Easy Manifestation Trick for Smokers

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First of all, let’s get this straight – I am not encouraging anyone to start or continue smoking. I have never been a smoker myself and I don’t plan to start smoking ever. This article is not about pros and cons of smoking or something like that. It is dedicated to the people that don’t intend to stop this habit or are still struggling with this addiction. And they want to make the best out of it, until they change their mind or finally find their way out of the addiction.
If you are a smoker and you want to use your daily pack of cigarettes as a manifestation tool, this article is perfect for you. It might be very helpful even for non-smokers, too. They might get an idea how to manifest more easily.
This is actually a true story. A couple of months ago I was talking to a friend about manifesting and priming the brain. He seemed very interested in the topic and said he would like to give it a try. manifestation-trickUnfortunately, his work is not on a desk – he travels almost all day long from one destination to another:
My friend: “How can use this priming thing, since I don’t stay at one place to put pictures or written words of what I want to manifest anywhere near me?
Me: “Is there an object that you constantly use or see throughout your day?
My friend: “Well, the only thing I can think of right now is my pack of cigarettes. It is always with me and I take a smoke any chance I get. I tried to stop many times, but with no success so far.
Me: “Well, that will do! You just have to put a picture or text of your desire on the box, and every time you pull out a cigarette think about that desire and imagine as if you already have it. It is not that hard, isn’t it? Have you thought about what you want?
My friend: “Yes, I want a new smartphone! My GSM is not working very well lately, so I need a new one. And, you know – I want to see what is that hype about smartphones anyway. And besides, the one that I really like is too expensive for me!
Me: “That does not matter, just put your desire on it and relax!
It has been a couple of weeks since I haven’t heard from my friend. Until one day he gave me a call: “You are not gonna believe what happened! I did as you told me to. I felt a bit stupid to put a picture of the phone on the pack of cigarettes, but I gave it a shot. Everybody was curious what I was doing, but I tried to keep that a secret. And, lo and behold – a few days ago my sister gave me a call. This is very unusual – we don’t get along very much. But anyway. She said she wanted to make me a gift, for no reason at all! And asked me straight ahead – “Do you want me to buy you a new smatphone, the price is irrelevant?” No need to say that my jaw dropped!
Mine dropped, too! I was really surprised. I know that our minds and our intentions hold enormous power, but it was really impressing! All he did was put a picture of his desire and focused on it many times a day during his cigarette breaks.
This does not mean that every desire may come true as quickly as this one, but it is a very good example that anything is possible! So, if you are still looking for a fun and productive way to decorate your ugly cigarette pack, you may try this easy manifesting trick.

And one more thing: if and when you feel ready to leave behind your tobacco addiction, you may consider reading this awesome book – Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easyway To Stop Smoking

I hear a lot of people are very satisfied with their results! Wish you luck!

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