40+ Great Gifts for Virgo Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Virgo Female)

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40+ Great Gifts for Virgo Woman (Best Gift Ideas for Virgo Female)


What to buy your Virgo girl?
Affordable gifts for а Virgo woman
Unique gifts for Virgo woman
Luxury gifts for Virgo woman

What to buy your Virgo girl?

I know that choosing a suitable present for a loved one is not always as easy as it seems. No matter how much we know them, sometimes it is not possible to guess what they need and what they would appreciate to have. So, if you are in dire need for ideas, this Virgo woman gift guide may really help you out in this process. I did my best to pick some items which I think would be suitable for the lady of the hour depending on the typical traits of the sixth astrological sign (if you wish to take a look at these characteristics and see if they would give you more present ideas, hop into the article dedicated to the male representatives of this earthy sign).

But still, this collection of present suggestions might be absolutely enough for you to choose something your Virgo female would love to receive for her special day – a birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, a wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. And these recommendations are suitable for women of all ages regardless of your relationship type – whether the Virgin gal is your wife, girlfriend, a friend or a BFF, a colleague, your boss, mother-in-law, sister, mother, daughter, etc. You name it!

OK, if you are ready, let’s get started!

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Affordable gifts for а Virgo woman

ZUOPIPI Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain Natural Rose Stone

When it comes to surprising a Virgo it is always a good idea to think of something useful and practical. The sixth astrological sign is an earth sign and just like Taurus and Capricorn, the typical representatives love all kinds of down to Earth gifts. That is why my very first suggestion for a suitable present is this nifty keychain.

This is probably the best small, inexpensive, and pragmatic gift you can pick for your awesome Virgo gal. Keychains are always welcome because most of us tend to have more than one set of keys – for the house, for the car, the villa, for the office, etc. And for the sixth astrological sign and its inner drive to be extremely organized, having just one massive set of keys might not be the best option. So, here with this gift suggestion you have the opportunity to give your Virgin girl something useful which is also personalized with her zodiac sign and a special birthstone which harmonizes the energy of the Virgo and brings them luck and prosperity!


Fullcci-15oz Birthday Gift Creative Constellation Virgo

Let’s continue the topic of practical gifts branded with the earthy sign of the Virgin! My next suggestion in this Virgo woman gift guide is this awesome and stylish coffee mug set. Because when it comes to small and pragmatic items, this is one of the best choices. Even if your favorite Virgin female is not a huge fan of this invigorating beverage, the ceramic tumbler can be ideal for steeping tea and herbal infusions (using the special lid on top) as well as other drinks like hot cocoa or fruit-infused water, kombucha, etc.

The long golden-colored spoon helps you blend and stir all kinds of multi-ingredient beverages! And also, do not forget that the set is equipped with a nifty placemat which protects the surfaces against liquid stains – this is extremely important for the meticulous Virgo!


Leather Journal – Zodiac, Astrology, Virgo Journal

While we are still on the topic of cool practical gifts, let me make another suggestion in this realm of items – an amazing journal elegantly decorated with the Virgo sign! As I have already mentioned, the typical representatives of the sixth astrological sign are extremely organized and they love to keep everything neat, tidy, and orderly.

So, here’s what I propose – let’s use this common Virgo trait in choosing a suitable present for your beloved Virgin lady’s next special occasion – a birthday, Christmas, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding anniversary, etc. – a nifty journal and organizer! This item can be perfectly used for the office (including the home office) as well as for the home. The product can be used for a wide variety of purposes – writing down notes, making to-do lists, as a phone book, a DIY cookbook, business card organizer, and more! And the best part is the elegant Virgo design which makes it a very touching and personalized gift!


Virgo Facts Shirt Funny September Virgo Gift Shirt

Speaking of Virgo branded items, here’s another great option for a gift for the lady of the hour – a cool t-shirt decorated with some fun facts of the sixth astrological sign. This is one more super cool and practical present you can grab your favorite Virgin gal to surprise her for her next big day. And as we have already learned, Virgos love practicality in every aspect of this word.

A comfortable cotton tee can be used for all kinds of activities, situations, and occasions – for example, practicing yoga, doing Pilates, walking the pets, running errands, doing household chores, working from home or at the office (if the corporate culture allows it), and so much more! The typical Virgo women would definitely appreciate a comfy piece of garment to give them the freedom of movement they need to accomplish all of their goals and to fulfil their commitments (and they are very strict about those!). And one last thing – do not think that I have forgotten about the Virgos born in August! Here’s a different variety of this zodiac t-shirt for those awesome female representatives of the sixth astrological sign!


Phalaenopsis Care for Beginners

Virgo is an earth sign and as such the typical representatives have a very special bond with Mother Earth and nature in general. This could manifest as female Virgos being passionate gardeners or they might simply love being surrounded with beautiful flowers. And speaking of flowers, we cannot miss one of the most popular and desired house plants – the Phalaenopsis orchid.

This is definitely one of the top choices by many women around the world for the plant’s magnificent royal-like blooms which create a distinct high-class regal ambience to the home environment (or the office). So, if your beloved Virgin gal is also passionate about having elegant flowers in her personal space, do not hesitate to grab her this cool and practical moth orchid care guide for complete beginners. Because the sad part of this beautiful house plant is its exotic nature which causes some difficulties in helping it grow and thrive in a home environment instead of its native Asian rainforest environment. So, some orchid beginners might need some help in this area to get acquainted with the specifics of the flower. But even if your favorite Virgo lady is already a pro at this, you can still pick a suitable gift by getting her something related to this gardening hobby – I have created a special collection of supplies and tools needed for every Phalaenopsis fanatic you can check out!


The Little Book of Self-Care for Virgo

Virgo is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury (just like Gemini) and the typical representatives can be quite busy with tight-packed schedules. Moreover, the Virgin people are also very strict, pedantic, and responsible, and they often do not allow themselves to let anyone down by breaking their promises. Unfortunately, their eponymous busyness and responsibility can cause them to become a bit more anxious and stressed on a daily basis.

That is why my next suggestion for a suitable gift for your amazing Virgo female is this practical self-care guide specially designed for the representatives of the sixth astrological sign. There is no better way to show someone how much they mean to you, than by taking care of their wellness and wellbeing. And as far as our Virgin women go, this could be a gentle reminder to take some time off and relax, to create a regular home SPA routine or something as simple as meditating more often to relieve the mental pressure (the ruling planet Mercury usually drives Virgo and Gemini people to be highly intellectual and to choose professions which require a lot of mental strain). So, if this is the case with the lady of the hour, do not miss this opportunity to shower her with affection and appreciation by surprising her with this practical guide into the world of relaxation and stress relief!


Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Speaking of relaxation and self-care, here’s another great option for a gift you may want to consider getting your awesome Virgo woman – an essential oil diffuser bracelet. As I mentioned previously, the representatives of the sixth astrological sign can be quite stressed and anxious on a regular basis even without realizing how serious the situation is. I have seen this tendency in many of my dear and close Virgo friends.

So, it is best to help them out in this process by gently bringing their awareness to some simple and effective soothing techniques they can apply to ease the pressure and get back to the feeling of balance and wellness. That is why I think this nifty bracelet could make a wonderful gift – it can bring serenity and focus into her life anytime and anywhere! Please note that this is a standalone item and it does not include the oils. If you wish to make a cool gift set, you need to add some of these herbal extracts according to her needs and preferences. For instance, peppermint and lavender oil for stress and tension relief, eucalyptus oil for soothing the respiratory tract, sweet orange oil for improving focus, or grapefruit extract for some energy boost throughout the day. Another option you can pick is a ready-made gift set which includes the bracelet and four of the most commonly used oils to save you all this hassle!


Zulay Fruit Infuser Water Bottle With Sleeve

As I have mentioned previously, Virgo is the sign which is tightly connected to our wellness and wellbeing. This means that the typical Virgins are usually quite interested in these topics and they are always on the lookout for stuff to improve their bodies and overall performance. And I am pretty sure that your Virgo gal knows perfectly how important proper hydration is – this is one of the most basic and vital things we can do on a regular basis to feel more energetic and recharged.

Unfortunately, drinking plain water can be a bit boring and difficult to achieve, so we have to improvise and adapt to “trick” our taste buds into better hydration. And here comes fruit- or veggie-infused water! This is one of the smartest and easiest methods for improving the taste and the quality of your drinking liquid so you consume more of it day in day out! Plus, the fruits and vegetables also add a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and micro-elements which significantly improve the condition of our bodies, and also work as electrolytes which boost our energy levels! WOW! So, if your beloved Virgo female is a real health nut, do not hesitate to grab her this amazing fruit-infuser water bottle and make her life better and easier right now!


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

We come to the eponymous love for tidiness, order, and organizing of the typical Virgo. And these characteristics can be even stronger and more obvious in the female representatives. So, here’s how we can use this common Virgo trait in our quest for choosing a suitable gift for your dear lady for her next special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, wedding anniversary, etc.) – by getting her this revolutionary book dedicated to the art and magic of tidying up.

But do not be fooled that this is just another tutorial for decluttering – it does so much more than that! The Kon-Marie method has strong similarities to some of the basic principles of the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui as well as the law of attraction. That is why this book is titled the life-changing magic – this specific way of organizing your home significantly improves the energy flow of your living space as well as lifts your mood instantly and elevates your vibrational level (which is the exact basis for all manifesting practices and exercises). It is no coincidence that a lot of spiritual teachers advise us to start our deep transformational process by decluttering, clearing up our personal space, and organizing our belongings – it is not just tidying up – it is magic which may turn your life around for the better!


ZIZZON Manicure Set 18 in 1 Professional Pedicure Set

Speaking of keeping things neat and tidy, we cannot miss one of the most important aspects of this topic – our personal hygiene. And for the Virgos who are usually extremely meticulous in this area and true perfectionists, an elegant manicure set would make a wonderful gift! I have said this over and over again in almost every gift guide – our nails and manicure is a statement of how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves into the world.

And for the Virgos who are usually quite demanding of themselves, having perfectly maintained and trimmed nails is an expression of their inner need for being pedantic, diligent, and exacting. So, if this is the case with your favorite Virgin woman, definitely consider adding this manicure and pedicure set to your shopping cart. Even if she already has one of these (I am sure she does!), there is always room for upgrades and back-ups – Virgos love to be super prepared for all kinds of situations and emergencies, and they usually have more than one piece of their most valuable and essential items! For instance, they may want to have one set for their home, one for travelling, one for the villa, etc.


Unique gifts for Virgo woman

Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant

Just because the typical Virgo women are known to be real meticulous perfectionists doesn’t mean that they do not love to be pampered with beautiful jewelry. This could be especially true if your Virgin gal has a strong Venus influence in her chart coming from Libra or Taurus.  Either way, let’s not forget that any female who desires to have the ideal neat and tidy appearance has to have matching accessories to complement her elegant attire.

So, here you come with this amazingly stylish necklace decorated with premium crystals and a shiny birthstone. For the sake of this Virgo woman gift guide I have chosen a variety with the Bermuda blue Sapphire stone which is related to the birth month of September along with blue Cobalt and Rainbow blue, but you can also pick the ones dedicated to the August Virgos (Peridot green and light Chrysolite green), as well as any other color to match the needs and preferences of the lady of the hour.


Malicious Women Candle Co – Virgo The Zodiac

Virgo is a mutable sign ruled by the fast-moving planet of Mercury. And just like Gemini (also a mutable sign ruled by Mercury), the typical representatives can be highly intellectual, intelligent, communicative, and prone to being quite entrepreneurial. Actually, a lot of my Virgo friends and acquaintances have their own business. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this – leading such a busy lifestyle with a jam-packed schedule can be followed by exhaustion and burnout.

And if we add the eponymous industriousness and perfectionism of the Virgin sign to the equation, we get the perfect setup for chronic anxiety and stress overload. So, if that’s the case with your beloved Virgo woman, make sure you surprise her with something which would add more serenity and peace to her busy life. Hence, my next gift suggestion is this amazingly aromatic candle specially designed for the representatives of the sixth astrological sign. This may be a very small and inexpensive present, but it is highly practical which is a characteristic highly appreciated by the Virgin woman – the item can be put into use right away to create the perfect relaxing and a SPA-like ambiance to her living or working space! Plus, the jar can be easily repurposed as a glass storage container for home organizing and decluttering, as well as for homemade skin-care products!


Greenline Goods Virgo Stemless Wine Glasses

Speaking of relaxation and stress-relief, here’s another suggestion for a gift for your special Virgo girl – high-class wine tumblers. Self-care and pampering is a huge lesson for the typical representatives of the sixth astrological sign. They are usually quite hard-working, pedantic, and meticulous and this takes a lot of energy and efforts on their part.

But to excel in your work you also need to spend some quality time for “sharpening the axe”, recharging, and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, Virgos need a little bit of help in this area. That is why I suggest you grab your amazing Virgin female this set of glass tumblers and remind her to regularly take time off and chillax for a bit! These glasses can be the perfect accessories for serving quality beverages of her choice and preference – alcoholic or non-alcoholic – wine, cocktails, mocktails, ice tea, the gut-friendly kombucha, fruit-infused water, etc. Whatever your Virgo gal needs to set the mood for the ultimate relaxation and self-care – she got it covered! Remember to let her know that this glassware set is extremely durable and it is safe to use in a dishwasher and a freezer! Cool, right?


Sterling Silver Heart Rose Necklaces for Women

As I mentioned in suggestion #13, beautiful jewelry is a great option for a gift for the hardworking Virgo woman. After all, they usually strive for their appearance to be always neat, tidy, and perfectly matched with the most suitable piece of accessory. But we need to keep in mind that the true representatives of the sixth zodiac sign would most likely prefer gentle, elegant, and unobtrusive jewelry unlike the Leos, for example, who thrive when being under the spotlight and the center of attention.

That is why I have picked this amazingly cute necklace exquisitely decorated with a tiny rose and premium crystals – I bet this would be a real hit as a surprise for any Virgo gal out there! Lastly, before you add this item to your shopping cart, take note that you can pick among two separate designs with predominant silver color, and one entirely in rose gold! Plus, you don’t even have to think about packaging! The pendant is stylishly wrapped in a cute box ready for gifting!


DANCING BEAR Virgo Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

As I have mentioned before, Virgo is an earth sign and the typical Virgins can be extremely industrious, entrepreneurial, and goal-oriented. Moreover, the sixth zodiac sign is also very practical and down-to-earth, but that doesn’t mean Virgos cannot be interested in the mystical world or the spiritual side of life. This can be even more applicable to the females with a strong Aquarius or Pisces influence in their natal charts.

So, if you feel your special lady is even slightly interested in the New Age manifesting or Wiccan pagan rituals, this wish-making kit would be a wonderful gift for her next big day. The bundle has everything she would need to create the ultimate manifesting practice for bringing more luck, love, success, and happiness into her life – crystals and gemstones specially picked to harmonize the energy of the Virgo sign (Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, Leopardskin Jasper, Rainbow Moonstone, Dalmatian Jasper, Blue Calcite, and Black Tourmaline), a piece of an actual shooting star (a meteorite), a piece of Selenite, a Palo Santo smudging stick and a cute tea candle to clear out any negative energies, an Amethyst palm stone, an instruction manual, and a gorgeous necklace with the Virgin zodiac sign! And of course, all of this is neatly packed in a stylish box ready for gifting!


Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

As we have established, Virgos usually love practical gifts. But we can definitely take things to the next level and pick something which is not only quite useful but it is also personalized and heart-touching. Hence, my next gift idea is this nifty and elegant ceramic coffee mug set. We all know how hard-working and driven the Virgin women are, and I am sure they enjoy having their daily dose of refreshing coffee to keep them going throughout the day!

But even if your Virgo gal is not a huge fan of this invigorating caffeine-packed drink (the representatives of the sixth astrological sign can a bit more anxious than the other signs, and they might avoid consuming coffee), this high-class porcelain tumbler will still accommodate her needs – it has a nifty tea infuser for steeping botanicals, and a long practical spoon for hot cocoa, cappuccinos, etc. And of course, just like most items which are conceived as suitable presents, this coffee cup set is beautifully packaged in an elegant royal-like box to make your Virgo lady feel like a true queen!


ANDOILT Women’s Genuine Leather Wallet

Let’s continue with the practical gift ideas, shall we? Because as far as the typical Virgo goes, practicality and pragmatism is highly appreciated and everything in this realm can be a true goldmine for suitable gifts! So, what a better useful present for your amazing Virgin girl, than a nice women’s wallet? This is the item which pretty much every human being on Earth has and uses to keep their banknotes, coins, and cards neatly organized.

And we cannot mention being organized without thinking of our beloved Virgos! So, even if the lady of the hour already has a cool and practical wallet, this one could make a great gift and here’s why! This product in particular is equipped with a special RFID blocking technology which would keep your data safe and protected against malicious intents. And, oh, how Virgos love safety! Yes, unfortunately the typical representatives of the sixth astrological sign could be a bit more anxious and tense compared to the other eleven signs, and it is always a good idea to help them alleviate this mental pressure and give them back-up plans for their worries! That is why I think this state of the art wallet would make a great gift!


Backpack for Women LIGHT FLIGHT

Here’s another great option for a super practical gift you definitely may want to consider getting your favorite Virgo female for her next special occasion – Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, Friendship Day, etc. – a nifty laptop and travel backpack for women! The backpack is one of the most useful accessories pretty much anyone has and needs for it is extremely practical and multifunctional – you can use it to go to work, to school, the university, when travelling, camping, etc.

And as we have already established, Virgos are usually very excited to receive stuff which is convenient and can be put into use right away to make their lives easier! That is why this cool, stylish, and comfy women’s backpack is my next idea in this Virgo woman gift guide! All of her belongings will be neatly packed and organized, while the most valuables (like wallets, passports, ID cards) can be nicely hidden in the special anti-theft back pocket away from naughty people! Moreover, there is a nifty outlet which works as a charging port to keep your devices up and running while being on the go. You can definitely add a cool portable power bank if you wish, to make the gift complete!


Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager

As I have mentioned before, the typical Virgo is extremely hard-working and pedantic. The representatives of the sixth zodiac sign are also highly intellectual and they often choose a line of work which requires lots of mental pressure and a sedentary workplace. Unfortunately, this could lead to some unpleasant discomforts in the body in the long run – stiff neck, painful shoulders, back issues, pressure between the shoulder blades, etc.

That is why my next gift suggestion to you is this super cool and practical Shiatsu massager which could do wonders for your amazing and industrious Virgin woman! And let’s not forget that the sixth zodiac sign is also related to the area of our overall wellness and wellbeing, and the typical representatives are quite interested in maintaining their bodies in top shape! So, if you feel this applies to the lady of your heart, do not hesitate to grab her this massaging device for everyday use and which can also be a must-have item for the whole family as well!


Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women

Let’s continue the topic of self-care because I think it is extremely important nowadays, especially when it comes to the Virgo sign. As we have already established, the true representatives of the Virgin zodiac sign are extremely hard-working and sometimes this could be to a fault. So, if that’s the case with your beloved Virgo female, feel free to pick a gift which would help her slow down the pace, relax, and recharge her batteries.

Everyone needs their sacred me-time to rejuvenate their spirit and “sharpen the axe”, but for the Virgin people this could be a life-long lesson they must learn. That is why my next present idea is this amazingly aromatic bath set for the ultimate home SPA relaxing, soothing, and nourishing ritual. The bundle contains everything the lady of the hour would need to take some time off and relieve the daily stress from all the hard work and endless responsibilities – vanilla and coconut scented shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body oil, two bath fizzies, bath salt, a luxurious bath towel, and of these items are neatly packed in a handmade reusable basket (because as we all know, Virgos love practicality and multifunctional items!).


LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

While we are on the topic of self-care and home SPA rituals, let me make another suggestion for a cool and practical gift for your special Virgo lady’s next big day – a set of aromatic bath melts. Let’s say that the woman of the hour already has her preferred personal hygiene products (like shower gel or body oil) – the representatives of the sixth zodiac sign can be a bit picky and demanding in this area.

So, we need to think of something else which would help her create the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating routine perfect for her needs and preferences. That is why I recommend you get your special lady this bundle of various bath melts which would add more redolence and skin nourishment to her regular soothing bath tub time! All the items in this set are made of premium natural ingredients, like organic carrier oils and herbal extracts which would not leave annoying stains on the tub (we all know how exacting Virgos can be when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness!). And finally, do not forget that the product is made in the USA, if this is important to you when choosing what to add to your shopping cart!


Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

If your awesome Virgo lady is not a huge fan of the bath fizzies but you still want to surprise her with something related to the field of aromatherapy, this is your top choice – an essential oil diffuser! The item is actually a multifunctional gadget which serves multiple purposes – it can be used as a simple air freshener, but if we put high-class herbal oil extracts, we can take advantage of their powerful aromatherapeutic properties as well – to alleviate the daily stress, improve our ability to concentrate and focus, boost our respiratory tract and ease the breathing process, etc.

But that’s not all! This product can also work as a nifty air humidifier which is extremely important for people who live or work in air-conditioned spaces or very hot and dry climates. Plus, the diffuser can also be applied as a practical night stand lamp or a gentle source of light to improve the ambiance of the room. So, if you feel your beloved Virgo gal needs some air quality improvement, this is your top choice for a gift!


Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Virgo is a mutable sign which is ruled by the planet of Mercury (just like Gemini). This could make the typical Virgins extremely fast-paced, skillful, and dexterous since the planet is related to the area of communication and doing stuff with our hands and arms. So, your beloved Virgo gal might be a real fan of all kinds of activities and hobbies which require a big deal of dexterity – for example, gardening, home repairs, DIY cosmetics, cooking, etc.

Unfortunately, this could lead to some extensive and frequent use of chemicals, detergents, and other substances which damage the skin more quickly. So, if that’s the case with your favorite Virgin lady, this is how you can surprise her with something really practical she might deeply appreciate – a powerful hand lotion gift set! The kit is comprised of various items and skin-care products which would add moisture and protection to this body area which is constantly exposed to the environment – lemon butter cuticle cream, hand salve, Res-Q ointment, shea butter hand repair cream; plus two essential items for the frequently damaged areas of the lips and the heels – original beeswax lip balm and coconut foot cream.


Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

OK, let’s say you are still not really sure what to get your beloved Virgo woman for her next special occasion. I get it – the Virgins can be a bit too demanding sometimes and we are not always confident whether we had managed to guess their needs and preferences. So, here’s the next best thing – an Amazon gift card. This is perhaps the safest option we can choose to take this pressure off and let the lady of the hour decide for herself.

And let’s not forget that this is one of the most practical zodiac signs and gift vouchers are wonderful pragmatic items which can be redeemed for pretty much all kinds of stuff. So, the only thing you need to do is choose the amount (at least 25 USD) and you will get a stylish physical gift card packed in a beautiful box of your choice. You could probably add a suitable greeting card to make the present much more personalized and you are good to go!


ZUSTBEAUTY Derma Roller Kit With Vitamin C 25% Serum & Collagen Cream

Virgo is the sign related to our wellness and wellbeing. This usually manifests as the typical representatives being very interested in all sorts of topics in the area of self-care. And as you may probably know, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and taking good care of it is of upmost importance for our overall wellbeing and appearance. That is why my next gift suggestion for your special Virgo lady is this amazing modern-day derma roller kit.

The derma rolling technique is an extremely effective anti-aging method which also helps us maintain our skin in top shape. This is achieved by making multiple extremely tiny holes in the skin, but do not worry – this is a form of microneedling which is completely painless. What this procedure does is stimulate the natural tissue regeneration processes and collagen production of our derma – the result is healthier, tighter, and brighter appearance. And this effect can be boosted even more with the addition of special products like the vitamin C serum and the collagen cream. And of course, just like most kits and bundles, this one is beautifully packaged in a stylish box ready for gifting!


Funky Junque Oversized Slouchy Beanie Infinity Scarf Texting Glove Matching Set

OK, let’s get back to simple and practical items for everyday use! Virgo is definitely the sign which deeply appreciates such thoughtful surprises that can be put into good use right away. That is why my next suggestion in this Virgo woman gift guide is this amazingly soft and comfortable hat, scarf, and glove set for the cold months of the year! If your Virgin gal lives in an area with such low temperatures or loves spending time in the mountains, this warm knitted set could make a wonderful gift for people of all ages.

But before you add this to your shopping cart, make sure that the items would fit. There is only one size of each item with the following dimensions: the “oversized hat measures 9” long by 10” wide lying flat while regular fit measures 8” long by 9” wide. Gloves measure approximately 8.75” (long) x 3.25” (wide at wrist). Scarf measures approximately 28.5” x 12”.” Plus, you can choose between various colors to perfectly match the preferences of the lady of your heart, such as pink, mustard, black, grey, olive, and more.


Rose Home Fashion Sherpa Blanket

And while we are on the topic of warm practical gifts, here’s my next suggestion you may want to consider – a soft and comfortable shepra blanket. As I mentioned previously, Virgo is the sign related to our wellness and wellbeing and staying warm and protected against low temperatures is one huge part of this process of self-preservation during the cold months of the year.

So, if your Virgin lady needs a little more warmth, coziness, and comfort in the winter, this fuzzy blankie is a great choice for a gift for her next special occasion – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Friendship Day, etc. Plus, let’s not forget that the sixth astrological sign is extremely diligent about pretty much everything and the typical representatives like to be prepared for all sorts of situations. So, even if the woman of your heart already has such an item around the house, there is always a need for a spare one for guests or an upgrade for the old worn out blankets!


Luxury gifts for Virgo woman

iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

As we have already established, the typical Virgo can be extremely pedantic and demanding about everything they do, especially when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. This could be even more applicable to the female representatives of the sixth zodiac sign. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world we cannot do everything and the successful juggling between work, career advancement, and home chores is quite challenging.

And this could be even more difficult and stressful for the Virgo gal who loves doing everything in a meticulous manner. So, here you come to the rescue and take some of that pressure off her back and make her life so much easier – by grabbing her this amazingly practical robot vacuum cleaner. This nifty device will take care of the floor pretty much completely automatically while your Virgin lady is free to focus on her meaningful work or even better – on her vital self-care and relaxation rituals! I know that Virgos are indispensable and have that amazing sense of self-esteem of being the best at everything they do, but I am sure that learning to delegate these simple tasks will be truly transformational for her! Prioritizing the really important activities, like spending quality time with your loved ones, is a huge lesson for the Virgins, and this nifty robot vacuum can be the first step in that direction.


Bucha Brewers Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit with Kombucha SCOBY & Starter Tea

Here’s the thing about the Virgo sign – it is not only related to our overall wellness, but it is precisely connected to our gastro-intestinal tract. And the reason for this is that most medical experts (beginning with the “father” of medicine Hippocrates) argue that pretty much every physical discomfort comes from the guts. Hence, the typical Virgos can have very sensitive stomachs as a sort of an alarm which gives them signals whether the nutrients are good for them.

Moreover, the true Virgins also know that maintaining your body in top shape largely depends on the beneficial bacteria located in the guts called probiotics. So, here’s my next gift suggestion which might pique your interest – a kombucha starting kit. If you are not acquainted with kombucha, this is tasty probiotic tea made with a special starting culture called Scoby (an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) which adds large amounts beneficial colon bacteria and improve your overall wellbeing immensely on the long run! So, if your dear Virgo woman has some issues in this area and you wish to help, this is a great way to do so along with the other powerful probiotic homemade food – yogurt. These two combined can truly revolutionize your sense of wellness, vitality, and rejuvenation!


RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat

Speaking of self-care and wellness, here’s another cool gift idea for the hardworking Virgo girl – a special massager for the eye muscles with gentle heating. As I mentioned previously, the sixth astrological sign is ruled by the fast-moving Mercury and the typical representatives are usually quite intellectual (like Gemini) as well as highly industrious for their earthy nature (like the other two signs in this element – Taurus and Capricorn).

So, when we combine these two main characteristics, we get a person who might have chosen a line of work which includes long hours in front of the computer or consuming information, like lawyers, accountants, tech support, web developers, etc. Either way, the important part is that your beloved Virgo female might experience enormous eye tension and fatigue. And just to add a little bit of interesting data bit – the eye muscles of the human body are never relaxed completely – just like the Virgin zodiac sign, they are true workaholics! So, this is your chance to help out the lady of the hour and grab her this amazingly practical eye heat massager to help her significantly improve her sense of wellbeing! You can also make a cool set with the neck and back Shiatsu massager I mentioned in suggestion #21 and I bet she would be happy as a clam!


Clever Yoga Set – Complete Beginners 7-Piece Yoga Kit

Well, massagers are great for alleviating muscle tension after long hours of sedentary work, but there is another way – yoga. This ancient practice has become quite popular these days for its undisputed benefits for the whole body. And yoga could also be extremely beneficial for the industrious Virgo, especially if the lady of the hour has a job which does not include much movement. So, if this is the case, since the sixth astrological sign is related to our overall wellbeing, there is a high chance that your special Virgin gal is a passionate yoga practitioner or is even a little bit interested in this practice.

If so, here’s how you can use her positive obsession to your advantage when choosing a suitable gift for her – by getting her this cool and practical yoga bundle! It has all the necessary tools she would need for her ultimate relaxing stretching routine – a yoga mat, two blocks, a set of towels, a strap, and all of these are neatly and conveniently packed in a carrying bag for easier transportation to the yoga studio! Plus, you can pick among several beautiful colors to perfectly match the preferences of your beloved Virgo girl – green, pink, grey, and violet.


Anne Klein Women’s Premium Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

And as far as practical gifts go, we cannot miss one of the most popular items pretty much every human being on Earth has – the wrist watch. But nowadays things are very different compared to the era when this item was an indispensable and a revolutionary product. Wrist watches can be substituted by smartphones and computers as timepieces, but they still remain integral parts of our lives as nifty accessories.

That is why I recommend getting your beloved Virgo woman this amazingly stylish and elegant watch and bracelet set to complement her impeccable looks! The item is magnificently crafted with a mother of pearls dial and numerous shiny crystals. Also, the watch has a high-class Japanese movement and it is easily adjustable with a nifty extender link. And finally, the set is beautifully arranged in an elegant jewelry box protected from dust and scratches, and ready for gifting!


SereneLife Smart Starter Kit-Hydroponic Herb Garden

I know Virgos may seem a little picky or demanding of their food, but this is for a good reason. As I said previously, the sixth astrological sign is related to the guts and the typical representatives of the sign are usually quite conscious of the nutrients they put in their bodies. I think this is something we can all learn from them. But for the sake of choosing a suitable present for your beloved Virgo female, here’s what I suggest – a cool and practical home hydroponic garden.

This device can help your special lady prepare tasty food with quality homegrown ingredients without any unnecessary or harmful agents, like pesticides, herbicides, and preservatives! This could create a real revolution for the sensitive Virgin who takes good care of her wellbeing! And the best part is that the product creates the perfect environment for growing all kinds of leafy greens (basil, parsley, dill, celery, cherry tomatoes, and even Venus flytraps for getting rid of insects naturally, etc.) during all seasons of the year!


INNO STAGE 10 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

Speaking of gardening and producing your own organic food, here’s another suggestion for a gift for your Virgo girl’s special occasion – a cool nifty gardening tool kit! Let’s not forget that the sixth astrological sign is under the influence of the earth element and the typical representatives have a strong connection to Mother Nature. This usually manifests as being extremely conscious about how we nurture our bodies and how we feed them.

So, if your Virgin woman is passionate about gardening or caring for outdoor plants and flowers (see suggestion #5), this might be a top hit for a touching present! This bundle has pretty much every tool needed for easy and successful plant care – a trowel, weeder, transplanter, rake, cultivator, pruning shears, plastic garden sprayer, rubber gloves with polyester, removable tote bag, and a 98ft bind line. And the best part is that all these nifty items are nicely organized in a convenient foldable chair for even more comfortable plant care! Plus, if you wish to add something extra, feel free to make the set complete with this practical kneeler pad for the ultimate knee protection!


REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

My next gift suggestion in this Virgo woman gift guide is also something very practical which saves time and energy – a hair dryer brush which can also be used as a styling and volumizing tool. The typical representatives of the sixth zodiac sign would love that – a tool which is effective, efficient, and multifunctional. And as we have learned, the Virgins are always striving for perfection even when it comes to their appearance and how they present themselves into the world.

So, I bet your special lady truly has an impeccable look and would deeply appreciate such present which would make her life so much easier – it would help her get ready for work faster than before which is an extremely important asset for the Virgo! Plus, you can choose a suitable color depending on the preferences of your lady – pink, mint, rainbow, red, black, and teal. Finally, you can add a beautiful greeting card to write down your heart-felt wishes and make the gift much more personalized!


Vlando Faux Leather Jewelry Box Organizer

Yes, organizing is a real buzz word for Virgos – this is their superpower (well, at least when it comes to the typical representatives). So, if your special lady has all kinds of jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, brooches, etc.) and accessories to match her attire (Virgos are meticulous in their dress code), this box organizer might be a real hit for a gift! All of her most valuable items will be neatly packed in this leather case with a nifty handle which makes them easily transported, well arranged, and protected from scratches and dust – that’s what heaven looks like for a true Virgo!

And to perfectly match her color preferences you can choose between a couple of elegant designs – red, black, pink, and white. But that’s not all! This item can be purchased as is or as a present elegantly packaged in a stylish gift box. If you do not wish to give your special lady such present empty, feel free to combine this item with some of the jewelry suggestions in this gift idea collection – the pendant from suggestion #13 or the necklace from suggestion #16, for example.


LACHIEVA Luxury Handcrafted Sea Shell Abalone Metal Ballpoint Pen

Virgo and Gemini are the two signs ruled by Mercury – the planet related to all forms of communication, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship. So, this means that sometimes Virgos can be as interested in business as the typical Gemini. I personally have seen many Virgos being extremely successful entrepreneurs for their powerful intellect and communication skills. But even if that’s not the case with your beloved Virgin gal, she might even simply enjoy writing down her daily to-dos.

As we all know, the representatives of the sixth astrological sign are extremely organized and prioritizing is one of their undisputable strengths. So, why not boost your special lady’s confidence and improve her writing experience with this high-class luxury ballpoint pen magnificently handcrafted with a real abalone sea shell! Even such simple activity like putting pen to paper can feel extraordinary and extremely satisfying with such a high-quality exquisite writing tool! If your beloved hyper-organized Virgo loves such types of practical items, do not hesitate to surprise her for her next special occasion – Christmas, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, etc. – the pen is stylishly wrapped in an elegant box ready for gifting!


Ninja FD302 Foodi 11-in-1 Pro 6.5 qt.

As we have already established, Virgo is the sign related to our wellness, especially in the gastro-intestinal area. This typical characteristic may manifest as being really interested and invested in quality nutrients and good home cooked food. If that’s the case with your beloved Virgin female, this is how you can surprise her for her next big day and make her life easier and healthier – with this amazing multifunctional cooking device!

This tool is a magnificent kitchen assistant for preparing quality nutritional meals which are good for the whole body and suitable for all family members – pressure cooking for faster food preparation, slow cooker for better nutrition, air frying for consuming less fat, and many more programs for steaming, roasting, baking, sautés, dehydration, making your own probiotic yogurt, etc. This amazing multifunctional tool will accommodate any need for your precious and sensitive Virgo when it comes to quality nutrients. Plus, it substitutes a number of other devices which makes it extremely space-efficient – another great bonus feature highly appreciated by the representatives of the sixth zodiac sign!


Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women

Hair removal is a very important topic, especially for women. And when it comes to the Virgo gal who loves being meticulous in her appearance, this could also be quite essential for her as well. So, here’s my suggestion for a suitable gift for her special occasion – a modern-day IPL hair removal device. This is a state of the art tool which uses intense pulse light which affects the hair follicles and prevents thick and dense re-growth for longer.

During the maintenance period this could be for up to 4 weeks. So, what this means is that this nifty IPL tool can save your pragmatic Virgo female lots of time, money, pain, and effort which is pretty amazing and highly appreciated by the representatives of the sixth zodiac sign. But, also, keep in mind that this device is best to be used with special UV light eye protection glasses (these are not absolutely mandatory for this model, but since Virgo is extremely health-conscious, it is best to be safe). You can also add a special post-epilation moisturizer to sooth any irritations of her sensitive skin. 


KitchenAid KSM8990ER 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer

OK, let’s get back to the topic of quality food – this is something quite important for pretty much every earthy sign – Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. But while the typical Bulls are more intrigued by tasty gourmet meals, the true representatives of the sixth astrological sign are more focused on the nutritional value and the quality what they consume. That’s because the Virgin is related to the guts and they can be very sensitive to the ingredients in their meals.

So, it is very common for Virgo women to prefer preparing their own food at home with trusted high-quality compounds. They might even have some sort of sensitivity towards some foods and eating out may not even be possible. That is why I think this nifty stand mixer can be a wonderful gift in case your beloved Virgin girl is a passionate home chef! This device is super practical and multifunctional – it has multiple attachments for all kinds of purposes (some additional ones can be purchased afterwards, like this amazing spiralizer for salads and making low carb zoodles) which saves a lot of space in the kitchen. And as we have already learned, Virgos highly appreciate practicality, multifunctionality, and space-efficiency!


Certified Refurbished Kindle

Probably you may have noticed that Virgo and Gemini have some similarities for they are both ruled by the amazing fast-paced planet Mercury. So, this could manifest as the typical Virgins being extremely intellectual and curious. Their chosen line of work may also require them to constantly improve and upgrade their knowledge by consuming a lot of information.

That is why my next gift idea for your beloved Virgo woman is this nifty kindle for taking the book reading activity into the 21st century. More and more people prefer using such types of devices for the sake of practicality and for environmental reasons (and as an earthy sign, Virgo may also be a true activist when it comes to preserving Mother Earth and its natural greenery). But this is not just a tool which looks like a tablet – it is “purpose-built for reading with a 167 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight”. Plus, the battery lasts much longer and the 8GB storage can fit thousands of books “on hand all in a compact size”. And finally, the device is specifically designed for consuming reading materials and allows you to “highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size—without ever leaving the page”. Cool, right?


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