How to Increase Our Vibrational Level?

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If you remember from my previous post The Importance of our Sexual Partners I mentioned the biological energy field around our bodies called the aura. Well, nowadays pretty much everyone more or less knows what the aura is. You can find aura cameras that show you how big the aura is and what its main color is. Or aura tests on the web, that give you a clue about the state of our magnetic fields. But I feel that most people accept the aura as something static – “Oh, my aura is blue!” and that’s it! No, our auras change constantly – they mirror our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state at the moment. Remember when you make your regular physical tests – if you have high cholesterol at the moment, that does not mean that, let’s say, in one year’s time it will be the same.
So, how to change and improve our biofield and what actually we gain by doing so? By changing our vibration, we improve our psychic abilities, the power to manifest faster, better health, and more energy, in other words – better overall wellbeing. The expressions “he has bad vibes” or “she always gives me good vibes” represent other person’s overall magnetic field that we sense.
I will list some suggestions on how to raise your vibration on a daily basis:

Attitude of gratitude – emotions are our ultimate guiding system. And if we want to make improvement

positive emotions

Positive emotions are one of the most powerful ways to rapidly raise our vibration.

in our lives, we need to focus and welcome positive, good-feeling emotions. Unconditional love and gratitude are the highest vibrating feelings that can skyrocket our state of consciousness. Making a daily gratitude journal, or just thinking about the things you are thankful for when you wake up/go to bed, are some common and easy ways to induce that high-frequency feeling. Try not to do it just mechanically, making lists of your obvious blessings. Make it more specific and detailed, like “I am thankful for the guy that opened that door for me today. He was so kind and thoughtful.” or “I am thankful for there was a discount on my favorite snack today. I am so lucky!” Often the small things in life are those that make us feel happier.
Make positive better-feeling changes in your lifestyle – the very first thing we need to recognize is that our vibrational frequency is entangled with our emotions. Our emotions give us extremely valuable information about our current state of being. It is logical that emotions that feel bad (fear, frustration, anxiety, desperation, anger and so on) point that we are at a low frequency and our perception is limited. Remember the expression “blind anger”! And vice versa – when we feel good, we tend to excel in everything we undertake. So, try to make daily consistent changes in what you focus on and how does that make you feel. Always look for the best feeling you can at the moment.

Move! – make sure you exercise regularly. There is no need to work out like hell, actually, this has an opposite effect. Find a sport or exercises that you like doing. Yoga, dancing, pilates, tae bo, tennis, swimming, hiking, you name it. Here we are trying to stimulate the happiness hormones secretion. And as you already guessed – whatever makes you happy and joyful – automatically lifts your energy levels.
Listening to high-vibrational music/sounds – if you are unfamiliar with the impact that music causes on us, check out my previous article The Power of Music. As you may recall, music influences us straight in our emotions. A single melody can make you feel blue, happy, uplifted, angry, vibrant, energized and so on. In other words, pay close attention to the music you listen to on a regular basis. Find tunes that make you feel better, that give you positive goosebumps, and cheer you up. Relaxing music can also help you release daily stress and boost your energy. Healing sounds like Tibetan “singing” bowls, Gregorian chants, ocean waves, rain, forest birds etc. There are also a lot of music tracks that include empowering subliminal messages or affirmations, such as this one: Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

Grab your Reverse Gray Hair Meditation!

Tune into the high frequency from your environment – you already know that energies are contagious. And if you spend more time with people, animals, plants etc. that hold high vibrational frequency, you start to catch that high frequency. Remember when I told you that the people we hang out with on a daily basis can have a great impact on our energy field. So, if you want to raise your energy level, try to be close to people that hold that frequency – happy, positive people, wise non-judgmental folks that tend to encourage you, and boost your self-esteem, or spiritual teachers that inspire you. Spend more time in nature, because Gaia naturally has high vibration and when taking a walk in the park or in the woods, we absorb that positivity. Plants and pets at home are also very beneficial. Even Feng Shui recommends having a pet or more flowers at home, for they bring pure positive chi in the area.

Sun and water – if you remember this previous article, you may recall how sun and water tend to cleanse our energetic field. This means that when we are exposed to sunlight (responsibly and with UV protection) or when we take a bath, a shower, swim in the ocean, our vibration naturally rises. Remember this feeling when you get out of the shower, you feel so calm, relaxed and refreshed. Or when spring comes and there is more sunlight – we feel happier, more joyful, and more vibrant. This is our bodies tuning to this high vibration, or more accurately – retaining their natural high frequencies.

Read books and/or watch movies and videos that inspire you and make you smile and laugh – do anything that enlightens you and makes you feel good. Read inspirational books or watch movies that motivate you. They don’t have to be spiritual or religious – anything that uplifts you – raises your vibration. Watch funny videos or pictures (preferably with cute animals 😀 ) and do some laughing therapy!

Aromatherapy – ah, here is my favorite part. Everything in our world that has atomic structure vibrates at some level of frequency. Essential oils that are extracted from different plants have different frequency, too. And when we use these oils in daily life (by inhaling or absorbing through the skin, ), we tune into their vibration. Here is a list of essential oils with the highest


Roses produce the highest vibrational essential oil.

average frequency*:
             ->Rose 320MHz
             ->Helichrysum 181MHz
             ->Frankincense 147MHz
             ->Ravensara 134MHz
             ->Lavender 118MHz
             ->Blue Tansy 105MHz
             ->German Chamomile 105MHz
             ->Melissa 102MHz
             ->Juniper 98MHz
             ->Angelica 85MHz
             ->Peppermint 78MHz
             ->Galbanum 56MHz
             ->Basil 52MHz
Colortherapy – just like aromas, colors also have different vibration. We even naturally associate colors with our emotional state – “feeling blue”, “green with jealousy”, “red with anger” etc. Colors can be used to affect our mood, emotional state, and our consciousness. Colortherapy is a very broad subject, but I will give you some pointers. If you want to improve your mood or to raise your vibration use as much as you can (or as you feel comfortable to) bright pastel colors – orange, lemon yellow, pink, sky blue, violet, and especially white. There is a reason why most spiritual teachers wear white clothes. You can even visualize that particular color or take a step further and put a color light bulb in your room. It is also a very good idea to check your chakras with an aura camera. If you have a closed chakra, you can focus on its specific color. There are many options here, but the main point is to choose a tint that makes you smile and feel good and optimistic. It will naturally raise your vibration.

Just to briefly recap. Everything that you do that expands your consciousness, broadens your horizons, causes you to feel good, relaxed, more vibrant and alive, is actually raising your vibrational level, too.

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*Source: Healing Oils of the Bible

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