Moon without Course Survival Guide (Idle Moon Phase)

Moon without Course Survival Guide (Idle Moon Phase or Void of Course Moon)   Recently I have been focusing a lot on astrology and the using it in addition to self-discovery, self-development, and the law of attraction. So, today I wanted to share a little bit about a specific phenomenon we experience quite often – the Read more about Moon without Course Survival Guide (Idle Moon Phase)[…]

Manifestation During Lunar Eclipse (Demanifestation Ritual)

  Manifestation During Lunar Eclipse (Demanifestation Ritual) As you may know, I am a fan of some types of spiritual practices which can be applied in our everyday life. Even before the movie (and the book) The Secret came to light, I have found some ancient yoga rituals for manifesting through the power of visualization, Read more about Manifestation During Lunar Eclipse (Demanifestation Ritual)[…]

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Solar Eclipse Manifestation

Manifesting During Solar Eclipse From ancient times the movement of the planets and the celestial bodies has been acknowledged with ceremonies and rituals. Our ancestors knew and understood the importance of the Sun, Moon, other planets and stars to our life on Earth. It is no coincidence that most age-old deities represented the great Sun (the Read more about Solar Eclipse Manifestation[…]