How to Balance the Chakras with Healing Color Water

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As we know the chakras are important centers in our energetic bodies. They are responsible for the proper energy movement throughout our system. Sadly, most of us experience some sort of imbalance of the chakras which results in stuck energy and even physical problems. For example, if we have unbalanced (or closed) root chakra, we may feel unstable, unsupported, or “having no roots”. If we manage to recover the energetic center’s natural state, we can significantly improve this area of our life. There are countless ways of achieving this, but in this article I wish share with you one simple method you can use. It does not require much effort and it is super fun!

chakra balancing water

The energetic system of the body. / Image source: Pixabay


How to identify chakra imbalances?

First of all we need to take one important step – to identify the state of our energetic system and pinpoint the problematic areas. You can do this in many ways. The easiest and free method is by simple examination and reflection on your life and its different sides. Take a close look and identify where you feel stuck and which area feels most “off”. Here is a simple reference guide for you to follow. It shows the different aspect of our lives governed by the chakras:

  1. Root chakra imbalance – you may experience all kinds of low-frequency emotions like fear, anger, not feeling grounded, insecurity, abandonment, depression, etc. On a physical level, a closed root chakra may manifest as issues of the colon (constipation, hemorrhoids), the kidneys and the overall urinary tract, etc.
  2. Sacral chakra imbalance – the second energetic center governs our sexual energy, and our ability to create and procreate. All mental or physical problems in this area may point to having a closed Sacral. For example, hormonal imbalances, impotence, frigidity, negative beliefs about our own sexuality, inadequate intimate relationships, etc.
  3. Solar plexus imbalance – this is our identity, how we perceive ourselves and how strong our willpower is. If this center is blocked or imbalanced, it may lead to low self-esteem, feeling powerless, constant self-criticism, lack of hope and belief, pessimism. These mental and emotional patterns may manifest as problems with the stomach (ulcers, reflux), or the liver (clogging, fattening, jaundice), etc.
  4. Heart chakra imbalance – this is the center between our physical and mental aspects. If the heart chakra is imbalanced we may feel lack of love or inability to give and receive it. We may feel being the perpetual victim, desperate and hopeless. As a result we may actually harm our hearts, lungs and breasts. It is scientifically proven that people, who suffered from heartbreak, significantly raise their chances of getting heart attacks. In this case, the phrase is not metaphorical.
  5. Throat chakra imbalance – the Throat chakra is our center of expression, our ability to speak up and defend ourselves. It is no coincidence that the Thyroid is located in this area (the gland looks exactly like a shield). If this center is blocked we are unable to express ourselves, and to unleash our creativity. The center becomes this bottle of repressed emotions – stubbornness, anger, anxiety, etc. From a physical perspective, this imbalance can lead to problems with the neck, throat, tonsils, the thyroid, etc.
  6. Third eye chakra imbalance – this is one of the main centers holding our psychic abilities – intuition, telepathy, empathy, etc. If this center is closed, our innate guidance system is not working properly, we feel alone, depressed, isolated, and inclined to self-sabotage. This may lead to constant insomnia, anxiety, memory loss, migraines, even anorexia (by having a distorted self-image).
  7.  Crown chakra imbalance – this is the chakra that represents or connectedness to our higher self, to the Universe, or to God if you are religious. Remember the scientific findings of Quantum physics  – we are all part of one cosmic organism, and the open Crown chakra helps us see and feel that connection. If this energy center is blocked, we might feel detached, self-centered, too egoistic, narrow-minded, not being able to see the bigger picture. On a physical level, this could manifest as all kinds of mental issues, depression, memory loss, epilepsy, etc.

If you feel lost in this list and you are not quite sure about your situation, you can do a simple online chakra test to point you into the right direction. I have seen many of these, but one of my favorite ones is the Loner Wolf chakra test. You can check it out here. Free, Simple Chakra Test – How Balanced Are You?

Another option you can try, if you want to be 100% sure how your energy body is doing, is to have your aura analyzed. The aura cameras are getting more and more popular. Along with satisfying your curiosity to find out your predominant aura color, you can also see the size and the state of your chakras.

How to balance the chakras with healing color water?

Now that we know which of our main energy centers are doing OK and which – not, we can focus on the problematic areas and balance the energy flow.

There are lots of ways to balance a chakra. But one of the simplest methods out there is through charging water with chromo therapy. It is pretty easy and it does not require much effort.

All you need is a glass bottle with the color of the imbalanced chakra and some pure water.

chakra healing color water

Image source: Pixabay

If you are not sure about the exact colors, here is the list:

  1. Root chakra – red
  2. Sacral chakra – orange
  3. Solar plexus – yellow
  4. Heart chakra – green
  5. Throat chakra – blue
  6. Third eye chakra – indigo
  7. Crown chakra – violet


So take the bottle and fill it up with the water. Seal it and place it in a sunny room for at least 24 hours. The healing color water is ready! You can drink it, cook with it, or wash your face and body with it, etc. until you feel your imbalanced chakras return to normal again.

For optimum and fast results it is best to combine different methods – foods, the colors of your clothes, yoga poses, meditations, and so on. But I will leave these for another time!

I am eager to see your wonderful healing color bottles! Got to and post a picture of your creations!

Grab your Reverse Gray Hair Meditation!

‘Till next time!


Stay healthy!


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