The Easiest Manifestation Technique Ever

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The Easiest Manifestation Technique Ever

easiest manifestation technique, simple manifestation techniques

First of all, let’s get this straight – I am not encouraging anyone to start or continue smoking. I have never been a smoker myself and I don’t plan to start smoking ever. This article is not about pros and cons of smoking or something like that. It is dedicated to the people that don’t intend to stop this habit or are still struggling with this addiction. And they want to make the best out of it, until they change their mind or finally find their way out of the addiction.

If you are a smoker and you want to use your daily pack of cigarettes as a manifestation tool, this article is perfect for you. It might be very helpful even for non-smokers, too. They might get an idea how to manifest more easily.

Easy manifestation trick for smokers – a success story

This is actually a true story. A while ago I was talking to a friend on the topic of manifesting and priming the brain. He seemed very interested in and said he would like to give it a try.

It is interesting to note that his work is not on a desk – he travels almost all day long from one destination to another. And here’s how our conversation went:

My friend: “How can I use this priming thing, since I don’t stay at one place to put pictures or written words of what I want to manifest anywhere near me? “

Me: “Hmmm, is there an object that you constantly use or see often throughout your day? “

My friend: “Well, the only thing I can think of right now is my pack of cigarettes. It is always with me and I take a smoke any chance I get. I tried to stop many times, but with no success so far.”

Me: “Well, that might do! You just have to put a picture or some text of your desire on top of the box, and every time you pull out a cigarette you need to think about that desire and imagine as if you already have it and feel it already achieved as much as you can. It is not that hard, isn’t it? Have you thought about what you want?”

My friend: “Yes, I want a new smartphone! My GSM hasn’t been working properly lately, so I need a new one. Unfortunately, the one that I really like is too expensive for me!”

Me: “That does not matter, just set your mind and heart into it and relax!”

It has been a couple of weeks since I have heard from my friend. Until one day he gave me a call: “You are not going to believe what happened! I did as you told me to. I felt a bit stupid to put a picture of the phone on the pack of cigarettes, but I gave it a shot! Everybody at work was so curious what I was doing, but I tried to keep that a secret. And, lo and behold – just a few days ago my sister gave me a call. This is very unusual – we don’t get along very much. But anyway. She said she wanted to make me a gift, for no reason at all! And asked me straight ahead – “Do you want me to buy you a new cellphone, the price is irrelevant?” No need to say that my jaw dropped!

Mine dropped, too! I was really surprised. I know that our hearts and our intentions hold enormous power, but this was really impressing! All he did was put a picture of his desire and focused on it many times a day during his cigarette breaks.

This does not mean that every desire may come true as quickly as this one, but it is a very good example that anything is possible! So, if you are still looking for a fun and productive way to decorate your ugly cigarette packs, you may try probably the easiest manifesting trick ever!

How to tweak the process for non-smokers?

You don’t have to be a smoker to use this awesome easy manifesting tool to your advantage! What’s important here to understand is the mechanics of the process, not the exact same implementation. In other words, you need to find a way to place an image of your desires where you can see it often throughout the day and get into that state of allowance, receptivity, and positive expectation. This method is very similar to making a vision board, but with a couple of significant differences.

First, you target your focus towards one specific goal and direct all your manifesting power and energy to make it happen. This may work like a magnifying glass and speed the process of materialization.

Second, working with a single visual representation of your desire is way easier than making a whole large vision board. This makes this simple manifesting ritual more versatile, flexible and space-efficient. You can bring (or place) a picture of your goal almost everywhere and look at it as often as you wish and can! For example, you can put it in the locket of your keychain and the vision will be with you wherever you go. You also can place a picture of your wish on the dashboard of your car (it is best to laminate it first for easier fixation), on the mirrors of your home, on the refrigerator (I use fridge magnets to stick it firmly on the door), as a wallpaper of your computer, as a lockscreen picture or a wallpaper of your smartphone, on your work desk or working station (just like you would do with the family photos), etc. The options are endless and all you need to do is unleash your creativity and think of a place where you can discretely arrange the visual representation of your goal and look at it often throughout the day!

Tips for a successful manifestation

Here are my suggestions for the necessary steps you need to take to successfully use this manifesting method to your advantage! Use these as mere guidelines – they are not rules set in stone and you can change or tweak them as you wish according to your intuition and your inner truth (later on, in the following sections I will explain a bit more why we need to follow our unique way of doing things instead of always following the crowd).

  1. Picking your goal

This may seem like something easy and unimportant but I think that this is one of the main reasons why our wishes do not come true – we pick a goal from our minds instead of our hearts. As a society we are so indoctrinated and brainwashed what our lives should look like, how we should live them, and what we should be working towards. And as you take some time in meditation away from the TV and the social media, you may have some interesting findings and insights. Maybe you do not really want that large house or that flashy expensive car, etc. Do not get me wrong, I am not against all of these things. What I am trying to convey here is the message that we should really pay attention to what our deepest desires are – at a heart and soul level. Otherwise, we will be simply chasing a carrot which would not bring us true happiness and satisfaction. And when you think about it, all of our desires aim at one thing and one thing only – the belief that they would make us feel happy. So, my suggestion to you is not to rush this step – take your time and spend a little bit of energy every day to really think and feel what you really want to manifest in your life. If you feel like journaling and writing down your thoughts in a notepad, then do so. Later on, you can come back to these insights and try to get a sense of your physical sensation towards every different option – our bodies are our best allies when making a correct decision (our gut feeling or our intuition is the best navigation system we have at our disposal to this day).

  1. Pick the correct timing

This is not a necessary step but it does help you to get in tune with the natural rhythm of the cosmos and get the best out of the energetic imprint coming from the planetary phenomena. For example, you can use the energy of each New Moon to set your goal and send it out into the Universe! I have a special New Moon manifesting ritual you can use to help you out in the process. Moreover, if you are a total esoteric and astrological geek, you can use the specific energy of the zodiac sign in which the New Moon is set and choose an appropriate wish related to that topic. Check out this article for more information. The same goes with the Solar Eclipses which usually happen twice a year – they are also a great way to set intentions and write down what you wish to manifest in your life. Also, you can try the awesome and fun New Year’s Eve 12 grapes ritual to start your solar return (your new year according to astrology or the regular new year on the 1st of January) with a bang!

And finally, there’s another great and super beneficial time when you can start working towards your most desired goals – the period each year when Venus transits your zodiac sign. Venus is like a fairy godmother and brings us lots of luck, fortunes, love, and positive energy! So, when it transits around our natal Sun, we can feel this beneficial energy pushing us forward, and we can definitely use this nudge to start manifesting our wishes! This requires a little bit of calculations but it is very easy to find out! For example, if you are Aries, look for the time when Venus is moving through this zodiac sign. You can use a calculator like this one. Keep in mind that Venus usually moves closely to the Sun, so this period of time will be approximately around spring each year. Here’s the position of Venus (♀) on the 22nd March 2021 at Midnight in New York. As you can see Venus is just entering the sign of Aries and this is the most favorable time for the Rams to set their goals and start manifesting them!

easiest manifestation technique, simple manifestation techniques

  1. Pick the right picture

I think that the visual representation of your desire also plays an important role in the manifesting process. After all, we are working with fine energies and sensations. Remember that you would be looking at this picture often and you need get into the feeling of joy, happiness, allowance, gratitude, positive expectation, etc. So, the visual has to be pleasing and it should “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say! Again, take your time and pick and choose something that really speaks to your heart and let your intuition have the final word! I believe that the successful manifestation is not a mental process – it is intuitive and energetic! Grab some old magazines, look for pictures on the web and print them out (with the necessary permission, of course), and laminate them if you wish to preserve their quality in the long run. If nothing grabs your attention, you can start the process by simply visualizing it regularly, and your first manifestation might be the best picture of it, so when you see it, it would “click” and feel just right!

  1. Getting into the feeling

This is the heart and soul of the manifesting process – everything else is just a prop! The pictures, the vision boards, the visualizations, the rituals – everything is just a tool and a medium to get us to feel the feeling of having or experiencing our desire. This process brings the energy of the wish into the present moment and imprints it into our own energetic field. In other words, we practice what it would feel like if the thing that we want is already ours. The aim of this exercise is to bring us so close to the vibration of our desire that when it finally manifests, it feels like “old news”. We have already experienced it and held it in our hands so many times, that when it materializes in our lives we are already familiar with its energetic signature!

So, do your best to get into that feeling of having it already as often as you can and as vivid as you can. Use all of your physical senses as much as possible so that your overall being gets into the sensation that this is the new reality! Add the feeling of gratitude at the end of your practice to seal it off with a powerful push from the Universe! Because by saying “Thank you!” we acknowledge to ourselves that we already have what we strive for. It is sort of a neat hack to trick our inner being of believing that this thing we wish is already present in our reality!

  1. Releasing

The final step is a very important which we often forget and neglect. Have you ever had this experience where you wanted something so badly and it comes to pass just when you completely forget about it! I know I have!

This is the process of releasing our desires and letting the Universe do its magic in its own perfect timing and its own perfect way! And what we do by letting go of the wish is getting out of the way with our pressure, fear, doubt, and resistance which actually slow down (or even stop) the manifesting process.

So, what I would suggest you do is right after you do your regular visualization and expression of your gratitude, try to let go of your wish completely. You can even say something like “I let the Universe do its magic in the best possible way in its own perfect timing for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned or bring me something even better!”. This is actually the karma-free clause I like to use in all my intention-setting processes since we are all human and many times we do not know whether the wish we have is good or even healthy for us and the people around us (see point #1). So, by adding this sentence we can safely release this desire with a light heart and clean conscience that no matter what happens it would always be for the best for us!

Practice this ritual for as much time as you feel comfortable to or until you have reached the sensation that it is already yours. As I mentioned previously, when the thing we want finally manifests it may feel like “old news” and sometimes I even react to it with a short “Meh!” 😀 This is the moment when you can finally release your wish into the Universe and even forget about it. As the wise people say “Let go and let God!”. If you have noticed the main point here, the goal of visualizing and practicing the vibration of our desire is to release the feelings of need, desperation, impatience, doubt, etc. Because these sensations do not exist where our wish is manifested! A nice paradox, isn’t it? :- )

Why hasn’t my wish manifested yet?

What if your wish doesn’t come true? Many people become discouraged of the manifesting process because their goals and dreams do not come to pass or it doesn’t happen as quickly as they hoped for. What could be the reason for an unsuccessful materialization? Here are a couple of suggestions you can check so you can try to tweak your process and increase your chances of accomplishing your goal.

  1. Not the correct wish

Going back to the first step of this easy manifesting trick we need to make sure we have picked the right goal. Take some time to relax and meditate on your set wish and try to go deep behind it – why do you want it? Is it because you feel an inner intuitive drive towards it or because you are trying to prove something to others (your parents, your neighbors, yourself, etc.)? Do you really sense with every fiber of your being that what you want comes from within your heart and soul or is it coming from the mind (especially out of fear)? If your intuition tells you that this is not the right thing to pursue, change your goal and check whether you have a positive reaction from your body consciousness. You should feel light, enthusiastic, and invigorated by the wish you have chosen for yourself! I believe that this is one of the key points which is often underestimated or even completely missed from most manifesting tutorials. And that may be the main reason for the lack of success.

  1. You haven’t practiced the feeling enough

As I have mentioned in the previous section, the heart of every materialization process is the feeling (or the vibration) you get when you practice it. It is not about mechanically visualizing your goal or writing it down or chanting it like a mantra over and over again. It is all about getting into the same frequency as the thing you want as often and as long as possible. Actually, it is not even about the frequency of the wish itself, but more like the feeling you will experience when you achieve it. If it would make you feel happier, get happier now. If it would make you feel like the king of the world, start feeling like it today! The visualization or the picture or the vision board are just useful properties which help us get into this state of receiving more easily and quickly! So, if you have been too focused on the wrong parts of this manifesting process, start practicing the feeling or the vibration as much as possible and you will be on your way!

  1. You have strong limiting beliefs

Sometimes we self-sabotage our efforts for success and happiness due to our subconscious beliefs which we have picked long time ago from our parents or our social environment. There is no need to place blame on our closest ones – they have been dealing with the same subconscious imprinting and they have been trying to give us everything to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, most of us have grown into more or less unfavorable conditions and we have picked lots of limiting convictions about ourselves or the world in general. For example, most of us are dealing with some form of low self-esteem, the feeling that we do not deserve more, lack of self-love and self-respect, etc. All of these work as invisible blocks lying on the path to our goals. More often than not, we ourselves put the brakes on the manifesting process out of our subconscious fears of success or fear of failure. And here comes the million dollar question: “How do we get rid of these limiting beliefs?” First, how do we uncover then and then how to transform them into something more positive and supportive?

I have heard and tried many techniques but most of them were very time-consuming and not very effective. Until I came across one method which grabbed my attention and stole my heart. 😀 My favorite way of unearthing and healing my own negative convictions and early childhood traumas (which also hinder our efforts for success and happiness) is the family constellations. The transformation happens almost immediately and the blocks and traumas buried down in our emotional bodies you find are always such a surprise to me every single time! Finding and working with the family constellations method has been a turning point in my life and the speed at which this holistic revolution happens is mind-blowing! Since the process is too peculiar and elaborate for me to explain, you can check a couple of books on this topic to get acquainted with this amazing transformational practice.

The Constellation Approach — Finding Peace Through Your Family Lineage
It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle
Connecting to Our Ancestral Past: Healing through Family Constellations, Ceremony, and Ritual

After that, if your intuition is on board, you can find a trusted constellation practitioner near you and start your fairytale-like journey!

  1. You do not have enough patience

Yeah, manifesting takes a little bit of work and time. But remember that no matter what process you choose, it shouldn’t feel like working or tackling chores. It should make you feel invigorated, enthusiastic, hopeful, and with a positive expectation. This should come easily if you picked the right goal and you have worked on transforming and healing your limiting beliefs. But still, some patience is involved here. The material plane may be pliable but it is still thicker and more inert than our thoughts and feelings. So, usually, the manifestation happens within a certain amount of time depending on many factors. But the main ones are our energetic readiness for the thing to arrive, our belief how much time it would take, and the Universe just doing its magic (it may take some time for it to rearrange a few things before you see your wish coming down the hill 😀 ). All you need to do is sit back, relax, practice the feeling, and release it. As soon as you get to that state that you do not need this thing anymore (because you have had it in your imagination or in your energetic field so many times), you can set it free and let the universal consciousness do its part in the materialization process. Sometimes we can even get bored from a particular wish, we move towards something more juicy and desirable, and poof – the Universe dumps on our doorstep the thing that we initially have chosen! And that’s because we have held it in our vibrational field and we have released it by removing all resistance! Have you ever found a lost item just when you didn’t need it anymore? That’s how manifesting works! 😀

  1. You are not using your unique way of manifesting

We humans may be the same species but we are so different in our unique physical expression! And this applies to our way of manifesting things into the world – our way or manipulating energy.

If you are a fan of this blog, you may have noticed that I am quite the fan of a relatively new self-development and self-exploring system which perfectly reflects the holistic nature of us humans. It’s called Human Design – a system developed by a mysterious individual called Ra Uru Hu – an unique interdisciplinary amalgam of esoteric knowledge, spirituality, and science. Human Design encompasses various elements of the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, astronomy, Judaic Kabbalah, genetics, biochemistry, Quantum Physics, astrology,  and the Chinese I’Ching. And all of this has its perfect place in explaining our exception physical expression as humans.

But how does this relate to manifesting? By studying Human Design (HD) I have found out that we can use this amazing system at our disposal for finding our own unique method of materializing our desires in the best possible way! For example, according to HD, people are divided into four main groups: generators (manifesting generators as a sub-type), manifestors, projectors, and reflectors. Each of these types could have their own specific way of manifesting which would be much easier and more in alignment of their true nature. For instance, manifestors may be better at setting goals and starting new projects according to their desires, whereas generators will have to wait for the outer world to show them what they should focus on and use their gut response to recognize it and the correct path towards it, etc.

It would be too much and too difficult for me to explain this system in detail in order for you to get the sense of how it could help you out in your successful manifestation. So, you can start by getting acquainted with the system by reading a couple of books on this topic written by true experts in the field. I have compiled my top picks in this special article dedicated specifically to Human Design!

How to stop smoking?

Since I have mentioned the unhealthy habit of smoking in the beginning of this article, I imagine some of you may have ended here on this page with the purpose of quitting.

I myself am not a fan of this vice at all and I guess there are lots of folks who wish to stop smoking ASAP, if possible. So, here in this section I will do my best to help you out in this process as much as I can. Of course, you can also use the easy manifesting trick described in this article to achieve this goal, but you have to be very careful how you frame your goal. You need to focus on something positive which would describe the act of letting go of the cigarettes and the feeling of freedom, happiness, lightness, and the wonderful sensation of easy breathing as a result of it. Also, carefully choose a positive image which would be the focal point of your visualization practice!

Now here are some other methods you can use to your advantage – some are quite conventional, while others may be a bit unorthodox and completely new to you. I encourage you to try as many as you wish or your intuition draws you towards!

  1. Willpower

The good ol’ method of quitting cold turkey using sheer willpower. The difficult part is the initial process of detoxing the body from the nicotine (the so called withdrawal syndrome), and subsequently switching the habitual behavior of lighting a cigarette with something more positive and healthier. But if this is so easy to do, why don’t most people succeed? Speaking from the perspective of the Human Design system I mentioned previously, not all of us are designed to have constant access to willpower. This is the so called energetic center of the heart (also called the ego). If your ego center is defined (it is colored in red in your bodygraph), you can use the immense power of your will to quit smoking (or something else you wish to achieve). But statistically speaking, about 37% of the population has this center defined and can rely on it for getting rid of this unhealthy habit. How to find out whether you have it or not? Simply go to enter your accurate birth details and look for the small triangle on the right of the bodygrapth. If it’s colored in red, you have a defined ego. If not, it is best to not burden your heart (literally your physical heart) by trying to exercise your willpower all the time. It is best to look for other ways to achieve your aim. For more information on this topic, I suggest you grab Lynda Bunnell’s Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu Or check my other book recommendations on Human Design.

  1. Conscious breathing

The act of conscious breathing is so simple that we often neglect and overlook it. But it has such great potential in almost every area of our lives, even in the process of quitting smoking! 

Here’s what you can do. I believe you know that smoking (or any other addiction) is not the main problem here. It’s the feeling or the trauma which is at the heart of this issue. Smoking is just the medium through which we try to hide or deal with some kind of emotion – loneliness, sadness, anxiety, fear, boredom, the feeling of being excluded from a group (think about how many people start smoking just because they want to be part of the “cool kids gang”), etc. So, theoretically, if we do our best to deal with these emotions in a more positive way, we wouldn’t need the cigarette, or the drink, or whatever…   

Easier said than done, right? The problem is that more often than not we do not even know what’s behind our need for this nicotine kick. So, what you can try to do is getting in touch of your emotional body by breathing (or pranayama as the yogis would call it). The best pranayama method I would recommend is the abdominal breathing described in detail in this article. By focusing on our breath, we achieve a couple of things: we calm down the nervous system; we can “get into our body” and locate the feeling inside of it (the solar plexus, the heart, the abdomen, etc.) and sooth the tension through conscious breath; we can become aware of what the exact emotion is and where it is coming from. By doing this every time you feel like lighting a cigarette, you stop the unconscious habitual process of smoking, and start becoming more aware of what’s happening in the body and why. This may give you some very valuable information about your unhealthy habit and the tool to eradicate it successfully from your life!

  1. Family constellations

I mentioned this powerful healing method previously in the section on limiting beliefs, but it deserves a lot more attention! As I described in the previous point, all addictions stem from some kind of emotional pain or past traumas. Unfortunately, we carry most of these invisible scars from our unconscious early childhood years or even before we were born! I highly recommend you check the amazing book Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self: Finally a Book That Explains Why It’s So Hard Being Yourself by Lise Bourbeau and you will understand where I am coming from! I believe that this may be the main reason why most people fail in life in general, not just in quitting smoking or drinking – we are not aware of the emotional burden and the pain we have been carrying for years and years! And no matter how hard we try, there’s this feeling that something is keeping us away from success and happiness!

And here’s my suggestion – why not try the powerful method of family constellations and dig deep and heal the wounds from the past? By soothing the pain, we wouldn’t have anything left to hook us onto unhealthy vices which only served as analgesics for our hearts and souls!

  1. Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easyway To Stop Smoking

 I have heard great feedback from people about this book, so I am mentioning it here. From what I hear, Allen Carr’s method is not focused on using sheer willpower or crutches like nicotine packs or tablets. I am pretty sure that the main focus of his way is also finding and dealing with the main reason why people start and continue to smoke, and that’s why the book is such a massive success year after year! It definitely deserves a read!

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