Moon without Course Survival Guide (Idle Moon Phase)

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Moon without Course Survival Guide (Idle Moon Phase or Void of Course Moon)


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Recently I have been focusing a lot on astrology and the using it in addition to self-discovery, self-development, and the law of attraction.

So, today I wanted to share a little bit about a specific phenomenon we experience quite often – the Moon period without course. What does that mean and how to use it very practically in our daily life?

What is the Moon without course period?

The Moon is our natural satellite and which is pretty close to Earth and so – it moves rather quickly through the zodiac. As it orbits around us, it makes certain aspects to the other planets and stars in our Solar system (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc.).

Right after the Moon makes an accurate major aspect with another planet, this celestial body will remain in the last few degrees of the current zodiac sign without making another aspect to any planet.

This interesting period of time is when our natural satellite is without course (also known as Moon in free care or idle Moon).

This phenomenon can last for a fee hours up to a day. Feel free to check a Moon calendar and mark these periods of time so you do not miss them – just use these as reminders to be more careful and less action oriented. Here’s what I mean!

What happens during the Idle Moon period?

During Moon in free care, we tend to fall into our delusions or to be daydreaming more often than usual. We can also be pretty absent-minded, careless, inattentive to details, and distracted.

That is why practical astrology suggests we avoid making radical changes and life-changing decisions. The risk of not following this piece of advice is observing how thigs turn sour fast or our wishes and goals do not manifest that quickly (if at all). For this purpose I have the best astrological ritual you can check out – the Solar eclipse for wish making, and the Lunar eclipse – for getting rid of bad habits!

This comes from making decisions under the influence of our delusions, insufficient information or inattention to details which had been missed. If you wish to start making better decisions in every area of your life which can lead to an explosion of synchronicities and immediate improvements, I highly recommend you check out the Human Design system! It is absolutize mind-blowing! It is the perfect amalgam of practical astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the law of attraction, spirituality, and so much more!

Here’s a short Moon period without course survival guide!

  • Try to be extra cautious during this period of time;
  • Try to ne in a safe environment during your regular routines – work, home chores, hobbies (oh, BTW, I have a fresh new super cool and simple guide on growing Phalaenopsis orchids – one of my most favorite hobbies so far!), walks outside, meditation, relaxation, etc.
  • Avoid making any kind of life-changing decisions or big changes of any sort, like changing jobs, for example. For this purpose I have a blog series you can take a look at!
  • Avoid making large expensive purchases – these can be based on flawed premises or vital details about the quality of the item can be discovered later on when it is too late to return it;
  • Avoid handling any kind of machinery, sharp objects, or anything which can be harmful – any little distraction can lead to a possible issue;
  • Try as best as you can to re-schedule any important event for at least 2 hours before or after this period;

Lastly, I just want to make sure you do not take this information and become paranoid or something like that! Just mark down these time periods and try to be a little extra cautious, relax and reflect more. That’s it!


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