How to Find Your Calling with Astrology

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A while ago I wrote about how to find your calling with various simple techniques. As I promised I will share a basic astrological method to gather more clues about your career potential. Even if you don’t believe in Astrology, out of sheer curiosity, you may end up surprised!
Let’s begin!

Real Astrology is not your daily newspaper horoscope. If you really want to reap benefit from it and dig deep into self-knowledge, you are going to need some accurate data. Because calculating a birth chart requires a great deal of Astronomy and Math. Don’t be frightened, we won’t make the calculations ourselves!
So, first of all, you have to gather the following data:

  • Exact date of birth – there are cases of people with mistaken dates of birth in official records or adopted kids with no accurate data of their birth. Make sure your date is correct.
  • Place of birth – note the place you were born, not the place you were raised (if they are different).
  • Time of birth – this is the hard part. Most people don’t know their exact time of birth. First, ask your mother. If she does not remember – well, she was kind of busy giving birth – search for some medical record. Each birth in a hospital should be documented and if you can find these records – perfect – you are all set!

But what if you can’t find this information? If you are not able to find your accurate birth data and you still want to see your birth chart, there is one final option. You can go to a professional astrologer. Good astrologers with lots of experience can make a thing called “rectification”. It’s a very intricate procedure that not anyone can do. He/she can adjust the time of your birth with given significant events in your life. So, keep that in mind as an option. A professional astrologer can give you a full report on different areas, not just career.
In case you have all needed information, you can get some valuable calculate your birth chartclues for free, so keep reading.

The second step is to calculate your birth chart. Usually this is very difficult since it requires astronomy and math skills. But fortunately there are free tools online that can do the job for us! One that I use is  . It is very easy to use. Go to “Birth Chart” and fill the data in the boxes and push “Calculate”. I will work with an example: John, born 15th September 1980, 23:19, Los Angeles, CA. Note that on the second screen you will have to input the minutes again. Push “Calculate” again. And that’s it! You have your birth chart good and ready. Now we need to extract the needed information from it. I will concentrate only on the Tenth Astrological House. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what that is.

The Astrological Houses
Our birth chart is divided into 12 sections. As we know these sections correspond to the twelve zodiac signs. Everyday astrology pays attention mainly to our sun sign – the positions of the sun at the moment of our birth. We call this our zodiac sign. But this is far from enough to get a full picture of the person’s character, talents, inclinations and potential in different areas of life. To find these we need to look at all other planets and houses. But what are these houses? Our chart is divided in twelve other sections with different sizes called astrological houses. They represent the areas of our lives – appearance, values and possessions, siblings, short and long trips, home and family, job, romantic partners, career etc. To find them we locate the first house (the ascendant) and count the sections counter clockwise. Fortunately we have everything written for us. Just look at the table from the birth chart calculation called “Planets and houses”. First house is the ascendant, in my case it is in Gemini and tenth house, which represents career (Midheaven) is in Aquarius. Now you know your Ascendant! I am not going to go deep into the houses. For the purpose of finding clues for our calling, I will talk only on Tenth house.

Zodiac in degrees 0.00   Placidus Orb:0
Sun Virgo 23.33 Ascendant Gemini 19.30
Moon Sagittarius 8.32 II Cancer 11.53


10.03 III Leo 4.05
Venus Leo 9.06 IV Leo 29.46
Mars Scorpio 11.57 V Libra 2.16
Jupiter Virgo 21.23 VI Scorpio 11.22
Saturn Virgo 29.22 VII Sagittarius 19.30
Uranus Scorpio 22.28 VIII Capricorn 11.53
Neptune Sagittarius 19.59 IX Aquarius 4.05
Pluto Libra 20.37 Midheaven Aquarius 29.46
Lilith Libra 18.23 XI Aries 2.16
Asc node Leo 19.38 XII Taurus 11.22

What is Midheaven/Tenth house?
A few words on Midheaven – take a look at the chart at the bottom of the site. You will see two arrows – one pointing to the left and one – to the top. The arrow pointing up shows the Midheaven.midheaven in birth chart

As you can see this is the highest point in the chart. And it’s for a reason! This position can show us our peak potential – what we came here to do, to experience, to achieve, to make an impact! That’s why from an astrological perspective, exploring Tenth house is a big deal! What else does Midheaven (also called Medim Coeli) represent? Social status, fame, ambition, goals, promotions, how society perceive us are key terms regarding this house. I am going to partially dissect this astrological position by explaining the meaning of Tenth house in the 12 zodiac signs.

Up next: Tenth house in Aries! We start with horns ahead!

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