40+ Best Gifts for Spiritual People (Gifts for Spiritualists)

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40+ Best Gifts for Spiritual People (Gifts for Spiritualists)


Table of contents:
The Best Spiritual Books for Truth Seekers
Awesome Thought-provoking Movies and Classes – Cool Gifts for Spiritualists
Meditation and Mindfulness Items – the Best Practical Presents
Spiritual Home Décor Gifts

You probably have a dear spiritual person whose special occasion is coming up and you need to find a suitable present to surprise them with. It could be a upcoming birthday, a wedding anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, etc. Either way, if you wish to make your special someone’s heart melt, this gift guide for spiritualists is for you! I did my best to create a collection of items related to this topic to give you ideas for presents you can pick for the big day. But note that this gift guide is intended for people who are interested mainly in the New Age (or New Thought) movement, meditation and mindfulness practices, Feng Shui, or the modern-day out of the box type of spirituality and the esoteric knowledge. I mean to say that this collection of present ideas may not be very suitable for traditional type of religious people – just keep this in mind.

The items I have picked could be appreciated by both women and men, so no matter what your relationship type is (a wife or a husband, mother or father, girlfriend or boyfriend, a BFF, a colleague, your boss, sister or brother, etc.), this present collection might be extremely helpful!

Let’s get started!

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The Best Spiritual Books for Truth Seekers

Books are the absolute must for any spiritual seeker! Our soul journey usually starts with an inspiring book we found in the library or recommended by a friend. This is when our path of remembering who we are and what we came here on Earth to do begins! I am sure that your special someone also likes reading paperbacks on all sorts of interesting and mind-opening topics which achieve this exact purpose – they help us become aware of our divine nature and the enormous power we hold by simply understanding some of the basic principles of how the Universe works and how our own energy output affects the whole reality! So, definitely take a look at these spiritual book recommendations and see if anything makes your intuition tingle – this might be a sign that the volume may be a suitable gift for your dear spiritualist to bring them enlightenment and a broader perspective!

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

People who are on a spiritual path understand that there is much more to life than the material plane – we have something called higher self which navigates us through this incarnation. Some spiritual teachers argue that we have a pretty much fixed trajectory and all we are here to do is to experience life itself and expand our awareness.

Unfortunately, when we are born on planet Earth we tend to forget what we came here to do and we could feel a bit lost sometimes. And here comes the backup plan, so to speak – the signs and hints our higher self always gives us to help us stay on track. Well, some call it higher self, some – the Universe, some – the spirits of our diseased loved ones, and others – God, but it is all the same thing. We are all One, and this is not just an empty expression (later on in this gift guide you will find out how quantum physics explains this notion). So, as far as choosing a suitable gift for any spiritualist goes, this magnificent work is a great choice! It is the perfect guide into this world to give us peace of mind and reassurance we are on the right path in times of hardship and indecision.


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

This is definitely one of the must reads for everyone who is even a little bit interested in the topic of spirituality, self-development or the New Age movement. What I really like about this book is that it is extremely practical. It not only gives a better understanding of how our reality works, but it also gives us some of the simplest rules we can follow to actually implement this knowledge.

Because let’s face it – there are plenty of spiritual and enlightenment teachings out there, but they seem more like something to contemplate on rather than live by. That is why this book by Don Miguel Ruiz is so deeply appreciated and acknowledged! And here are the four agreements – 1. Be Impeccable With Your Word; 2. Don’t Take Anything Personally; 3. Don’t Make Assumptions; 4. Always Do Your Best. As you can see these seem like very simple rules to live by, but they can have a profound positive effect on our everyday lives and significantly improve our personal relationships through better communication! And that’s what practical spirituality is all about – walking the talk!


Raise Your Vibration (New Edition): High-Vibe Tools to Support Your Spiritual Awakening

Here’s another great book choice for a suitable gift for your dear spiritual person’s special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.)! I chose this one because I think it is essential for achieving a better understanding of what day-to-day spirituality means. Well, to me that’s tightly connected to quantum physics’ explanation for the nature of our reality – it is energy constantly vibrating at a particular frequency.

By changing our frequency, we change what and how we experience reality. That is why it is so important to tend to our vibration as much as possible until we make a permanent shift. And how we do that? It is simple (well, simple does not mean easy) – we do all kinds practices, rituals or exercises which help us exude the highest frequency possible – that of love, gratitude, joy, enlightenment, and so on. That is what spirituality is all about (at least in my opinion and how I experience it). So, if you are looking for a cool, practical, and enlightening book for your special person, this could be a wonderful choice they might enjoy!


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

I think there is a huge misconception among spiritual people that the material side of life is something separate from our spirit. Or even worse – all material things should be avoided and condemned. But the more we dive deep into this topic, the more we realize that there is no separation – it is all one thing, and physicality is just a reflection of our spirit.

In other words – we create and shape the Universe by what vibration we hold and experience. That is why my next book recommendation which could be a wonderful gift to a dear friend is this all-time classic by the famous Deepak Chopra. This volume beautifully illustrates this direct relation between our spiritual practices and the success we achieve in life – being material, professional, the feeling of overall fulfillment and satisfaction. These are all the results of how we practice these seven sacred laws: 1. The Law of Pure Potentiality; 2. The Law of Giving; 3. The Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect; 4. The Law of Least Effort; 5. The Law of Intention and Desire; 6. The Law of Detachment; 7. The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life. And if your special person feels stuck in their life, they do everything right (they plan well and work hard), but they still do not achieve what they want, this book might be exactly what they would need right now to help them get what their heart truly desires!


The Magic of Manifesting: 15 Advanced Techniques to Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It’s Impossible Now

The Law of Attraction or the manifesting practices has been a hot topic recently due to the massive popularity of the movie The Secret. And I think that we can include this part of the New Age movement into the spirituality realm. Because, as I said previously, the physical and the spiritual part of life are just the two sides of one coin – we cannot have one without the other.

And if we wish to live the life that we want, first we have to take care of our inner world – the world of the spirit or to put it in a different way – to tend to our vibration. That is why I have included this manifesting manual in this gift guide for spiritual people – I think it could be a wonderful addition to the personal library of every curious mind. And I couldn’t help but think about one interesting quote (it is not an exact quote and I did my best to re-create it as precisely as possible) by the awesome Dolores Cannon (a massively popular hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regressions): “One of the main lessons that you come to Earth to learn is how to manipulate energy. We’re here to be master manifesters.


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle is another big name in this field and definitely deserves our attention. Well, his perspectives on spirituality may not be suitable for everyone, but it is still valuable to get acquainted with them. I think that his teachings are quite close to the mindfulness practices which help us stay and be present in the moment. Because as many spiritual authors suggest, a lot of our problems come from not living in the present.

Instead we suffer or become nostalgic of the past or become fearful of the future. Peace, serenity, and true wisdom comes from experiencing life here and now. And when you think about it – there is only now, it is always now. When the future arrives, it is again… now. So, I think Tolle’s works are good reminders to stay grounded and in touch with our true self – the source of our joy. “When you become fully present and accepting of what is, you open yourself to the transforming experience of The Power of Now.”


Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue

This is one of my most favorite books ever! And I mean books on all topics, not just spirituality and New Age stuff. It is that good, well, at least in my opinion. So, if your special person who you wish to surprise is even a little bit interested in these topics, I think this would make a great gift. But, I must warn you – this is not the conventional portrayal of God as it is done in most devotional reads.

So, if your dear spiritualist is a dedicated follower of some religious affiliation, Walsh’s work may not appeal to their taste. If you feel they are more open-minded and curious about other perspectives of how we see God, the Universe, and our reality, then this could be a life-changing read! I still remember the first time I was going through this book and I was getting goosebumps all the time! Everything sounded so true, and you could feel the love and acceptance of something greater than yourself. I truly believe that Conversations with God would be an amazing read for anybody who seeks truth and is on a spiritual journey of any kind. To me, this is a real masterpiece!


Interview with an Angel

Now, this next book suggestion is a bit more unorthodox even for those who are familiar with most spiritual authors. It is a quite an interesting work by one of my most favorite teachers Inelia Benz. So far, this has been the only person I still follow on a regular basis and whose message still strongly resonates with me – why we are here, what we came here to do, and why exactly in these challenging (or maybe even exciting) times in human history. Her take on these topics has been extremely fascinating and valuable to me and I have found them to be super helpful in times of despair, hardships, and fear. That is why I would highly recommend one of her best books on the topic of spirituality, the human nature, the nature of the celestial creatures we call angels, does God really exist, and a ton more interesting stuff. But, again, just like with my previous book recommendation “Conversations with God”, this is not the typical orthodox viewpoint of traditional religion. So, keep that in mind when choosing a gift for your beloved spiritualist and decide whether this work could be suitable to them. I would like to point out again that this gift guide is intended and catered for people who are more intrigued by the New Age type of topics. Oh, and one more final note on this volume in particular – this is a work of fiction, but it is intended to touch on these spiritual subjects we are all fond of (something like what Paulo Coelho does in his awesome books).


Many Lives, Many Masters

When we talk about spirituality, we cannot miss one very important and intriguing part of the whole picture – reincarnation. The interesting thing is that this was actually part of the original version of the bible itself, but it had been removed for some reason. Either way, today because of the popular New Age trend (or maybe because of the Age of Aquarius), some of these ancient truths and pieces of wisdom are coming back to light.

This includes the notion that our souls are reincarnated in different bodies in order for them to have a wide spectrum of experiences. So, if you feel this topic would be interesting to  your favorite spiritual person, this would make a wonderful gift for their special occasion! This book contains true stories of the psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss and his past life regressions of one of his patients. This could be a marvelous journey into the mysterious world of reincarnations uncovering one extremely significant point – why do we reincarnate and what are we here to do.


THE CONSTELLATION APPROACH Finding Peace Through Your Family Lineage

If you haven’t heard about the family constellation method, I highly recommend you look into it! This may turn out to be a really pleasant surprise for your special spiritual person for their next big day (a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)! If they are interested in the topic of reincarnations and karmic laws, I bet they would love this book as well. So, what are the family constellations?

Well, in my opinion and in my own experience, this may be the best practical method for emotional healing and bringing back our life (and the lives of our loved ones) into harmony and balance. Because each one of us was born with strong invisible bonds with our ancestors which lead us to continue some painful cycles of suffering or repeating some behavioral patterns which do not serve us. This is where this magical method can work wonders – to break these dysfunctional cycles and install new positive ones based on love, mutual respect, joy, and happiness. Because our family and our ancestors are the sources of our strength – these are our closest relationships which determine how we see ourselves, the world, and what attitude we have towards life and the universe as a whole. What this means is that by changing our attitude towards our family members, we change ourselves as well, and we change the whole universe. Again, I would highly recommend anyone get acquainted with the method of the family constellations – it is truly magical!


Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

As I mentioned previously, according to the latest findings by the quantum physicists, everything in this Universe is one. This leads us to one very important logical conclusion – that everything in this Universe is conscious as it is part of the universal consciousness. I think this is the main reason why lots of spiritual teachers regard all kinds of natural and organic gemstones and crystals to have healing and energy-balancing powers.

This may be a direct result of the aforementioned universal consciousness of everything we see in this world. In other words, are there any inanimate objects at all? But if that seems like a too complex question to answer, let’s look at this topic from another angle. Everything in our Universe vibrates at a certain frequency, including stones and crystals. And since they are part of Gaia, their natural frequency can be quite high. And this book manual can teach you how to take advantage of these beneficial properties for all sorts of goals and purposes – like harmonizing a certain area or clearing out any negative energies, or creating sacred space, etc. If your beloved spiritualist is interested in this topic, this volume might be a wonderful gift for any occasion!


Soul Truth Self-Awareness Card Deck

Well, this is not exactly a book, but I still think it is extremely relevant and related to this section. There are loads and loads of different card decks which are available and each one of them is definitely valuable for specific purposes. I chose this one by Brianne Hovey because I like how versatile these cards are. These are actually targeted towards self-awareness which I believe is one of the most essential parts of spirituality.

Becoming aware of our beliefs, our subconscious and unconscious behavioral patterns is a wonderful gift because once we become aware, we gain our power back and we have the ability to make shifts. We cannot change something we are not aware it needs to be changed. So, I would definitely recommend grabbing this amazing and beautifully designed card deck for your special spiritual person to give them the best present of all – the gift of self-awareness. If that doesn’t sound right or suitable for your beloved spiritualist, then feel free to choose from the wide variety of other card decks for different goals and purposes. For instance, there are the popular Tarot oracle cards, law of attraction affirmation cards, Angel cards for emotional support, and many more! Depending on the preferences of your beloved special person and the fields of their interests, you can find card decks for pretty much everything!


Awesome Thought-provoking Movies and Classes – Cool Gifts for Spiritualists

Movies are the next best thing after reading books. Well, actually in today’s day and age and fast-paced lifestyles, watching films is definitely a growing trend. One of the reasons is that this medium encompasses both visuals and sounds and the messages can be digested much more easily. So, a lot of people prefer seeing and hearing the ideas books try to convey and it is an excellent way for comprehension in a condensed format. That is why I did my best to pick some movies which I think would make a great gift for any spiritual seeker who wants to broaden their perspective and expand their awareness. Some of these films are considered documentaries filled with interesting interviews with various specialists. At the same time, others are works of fiction which have a deeper meaning and an intriguing message which can reach many more people around the globe (like the Matrix and Avatar, for instance). It is definitely an excellent opportunity to re-watch some of these with fresh set of eyes and a different perspective and I bet your beloved spiritualist would be delighted to have them on DVD.

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

As I have already mentioned, to me true spirituality is tightly connected to quantum physics. That’s because this branch of science perfectly explains why our attitude towards life in general is everything – why love, joy, and respect are important, if we wish to experience them in our lives on a daily basis. Hence, my next suggestion is this awesome movie which does a great job at explaining something so complex like quantum physics in very simple and easy to understand terms.

To me that’s one of my most favorite movies of all time – it is super educational and funny at the same time. (And the awesome Marlee Matlin’s portrayal of the protagonist is flawless!). So, if your favorite spiritual person has a curious mind and wants to have a much broader perspective on the nature of our existence, this DVD is a wonderful choice as a gift. Even if they have already seen it, it is still worth having it, and re-watching it every now and then. Well, at least that’s what I like to do! The movie is that good!


What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole

This is the next installment of this awesome movie series which I would highly recommend to anyone who is curious about the nature of our existence through the lenses of quantum physics. The first part of the series does a wonderful job at explaining this complex matter, but this next one is just as good! It follows the same structure as the previous movie – an interesting and both heart-touching and funny story line, as well as a series of interviews with various physicists, biochemists, and spiritual teachers who share their wisdom with us.

So, if your dear spiritualist is intrigued by this topic, I would definitely grab this copy to surprise them for their special occasion. Maybe they had seen the first film and you can add more happiness and joy with this second installment. Or maybe they are completely new to these types of educational and entertaining movies, and you can add both films to your shopping cart to make a gift set! Either way, I am sure your favorite spiritual seeker would be delighted to receive these awesome works!


The Matrix

You may be wondering “What does the Matrix movie have to do with spirituality?”. Well, here’s my take on the subject and why I have included this movie in this gift guide. I think that the Matrix film (mainly this first installment of the series) does a great job at explaining the nature of our reality, just like what quantum physics does, but in much more entertaining way. I guess that is the main reason why this movie in particular made such a powerful impact on us and it is still considered to be a true masterpiece.

After watching the movie many of us really started questing reality and whether we might indeed be living in a simulation. That is why I think this work should be watched by every truth seeker with a curious and open mind to take a look outside of the box. Well, just a side note – to me there is just one downside to this work and it is the underlying notion that once you wake up from the dream, the true reality is a nightmare and you would regret waking up. That’s my only complaint, but I would still recommend watching and having this DVD by anyone who wants to better understand how reality works and how our spiritual side ties with the physicality.


Conversations With God

This is a movie which tells the story of the author of the eponymous best-selling books – Neale Donald Walsch. It would make a wonderful gift to anyone who is interested in these topics – a much more open-minded and out of the box representation of God and the Universe as a whole. If you feel this could be a suitable present for your favorite spiritual person, you can definitely make a wonderful gift set by combining the book series with the DVD.

Or if they have and love the books, you can supplement their personal library with the movie. I know that nowadays it is much easier to convey a certain message by using various media – written words, audio files, and movies. And it is perfectly understandable that most people would prefer watching a film since it is more easily digestible. Plus, often we cannot get to see the author’s story, and that’s what this work is all about – how he started his direct communication with our Creator and the wisdom he gathered in this process. So, keep in mind that this movie is more focused on the Walsch’s life and it is a bit more suitable for people who are interested in how the books came about. It is still extremely inspiring and eye-opening!


The Fountain

Now that’s a really complex and intricate movie but I would still recommend it to anyone who considers themselves a truth seeker! Well, the story is a bit difficult to explain in a few words – one has to watch it – and to entice you to do so I will just say that you and your favorite spiritual person would enjoy the master performance by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. And to give you some hints, at least in my own understanding of the movie, its main concept lies within the topics of the meaning of life and the acceptance of death – the inevitable never-ending cycle of creation and decay.

This movie may even spark interesting conversations about why we are here on Earth, what we came here to do, and how we make the most of it spiritually. Is immortality possible and more importantly – is it even necessary to pursue? As you can see, there are quite heavy existential topics here ingrained in this film, and I would definitely recommend it to be watched and re-watched from time to time. Such pieces of wisdom should be revisited and observed with a fresh perspective, because life causes us to grow and we are never the same. That is why I would suggest you surprise your beloved spiritualist with the DVD, so they always have it at their disposal to re-watch.



This is another great popular movie which made a huge impact on pretty much every human being on Earth. And just like the Matrix film I mentioned in suggestion #14, there are some interesting spiritual aspects to both works, and I believe that these aspects actually made these movies so impactful. I think that the Matrix and Avatar did a great job at waking people up and helping us all start to remember who we are and what we are capable of.

As far as this visual masterpiece goes, many people called it a real eye candy, but to me it is much more than a collection of cool visual effects. For example, the portrayal of how one person can learn to operate a physical body from a different species was a great representation of how our souls make agreements with our own body temples. I think this is exactly what happens when we are small kids and why it takes so much time for human being to learn to walk and function properly in our physical reality. Moreover, the depiction of interconnectedness of the alien species was also quite eye-opening how all beings in the Universe actually are connected with each other (as I mentioned previously, this is backed by quantum physics and the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky’s thought experiment). So, if you decide to pick this awesome DVD as a gift, think of it as something much more than a beautiful and breathtaking artwork of modern technologies.


The Secret

We cannot miss one of most popular movies which basically fueled the whole New Age movement into the 21st century. The film is focused on the art of manifesting our own reality through the law of attraction (or maybe as it is a bit more accurate to call it the law of vibration). I think that our ability to materialize experiences is indeed rooted in our spirits and the understanding of how our physical reality works.

Namely, by being aware of our dominant vibration (expressed through our emotions and beliefs), we can choose something different or reinforce the positive aspects of our existence. So, if your beloved spiritual seeker still hasn’t seen this movie, I highly recommend you grab it ASAP. And even if they have, it is always a good idea to re-watch it every now and then to refresh our memory or to remind ourselves of the essentials. Because life and physicality are like dreams (or theatrical plays like Shakespeare calls it), but they seem so real, and we often need to get back to the basics!


You Can Heal Your Life

If you are even a little bit interested in the New Thought movement, you have probably heard about Louise Hay (also known as the Queen of Affirmations). Her eponymous book made a real sensation and it is still considered to be one of the best works in this field. And I am pretty sure that your beloved spiritual person already has it in their personal library.

If not, this is your chance to surprise them with the paperback as an addition to the DVD – it would make a wonderful gift set for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.). The book variation has one huge upside – it has an extensive list of physical discomforts and their possible emotional or mental causes. That is why I think that anyone who is interested in the New Age topics, should have a copy of the book at their disposal. But I know that many people still prefer the video format since it is easier to digest and absorb. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to see and hear Louise Hay herself explain some of the basic concepts of bringing our bodies, minds, and souls into balance and harmony. This movie is a great reminder of the power we hold to change even our physical reality (which includes our bodies as well).


Ascension101 eCourse

As I mentioned before, Inelia Benz is one of my most favorite spiritual teachers I have been following for many years. Her perspective on these topics strongly resonates with me and I believe her works deserve much more attention. That is why my next gift recommendation for surprising any spiritual person is her Ascension 101 eCourse. But what is ascension? Everyone may have their own vision and meaning of the word, but according to Inelia, this is the process of expanding our awareness. To me this means realizing (or remembering, to be more precise) on a very deep and profound level about the nature of human beings, the universe, and why and what we came here to achieve. And I believe that her course does a great job of reaching these goals through a series of practical exercises, meditations, visualizations, and guidelines you can start following right away. It is not just a pile of information or just something philosophical for us to ponder on – it is an extremely practical course you can go through on a daily basis! So, if your beloved spiritual person is into these types of digital products and self-development tools, this would be a great choice for a gift to surprise them with!


Fear Processing Exercise

This is a little something I think everyone should have and practice regularly – dealing with and transforming our fears. When it comes to spirituality, you may have already sensed that one of the cornerstone points is navigating through our emotions. They are the physical representation of our current (or predominant) vibrational state. And as we have learned, everything in our spiritual development is about vibration. Unfortunately, fear is the lowest frequency there is and by working on this area alone can have a profound effect on our lives and the whole universe! By transforming our fears, we lift our overall frequency and the outer reality starts to change. So, I think that this exercise can be the ultimate and most important starting point for any truth seeker and manifesting enthusiast! If you feel like this could be something suitable for your special spiritual person, do not hesitate to grab this recording ASAP. It could beautifully work as a bonus item for the gift package you have prepared for that special someone for their big day! It may look like something small and simple, but it is extremely powerful and effective!


Meditation and Mindfulness Items – the Best Gifts for Spiritual People

Meditation and mindfulness are probably the most popular spiritual practices today! It is one of these ancient and well-forgotten methods for expanding our awareness and remembering our true cosmic nature which had been available to very few people on Earth (the so called esoteric knowledge). Fortunately, nowadays these important self-development practices have become extremely popular among people at all ages from all around the world! And the reason for this is very simple – it is something everyone can easily learn to do in minutes and can be performed pretty much anywhere and anytime (well, as long as you are not operating any machinery or in cases when your full attention and focus is required). At the same time, the benefits of this simple practice are enormous and they start to accumulate with time and with exercising. We become calmer, more centered, more in control of our emotions, more aware and understanding of ourselves, others, and the nature of our existence as a whole, etc. The list can go on forever! But although it seems like something easy and straightforward, sometimes it may not be that easy to execute properly (especially in the beginning), and we do need some props and accessories to help us out in this endeavor. That is why I have made a special section filled with interesting gift ideas for your dear spiritual person in their quest for enlightenment through regular meditation. I bet you can find something suitable which would be deeply appreciated by them!

Tibetan Singing Bowls Set

Creating the perfect meditative atmosphere can be really helpful for relaxing the body and relieving the daily pressure. This can be achieved through various methods and sound is definitely one of them. As you may have probably noticed, the main thing about all of our spiritual practices is working with our vibrational level. This also means that creating sacred space and the perfect conditions for our inner growth can be achieved with the use of sound.

That is why my next suggestion in this gift guide for spiritual people is this magnificent Tibetan singing bowl. This is not just a cool decoration prop for your personal meditation room or yoga studio – it is a powerful tool for our daily mindfulness and visualization practices. The specific vibration of the sound helps us get into an alpha state (meditative state) much more easily and get us into the right mood for relaxing the mind and letting go of mental pressure and control. Keep in mind that the item is hand crafted by skillful local artisans from Nepal and you can choose from two different sizes – a 3-inch diameter and 3.5-inch diameter.


Dharma Store – Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals

My next gift suggestion is tightly connected to the previous one – it is a special set of cymbals called tingsha. They are also frequently used in all kinds of meditation and mindfulness rituals by Buddhist monks and practitioners. Again, just like with the singing bowl, this tool is intended as a sound-producing device which would get our minds to focus and get into a meditative state.

Because the most difficult part of the whole process is trying to avoid distractions and let our minds wander. So, this could be a wonderful nifty present for your special spiritual person, especially if they have a yoga studio or in case they offer any kinds of guided meditations or visualizations. If that’s not the case, the tingsha cymbals can be a wonderful energy clearing tool for creating sacred space and preparing the area for any kinds of spiritual practices or rituals. And finally, this cool-looking item can perfectly serve as a decoration piece for your dear spiritualist to place in their meditation or yoga room.


Healing Crystals Set

As I mentioned previously, everything in this universe has a vibrational signature. And if a certain object holds a high frequency, we can use it to our advantage for any kind of spiritual practices. Because after all, it is all about working with our vibrational level and raising it with every tool possible. That’s what organic crystals and gemstones do – they come straight from Gaia and each of them has a specific signature which resonates with our physical bodies and the chakras (which are important points in our energetic bodies).

So, if you are still looking for a personalized and suitable present for your dear spiritual person, this crystal set would be a great choice! They would have the opportunity to use these precious stones in multiple ways depending on their references and needs. For instance, the gemstones can be parts of shrines and altars, for manifesting and pagan ritual (using sacred geometry), during meditation and relaxation exercises, even for making beautiful eco-friendly jewelry and fashion accessories! The set comes with a nifty manual so that everyone can learn how to use these precious organic items, but feel free to combine this product with the book I suggested at point #11 – it would make a wonderful gift set!


Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set with Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Another great way to change the energy of the meditation space is by adding aromatherapy into the mix. This is probably one of the easiest and most pleasant methods for raising our vibrational level and creating sacred space almost anywhere. High quality organic essential oils also hold high frequency on their own and they can be powerful tools for helping us get into a more meditative and relaxed state for our regular spiritual practices.

But this natural oil diffuser does much more than that! It is a versatile device which can be used for simply improving the fragrance of the home (or yoga studio), induce positive sensations in our bodies, and work as a humidifier as well. This could be an indispensable item for air-conditioned rooms or houses located in dry and hot areas! Plus, the gentle lighting of the product can be extremely relaxing which would add a certain feeling of comfort and coziness to any living or working space! I think this is a wonderful item to have in every household!


Relaxing Nature Sounds 4 CD Set

Creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing meditative session can definitely include some soothing nature sounds. Some people have a difficult time focusing their mind or releasing the stored tension in the body, and this type of relaxing music can be the perfect assistant in such cases. The sounds can be used as tools for regulating the breath and making it a more conscious process, which is what most meditation exercises are based on – bringing our awareness to the air that comes in and out of our lungs.

So, if you are looking for a simple but effective and practical gift for your special spiritualist, this 4 CD set can be a great choice! It can be used for all kinds of situations and purposes – visualization, meditation, yoga, Pilates, studying, falling asleep more easily, or simply as a soothing background noise while reading or tackling household chores. And in these troubling times of growing anxiety and stress, it is absolutely vital for everyone to have some sort of relaxing routine to bring their body, mind, and spirit into balance and harmony!


Home Cleansing & Smudging Kit

Smudging is an ancient practice for clearing the energy of the space and increasing its vibration. Well, our forefathers and foremothers also considered this to be a ritual for banishing evil spirits, but this is just another way of describing the same thing – low frequency entities cannot exist in high vibrational places. But for the sake of our regular meditative and spiritual practices, smudging can be a wonderful method for getting our bodies into that magical alpha state in which our brain waves are slower and our ability to expand our awareness is much greater.

So, if your beloved spiritualist is fond of such pagan, Wiccan or New Age type of rituals, definitely grab them this awesome energy cleansing kit. It includes everything your special spiritual person needs to create sacred space anywhere – white sage bundles (one of the best botanicals for smudging), a piece of rose quartz stone, an amethyst, palo santo sticks (another great plant for energy cleansing), a smudging feather, a nifty abalone shell for snuffing the herbs, and a detailed instruction manual for complete beginners! Unleash your inner wizard and powerful creator within with this amazing smudging set!


MAGNIFICENT 101 Pure White Sage Smudge Candle for House Energy Cleansing

Smudging is definitely not for everyone. This procedure can be a bit difficult to perform and sometimes it is not even possible to do so. For instance, sometimes the smudging bundles may not be dry enough and they would be difficult to light and keep lit. Also, if there are any smoke detectors, the energy cleansing ritual also would not be easy to execute.

So, I present to you the next best thing – a white sage smudging candle! This could be the best choice for a gift for your special spiritual person regardless of the occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. If your beloved spiritualist likes to keep things simple and clean, this energy cleansing option for creating sacred space would be a top hit! But before you add this cool item to your shopping cart, keep in mind that there are a few options to choose from – pure sage candle, sage candle with crystals and gemstones, and a candle with sage leaves inside the natural soy wax! Cool, right?


Zen Garden with Panda

Meditation is not just about sitting motionless and trying not to have any thoughts in our minds. Any activity which requires focusing our awareness can help us get into a meditative state and evoke a feeling of serenity, peace, and relief. That is why such Zen gardens are so popular in the East – they are great for practicing our focus and concentration. That is why I picked this cool item for a gift suggestion for any spiritual person out there!

But this can be used for multiple purposes. It can be an exciting and entertaining project for kids. This could work as a beautiful Asian-themed decoration piece for the home or the office as well – the cute panda figurine would add a good amount of cuteness to the environment for sure! The kit contains a 12 x 8 inch wooden tray, premium white sand, the heart-melting animal mini statue, a wooden rake and a tiny shovel, small pebbles as well as larger stones for decoration and different landscape designs, mini bamboo stalks, and all of this is neatly wrapped in a premium packaging! Ideal for a present for both kids and adults!


Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace

Meditation and stress relief starts with our breath. Our breathing tends to become shallow on a daily basis which causes tension overload and anxiety. To take advantage of the magic of quality breathing, we need to start taking things slow with long and conscious breaths in and out. So, if your special spiritual person has some troubles with accumulated daily stress and having difficulties quieting their mind and relaxing, this tool would make a great gift.

This is a special breathing device which has a special design with a smaller inner diameter which causes you to slow down the exhalation process (for about 9-12 seconds) and prevent hyperventilation. Plus, although it may look like a whistle, it does not produce any sound, so it can be used in any environment and in various occasions. The breathing necklace is made of premium medical-grade stainless steel, so it is considered to be hypoallergenic and suitable for pretty much everyone. And finally, you can pick from various cool colors depending on the preferences of your dear friend or family member – gold, matte black, rose gold, silver, and slate.


Hihealer Meditation Cushion Floor Pillow with Extra Cover

Let’s get back to the traditional form of meditation – sitting down with a straight back and focusing on the breath. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is not the most comfortable position to be in and finding a suitable cushion may be a challenge. Hence, my next gift suggestion for any fan of meditating or mindfulness is this amazing and practical floor pillow!

It is an awesome item to have for multiple purposes – not just for the daily routine of clearing one’s mind, but it could work beautifully as a foot support, a decoration piece (with its magnificent mandala lotus design) or an extra sitting stool for a warm and cozy gathering with friends and family! The best part is that the cushion has a removable coating which is washable and easy to maintain. Moreover, there is an extra cover for even more comfort and support as well as a nifty handle for convenient transportation and carrying around. And before you add this amazing item to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the dimensions – the diameter is 16 inches, and the height is 5 inches.


MUSE 2: The Brain Sensing Headband

OK, let’s be real – meditation can be really challenging, especially in the beginning. And the simple reason for this is that our thoughts are impossible to stop. Thinking is something very similar to breathing – we cannot eradicate all thoughts but we can control the process and slow it down to achieve better and broader awareness. That is why my next gift suggestion is something really cool which can help your beloved spiritual person meditate much more easily and achieve their goals more effortlessly.

This is a special headband which can sense the brain activity and determine when we are in alpha state and the thought process is slowed down or when the brain is more active and alert. The device will show this by gentle sounds to let the user know that they have gone off the rail into an active thought process, and it is time to get back to the calm and soothing meditative state. I think this is a wonderful gadget to help anyone meditate more effectively and it is a wonderful present for fans of this spiritual and stress-relief technique! If your special person wants to start meditating on a regular basis but considers this method too hard, do not hesitate to surprise them with the Muse headset!


Mindfulness Coloring Book

Here’s another easier approach to mindfulness and mental relaxation – adult coloring books. Well, we often hear that we tend to forget what it is like to be a child and to see the world in a child-like way – with wonder and awe. And I think this is one of the reasons why we start re-inventing some of the activities we used to do in our childhood – the time when we were carefree and without adult responsibilities.

So, now we can set aside some time and get back to that stress-free kid who used to be playful and inventive! That is why my next gift suggestion for your spiritual seeker is something quite simple but effective – coloring books for grown-ups. Just like with the Zen garden I mentioned previously, this is another great easy and pleasant technique to focus our mind in something simple and leave the worries and daily stress behind. And in today’s fast-paced life filled with mental pressure and tension, it is no wonder why adult coloring books have become quite popular. If this idea sounds good and suitable for your favorite spiritualist, do not hesitate to grab it for their next special occasion! Feel free to combine this present with anything else related to this topic and create a wonderful gift set!


Vanilla Incense Sticks And Incense Stick Holder Bundle

Burning incense is also a great way to improve the ambiance of the space, add enchanting aromas to the air, induce a meditative state more easily, and clear up the energy. If you did not like the smudging stick idea or the aroma oil diffuser, this may pique your interest instead – an incense burning set. The kit is comprised of a box of fragrance sticks (20 pieces) and a special holder for easier handling and to avoid any ash to fall on the surfaces.

Keep in mind that these aromatic items are “non toxic all natural organic and herbal. All incense are handcrafted in India according to traditional customs using minimal tools and almost no machinery.” Moreover, although I really like the scent of vanilla, you can also choose among several other enchanting aromas like cherry, cinnamon, cedar, citronella (perfect for repelling mosquitos and bugs), coconut, eucalyptus, and some interesting fragrances like the one which is considered to attract prosperity!


Phases of the Moon Retro 60’s 70’s Vibe Tree of Life

Cool t-shirts are the absolute multifunctional and practical gift everyone might enjoy. Well, we need multiple of these for all sorts of purposes – practicing yoga or Pilates, meditating, doing household chores, walking the dog, running errands or even attending work on casual Friday. The sky is the limit! That is why my next suggestion in this gift guide for spiritualists is this awesome and comfy tee with a super cool design which depicts the phases of the Moon and Yggdrasil type of tree (or the tree of life).

I think everyone who is even a little bit interested in these topics of spirituality, paganism, mythology, etc. would enjoy having a comfortable t-shirt with such beautiful print! Keep in mind that there are two variations for both men and women and multiple fresh colors to choose from – navy, pink, lemon, asphalt, royal and baby blue, black, etc. – let’s hope that your beloved and special person’s favorite color is among these!


Boho Blanket For Meditation

The meditation process can be quite an extraordinary experience and our bodies react differently. But it is very common for many people to get cold when meditating. And it is only logical – our bodies are sitting still for a period of time and our blood can withdraw from the periphery and get centered in the torso. This can cause a sensation of being cold, especially in the limbs.

So, it is best to always have a blanket nearby if this happens, even if the room is at normal temperatures. That is why my next practical gift suggestion for your special someone is this cool and elegant bohemian style meditation blanket! But this item is not just suitable for mindfulness practices – it is a multifunctional multi-purpose product with an extra large size (70 x 52 inches) which allows it to be used as a bed cover, a picnic blanket, a beach throw, an indoor or outdoor rug, a wall tapestry, physical exercising and Pilates, etc.


Spiritual Home Décor Gifts

Pretty much every self-respected spiritual person would love to have their personal or working space decorated with various items related to their fields of interest, such as bohemian-styled decoration pieces; or Buddhist statues and figurines; beautiful tapestries and wall art with mandalas, lotus flowers or sacred geometry; various Feng Shui charms for improving the energy flow of the space, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to improving the ambiance of our surroundings. But do not think that these aspects of life are just for their aesthetics, they hold enormous benefits and power to change our existence! And the simple reason for this is that there is no such thing as “outside”. Our physical reality is a mere reflection of our inner world, our belief system, and our overall attitude towards life. By changing our environment, we change our vibration, our feelings, and thus – we change our world. If this seems like too far-fetched, definitely take a look at the “What the Bleep Do We Know?” movie series and the quantum physics’ take on this subject After all, there is a good reason why many spiritual teachings start with the simple and easy task of decluttering, clearing up our energy field, and adding more beauty and aesthetics to our living and working place. Oh, I almost forgot! If this topic piqued your interest, definitely grab Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”!

7 Chakra Crystal Tree for Positive Energy

Almost every spiritual seeker likes to have all kinds of beautiful and elegant decoration pieces around the house (or the office) which are related to their filed of interest. Hence, my next gift suggestion is this wonderful chakra gemstone tree to improve the ambiance of the environment. But this is not just a colorful decoration – this item is believed to change the energy field of the room and bring more positivity and prosperity to its owner.

That is because of the magical power of natural organic crystals and gemstones we have discussed previously. Moreover, according to the ancient Feng Shui system, these intricate figurines are called “money trees” and are considered to be effective cures for stuck energy flow and lack of wealth. So, if you wish to surprise your favorite spiritualist with something beautiful and mystical at the same time, this would be a great gift for any occasion – a birthday, Friendship Day, Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Plus, you can choose among different variations depending on the gemstones used and the base of the tree. If you have any information on the color preferences of your special someone, this could be a great starting point.


Homnova Mother Earth Triple Nature Moon Gaia Goddess Statue

This next gift suggestion is perfect for female spiritualists – a beautiful and elegant statue of Mother Earth. The Gaia is an ancient goddess from the Greek mythology which has multiple variations in various cultures – the Roman Terra, Pachamama in Latin America, the Hindu Prithvi, etc. It is considered to be the symbol of Earth, nature, abundance in every area of life, the creation of life and childbirth, and the Divine Feminine energy.

This is definitely something every female spiritual seeker would love to have around the house or at the office – to stay connected to her divine feminine side and draw strength and energy from Mother Earth itself. So, if you are looking for a sacred and symbolic present for any special woman out there, this could be a top hit, especially as a gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Keep in mind that the figurine is 6 inches tall and it weighs about 10 ounces – the perfect unobtrusive deco piece for any room, mystical shrine, yoga studio, the office or special meditation place!


Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light

Most spiritual people understand the influence celestial bodies in the Solar system have on our lives, especially those who are interested in astrology, Human Design, paganism, Wiccan traditions, etc. That is why I think all kinds of astronomy and astrology-related gifts would be appropriate for your special spiritualist as surprises for their big day!

Hence, my next recommendation is this awesome and gentle Moon lamp! This could be a wonderful addition to any environment or room in the house. It could work as a beautiful night stand lamp for both kids and adults, a decoration piece for the living room or any sacred space for meditating, practicing mindfulness, yoga, performing pagan or manifesting rituals, etc. The lamp has two distinct lighting modes – bright white light and much more soothing and ambient yellow light. Plus, you can choose between various suitable diameter sizes – 3.5 inches, 4.7 inches, 5.9 inches, and 7.1 inches.


Zenbience Zen Buddha Candle Holder Statue Head

Candles are an essential part of pretty much every sacred ritual – religious, pagan, Wiccan, New Age, etc. That is because light is the symbol of the spirit and the positive energies we wish to evoke during all these magical rites. That is why I think a special candle holder can be a wonderful gift for any spiritual seeker!

It can be used not only for performing any rituals, it can be placed in your personal religious altar or it can be used simply as an elegant decoration piece – it would definitely add a certain mystical ambiance to any area of the house or the office! This one in particular is designed as a more of an Eastern type of spiritual deco piece with a beautiful Buddha head figurine and two delicate lotus flowers which hold the tea candles. The set also includes 6 natural soy wax tea candles and decorative rocks to add more fullness to the deco piece which symbolize abundance and prosperity. But before you add this magnificent item to your shopping cart, take note of the dimensions: the product is 10.75 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 3.75 inches deep.


Seven Chakra Tapestry – Bohemian Mandala Yoga Meditation Wall Hanging

Beautiful tapestries are like the Holy Grail of spiritual decoration. I think most people who are interested in the New Age movement or the spiritual side of our reality would love to have such items around the house, especially if they have a special room for all kinds of mystical or self-development practices, like meditating, mindfulness, reading inspiring books, performing sacred rituals, etc. If you feel this could be a useful and a valuable item for your dear spiritual person, definitely grab it ASAP.

But also keep in mind that this is not just a simple hippie wall art – it can be put into good use for all kinds of situations and purposes – as a beautiful bed cover, a picnic blanket, porch hanging, a sofa cover, meditation blanket, etc. And for all these different purposes there are a couple of sizes available – 59.1″×51.2″ (150cm×130cm), 78.7″×59.1″ (200cm×152cm), and 70.8″ × 90.5″(180cm× 230cm). And last but not least, there is something very special about this tapestry that I think your dear friend or family member would be pleasantly surprised by – just use a LED lamp with changing colors in the dark and the mandala will be beautifully illuminated!


HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Water fountains are great decoration items almost everyone would enjoy, but this could be an especially valuable gift for spiritual people. The gentle sound of the flow of the liquid has a wonderful soothing and relaxing effect on our nervous system and that is why these products are so cherished and preferred. It could beautifully work as a stylish meditation prop to help us focus our mind on the repetitiveness of the motion of the water.

But there’s more! According to the ancient Eastern system of Feng Shui which shows us how the energy (chi) flows through our personal space, fountains with fresh running water can be used as magical cures for stuck financial energy. If your special spiritual person wants to add more abundance into their life, definitely consider getting them this amazingly elegant decoration piece along with a practical Feng Shui guide so that they get all the necessary info how and where to place their magical fountain! But before you grab this awesome home décor item, take note of its dimensions – it is 8.1 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 8.25 inches high.


Trunk Up Good Luck Ivory Stacked Elephant Trio Statue

As far as home décor goes, you can never go wrong with an elephant figurine! They are extremely popular and pretty much every household has at least one of them. But for spiritual seekers and enthusiasts one may not be enough! I think everyone knows that the elephant statues are considered lucky charms which bring luck, prosperity, and harmony to the inhabitants of the home or the office space (as long as the trunk of the animal is facing up – this is an extremely important detail).

So, if your dear spiritualist is fond of these cute little statues, you can add one more to their personal collection – the more, the better. And I think this one in particular is quite awesome since it has not one elephant but three, and 3 is definitely a lucky number! Let’s take note of the dimensions – the item is 12 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, 3.75 inches deep – perfect for a decoration piece for any room or the office!


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