DIY Skin Care Ebook (Homemade Skin Care Book)

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DIY Skin Care Ebook (Homemade Skin Care Book)

DIY skin care ebook, Homemade skin care book


Why make your own bio cosmetics?

Never have been so many allergies and skin problems as we have today, and the worst part is that these conditions are affecting even children from a very early age.

Unfortunately most of these problems can be our lifelong companions, which may even deteriorate in time.

The easy and nature-friendly solution to prevent these conditions is to use bio or homemade cosmetics and detergents, instead of the typical store-bought products loaded with chemicals we can hardly pronounce.

The vicious cycle begins with all those soaps and body washes which dry our skin or cause skin rashes. Next thing you know, you are looking for the next best commercial skin remedy.

The good news is that there are lots of easy solutions and healthier swaps we can make right away!

For example, we can easily substitute the baby lotions with organic natural shea butter. Instead of buying all kinds of expensive body hygiene products, we can use a calendula decoction, or organic goat milk, and other natural substances to create our own homemade beauty recipes, specially designed for our skin type.

Another good example is exfoliation. There are loads of artificial products you can buy in every beauty store. Even though the advertisements claim they are extremely gentle to the skin, this cannot be farther from the truth. Most of them cause extreme stress and shock to the derma and to the body as a whole. Just mix some coffee grounds and some honey and you have a perfect natural scrub. Pssst! It also fights cellulite!

And that’s not all – these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg!

That is why I have created a special homemade cosmetics recipe collection you can use at any time to easily make your own formulas!

This massive DIY skin care recipe collection covers everything you need to know about formulating all kinds of natural organic recipes for the whole body!

First, you will learn the difference between carrier and essential oils.

You will also find out the specifics and possible therapeutic properties of the most commonly used ones, as well as all the safety measures you need to apply when working with them!

Moreover, this homemade skin care ebook bible contains large sections dedicated to various parts of our body and effective nourishing and moisturizing recipes we can apply to.

Just take a look at the wide variety of more than 500 natural organic DIY cosmetics recipes!

  • Universal face masks for all skin types.self care day at home, at home spa day plan
  • Lotions and cremes for all skin types – oily, dry, and mature.
  • Homemade skin care recipes for wrinkles, anti-aging and rejuvenating serums for the face and the eye contour.
  • Gentle whitening treatments for brighter complexion and radiant skin.
  • Universal nourishing hair masks;
  • Hair repair recipes;
  • Anti-split ends treatments;
  • Natural remedies for hair-loss and thinning hair;
  • Hair growth stimulators;
  • Dandruff healing masks and ointments for oily and itchy scalp;
  • Herbal rinsing, organic shampoo recipes and oil blends;
  • Nourishing body butters and lotions;
  • Non-toxic sunscreen recipes;
  • Homemade skin care recipes for rosacea, dark spots, acne, pimples, blackheads, etc.
  • Cleansing and healing body scrubs and exfoliators;
  • Anti-cellulite treatments and massaging oils;
  • Nourishing and anti-aging hand cremes and masks;
  • Nail strengthening procedures;
  • Natural toothpastes and mouthwashes;
  • and more…

self care day at home, at home spa day plan

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s what the readers have to say about this DIY natural skin care book.

DIY cosmetics recipe guide Amazon reviews

★★★★★ A Godsend for people who care about their bodies and the planet.

Since I was very young, I’ve been seriously affected by the artificial ingredients in beauty products. I still experience migraines from walking through a corridor where someone wearing perfume walked a while earlier. I’ve never been able to use soap or cleansers on my face, so the simple solution is don’t wear makeup. That is now a possibility with the excellent green-tea make-up remover. These environment-friendly recipes with all natural ingredients are perfect for so many of us who care deeply about the destruction of the planet resulting from the toxic waste from detergents and so many beauty products.

I am in awe of Ms Vladova’s comprehensive knowledge and was particularly impressed with the list of carrier oils and essential oils and their healing properties. I love the idea of raiding my fridge for some of my favourite foods such as lemon and avacoado, and even the more exotic ingredients (such as buriti oil) are readily available on the internet.

~ FireDancer

★★★★★ Excellent collection of all-natural, easy-to-make beauty recipes

An excellent collection of homemade beauty recipes to help us get away from the chemical-laden products that have flooded the market. I read the section on hazardous chemicals found commonly in products while studying the ingredients of a “natural” lotion, and found three of the dangerous ingredients on the list! We already make our own soaps, lip balms, and hair products, but this has given me the push necessary to branch out into lotions, salves, and possibly even sunscreens. Thank you!

~ Rebecca

★★★★★ Start saving money amd be healthier, too!

Talk about your natural resource for all things you purchase. Now I am the first one to tell people to stop buying prepare items like soap, shampoo and the like, and to make their own. I go to Lush religiously and purchase their items. It is all natural barring a few essential ingredients that are needed to preserve the products, and even them it is as gentle and natural as possible. Show yourself some love and get this book, and save yourself some money at Lush, because their products are not cheap and this DIY boom is loaded with so much and really is worth the small price investment as you will save literally thousands with all these recipes and all the imformation!

~ Aisha K.S. Hashmi

★★★★★ Good information and solid easy to do creams and lotions!

Great recipes for home made body and facial creams. Easy to do as well. And these lotions and creams are definitely better for you than all the store bought ones which contain heaven knows what!

~ Amazon Customer

★★★★★ Simple and descriptive

I have been trying to get rid of unnecessary chemicals in my life. This book helps me to do just that.

I was looking for DIY shampoo and conditioner; the ingredients are not hard to find.

I love this book! Thank you Milica Vladova!

~ Jhitt

★★★★★ This book was an easy to read

This book was an easy to read, right to the point sort of recipe book. It has plenty of different beauty recipes and they all seem fairly easy to do.

~ Sonya Campbell

★★★★★ This book is great

love love love buy buy buy …. great book….

~ Amazon Customer

★★★★★ Easy to follow

This is Milica Vladova’s 4-book “Homemade Beauty Products” for the Body, Face, Hair and (super) Easy Recipes. The recipes are super simple and for the most part, if you live near any sort of health food type store, you can probably find most everything you need there. If not, betting Amazon has it available or similar online shopping extravaganza.

~ Leslie O’Brien

★★★★★ As someone with super dry hair

As someone with super dry hair, often dry skin, and the desire to use only natural products, I thought this would make for a marvelous read.

~ R.B.

★★★★★ Great deal!

This budle is a great resource for homemade beauty products! These are gentle and natural products!

~ Kelly Pfister

self care day at home, at home spa day plan

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Stay healthy!

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