Gemini in tenth house, 10th house Gemini

Tenth House in Gemini

Gemini in 10th House Natal Tenth House in Gemini (MC Gemini) – how Gemini as a career house could mean when it comes to choosing a suitable profession? We continue the astrology series in finding your best career choice by inspecting the Tenth house in the natal chart, also called Midheaven, or Medium Coeli. The third sign in Read more about Tenth House in Gemini[…]

Manifest your desires, You have to check out this magical meditation (visualization) to change your self image for a quicker and easier manifestation. This wonderful relaxation technique uses NLP (neurolinguistic programming), relaxation and other law of attraction tools to help you with your self improvement and manifesting your dreams and wishes. #meditation #visualization #manifestation

Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now

Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now   I haven’t posted anything related to spirituality, the esoteric knowledge or the law of attraction recently. And I think the beginning of the new year is the perfect moment for me to share with you what I have been up to these last months in terms of spiritual Read more about Powerful Meditation to Manifest Your Desires Now[…]

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FREE Black Friday Promo

FREE Black Friday Promo – health and wellness books, courses, meditations, and other resources! Black Friday is around the corner and everyone is waiting for the prices to drop. Well, how about paying ZERO for some awesome books and resources? Sounds good, huh? Today I have prepared for you a wide variety of FREE reads and Read more about FREE Black Friday Promo[…]

reverse gray hair meditation

Reverse Gray Hair Meditation

Reverse Gray Hair Meditation Stress plays a big part in premature graying of the hair. That is why de-stress tools, such as meditation, should be applied regularly. If you want to stimulate the growth of your hair and take steps into bringing its natural color, this meditative and visualizational exercise is for you! The perfect Read more about Reverse Gray Hair Meditation[…]

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Meditation for Children – Why Is It So Important To Teach Our Kids Meditation?

  Meditation for Children – Why Is It So Important To Teach Our Kids Meditation? Have you thought about adding meditation for children in their daily routines? We all know what great power this spiritual tool holds for us. But for now, we are still mainly considering it as an enlightening and stress relieving tool Read more about Meditation for Children – Why Is It So Important To Teach Our Kids Meditation?[…]