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{Your Identity} The 1st House Ruler in Houses

Birth Chart Ruler in Houses (The Placement of the First House Ruler, Lagnesha) ___________ One planet has the most influence over your personality! Learn more HERE! ___________ What you are going to learn: a detailed look at the 1st house in Astrology (the Ascendant); the ruling planets of each sign; the good and bad placements of each planet; the Read more about {Your Identity} The 1st House Ruler in Houses[…]

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FREE Astrology Career Report

Free Astrology Career Report (Free Online Horoscope Career Report) ___________ This is what you were born to do (according to Astrology)! ___________ Table of contents:What’s in the free Astrology career report?Why make your own career analysis?How I became a best-selling authorThis is just the tip of the iceberg! We humans may be quite different as Read more about FREE Astrology Career Report[…]

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{The Intuitive!} The 1st House in Pisces Personality

The 1st House in Pisces Personality (All About the Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising, and Meena Lagna) ___________ Were you a mad scientist in a past life? Let’s find out HERE! ___________ You will learn about: Their typical personality traits; The Pisces rising woman; The Pisces rising man; Their typical appearance; Relationship compatibility; Past lives; Pisces rising celebrities; GET THE GUIDE!