Manifesting with the Zodiac Signs

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If you want to take a step further with your New Moon and/or Solar Eclipse manifestation, you may use the characteristics of the zodiac sign the celestial event is in. Here are some simple examples:

New Moon and/or Solar Eclipse in:

1. Aries – wishes regarding all kinds of new endeavors, physical activities and physical status,

manifesting zodiac signs

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independence, self-sufficiency, risk taking, competitiveness, leadership, courage etc.

2. Taurus – financial and real estate goals, persistence, patience, releasing stubbornness, comfort, values etc.

3. Gemini – all activities, communication, studying, learning, logic, calming the mind, gadgets and automobiles, short trips, writing/reading, dexterity, everything regarding siblings, public speaking etc.

4. Cancer – wishes for the home and family, security, feelings, intuition, psychic abilities, financial security, relationship with the mother, caring and support for/from others etc.

5. Leo – everything connected to love and romance, art, generosity, fun and games, courage, children, passion, public image, creativity, vacations, sports, gambling, self-esteem, recognition, fame, leadership etc.

6. Virgo – wishes for better health, work, order and organizing, projects, errands, paperwork, punctuality, details, everything practical and overcoming criticism.

7. Libra – romantic and business partners, lovers, marriage, harmony, diplomacy, contracts, balance and equilibrium etc.

8. Scorpio – if you want change in any area of your life, transformation, overcoming a crisis, enhancing the psychic abilities, better financial partnerships, forgiveness, self-improvement, power, discipline, will, healing jealousy and the need for revenge etc.

 9.  Sagittarius – religious rituals like prayers, connecting to your higher power, spontaneous actions, adventures, distant trips, ethics, morality, luck, generosity, philosophy and searching for answers.

10. Capricorn – financial security, ambitions, social recognition, maturity, responsibility, self-discipline, competitiveness, setting and achieving goals, career, success, relationships with the father and superiors, reputation and traditions etc.

11. Aquarius – innovation, humanity, relationships with friends, inventions and technologies, freedom, seeing the big picture and predicting the future, sense of humor etc.

12. Pisces – understanding of dreams and subconscious messages, fantasies, psychic abilities and spiritual growth, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, channeling with angels, forgiveness, unconditional love, overcoming addictions etc.

You can find huge amount of information about manifesting with the New Moon and the zodiac signs in Jan Spiller’s book New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True


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