The Huna Philosophy – Fast Track to Manifestation

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The Huna philosophy and manifestation

Ever since the New Thought (or New Age) movement came across, it made a significant shift in our perception of the world. More and more people around the world accept the core principle that we are all ONE and we are the sole creators of our reality. The tough part of this revolutionary conception is that we are entirely responsible for the things and circumstances we create. But the good part is that we are able to change the reality in any shape or form we wish, or as the popular term states – to manifest anything we want.
Starting with the successful movie The Secret and the teachings of Abraham, Louise Hay and many others, the world was never the same.

huna philosophy

The Hawaiians gave us precious esoteric and spiritual knowledge./ Image source: Pixabay

People started to change their lives, to heal themselves, to receive more money and to find better relationships. But manifestation still doesn’t happen all the time as we wish it would. Why is that so?
If you are familiar with the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks, you may know that manifestation to occur, we need to be in the vibrational alignment with the thing we want. In other words, we have to be in the Vortex. So, what is keeping us from entering and staying in the Vortex? The answer is simple – the negative feelings that lower our vibration and keep us out of the flow of manifestation. Fear, disappointment, jealousy, resentment are a small part of the main culprits for our inability to manifest. Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

So, our goal is to shift our awareness away from these feelings and move it towards love, gratitude and appreciation. There are many techniques we can use to dissolve and to transform the negative emotion into positive one.

The huna philosophy – what are its secrets and how to apply it?

Here is one very effective tool to change jealousy and resentment – the Huna Philosophy. This philosophy, also called Hawaiian Spiritualism, suggests that we bless everything we want to own or achieve. Also we need to bless the owner or the person who has already achieved what we want. The reason for this is very simple. If we want to have a certain item, we have to become the kind of person who owns it. If we feel resentment towards the owner of the luxurious house we adore, we distance ourselves from it. Feeling negative emotions towards successful people, we state to our sub consciousness that “successful people are being hated and resented”. But the problem is that no one wants be hated or resented, and our subconscious mind does everything in its power to keep success away from us. And as you know, the power of the subconscious mind must not be underestimated!
How to convince it that owning that luxurious house is OK, and no one will hate us? We simply have to show that rich and successful people are worthy of love, appreciation and respect. Here comes the Huna Philosophy into play. It is so simple:

– I bless this gorgeous house!
– I bless the owner of this magnificent house!
– I choose to have a house like this very soon!

You can do this everyday as many times you want and for as many items or goals you wish. It is so simple and yet, very powerful. You can even use EFT with these statements to fully melt the resistance and to manifest with the speed of light! 🙂

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