What is EFT and Can It Change Your Life? The Short Basic Recipe.

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Have you heard of EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique? If you haven’t, you might want to keep reading.

Because if you have a problem and you have tried everything with little success, EFT might be the answer to your prayers.

Short history of EFT

 EFT or “tapping” is based on the ancient Chinese acupressure medicine. This traditional Eastern medicine is focused on the energy system of the human body. It is comprised of energy circuits called meridians. Each meridian has a certain end point. When the energy flow is disrupted (for example from an emotional trauma), these end points are being punctured with special needles (acupuncture) or pressed (acupressure) thus healing the energy system and restoring its balance.

The transformation from the ancient Eastern medicine to the modern Emotional Freedom technique started with the discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan. He was a psychologist working with a patient with a severe water phobia. After many years of psychotherapy Mary (the patient) didn’t get any improvement. Even the thought of water made her feel tightness and discomfort in the stomach. After learning about the meridians from the Chinese medicine, Dr. Callahan simply tapped with his fingers under her eyes (the end of the stomach meridian). To both their surprise, Mary felt no sign of her phobia and no tightness in the stomach. From that moment on, Mary’s water phobia never returned.

After his discovery, Dr. Callahan developed different routines for healing many negative emotional and psychological issues such as sadness, anger, depression, addictions etc. Unfortunately, all these routines were deferent and hard to remember. After many trials and attempts, Gary Craig (an engineer from Stanford University), developed just one single main procedure called “The basic recipe” which is now known as EFT.

EFT tapping points

There are over 2000 acupressure points in the human body, but EFT uses only the main ones:

  1. Karate chop point – the point is used for the set-up phrase. This is the area under the baby finger – the side of the hand where you would make a karate chop.
  2. Eyebrow point – the point between the beginning of the eyebrow and right above the nose.
  3. Outside of the eye – the point is just at the end of the eye on the bone (not on the temple).
  4. Under the eye – on the bone below the center of the eye.
  5. Under the nose – the area between the upper lip and the end of the nose.
  6. Chin point – the crease under the lower lip and the chin.
  7. Collarbone point – first locate the U-shape of your breastbone with your finger, than move below about an inch (2 cm) and then move your finger an inch to the right (or the left). This is the collarbone point.
  8. Under the arm – the point is located about 4 inches (10 cm) below the armpit. For women – this is the area where the bra strap is located. For men – this is the area under the armpit at the level of the nipples.
  9. Top of the head – the point is located at the center of the skull (where yarmulke caps are put).


Image source: Pixabay

The Short Basic Recipe

As I already mentioned, The Basic Recipe is developed by Gary Craig in order to simplify the process and make it as much user friendly as possible. Instead of trying to figure out which meridians are out of balance, we balance them all with the Basic Recipe. So, here is the process itself.

First we rate the intensity of the discomfort from 0 to 10.

Then we start tapping with four fingers on the Karate chop point while saying the set-up statement. The set-up statement consists of declaring the problem and adding the words “and I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

Here is an example: “Even though I feel really sad and depressed right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping on the Karate chop.

After that we move to the points saying the reminder phrase. The reminder phrase is used to help you stay focused on the problem in order to clear it more easily. So, when moving through the points we say (according to the example above): “All this sadness and depression”, “I feel so sad and depressed”, “I feel this lump in my throat”, “My stomach is so tight” etc. Use your own words to describe the problem as detailed as possible. Start tapping gently from point 2. to 9. while describing the problem. This is one round of tapping. You can do as many rounds as you need to do. Trust your body and intuition on this. End the tapping process with a deep cleansing breath.

Then rate the feeling again.

When the intensity drops to 2 or below, you can make a couple of positive rounds. Here are some examples: “I choose to feel more calm and peaceful”, “I choose to feel much better right now”, “It’s OK for me to feel good”, “I feel happier with each second” etc.

You can repeat the process as many times you need to, there are no counter indications.

To see exactly how EFT looks like, here is a quick video from one of my favorite EFT experts Brad Yates:

Can EFT help me with…?

EFT successfully helps people overcome all kinds of emotional and psychological problems – from fears, phobias, depression, anger, resentment, traumas etc. You can use this technique to change limiting and negative beliefs and even psychical problems – diseases, pains, physical traumas an so on. Basically, as the name of this movie implies… Try It On Everything and you may be amazed.

Where can I find additional info?

Here is a great book I really like with tons of detailed information on the technique and various common problems like phobias, childhood traumas, weight loss, addictions, unhealthy cravings and many many others. The Tapping Solution

Also, check out the next article on EFT about the full Basic Recipe and some other additional tapping points!

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