces of the puzzle of the whole law of attraction mystery! If you are even a little bit interested in finding out how your energy works and what the best strategy for making decisions (in every area of our lives – relationships, work, business, love, money, etc.) is, I think that Human Design will be a huge revelation for you! I have dedicated a whole article on this system as it binds perfectly with my own empirical findings and experiences with the whole manifesting business!

Oops! I got sidetracked! Let’s finish the ritual!

8. Visualize your end goal! Visualizing something that we wish to remove from our lives is quite hard. That’s because our brains can only visualize what’s there as opposed to something that is missing. Try NOT to think about lemons! What did we just do? That’s right – we instantly thought about these juicy saliva-inducing fruits! So, how to approach this issue?

Well, my method is to think about how my life would look and feel like when I have managed to fulfill my intention. For instance, if your goal is to quit smoking, try visualizing all these situations when you usually light up a cigarette, without the nicotine-packed product in your hand – drinking your morning coffee, playing cards with friends, while you are impatiently waiting for something, etc.

9. Take action! Any manifesting process requires some form of action. If we don’t do anything about our goals, they simply remain wishes that someday might happen. Now, to really show the Universe (and basically to show ourselves in the first place!) that we are serious about this intention, we need to take some steps in that direction. Remember, these actions do not need to be something massive or scary! Something as simple as researching what tools are available will give us the necessary push. In our example above, you may need to start researching how others managed to quit smoking. Or start asking friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. how they got over their nicotine addiction. You get the point – prepare your mind, body, and soul that you are actually going to change your life for the better!

Lunar Eclipse survival guide

Ok, let me summarize what I would do during this sensitive period of time!

  1. Remind yourself often that your current hyper sensitivity is not something to give in to or to feel powerless about. Our conscious intentions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes have an impact on how we experience reality.
  2. Take time to relax, reflect, and meditate. Journaling is a great tool for self-reflection and expressing anything that bothers us emotionally and mentally. Dedicate as much time as you can to relaxing and pleasant activities that give you joy and a sense of peace and serenity – meditation with breathing exercises, massages, reiki, walking in nature, reading, (I have some wonderful book suggestions for anyone interested in self-development, self-discovery, harnessing our power to manifest through astrology, human design, LOA, family constellations, etc.) dedicating more time to your hobbies, etc.
  3. Think about which projects you wish to finish and which unhealthy habits you wish to quit. Use the demanifesting ritual and let the Universe help you out in moving forward in the best possible way when the timing is right!

Good luck!

Stay tuned for more health and wellness info and articles!

Until next time!
Stay healthy!

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