What is my purpose? The REAL Meaning of the 10th House Lord in the 9th House

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What is my purpose? The REAL Meaning of the 10th House Lord in the 9th House in Astrology (Tenth House Ruler in the Ninth House)


Your ULTIMATE success and happiness is encoded in your Midheaven! Here’s how to decipher it!

And before you learn more about your best career options according to your birth chart, feel free to hop into any section of this article ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Table of contents:
The meaning of the tenth house in astrology
The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 9th house
Recommended books and additional reads

In today’s entry we continue looking at the placement of the 10th house ruler through the other astrological houses and how that impacts the best career choices we can pick in our lifetime.

And before we begin, I remind you that we have already covered a vast majority of this topic: here you can find all the articles dedicated to the various zodiac signs on the cusp of the Midheaven point, and below is a list of the tenth house lord located in the first eight houses in astrology. Check them out here => First House | Second House | Third House | Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House | Seventh House | Eighth House

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Alright! Now that we got this out of the way, let’s see how to determine the position of your Medium Coeli lord! Be aware that this short and sweet tutorial is for complete beginners. In case you wish to go straight to the meaning of your 10th house ruler in the 9th house, hop into this chapter below!

OK, for complete newbies, here are the basic guidelines to follow:

  1. Of course, you would need your natal chart calculated. If you don’t have one yet, check out my previous tutorial: DIY Astrology Free Career Report. Note that you would need your exact birth data, such as your date, place, and time of birth – as accurate as possible. This is crucial information for determining the exact positions of the houses’ cusps.
  2. Now that you have your birth chart, take a look at the Medium Coeli point – the house’s cusp which is located right at the top of your horoscope – this is the most elevated point in the chart. Check the zodiac sign in which the tenth house cusp is placed. The meaning of these placements is analyzed in detail in my previous articles dedicated to the Midheaven.
  3. Next, depending on the Medium Coeli sign you can determine the 10th house lord. In case you are not familiar with how the planets and luminaries are connected to the zodiac signs, here’s a list you can use for reference:
  • Aries () is ruled by Mars (♂);
  • Taurus () is ruled by Venus (♀);
  • Gemini () is ruled by Mercury ();
  • Cancer () is ruled by the Moon ();
  • Leo () is ruled by the Sun ();
  • Virgo () is also ruled by Mercury ();
  • Libra () is also ruled by Venus (♀);
  • Scorpio () is ruled by Pluto ();
  • Sagittarius () is ruled by Jupiter ();
  • Capricorn () is ruled by Saturn ();
  • Aquarius () is ruled by Uranus ();
  • Pisces () is ruled by Neptune ().

OK, here’s a simple example! Let’s say that Aquarius is at the cusp of your Midheaven. This means that you have to look at the position of Uranus. And in case Uranus is sitting in your ninth astrological house, today’s article will be exactly what you need to read next (after the information on the Medium Coeli in the Water Bearer).

The meaning of the tenth house in astrology

Now, to understand how your tenth house lord in the ninth astrological house placement may play out, we need to first take a deeper look at the 10th house itself. This is an extremely important point in the natal chart – this is the house with the highest placement in the horoscope and it is also called Midheaven (or MH for short) or Medium Coeli (MC for short).

And this is no coincidence! This is one of the most significant points in our birth chart and it is part of the two main dividing axis’s – Medium Coeli/Imum Coeli which divides the chart into an Eastern and Western part. The other most important axis is the Ascendant/Descendant one which divides the chart into a Southern and  Northern parts. These details are an essential part of the overall horoscope analysis, but they are not the main focus of today’s entry.

What’s important to understand is that the 10th house cusp is one of the focal points in the chart and it can give us some extremely vital information about our current incarnation and the main goals we are here to achieve in our lifetime, and the purpose of our existence.

So, let’s take a closer look at the tenth house and the areas of our life it governs!

  • Our purpose and life mission – as I mentioned previously, the Midheaven point is where we can see what we came here on Earth to achieve. It will give us a sense of general direction in life and the main purpose of our existence on the physical plane. That is why astrologers consider this to be the house of our vocation – something greater than ourselves that we feel we are called out to do as a sense of mission in this world.
  • Our career and achievements – this is something directly linked to the previous point. Very often our life’s mission and purpose in life is part of our professional vocation. Many times the career that we pursue, and the achievements that we have are related to our purpose. This astrological house also shows us what we are going to be remembered for even after our physical existence is over. And as you might guess, what people are usually remembered for are their highest achievements and professional successes.
  • Our social status – the social status in the societal hierarchy is also in the realm of the Medium Coeli. This is the direct aftermath of our career success and professional development. However, keep in mind that the 10th house cusp and the 10th house lord will only show you your potential for your top position in society. Your ability to accumulate and gain assets can be seen in the second house in your natal chart. That is why the horoscope interpretation is not done in isolations – the birth charts are analyzed holistically while constantly keeping in mind the whole picture. FYI, the 2nd house in astrology will be the focus of future posts, so I highly recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the articles will be posted, so you get to them ASAP!
  • Our father and authority figures – the relationship with our father is extremely important to our development and for the success that we achieve in our lifetime! This notion is also confirmed by the psychology of child development. The archetype of our father shows how we deal with the outer world, with authority figures, and it influences our ability for all kinds of worldly success and professional achievements. That is why I encourage you to take a closer look at this astrological house from that perspective, so that you can improve your relationship and the attitude towards your dominant parent. This may be the key for your overall success and the satisfaction you get from your career in general. Again, I would like to point you to the amazing tool called family constellations which has been instrumental for my professional development!
  • Our relationship with the state and the government – this is in direct relation to our attitude towards our father, and other father and authority figures. The government, the state, and all state institutions are part of the realm of the Medium Coeli. This is crucial information since you can learn more about yourself and how you operate within the limitations of your country’s laws. Remember that the Midheaven house is naturally ruled by Saturn, and this is the planet of responsibility, limitations, and karma. Your attitude to all authority figures will influence your ability for success and career advancement. Keep that in mind, and in case you have any challenging placements in this area, it is best to consciously work on improvements and to channeling these energies in more constructive ways. For example, you may have a malefic planet in opposition to your 10th house cusp – a placement which may need lots of conscious efforts on your part. No worries, this topic (the aspects to the MC/IC and the ASC/DSC axis’s) will also be the focus of this blog! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, so you don’t miss any important updates!

Okey dokey! So far so good! We have covered the main focus of the MC house, so you know what you can expect from the analysis. However, I would like to add something important regarding this astrological house – Saturn (also called Chronos). As I briefly mentioned previously, this slow-moving planet is the natural ruler of the Midheaven and it should always be considered when choosing your best career in life.  This is especially important during the challenging periods called Saturn revolutions (the periods of time when the transiting Chronos goes back to its original position during our birth). This happens every 29-30 years, and it is when a huge window of opportunity for massive changes opens up. These changes usually include our career and professional development, in case what we chose in the past was not congruent with our true life’s purpose, our skills and talents, our values, and our passions. So, make sure you read the article dedicated to this topic and feel free to grab a book which will give you all the practical tools to successfully navigate through these important and challenging times!

The meaning of the 10th house ruler in the 9th house in astrology

Alright! This is the meaty part you came here for!

To fully understand how the 10th house ruler in the 9th house may play out, we need to take a deep look at the ninth house in astrology! What this placement means is that the Midheaven and the 9th house are intertwined through the Medium Coeli lord. So, now let’s see which areas of our life it governs!

  • Foreign affairs

The 9th house in astrology is related to the sign of Sagittarius and its natural ruler Jupiter. This means that the ninth house is also the house which shows us anything that has to do with foreign countries – other cultures, religions, other philosophical views, international trade (import and export), etc.

  • Long distant travels

This is tightly connected to the previous point – well, it is only logical for our ability to travel to distant lands to be related to foreign countries around the world. It is no coincidence that this house is in direct opposition to the third house (naturally ruled by Mercury – the domain of Gemini) which governs the short distant travels.

  • Higher education

As I mentioned in the previous point, the 9th house in astrology is the flip side of the 3rd house. And while the third house is related to our primary education, the ninth house is more connected to our higher academic education, and the ability to acquire a university or a college diploma. This house is also deeply connected to philosophy – both as a discipline and as our personal views on life and religion (our personal philosophy).

  • Spirituality

This is one of the deeply spiritual houses and we can make some parallels to the 8th house (esoteric knowledge and transformation) as well as the 12th (ruled by Pisces – the symbol of Christianity and religion in general). However, we can also say that this house has a much more positive vibe as opposed to the other two which I mentioned. This is because the 8th and 12th houses (along with the 4th house) are known as the houses of the end. In Hindu astrology they are called Moksha houses or houses of liberation – the liberation from the death and rebirth cycle. However, the ninth is part of the houses of life group along with the first and the fifth (also known as houses of Dharma – your path and purpose). This means that the ninth house in astrology is more connected to religion as a spiritual factor in our life, as well as our general views and ethics.

  • Our parents-in-law and our grandchildren

Most astrological houses can be seen as derivative houses as well. What does that mean? Well, in this case here, we can see that the seventh house represents our spouse, and the fourth house (the house of the parents and our birth family) from the seventh will be connected to the parents of our spouse – our in-laws. Using the same logic, the ninth house is also the fifth house from the fifth – and as you may remember from the previous article, this is the domain of our children. So, the 5th house from the 5th will be about the children of our children – our grandchildren.

Alrighty! Now what do we do with all this information?

Here are some suggestions that will show you how your career might be related to the area of the ninth astrological house!

This placement is excellent for doing any kind of work which has to do with foreign lands. These can be international trade, import and export, tourism, etc. However, I do remind you that the whole chart has to be kept in mind when doing this types of analysis. For example, in case Gemini is at the cusp of the 10th house and Mercury is in the ninth house, this may be an excellent placement for starting a company which deals with international trade or a multilingual and multicultural publishing company or even becoming an author. And since Mercury is also the ruler of the sixth astrological sign, this may be also applicable to a Midheaven in Virgo.

Remember that Sagittarius and the ninth house are all about travelling to foreign lands, and having your 10th house lord in the 9th house might involve any kind of travelling – being a steward (or a stewardess), a travelling or a tourist agent, international media correspondent, etc.

Becoming a college teacher or a professor is also quite possible with this placement! As I mentioned before, the ninth house is related to our higher education and your vocation might very well involve some kind of academics or constant upgrades to your knowledge base. Being involved in philosophy or religious studies is also quite suitable with this placement.

With that being said, let’s say that you have your tenth house in Pisces and Neptune is in the ninth – this could be a wonderful opportunity for becoming a real missionary – travelling around the world in efforts to spread your religious and philosophical views or offering any kind of humanitarian support (such as becoming a Red Cross or a Doctors Without Borders missionary, etc.).

With your Midheaven ruler in the ninth house it is also quite possible for you to be involved in any kind of career which is related to your in-laws. As I mentioned before, this is a derivative house which is the fourth from the seventh and it represents your parents-in-law. So, keep that in mind and if there is a lucrative opportunity which sparks your intuition, it may become the source of your highest achievements in life!

Let me remind you that all the horoscope interpretations have to be done from a holistic point of view while keeping in mind the whole picture. Here is an example:

What would be the possible career choice for having your 10th house lord in 9th house for Taurus Ascendant? In most cases this means that we have the Midheaven in Aquarius (in case the sizes of the houses are more or less 30 degrees. This happens when the place of birth is close to the equator.) and Uranus is in the ninth house. As you might remember from the article dedicated to the MC in the Water Bearer, one of the possible careers for this placement is becoming a politician. With the tenth house ruler in the ninth house, this may manifest as a powerful urge to bring some revolutionary and unorthodox ideas to the masses. A leader with such a placement may be extremely humanistic and philosophical even to the point of utopism. However, with an earthy Ascendant like Taurus, they may possess the necessary practicality to implement their revolutionary ideas for the greater good of humanity.

Now, what happens with the 10th house lord in 9th house for Gemini Ascendant? The interpretation will be slightly different. This individual may also have the inner urge to bring forth their humanistic and unorthodox Aquarian ideas (in case Aquarius is at the cusp of the Midheaven point). However, given that the Ascendant is an airy sign, they may not necessary have the practicality to put them to good use. That is why I think this placement would be better suited for a college professor, an author or a full-fledged philosopher.

I hope you get the gist of why we should not make assumptions in isolation and we should try to keep the whole picture in mind when interpreting the chart.

No matter what you do or what career you choose to pursue, with this astrological placement I am pretty sure that it would be a real reflection of your life’s philosophy, religious views, and your principles, especially if Sagittarius is at the cusp of your Midheaven!

And for my final words, I would like to remind you that our Dharma is something that we probably cannot escape. Our life’s purpose, our true mission on Earth will be revealed to us sooner or later. What I would do (and what I have been doing so far) is to try to listen to my gut instinct to the best of my abilities. I believe that this is one of the best guiding forces that lead us to the fulfillment of our destiny. And I was quite pleasantly surprised that self-development and self-exploration systems like Human Design also talk a lot about this decision-making strategy! Feel free to check it out in addition to your career-choosing quest!

Recommended books and additional reads

Affiliate disclosure: the following links to the Amazon store are affiliate links and commissions are earned.

Remember that the topic of today’s article is just a small fraction of the natal chart analysis for the purpose of finding your vocation in this incarnation. If you wish to go deeper and get the full picture, it is best to have all the elements and the whole interpretation algorithm in place. That is why here I am going to make a couple of book suggestions that might help you in your process of decoding the full potential of your horoscope. Don’t miss them!

The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

This is probably one of the best astrology books on this topic! Well, that’s just a personal opinion since I really do love Jan Spiller and all of her works! However, there are not many volumes in this important area of finding your purpose and the best career path according to this ancient knowledge.

Fortunately, this book will give you pretty much all the information you need to analyze your chart for the sake of choosing a fulfilling line of work to help you achieve success, higher social status, and a better self-esteem! The volume covers everything there is to know about your tenth house and other essential elements of your birth chart related to this topic. Don’t miss this book!


The Only Way to Learn Astrology book series

This book series by March and McEvers is another favorite of mine! This is one of the best astrology guides for the purpose of learning astrology which is suitable even for complete beginners. I encourage you to grab at least the first three installments of this series.

There you will find all the information you need to start decoding your natal chart and uncover its immense potential for success, happiness, and personal fulfillment. Yes, that includes your true vocation in life. Everything related to the 10th house is part of these volumes for you to make your own conclusions for the best and most suitable career paths you can take!


Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

As I mentioned previously, there are not that many quality astrology books on the topic of our most probable vocation in this lifetime. And this is one of them, in my humble opinion. This book will give you another interesting and valuable perspective on this topic through the lenses of this ancient knowledge. If there is anything that Jan Spiller may have missed, this volume by Brian Clark will fill these gaps.

The most important thing about this work is that it goes beyond the Midheaven point. It also covers a couple more essential areas in the natal chart which are indispensable for uncovering your best professional field, such as the second (the house of the accumulated assets) and the sixth houses (the house of our day-to-day job and work environment). If you are even a little bit interested in this area of the horoscope interpretation, this book is a must-read!


Alrighty! That’s all I have for you today on this subject! I hope it was helpful. If so, feel free to share this article or send it to someone who might also benefit from this information. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive other juicy updates and reminders for important cosmic events!

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