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Free Astrology Career Report (Free Online Horoscope Career Report)



This is what you were born to do (according to Astrology)!


Table of contents:
What’s in the free Astrology career report?
Why make your own career analysis?
How I became a best-selling author
This is just the tip of the iceberg!

We humans may be quite different as individuals, but we also have a lot of similarities in terms of some basic needs and goals – to have connection through loving relationships, to have the material resources to maintain our life on Earth, and to have a sense of fulfillment. If we take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we will see that pretty much every human being has these basic drives to motivate them for action and progress. And the need for self-actualization comes right at the top of the pyramid. That process of self-actualization is usually our career. But make sure you don’t confuse your job that pays the bills with the career. They may be the same, they may overlap in some areas, but they may also be vastly different.

Similarly, in Astrology we have completely different sections of the natal chart that address these areas – the potential for gathering material resources, the day-to-day job and repetitive behavior, and our ultimate best achievements in life – the accomplishments that give us that feeling of fulfillment as human beings, the sense of greater purpose – something much more than just working and paying the bills! I often call it the North Star – something to aim for our entire life, something to make us want to grow and become better.

And since I get a lot of questions from readers who ask me about their unique potential for career success and better social status, I felt it was time to make a simple step-by-step guide to help you uncover your life’s calling more easily. That is why I created this free Astrology career report to take you through a sample algorithm for analyzing your own professional potential locked inside your natal chart! If you are impatient to start following the instructions, feel free to hop straight to the pdf! Note that this book will be available only to my email subscribers who show genuine interest in Astrology, and who may be more willing to actually read through the information and make their own free career Astrology reading. By becoming a member of this community you will get regular updates on what’s happening on the blog. As I mentioned in the book, these steps are just the beginning of the journey of self-discovery! So, you don’t want to miss out on what’s coming!

But before I give you the gist of what’s ahead of us on this platform, let me give you a little more info about this free online horoscope career report.

What’s in the free Astrology career report?

Natal chart interpretation is definitely a very intricate and complex process which involves taking into account multiple details. As one of my Astrology teachers describes it as “doing a jigsaw puzzle”. And I think she is absolutely right! We are so much more than our Sun signs, as popular Astrology would make you believe. There is so much information to be analyzed that it can be daunting at times. And that applies to any area of the birth chart as well, including the potential for our best career path and achieving success. What I want you to get from this is to not be fooled by generalized horoscope descriptions that usually apply to a wide variety of people. The real natal chart interpretation process follows a complex algorithm. Yes, it is an algorithm – a series of steps you can take to start uncovering the immense potential in your birth chart.

However, the entire process can truly be daunting and difficult to get from the perspective of people who are new to Astrology or those who got only the surface level knowledge, like the Sun signs, the rising signs, etc. Analyzing the possibilities for a fulfilling career according to Astrology has to go far deeper than these few planetary placements. And that’s what I aimed to do in this free online horoscope career report. I want to give you the absolute essential first steps into this process so that you can start making some assessments as to what might be your most suitable professional path that may lead to your greatest accomplishments and a better social status! Even if you haven’t seen a natal chart in your life, you will learn how to spot the important elements that are most related to career and find the detailed interpretations of each placement.

And in most cases what I have found is that people get a massive breakthrough even from the very first two steps of the process! Burning with curiosity what that these are? You can go right into the sign up page and grab your copy ASAP!

But what exactly is it?

So, you probably have seen a natal chart wheel and you have noticed that it is divided into 12 equal sections which represent the twelve zodiac signs. Each sign has certain archetypal characteristics which will show particular potentials. However, if you have paid close attention to the horoscope, you may have also noticed that it has a second 12-section division, and these are the so called astrological houses. You may also see that their sizes usually do not match the sizes of the signs, and that’s because of the peculiar shape of planet Earth (which is not a perfect sphere) and its slightly tilted position on its axis. Depending on the place of birth (how close or far away it is from the equator), we will have astrological houses with various sizes. Why is that important? Well, because each house represents and governs a certain area of our lives, including our potential career field and our ability to achieve professional success. This is why we need to have the accurate birth data to calculate the natal chart with precision. The correct timing will have an influence on how correct these houses will be and their so called house cusps. The house cusp is the beginning of each astrological house. So, to recap – by simply calculating your horoscope and checking the cusp of the house which represents your career, you can get a really good base understanding of what you are here to do and accomplish in this lifetime!

There is something else you should know that is extremely important! Every astrological house governs more than one area, and that includes the house of our professional development. This particular section of the natal chart is also connected to other realms that are related to this topic. These are your reputation. If you follow your life’s mission, it is possible to also improve your reputation as a result. And that’s only logical – this is the house of achievements, and the more accomplishments we amass, the better we may stand in the public eye! That is why this is also the house of fame. Actually, there are certain aspects and astrological placements which can signify the potential for becoming truly famous. However, keep in mind that this fame can be within certain parameters, like becoming a well-known name in the professional field that you chose (for example, you may become a popular dentist in your area). But I want to point out that these fame markers and significators will be covered later on on the blog. For the sake of simplicity, I did my best to just give you the main framework to find the most probable career field that you may have more chances of achieving success in, improve your social status, and become a more recognizable name in this area. And I will take this opportunity to share that the other perk of becoming a member of this community is that you can get regular updates of anything new that is published on the site. So, when I get to the other juicy topics, like the potential for financial success and happy relationships, you will be among the first to get access to these articles!

OK, back to our main topic at hand today!

Another aspect of this astrological house is authority. This is a huge one when it comes to success. Your relationships with authority figures, like teachers and mentors, may be the single best thing that may propel you to new levels of success and achievements! It is no wonder why almost all immensely powerful and influential people have mentors and advisers. How you deal with these and how you were taught to deal with them may show you your potential for career advancement. And let me tell you something quite curious – these relationships also include the one you have with the government! So, you can grab the pdf, make your free birth chart career analysis, and you may get some good ideas as to how you can have a better relationship with all kinds of governmental structures, and maybe how you can make some lucrative partnerships with them. Just take a look at Elon Musk and how much government finding he has received. And to give you a hint – he does have some astrological aspects that indicate this potential!

And that’s not all either! Did you know that the relationship you have with your dad (and more importantly – the attitude you have towards him) may also play a huge role in your potential for professional success. It may influence what career path you choose and whether you may be more (or less) successful in it. There are certain astrological aspects and significators that may indicate some challenges you may have with your father, and these are quite beneficial to explore and work on! I want to remind you that the potential we see in our natal charts is not static – this is a tool we can use in everyday life to become more self-aware of our unconscious behavioral patterns, and actually change them and grow. I strongly believe that the horoscope should not be used as an excuse to justify negative tendencies! However, these challenging aspects will be discussed in more details in future blog posts, so I would encourage you to stay tuned! What you get from this free career Astrology reading is the most probable characteristics of your dad and some ideas whether you may lean towards having a career path similar to his! I would also like to note that the astrological house related to our career sometimes can be associated with the mother instead of the dad. These are the rare cases where the female parent is the more accomplished one and is also usually the breadwinner of the family. Subsequently, the dad will be represented in the opposite house related to the parent who had a deeper impact on us in our early childhood and who met your emotional needs to a greater extent. This detail is also very important to keep in mind.

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Why make your own career analysis?

You may be wondering “Why shouldn’t I just pay an astrologer to make the whole career analysis for me?”, and that’s a completely valid question. And you can absolutely go ahead and do that. For people who are completely new to Astrology, its specifics, the signs, their typical characteristics, their glyphs, how the natal chart looks like, etc. – it might be wiser to really take the easiest path and find someone to do all this work for you. Starting from the ABC of Astrology and its terminology can be daunting, and it’s definitely not for everyone. I believe that in many cases the best course of action might be what our gut instinct tells it’s best for you.

However, I just wish to point out why I think it might be much better to make your own free career Astrology reading, even if you are not well-versed in this topic.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at what Astrology is and how we can use the natal chart in practical terms! As one of my most favorite Astrology teachers once said – “analyzing your chart has to be an intimate practice – something that will help you get to know yourself better, something to meditate upon”. And I adopted this viewpoint of Astrology and I firmly stand by it. The natal chart interpretation is a tool, and it is a very powerful tool for becoming more self-aware of who you are and what your potential might be. And I believe there is a huge difference between having your birth chart analyzed by yourself versus being interpreted by other people. At the forefront of this distinction is the fact that every aspect and every placement in the horoscope can have a wide variety of ways that it may manifest in real life. For example, having a strong Aquarius influence in the chart can make the individual prone to be involved in science or in New Age type of disciplines. Who can actually tell which one of these potentials (or some mixture of the two) manifested in that person’s life? I think the answer is pretty obvious – it’s the individual themselves. An astrologer can point out to multiple possibilities, and this is the main reasons why we often use words like “may”, “might”, “possibly”, “potential”, “inclination”, etc. An outsider cannot predict with exact certainty what happened in this person’s life. Because let’s be real – what manifests and what characteristics we develop will depend on many factors. It is not just about the potentials we hold from birth, it has a lot to do with the culture we were born into, the societal norms in this culture, the family dynamics, the parenting style we were subjected to, the belief system of our family system, significant events in our early childhood (such as traumas, including generational trauma), etc. That is why we may have two individuals born at the same time and in the same place who direct their potential in vastly different ways. Yes, we are talking about the hot debate of nature versus nurture – which one is more powerful and more influential of our character development. For example, a person with a strong Leo energy in their chart can be very loving, caring, creative, and entertaining or they can be extremely narcissistic if they were raised by narcissistic parents (or anything in-between this spectrum). Sadly, an astrologer cannot say which one of these potentials played out in real life. But YOU can! You and only you know what you have experienced and you feel is true for you!

And to continue this discussion in terms of choosing your best career based on your birth chart – the exact same principle applies. As you are going to find in this free Astrology career report – each zodiac sign and each astrological house are related to multiple professional fields. I did my best to describe them in as many details as possible, but the variations are countless! Again, in any individual case an astrologer can point out to all of these possibilities but they cannot say which ones you resonate with. But YOU know what career paths pull you strongly, and that’s what we are here for! The main goal of this Astrology career reading is to give you the information about the most probable potential professional fields so that you can get a confirmation about what you already knew inside of you – what your gut instinct already pointed you towards.  Sadly, most of us are plagued by constant self-doubt and we often just need something (or someone) outside of us to just reaffirm what we are afraid to admit to ourselves.

And that’s not all either! Remember that earlier I mentioned the extremely important role of the father when it comes to choosing potentially successful career paths. There are some indicators in the natal chart that point to being employed in a similar (or the same) professional field as your dad. And only the individual knows what that exact profession is.

I hope that by now you have got a much better understanding why it is so important to do this process by yourself, and how it is more likely to get the most benefits if you intimately work with your own horoscope instead of relying on other people to give you the answers. And when I say “answers” I mean it in the literal sense – in this pdf guide you will learn in which particular cases people may be more prone to having multiple successful careers and multiple vocations in life. Yes, there are specific indicators in the birth chat that might point out to having much more flexibility and changeability in the workplace!

How I became a best-selling author

No, this is not about me bragging about my own achievements! But I admit I used this title to attract your attention and to use myself as an example. In this free birth chart career analysis you will actually get the exact algorithm for making your own best career predictions and I will show you how that’s done by using myself as an illustration. Well, it is easier for me to do that because I know what I wanted to become when I was a kid, I know what my abilities and expertise are, I know what my natural interests and inclinations are, and I know what my father  passed down to me in terms of skills, talents, and career opportunities. I hope that by now you understand why these details are important when we try to decide which professional endeavors might be more suitable for us, and which may lead to better opportunities for reaching more achievements and accomplishments (such as getting the best-selling author status). I can do this process with other people, but these would be mere speculations. (I digress back to the previous chapter why it is so much better to do your own horoscope analysis.).

So, in this Astrology guide you will learn how I chose my career path, and the other professions I held in the past, and how they are all connected to the potentials shown in my natal chart. I hope this simple example will give you the framework how you can replicate this process while using your in-born intuition to sift and sort through the wide variety of choices. For example, let’s say that you have some career-related placements in Scorpio. Only you know whether you resonate more with becoming a surgeon rather than a private eye. Or you may have had dreams of becoming both and you couldn’t decide between the two.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg!

As I mentioned previously in this article, the natal chart interpretation process is extremely complex and intricate. It involves taking into account so many details that sometimes it can be quite difficult to assess how all these elements tie up together and how they might play out in real life. Well, we human beings are indeed complex and often controversial and contradicting creatures.

Although I did my best to give you the most essential steps into the process of analyzing your best career options, there is always more information to take in and incorporate into the reading. Well, as I said a while back, if you do this by yourself and you use your intuition to choose your professional vocation, you might not need anything else to make that decision. You may actually get an extremely powerful aha moment even from the very first few steps of the analysis, and this can be enough to give you this confirmation that you are on the right path (or whether you need some course corrections).

However, I wish to remind you that there is a vast ocean of valuable information in your natal chart that we are going to discuss later on on the blog! And I hope you are not going to miss it out! I would like to remind you that by becoming a member of our newsletter you will get updates on all future articles and blog posts, so that you can upgrade your knowledge!

Here’s one huge portion of the whole career equation we will discuss later on – money and material assets.

I may sound like a broken record, but I will reiterate – we need to always take the whole chart into account when we analyze any area of the horoscope. In this case here, the astrological house related to our best career opportunities and the potential for better social status and achievements is far from the only place to look at when it comes to profession! All the 12 houses are divided into different groups depending on the main qualities and life areas they represent. In our case here with career, we have 2 more houses to look at and take into account. All of the three form the so called “houses of substance” trinity, and they are tightly connected with each other. We have one house related to our abilities and potentials for amassing tangible and intangible resources. Well, here’s an important detail you need to know – accomplishing an achievement in the chosen professional area does not necessarily mean that your financial status will be improved. The same applies with fame, social status, and your reputation – these often lead to the ability to make more money, but sometimes that’s not the case. Just think of the immense achievements of many scientific researchers who often do not receive more monetary gains. I think that ideally we would want our career to give us more financial and material stability, right? If you agree with me, then it is best to stay tuned and get acquainted with this house related to our valuable resources.

The other part of this trinity is the house related to our job, day-to-day work environment, and habitual behavior. Yes, as you might have gathered, there is a difference between having a job that pays the bills, and a career that gives you a sense of purpose and a greater level of self-actualization! And Astrology perfectly reflects this important distinction. However, these two areas are deeply connected and it is best to make them work hand in hand to get to the top of our game in the form of our greatest accomplishments and a better social status. As the wise men (as Brian Tracy) say: “Successful people have successful habits.”. To reach our best potential and to have many achievements in our career, we need to apply effort and day-to-day action with persistence, dedication, and discipline. In the book you will learn why these qualities are essential for having success in your professional field – there is one important planet associated with these traits that we always need to pay close attention to when it comes to career! However, first we need to lay out the foundation in the first two houses of substance – the value that we provide and the habitual behavior that we exhibit. Just to give myself as an example again – becoming an author requires providing valuable information and… writing, writing, and then some more writing. Day in, day out. It doesn’t happen because the stars say that you will become successful. It happens because you put in the work, and you turn your potential into reality by taking action! That’s right – I am going to emphasize it once more – the natal chart is just a sum of potentials.

We will also dive deep into some more interesting aspects of the birth chart related to professional success, such as the planets and luminaries placed in these houses of substance; the aspects of these planets and luminaries; the placements and aspects of the career significators (specific planets related to the profession and the job which might be best for us); the personality traits and hidden talents of the individual (the career has to be congruent with the personality of the person, right?); etc.

And ultimately – we will also discuss the other important areas of the natal chart – the potential for having loving relationships, the potential parenting style you may have and what qualities your children may have, your potential for finding a soul mate (yup, our soul mates and our spouses are represented by different houses!), our potentials for travelling to exotic places, our abilities to communicate, the relationships with our siblings and friends, our potential for making our dreams come true (yes, there is a specific house related to goals and dreams!), and so much more!

So, I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled by signing up to our email list so that you can get first-hand updates on when these articles will be published! Until then – find your best career field and start crushing it!

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