Manifestation During Lunar Eclipse (Demanifestation Ritual)

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Manifestation During Lunar Eclipse (Demanifestation Ritual)

manifestation during lunar eclipse, demanifestation ritual

As you may know, I am a fan of some types of spiritual practices which can be applied in our everyday life. Even before the movie (and the book) The Secret came to light, I have found some ancient yoga rituals for manifesting through the power of visualization, affirmation, autosuggestion, etc.

Combining these with the movement of the celestial bodies can be a wonderful symbiosis using some astrological principles and our divine ability to co-create reality!

You may have heard of the new Moon rituals, even the Solar eclipse intention setting practices, and so on. But today I would like to suggest something a bit different and unorthodox – manifesting during a lunar eclipse, or to say it more accurately – a demanifestation ritual using the power of the natural Earth satellite – the Moon.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly is a lunar eclipse!

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

This astrological phenomenon is a type of full Moon, but a bit more special. Not every full Moon is an eclipse because we need to have the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun aligned in a straight line. This way, the Earth overshadows the Moon blocking the light coming from the Sun.

This special period of time is described by the astrologers as the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon with the North and the South lunar nodes.

This celestial event can cause quite some troubles with our emotions – during the Lunar eclipse itself and the following two weeks people may become hyper sensitive and anxious without any visible reasons, emotional outbursts may occur, hurtful words may be said, and actions may be taken which we may regret soon after!

So, take a close look at your emotional state and your relationships at this period and be really careful what you say and what you do. Make sure you are in tune with your inner peace and harmony of the soul! (more about this, later on)

The Moon eclipse manifestation ritual

Now back to our main topic – how to use this phenomenon as a powerful astrological push for more successful manifestations!

Actually, a Lunar eclipse is an excellent time to finish some projects and to get rid of unwanted stuff! In other words, this is perfect for demanifesting things you don’t want in your life, such as unhealthy habits and vices!

The ritual is very similar to the one I have described in the Solar eclipse article, but this time we are going to write down what we wish to quit or finish.

For example, take a piece of paper and write down some things like:

I would like to quit smoking/drinking/gambling, etc.

I would like to quit this abusive relationship which makes me feel unhappy and unsafe.manifestation during lunar eclipse, demanifestation ritual

I would like to quit eating junk food when I am feeling bored or sad, etc.

I would like to get rid of the extra X pounds.

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This may be your most appropriate way of achieving this goal!

And, of course, do not forget to include the karma-free clause:  “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned”. I believe that all of our manifesting efforts should be applied with a grain of salt, so to speak, because we usually set our intentions with our minds. But sometimes our minds do not have a clue what it is actually best for us and our life path on Earth in this incarnation. So, by adding these words, we let the Universe do its magic in the best possible way in the best possible timing re-arranging itself for the wellbeing of all of us!

In my personal experience over the years, I have discovered that our somatic intelligence (I also call it my intuition, or gut feeling) is way more accurate than decisions (and intentions and goals) made by my mind!

By the way, I have found great similarities between this intention setting process and the basis of my favorite self-development and self-discovery program – Human Design.

To me, this has been the missing piece of the puzzle of the whole law of attraction mystery! If you are even a little bit interested in finding out how your energy works and what the best strategy for making decisions (in every area of our lives – relationships, work, business, love, money, etc.) is, I think that Human Design will be a huge revelation for you! I have dedicated a whole article on this system as it binds perfectly with my own empirical findings and experiences with the whole manifesting business!

Lunar Eclispe survival guide

Ok, let me summarize what I would do during this sensitive period of time!

  1. Remind yourself often that your current hyper sensitivity is not something to give in to.
  2. Take time to relax, reflect, and meditate. Dedicate as much time as you can to relaxing and pleasant activities that give you joy and a sense of peace and serenity – meditation with breathing exercises, massages (I have a whole home SPA ritual you can borrow), reiki, waking in nature, reading, (I have some wonderful book suggestions for anyone interested in self-development, self-discovery, harnessing our power to manifest through astrology, human design, LOA,) working on your hobbies (I have a full guide with more than 500 formulas on making your own eco-friendly cosmetics at home, if you are into this kind of stuff J ), etc.
  3. Think about which projects you wish to finish and which unhealthy habits you wish to quit. Use the demanifesting ritual and let the Universe help you out in moving forward in the best possible way!

Stay tuned for more health and wellness info and articles!

Until next time!
Stay healthy!

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