Manifestation with the Solar Eclipse

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From ancient times the movement of the planets and the celestial bodies has been acknowledged with ceremonies and rituals. Our ancestors knew and understood the importance of the Sun, Moon and other planets and

manifestation solar eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is a perfect time for goal setting!

stars to our life on Earth. It is no coincidence that most age-old deities represented the great Sun (the Egyptian Ra, the Greek Helios, the Roman Sol etc. ) and the Moon.

The cycles of these celestial bodies are proven to be very important for our abilities to manifest our desires. We all know the power of the New Moon – a symbol of the new beginning and the conception of our wishes. But there is also a similar astronomic phenomenon we can use to assist us on our way of becoming conscious creators – the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse is like the New Moon for the Sun, but it doesn’t occur that often. Maybe that is why it is so special.
Probably you have heard about making wishes during the New Moon for faster manifestation. Turns out that we can use the Solar Eclipse for the same purpose. An even more powerful celestial event would be a Solar Eclipse combined with the New Moon. During this period the sense of new beginning and manifesting intentions are much stronger. You don’t want to miss an opportunity like this! So, what can you do to take advantage from the magic of Solar Eclipses and New Moons?

First, check the Ephemeredes to see when the next Eclipse or Solar Eclipse combined with New Moon are (such as these). Try to take some time for this process, but not later than 8 hours after the celestial event. The first 8 hours of the Solar Eclipse are the most potent for making wishes and declaring your manifestation intentions.

new moon

New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse a a powerful energetic combination.

Then you can write down your desires on a piece of paper. It may look something like this: “I accept these gifts or even something better from the Universe for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you!” It is advisable always to include the karma-free clause (“…for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned…”)

to avoid doing harm to yourself or others with your good intentions. In the next article you can read how to write specific wishes according to the zodiac sign the celestial event is in. Next, write down the date, your name and signature at the bottom of the list. Keep the paper somewhere safe away from other people’s eyes and let go of your attachment to the result. Note the date on your calendar and re-read your wishes a year later to see which ones came true or which one sprouted some “roots”.

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