Solar Eclipse Manifestation (Solar Eclipse Ritual)

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Manifesting During Solar Eclipse (Solar Eclipse Ritual)

How many solar eclipses occur in one calendar year?
The solar eclipse ritual supplies
The solar eclipse ritual itself

solar eclipse manifestation, solar eclipse ritual

From ancient times the movement of the planets and the celestial bodies has been acknowledged with ceremonies and rituals. Our ancestors knew and understood the importance of the Sun, Moon, other planets and stars to our life on Earth. It is no coincidence that most age-old deities represented the great Sun (the Egyptian Ra, the Greek Helios, the Roman Sol etc. ) and the Moon.

The cycles of these celestial bodies are proven to be very important for our abilities to manifest our desires. We all know the power of the New Moon – a symbol of the new beginning and the conception of our wishes.

But there is also a similar astronomic phenomenon we can use to assist us on our way of becoming conscious creators – the Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse is like the New Moon for the Sun, but it doesn’t occur that often. Maybe that is why it is so special.

So, how many solar eclipses occur in one calendar year?

There are typically about 2 eclipses in a year but they are not always visible from both hemispheres. That should not stop you from using their power to manifest your desires!

You can check the exact dates from this website and mark them on your phone so you don’t forget to harness  the powerful solar eclipse ritual magic!

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The solar eclipse ritual supplies

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

Here’s a list of some items and supplies which would help you out in this manifesting ritual. These are definitely not mandatory, but they certainly make a big difference. Because after all, at the heart of any law of attraction practice is the energy that we put into it – we show the Universe that this is something important to us and we are ready to receive it! So, here are my suggestions for some very interesting tools which would add a more relaxed, positive, and sacred ambience to the whole ceremony!

This Solar eclipse manifesting practice is not the only sacred ritual we can perform to bring more happiness, success, love, and luck into our lives! Our ancient forefathers have been using all kinds of benevolent spells to amplify their energy and impact. And now is the perfect time with the current New Age movement to get back to this old-time wisdom and learn more on how to bring this benevolent witchcraft into today’s modern-day lifestyle! This book will teach you how to set powerful intentions and learn how to build magnificent altars, how to incorporate the Moon phases for even more successful manifesting, and how to stock up your witch pantry! Follow the steps of the ancient Wicca practitioners with more than 130 spells and charms for romance (for example, there is a very cool getting over someone spell), abundance (like the growing riches spell), and success (such as the workplace peace spell), and more!

This book is one of my favorites when it comes to combining astrology and the law of attraction or how to use the energies of the celestial bodies in the Solar system to boost our ability to materialize our desires. And at the beginning of this article we made a brief comparison between the New Moon phase and the Solar eclipses which have some resemblances. So, this astrological manual by Jan Spiller can be an extremely useful guide to focus our energy in the right direction and manifest the life that we want more quickly and effectively. In other words, we can use the zodiac sign in which the Solar eclipse occurs and use its typical characteristics and the area it governs to set powerful intentions in this field. For example, a Sun eclipse in Sagittarius would be a wonderful time to make wishes on the topics of education, travelling around the world and visiting exotic places. Or a Solar Eclipse in Taurus would be perfect for performing a ritual for manifesting more material abundance or buying real estate, etc.

Another cool thing I would suggest anyone has for all of their manifesting practices is a high-quality journal. There is something magical about putting pen to paper and telling our subconscious mind and the Universe we are serious about changing our lives for the better! This item would be perfect for writing down your goals and dreams; creating small-scale vision boards with beautiful pictures and symbols; identifying and re-wiring your liming beliefs; crafting positive statements, mantras, and affirmations; using it as a gratitude journal; a useful tool for tracking our spiritual progress, and so on! There are so many wonderful practices and exercises we can do with such an exquisite notebook! Plus, I really like the thoughtful and symbolic decoration with colorful gemstones representing the seven chakras of our energetic bodies – it does look like a sacred spell book for manifesting the life that we want using our inborn magical powers!

At the core of any manifesting practice lies one fundamental principle – it is all about vibration. Every tool and every ritual that we use serves one main purpose – to alter our vibrational signature for a long period of time which would bring into manifestation the reality that we desire. Because reality may very well be (as many quantum physics specialists suggest) a hologram – an illusion which represents materialized vibration. So, everything that we do in our efforts of creating a better life for ourselves must come from this understanding. In other words, all that matters is how a particular thing makes us feel; because emotions are energy in motion – they are telltale signs of our current vibrational state. That is why my next suggestion for something useful for every sacred ritual that we perform is this amazing herbal supply kit for modern-day witchcraft. Plants have a vibrational signature of their own and that is why they have been used in all kinds of ceremonies and sacraments. And that’s what we aim to do here – clearing out stuck and low-level energies and inviting more positivity and empowerment. Because, as many law of attraction teachers would say (such as Bashar, for example), reality becomes much more pliable and malleable only when we come to the high-level frequencies of love, appreciation, enlightenment, happiness, excitement, clarity, acceptance, etc. You get the point! :- ) Note: I would definitely add a special fire-proof bowl for burning herbs to make the set complete!

This option is the ultimate upgrade to the previous one – a complete spiritual and manifesting kit. The bundle has not only the aromatic and energy-cleansing herbs (Sage, yarrow, St. John’s wort, alfalfa, blessed thistle, red rose petals, hyssop, comfrey leaf, lavender, mugwort, nettle leaf, and raspberry leaf) but also a set of gemstones and crystals (Agate, amazonite, amethyst, aventurine, fluorite, garnet, labradorite, lapis, rock crystal, rose quartz, tiger eye and snowflake obsidian) for even better energy amplification along with 12 colored candles, 12 pieces of parchment paper (for writing down intentions, goals, dreams, affirmations, etc.), and a special flower of life crystal grid at the back of the package! But also, keep in mind that there are a few things missing (in my humble opinion). I would definitely complete this set with a special cauldron for burning botanicals (yes, the same as the one from the previous point), and some candle holders, in case you do not have suitable ones in your home. Besides that, the bundle is a wonderful tool for adding a more ceremonial feel to your manifesting ritual and offers a better opportunity to unleash your inner creative power!

This is a different variation of the previous suggestion for creating sacred space with special botanicals. But here you will see that they are formed into the so called smudging sticks. I believe that there is not a big difference whether you choose a smudging stick or a set of dried herbs in terms of the cleansing effect that we strive for. It is a matter of preference and convenience. For example, smudging sticks can be a bit difficult to keep them lit, especially if the plants are not well dehydrated. Also, they need to be snuffed when you are done with the ritual and stored for the next use. For this purpose I would remind you of the special fire-resistant burning bowl you can add to your order to make your life easier in this process. So, if you prefer this method of energy cleansing and vibration lifting, this kit is a great choice. It has all the most commonly used plants for this purpose – White Sage, Blue Sage, Cedar, Juniper, Yerba Santa, Rosemary, and a Palo Santo stick. But that’s not all! The bundle also contains the 3 of the main chakra balancing gemstones (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye), and if you are a complete newbie in this area, you get detailed instructions on how to use all of these in your next sacred manifesting ceremony! Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go!

When it comes to creating sacred and high-vibrational space for your Solar eclipse ritual, here’s another option to do so in a much more convenient way. Well, you may not be a big fan of burning herbs or smudging or you want to further add more positive ambiance. In this case, this slat lamp is a wonderful choice! These amazing and practical items are perfect for everyday living as well as for their magical air quality improving properties. And that’s something extremely important nowadays, especially during winter when we cannot properly ventilate the living space or in urban areas where pollution is a frequent phenomenon. But how does that happen? Well, it is believed that when heated, salt produces negatively charged ions which bond with the positively charged toxins, and this process creates a safer and clearer environment. But even you do not subscribe to these claims, these salt lamps can still be beautiful gentle sources of light and practical essential oil diffusers which would create a more relaxing and redolent atmosphere to your spiritual practices!

And speaking of aromatherapy, you can definitely get yourself such amazingly practical tool for everyday life, not just for your manifesting rituals! As opposed to the previous suggestion, this item is a bit more suitable for homes which are frequently air-conditioned or situated in hot and dry areas. And that’s because this is not just a cool natural herbal extract diffusing device, it also works as a wonderful humidifier! Again, I would strongly recommend having one of these gadgets if you live in a dense urban area with lots of traffic going around, and during the cold months when the heating is on – it will definitely add pleasant aromas around the house and create a peaceful meditative atmosphere for your manifesting practices. And as we have learned, it’s all about raising our vibration by increasing the positivity inside and outside of us! This means engaging all of our senses in this materializing process (or as Joe Vitale calls it “nevillizing” – a term he coined in his book “The Attractor Factor”) – beautiful sceneries, enchanting aromas, relaxing sounds, comfy fabrics, etc.

I will continue to re-iterate that our energy and energetic frequency that we emit is at the core of every successful manifesting practice. All the rituals, all the ceremonies, and all the tools that we use are simply mediums for achieving this one main goal – elevating our vibration and matching it with the desired manifestation. That’s it! But it is easier said than done! We know how quickly we fall off the wagon and get back to old habits of reacting to what’s happening outside of us, rather than consciously choosing our preferred emotion. And here come the tools, supplies, exercises, and practices to bring us back to that emotion of love, happiness, gratitude, and enlightenment! And undeniably, music is one of the best methods for improving our mood, relieving stress and anxiety, and getting back to our natural state of peaceful bliss. That is why I think that such a compilation of relaxing music for the soul is an absolute must for (and before) any manifesting ritual to attune our frequency to the highest possible levels! You can use this CD on a regular basis for your daily dose of yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditating, or simply unwinding after a long day at work!

And finally, my last suggestion for a very cool and useful tool you can definitely grab for yourself for easier and more effortless manifestations is this vision board kit. Again, it all comes down to our day-to-day vibration or the average frequency that we exude which brings us closer (or farther away from) our desired reality. And vision boards are extremely effective because a lot of the information that we receive in our brains comes from visual stimuli. Hence, we can use this to our advantage and frequently look at beautiful imagery which represents the stuff or the experiences we wish to materialize. But please note that it is extremely important to remember the main goal here – to achieve the emotion or the feeling of your desire. So, this means that it is absolutely necessary to pick images which “speak” to your heart and evoke a positive sensation in your body (usually in the heart area – you will get this warm and fuzzy feeling or the sensation of expansion in your chest). Hence, this kit is a wonderful tool to get you started since it includes all kinds of symbols and pictures you can put into use. You can even use the Bagua schematic from the ancient Eastern system Feng Shui and arrange your desires in the appropriate areas they belong according to its methodology. And remember, you can always change and tweak your vision board as long as all of its compounds evoke positive and blissful feelings in you! Psst! I will take the opportunity here to share with you a little secret – manifestations from the heart happen way more quickly than the ones from your mind! 😉


The solar eclipse ritual itself

Probably you have heard about making wishes during the New Moon for faster manifestation. Turns out that we can use the Solar Eclipse for the same purpose. An even more powerful celestial event would be a Solar Eclipse combined with the New Moon.

During this period the sense of new beginning and manifesting intentions are much stronger. You don’t want to miss an opportunity like this! So, what can you do to take advantage from the magic of Solar Eclipses and New Moons? The combined power of the new moon solar eclipse ritual for staring new projects and making new beginnings is immense!

Let’s begin!

1. First, check the Ephemeredes to see when the next Eclipse or Solar Eclipse combined with New Moon are (such as these).

Try to take some time for this process, but not later than 8 hours after the celestial event. The first 8 hours of the Solar Eclipse are the most potent for making wishes and declaring your manifestation intentions.

2. Then you can write down your desires on a piece of paper. It may look something like this: “I accept these gifts or even something better from the Universe for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you!” It is advisable always to include the karma-free clause (“…for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned…”to avoid doing harm to yourself or others with your good intentions.

In the next article you can read how to write specific wishes according to the zodiac sign the celestial event is in. New Moon Astrology is a brilliant book on the matter!

3. Next, write down the date, your name and signature at the bottom of the list. Keep the paper somewhere safe away from other people’s eyes and let go of your attachment to the result. Note the date on your calendar and re-read your wishes a year later to see which ones came true or which one sprouted some “roots”.

4. Feel free to combine this process with a powerful visualization! This one by Aaron Doughty is one of my favorites (it’s FREE!).

Happy manifesting!

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Stay inspired!

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