20+ Must-Have Taurus Zodiac Crystals for Luck and Prosperity

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20+ Must-Have Taurus Zodiac Crystals for Luck and Prosperity (The Best Taurus Gemstones)


Invite love, success, luck, and prosperity into your life with these magical sparkling gemstones!

Now, check out what I have in store for you, Taurus badasses: ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Table of contents:
Which is the best stone for Taurus?
Other harmonic Taurus stones and crystals
Taurus crystals set ideas
Stones for Taurus woman
Stones for Taurus man
Worst crystals for Taurus
The best books and guides on how to use crystals in everyday life

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Which is the best stone for Taurus?

Without a doubt, due to Venus (the planet of love, harmony, and beauty) being their ruling planet, the absolute best birthstone for all Taurus people is:

Rose Quartz

This is definitely one of the best and most harmonic crystals for the second zodiac sign! The benefits of Rose Quartz for Taurus people are numerous. As the beautiful pink color suggests, this elegant birthstone is a wonderful magical addition to any woman who needs to add more feminine energy and poise into her life.

The rose crystal is excellent for balancing the throat and the heart chakras, boosting one’s ability for compassion, unconditional love, healing emotional pain, and assisting with conception! This enchanting birthstone is one of the best for all kinds of beauty routines and it is frequently used in facial rollers, Gua Sha massagers, and rejuvenating face masks!


Other harmonic Taurus stones and crystals

What crystals resonate with Taurus? Apart from the Rose Quartz I mentioned previously, here are some other precious and semi-precious stones you can add to your magical arsenal or grab as gifts for your beloved Taurus people!

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Carnelian is another beautiful and intriguing stone which can be extremely useful and beneficial for the true representatives of the second zodiac sign! It is associated with the lower chakras (as the color suggests) and it can be a wonderful birthstone to add more energy, vitality, and courage to everyone who needs it at any moment. This is also known as a fertility stone which might be extremely helpful in boosting one’s creativity – figuratively and literally speaking.


Clear Quartz

As the name suggests, the Clear Quartz stone is a wonderful tool for energetic cleansing purposes. It can be used both as a powerful protection crystal against negative influences and a purifying agent. Clear Quartz can also be utilized for improving the vibe of the personal and working space. This beautiful stone is associated with all chakras, but we can put a little more weight on the Crown – the Crystal Quartz can help us improve our focus and achieve better mental clarity for easier and more effective decision-making!



Garnet is a very interesting stone which may be found in a variety of colors – blue, green, red, and orange. Each one of these can have a slightly different energetic output and how they influence our state of being. However, in general we can say that this birthstone has a distinct creative and stimulating effect! Garnet can add more vigor and passion to the Taurus people. The representatives of the second zodiac sign can be a bit workaholic sometimes, and this precious stone can be of great benefit for helping them achieve their goals and spice up their life a little!


Green Aventurine

This is the so called “Stone of Opportunity” and as I mentioned previously, Taurus folks can be quite driven in their career! Hence, my suggestion for adding this birthstone to their magical arsenal in an effort to boost their luck, prosperity, and good fortune! Also, as the color of this magnificent stone suggests, it is associated with the heart chakra.

The heart chakra (also called Anahata) is a very powerful energetic point – it is the balancing spot between the grounding energies “below the belt” and the mental and spiritual energies “above the belt”. Having that healthy balance between the material and the mental planes is something extremely important for the Taurus people, who often have the bad rap of being too materialistic. Green Aventurine will help them achieve their most sacred goals from the heart!



You may probably remember Blue Kyanite from the previous article on the best Aries birthstones. Well, most precious and semi-precious stones are indeed multifunctional and can be beneficial to many zodiac signs. Also, we need to keep in mind that we are not just our Sun sign – we have various planets and luminaries that make our natal chart unique. So, for example, even if your zodiac sign is Taurus, you may have a strong Gemini as well (having multiple planets in Gemini or a Gemini Ascendant).

That is why I think it is best to keep an open mind and choose our crystals depending on our current needs and goals. Now, let’s get back to Kyanite! I think this could be a great stone for Taurus since it is a beautiful blue rock which harmonizes with the energy of the throat chakra. And as you may probably know, the throat is a very sensitive part of the Taurus anatomy and it should definitely get more care and attention!



This is another great gemstone for Taurus people which holds many physical and metaphysical benefits. Well, again, these might slightly differ depending on the color of the stone. However, we can also safely say that Topaz stones in general are great for improving your overall well-being, bringing lots of joy and vitality to one’s life. It is a wonderful birthstone for adding more confidence, abundance, prosperity, and generosity.

Uhm, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but the typical Taurus people can sometimes be a bit stingy, and they can surely benefit from the notion that abundance comes from giving and providing value to others. Giving and receiving go hand in hand as an ongoing process. So, if you or your beloved Bull has some difficulties in this area, definitely grab a piece of Topaz right away!



This is another great stone for the second zodiac sign and its earthy nature. Chalcopyrite is also called “Peacock Ore” for its magnificent rainbow-colored appearance. And what we might conclude from this is that this crystal is beneficial for all of the seven chakras of the energetic body.

However, the main positive effect of this beautiful birthstone is its ability to sooth the nervousness, help us deal with our fears and insecurities, and promote a healthy level of self-esteem! Definitely grab this amazing stone in case you have been dealing with lots of mental and emotional stress, and you need some extra help in maintaining a calm and peaceful attitude.


Dragon Blood Stone

The Dragon Blood stone is a great addition to any Taurus’ life for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is an extremely beautiful and elegant crystal that could be utilized in a variety of ways – in pieces of jewelry, in altars and shrines, as home or office decorations, in lucky charms, etc. Second of all, this can also be an amazing powerful energetic booster for its magical powers.

The color shades of the birthstone suggest that the Dragon Blood stone can have a positive effect on multiple chakras – from the root to the heart. This should not be underestimated by any means! Aligning and harmonizing these energetic points can have an immense influence in bringing this powerful creative energy to fruition! That is why this precious stone is known to help with our manifesting efforts – to help us achieve our goals and attract more resources and stability into our lives!



Celestite is one of those exquisitely beautiful and delicate stones that everyone might want to have around for aesthetic purposes. Its gentle light blue coloring is a powerful attracting force that oozes sensations of calmness and serenity. Well, the beauty of this birthstone is not the only thing precious about it!

Celestite is also excellent for adding more harmony and balance to your life, especially in the area your personal and professional relationships. If you place a piece of this elegant crystal in your home or the office, you may drastically improve the ambience and add more positivity to the atmosphere! Whenever you feel strong emotional disturbances and turbulence, this beautiful crystal will be your best ally in dealing with these challenges in the best possible way!



Selenite is one of those beautiful crystals which are pretty much universal! It can definitely be part of the personal magical arsenal of anyone who loves reaping all the benefits of precious and semi-precious stones in everyday life. What makes Selenite so special is that it is completely white which signifies its ability to cleanse and purify the energy of the environment and its user, regardless of the zodiac sign.

And that’s not all! Selenite is often utilized as a manifesting stone which creates the necessary energetic ambiance for having clarity in deciding where to invest your effort – what to materialize and how so that it is congruent with our life’s mission and personal values. And that’s extremely important for the Taurus people.  They may be deeply connected to Earth and all things material, but they are also the sign of humans’ intrinsic values and ethics. If you wish to try your hands in manifesting the life of your dreams (let’s say during the next Solar Eclipse, for instance), definitely grab a piece of Selenite or arm yourself with this unique manifesting set specially designed for Taurus folks!


Tiger’s eye

The Tiger’s eye stone is just as beautiful as the name suggests! However, it is not just a simple eye-catching crystal to add to your aesthetic jewelry! This elegant stone can have a profound positive effect on your body, mind, and spirit, especially if you are a representative of the second zodiac sign!

Tiger’s eye is connected to the lower two chakras which means that it has the potential to be a powerful energy-boosting stone that would dramatically improve our sense of stability, personal strength, and courage. Yes, tigers and courage go hand in hand! Use this birthstone whenever you need some energy protection, and a powerful motivational, self-esteem, and confidence boost!



Speaking of energy protection, we simply cannot skip one of the most majestic stones in this area – Black Tourmaline. Again, due to its neutral color, this crystal can be suitable for pretty much anyone who needs some help in guarding themselves against negative influences.  And these can come from a variety of sources – electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, intrusive negative thoughts and sensations, anxiety, etc.

Black Tourmaline is also extremely useful for all kinds of grounding practices. And even though Taurus is an earthy sign, in today’s day and age of virtual communication and technologies, it is very easy to lose touch with the physical reality. Regular grounding is extremely important and vital for the representatives of the second zodiac sign!


Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is definitely one of the most beautiful and enchanting crystals. No wonder it had been one of the most popular and high regarded crystals in Ancient Egypt! However, this is not just a pretty gem to add to your collection! Its alternative name is “the Wisdom stone” and it can be a powerful driving force for authentic self-expression and the ability to speak the truth.

And that’s not all! For Taurus people this can be an absolute must-have for the massive positive effects of Lapis lazuli on the throat chakra. As you might already know, this energetic point is extremely sensitive for the representatives of the second astrological sign and it definitely needs some love, care, and protection!


Red Jasper

As the name of this beautiful birthstone suggests, this is a crystal which is deeply connected to the root chakra and it can be utilized for adding more stability and grounding to one’s life. Red Jasper is a magnificent stone to increase your strength in all meaning of the word – your energetic and physical stamina, the strength of character and courage in the face of challenges, and the overall power of our being.

This crystal is also extremely beneficial for boosting one’s passion for life, adding more vigor and zest! If you are a Taurus who feels a little down and out lately, this may be the magical solution to your gloominess that might help you uplift your spirit and arm you with motivation and inspiration!



This is one of the most commonly used crystals in everyday life for its amazing benefits and magical properties. As the color of this stone suggests, it is associated with the Crown chakra and it has the ability to help us feel connected to our higher self and the Universe in general. Why is this a suitable gem for Taurus? Well, the true representatives of the second zodiac sign often risk turning into their negative side of hardcore materialism and greed.

That is why the energies of the lower chakras have to be balanced in a healthy way by stimulating the higher energetic points as well. This process helps Taurus people act and manifest their dreams from the heart – the energetic center that is the middle ground between the lower and the higher chakra points. Amethyst can do a great job at helping Bulls receive divine guidance and achieve a state of mental clarity for them to walk their path in the best possible way according to their unique fate! That is why this magnificent purple stone is often part of any manifesting and wish-making practices (feel free to check out the crystal set by Dancing Bear specially designed for the Taurus sign!).



This is a very peculiar and intricate stone and as you can see, it has two distinct colors which makes it unique and intriguing. Unakite is mostly green with various pink or reddish spots that suggest its connection to the heart chakra. And as I mentioned in the previous point, being balanced in every meaning of the word is extremely important for the representatives of the second astrological sign.

This beautiful and mysterious gem is often called “the Stone of Vision” for its ability to help us being guided by our higher self through intuitive nudges and powerful inspirations from the Universe. This birthstone is perfect for adding more love, harmony, and serenity into your life. And for females, this can be a powerful assistant in the whole process of delivering a new human being into the world – from the moment of conception to the actual birth.



In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful and elegant stones known to mankind. It is mostly ivory white with intricate dark grey veins – an absolute masterpiece of Mother Nature! Apart from being extremely easy to combine with all kinds of color schemes (for its neutral tint), Howlite has powerful energetic properties as well. It is most commonly known as the calming stone, and as the name suggests – this crystal is quite powerful when it comes to soothing our emotional and nervous systems.

Every time you need some assistance in achieving inner harmony, balance, and emotional soothing, Howlite can come to the rescue offering calmness and peace of mind. As far as the chakra system goes, we can attribute this magnificent white-greyish gem to the highest two of them – the crown and the third eye. This means that Howlite can be a powerful assistant for us to feel connected to our inner and higher wisdom and in harmony with the whole Universe. This is where true serenity comes from – our deep understanding that everything is as it should be!



Let’s get back to the vital process of grounding, shall we! I think it is important to reiterate that leaning towards certain energetic points is not the best course of action. No chakra is better than the others, and they are supposed to work in harmony with each other for the energy circuit to function properly.

That is why in today’s day and age where our life force is often concentrated in our mentality (by mostly working sedentary jobs and looking at computer screens), all kinds of grounding practices should be incorporated in our daily routines. This is especially vital for the Taurus people for their special connection to Mother Earth. Some astrologers even believe that Earth is the true ruler of the second zodiac sign. Here comes the magical touch of Obsidian! Its grounding, protective properties and the ability to balance our feminine and masculine energies are undeniable! So, do not miss this opportunity to guard yourself against the negativity, and grab a piece of this elegant black gem ASAP!



Pyrite is a very cool gem that might be of great use for lots of zodiac signs, including the star of today’s article – Taurus! Well, to be fully honest, the true element of this birthstone is fire. The name of the crystal comes from the Greek word “pyr” which literally means… well, fire. However, many Bulls can also implement this precious stone into their magical rituals in case they need some of this powerful energetic boost!

Pyrite is the gemstone to add to your arsenal when you wish to boost your personal strength, self-confidence, and stamina for enduring hardships and challenges. And although Taurus people are famous for being quite strong and patient, every now and then, they too need some boost in that area. Life can be very tough. So, squash your fears, doubts, and the feelings of inadequacy by adding a piece of Pyrite to your everyday life!



Apatite is another great gemstone for the awesome and mighty zodiac sign of Taurus! And the main reason for this is its deep connection to the throat chakra. As you might remember – the throat is the Achilles’ heel of the Bulls. So, anything that might help them achieve balance and harmony in this energetic point is a must-have for these powerful beings!

Apart from that, one very cool side effect of using Apatite is its ability to help us manifest the desires of our hearts! And Taurus is definitely one of those hard-working beings that can be quite driven to achieve their goals no matter what! Every earthy sign has the potential for becoming a true workaholic with their inborn industriousness and natural ambition. So, as a manifesting stone, Apatite is a great choice. Maybe this is the reason why this precious birthstone is part of the aforementioned set of wish-making gemstones specifically designed for the Bulls!



Amazonite is another great gemstone which is perfect for the Taurus zodiac sign! It is often called “the Hope Stone” for its abilities to add more positive energy into our lives in the form of positive expectations. And as we know from the art of manifesting – expectations accompanied with massive inspired actions is the foundation of the law of attraction.

However, what makes this magnificent birthstone extra precious is that it will help us achieve our goals and dreams which are congruent with our heart and our unique life path. These desires tend to manifest much more easily and effortlessly, especially with the indispensable help of Amazonite. The stone is associated with the heart and the throat chakras, which is extremely beneficial for the second astrological sign. The representatives need that balance of the Anahata energetic point and the extra boost on their Vishuddha chakra (as I already mentioned, their throat is a very sensitive point which needs lots of love and care).


Green Jade

Green is definitely one of the most auspicious and beneficial colors for the Taurus sign. Well, the Bulls are creatures of earth and all kinds of greenery has a tremendous positive effect on their overall wellbeing. This also includes all sorts of gemstones and crystals.  That is why my next suggestion is this awesome and beautiful birthstone called Green Jade.

As you might have sensed, this crystal is associated with the heart chakra and it can be a wonderful source of love (including self-love), affection, harmony, and balance. It could help Bulls remain in peace, serenity, and heart-centered even in the most troubling times. Manifesting the dreams of your heart has never been easier with the positive influence of Jedeite!



Let’s not forget that the second zodiac sign is ruled by Venus – the planet of love and beauty! That is why we can safely say that Rose quartz is one of the best birthstones for the Bulls. However, this is not the only pink crystal which is suitable for these mighty earthy creatures! Rhodonite is also an amazing option which is also an extremely beautiful and elegant gemstone!

And just like the previous suggestion, it is also connected to the heart chakra. Nevertheless, Rhdonite has much more specific properties to affect our emotional bodies – it is a powerful agent we can use at our disposal to deal with all kinds of heartaches and traumatic experiences. This is the perfect Taurus birthstone to increase your self-love, compassion, the ability to self-regulate and deal with negative emotions, to improve your relationships, and to find your purpose in life – from the depths of your heart!



If you have come across the previous article dedicated to the first sign in astrology, you may remember this beautiful gemstone. But don’t worry – most crystals are suitable for more than one zodiac sign, including Citrine. I chose this gem for today’s Taurus crystal suggestions for one main reason – the ability of this birthstone to boost our prosperity, abundance, and general wellbeing.

That is why it is often called “the Merchant Stone”.  Well, Taurus is an earthy sign and just like the other two representatives of this element (Virgo and Capricorn), it is deeply interested in everything related to our physical existence on the material plane. This includes all forms of resources we need for the purpose of survival and thriving on Earth – money, physical assets, real estate, food, etc. That is why I think Citrine would be a great and powerful assistant to all true representatives of the second astrological sign!


Taurus crystals set ideas

Here in this chapter you can find some interesting and valuable Taurus crystals set ideas that would save you a ton of time and efforts instead of collecting all of the stones individually. These collections are also the perfect gifts for any Taurus loved one for their next special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, a graduation party, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. If you are looking for more present ideas for the beloved Bulls in your life, check out these gift guides:
40+ Best Gift Ideas for Taurus Female
40+ Best Gift Ideas for Taurus Male

Taurus Crystals Gift Set by Aovila

If you are looking for a crystal set specifically designed for all Taurus people, this one by Aovila is a great choice. You can grab it to treat yourself (in case you are a Bull or have a strong Taurus in your chart) or surprise a loved one born between 20th April and 20th May (the dates might vary depending on the year).

The set contains some of the most beneficial and auspicious gemstones that add harmony, luck, prosperity, and joy into the Bulls’ lives – Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Kyanite, and of course, the crown jewel – Rose Quartz. The collection also includes a short and sweet card with all the important details and traits of the Taurus sign. And that’s not all either – by purchasing this gift set, you also receive a free ebook with information about the benefits of each gemstone, as well as clear instructions for how to use, clean, and charge them!


Taurus Zodiac Stones by Yunoun

Now that’s what I call a massive gemstone collection! If you wish to really take things to the next level, this crystal set is the go-to place! It consists of 16 (yes, sixteen!) birthstones specifically picked to harmonize with the mighty energy of the second zodiac sign.

The set also contains an elegant high-grade pendant with constellation symbols, a colorful and practical crystal bracelet, a hand-made moon-shaped labradorite stone for meditation and soothing purposes, as well as a metal medal with a Taurus engraving! However, what’s really intriguing in this gemstone set is the special one-of-a-kind energy blanket! Here’s what the manufacturer suggests: “At night, the energy gems will absorb the energy of the constellation points by placing it randomly on the star points on the constellation chart, and gather the energy gems on the constellation icons in the morning, then transfer the obtained cosmic energy to the user himself.” WOW!


DANCING BEAR Taurus Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

The Dancing Bear crystal sets are some of my most favorite and certainly some of the most popular ones nowadays. What I do like about these collections of gemstones is the focus on manifesting your heart’s desires with the help of these beautiful and magical stones. So, apart from the Taurus zodiac sign crystals (Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Pyrite, Apatite, Aventurine, and Amazonite), you also get a piece of Selenite, Amethyst, and an actual shooting star (a chunk of a real meteorite)!

And that’s not all either! The succulent-shaped tea candle and the Palo Santo smudging stick are also included for the purpose of energy cleansing and creating sacred space. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I have included these items in my manifesting tools list of suggestions. All of our efforts in going the extra mile give powerful signals to the universe and our sub-conscious mind that we are serious about our wishes, and they are not just daydreams – they are goals and intentions!


KARMABOX Taurus Crystal Healing Stone Gift Set

This is another great set which includes some of the most auspicious gemstones which harmonize and balance the powerful energy of Taurus – Pyrite, Tiger’s eye, Green Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Crystal Quartz (accompanied with a certificate of authenticity). The collection is an excellent choice for a gift for a loved one for their special occasion – a birthday, Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.

If the previous sets didn’t spark your interest, maybe this one would be a better fit. The cool thing about these options is that they usually contain a different combination of crystals, and you can pick the one that would be most useful and suitable for you or your beloved Taurus person. Also, keep in mind that this set in particular contains a special chakra bracelet (it comes with a nifty travel pouch for better protection against dust and scratches) – perfect for balancing all of the seven main energetic points in the human body!


Faivykyd Taurus Crystals Gifts

The next suggestion is designed by the brand Faivykyd and it contains a different combination of these beautiful and magical Taurus crystals – Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Kyanite, and Rose Quartz. What’s interesting about this set in particular is the two-sided info card that would give you more details about each stone, along with some cool practical gemstone care instructions! The beautiful and stylish box makes this crystal collection an ideal gift for any true representative of the second zodiac sign who is near and dear to your heart!


AOOVOO Taurus Crystal and Healing Stone Gift Set

And the last Taurus crystal set idea is this one by AOOVOO! The collection contains six unique auspicious gemstones which are perfect for the mighty Bull – Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s eye, and Carnelian. Hm, I think this is the only crystal set which contains Rhodonite – one of my most favorite gemstones from today’s list! It is a real beauty, isn’t it? However, these are not just pretty stones to use as home décor pieces – they are powerful positive energy boosters that increase the Bull’s luck, prosperity, happiness, peace of mind, and confidence! 


Stones for Taurus woman

We can’t really say that there are any specific stones for Taurus women. All birthstones in today’s article are in harmony with the energy of the second zodiac sign. However, judging by their color and some typical properties, we can say that the following crystals may be a bit more beneficial for the female Bulls: Rose Quarts, Carnelian, Topaz, Chalcopyrite, Dragon Blood stone, Lapis lazuli, Unakite, Rhodonite, and more.

Stones for Taurus man

The same goes for the Taurus gentlemen. These magnificently elegant crystals definitely might spark their interest with their unique and powerful influence: Garnet, Green Aventurine, Kyanite, Dragon Blood stone, Tiger’s eye, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Citrine, and more. Feel free to go back and check the benefits of each one of them, and see why I think they might be great fits for male Bulls!

Worst crystals for Taurus

Well, we can say that each crystal has its unique benefits, and very rarely they might have a negative effect on an individual. However, these two stones might not be well-suited for the nature of the Taurus people: Malachite and Blue Lace Agate. Both gemstones might cause the Bulls to feel a bit more agitated and anxious.

But I would like to make a quick disclaimer and an important clarification! We are not just our Sun sign! We are a one-of-a-kind composition of all the planets and luminaries in the Solar system and their unique position at the time of our birth. So, this means that each and every one of us may harmonize with a different variety of crystals throughout our lifetime, depending on many factors. That is why I would suggest you check and empirically test out for yourself which birthstones affect your energy in a positive or not-so-positive way. I believe that there is not one-size-fits-all type of solution! Also, it is best to grab some of the books mentioned down below to get a full understanding of the proper use of precious and semi-precious stones and crystals in everyday life!

The best books and guides on how to use crystals in everyday life

If you are a newbie into the world of gemstones, these few volumes will give you the necessary knowledge base to start implementing these powerful energetic remedies the right way! These intriguing books contain some extremely valuable instructions on choosing, charging, using, and cleansing your luscious crystals! Happy reading!

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

This work by Karen Frazier is definitely one of the best go-to books when it comes to using the power of crystals in everyday living! It has pretty much everything you need to start adding more magic, luck, happiness, and prosperity into your life.

This volume contains all the essential information and instructions on how and which crystals to pick, how to take good care of them, and how to take advantage of their powerful energetic benefits! You will also learn some of the best must-haves that every gemstone enthusiast should acquire in their sparkling collection. And lastly, the book will become your personal crystal encyclopedia with its detailed descriptions of 50 of the most popular and beneficial birthstones!


The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Bible is another awesome book on the usage of gemstones that every passionate stone enthusiast mush have! As the name suggests, this volume is a massive collection of the amazing properties of about 150 crystals! You will learn how to correctly identify the stones, and how to use them properly according to the chakras or a specific issue you wish to work on.


Crystal Prescriptions: Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection

This book is actually a part of a whole series (by the aforementioned author Judy Hall) which you can definitely acquire. If you are truly a rabid gemstone fanatic, these volumes will give you all the information you need to upgrade your knowledge base on stones and crystals. However, the reason I picked this one in particular (volume 5) is the Feng Shui part.

What I forgot to mention in this article is that crystals can be used as powerful energetic cures in this ancient Eastern system. You need to choose the right birthstone, charge it, and place it in the appropriate section of your home which represents a certain area of your life. This is achieved by using a special map of your living or working space called Bagua. So, if this topic piqued your interest, don’t wait and further, grab this manual, and start changing your environment and ultimately – your life right now!


Alrighty! That’s all I have for you today on this subject! I hope it was helpful. If so, feel free to share this article or send it to someone who might also benefit from this information. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive other juicy updates and reminders for important cosmic events!

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