EFT – the Full Basic Recipe and Other Additional Points

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In my first EFT article I have described the main acupressure points in the short Basic Recipe. But there is a longer version of the process, which includes some hand points and the so called 9 Gamut Procedure. This procedure consists of tapping, eye movement, counting and humming (yes, you’ve read it right – humming). So, here it is!

Which are the hand points?
Thumb – tap on the outer side of the thumb right next to the nail;
Index finger – again, on the outer side next to the base of the finger;
– The same goes with the Middle finger
– and the Baby finger;
Karate chop – you already know where the point is.
The rules for tapping the hand points are the same as these for the short Basic Recipe. Next, we proceed to the 9 Gamut Procedure. Its main purpose is to engage and balance different parts of the brain. Since these parts are responsible for different activities, we need to activate these functions while tapping.

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For example, one side of the brain controls our ability to think logically and to calculate, while other part of it is responsible for our artistic activities such as singing. In this way we can fine tune the brain by stimulating it in these 9 different ways while tapping the Gamut point. The Gamut point is situated in the crease between the baby finger and the ring finger on the back of either hand.

So, here are the steps to balance the brain. Start by tapping the Gamut point and do the following actions while still tapping the point:
1. Close your eyes;
2. Open your eyes;
3. Look down on the right as far as you can, without moving the head;
4. Look down on the left as far as you can (keep the head steady);
5. Make a circle with your eyes clockwise;
6. Now, the same counter-clockwise;
7. Hum a melody for about 2 seconds (it doesn’t have to be a real song);
8. Count from 1 to 5;
9. Again, hum a song for 2 seconds.
Unlike tapping the acupressure points, here it is important to follow the above sequence. I know it looks rather exotic, but it really works!
Here is a visual, because, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words!

When should I do the full basic Recipe and the 9 Gamut Procedure?
Sometimes the problem we are trying to resolve is so deep in our sub consciousness or in our emotional bodies, that the Short Recipe is not enough to yield the desired result. It doesn’t mean that we always need to do the full sequence. But if we try times and times again and we see little or no effect, it is advisable to add the brain tuning and other additional acupressure points. In this way we can stimulate more meridians balancing the energy system of the body. So, in brief, start by applying the short Basic recipe. Take your time for the next couple of days (sometimes the body needs some time to balance) and see if you experience any progress. If not, try the full process and the 9 Gamut Procedure:
1. Set up phrase;
2. Sequence (including the finger points);
3. 9 Gamut Procedure;
4. Repeat the sequence in stage 2.

Other additional EFT points
EFT is a constantly evolving process. There are so many energy points in our bodies! EFT specialists are constantly experimenting in including additional points that will help us recover from our emotional traumas and mental issues. So, here are some bonus points you can use whenever you feel stuck even after applying the full Recipe:
Under the breast (Liver point) – this point is situated on the rib an inch below the nipple. Women can find the point in the area where the base of the breast meets the chest;
Neck – the area right where the back of the neck ends and starts the base of the scull;
Wrist – the inner side of the wrists. Tap with the fingers of the other hand or tap both wrists with each other.

And remember! Never give up on your problems! Try to find the best tool for you with an open mind, because “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”(Albert Einstein).

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