40+ Great Gifts for Libra Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Libra Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Libra Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Libra Female)


Table of contents:
What to buy your Libra girl?
Affordable gifts for а Libra woman
Unique gifts for Libra woman
Luxury gifts for Libra woman

What to buy your Libra girl?

Welcome to this Libra woman gift guide where you can find lots of ideas for suitable presents to surprise your beloved Scales female for her special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, a wedding anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. Choosing a prezzie for a loved one is not always that easy – sometimes it is very hard to guess what they would actually need or appreciate to receive. And we definitely don’t want to disappoint them for their big day. So, I did my best here to think of possible gift options you can pick from based on the typical characteristics of the seventh astrological sign. If you wish to learn more about them so that they can give you more ideas for suitable presents, check out the article dedicated to the male representatives of the Libra sign.

So, who is this gift idea collection suitable for? Well, pretty much each one of you who has a dear Libra gal who has an upcoming celebration party regardless of your relationship type – whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, sister, grandmother, a friend or a BFF, a colleague, your boss, etc. – the items I have picked can work for almost each one of them.

If you are ready, let’s begin our journey!


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Affordable gifts for а Libra woman

Fullcci-15oz Birthday Gift Creative Constellation Libra Coffee Mug Set

Let’s start with something simple, inexpensive, and personalized your lovely Libra gal may love to receive – a nifty coffee cup set branded with the seventh astrological sign and its star constellation! Pretty much every human being on Earth loves to start the day with a cup of refreshing beverage and the most common choice is of course this popular caffeine-packed Ethiopian drink!

So, if your beloved Scales woman is also a passionate coffee connoisseur, you can definitely use this to your advantage and pick this set as a suitable gift for her special occasion. But even if she is not a huge fan of this invigorating beverage, this elegant Libra constellation mug would still accommodate all of her needs! The item has a nifty ceramic lid for steeping tea and herbs, and a long practical spoon for blending other drinks, like hot cocoa, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. Plus, the set also includes a nice placemat to protect the surfaces against any spills, liquid stains, etc. – and as we all know, Libra is ruled by Venus and the typical representatives of the sign are deeply interested in beauty in every form. So, the coffee table or the desk has to be well-protected and perfectly preserved against any coffee circles!


ZUOPIPI Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain

Speaking of practical presents, here’s another suggestion in this Libra woman gift guide which you may want to consider – a keychain specially designed for the representatives of the seventh astrological sign! If you are looking for a small, inexpensive, and practical gift, this is a wonderful choice! Because everyone has keys, right? And we have multiple of those which are difficult to keep all in one place in a massive bunch.

So, this can be a wonderful opportunity for your special Scales girl to organize her keys for more convenience – one set for the home, one for the villa, one for the car, etc. And since Libra is ruled by the magnificent planet of beauty and harmony, the design of the item has to match these characteristics – the keychain is elegantly crafted with the sign’s symbol and a gemstone specifically picked to harmonize the energy of the Libra and bring her more luck, prosperity, and love (in this case, it is Howlite)!


Libra queen I am stronger birthday gift for Libra zodiac T-Shirt

Let’s continue this practical Libra branded gift series with something anyone would enjoy and would love to have – a comfy cotton t-shirt! This may seem like a super simple present idea but it would actually be a top hit for the Scales woman, especially if she has a strong earthy influence in her chart from Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn – these signs love practicality, multifunctionality, and convenience!

So, if you are looking for something inexpensive and touching at the same time, this awesome inspiring Libra sign tee would make a great choice for your lady’s next big day – a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, etc. This piece of garment can be put into use for all kinds of activities to add more comfort and freedom of movement to your Libra lady’s life – running errands, doing household chores, practicing yoga, visiting the gym, doing Pilates, etc. And as she is tackling all these daily tasks, the inspiring inscription would keep her motivated and fully charged!


The Little Book of Self-Care for Libra

Libra is a gentle and sophisticated sign who deeply appreciates beauty, harmony, and balance in every area of our lives. This means that the typical Libra woman may enjoy all kinds of relaxing and rejuvenating practices which help her restore her sense of wellness and wellbeing. These can be home SPA rituals, meditation, and pampering in its every form. That is why my next gift suggestion is this practical self-care guide specifically designed for the representatives of the seventh astrological sign!

This type of information can be extremely valuable in today’s day and age where stress and overwhelm are becoming the norm. And for the gentle and sensitive Scales female, this emotional and mental pressure can be too much to bear. So, the very first thing we can do to show our deepest appreciation and love for our closest ones is helping them learn how to take good care of themselves and fill their own cups!


ENSIANTH Rose Gold Zodiac Sign Adjustable Bracelet

As I have already mentioned, the seventh astrological sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. This makes the typical representatives, especially the female ones, extremely fond of everything related to these areas. And, of course, one of the most common fields where you can see this manifested is in elegant and stylish jewelry.

These pieces of accessories are the perfect representation of art and beauty which add more harmony to the woman’s appearance – the ideal complement to her classy attire! That is why my next gift suggestion is this beautiful adjustable bangle bracelet elegantly decorated with the Libra zodiac sign and accentuated with shiny crystals! This is probably the best way to show your favorite Scales gal your deep appreciation and never-ending love and support! Plus, remember that the item is nicely packaged in a soft protective pouch ready for gifting!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Speaking of beauty and elegance, we cannot miss one very important part of any female Libra’s life – her personal environment! As we have established, the typical representatives of this airy sign are passionate aesthetics connoisseurs in its every form, and the first thing they pay attention to is their home. That is why you can see many Scales women having amazing beautifully and perfectly decorated houses and apartments packed with magnificent well-maintained flowers.

Hence why my next gift suggestion is this practical Phalaenopsis orchid care guide. The moth orchid is definitely one of the most popular and preferred house plants for its elegant royal-like blooms. Unfortunately, these exotic flowers are not that easy to grow and to stimulate their blooming process – they come from the rainforests of Asia and re-creating this environment may not be that easy to achieve. So, if you think your awesome Libra gal has some trouble in this area or she is just beginning her Phalaenopsis journey, feel free to make her life easier with this nifty step-by-step manual! And if she is already a pro at growing these regal plants, you can still surprise her for her next special occasion with something practical related to her gardening hobby – here’s a list of my top picks for tools and supplies for easier Phalaenopsis gardening!


Nautica Be Shore Womens Wallet RFID Blocking Zip Around Clutch

If you still wish to surprise your beloved Libra female with something both elegant and practical, this may be a great choice – a stylish women’s wallet. I know that every self-respected woman has a wallet of her own, but I think that this would still be a suitable present nevertheless. After all, there is always room for renewing your old worn out items and upgrading them with something a bit more modernistic.

Hence, my next gift idea is this practical item which also adds a certain level of safety and protection over your most valuables – the product has a special state of the art RFID blocking technology which prevents any malicious attempts by the credit and debit card data thieves! So, this stylish wallet is not just super elegant, but it is also much safer to use compared to the old-fashioned ones. Plus, you can choose between various interesting colors to match you Libra gal’s preferences – pink, red, black, indigo, brown, and more!


SARA NELL Tapestry Libra Tapestries Hippie Art Wall Hanging

As I have mentioned before, Libra is ruled by the amazing planet Venus which is related to beauty, harmony, and balance. And speaking of aesthetics, we cannot miss one very important part of the life of every Scales woman – her personal space. The home of the typical Libra gal is usually extremely beautiful, decorated with taste, and super cozy and comfy!

That is why my next suggestion in this Libra woman gift guide is this awesome tapestry with a unique design with the seventh astrological sign. But that’s not just an elegant wall hanging! This item is extremely multifunctional and can be used for a wide variety of purposes – as a dorm decoration, beach throw, picnic blanket, porch hanging, table cloth, bed spread, sofa cover or the perfect idea for the hall dining room, bedroom, study, college dorm, etc. Plus, you can choose between several sizes to better match the needs and preferences of your beloved Scales girl – 50″x 60″; 60″x 70″; 60″x 80″; 60″x 90″.


Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book

Here’s the thing about Libra – the typical female representatives can be extremely romantic. So, if you are indeed looking for a small, inexpensive, and heart-touching gift, this could be a great choice – a special fill in the blank book for a loved one! This can be the ultimate most personalized present that would make your beloved Scales woman’s heart melt – something to read and re-read every once in a while to remind her of your special bond.

For a gal who has almost everything, this could be an absolutely indispensable and extremely valuable gift which would withstand the test of time. And if you feel this item is not enough as a standalone present, do not worry – it can be perfectly combined with any other choice in this gift guide! This book will only add the unmatched feeling of being loved and appreciated to the overall mix of gifts and surprises! Plus, the company also offers a wide variety of other types of such fill in the blank items for all sorts of relationship types – for friends, moms, sisters, etc.


Unique gifts for Libra woman

3D Crystals Libra Gifts Zodiac Astrology Gifts for Women

Let’s continue with the topic of home decorations since it could be a real goldmine when comes to choosing a present for a dear Libra. The typical representatives of the sign are usually quite fond of aesthetics and art in its every form and they love being surrounded by beauty and elegance. That is why my next gift idea is this amazing 3D LED light glass figurine.

This would be a wonderful deco piece stylishly decorated with the seventh astrological sign – an ideal present for your beloved Scales female’s next special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. The item can work as a gentle source of light with different colors creating the perfect ambiance of coziness, relaxation, and comfort! Plus, remember that the figurine can work either with a power cable or with a set of 3 AAA batteries which makes it easily portable and can be placed pretty much everywhere – at the office, as a nightstand lamp, a deco piece for the living room, etc.


Malicious Women Candle Co – Libra The Zodiac

Speaking of creating a soothing ambiance, here’s another cool option for a gift you may want to consider – an amazingly aromatic candle decorated with a fun Libra-related label. This may seem like a very simple item, but I think it would make a great gift for your awesome Scales gal. It is extremely practical – after all, everyone needs to have at least one of these redolent candles in their homes.

But when it comes to the romantic Libra, such aromatic item can be even more important and appreciated – for creating a cozy, beautiful, and enchanting environment! But there is one more benefit to having such nifty aromatic gift – the glass container is perfectly re-usable afterwards. If your beloved Libra lady is interested in making her own organic beauty cosmetics, this can be a wonderful opportunity to have an extra piece of practical dark amber apothecary jar!


Greenline Goods Libra Stemless Wine Glasses

My next gift suggestion for your amazing Libra gal is this awesome wine glass set. As I mentioned previously, the typical representatives of the seventh astrological sign can be true romantics for they are under the influence of the true goddess of beauty and love – Venus. So, when it comes to creating the perfect romantic ambiance for any couple’s special occasion, a set of elegant glassware can be highly appreciated.

And since these are decorated with the Libra symbol, they can be even more desirable and cherished as a gift! But even if your beloved Scales female is a single lady, the tumblers can also be put into good use for all kinds of beverages – ice tea, fruit-infused water, homemade cocktails and mocktails, kombucha, etc. Plus, the items are so sturdy and durable that they are even suitable for being put in a dishwasher or the freezer! Cool, right?


Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant

As you may have probably guessed, beautiful jewelry is probably the absolute top choice when it comes to gifts for Libra women – they are the true symbol of beauty and womanhood and you can never go wrong with such present! But let’s make this item a bit more personalized and even more suitable for the gentle and romantic nature of the Scales! My suggestion for an elegant piece of jewelry is this amazingly stylish heart-shaped pendant magnificently accentuated with a shiny pink crystal!

This hot pink tourmaline is actually the gemstone picked for the birth month of October along with the other option with the rose quartz. I am pretty much sure that your favorite Libra woman would love to have a pink-colored accessory. But if she is not a huge fan of this typically girlish tint, feel free to choose something else from the wide variety of shiny crystals and hues – all that matters is that it matches the preferences and the needs of your awesome Scales female! And finally, do not forget that the item is beautifully packaged in an elegant jewelry box protected from dust and scratches!


OwlGift Vintage Style Metal Libra Jewelry Display

I really like this gift idea because I think it is definitely one of the top choices for a surprise for any Libra woman out there! It is the perfect combination of a stylish decoration piece designed with the symbol of the Scales and it is also a practical item which serves as a nifty jewelry tray! So, this amazing product can be a wonderful choice for a present for your awesome Libra gal’s next big day.

Her love for beauty, elegance, and harmony is perfectly addressed here in a product which would hold her shiny jewelry as well as improve the ambiance of the environment as a vintage stylish centerpiece! Keep in mind that you can choose between two distinct colors – black and bronze. Also, take note of the dimensions before you add this to your shopping cart to get a sense of the size of the display – it is 4.7” long, 11.1” wide, and 11.4” high.


Galaxy Rose Flower Gift-Galaxy Enchanted Forever Crystal Rose

Here’s another gift idea for you to consider getting your beloved Libra lady for her special day – a magnificent rose-shaped crystal decoration piece! As we have established, the seventh astrological sign is a real connoisseur for anything which adds beauty and elegance into their world regardless of the item – it may be shiny jewelry, stylish clothing, pieces of art, high-class makeup, as well as decorations for the office or the living space.

Since the sign is ruled by Venus, the typical representatives love improving the ambiance of their home or their working desk with anything which spark joy (as Marie Kondo would say). Plus, they are super romantic creatures and I think that such crystal rose would perfectly combine all these requirements and would make a great gift for the Scales girl! And if you are looking for a heart-touching gift for Valentine’s Day, do not hesitate to add this to your shopping cart! And the cool part of this present suggestion is that the rose actually comes with a nifty stand unlike many other similar items!


Birthday Gifts for Women Yorktend Not a Day Over Fabulous Tumbler

Pampering in every form can be extremely important for the Libra women. The strong Venus influence may cause them to look for beauty, joy, and self-care in various ways, including having your own home SPA rituals for skin and soul nourishment! So, here’s my next gift suggestion for you to surprise your awesome Scales gal for her next big day – a wonderful birthday gift package for the ultimate relaxation ritual.

The bundle contains all kinds of nifty items which would add more serenity and harmony to her life – insulated tumbler for all kinds of tasty beverages; a key-shaped bottle opener and a stopper; aromatic soy wax candle; 2 bath melts with lavender and rose; one bar of milk soap; a loofah; a pair of soft and warm socks; and a cool greeting card to write down all your best wishes for the birthday girl! If you are looking for a similar gift bundle for a different occasion, you can check out the Yorkend store and you will definitely find something suitable!


Luxury Scented Meditation Candles with Crystals Inside

While we are on the topic of self-care, here’s another option for a gift you may want to consider getting your favorite Libra woman – a set of aromatic candles with crystals. As I have mentioned already, the seventh astrological sign is all about beauty and harmony in all of its aspects. This usually means taking good care of one’s personal environment to be well-decorated and aromatic – just like with Taurus which is also ruled by Venus, positively indulging the physical senses is extremely important.

That is why I think that this set of redolent candles would be a great fit for your awesome Scales lady! These items can be the ideal addition to her working and living space, for home SPA rituals, as well as for all sorts of spiritual practices – the crystals inside the wax can add more positive energy, harmony, and balance – something quite important for women born under the sign of Libra!


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

If you are still baffled as to what to get your beloved Libra gal without the risk of any disappointments, listen up! My next suggestion is something which is pretty much completely versatile and multifunctional – an Amazon gift card. This way you get this pressure off your back and let the lady of the hour choose exactly what she needs and wants for her big day!

The only thing you need to do is pick the sum of money and your awesome Scales female will be able to redeem it for all kinds of items from the wide variety of items in the store. And the online store has almost everything anyone would need – from gardening tools to books and DVDs. Plus, this gift voucher is actually a physical gift card you can wrap in a beautiful packaging to surprise your special lady with. Maybe you could add an elegant greeting card to write down your heart-felt wishes and make her feel loved, appreciated, and cared for!


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Gift Set

Speaking of self-care, take a look at my next suggestion in this Libra woman gift guide – a nifty aromatherapeutic bracelet set! Many researches show that inhaling high-quality herbal extracts like these can have tremendous positive effects on our whole body, mind, and soul. And for the gentle and sensitive nature of the Scales, this may be even more beneficial and important.

The sign is ruled by Venus and Libras usually love being positively stimulated by beauty, art, and enchanting aromas. So, having such a simple item would make your special lady’s life much more pleasant anywhere and anytime – this could be especially vital during the long hours in the office packed with stress and mental pressure! The kit is equipped with four of the most popular oils which would greatly benefit your Libra lady – rosemary boosts our cognitive functions of the brain; lavender helps with stress relief; bergamot uplifts our mood; and eucalyptus has amazing benefits for the respiratory system!


Aroma Humidifier for Essential Oil Large Room Diffuser Set

While we are on the topic of aromatherapy, here’s another gift option you may want to consider getting your beloved Libra female for her special occasion – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc. – an essential oil diffuser! This practical multifunctional device will create the perfect aromatic atmosphere for the sensitive Scales to make her feel cozy and relaxed. The diffuser allows you to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of these high-grade herbal extracts through inhalation, but it also works as a practical air humidifier.

This can be extremely important for living and working spaces which are air-conditioned – this process is notorious for drying the air and creating an irritating atmosphere. Plus, the item can also be used as a gentle source of light – as a soothing nightstand lamp or for creating a relaxing and meditative ambiance of the space!


Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women

The topic of self-care and pampering can be a true goldmine when it comes to picking suitable gifts for a Libra lady! The typical representatives of the seventh zodiac sign are true connoisseurs of wellness, harmony, and beauty in every aspect. So, we cannot miss one golden opportunity to surprise these precious feminine creatures – by getting them a special aromatic and skin-nourishing bath set for the ultimate relaxing home SPA ritual!

This amazing vanilla scented bundle contains pretty much everything any self-respected woman would need to take some time off for re-charging and rejuvenating –  shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body oil, two large bath melts, bath salts, and a luxurious bath towel. And do not forget that all of these essential self-care items are beautifully and neatly arranged in a nifty reusable basket – it can definitely be put into good use later on as a deco piece or a practical storage container!


Phoenix Crystal Water bottle

Here’s something cool and unorthodox you can definitely consider getting your favorite Libra woman for her big day – a special water bottle for infusing herbs, fruits, and… crystals! The most common water bottles may be too simplistic and plain as gifts for the sophisticated Scales who loves beauty and harmony in everything she has or experiences. That is why my present suggestion is something quite different from the norm – a durable double wall container for creating refreshing beverages for better everyday hydration.

Drinking plain water can be a bit dull and boring and most people do not consume enough of this vital liquid to nourish their bodies properly. So, the next best thing is to add a certain flavor to make the drink much more appealing – like fruits, veggies or herbs. But this water bottle is even more unorthodox – it has a special compartment for placing natural crystals and gemstones to energize the liquid with their natural powers! If your Libra gal is even remotely interested in the realm of spirituality, this may be a top hit for a suitable gift for her next special occasion!


Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

If you liked the gift idea in suggestion #23, here’s something else related to the important self-care topic for the Libra woman – a bath pillow. As we all know, having a relaxing home SPA ritual usually includes a long and soothing bath tub soak to release all the pressure and tension in our bodies. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be quite unpleasant for the neck, the shoulders, and the head for the hard surface of the tub.

So, here you come to the rescue with a nifty bath pillow which would add enormous amounts of comfort, relief, and better relaxation while the lady of the hour enjoys this soothing process of self-care! This item can completely revolutionize her home SPA experience and make her feel extremely recharged and rejuvenated afterwards! So, if you feel your beloved Libra gal is a huge fan of the bath tub soak, this item can be a great gift for her next big day! It has a convenient fully- adjustable ergonomic design, it has a supportive headset, and a nifty storage pockets for some skin-care products!


Just Love Kimono Robe Velour Scalloped Texture Bath Robes for Women

Speaking of home SPAs, here’s another option for a gift for your awesome Libra female – a cool and comfortable bath robe. Spending quality time for self-care and relaxation also requires having quality garments to complete the sensation of self-nurturing. And I believe that your amazing Scales woman deserves to have a premium bath robe to make her feel appreciated and classy.

Even if she already has such an item, there is always room for improvements, upgrades, and renewals! But before you add this product to your shopping cart, note that there are couple of variations of the design and you can also choose between multiple colors to match the preferences of your special lady! I personally have chosen this stylish coral-colored variation because I think it would perfectly fit the typical Libra woman’s character – it is beautiful, stylish, gentle, and ultra feminine – qualities which are definitely in the realm of the ruling planet Venus!


EFYTAL Girlfriend Gifts, Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

As you may have probably learned, the typical Libra woman is quite romantic. After all, the sign is ruled by the ultimate symbol of love, romance, beauty, and harmony – Venus! So, you may have noticed that your beloved Scales gal is quite fond of celebrating all kinds of special dates related to your sacred bond, like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

And for these occasions you need to think of the ultimate heart-touching gift which would make her feel loved, cared for, and appreciated! Hence, my next suggestion for a suitable present is this amazingly beautiful and elegant necklace symbolizing your eternal love and everlasting bond! I am sure your dear Libra lady would be touched! And since this is a high-quality silver piece of jewelry, the item comes with a nifty cleaning cloth for best care and maintenance purposes! Also, the gift set includes practical jewelry care instructions, a storage box for better protection, a thank you note, a note card, and all of these are neatly assembled in a stylish gift bag ready for her special day! And finally, if you liked this design but you are looking for a present for a different occasion or for a different type of relationship, make sure you check the Efytal store page and you will definitely find something suitable!


Matashi 24K Gold Plated Crystal Studded Flower Ornament

Speaking of beauty and harmony, here’s something else you may consider getting your beloved Libra gal for her special day – a magnificent decoration piece! If your favorite Scales woman is deeply interested in improving her home (or office) environment and wants to make it more elegant and beautiful, this marvelous tulip ornament might be a great gift option.

The item is made of high-quality 24K gold exquisitely accentuated with shiny Matashi crystals with a precious animal on the side – you have the three options here – a butterfly, dragonfly or a humming bird – whatever you feel your special lady would prefer to have in her personal space! But before you add this amazingly stylish deco piece to your shopping cart, make sure you are happy with the dimensions – 1.0” in length x 4.0” in height x 1.50” in width.


Vlando Jewelry Box

While we are on the topic of beauty and elegance, my next suggestion in this Libra woman gift guide is this magnificent jewelry box. Since the seventh astrological sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of beauty, romance, and harmony – the typical female representatives of the sign are usually quite fond of shiny accessories which perfectly complement their attire and overall appearance.

But these precious items need to be protected from dust and scratches and this premium jewelry box is the perfect opportunity for you to surprise your beloved Libra gal. All of her beautiful accessories will be neatly organized and easily transported when travelling, for example. And the amazingly elegant and stylish design would give her the unmatched feeling of being a true queen! Keep in mind that although these beautiful Venus women love the color pink, you can still pick something different to match your special lady’s preferences – black, red, and white.


Vokai Makeup Kit Gift Set

We cannot talk about beauty without mentioning one of the most important topics for most women – makeup. And since this elegant sign is ruled by Venus, this can be even more essential for the typical representatives. So, here’s my next proposal – a special high-class makeup kit! This could be a top hit as a gift to surprise your beloved Libra girl for her next big day – Valentine’s Day, birthday, Friendship Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, etc. If the lady of your heart is a true talent when it comes to adding beauty to her life, this present idea might be ideal for her!

Because the Scales are real connoisseurs for art, and maquillage is just another form of art where our faces are the canvass! So, if you are in dire need for a cool, practical, and classy gift for the lady of the hour, do not hesitate to grab her this enormous bundle of everything a true beauty queen needs for her impeccable looks – eye shadow palettes, liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers, a nifty mirror, and more! And since these are conveniently packaged in a beautiful and stylish carrying case, all the makeup is easily transported when travelling and safe from gathering dust and any potential damages.


Art Supplies, iBayam 150-Pack Deluxe Wooden Art Set Crafts Drawing Painting Kit

Speaking of art, this is one of the hot topics for the Libras as well. As I have mentioned, the typical representatives of the seventh zodiac sign under the influence of Venus may love and appreciate beauty in its every form and aspect! This means that the lady of the hour can also be passionate about creating her own art through painting, for example.

If that’s the case, then definitely consider getting her this amazing and comprehensive bundle of supplies and necessities for every professional or amateur painter – color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, well palettes, drawing pads, a coloring book, sketch pencils, paint brushes, sandpaper block, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser, crayons, and all of these are neatly arranged and packed in a stylish wooden box (you can pick from three beautiful variations – cherry, natural, and pink), and a gift box! You could add a greeting card filled with your heart-felt wishes and make the present even more personalized and touching!


Travel Wine Cooler Tote Bag

A nice and pleasant picnic with a loved one can be one of the most romantic activities for the gentle and sophisticated Libra girl. These magnificent creatures love beauty in its every aspect, especially nature and its greenery. Moreover, showing your beloved Scales gal how much she means to you buy spending quality time with her over a glass of wine and a heart-to-heart conversation can be extremely important to her.

So, here’s my next gift suggestion you can consider getting your favorite lady – a travel wine cooler bag! This can be the ultimate convenient travel accessory for such nice romantic dinners on the open which would melt your Libra woman’s heart (and if you are worried about visiting any restaurants, this could be a great backup plan!). The set has pretty much everything you would need to have a great time with tasty beverages and yummy food – two wine glasses, a wooden cutting board, stainless steel plus a wooden handle cheese knife, stainless steel plus wooden handle bottle opener, a bottle stopper, two ice packs, two napkins, and all of these are neatly arranged in a convenient insulated bag which can be easily carried across the shoulders.


Luxury gifts for Libra woman

Design Toscano Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue

Here’s another suggestion for a gift which can be absolutely perfect for your beloved Libra gal – a Lady of Justice stature! Well, this is usually a deco piece which is intended for lawyers and other specialists in the judicial system, but it could work beautifully for any Scales person out there. It is because this is actually the true symbol of the seventh astrological sign – libra is the Latin word for scales. And here’s something interesting about the typical representatives of this sign – they usually have a very strong sense of justice.

They typically like to take into account both sides of each argument and strive for being fair in every situation. And besides, this tendency of the Scales also drives them to be involved in the judicial system and become lawyers or judges. In this case, this elegant decoration item can be the absolute perfect surprise for your special Libra lady!


Modelones Gel Nail Kit Gel Nail Polish Kit with 48W LED Light

Let’s get back to the topic of beauty and self-care, shall we? Because I truly think that this is a real goldmine for gift ideas for Libra women. These beauty queens are absolutely gorgeous and they are usually among the most elegant and stylish females who pay extra attention to their appearance. And the nails are one major part of our looks – the impeccable manicure is not just having painted nails – it is a fashion statement – it is an excellent representation of how we treat ourselves.

So, if you feel that your special Scales lady would love to have such professional gel nail polish kit, do not hesitate to grab this one and surprise the woman of your heart for her next big day! The kit has all the necessary items for making your own classy-looking manicure from the comfort of your own home – 7 lovely nail polish colors, a fast-drying UV light, an essential nail primer, a glossy top coat, and a solid base coat, as well as a complete set of manicure tools (a nail cutter, a dust brush, a separator, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil, cuticle fork, a nail file, nail buffer, nail tweezers, rhinestones, decorations, and stickers).


CHI Volumizer 4-in-1 Blowout Brush

While we are on the topic of beauty, you can take a look at this next gift idea – a special blowout brush! Just like our manicure, the hair is also a major part of our overall appearance. Even a simple change in our hair style can have a profound effect on our looks and self-esteem. So, it is very important for most women to take good care of their mane and this can be even more important for the beautiful Libra gal!

That is why my next idea for a present is this amazing multifunctional brush! The item can do wonders for hair styling right after the shower and save you time and money for expensive blowouts. The device’s multiple attachments not only help with drying the hair but also can work as volumizer or for creating a smoother and shinier look! The brush also has “a built-in Ion Generator that emits an impressive amount of Negative Ions to reduce frizz and increase shine, helping to seal the cuticle, minimize fly-a-ways, and avoid heat damage by locking in the hairs natural moisture”. If you are still worried about hair damages and frizzing, you can add a nifty thermal protection guard by the same brand!


GAOMON PD1161 11.6 Inches Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display

If you liked the idea from suggestion #32 but you wish to get your Libra girl something a bit more modernistic and technological, then take a look at this awesome drawing pen display! If your Scales female is a real art enthusiast and loves creating her own beautiful images using state of the art technologies, this could be a great fit for a gift for her next special day! This could be extremely suitable for Libra women with a strong Gemini or Aquarius influence – the other two airy signs which are tightly connected to all kinds of modern-day advancements in our devices and gadgets! Just keep in mind a couple of details before purchasing!

First, this is not a standalone product – it requires a computer to work. Second, the package contains a pen display, a passive pen, a power adapter, a cable, and a pen holder. Third, the item is compatible with a variety of free or paid software like gimp, firealpaca, krita, medibang, zbrush, blender, Inkscape, Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, adode premiere, adobe after effect, sai version 2, clip studio paint, corel paintshop pro, Autodesk Mudbox , etc.


NuFACE Anniversary Complete Facial Toning Kit

As I was saying over and over this gift guide for Libra women – the seventh astrological sign is under the influence of the planet of beauty Venus, and the typical representatives of the sign can be extremely invested in the area of aesthetics in its every form. This, of course, includes cosmetics, skin-care, and makeup. So, if your beloved Scales female is deeply intrigued by beauty and loves pampering herself with quality rejuvenation procedures, definitely consider getting her this awesome facial toning kit!

This nifty device will bring the beauty salon to her home and she can boost her self-esteem in her relaxed and convenient home environment! Plus, it can actually save her a ton of money by substituting the regular visits to her personal beautician. This is “a complete facial toning kit that includes the FDA-cleared Trinity device to deliver professional microcurrent and red light therapy results” to improve the contour, the tone, and the firmness of the skin in a very short amount of time! The recommended usage is as follows: 5 days per week for the first 60 days, then maintain results using 2-3 days per week. Also, keep in mind that this treatment is best to be performed with a special facial primer, like this one by the same brand!


Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

Every woman deserves to have a high-class stylish wrist watch! This item has been part of our lives for many years and although there are many devices which can render it obsolete, it is still an extremely common product we use today. That’s because the watch has become more than a mere timepiece – it is an elegant accessory which works as a magnificent complement to our dress code.

So, you can never go wrong with picking such item as a gift for the beauty- and style-loving Libra gal! After all, we need to have multiple items like this one for different occasions and different settings. That is why this premium brand wrist watch is one of my top gift suggestions for your amazing Scales woman’s special day – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. Just note that I have picked the nude neutral-colored design, but you can choose a different tint according to the needs and preferences of the lady of your heart – brown, black, gold, pink, zebra, etc. 


Kendra Scott Nola Stud Earrings for Women

Speaking of elegant accessories, here’s another suggestion in this Libra woman gift guide – a set of beautiful shiny earrings. Since the seventh astrological sign is ruled by the planet of aesthetics and harmony, choosing a present in this realm can be an absolute top hit! That is why my next gift idea is this pair of premium accessories to accentuate the natural beauty of your awesome Libra female!

This set is extremely gentle, elegant, and unobtrusive – perfect for the sophisticated nature of the magnificent women under the influence of Venus. Plus, the rose color can be considered neutral and can match different styles and tints of the chosen attire. But you can still pick among a couple of other variations – gold with dichronic glass, gold with iridescent drusy, and rhodium with platinum drusy – whatever you feel would be more appealing to your special lady! And finally, the earrings are conceived as a suitable gift, and they come wrapped in an elegant jewelry pouch as well as a stylish gift box – so you don’t have to worry about packaging!


Rainbow Box Swan Brooch Pins for Women

If you are still looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry and you haven’t found something you think is suitable, here’s another option – an elegant stylish brooch. Brooches are not very commonly used today by women, so they are a golden opportunity to stand out and make an awesome first impression! And for the beauty-loving Libra girl, this might be extremely important.

The typical representatives work very hard to always look their best and to exude class and impeccable style. So, this is your chance to surprise your beloved Scales woman with something unique and elegant which would significantly upgrade her appearance and boost her self-esteem in seconds! This is absolutely stunningly beautiful accessory with a gentle swan design, magnificently accentuated with shiny Swarovski crystals which can be used on coats, shirts, blouses, dresses, etc. And even as a stylish pendant by adding a suitable chain. Plus, the item is neatly packaged in an exquisite jewelry box ready for gifting!


Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women

When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, hair removal has become an evergreen topic for pretty much all women around the globe. But this could be even more important for the elegant females under the influence of the planet Venus. So, here’s my next proposal for a suitable gift you might want to consider – a modern-day IPL epilation device. IPL stands for intense pulse light and it is a state of the art technology in the realm of hair removal.

These relatively new types of epilation gadgets allow us to achieve our ultimate goal of silky smooth skin in less time, using less money, experiencing less pain, and having to maintain the result more rarely. That is why I think this would make a great gift for the elegant creature that is the Libra woman! But keep in mind that this device does not require any additional items to be easily applied and put into use, but I highly recommend you add one pair of these nifty UV light eye protection glasses as well as a special post-epilation lotion with hyaluronic acid for the purpose of soothing the skin and avoiding any unpleasant irritations.


Daveinmic 22-Pieces Porcelain Bone china Tea Sets

As we have established, the typical representatives of the seventh astrological sign are significantly influenced by the planet of aesthetics and beauty and elegance in every form is something extremely important to them! This also includes their work and home environment as well as all the items they possess. So, here’s my next gift idea for your beloved Libra gal’s big day – a high-class porcelain bone china tea set.

The Scales are an airy sign and just like Gemini and Aquarius they are usually extremely sociable and they like having people over for heart-to-heart conversations. But as I have mentioned, they might be truly concerned about how they present themselves and everything they have needs to be high-class and presentable. That is why I would recommend getting your favorite Libra girl this awesome and exquisite tea set for everyday use or for surprising her guests and leaving them in awe! The set contains 6 tea cups (6.5oz), 6 saucers,6 golden painted spoons, 1 tea pot (29 oz), 1 creamer pitcher, 1 sugar bowl, and 1 detachable bracket. Plus, it is “safely double packed with customized shockproof foam box within beautiful gift box to prevent broken in transportation”.


CROWNFUL Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are absolutely amazing and cool (figuratively and literally speaking) present ideas for pretty much everyone! These nifty gadgets can be used for storing tasty beverages at an arm’s distance in the living room while watching movies or at the office while working hard. But here’s one often overlooked application of this item which might be extremely important for the Libra women – the fridge can be used for storing their skin-care products.

As we all know, some of these premium items should be kept at low temperatures in order to preserve their beneficial properties and be safe to use for longer period of time. This is especially true during the hot summer days when keeping your cremes and lotions at room temperature is out of the question! Unfortunately, there are life scenarios when keeping your skin-care in the main fridge along with the food is definitely not recommended, especially in a household with small children. Plus, when travelling for long hours on the road, there is also the risk of ruining your expensive lotions. That is why I think this cute pink mini fridge can do a marvelous job at safekeeping her personal hygiene items away from kids, pets, and high temperatures no matter what! And if your special Scales lady is not a pink kind of gal, you can choose among several beautiful pastel colors – black, blue, red, green, and white!


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